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Rivièra Maison presents


The new summer collection ABSOLUTELY JEAN BEDDINGTON


Annual Retail Award 2008 Best Retail Chain in the Netherlands

RM magazine, Summer 2009, Volume 4 no. 6

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 Message from Henk Teunissen



 Summer collection

RM Annual Retail Award

Soho Loft Lamp 135680


Best Retail Chain in the Netherlands

Retro inspection lamp now as original hanging lamp, works well on a coat hook.




 Resort and Spa




 ‘Absolutely Jean Beddington’

Bobby’s Birthday


Children’s party collection

Jardin sur le Sagne


 Concept Store Amsterdam


25 26

 Sailing Club Rum Cay


Sand and Shells Bar Table Dim.: 145x60 cm 111950




3x different

Rustic Rattan Bar Stool Including seat cushion. 111940



Bath Collection


Bagno Uno


 Ultimate objective and interview


04 RM magazine


32 34


It’s going to be a hot summer. The great thing in my profession is that you can experience summer way in advance, while children are still making snowmen in the schoolyard. For months on end, together with the purchase team, we are visualising ourselves on golden, unspoilt beaches, under frivolous parasols with fresh summer wines and gentle evening breezes. When later on in the evening you get into your car, reality hits home, but all those good things in life do put you in the summer mood. My spring yearnings always start in January. I’m very sensitive to atmosphere. No surprise then that I love Christmas, but once it’s 2 January, I can’t wait for spring to begin. What is better in life than waking up with the singing of the birds in the early morning, a sun that rises before 6am, the dew on the fresh green leaves and driving to work with the sunroof open? I’m already looking forward to long summer nights on the veranda, with some gentle background music, flickering candle lanterns, a good book and a light fruity wine. Life is Beautiful. The Rivièra Maison Summer Collection promises it is going to be a long hot summer, with the heavenly Nankali Resort and Spa as our main theme. Think of waving palm trees on golden beaches, a nice summer salad on a terrace and cooled water with lime. In the evenings, the crickets drown out the noise of waves rolling onto the beach at a continuous and steady pace. Underneath the black sky you enjoy the lack of music, although you can hear a gamelan in the far distance. The black Nankali lanterns light up the path to the veranda. Jardin sur le Sagne takes you on a journey to the French Campagne, where you will enjoy a nice espresso or mint tea on a terrace, while watching the weekly street market being set up. Strawberries for sale in a wicker basket instead of one of those blue plastic trays that you get at your local greengrocer’s, large water melons and lively-coloured table linen and quilts are heaped up high in old, worn wooden stalls. From the Bahamas, the sea appears to be even bluer than she is in reality. When talking of the sea, I deliberately refer to it as female, as there in the Caribbean the sea is like a beautiful capricious woman. The rough, hand-woven rattan does in fact fit well into this theme, as does the soft azure quilts and cushions. I have asked for Hibiscus Hill to be written on the cabinets. I can visualise them now in a weather-beaten wooden beach house with white louvered shutters and a large balcony with panoramic sea views. In the cabinet you keep your most beautiful shells, next to your Sunday white service… Bobby’s Birthday is the most cheerful theme of the summer. What can be more fun than an old-fashioned children’s party, complete with plates, flags and ‘Happy birthday to you…’? My favourite accessories this summer is the Soho Loft Lamp, among other things. It’s a fabulous hanging lamp modelled on a retro inspection lamp. Furthermore, the first version of the Mobile Phone Organiser has already found its way to my home. Trying to find the right charger for my mobile phone and Blackberry used to drive me crazy and I’m glad this has now been solved. The Rum Cay Picnic Hamper puts the fun back into an outdoor pick-nick on the beach, with a nice bottle of wine, sandwiches, even in your own back garden! I’m a real coffee fanatic, not much of a fan of filtered coffee though, I rather like the Italian espresso and in that case a Caffè Doppio of Caffè Solo is a dream come true. Your summer table is complete with the Ramatuelle Table Parasol, the ultimate atmosphere creator. I’m going to light the fireplace, put some music on and dream of a long hot summer. See you later at Rivièra Maison, Your way of living Henk Teunissen

RM magazine

2009 05

Savile Row Dining Chair 121550 Driftwood Dining Table Dim.: 180x90 cm 109370

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Keith Dining Wingchair 126280 Nankali Jute Placemat Set of two. 125410

Nankali napkins Gift box of four napkins including napkin rings. 125430


Buon Appetito Lunch Set 129160

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Summer 2009

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06 RM magazine


Keys and Photographs Cabinet

New Orleans Window shutter



Keys, photos, postcards, memos and post; this handy cabinet is highly versatile.

Installing window shutters often involves a substantial investment, but they are a true asset to any interior as they are splendid filters of natural light. These hardwood louvered stands are a great alternative. They are suitable for many different rooms and can easily be moved elsewhere, very handy on the window sill to prevent preying eyes.

Rustic Rattan Mobile Phone Organizer 133230

The chargers for mobile phones and iPods were scattered around my house. The Rustic Rattan Mobile Phone Organizer instantly resolves this problem. The drawer provides space for your basic stationery.

Cool Summer Salad Bowl Cool Summer Salad Bowl large 133780 Summer Salad Bowl small 133790

Cricket Match Lampbase


On one of my many travels I came across a set of classic cricket bats. Cricket is a popular sport in the Commonwealth of Nations. The striker uses the flat side of the cricket bat to hit the ball, but in this instance these original bats add a sportive theme to your interior.

The line of indestructible kitchen accessories has been extended with this decorative and handy salad bowl. The inscription ‘Cool Summer Salad’ has a hidden meaning: the salad can be kept cool by a double bottom in which ice cubes can be placed. I hope of course that it is going to be a Hot Summer!

RM magazine

2009 07


Rivièra Maison WinnEr BESTE WINKELKETEN 2008


ANNUAL retail award 2008

Best Retail Chain in the Netherlands

From left to right: José Blom (Director of Operations), Henk Teunissen (CEO), Nico Tijsen (Creative Director), Rogier Uivel (General Manager).

Henk Teunissen: “watching all those people enjoying themselves in our shops gave me goose bumps…” By Henny van Straaten It was the day that Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the US. Henk Teunissen, CEO of Rivièra Maison, briefly felt like Barack Obama after his overwhelming election victory. “Yes we can.” Two years ago, Rivièra Maison still ranked in the top four. Yet at the end of 2008, the day had finally come: In Hilversum, in studio 22, packed to the rafters, A professional jury chose Rivièra Maison as winner of the best retail chain in the Netherlands, based on an excellent report. Rivièra Maison is the best retail chain in the Netherlands. Finally…..! Henk and his staff plus members of the board embraced each other with joy. It was an emotional scene. Subsequently, they enjoyed every step that brought them closer to the stage and the Annual Retail Award, shaking dozens of hands of people they hardly recognised due to the bright spotlights and immense flashlight photography, en route. Pats on the back, kisses, cries of support, applauding and cheering people all formed part of the scene. Henk clearly enjoyed his triumphal march. “I didn’t dare believe that Rivièra Maison would snatch it this time”, says Henk a few days later, still glowing. “So I hadn’t

08 RM magazine


prepared a speech. But en route to the stage I promised to extend my gratitude to the staff and customers of Rivièra Maison, who had earned this title for us, to state our ambitions and to conclude with the slogan of Obama: “Yes we can!”. But that opportunity was taken from me. After the chairman had read out the jury report, the award was presented. Subsequently, the photographers asked us to pose and we were congratulated and spoken to. When that had finished, presenter Anita Witzier had already announced the next part of the programme, which was a bit of a disappointment.” So Henk came up with an alternative. He took out his trusted Blackberry and sent an e-mail to his staff, thanking them and congratulating them with the title. “Dozens of messages returned not long thereafter.” Meanwhile the Marketing Manager, there and then issued instructions to place advertisements in various national newspapers, with a message in which Rivièra Maison thanked its customers for their share in the success. At the same time, anyone visiting the Rivièra Maison Stores the following Saturday was promised a small present, with the prospect of one customer even becoming Rivièra Maison VIP customer for a whole year. “On that Saturday, Rogier Uivel (General Manager) and I



travelled to our Concept Store at Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam”, Henk continues. “That was quite special. Enthusiasm was oozing from a distance, as the building had been decorated with balloons and streamers, while staff, full of pride, helped our customers to a cappuccino or prosecco. And the customers clearly enjoyed all this attention. When watching the predominantly female audience entering the showpiece of Rivièra Maison, it reminded me of those little faces on my children when they passed through the doors of Disneyland for the first time, they were that enthusiastic and passionate. To them, a visit to Rivièra Maison was no longer shopping, it was an outing. That really gave me goose bumps!”

The title ‘Best Retail Chain in the Netherlands’ was extensively celebrated with our staff, relations and with you. Everyone was given a nice present upon entering one of our outlets and automatically included in the lottery for becoming VIP customer for a whole year, featuring some unique advantages, including an accessory package of € 1,000 issued twice a year, a furniture cheque for € 5,000, styling advice from Nico Tijsen and free tickets for the Grande Première in both the spring and autumn.

Margreet Waagmeester from Almere was gobsmacked when she learned she had become VIP customer. “That was the last thing I expected, I’m thrilled! I’m a true Rivièra Maison fan. I just bought the Kensington Sofa and the Montauk Point Sofa from the collection. But do you know what I like best? That’s the fact that I will be among the first few to admire the new summer collection at the head office, the epicentre where everything stems from.”

RM magazine

2009 09

elcome to the heavenly Nankali resort, an Oriental oasis of complete tranquillity and relaxation. Look forward to carefree enjoyment in a hammock underneath the waving palm trees surrounded by the enticing smell of floral scent, before you move onto the next wellness treatment. The restaurant grills fresh fish in an ambience of richly decorated tables with silver shells and table-linen in a colour scheme of chocolate brown and white. The Nankali collection is characterised by a paisley motive that, in combination with jute, produces a tropical appearance.



W 3



While still enjoying the afterglow of a relaxing hot stone massage, you wander to the outdoor spa on wooden duckboards lit by these Resort Lanterns. And I think to myself‌ what a wonderful world!

Drift away in a state of total relaxation

1- Nankali Throw Dim.: 130x180 cm 135880

When the sultry summer evening is drawing to an end and it becomes a little chillier outside, this attractive Nankali throw, made of jute and cotton, in combination with a lit torch, is the solution. 2- Weathered Oak Mirror Dim.: 80x110 cm 131960 Also available in 220x100 cm. 131970 Resort Lantern Cylinder 129510 3- Nankali Pillow Sham Exclusive of stuffing. Dim.: 45x65 cm 125470

Pillows are ideal accessories for changing the atmosphere. Use these pillows to create a tropical ambiance in an instant. Nankali Box cushion Dim.: 43x43x10 cm 125490 4- Resort Lantern Round 129520 5- Nankali Candle 123130 These candles add character to the table experience, but also do well in the bathroom. 6- The Classic Wingchair Nankali Free unbleached cover included. 135790

The comfortable Nankali Wingchair is finished in cotton with dark chocolate piping and embroidered with the text: ‘Drift away in a state of total relaxation’. Key Island Throw Dim.: 130x180 cm 131240


RM magazine

2009 11

12 RM magazine

T 2009

he Nankali Lantern really brings the tropical atmosphere into your home and garden. Thanks to the glass, the flame is protected from the summer breeze, keeping the candle lit for hours. 1


With handy reservoir for ice cubes.



1- Nankali Lantern black Small 133670 Large 133660 2- Rustic Aluminium Square Candle large  115760 Also available in small. 115750 3- Carafe Vin Eau 300800 4- Nankali Napkins Gift box of four napkins including napkin rings. 125430


Classic Pasta Plate large 103720 Also available in XL. 103670

5- Rustic Rattan St Johns Bay Lantern small 124791 Also available in large. 124792

RM magazine

2009 13




Savile Row Dining Chair Available in various colours. Including free cover with embroidery. 121550



Driftwood Dining Table Available in various colours. Dim.: 180x90 cm 109370 Also Available in 180/280x90 cm. 118710

Coffee in Italy is nothing short of a science. Italians only drink coffee of the highest quality. That is probably also the reason why the world famous Starbucks has to date decided against opening a coffee company shop there. The Caffè Solo and Caffè Doppio are suitable for espresso, double espresso and cappuccino, but also for regular coffee. Provided it is prepared with due care and attention! The matching tray offers sufficient room for a nice chocolate or other sweet delicacy.

14 RM magazine

Lime and lemon are part of the citrus fruit family. This press presses them both. Works well on the table with a fish dish.

A pinch of salt and pepper does wonders to the flavour of a dish. Original set with small spoons, making a nice present for the hostess.




A dinner tray or serving dish. What’s in a name? Fact is that any dish is done justice when served on this: savoury or sweet.

7 9

8 1- Rustic Rattan Couvert Basket Square 125270 2- Lemon Lime Squeezer 129190 3- Poivre et Sel Set 120140 4-

Caffè Doppio Includes cup and saucer. 129240 Also available as Caffè Solo for a real espresso. 129230

Milk & Sugar Set 113870


Amoire de Campagne Includes two wicker baskets. Dim.: 150x50x125 cm 908000

A plate holder in rustic rattan. Compliments the worktop and comes in handy when having to set the table for a large party.

6- Rustic Rattan Fruit Basket 122440 7-

Large baking dish with the applicable inscription Dal Forno, meaning ‘from the oven’ in Italian. Remember to use an oven glove!

Chelsea Cakestand Rectangular large 133960 Also available in medium. 133980

8- New Orleans Window Shutter Dim.: 90x80 cm 135040 9-

Rustic Rattan Plateholder small 133180 Also available in large. 122480


10- Dal Forno Baking Dish 129250

RM magazine

2009 15

Interview by Birgitta Veld

‘absolutely jean beddington’

Jean Beddington, born in England, developed her love for the kitchen from an early age on, through her mum and grandmother.


After having travelled around the world, she settled in Japan, where she completed a classic culinary training programme. Jean has been in the profession for 30 years and has a unique talent for combining a tradition style with new concepts. Her newly published cookery book ‘Absolutely Jean Beddington’ is a recipe book for advanced food enthusiasts, but does also include quick recipes for all to use. It is a perfect gift and can be purchased in the Concept Store and the Flagship Stores. What inspires you in your recipes? ‘I love food and life in general and I’m inspired by a wide range of different things, such as music, films, aromas or whatever I see in the street.’ Do you take an interest in living and interior? ‘Fed by my background as a graphic designer, I certainly take an interest in that. I’ve had different restaurants and always carefully selected the right architect in terms of interior.


1- New Orleans Cabinet Dim.: 96x44x210 cm 113120

Stewart Island Dining Table Dim.: 180x90 cm 102580 Also available in 210x90 cm. 102590

2- Buon Appetito Lunch Set 129160 Pretty plate for lunch or breakfast with matching bowl for fruit, cereal, yoghurt or soup. Nankali Jute Placemat Gift box with two placemats. 125410 Nankali Napkins Gift box of four napkins including napkin rings. 125430

3 16 RM magazine


3- Butterdish Burro 129210

‘Burro’ means butter in Italian. Funny detail: bottom inscription says ‘finito’.

What typically Dutch dish do you enjoy? ‘Difficult, I’ve always had a dislike of stews, but these days I can appreciate a fresh endive stew. But a carrot and potato stew will never find its way onto my menu! Do you ever visit Rivièra Maison? ‘I visit Gelderlandplein each week. It’s a very pleasant shop and I always buy my flowers there.’

Do you want to try the culinary art of this unique lady chef, then do visit her restaurant Beddington’s. You will not be disappointed! Restaurant Beddington’s Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141, Amsterdam

St. Maxime Olive Oil Bottle 584400



1- New Orleans Kitchen Cabinet Dim.: 220x156x56 cm 130570

This louvered cabinet compliments any kitchen and offers plenty of space for your service and cutlery. It consists of six separate components, but looks like a complete unit. The major advantage of this is that it can be easily moved to and placed in any location.

2- Berkeley glass Cake Stand 3 levels 133950 3- Chelsea Cake stand Square large 133970 Also available in medium. 133980


RM magazine

2009 17

Chateau Belvedère Winetable Dim.: 70x70x76 cm 131990 Also available in 150x150x78 cm. 131980

Nicolas Wing Chair 106060

The table top is made of a wooden panel in the style of ancient castle floors. One table is handy to create a ‘just the two of us’ corner. Put two next to each other and you have a splendid dinner table.

18 RM magazine

Nicolas Wing Chair Footstool Dim.: 64x64x49 cm 106070


Soho Loft Footstool Dim.: 90x90 cm 130130

for the points of sale and more information, visit

Key Island Throw Dim.: 130x180 cm 131240 Hampton Square Sofa Dim.: 212x74x98 cm 123810

RM magazine

2009 19

1 20 RM magazine


This is a special children’s party line in lively colours called Bobby’s Birthday. It includes fabric streamers, paper napkins, small-sized plates, cutlery and fun birthday aprons to help you eat an unlimited supply of cake without getting the birthday boy or girl dirty. Hip hip Hurray!

Happy Birthday



Bobby’s Birthday Flags Consists of twelve flags 132970 1- Bobby’s Birthday Party Set Set of ten cups, plates and napkins. 129530 Bobby’s Birthday Cake Set 132110 2- Bobby’s Birthday Spoons Gift box with six dessertspoons. 132090 Bobby’s Placemat 135910 Paper Napkin Bobby’s Birthday 129550 3- Bobby’s Apron Kids: 70 cm long 132990 Also available in large, 90 cm long. 132980 Bobby’s Birthday Forks Gift box with six cake forks. 132130


4- Bobby’s Birthday Cutlery Set of four. 132120

RM magazine

2009 21

C’est Chaud, or ‘it’s hot’, which refers to these attractive double-walled tea/coffee glasses, keeping your drinks hot for longer. .



ear the small river Le Sagne, in the south of France, you can find an authentic cottage soaking up the sun, with weathered blue shutters. The charming garden boasts lots of hydrangeas, flowering hollyhocks and plenty of fragrant lavender with flowers like candles, leading to a riverbed. In the sluggish late afternoon, this is the setting for an attractive teagarden with numerous pink and white summery parasols featuring handmade ornaments and cushions of various flower-patterned fabrics in pink, to create an original patchwork effect.

2 22 RM magazine



Ingrediënts • 1 litre of water • 3 teaspoons of green tea • 5 branches of fresh mint • 4 tablespoons of sugar

Preparation: Boil a litre of water and pour it on three teaspoons of green tea and five branches of fresh mint. Leave this to brew for about five minutes and add four tablespoons of sugar. Taste and add sugar according to taste. Your delicious mint tea is ready to serve!

1- C’est Chaud Mug medium 124740 Also available in large. 124730 2- Rustic Rattan Bird Cage with pole Dim.: 152 cm high 132590 Bird box inspired by the Rivièra Maison logo

for birds with taste; not just for ordinary house sparrows!

3- Le Jardin Sur… Quilt Dim.: 170x220 cm 134270


4- Le Jardin Sur… Placemat 133090


Summer in the City Napkin pink Gift box with four napkins. 117640 Rustic Rattan Mini Tray Square 107150 5- La Douce France Glass 131770

Living like God in France with these small glasses for wine or water, often used in the French ‘auberges’.


6- Paper Napkin Le Jardin sur le Sagne 129540 7- Côte Est Tea Pot 103570 Côte Est Cup and Saucer 103550


Côte Est Canister 103630 Côte Est Sugar Pot 103610 8- Rustic Rattan Servingtray Sidetable 132650 9- Le Jardin Sur… Duvet Cover Dim.: 140x220 cm 133050 Also available in 240x220 cm. 133060



RM magazine

2009 23





1-Water Jug Fresh Water 123550 2-Cakeplate High Tea 123540 3-Rustic Outdoor Rattan Nicolas Wingchair Dim.: 97x87x105 cm 114340 Rustic Outdoor Rattan Nicolas Footstool Dim.: 65x65x48 cm 114350 Ramatuelle Parasol Large Cream Dim.: 250 cm high 139170 Rustic Rattan Parasol Stand Cover Dim.: 50x50x50 cm 132520 4-Le Jardin Sur… Boxcushion Dim.: 45x45 cm 133070

Le Jardin Sur… Pillow Sham Exclusive of stuffing. Dim.: 45x65 cm 133110

Location: Concept Store Rivièra Maison at Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam

Paola Parodi Genoa Italy: Vino del Sol Glasses

We are going on a lovely weekend away in Amsterdam. We don’t have much time, but we will certainly visit a museum and go on a shopping spree. Italy is renowned for its design, but I have to say that the Rivièra Maison atmosphere appeals much more to me. These indestructible Vino del Sol glasses are very handy; I could stuff the whole series in my suitcase! Vino del Sol Wine Glasses Set of four. 133810

MRS de Vogel Rustic Rattan Livres Stand

I love to go to Rivièra Maison, particularly the shop in the Van Baerlestraat. The collection here is just that bit better and of an extremely high quality. I always get positive responses from my friends when I have added something new to the interior. Creating an attractive interior is a hobby of mine that brings me a lot of joy. I think this book stand is adorable and very handy when trying out a new recipe.

Lesley Brunet de Rochebrune Resort Lantern Cylinder

My eyes were instantly drawn to this great lantern. It does so well on my window sill, but on a hot summer evening I will certainly bring it out onto the balcony! Resort Lantern Cylinder 129510

Rustic Rattan Livres Stand 132530

RM magazine

2009 25

Requirements: Caterers Fish Plate small


Caterers Fish Plate large


Rustic Rattan Pacific Placemat 132430 Octopus Napkin Ring


Romantic Ruffles Napkin Giftbox with four Napkins



Raffles Cutlery Set of 24, for 6 covers


Fine shell sand Shells

Gather all the aforementioned ingredients • Follow up the pictures. • Write down a sweet wish on a nice piece of paper and put in a shell. • Buy a fresh fish from the fishmonger. Success guaranteed!

This handmade Hibiscus Hill Cabinet suits any place and interior. It is made of recycled hardwood and finished in teak veneer. It does of course come with the original Rivièra Maison wicker basket. If you want to add to this in the same style, the Hibiscus Hill Trunk and Dresser come highly recommended. 1- Hibiscus Hill Cabinet Dim.: 72x38x215 cm 115320 2- Rustic Rattan Cobblers Wharf Trunk Dim.: 160x40 cm 112030 Bahama’s Jute Pillow Sham Dim.: 50x50 cm 125280 Bahama’s Striped Pillow Sham Dim.: 45x65 cm 125380 3- Rustic Rattan Pacific Hurricane 137870 4- Classic Paisley Boxcushion Dim.: 43x43x10 cm 131050 Classic Paisley Pillow Sham Exclusive of stuffing. Dim.: 60x60 cm 131060 Dim.: 45x65 cm 131070 5- Hibiscus Hill Trunk Dim.: 50x50x55 cm 132270 6- Atlantic Duvet Cover Dim.: 140x220 cm 125340 Dim.: 240x220 cm 125350


Atlantic Quilt Dim.: 220x240 cm 125370 Dim.: 170x200 cm 125360 Donna Lamp Including lampshade. Medium 117560 Large 117570 Atlantic Quilted Pillow Exclusive of stuffing. Dim.: 45x65 cm 135890 7- Pearls and Shells Wreath Medium 128950 Large 128940

26 RM magazine



Imagine yourself on a lonely beach along the Pacific with these series of hand-woven products.



he Bahamas consist of an archipelago of 700 islands with numerous unspoilt bays where the meaning of the quote: ‘it’s better in The Bahamas’ soon becomes apparent. The authentic Sailing Club Rum Cay is for real connoisseurs and accessible only via the ocean. This is a peaceful place, offering spectacular views and where you can moor for a light lunch or extensive dinner after a great day out sailing.





RM magazine

2009 27

This is a typical product where beauty and practicality work in harmony. Put up a pair and the summery table becomes even more attractive. Practical at the same time, as the food is protected against direct sunlight. Handmade hearts with the Rivièra Maison logo suspend from this original table parasol.


2 28 RM magazine







1- Octopus Napkin Ring 131720 Bahama’s Napkins Gift box with four napkins. 125320 2- Hyannis Port Bench Dim.: 110x40x48 cm 112190 3- Ramatuelle Table Parasol cream Including base support. Dim.: 95 cm high 108230 Italian Garden Table 114370 4- Rum Cay Picnic Hamper

120230 This new picnic hamper for four persons is decorated with blue paisley fabric and comes with an extensive set of accessories, including a salt and pepper set. There is of course plenty of space left for some lovely croissants or homemade sandwiches. 5- Happy Memories Double Frame 120760

A sweet birth announcement card, a beautiful love poem, the business card of that cosy restaurant on the waterfront, this happy memory list suits many occasions. It comes complete with a small notice board on the left and a picture frame on the right.

6- Rustic Rattan Pacific Lifebuoy Dim.: diameter 52 cm 132580 7- Classic Paisley Quilt 170x220 cm 131030 240x220 cm 131040

RM magazine

2009 29

Presents Presents

There you go … because you are one in a million, because you helped me, because it’s your birthday, because you are the best mum in the world, because you are a great cook. There are 1001 reasons to give a present! Fletcher Hill Lantern 130220

Lantern that reminds you of a setting on a white veranda with rocking chair… The shutters can open and close.

Rustic Rattan Livres Stand 132530

For (cookery) books or glossy magazines.

C’est Chaud Mug medium 124740 Also available in large. 124730

C’est Chaud, or ‘it’s hot’, which refers to these attractive doublewalled tea/coffee glasses, keeping your drink hot for longer.

Caffè Solo

Includes cup and saucer. 129230 Also available as Caffè Doppio for cappuccino or regular coffee. 129240

30 RM magazine


Double Hurricane Rivièra Maison 124590

But with that same summery appearance. • With orchids and piece of twine. • With lemons and limes. • With shells and white sand.

Bath Collection

The bathroom is also a private place you can retire to. With the new accessories from the Bagno Uno bathing series, this room can be decorated in style.

Rustic Rattan Clothes Peg Laundry Basket Dim.: 60x40x80 cm 115220

This X-large laundry basket is a beautiful addition to your bathroom and comes with a separate laundry bag. A second cotton laundry basket is also included.

Giant Clam XL silver 133520

Bagno Uno Toilet Brush 133680 Rustic Rattan Toilet Roll Holder 102090

Bagno Uno Bathroom Giftbox Including luxurious gift box. 133730

The beautiful gift box includes a soap pump, soap dish and two beakers for teeth brushes and cotton wadding.

RM magazine

2009 31

In addition to the successes Rivièra Maison enjoys as a brand name in the Netherlands and internationally interest has been soaring in the past years. Across the border people are starting to notice that Rivièra Maison is a special home furnishing concept. As a result, Rivièra Maison now has sales outlets in more than 50 countries from Oslo to Sydney and so-called Premium Dealers/complete shop-in-shops in places such as Biarritz, Montpellier, Warsaw, Barcelona, Madrid, Nice and Marbella. In addition, there is plenty of media attention in various international magazines, such as the leading article in the British ‘Homes and Gardens’ of past September, an interview with a Turkish news magazine, ‘Living at Home’ plus La mia Casa Country’ in Italy and with a major article in the Australian ‘Home Beautiful’ lined up for this spring. ‘On the main international fairs in Paris and Frankfurt we present ourselves as a true home furnishing brand’ Henk Teunissen explains. ‘We don’t just sell lanterns or small candles in a glass jar, but a sensation, a ‘Way of Life’, a total home furnishing concept. The Concept Store in Amsterdam has already generated so much promotion and recognition that the time is ripe for an international Concept Store in Paris or London, and that is what we will focus on. To me that’s the ultimate dream. Ralph Lauren leads by example; what they do in the clothing industry, we want to do as a home furnishing concept.’

32 RM magazine


England Germany Turkey

Putting Rivièra Maison on the international map, that is what Henk Teunissen, CE O of Rivièra Maison, wants to do in the years to come.


Concept Store in Paris and London


ultimate objective rivièra maison:

Interview: by Birgitta Veld

rivièra maison goes abroad

Dutch-born Elly Clues is our exclusive distributor Down Under, a role that she fulfils with lots of enthusiasm and success, giving plenty of reason for an interview.

How long have you lived in Australia for? Fifteen years ago I emigrated and married an ‘Aussi’ whom I’d met during a trip to Vietnam. After having lived in the Netherlands for three years, we decided to settle in Australia on a permanent basis. We’ve lived in Melbourne for 10 years now, a multicultural city, where about a third of the local population wasn’t born in Australia! How did you get into contact with Rivièra Maison? I’d seen those fabulous cabinets with inscription and asked myself what firm I could get this collection from. I came into contact with the Creative Director via a friend of mine, Brenda Koeman. She’s worked for Rivièra Maison for years and is the current manager of the Concept Store and friends with Nico Tijsen. After a visit to Aalsmeer, Nico and I compiled a small, yet interesting collection as a trial for the Australian market. Our first trade show was five years ago, in a modest stand of 3x3m! However, we did win the award for ‘Best Stand’ straight away! What is the major difference between interiors in the Netherlands and Australia? The major difference is that most Dutch people like to clutter up their homes, full and cosy. The Australians are much more ‘frugal’ in terms of their interior and less ‘house proud’. When Australians visit our home they always think it is quite special. Dutch people are much braver in terms of colour schemes and certainly also more in tune with trends. When the ‘in’ thing in the Netherlands is having large elongated vases with orchids in the window sill, you will soon see that reflected when walking down the street. In Australia that is definitely not the case.


Is interior gaining ground in terms of importance? I can certainly see a rise in interest in terms of creating an inspiring and relaxed ‘home’. However, don’t forget that Australia, despite the fact of the sheer size of the continent, has only 20 million inhabitants with 9 million households. So the market is limited. What Rivièra Maison products are most popular? Rustic rattan has been a hit from the very beginning, with the St. Malo chairs doing particularly well. The glasswork is also popular, the Santé, Vin Rouge and Vin Blanc glasses in particular. What feature attracts you in Rivièra Maison? To me Rivièra Maison is not just a collection, but part of my life. It represents a relaxed lifestyle which I’m extremely comfortable with. I’m proud of how much we’ve grown in presenting this unique, continuously renewing collection in Australia and New Zealand. An extensive campaign with advertisements in magazines such as Vogue Living Australia and Home and Beautiful has certainly made a difference!

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1- Rangez Toutes les Affaires High 135630 2- New Orleans Flatscreen Dresser Dim.: 126x43x140 cm 128270 3- Newport Coffee Table Dim.: 180x80 cm 132040 Also available in 70x70 cm. 132050 Montauk Point 3 Seater World Cities Free unbleached cover included. Dim.: 220x100x80 cm 135770 4- Library Floor Lamp Dim.: 156 cm high 107930 Classic Linen Lamp Shade Flax Dim.: 35x45 cm 839600 Available in various sizes and colours. Hampton Square Sofa 123810  amp Hamilton L 775900  ontauk Point M 3 seater World Cities Free unbleached cover included. Dim.:220x100x80 cm 135770

The Montauk Point World Cities has cushions with the original coordinates of Metropolitans such as Paris and New York embroidered. Cotton fabric with flax coloured piping. A truly international sofa!  arpet Casablanca C 517400 Classic Linen Lamp Shade Flax Dim.: 35x45 cm 839600 Available in various sizes and colours.

5- Rustic Rattan Hanging Lamp Pacific Dim.: 103x32x38 cm 132380

Dining Chair Cape Charles Linen 102170 6- Cabot Cove Hanging Lamp 135660 7/9-Driftwood Collection Sidetable, Dim.: 180x50x80 cm, 129310 Coffee Table, Dim.: 60x60 cm, 132070 Also available in 90x90 cm. 118720 Dining Table, Dim.: 180x90 cm, 109370 Also available in 180/280x90 cm. Including two extension elements. 118710

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St. Malo Dining Chair 106040

The Driftwood Collection table tops are made of old wooden doors dating back between 60 and 90 years. The maximum length is 1.80m, for the simply reason that doors were not any higher at the time. Each top is unique and characteristic in style.


I believe a TV never compliments the home. This opinion is shared by many, as we have received frequent requests to come up with something for this. Therefore, we have designed this TV cabinet made of attractive louvered doors.

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