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events 2013 on the Riviera of Rimini


events 2013

on the Riviera of Rimini

july until 17.07.2013 Novafeltria, Rimini, Pennabilli, Montegridolfo Montefeltro Festival. Voices in the Montefeltro Concerts and operas. Aims to help those who have never had the opportunity before to enjoy melodrama. Info: T. 339 5605625 331 4269561 until 31.07.2013 Rimini Corte degli Agostiniani Via Cairoli, 42 Percuotere la mente (Move your mind) New music festival Each year, this important music event focuses on new sounds that are on the border between the past and present, between “classical” and “extra-classical” music, between forgotten popular traditions and the universe of world music. 04.07 - Niccolò Fabi. Ecco Tour 07.07 - Trilok Gurtu Band & Enrico Rava. Spellbound - The world of trumpets 12.07 – Quintorigo & Paolo

Fresu. Experience 19.07 – Dallabanda - Se io fossi un angelo 31.07 - Nina Zilli & Fabrizio Bosso. We love you Jazz'n soul Time: 9.15 p.m. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541704294–96 www. until 24.08.2013 Riccione Aquafan, Piazzetta del Faro, Piazzale Roma Deejay & Riccione Estate 2013 Live radio shows and top-level concerts, with the presence of many top artists. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 426050 until 24.08.2013 Bellaria Igea Marina, Misano Adriatico, Riccione, Rimini Wellness beaches For 11 weeks, on several bathing establishments, visitors can enjoy wellness and allround relaxation from sunrise through to sunset thanks to a variety of psycho-physical activities, bio-natural disciplines, Oriental arts and dances, creative workshops, meditation, emotional trips, massage techniques, interactive


conferences, the tasting of natural products and theme dinners. Info: T. 0541 787643 335 5419017 www.lespiaggedel until 30.09.2013 Verucchio Malatesta Fortress Eves. The women of Angela Micheli A sculpture exhibition with around thirty pieces by the Verucchio-born artist who lives and works in Rimini and creates sculptures that are highly appreciated by both critics and the public alike. Angela narrates the world of women (Eves) thanks to her sculptural figures that touch entire generations: young girls, mothers, women of the land, affectionate embraces‌ simple, wise gestures that enable the artist to express the intensity and strength of life and the female universe. The exhibition is extremely important, from both a cultural and tourism point of view, and can rely on the critical contribution of, amongst others, famous art critics Antonio Paolucci and Vittorio Sgarbi. Paid admission

Opening times: Monday - Friday from 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.; Saturdays from 2.30 p.m. 6.30 p.m.; Sundays and bank holidays from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. - 6 p.m. Info: 0541 670222 04. - 28.07.2013 Rimini Cartoon Club – 29th International Animated Film and Cartoon Festival Films, cartoons, exhibitions, meetings with writers, shows and other events. A packed programme of events held in the old town centre and the marina: with lots of animated films screened for the public during the evenings. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 784193 3356509516 05. - 07.07.2013 Bellaria Igea Marina, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico, Riccione e Rimini La Notte Rosa 2013 - Pink night 2013 AsaNIsiMAsa. A night with the soul For the eighth year running the entire Riviera, from Bellaria to -2-

Cattolica, turns pink with beaches, shops and museums open all night and shows and animation everywhere. Forty kilometres of coastline celebrate a “good holiday” vibe and offer guests an entire weekend of music, shows, food and wine, culture and entertainment. Info: Bellaria Igea M. T. 0541 343808 Rimini T. 0541 56902 Riccione T. 0541 426050 Misano Adr. T. 0541 615520 Cattolica T. 0541 966697 BELLARIA IGEA MARINA Children's Pink Night CATTOLICA 05.07. Cristina D’Avena & Gem Boy MISANO ADRIATICO 05.07. I Pooh RICCIONE 05.07. Malika Ayane 06.07. Raffaele Paganini; Kelly Joyce RIMINI 05.07. Antonello Venditti 06.07. Michael Nyman, dawn 06.07. Cugini di campagna

nice initiatives and events till late at night. Info: T. 0541 343808

05. - 07.07.2013 Bellaria Igea Marina Children's Pink Night Bellaria turns into a funny toy land, and offers funny ludobuses, amazing shows and

07., 14. e 21.07.2013 San Clemente Piazza Mazzini Note di…vino (Wine notes) A food and wine event Held on three consecutive

06. and 13.07.2013 San Leo San Leo Festival Music Festival Time: 9 p.m. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 926967 0541 916306 05. - 07.07.2013 Misano Adriatico Misano World Circuit Italian Motorcycling Speed Cup Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 618511 07. - 12.07.2013 Misano Adriatico Handball festival Tournaments, fun activities and entertainment initiatives. Free entrance Info: 0541 615520


Sundays, this event is dedicated to excellent wine and quality music with a chance to try delicious products from all over Italy. Time: 8.45 p.m. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 862421 08. - 14.07.2013 Rimini Rimini Fiera, Via Emilia, 155 SportDance Italian Sports Dance Championships and Italian Internationals. Time: from 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m Free entrance Info: T. 0541 744111 12. - 13.07.2013 Rimini Borgo San Giuliano, Tiberius bridge P.assaggi di vino Tasting and shows About 30 cellars serve “DOC colli di Rimini” and “DOC Romagna” wines in an equal number of locations; the restaurants in the old-town centre prepare special takeaway menus. In Viale Tiberio a stand will be set up offering mackerel fish baked in tinfoil or fried. Other tasting

opportunities on the bridge of Tiberius, transformed for one night into a suggestive wine-bar. Time: 9 p.m. Info: T. 0541 787037 12. – 14.07.2013 Bellaria Igea Marina Harbor Saracens’ Festival. Historical re-enactment in period costume Friday: the landing of the Saracens at the harbour on board historical boats, parade in period costume through the streets, games and animation, celebrations and the Saracens’ banquet. Saturday: Saracens’ Festival in period costume, exhibition of ancient crafts, banquet of traditional food and drinks, music and shows. Sunday: Saracens’ Palio with an exhibition of ancient crafts, a horse race, historical games and animation, celebrations and the Saracens’ banquet. Info: T. 0541 343808 12. - 21-07.2013 Santarcangelo di Romagna Centre 43rd International Street Theatre Festival The leading festival for the experimental scene, it is also


one of the events that has best succeeded in triggering, over several decades of theatre research, art explosions in close contact with the general public. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 626185

Entrance upon invitation Info: T. 0541 426050

13. - 28-07.2013 Pennabilli 43rd National Antiques Fair One of the traditional ancient art events in Italy, held in the magical setting of the city of Montefeltro. About 40 carefullyselected antique dealers from all over Italy and from several European countries present the best of their collections. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 928578 333 4811381 15. - 21.07.2013 Riccione Palazzo del Turismo Riccione Moda Italia 23rd National Competition for Young Fashion Designers. A preview of the latest trends. For an entire week fashion, as interpreted and created by young people, focuses entirely on the designers of the future, their points of view and their proposals.

18. - 27.07.2013 Verucchio Centre, Malatesta Fortress 29th Verucchio Music Festival Artistic direction is entrusted to Ludovico Einaudi who continues to feature extremely interesting artists and music experiences. Five evenings with two concerts each evening: one earlier in the evening, at 9.30 pm in Piazza della Collegiata and then, around midnight in the fascinating Malatesta Fortress. Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 670222 19. - 21.07.2013 Montefiore Conca Rocca di Luna In the charming setting of this mediaeval village and its Malatesta Fortress, this event celebrates the July full moon with concerts, images, ethnic street markets, restaurants, music and travelling shows. Time: 6 p.m. Entrance fee payable Info. T. 0541 980035


19. - 21.07.2013 Pennabilli Orientarsi Festival An artistic, cultural, scientific and gastronomic event dedicated to wellness, the quality of life and Oriental traditions and disciplines. Free massages, meetings on Chinese medicine and acupuncture, meditation, martial arts and shows with fiery dances and tribal rhythms. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 928659 20.07. – 17.08.2013 Cattolica Arena della Regina Summer Season at the Regina Theatre 20.07. – Cesare Cremonini 24.07. – Skunk Anasie 29.07. – Sting Time: 9.15 p.m. Entrance fee payable Info: 0541 966778 20.07.2013 Coriano Centre Mediaeval Parade A parade in period costume from the Malatesta Castle to the town centre. Free entrance

Info: T. 0541 656255 20. - 21.07.2013 Monte Colombo Piazza Malatesta Tripe and Strozzaprete Festival As well as food and wine stands there are folk and music shows, an exhibition of country civilization and old trades and a market selling local food and wine products. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 984214 www. 20. - 21.07.2013 Pennabilli Maciano 13rd Boar Festival Boar specialities, a exhibition of hunting dogs, theme games and local folk band. Free entrance Time: Saturday 7 p.m.; Sunday 4 p.m. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 915213 20. – 21.07.2013 Poggio Berni Festival of the “Fiorentina” Food stands with tasting of the delicious and famous Italian Tbone steak, called “Fiorentina”. -6-

Music shows with a live band. Free entrance Info: 0541 629701 340 8915247 24. - 26.07.2013 Torriana Centro storico Scorticata. The Hillside of Pleasure A food and wine event: directly from the tasting counters to the stove, products become dishes and street food comes into its own, with some of the best local chefs. Time: 7 p.m. Free entrance Info: 0541 675220 26. - 28.07.2013 Misano Adriatico Misano World Circuit 6 hour night-time automobile race Entrance fee payable Info: T. 0541 618511 - 613103 26. - 29.07.2013 Morciano di Romagna FU.turismo MO.rcianese A cultural initiative dedicated to one of the town’s most famous sons, the artist Umberto Boccioni, and inspired by Futurism, an avant-garde Italian

artistic movement that revolutionized all the arts: painting, sculpture, theatre, poetry, literature, architecture, fashion, cuisine and furniture. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 851913 27.07.2013 Cattolica Square of the port Magical clam night The typicality and spectacle of the fishing fleet, the Guinness world record for the longest fountain in the world and thousands of different recipes for enjoying clams. Time: 9.15 p.m. Free entrance Info: T. 0541 966697 27.07.2013 Santarcangelo di Romagna Piazza Ganganelli A concert with Nicola Piovani and the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema. Beauty will save us This cinema event is dedicated to Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra, and will host the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema (Italian Cinema Orchestra) and the great musician and composer Nicola Piovani will


appear as a special guest. This is not just a concert but a veritable multimedia show in which the music is entrusted to the top Italian orchestra specialized in the interpretation and execution of film music, the notes of which will blend with pictures, graphic images, and film sequences projected on the facades of the main buildings in town. The event will trace the cinema career and history of Fellini and the poetry of Tonino Guerra and culminate in an exhibition by Maestro Nicola Piovani, Oscar winner for the film “La vita è Bella”. The Maestro will conduct the Orchestra in its performance of his famous musical suites contained in the soundtracks of films by Roberto Benigni and Federico Fellini. Time: 9.00 p.m. Info: T. 0541 624270 www. realized by the Tourist Office of the Province of Rimini tel. 0541.716371 - 380


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