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Tanvi talks about India

JOIN THE DOTS What’s happening - Polka Dots


How to wear prints Head-to-Toe


Talent to watch - Annalise Lao


Trend report on nautical fashion


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RE-PRINT COVER STORY: Head to toe Prints and how to wear them.



WHAT’S HAUTE? Top looks of the month.


Q&A With cover girl Marla Brum

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POINT OF VIEW Tanvi talks about Indian fashion, culture and lifestyle. JOIN THE DOTS What’s happening - Polka Dots!


SPOTLIGHT Talent to watch - Annalise Lao.


HELLO SAILOR Trend report on nautical fashion.


LINEAR EQUATIONS Ally tells us how to wear stripes.


GOING PLACES Meet Jessica from Barcelona!




It gives us immense pleasure to launch the pilot edition of Rivista di Moda magazine. After plenty of hard work and sleepless nights, our team has successfully compiled an idea conveived almost a year ago. This edition is dedicated to all the lovely bloggers who have contributed to this magazine. They have been instrumental in building up this magazine. We hope you like this edition. Do give us your valuable feedback which will help us grow with you to create many more editions in the future. Presenting a magazine created by YOU, for YOU! Regards, RDM Editorial Team




Ameli of Parisathome

Luba Dimitrova of Well Living Blog 10 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Erika R of The Urban Lioness WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 11


Luba Dimitrova of Well Living Blog WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 13

Annalise Lao of Anni Dot Elle 14 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 15


Sam Brady of A Gentleman’s Row WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 17



1) Describe yourself in 3 words. A: Loyal, positive and of course fashionable. 2) Favorite Color? A: When it comes to fashion my favourite colours always change so right now it’s Mint Green. 3) One runway show you’ll never forget? A: Any shows by Alexander McQueen. It’s fashionable art that’s hard to forget. 4) Your style icons are... A: I have so many but here’s a few; Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins. 5) How did your blog happen? A: I didn’t even know about the blogging world when I got started funny enough. I was pressured by a co-worker who followed style bloggers. Because I worked in a somewhat business casual workplace I still tried to push the envelope with what I wore each day... as much as I could and I guess she saw the potential and my passion as the perfect reason to get started on a blog! She helped me set it up and before I knew it my blogging journey began and I am so thankful for it today! 6) One blogger who inspire you? A: So the first blogger I was introduced to was Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and she still remains on top as one of my favorites today.

7) What defines your personal style? A: My personal style can be very versatile. I like to be polished whether I’m in something very casual to something more dressy. I think for the most part my style looks fairly effortless but classic. I’m not afraid to try new things and push the envelope with a bit of flare to each thing I wear. And I LOVE to recreate new outfits with what I already have hanging in my closet rather than pairing the same things together each time. 8) Beauty is? A: Beauty is on the inside of a person that shines through to the outside. 9) Latest obsession? A: As much as I’m head over heels for the trends this past summer like neons, pastels, peplums and prints I’m really loving metallics for Fall! 10) One proud blogging moment? A: I started my blog a year ago and have battled with consistency and content along the way. It wasn’t until I took a month off two months ago to reflect on where I wanted to fit into the blogging world and what I wanted to post about. I’m excited for the progress I have made in the last month and the responses I have been getting from my readers but to hear that RDM chose one of my posts to be the front page is truly exciting for me. Thanks you guys! xx


point of view On the occassion of the Indian Independence Day, meet tanvi as she talks about Indian culture, lifestyle and fashion. Tanvi is a lifestyle blogger from India, living in Texas. She also blogs at Indian Independence Day is a National Holiday like any other country. You find patriotic songs playing on the radio and television. A lot of people indulge in kite flying on this day. Mostly, people spend the day remembering all the great heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of the country. Indian communities all over the world organize events and parades in the honor of this day. Living away from the country doesn’t take away the feeling of patriotism. India’s culture is diverse due to the number of religions, and castes that co-exist in the country. It is impossible for anyone to know everything about India, even Indians themselves. However, I do think with social media (blog, twitter, facebook) this gap is reducing. People have a better understanding of our culture today, than they did 10 years ago. Indian culture and Indian fashion is tightly intertwined. It is practically impossible to separate the two. One could easily write a paper on this but if I can to explain it in brief - Our fashion revolves around our festivals, traditions and celebrations. Most of the Indian women make their big purchases, in terms of clothes and jewelry, either during the wedding season or for a big religious festival/ ceremony. Consequently, each religion requires women to dress a certain way which transcends into their fashion choices. 20 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Indian Fashion Industry is probably having its moment now, with brands like Chanel and Louboutin recognizing it on the world platform. Though in recent times a lot of designers are influenced by the world trends but one can never depart from the few factors which have been influential throughout the decades - Geography, Religion and Cinema. With the changing economic scene of the country, people have access to international brands, and the youth is in tune with the trends and fashion conscious. Today’s India, has the best of both world. I personally, am a big fan of Indian textiles. I believe in the last decade India’s youth has been highly influenced by the western culture and its trends, but there are a few designers like Masaba, Manish Arora, Rahul Misra to name a few, who are successfully bridging the gap and using the indian textiles in western cuts. However, as far as Indian outfits (salwar suits, sarees, lehngas) are concerned the traditional work and techniques would never go out of style. I have lived in 5 countries including India. I consider myself a modern world nomad. While I am deeply connected with India and its traditions, I believe in the idea of one world. Home truly is, where the heart is! Although, I do miss my family, friends and old hangouts but I also, like to live in the present.

“India’s culture is diverse due to the number of religions, and castes that coexist in the country. It is impossible for anyone to know everything about India, even Indians themselves.” WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 21






Rivista di Moda is a new online community based fashion magazine featuring & sharing best of fashion bloggers, writers, photographers, illustrators, young designers & fashion students. The prime aim of Rivista di Moda is to promote and share fashion, in turn bringing all the fashionistas under one roof.





by Kourtney Ramsay Thames The most recent presentation of this spasmodic visual, Miu Miu’s ad campaign featuring Chloe Sevigny (a throwback to 1996) and a plethora of popping prints, sent me spinning in ecstasy.

How can one not go gaga about the delicious veggies and cherries seen at D&G or not want to own Stella McCartney’s fresh paisley motifs? From paisley motifs to loud animal prints, mix-match prints in every colour and size and just doo not shy away from wearing them head-to-toe. JONATHAN SAUNDERS


Delicate florals, paisley motifs, loud animal prints, bold graphic motifs, polka dots of all size and ikkat are some of the hottest prints to watch out this season!

Grid Shirt, $ 680.00 Marni


Can’t decide whether you want to wear that ikat print skirt or that checkered blouse? Just wear both! Rules are meant to be broken, and this is the one time where indecision doesn’t get on my nerves.

CAT BRACELET Price: £8.50 Topshop

IKAT TUBE SKIRT Price: £18.00 Topshop

Women’s Lindley Oxford Anna Sui for Hush Puppies

Chrono Wood Watch $ 179.00, Linde le Palais

WEED COAT Price: £98.00 Topshop

Zebra-print jersey sweater £280.00, Balenciaga


Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch £18.00, ASOS

Whip open your coat and reveal your colourful, cropped zebra print sweater over a pair of high-waisted floral print shorts. The potential assailant is temporarily blinded!

TRIANGLE RING Price: £5.00, Topshop


Marla Brum of Trend Struck 26 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Erika R of The Urban Lioness WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 27

Join the Polka dots are a hot favorite this season and were spotted on the Fall/Winter catwalks at Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs - but, in my opinion, they are a fashionable and timeless trend that spans the decades.



Luba Dimitrova of Well Living Blog WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 29

Annalise Lao of Anni Dot Elle 30 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Libertad Gomez of Sahakiel WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 31


Anni, a 18-yr-old NZ expat, freelance illustrator and fashion major at art school.



1. Where do you go to school? When I head back in fall, I will be starting my sophomore year at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) as a fashion marketing and management major with a minor in illustration. I haven’t actually taken any of my major/minor classes so all the illustration work you see right now is mostly a result of self-experimentation/selftaught-doodling and I can’t wait to see how taking a real class in it will take me to the next level! 2. What do you use for your illustrations? How long does it take? I mostly illustrate digitally, its actually slower for me than hand illustration and I illustrate the way I draw by hand using a tablet (Intuos3) on photoshop. 3. How much for a picture of me? For official headers/etc, check out the FAQ. If you just want a quick little sketch via the round-format that’s been popping up on my OOTD posts that’s just $5! For a more detailed picture that obviously takes more time, effort and collaboration on your part to get it perfect, prices start at $10 and end at $20. How this gets priced is really up to what you want - a simple fashion portrait of you in b/w will obviously be a bit cheaper than you in full haute couture surrounded by a menagerie of flying 34 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

monkeys and a massive white bengal tiger rug with a midget massaging your feet. Two weeks officially done and dusted with the Project Runway challenge. Even though the sign of countdown clock still scares the crap out of me (which is extremely relevant as a art student), I kind of like the pressure it puts on me because I get stuff done. This one was a lot harder to work with because I had such a great initial concept that just didn’t translate well so I ended up reworking the entire thing twice and the bottom half of the design about 6 more times to get it right and I’m still not completely satisfied not to mention I had to think about how to make 80% of the garment from candy. What started out solely inspired by shoulder pads, harem pants and lyre-inspired back has now transformed into a elegant little number keeping with the same grecian influences with a little bit of 1920s and baroque sneaking its way in. All the multicolored strands will be made from twizzlers (interweaving the colors will create a gradient effect), the rossette is made from strawberry wheels and the petal effect from strands of sour belts. Not happy with shoe selection because I had cut out ankle boots or some form of sandal in mind but without those options, stuck with nude Jessica Simpson platforms. Also, super excited about getting to reveal a blogger header design I’ve been working on for Mika St Fleur of La Femme Tres Chic.

Annalise Lao of Anni Dot Elle WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 35

This dress is perfect for daily wear and can be dressed down for day-time with a denim jacket, or dressed up for night-time with a black boyfriend blazer and a pair of black peep-toes. Cream Nautical Skater Dress, £45.00 by Lauren Pope for Little Mistress



The trend for nautical fashion is one that just keeps on coming back; effortlessly lady-like and stylish, it extends so much further than navy sailor stripes think added embossed buttons, flashes of red and boat prints. Anchor detail buttons, check. Bright red belt, check. Sailor stripe, check - this dress ticks every box when it comes to nautical fashion, not to mention, it has the most gorgeous flattering shape and fit for ladies with curves!Yumi Noemi Dress, £45.00 from Aspire Style

Arguably a staple in any girl’s wardrobe as it is, the stripe vest is also key to the nautical look, and this one would look great with bright red skinny jeans and a navy blazer, or, if you can get your hands on one, a sailor skater skirt. ASOS Vest in Stripe, £5.00


Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 37


Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 39

Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam 40 | AUGUST 2012 | WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM

Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 41

LINEAR EQUATIONS When most women try to avoid stripes as much as possible, what makes you pick up striped dresses? I try to wear what suits my body type, I am quite pear-shaped. And, while I can see why stripes might normally be an issue, I personally believe that the fit of a dress - more than the pattern - affects the overall look of the outfit. This dress also has non-uniform stripes and a variety of complementary colors throughout, which helped accentuate my positive assets (my waist) while minimizing my negative assets (my hips and thighs). What do you have in mind when you purchase a striped garment? It’s not just the stripe-pattern but the colors, fabric and fit that make a dress versatile which I can wear

for a variety of situations and seasons. Stipes can visually add to the colorblocking trend that has been so popular over the last few seasons. How to and how not to wear stripes? Dress for your body. Know what your best feature is and highlight it. I always accentuate my waist, because I feel that it’s my best feature. If you have great legs, then a shorter hem would be great. A style tip when wearing stripes? The number one tip for wearing any outfit is confidence and knowing your body. If you are comfortable in a piece, it will show! Also I always think it’s a great idea to put on a pair of heels. Nothing makes you feel more confident than a beautiful pair of heels


Ally Soeker of Gum Boot Glam WWW.RIVISTADIMODA.COM | AUGUST 2012 | 43

GOING PLACES When I started my blog I’d seen loads of blogs about street style where bloggers feature themselves. It was something I never associated with and hence, I started blogging about the industry and the fashion designers who are the creators in the industry of fashion. They are, in my opinion, the ones that start all this machinery. Right now my blog is taking shape as I am progressively being known by the local designers in my hometown. I would like to show the world that there’s more than sun, beach and paella in my country, there’s also fashion and design and I want to start by the closest to me. I have BA+MA degrees, and right now I amb totally focused on my blog due the economic crisis. In Spain most of bloggers, including fashion ones, usually have a paid job plus their blogs. Yet I’m still looking for mine, though I’m quite building that job for me. I’ve attended few conferences and I can tell it is important for me because one can be in touch with many other people in the business, most of them more experienced than you from whom I can learn. Talking about fashion weeks I’ve been attending the last two editions of 080 Barcelona Fashion and I am invited to MBFWMadrid next September. Bloogers are important in this events because it’s we bloggers who explain all that which it isn’t explained by fahion magazines. I think that it is about the point of being a fashion blogger.


Jessica Linares who alo blogs at JesSisWeCan shares her life as a fashion blogger who once started off blogging in need of a job and now is a regular at Barcelona Fahion Week and other fashion events across Spain.

When in an event, I try to introduce myself to fashion designers. I go to visit them in their ateliers and showrooms after the fashion weeks. I try to attend all fashion shows, and get to know to everybody that attends to them. The first time I asked to the 080 Barcelona Fashion organization the chance to attend to the fashion show they were really nice and welcoming, although I was a rookie. They invited me to four of the fashion shows and I got in touch with the designers, so that I can get to know them a bit further. Media works with the press release but bloggers have our own style and point of view, so we have to give that extra value. I have been usually invited by the organization of the fashion weeks, and also by some fashion designers. As I previously exposed, fashion bloggers have the chance to go a bit further than the fashion magazines. You see, anyone in this industry can have a press release, but bloggers have the freedom to write about whatever we want, that’s why we have a blog. And common people like to know what other common people think about, in this case, fashion. We can have a more real approach to fashion designers, fashion, trends, style... And I think that brands are gradually understanding what I just explained. And it is a good oportunnity to focus on their target audience.

Jessica in Justica Ruano’s showroom



Rivista di Moda | August 2012  

August 2012 edition of free online fashion magazine Rivista di Moda

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