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Operating weight 8.51 tons Engine Yanmar 4TNV98C Net power 42.7 kW


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The plus by

Strong, comfortable, fuel saver and steady. These features of the midi-excavator 85V4 accompany concrete performances as to breakout and lifting force. Ten reasons for choosing it


3 Completely new machine, but with no superfluous electronics. Compared to the previous model 80VX its performances and efficiency are improved. It ensures the best value for money

The hydraulic system is traditional with first-rate components. The working cycles are 10% quicker. The tractive force has increased by 10%


2 The upper-structure base, the blade driven by a double cylinder and the strong undercarriage lower its centre of gravity. Its stability is 8% higher than the previous model 80VX

Engine Stage IIIB of the latest generation with common rail injection and Eco and auto idle operating mode. At the same power consumption decreases up to 15%

5 Upper-structure/arm joint typical of a higher category machine with a single 520 mm pin and solid cast swing unit

6 In addition to the standard 1780 mm arm a 300 mm longer version is available. All greasing points are accessible but protected


9 Clear careful construction, well arranged and recognizable hydraulic pipes (with codes and colours), well guarded electric system, Ecu control unit inside the cabin

First auxiliary line which comes as standard with proportional control on joystick. A second and a third factory line are also available

8 Cabin for the European market manufactured in Italy. High visibility (door completely made of glass) and standard air conditioning. Easy windscreen opening

Attention has been paid since the design phase to reduce the environmental impact the model 85V4 will have during its life cycle. This machine has been manufactured to last

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Model 85V4 is Ihimer flagship product. The reduced rear overhang and the swing angle allow a total rotation of 3,770 mm. Its natural habitat is the hard work in urban areas and in the road sector

Upper-structure rear overhang 1,450 mm

Track 1,750 mm

Minimum front swing radius (swing) 2,320 mm

Maximum width 2,200 mm Š Costruzioni


Performances first and foremost

4 Costruzioni

Stabler and stronger Sliding side windows

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The strong undercarriage and the blade driven by a double cylinder contribute to lower the centre of gravity. The stability of model 85V4 has increased by 8% if compared to the previous model 80VX

Additional standard 340 Kg ballast

EQUIPMENT FOR THE ITALIAN MARKET The model 85V4 has a strong base structure, upperstructure and undercarriage. The equipment conceived for the Italian market focuses on performances and includes the additional ballast as a standard feature. This element has a variable overhang, that is thinner in the final part (see the picture above).

80° right swing 50° left swing


5,610 daN


3,980 Mpa


3,100 KG


1,000 KG

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*Note: 360° swing, 3 m distance on the ground with lowered blade **Note: 360° swing, 6,830 mm distance, lowered blade

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Air box to reduce noise emission


Engine starting system when it is cold

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Diesel fuel filter with separator, purge, pilot light in the cabin and re-ignition with electric pump (see the round)

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Stage IIIB engine

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Cheap power Much torque at low speed and 42.7 kW at 2,100 rpm. But it also pays attention to consumption

ECO MODE When it is enabled it



activates a specific configuration with dedicated torque and power curves. It consumes up to 15% less.

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The electronic control unit ECU Bosch is assembled inside the cabin on elastic supports and far from heat and humidity sources. In this position it is also protected against accidental impacts during maintenance.

Injection is direct Common rail and it is managed electronically.

SELF-PROTECTED The ECU control unit detects any anomaly and if necessary it reduces power to protect the engine. © Costruzioni

Suction valve

EXTERNAL EGR WITH ELECTRONIC CONTROL The exhaust gas recirculation is external and cooled on the engine Yanmar 4TNV98C. Thanks to the actuator electronic control through ECU, the recirculation is not continuous but it only occurs when it is necessary.


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NEW COMMON RAIL The engine Yanmar 4TNV98C (here in the VIK version) has a new high pressure Common rail injection system: this means more fuel efficiency and less consumption © Costruzioni

seconds, the Auto Idle reduces the engine speed to idle. As the controls are touched lightly, the speed increases again.

Recirculation actuator

Pressurized «rail»

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Differential pressure sensor indicating the particulate filter clogging level to the ECU


Silencer module

Exhaust gas inlet

Fuel injection to cause regeneration

Diesel particulate filter (Dpf)


Diesel oxidation catalyst (Doc)

Regeneration request Regeneration in progress

An ultratested technology The Yanmar emission reduction system regenerates the Dpf passively and, automatically, actively according to the clogging level detected. Only when necessary, it has to be manually enabled by the operator

AUTOMATIC ACTIVE REGENERATION The automatic regeneration occurs about every 100 hours (the time varies according to the level of particulate detected in the Dpf by the ECU control unit). In this case a minimum fuel injection before the Doc is enough to increase the Dpf temperature so that it regenerates. The machine can go on working as if nothing happened. However, if the machine is in a place where a high exhaust temperature is not advisable, regeneration can be stopped and postponed.

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Pressure sensors (clogging)

Condensate or rain water breather pipe

If the machine is used again and again without the Dpf reaching the suitable temperature (for instance operations with frequent machine shutdown), the electronics signals that it is necessary to carry out regeneration with a specific icon (see above, in green) accompanied by a warning sound signal. In this case regeneration must be carried out when the machine stops with the lock lever lifted, engine switched on and potentiometer idling. To restart it press the regeneration button for at least 3 seconds and regeneration will begin. The average duration is of about 25/30 minutes. Costruzioni 7

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If the midi-excavator is normally used and the optimum engine operating temperature is reached, the Dpf regenerates by itself continuously without increasing the engine speed.


Treatment module at single exhaust




Blowing fan

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Air suction

Cooled diesel fuel MORE EFFICIENCY The components are arranged in a classical way: transversally mounted engine behind the cabin and exchanger unit under the right side engine cover, in an easily accessible position. The new high pressure Common rail injection increases the diesel fuel temperature which is cooled through a dedicated cooler.

SECURED FAN The suction cooling fan in direct engagement is protected by an excellent grid.

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Opening jack with automatic lock

Hydraulic oil cooler in parallel Fuel cooler

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Coolant radiator



Air-conditioner condenser with dedicated thermostatic fan

Bidirectional elastic supports and easy thermal expansion

STANDARD AIR-CONDITIONER The air-conditioner is in horizontal position to favour the side visibility and the cooling fan is temperature controlled to reduce noise emission. The module is simple and well conceived. Diesel fuel filter with bleeder

Standard key for startup, door, engine cover and tanks

Filling unit accessible from the ground and that can be opened with the ignition key. The steel tank (no corrosion) is under the operator’s feet

Diesel fuel tank

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Horizontal, in the lower upper-structure part, it favours stability Electric diesel fuel re-ignition


• 72 AH BATTERY The battery can be more easily and more quickly reached. A plastic covering prevents the rain water stagnation


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RESISTANT TO HIGH PRESSURE WASHING Functional and regular, the Ihimer 85V4 electric system has been conceived to last. The wiring is protected by corrugated materials and the supports are rubberized

Fusibili protetti sotto sedile


Hydraulic oil metal tank with visual indicator and relief valve


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The setting switch of the ancillary function: 2-way position or with an “active” way and the second one vented to the tank.

Quick and precise The system consists of two variable flow pumps Bosch Rexroth assembled in series: a gear pump and a classical distributor, without electronic controls. The arm and penetrator speed has increased by 10% compared to the previous model 80VX

HIGHER EFFICIENCY Ihimer flagship product as well has chosen a traditional hydraulic diagram, without electronic sensors. The components are first-rate and they have all been manufactured in Japan, even those of European origin such as the double variable flow pump Bosch Rexroth reaching a maximum delivery of 75.6 litres per minute.

Hydraulic oil filter

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Each pipe of the hydraulic system has an alphanumeric code and a colour. Maintenance is easy.

The auxiliary line oil flow has two settings that can be selected directly from the cabin: Fast for the maximum flow and Slow for a halved flow.

The open centre distributor is under D the platform and it is easily accessible. It is the first component to be cooled by the forced cooling flow.


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Hydraulic diagram P1


Protected working light First standard auxiliary line







HIGHER ROTATIONAL TORQUE The rotational torque is higher than in model Ihimer 80VX. The motor is the Japanese Nachi (picture in the round) with fixed displacement.

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Servo control with accumulator

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Italian comfort Standard Grammer seat with headrest

Model 85V4 is manufactured in Japan, but the cabin, in compliance with the European standards, is made by Italcab. Four suspensions dampen stresses and vibrations

Misaligned upright behind the head. Excellent rear visibility of 3/4

Inner width of 1,020 mm

Bolted adjustable wrist rest

Safety belt

Adjustable suspension

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12V socket

New trimmer control for the standard auxiliary line.


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Foot operated swing


Available halogen headlight kit

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Upper window - Available FOPS II grid

More visibility thanks to the complete door glass

Waterproof profile

Viscous cabin suspensions

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Optimum windscreen opening device

Eco mode

V max mode

Standard air-conditioner with three selectable speeds. The condenser cooling fan is independent and thermostatic (lower fuel consumption and lower noise pressure in the cabin). © Costruzioni

Tinted windows

The air-conditioner does not hinder visibility

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Document box and windshield washer tank

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It indicates the regeneration phases

HIGH VISIBILITY The large glazed surface and the compact upper-structure ensure the maximum visibility on the site to the operator. As to comfort, the mixed suspensions (springs with silicone oil) do an excellent job while the (mechanical) Grammer seat, with headrest, needs no introduction. Some widespread sound-absorbing foam and stuck windows (without gaskets) reduce the internal noise pressure.

Open door well protected by ballast

Thermostatic airconditioner fan Radio and 2 loudspeakers presetting

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Lower windscreen superimposable on the upper one

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I HIMER 85V4 © Costruzioni

1,780 or 2,080 mm dipper Maximum reach 6,830 (7,110) mm

Strong upper-structure/swing joint

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520 mm single pin

Stable boom over time EQUIPMENT The arm is linked to the upper-structure by a big cast swing unit and a single 520 mm pin. The first auxiliary hydraulic line with an adjustable flow and proportional controls (trimmer) comes as standard. A second line and a half line to use tool with a double hydraulic supply are available. A lifting kit with safety valves on the arm and the boom is also provided for.

Standard arm cylinder protection

i truzion © Cos

Progressive scatter band

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Cast swing unit

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Dipper with front U part (fewer welds)

All the machine greasing points are in a protected position. The picture below shows the greasing points of the bucket driving linkage.


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10% of additional strength

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0.39 kg/cm2 of pressure on the ground

MORE STRENGTH AND SPEED The maximum hydraulic flow has increased by 6% compared to the previous model 80VX and the variable displacement hydraulic motors are manufactured by Nabtesco. The manufacturer states that the tractive force is 10% higher and that the speed range extends both downwards and upwards (from 2.5 to 4.4 km/h). The downshift is automatic.

Two well-protected blade cylinders © Costruzioni

© Costruzioni

Undercarriage X structure - self-cleaning

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More thrust and a very strong blade

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Ihimer 85V4 in numbers Weight Power Yanmar engine Displacement Cylinders Bore x stroke Rated rpm Piston speed Cylinder valves Cams Injection Injection phases EGR electronic control Exhaust gas aftertreatment Air feed Pumps Flow Pump regulation Directional valve Pressure Digging depth (long) Plinth depth (long) Excavation depth (long) Loading height (long) Breakout force Digging force Travel speed Swing speed Wheel base/track length Track rollers Track width Shoes width Rear overhang Offset (L/R) Transport length (front blade) Transport height Blade (W-H) Blade up/down Blade distance Battery Alternator Fuel tank Hydraulic system/tank

8.515 ton 42.7 kW 4TNV98C VIK 3.18 l 4 98 x 110 mm 2,100 rpm 7.70 m/s 4 conventional CR multiple external cooled Doc + Dpf - Stage IIIB natural variable flow 2 x 75.6 + 54.2 l/min conventional open centre 24.5 Mpa 4,020 (4,320) mm 3,170 (3,460) mm 6,830 (7,110) mm 4,700 (4,910) mm 5,610 daN 3,980 daN 2.5 - 4.4 km/h 9 m/s Na/2,730 mm 5 2,200 mm 450 mm 1,450 mm 780 - 810 mm 6,050 mm 2,630 mm 2,200 - 500 mm 420 - 440 mm 1,950 mm 1 x 72 Ah 40A 110 l 125/75 l

Ihimer has joined the movement Design for Environment. The focus is on the impact a machine will have on the environment since the design phase. The manufacturer evaluates how his machines, during their whole life cycle, can reduce the impact on health and the environment

IT CAN WORK IN URBAN AREAS The engine can look the same as model 80VX but actually it is the C-VIK version which complies with the pollution regulation Stage IIIB - Tier4. The Common rail injection, the auto idle and Eco mode reduce consumption up to 15%. The particulate filter allows working even in environmentally conscious town centres, but it needs a professional cleaning every 3,000 working hours. The Dpf must be replaced after 9,000 hours. • MOTOR AND FILTER OIL REPLACEMENT 250 hours • DIESEL FUEL FILTER REPLACEMENT 250 hours • HYDRAULIC OIL FILTER REPLACEMENT 1,000 hours • HYDRAULIC OIL REPLACEMENT 1,000 hours • COOLANT REPLACEMENT 1,000 hours • DPF PROFESSIONAL CLEANING 3,000 hours • DOC + DPF REPLACEMENT 9,000 hours

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Abstract from Costruzioni n°700, May 2016 casa editrice la fiaccola srl | Milan - Italy |

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