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In my world, saving time pays off. As . e n o r K y m s e do

In the world of transport one currency counts most: time. Only those who can save precious minutes can be the winner in the short and long run. That‘s why it is crucial you can count on the quality, stability and innovation from Krone. For example the Mega Liner Automotive: Thanks to its patented Easy Tarp system the driver saves up to 15 minutes when opening and closing the curtain. Valuable time you can count on every day.



Volume 9. No.1. WINTER 2012

SDC Launches TrailerTail Technology


DC Trailers has introduced the latest innovation in aerodynamic trailer technology. One of its new aerodynamic box van trailers will be demonstrating the TrailerTail which is proven to help operators save fuel and reduce their carbon emissions. SDC supplier partner ATDynamics Inc has designed and extensively tested the TrailerTail in the USA which clearly demonstrates its ability to cut fuel consumption by over 6% at motorway speeds. Th is can increase to over 13% when combined with other aerodynamic features such as side-skirts – as seen on SDC’s Aeroliner trailer range. Computorised dynamic modeling, wind tunnel testing and on-road testing has shown the device’s ability to reduce rear drag. Millions of kilometers of on-road testing proved the technology’s durability,

three principal ways: by reducing road spray in wet weather, increasing trailer stability in high winds and reducing the impact of rear-end collisions by creating a collapsible crumble zone at the rear of the trailer. Although not yet legal for use on public roads in the UK or Ireland, SDC has been assessing the design with a view to adding it as an option to its full trailer range.

flexibility and ease of operation. It opens with one touch and collapses automatically against the rear doors so as not to interfere with loading. In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, the TrailerTail can improve safety in

Paul Bratton, SDC Director, explained: “SDC has constantly been at the forefront of trailer technology which delivers operational and fi nancial benefits to logistics businesses. We were fi rst with the longer semi-trailer and now we’ve introduced the TrailerTail to the market to help operators save fuel and reduce carbon emissions – both of which are high on many business agendas at the moment.”

Dennison Trailers reach significant milestone


or nearly half a century Dennison has been at the forefront of trailer design and manufacture, and on the 10th October marks an important milestone in the company’s history when it will hand over the 40,000th trailer to be built. Dennison has been building high quality trailers for over 40 years, with a passion for engineering excellence, continuous product development and the highest standards of customer service. At its modern factories at Naas in Kildare and Lancaster (UK), it manufactures skeletals, curtainsiders, tippers, platforms, machinery carriers and drawbar

Dennison Trailers, still a family owned and run business, was started in Northern Ireland in 1964, making flatbed trailers (the company’s fi rst trailer is still in existence and kept as a museum piece by the company), moving to a site just outside Dublin in 1970. In 1983, the company opened its current manufacturing plant in Naas and six years later, to serve the UK market, Dennison opened a manufacturing plant in Lancaster, UK. trailers and a range of specialist trailers, including the innovative sliding bogie trailers.

Today, Dennison is a market leading manufacturer of semi trailers, with customers throughout Ireland and Britain and a healthy export market.

Burg Silvergreen enters scene


ew German trailer manufacturer Burg Silvergreen exhibited at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 for the fi rst time presenting the new reefer semi-trailer Reefer SR03.

Burg Silvergreen was founded in March 2010. The new German trailer manufacturer is a joint venture between China International Marine Containers Group Ltd. (CIMC) and Peter van der Burg.

At its current headquarters in Neu-Ulm, it develops, produces and markets semi-trailers and trailers for the European transport industry, which set new standards both economically and ecologically.

MIKE MURPHY INSURANCE GROUP an Aon company Working with the Irish Haulage Industry for over 35 years Just call us for a quote! Tel: 01 2932350 Fax: 01 2932360

The Insurance Centre, Sandyford Business Centre, Sandyford, Dublin 18. Email: Web: Insureforsure Ltd t/a M.Murphy Insurance Group is an Aon company and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.



50,000th Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted Forklift Sold!


ast month, the 50,000th Truck-mounted Forklift rolled off the assembly line at Dundalk-based Cargotec Ireland, representing a significant production landmark for the company formerly known as Moffett Engineering Ltd.

renowned for their advanced technology, quality and reliability,” explained Michael O’Reilly, Product Manager, Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted Forklifts. “Our extensive range offers machines to suit all application requirements.”

Since its invention more than 40 years ago, the Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted Forklift (best known as the Mounty) has become a byword for innovation in transportation, enabling faster deliveries and safer carriage of goods to companies worldwide. The off-road capabilities of these forklifts in particular are a unique feature and a key differentiator for the companies who use them.

is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and meets strict criteria regarding energy efficiency and noise pollution.

Constant refinement of the Hiab Moffett M-Range has recently been augmented by the development of the E-Range, the world’s first Lithium-ion battery powered truck-mounted forklift, which will be launched in early 2013. The emission free E-Range

The Dundalk multi-assembly unit is Cargotec’s centre of excellence for Truck-mounted Forklift research, development and production, producing machines that are exported to more than 35 countries. “Cargotec Truck-mounted Forklifts are

Cargotec Ireland’s position as a leader in Truckmounted Forklift technology is in no small part down to the people who work there, he adds. “Talented engineers and a committed workforce have helped to develop a product that is unique and constantly developing with the changing requirements of our customers. The production of the 50,000th truck-mounted forklift is an impressive achievement, which would not have been possible without the expertise and commitment of everybody who has contributed since the first truck-mounted forklift was build in 1967”, he concluded.

Hannon Transport expands …… with Schmitz Cargobull


annon Transport is expanding its trailer fleet with 20 new reefers from Schmitz Cargobull in order to meet the operational demands of several major new contracts.

potted flowers which require differing storage temperatures. The trailers will operate from Hannon’s new distribution centre in Dublin, where they will be used to deliver products to major supermarkets, wholesalers and garden centres throughout the whole of Ireland, as well as carrying out general groupage operations to and from the Continent.

The company – which imports fresh flowers and plants into Ireland from across Europe – says the business is growing annually by up to 30 per cent, and it is certainly no coincidence that the Schmitz Cargobull logo appears on the vast majority of its trailer line up. “Our focus is on quality and value,” said Aodh Hannon, Managing Director of Hannon Transport. “With such a rapidly growing business we have to be sure that every piece of equipment we operate is up to the job, is robust and is going to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. That’s why we continue to specify trailers from Schmitz Cargobull; as well as a refined product, we are continually impressed with the service we receive from the sales team.”

The 20 new high-volume, European spec trailers feature an internal width of 2.49m and a height of 2.7m, enabling maximum load fill of pallets and enough horizontal space to minimise the risk of damage to fragile cargo. Each trailer is also equipped with Vector 1850 MT refrigeration units from Carrier Transicold, allowing for mono and multi-temperature operation – particularly important when transporting cut and

“We have a diverse business which also encompasses the export of fresh and frozen food products over to Holland, so we have to think very carefully about the equipment we invest in. Reliability and value for money are ultimately the deciding factors, and Schmitz Cargobull delivers both with every trailer that joins our fleet,” added Hannon. Hannon Transport has a vehicle fleet comprising 70 trucks, 130 trailers and 20 rigids. The 20 new additional reefers are expected to remain on the fleet for a minimum of seven years.

BPW launches new ECO Air COMPACT running gear


t the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, BPW launched a completely new running gear system - ECO Air COMPACT that is suitable for both disc and drum brakes, consists of a newly developed air suspension in conjunction with the new light ECO Air composite tanks. Designed for 9 tonne use, the ECO Air COMPACT is mounted on a two-part cast member, the connections of which are bolted together diagonally. Combined with the 4 points of support, guaranteeing optimum power flow, the mounting is also completely maintenancefree. The new,asymmetrical steel-rubber bush is constructed in such a way as to cope with any demands placed on it, which contributes to lower tyre wear. The consistent load absorption ensures smooth operating and long life expectancy. This

entails. The ECO Air COMPACT running gear now manages with just 2 connecting pieces, 2 suspension arms and 3 air bag brackets, meaning greater flexibility and even more reduced storage costs. The new two-side axle lift also reduces assembly costs by 50% compared with previous BPW air suspensions.

robustly designed, maintenance-free running gear considerably reduces running costs for the vehicle operator. The ECO Air COMPACT running gear allows for trailer production at optimum cost for vehicle manufacturers through the reduced number of versions and the lower assembly costs this


The ECO Air composite tank is an integral component of the new running gear system. It is made of fibreglass reinforced plastic and is thus completely corrosion-free. The high-quality composite material, which is treated in a patented production process, produces a considerable reduction in weight when compared to traditional steel air tanks. In the case of the use of two 60 litre air tanks, for example, this can then result in a saving in weight of up to 60%. The air tanks are available in versions from 30 to 120 litres.



Aerodynamic Truck & Trailer combinations premiered at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012


erodynamically optimised tractor/ trailer combinations presented jointly byMAN/KroneandMercedes-Benz/ Schmitz Cargobull drew huge interest at the recent IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany. The objective: save fuel and permanently reduce CO2 emissions thanks to innovative aerodynamics. Both concepts from the German companies are designed as a streamlined unit in that the truck and trailer form one unit with little or no space between the connection points. With the Krone Aero Liner and MAN Concept S (prototype tractor unit) the overall shape is reminiscent of a pilot whale – a member of the dolphin family. “The close connection to the animal world was deliberately made,” said Uwe Sasse, Managing Director of Krone Manufacturing and Development. “The streamlined body of the dolphin is a symbol of aerodynamic efficiency.” The vehicle offers the loading volume of a conventional HGV and in doing so, achieves extremely low air resistance, similar to the level of passenger cars. This allows up to 25 percent fuel, plus C02 to be saved. Despite the streamlined design of the vehicle towards the rear, the trailer is suitable for use at ramps. The Details “The development of the aerodynamic design includes air flow over the complete vehicle combination: starting with the rounded front, reduced wind-resistant area and streamlined integrated tanks. The newly developed roof spoiler is attached to the driver’s cabin. It completely closes the gap between the tractor and trailer and allows the air to flow equally over the vehicle without interruption,” explained Uwe. “A full trailer side skirt which is tapered at the rear, maximises overall air flow. The rear of the Aero Liner is specially designed for use at ramps and docking stations. It is equipped with a roller shutter door with a raising roof beam and thus provides an optimum loading height. In addition, the rear

underrun bumper has been designed according to the latest safety specifications. Warning symbols can also be clearly displayed on a screen at the rear in order to warn following traffic of potentially dangerous situations,” he added.

contribute an eight percent improvement to the air resistance. As in the design study, they are slightly drawn-in at the front and characterised by an opening at the rear. This steers the air in the direction of the striking rear diff user.

Last year you may recall the Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics trailer was a designer study – now it is a reality. With development partners Schmitz Cargobull, the new concept is estimated to save 2000 litres of diesel and 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Unlike the MAN example, MercedesBenz uses its award winning Actros tractor unit as the anchor for the combination, which is on sale worldwide. So it’s not just a futuristic project, the Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics trailer is ready for everyday use, without any restrictions. It is based on a conventional 13.6 m freezer box body, with a refrigeration unit at the front end. Whether for ground clearance, approach/departure angle or ease of loading at the rear – the Aerodynamics trailer meets all the usual requirements of everyday haulage. The box body remains unchanged despite the aerodynamic measures.

The diff user has the shape of a parallelogram and links up with the underbody panelling. Also made of plastic, it improves the wind resistance by a further one to two percent.

Numerous individual measures on the Aerodynamics trailer lower the air resistance of the entire tractor unit. A spoiler on the bulkhead of the trailer reduces the distance to the tractor unit, and this itself lowers air resistance by one percent. The spoiler frames the refrigerator unit, with air slots providing the necessary ventilation.

The diff user surrounds the rear underride guard and serves as a mount for the tail lamps. The elaborate trim panels on the lamps underline the detailed aerodynamic touches. The same is true for the trim panels of the landing legs beneath the body. An important component of the complete aerodynamic system is the “boat tail”, a rear taper measuring up to 400 mm in length. It improves the air resistance of the entire tractor unit by a full seven percent. Its elements can be folded away, ensuring the usual easy access to the cargo compartment. The wings of the rear taper are made of aluminium sections.

Krone Aero Liner concept drawing

Meanwhile, the plastic side trim panels on the Aerodynamics trailer


Text & Photos: Jarlath Sweeney -


Innovative power of trailer and body y builders win top European prizes * Trailer Innovation Award 2013 presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles


railer Innovation 2013, the International award for the trailer and bodybuilding industries that promotes outstanding ideas and product innovations in the trailer and body sectors, was presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany. The award, which is sponsored by ten leading European transport magazines (including Fleet Transport) and managed by KFZ-Anzeiger, was presented for the sixth time at the bi-ennial exhibition. This year the assessment by the independent jury covered seven categories for the first time. In the Body category a hybrid quick fastener from Kögel Trailer was the winner. The Chassis category was won by D-TEC from the Netherlands with a light, multifunctional container chassis. HBN Teknik from Denmark received the award in the Components sector for a GRP air spring module. Lamberet from France convinced the jury in the Concept category with a refrigerated semi-trailer for goods distribution transport that has PIEK certification. Krone won the race in the Environment sector with a semi-trailer with integrated energy recovery system. Schmitz Cargobull took the award in the Safety category for the information portal Fleet4You, and Haldex Europe demonstrated their innovative force in the

Smart Trailer category with a fleet management system. “The Trailer Innovation 2013 awards highlight the innovative force of Europe’s trailer and bodybuilding industries. The strong response to the call for submissions has once again shown the wealth of expertise possessed by the trailer and body builders,” stated Jörg Montag, Publishing Director and Managing Editor, Stünings Medien GmbH, pictured below left along with

Matt hias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) (right). The award ceremony was organised jointly by Stünings Medien GmbH and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Irish based companies Thermo King, SDC Trailers and Muldoon Trailers were among the shortlisted finalists but were not among the prizewinners on this occasion.

Kögel hybrid quick-opening curtainsider scoops ‘Body’ Award automatica l ly v ia rotar y sw itch. Opening is achieved in 36 seconds and takes place in reverse order, just the winding shaft needs to be released before actuating the switch.


he new hybrid quick-opening mechanism developed by trailer manufacturer Kögel received the “Trailer Innovation 2013” Award in the discipline “Body”. The Jury considered that the Kögel hybrid quickopening mechanism sets new standards in the area of pneumatic tarpaulin fastening. With its combination of frame and closing technology, the system allows reduction of handling time for opening and closing. In comparison with the conventional closing system of a trailer, the closing and opening times of the side tarpaulins are reduced considerably. Drawing the tarpaulin, tensioning with the winding shaft and the locking points close

Kögel relies on 19 clamping units per side, for better sealing between the framework and the tarpaulin. The hooks are standard commercial components. Kögel is therefore offering a hybrid concept: Opening and closing possible both pneumatically and conventionally. In addition, for partial loading and unloading, the front and rear sections can be opened simply by hand in the normal way. Also, this means that a de-coupled trailer with depressurised air receiver remains available for use. Kögel uses a standard tarpaulin for the new hybrid quick-opening mechanism. Th is takes up only 1.90 metres in the closed condition and means that the Kögel Cargo Trailer with

quick-opening mechanism has a through-loading width of over eleven metres. With form-locked loads this means that additional load-securing is unnecessary, and this saves time as well. “Th is recognition is the proof that we have achieved our highest objective in the development of the hybrid quick-opening mechanism”, said Thomas Eschey, Managing Director for Technology and Production at Kögel. “Th at objective is to substantially increase transport efficiency and thus provide lasting added value to the forwarding business.”



Flexitrailer Tractions from D-Tec’s the ‘Chassis’ winner


railer producer D-TEC received the award in the Chassis class for its Flexitrailer Traction. The expert jury panel chose the Traction due to the simplicity, the light weight and the optimum weight distribution with a loaded 20 ft container. According to D-TEC Product Manager, Elbert Folmer, the Flexitrailer Traction is the flexible solution that also facilitates the optimum transportation of a 20ft container. “You can simply load the 20ft container onto the back and still have enough traction on the drive axle. And this without shift ing the 20ft container.”

The basic version of the Flexitrailer Traction weighs approximately 4.5 tonnes. “That is 1100 to 1500 kilograms lighter than the current solutions. Th is enables you to save 1500 to 2000 litres of diesel per year with the Traction,” added Mr. Folmer. The f lexible Traction is also suitable for 30ft and 40ft containers.

Krone considers the Environment: Right from the Start


rone’s trailer with ‘Recuperation Technology’ was the Environment category winner in the Trailer Innovation Award 2013. The improvement of vehicle energy efficiency plays an important role at Krone and the German company is constantly working on reducing operator’s carbon footprint. A good example of this intensive development work on its new refrigerated semi-trailer with VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels) which increases cooling efficiency by 25%. Solar panels covering the entire roof contributes to the conservation of energy. As part of the transport energy recuperation project, Krone is co-ordinating with its component supply partner in producing a trailer that uses brake technology to drive the refrigeration system. As part of the research project, Krone has developed a vehicle unit that works according to the principle of energy recovery, otherwise known as Recuperation.

“Braking energy is transformed into electrical energy and can supply electrical components in the vehicle,” explained Dr. Frank Albers, Head of Sales National & Marketing. “In the case of a standard brake, friction causes the kinetic or movement energy of the vehicle to transform into heat, which is lost to the atmosphere without being used. However, this is not the case with what we call regenerative or recuperation brakes, which, in future, could be used to run the refrigeration units in the Krone Cool Liner: Part of the energy that is released at the trailer’s wheels during braking will be collected by axle generators and transformed into electrical energy,” he added.


The driver will be able to use the system easily and comfortably via a control unit in the driver’s cab: A touch screen monitor will show all of the necessary information and a control function will communicate with the components to manage the system.


Schmitz Cargobull Fleet4You system is favoured


chmitz Cargobull’s Fleet4You was presented with the Safety category trophy in the Trailer Innovation Award 2013. According to Schmitz, ‘Safety in this industry means the absence of danger during transport and especially the operation of trailers.’ Fleet Managers need reliable data for safe decision making, so that every question can be answered immediately and at any time with support from background data. With Fleet4You, Schmitz has linked its Cargobull Repair System and Trailer Connect – the data handling programme for workshops and its trailer telematics system to provide fleet operators a lifecycle cost analysis for the vehicles they operate at any time. In the new joint portal of the Schmitz Cargobull subsidiaries, Cargobull Parts & Services and Cargobull Telematics, all data associated with and from the trailer is linked in one customisable report. The self-explanatory, clear presentation informs the fleet manager online in real time about the status of the vehicle fleet. “With Fleet4You the vehicle fleet manager receives a professional online tool which, at the press of a button, supplies business and technical data about his fleet, such as the servicing and maintenance costs of his entire trailer fleet or the individual vehicles,” said Dr. Peter-Hendrik Kes, Managing Director of Cargobull Parts & Services. “As a result, he or she is in a position to see at any time what costs are incurred per

kilometre by his or her fleet of trailers and can then take any action that is required.” A nyone who w ishes to use Fleet4You for its f leet management, requires vehicles with an active TrailerConnect telematics unit, and workshop services have to be carried out using the Cargobull Repair System. Th is is now in use at more than 300 service partners of Schmitz Cargobull and can also be used by the customer’s own or preferred workshop if necessary.

Haldex wins with the Third Generation Fleet+


ata analysis made easy is how Haldex described the latest generation of its Fleet+ (fleet management system) in its submission in the newly created ‘Smart Trailer’ category in the Trailer Innovation 2013 award. The system which went on to win the award analyses the conditions to which chassis, axles and the tyres come up against on a daily basis. Fleet+ can systematically scan for specific information and, via the search function, promptly answer almost any question entered by the operator. For example, if rollover stability or ABS have been called into action frequently, this may be due to overly sporty driving. In general, the analysis is divided into fi ve categories: Overview, Snapshots, Histogram, Trip records and User info. Fleet+ stores data for the most recent 1,000 trips in the ‘Overview’ category, which provides, primarily, information on journeys taken and kilometres travelled. From there, the user can call up different kinds of information via the ‘Snapshots’ category whose spectrum ranges from number of times AUX was activated using total brake application to journeys with excessive axle loads. The data is displayed in diagram form and can be exported to a PC – for example, as an Excel spreadsheet. The ‘Histogram’ option provides in-depth information such as a detailed breakdown of brake pressure. The diagrams show the extent Text: Jarlath Sweeney -

of brake pressure coordination between truck and trailer. ‘Trip records’ is a comprehen sive logbook that contains 18 additional criteria that can be scanned quickly or hidden with a simple mouse click. In addition, the user may customise data fi ltering. Has lift axle use exceeded a certain threshold or tyre pressure fallen below a particular value? Each relevant trip is highlighted in yellow and parameters quickly identified by just scrolling across. The final menu option, ‘User info’, is reserved for personal comments. It functions as a practical electronic notebook. Comments and remarks made by the user can easily be saved to a PC in the same way as ECU data. Haldex Fleet+ is compatible with all current PC systems and available in 16 languages. FLEETTRAILER & BODY BUILDER | WINTER 12 33

IMPORTANT NOTICE HEAVY GOODS VEHICLE AND TRAILER TYPE APPROVAL FROM OCTOBER 29TH As part of the system of EU type approval, motor vehicles and trailers must meet prescribed safety and environmental standards before being sold or first used on Irish roads. This type approval system already applies to cars, vans and buses and from October 29th 2012 onwards, the system of will extend to include the following vehicle categories:

• New Heavy Goods Vehicles (Gross Vehicle Design Weight in excess of 3,500kg) • New Heavy Goods Trailers (Gross Vehicle Design Weight in excess of 3,500kg) • New light trailers (e.g. car trailers, Gross Vehicle Design Weight not exceeding 3,500kg)

When a vehicle is manufactured to approval standards, it is issued with certification and it is important this certification is passed on by the manufacturer in order to allow new vehicles to be sold or registered. The Road Safety Authority have prepared information leaflets for each of the three new types of vehicles affected and these leaflets can be downloaded from the RSA’s website at the following: