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June 10th - June 27th 2014 FREE PUBLICATION


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Bayonne’s New Mayor

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Vixen Unleashed

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Union City’s Museum of Art Offers Exhibition Space to Artists and a Whole Lot More


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White Star

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hen Union City historian Gerard Karabin opened a donation to the Union City Museum of History, he didn’t know a thing about dollhouse furniture, so he went downstairs to the senior center and a group of volunteer seniors carefully put the miniature tables, chairs and boudoirs in their proper rooms in an early 1900s dollhouse.


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By Sally Deering

5. 1. The Union City Museum of Art on 15th Street also houses the Union City History Museum and Police Museum 2. A Lucio Fernandez sculpture, part of the UC Museum’s permanent collection 3. Artifacts at the Union City History Museum include a dollhouse from the early 1900’s 4. The Union City History Museum takes up the 2nd floor of the Union City Museum of Art 5. Photographer Glen Davis and Lucio Fernandez, Director of the Union City Museum of Art

Bayonne Family Dental See our ad on page 11

Toys are just part of the marvelous artifacts Karabin has collected and exhibits at the Union City History Museum along with old Union City photographs, newspapers, posters, programs, ticket stubs and even an old Edison phonograph that uses wax cylinders. The history museum takes up most of the second floor of the Union City Museum of Art on 15th Street – formerly a branch of the Union City Public Library that had been abandoned until Commissioner Lucio Fernandez, Mayor Brian Stack and lots of volunteers turned it into three stories of exhibit rooms and a performance space where once a month it transforms into a cabaret room. cont’d pg. 6



By Ricardo Kaulessar James Davis walked into the Villa Maria restaurant in Bayonne on Tuesday night like the conquering hero, with hundreds of supporters cheering him on as soon as he entered the place. There was good reason for the elation as Davis won the mayoral runoff election in his hometown over the incumbent Mark Smith by a 51% to 49% margin as of election night. Davis greeted the numerous tired and sweaty followers like himself who were energized by seeing their leader give his victory speech. “Tonight we enjoy but

tomorrow we get to work,” said Davis to raucous applause. “It’s going to take everybody in this city to change this city, whether Mayor- Elect Jimmy Davis speaks to his they voted for supporters on election night us or against us.” Davis also thanked his parents, his family and everyone else who campaigned for him to enable an upset over Mayor Mark Smith and his team get a round of applause election night at Cont’d on pg 4 Bayonne’s Chandelier Restaurant


Page 2- June 10-June 27th , 2014 River View Observer

Vixen Revamped Jersey City Artist Vera Vixeness Creates Empowering, Spiritual and Wearable Art

By Sally Deering Her professional name is as provocative as the art she creates. Vera Vixeness paints portraits and designs clothing, jewelry and accessories that pay homage to the rock and roll fashions of the 1960s and 70s. To meet Vixeness in person, you know right away her creativity comes from an ebullient curiosity, an individual style and a deep passion for life and fashion. Her portraits, like the one of Frida Kahlo, are visually appealing with flowing lines and pops of color; her jewelry and fashions – especially her kimonos – are one-of-a-kind beautiful. Vixeness specializes in art, jewelry revamping, couture headdresses, breastplates and necklaces, and her vintage line of clothing that runs the gamut from kaftans to faux fur coats, vintage Moto jackets to 1960’s mod dresses. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Vixeness has exhibited her work in the 2012 and 2013 Jersey City Studio Tours, and local galleries, and she sells her revamped vintage fashions and jewelry once a month at the 6th Borough Market in Jersey City (in the parking lot right behind City Hall). “I started out making jewelry because I went to school at F.I.T. and I graduated a jewelry designer,”

Artist Vera Vixeness of Jersey City

Jewelry designs by Vera Vixeness of Jersey City

Vixeness says. “Jewelry was my creative outlet. I could never see art as a livelihood. I come from a family of businesses-owners. My mother had a restaurant, jewelry store, new age bookstore. In my family you had to be a business person or extremely educated. I didn’t want to go the 9-to-5 route, I always had this creative flair.” Vixeness did go corporate for a while for a whole jewelry manufacturer Cont’d on page 5

Page 3- June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Bayonne Elects a New Mayor Cont’d from page 2 a formidable opponent. And he called for forgiveness and unity with the other side after a tough, and at times, nasty campaign that saw accusations of voter fraud and other election-related violations get thrown around by both sides. But it was not just Davis who had something to celebrate as members of his council slate also in the runoff were jubilant about their election night sweep into office. Sharon Ashe Nadrowski and Juan Perez won at-large seats each with 26% of the vote over their rivals Terrence Ruane and Debra Czerwienski and as of this writing 2nd Ward candidate Salvatore Gullace and Third Ward candidate Gary LaPelusa hold thin leads over Joseph Hurley and Raymond

Greaves respectively as of Tuesday night (pending the count of provisional ballots). Thomas Cotter won the First Ward seat in the May 13 municipal election over Agnes Gillespie. Nadrowski wished Smith “good luck” but then said “now it’s on with Davis.” LaPelusa thanked his campaign team for “putting up with him” during the election and commented about Smith and his team that “if you nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The grand evening for Davis was made more so by the appearance of various big-name politicians such as state Senators Ray Lesniak (D-Union), who also addressed the crowd, and Sandra Cunningham (D-Hudson). Lesniak, in an interview with the River View Observer after the

Page 4 - June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Davis speech, said that he saw Davis as “the future of Bayonne politics” and compared him to recently elected Newark Mayor Ras Baraka as “new blood” in the Democratic Party. It was also a great night for 20-year Bayonne resident and local business owner Zoila Yunes, who said the Davis’ win was “the best thing that ever happened in Bayonne,” and cited high taxes as one of the major reasons she did not go with Smith. No regrets for Smith A more subdued scene was found on election night

at the Chandelier Restaurant near the Bayonne-Jersey City border, the locale where Mark Smith was supposed to proclaim victory in the runoff. Instead, friends and longtime acquaintances commiserated with each other over his loss, standing at the bar or seated at tables. When they saw Smith, they gave him a hug or wished him the best as he thanked them for their efforts in trying to get him back into City Hall. Smith, in an exclusive interview, did not display the mannerisms of a defeated pol but was rather philosophical and even proud of his time in office. “The people of Bayonne spoke but now we continue what we started five years ago,” Smith said. “When we began this mission, the city was on the brink of financial ruin. We did all the things necessary to bring this city back, to put it in shape, to put it in the position to prosper.” He then ticked off some of the accomplishments and accolades that came during his time in office: the upgrading of the city’s bond rating by Moody’s, a 43% reduction of the city’s debt, and the designation of Bayonne as a “hotspot” by NJBIZ Magazine. When asked why voters chose to overlook the things that occurred during his tenure and instead elected him and his entire council team out of office, Smith saw it as anti-incumbent sentiment that has occurred in Bayonne elections for as long as he can remember. He also said “taxes is always the issue” even though his administration implemented no tax increase in the past year and was planning to go the same

route for the coming year if he got back into office. Smith said in the remaining days in office, until his term ends on July 1, he will work with Davis to ensure a smooth transition between outgoing mayor and incoming mayor. As far as his future plans, Smith said he will sit down with his wife and two daughters to assess how he will go forward. However that conversation goes with his family, one thing that probably will not be discussed is the topic of regret. “I have no regrets, no regrets at all. I went to sleep every night with a clear head because I knew at the end of the day I did my level best, and I gave 110 percent of my efforts to put the people of Bayonne first.”

Ricardo Kaulessar

Vixen Revamped Cont’d from page 3 and she says she’s glad she did. It taught her about running a business and for artists, she says, that’s a very important skill when you’re trying to get your work noticed and sold. “It gave me the tools I needed to be my own marketing person,” Vixeness says. “Many artists struggle with the business side, to me it goes hand-in-hand.” Vixeness left her 9-to-5 job and came out with her own jewelry collection. She also decided she wanted to paint and enlisted the guidance of popular contemporary artist Peter S. Bill of Jersey City She had started out drawing comic books and had always had a thing for drawing and illustrating, she says, but it never went anywhere except as a hobby. “I met Peter Bill two and half years ago and I asked if he would be interested in having a student,” Vixeness says. “He inspired me. I knew how to paint but he changed me from a hobbyist to an artist. He built my confidence. He said you do good work, why aren’t you doing this?” One of her paintings, “The Imagination of Frida” is a beautiful portrait of the artist Frida Kahlo. “I look up to her,” Vixeness says. “Her work with color greatly influences me. She used so many colors it’s magical.” Vixeness uses a lot of strong iconic females in her paintings. “It’s how I perceive myself or want to perceive

myself,” Vixeness says. “Strong females call to me.”

Frida Kahlo painting by Vera Vixeness

“Robert Johnson and the Devil” by Vera Vixeness of Jersey City And just where did the professional name Vera Vixeness come from? ‘Vera’ is an homage to her aunt, and ‘Vixeness’ grew from her desire to become a burlesque dancer. “I was a professional belly dancer for ten years and I wanted to get into burlesque,” Vixeness says. “I did it for a little bit, then I focused all of my attention to art and jewelry. I left dancing and I’m completely focused on this. I’m happy and I love it.” These days, Vixeness sells her paintings, jewelry Cont’d on page 8

Page 5-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

The People’s Museum

Union City’s Museum of Art offers Exhibition Space to Artists and a Whole Lot More Cont’d from the Cover “I grew up here and I wanted to make a difference,” Fernandez says. “I wanted to change the cultural climate of Union City and the neighboring areas.” UNION CITY UNLEASHED On a recent Friday, Commissioner Fernandez and Mayor Stack held an opening reception for photographer Glen Davis’s exhibit “Union City Unleashed” – 60 photographs Davis took while walking his dog Miami through their Union City neighborhood.

“Every morning we walk 3-to-5 miles throughout Union City,” Davis says. “We take different routes.” The opening reception buzzed with guests talking about Davis’s enlarged photographs as a musician played jazz on the piano. “I’m so thrilled Union City has a venue like this,” Davis says, taking it all in. “It’s a beautiful building. Most artists get to exhibit in a 10 foot-by-10-foot space. I’ve got 60 prints, 20-by-24, and the city provided the publicity, the refreshments. It’s such a gift.”

Page 6- June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

“Union City Unleashed” features 60 photographs by Union City photographer Glen Davis Photo by Sally Deering “We are so happy to to Union City’s residents, have Glen’s show. It’s the a variety of cultures and best show we’ve had at the classes that meld together museum so far,” Fernandez and give the city its rich says. cultural persona. Davis’s A GIFT TO UNION CITY photographs are on exhibit Clearly the Union City in the main exhibition room Museum of Art is a gift on the second floor which also houses the permanent collection that features works by local artists. Nelson Alvaraz’s piece “The Lloids” and Abby Levine’s

painting “Azucar” are in the permanent gallery along with Lucio Fernandez’s piece “The Democrat” which depicts a storefront with a metal scroll-down door. All the artists donated their works to the museum’s permanent collection. As Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Fernandez says the idea to create the Union City Museum of Art came from a discussion he had with Mayor Stack. They were talking about turning the building into a day care center or possibly selling it. After a successful tryout putting up an art gallery in Union City’s City Hall that was well-attended, Fernandez felt motivated to open an art museum. Cont’d on page 7

The People’s Museum

Union City’s Museum of Art offers Exhibition Space to Artists and a Whole Lot More Cont’d from page 6 A professional actor, Fernandez has the heart of a performing artist. He was on Broadway in “Guys & Dolls” and “West Side Story”. Along with the exhibition and performance space and the museum’s permanent collection, another second floor exhibition room is designated the Union City Police Museum

with photographs, uniforms and handcuffs on display. One section has a roped-off “Crime Scene” with numbered markers and ‘bloodsplatter’. A REALLY COOL PLACE History buffs will surely enjoy Union City Historian Gerard Karabin’s efforts to document Union City back in the day in the 3rd floor History Museum. During

(Photo left) Gerard Karabin, Union City Historian and Director of the Museum of History demonstrates a wax cylinder phonograph, part of the museum’s permanent

a visit, Karabin shows a visitor a panoramic view of the old Capital Building on Bergenline Avenue in Union City that once was a Vaudeville theater and then turned into a movie house. “I found this panoramic photo in a shoebox,” Karabin says. Karabin happily accepts donations of artifacts, photographs, signs, tickets, programs, costumes, toys,

yearbooks, anything from Union City’s past. On an easel, Karabin put up a hand-made poster by members of the Union Hill High School Class of 1954 back when they were stiff rivals of Emerson High School. Cont’d on page 9




Page 7 -June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Vixen Revamped

Kimonos and other designs by Vera Vixeness of Jersey City

Cont’d from page 5

and accessories on Etsy and once a month at the 6th Borough Market, a Jersey City flea market featuring artists, artisans, vintage and food vendors. She also helps with marketing.

“It’s my way of being a part of the Jersey City community; a lot of local artists participate and we specialize in getting Jersey City artists,” Vixeness says. “We also have woodworkers, leather-makers and a lot of local food trucks.”

Page 8-June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

inspired by the singer who creates which seem to be All of Vixeness’ artworks encompass a sense of empowerment and spirituality, she says. Especially her clothing and jewelry which often pay homage to the 1960s and 70s – like the headdresses she dressed like a Native American in the rock group “The Village People”. “It’s a rock and roll interpretation of spirituality,” Vixeness says. For more Vera Vixeness & Vera B. Vintage: Sat, June 29 The Dopeness, 1-6 pm ‘Summer Psychedelia’ a special Pop-Up Boutique by Vera Vixeness 332 Second St Jersey City (201) 870-7698 Suns: July 20, Aug 10, Sept 14, and Oct 19, 11 am-5 pm

6th Borough Market

Montgomery Street & Marin Blvd. Jersey City For more info or to purchase Vera Vixeness’

works, go to: www.etsy. com/shop/VeraVixeness

Hudson County Community College Center for Business & Industry Hosting Job Fair on June 18th Interested employers are invited to participate; job seekers may also take part in workshops aimed at boosting employment possibilities. June 10, 2014, Jersey City, NJ – Hudson County Community College (HCCC) Center for Business & Industry (CBI), in partnership with Jersey City Employment and Training Program, Hudson County/State of New Jersey One-Stop Career Center, and, will host a job fair on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 from 10: 00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event will be held at the HCCC Culinary Arts Conference Center, 161 Newkirk Street in Jersey City, NJ– just two blocks from the Journal Square PATH Station. All members of the community are welcome to attend.

Among the employers who will be present are Carlo’s Bakery, Micros Retail Systems, Inc., Planned Companies, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc., Community Coach, Coach USA,, Singularity, LLC, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Preferred Healthcare, Harvest Restaurant Group, and Loving Care Agency. Interested jobseekers can register online at http://tinyurl. com/mr93nht Employers obtain more infoon the event and register to participate by phoning Aycha Edwards at (201) 360-4247 or emailing

The People’s Museum Union City’s Museum of Art Cont’d from page 7 And in a glass display case, there’s a white box with pink lettering from the high-end department store Holthausen’s. The display case is next to an Edison Wax Cylinder Player which Karabin demonstrated. When school groups stop by the History Museum, Karabin plays music on the cylinder player and he says, the kids are often mesmerized when they realize it was invented long before CDs and iPhones. “I wanted to get something to get kids into history,” Karabin says. Another Union City blast from the past are photographs of dancers from the old Hudson Burlesque house. “We have an extensive

postcard collection, too,” Karabin says. In fact, he was getting the first floor ready for an exhibit of post cards with Charles Keegan of the Parks Department who helps out at the Union City Museum of Art. Karabin also has old history books on Union City and other towns too, like West New York and invites visitors to look through them, but only on-site. “Not only is it a cultural center,” Karabin says. “It’s the headquarters for Meals on Wheels, it’s a senior center, they teach aerobics, ESL (English as a Second Language) and there’s special needs outreach all on the first floor. “It’s a really cool place,” a visitor says, leaving the museum.

Doll artifacts at Union City History Museum

If you go: Union City Museum of Art (Home to Union City History Museum and Union City Police Museum) 420 – 15th Street Union City (201) 271-2279

Page 9-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

6 Bayonne High School Art Students Receive Awards at NJCU Art Exhibit

The following BHS art students were presented with certificates and ribbons for

participation in the 2014 New Jersey City University Visual Arts Gallery Exhibit

Page 10- June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

from May 19 –May 29th Asma Bakar – “3-D Graphic Design” – Computer Graphics - student of Charlann Meluso Olivia Boules – “Grandpa” – Acrylic student of Samantha Stillwagon Gabriella Carrancho – “We’ll Write a Song” Ink and Watercolor – student of Brian Belto Justine Enriquez – “Abstraction of a Flower” – Pastel and Charcoal student of Christopher Wolfer Martin McNerney – “Art of War” – Ceramics – student of Mary Anne Christiana Daniell Olivera – “Snowscape” – Color Photography – student of Thomas G. Hart

Page 11-June 10th - June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Page 12-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

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Page 13 -June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

First Annual Riverwalk Outdoor Market Car Show

Join the Riverwalk Outlet Market for their the First Annual Riverwalk Outdoor Market antique cars show this Saturday, June 14th, for 25 awesome foreign and american made cars brought to you by LABS 619. Come down, learn their histories, take pictures and check out the baragains the vendors may have for you. See ad on page 15

Page 14 -June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Page 15-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

FUNDRAISING FOR MAIN LIBRARY RENOVATIONS GOES CROWDFUNDING WITH GOFUNDME.COM “Everybody wants to get into the act!” That favorite line from vaudeville comedian Jimmy Durante is exactly what the Jersey City Free Public Library wants the public to do. How? By going to the Library homepage, www., scroll down to the web link to the Library’s page on, where you can help contribute to the ongoing major fundraising appeal by the Jersey City Free Public Library Foundation, Inc. on behalf of the proposed renovations to the Main Library for disabled accessibility and to provide the museum-quality, climate-controlled stacks necessary to store and preserve the New Jersey Room’s priceless historic documents and maps. Use of crowdfunding was the idea of Library Foundation trustee Alma Burnett, which will encourage everyone who cares about refurbishing and retrofitting the historic Main Library. Already on board is Cynthia Raysor-Hall, a librarian in the Reference Department, whose online donation of $200 was the first contribution. The GoFundMe goal is $3 million. “For too many years, retrofitting the Main Library for disabled compliance was put on the back burner,” said Library Director Priscilla Gardner, who also serves as the Library Foundation’s executive director.

“For too many years, retrofitting the Main Library for disabled compliance was put on the back burner,” said Library Director Priscilla Gardner, who also serves as the Library Foundation’s executive director. “Now is the time to make sure this building of over 100 years will stand the test of time and welcome the next century of library patrons, no matter one’s physical ability.” The fundraising doesn’t end at The Library Foundation will be holding a special

Page 16- June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

reception, Wine, Renovations & Song, on Tuesday evening, June 24, at the Main Library. The reception will take place on all four floors, with the Library’s architect, Helena Ruman, on hand to explain the individual renovation projects. Major donors will be acknowledged with their names on a donation tree in the Main Library lobby. For the latest on programs, events, and special announcements please follow the Library on Facebook or Visit us on the web at


The River View Observer Serving Hudson County Since 1998 for Rates & Information 201.349.4336

restaurant Views

White Star Shines Bright in Jersey City

Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant Serves American Fare and Craft Drafts

By Sally Deering


ack in the 1900s, the place that is now the White Star bar and restaurant on Brunswick Street in Jersey City used to be DeSalvo’s candy shop where customers stopped in for penny candies, newspapers and fountain sodas made by hand with syrup and seltzer. It became St. John’s Pub in the 1980s and in 2005, Mat Kopec turned it into the White Star bar and restaurant. After 9 years, Kopec recently opened the doors on a second White Star on Warren Street.

Outside the White Star on Brunswick St. in Jersey City “We’ve had the Warren Street location since 2010,” Kopec says, taking a break between restaurants. “We finally remodeled this year. It serves a similar menu.” At White Star on Brunswick Street, customers can enjoy a seat at the bar or sit at the tables that surround the bar’s perimeter. The look is shabby chic with original tin ceilings popular in many older Jersey City storefronts. Low

lighting and lots of windows give it a neighborhood feel. Kopec holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Seton Hall University, but he became a restaurateur instead. “I bought this place off Craigslist when I was 24,” Kopec says. “I had a one job after college, saved money and made a move.” Opening a restaurant at

Owner Matt Kopec inside White Star bar and restaurant on Brunswick Street in Jersey City right before the Friday night crowd rolls in. running two restaurants is 24 seems like a huge unshowing up and finding the dertaking for someone so passion to improve every young and the past nine day. years have been a learning Cont’d on page 18 experience. Kopec says See Whtie Star the most important part of

Page 17-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

restaurant Views White Star

Cont’d from page 17 “It comes down to leadership and management,” Kopec says. “Hiring the right people, finding people who will work well together. If employees can’t take care of each other as a group, how are they going to take care of a guest? You want them to look out for each other as a team. In the restaurant business it’s all about people. If you provide a great product and a great experience you’re going to make some money. White Star’s menu (the Brunswick Street menu) features Starters like the White Star Mac & Cheese made with Prairie Farms Cheddar & Gruyere; Buffalo Wings; Nachos Grande; House-made Guacamole; Chili Cheese Dogs; White Star Pizza made with goat cheese and mozzarella; and Spinach Artichoke Dip with house tortilla chips ($8-$13). Sandwiches include Crispy Chicken with House Slaw, Buffalo Chicken with side of blue cheese, a

B.L.A.T. which is bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado on toast, Portobello mushroom with roasted red peppers and the Fish sandwich, a pan-seared Grouper with lettuce, tomato, red onion and chipotle mayo ($10-$13). Burgers include the Prime Dry Aged Burger; Lamb; Veggie; and the White Star Burger with a choice of cheeses, onions and mushrooms ($9-$16, with cheeses, mushrooms and bacon extra). “We have great burgers, great beers, it’s really straightforward,” Kopec says. “We use only fresh ingredients, fresh products, local vendors and purveyors.” Salads are the Brunswick with blackened chicken, cheddar, tomato, cucumber, avocado, bacon, red peppers and romaine with balsamic dressing; Chipotle Crispy Chicken Salad with carrots, cheddar, cucumber, tomato, romaine and Chipotle Ranch dressing; Market Greens; and Black Kale Caesar ($8-$11). The Kids Menu

Page 18-June 10th-June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

offers the little ones a Plain Cheese Pizza; Grilled Cheese; Chicken Fingers with Fries; and Hot Dog with Fries ($7-$8). Entrees include the Bar Steak, a 12oz New York Strip with broccoli rabe, pan gravy, and celery mashed potatoes; Carne Asada, grilled Skirt steak, chipotle salsa, black refried beans and yellow rice; Roasted Half Chicken, Bell and Evans Free Range chicken, mushroom pan gravy and celery mashed potatoes; Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, 1/2 Rack, house slaw, and mac & cheese; Grilled Atlantic Salmon with sautéed kale, garlic comfit and parsnip puree; Grilled 12oz NY Strip with parmesan truffle fries; Pork Porterhouse with spiced apple Brussels sprouts and

celery mashed potatoes; and, Mushroom Truffle Risotto ($14-$22). White Star serves 16 Draft and Craft beers which change almost every other day, Kopec says. There are daily specials on the menu, too: Burger Mondays offers customers the White Star Burger and a Draft Pint for $11; the Tuesday Fix offers Whiskey & Pizza Deals; on Cheap Date Wednesday $7 gets you simple eats and drafts; Taco Thursdays sizzles with Margarita & Mexican Taco Deals; Happy Fridays offers Cheap Drafts & Vodka Specials; Saturday brunch has $6 Bloody Marys and $3 Drafts & Drinks Specials; and, the Sunday Wine Down offers $6 Brunch Cocktails and ½ off select bottles of wine. The weekend brunch menu features Eggs Any Style; Eggs Benedict; Brioche French Toast; Chorizo Hash & Potatoes; Huevos Rancheros; Chorizo Burrito; Wild Mushroom Omelet; Skirt Steak & Eggs; and the Black Kale

Frittata ($8-$18).

When visiting White Star try their Classically inspired cocktails with fresh ingredients and house-made syrups.

The White Star’s signature dish? Without hesitation Kopec says: “We do a great burger – been doing it for a long time.” If you go: Hamilton Park White Star 230 Brunswick St Jersey City (201) 653-9234 Kitchen open till midnight Mon-Thurs & Sun, 11 am-2 am Fri-Sat, 11 am – 3 am Sat & Sun Brunch, 11 am-4 pm The River View Observer For rates & information

call us 201-349-4336

STARGAZINE Aries March 21 - April 19

June’s energy may be like falling in love at first sight. This magical feeling may be directed towards a house, a car, a job, or oh yes, a possible significant other. Uranus, the wheel of fortune planet also adds fuel. Beneficial results are gained when Mercury goes direct so wait to make major decisions until after celebrating Independence Day. You are then assured a lasting happily ever after connection.

Taurus -April 20 - May 20

Venus in the 8th house governing such things as loans, death, and taxes may bring these issues into prominence during this month. It does not mean that someone will die but issues of inheritance will be discussed and otherwise on ones mind. Nothing will be decided but an idea of how to handle these will take seed. July will be fun and games and filled with enjoyment but June is filled with decisions.

Gemini May 21 - June 20

A retrograde Mercury on June 7th will remain there for the whole month. This can cause particular stress for the Gemini native. The astral advice suggests that no life altering decisions be made during this period. No contracts be signed and it is beneficial to review outstanding issues in order to make changes in July. Your mind will clear when the stars are more favorable.

Cancer June 21-July 22nd

Around July 15th, the wonderful energies of Jupiter leave Cancer and go into the sign of Leo for over a year. You should have had some good luck during its stay in Cancer. It’s not over! Those events that have begun during this past year are still working on the astral plane to make you happy and successful. So open your eyes and enjoy. The best is yet to come.

Read More Stargazine @www.

Leo-July 23 - August 22

Get ready to rumble, with luck and love. It has been a difficult time the past few years for many Leo natives but the good times are back and opportunities are just waiting beyond the horizon. Look forward with optimism and your energy will enhance the gifts that follow. This is your time and you deserve the best!

Virgo-August 23-September 22

This is a cleansing period for many Virgo natives. You are about to take steps to change the direction of your life. It’s all good. It will seem as if you have a new motivation and zest. People will notice and want to be closer to the action. Enjoy this positive period. Just remember who you are and the rest is easy.

Libra – September 23 - October 22

Mars in your sign encourages caution in sports and all physical activity but bodes well for motivation and energy. The astral advice suggests you take advantage of this time to conquer those tasks that have been put on the back burner. Determination is yours so carefully select the area of your life in which you wish to place this focus.

Scorpio -

October 23rd -November 21st Saturn placed in the 2nd house of earnings indicates caution in any major purchase decisions. Mercury the planet of the mind is retrograde for the month of June. This further warns against over extending as your desire nature may be in conflict with your pocketbook. All and all a time of reflection and safety to be followed by a time of growth and abundance.

TAROT *Hypnosis *Individual Parties *Corporate Events Phone and SKYPE CONSULTATION J Banta Lewis Astralcommunications 201.486.4555

June 2014 J Banta Lewis




November 22 - December 21 Your candid remarks in all interactions are well known. At times brutally honest you have left friends with tears in their eyes after a one on one talk. The astral advice suggests a softer approach will be more in your interest this month. Mercury retrograde may have you eating your words and give cause for regret. So silence is golden and a happy Sagittarius will be the result.

Capricorn -

December 22 - January 19 Although Pluto is no longer considered a planet it’s energies will always be bold and powerful. Capricorn in the 4th house indicates some major changes are brewing in the life of many a Goat. Although you like stability this time period must be dealt with in a proper way. In retrospect most change is good as it pushes one to grow. Hold on to your seatbelts because your bumpy ride begins. Happiness and success are yours so don’t worry.


January 20 - February 18 You possess a sincere openhearted caring for the universal welfare. You may find yourself as a missionary to a country in need or as an astrologer but know that you have given back to this world and the powers that be are ready to give you a promotion. More luck and love are yours and you will soon realize that your efforts have been appreciated.


February 19 - March 20 The age of Pisces is over!! It is the era from the birth of Christ until just recently. No need to fear it just means that sacrifice is not the way of life. Clear thoughts and value and self worth are the key to this time. So let any sad thoughts that begin with ”Why me” be replaced with what can be done to make any situation better. You are a winner and have paid your Karma. So, let’s have some fun!

Learn Self-Defense and Street Survival !

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WE NEED YOU ! Boys, Girls and Teens Ages 3 to Adult Google Austin Wright Sr. Former U.S. Air Force Instructor and World Champion U.S. National Martial Arts Team Wright 6 Week Summer Program Only $99.00 Scholarships Available U.W.A. MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY 250 Broadway Bayonne, NJ 07002 (201)437-1820 Proven Results in Self-Defense and the Arena

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Happenings... Liberty Science Center BEYOND RUBICS CUBE WORLD PREMIERE Well, they finally did it. They built the world’s first museum exhibition about the Rubik’s Cube. 7,000 sq ft of games, puzzles, history, art, and engineering, all inspired by Ernő Rubik’s best-selling masterpiece. Whether you’re Mats Valk or just looking for an excellent way to spend a summer day, Beyond Rubik’s Cube has something amazing you’ve never seen before. If You Go: Liberty Science Center Liberty State Park 222 Jersey City Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07305 201-200-1000 call for hours Exhibition” Now thru November 2014

Beth Achenbach Art Reception at the Hoboken Library

In celebration of Pride Month the Hoboken Public Library presents Beth Achenbach Artist. This lesbian artist was was recently honored by Hudson County for her contributions to the community during their Women’s History Month Celebration.

HDSID presents Out of JC Studios Showcase Grove on Grove with People in Disquise, Hey Anna and Guns Hot! This edition of Groove on Grove features 3 bands 6:00 pm People in Disguise 7:00 pm Guns Hot 8:00 pm Hey Anna If You Go: Wedneday June 18th, 6pm -7pm Goove on Grove Grove PATH Plaza Jersey City Send Us Your Event Listings 2 weeks prior to event Email:

Page 20-June 10th -June 27th, 2014 River View Observer

Over thirty of her photographs will be on display during the month of June. Come out to a special artist reception on Thursday, June 19th at 6:30pm.

If You Go: Hoboken Pubic Library 500 Park Ave, Hoboken NJ Jun 19 at 6:30pm to Jun 20 at 8:00pm -and that’s what’s happening

e In You Home

Clutter-Clearing Home Cleaning Tips Turn Chaos Into Harmony

(BPT) The stack of shoes that pile up by the front door, the linen closet that you’re afraid to open, the junk drawer that may well hide the mysteries of the universe – we all have one or two spots in our home that cry out for organization and tidying. Spring cleaning season is approaching, and with a plan of attack you can take this opportunity to clear away clutter, organize underutilized spaces and generally improve the overall usability of your home.

Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot have teamed up with seven DIY bloggers to offer 5 roomby-room tips for getting organized: * Nearly everyone has one drawer in their kitchen that becomes the “catch-all spot.” Empty yours, wipe

*The cabinet under the sink can be a scary place. Baskets bring both organization and style to undersink storage spaces.*Scent down the inside, and insert a silverware tray to help organize pens, batteries, buttons, random screws and other items that find their way into the drawer. You can find drawer inserts and many other organizational tools at The Home Depot near you. *Organize the cupboard and pantry by using boxes, jars and baskets with labels on them. When it’s time to put an item away, everyone will know where it belongs, rather than be tempted to toss it randomly into a cupboard.

is a key concern in bathrooms. Scrubbing the shower, floors, toilet and sink until they sparkle is a good start, but sometimes baths need a scent boost. Try placing scented candles in the bathroom to help neutralize odors and add a fresh, welcoming aura to the room. * Swapping mismatched hangers for one type is a quick, easy way to make a closet look more organized, clean and stylish.

For more bright ideas and inspiration from bloggers visit finditathomedepot. com.

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Home-Hunting-Free Consultation! Mike Cruz (Mortgage Consultant) All American Mortgage

Office:201-576-0700 Cell: 201-759-3821

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The People's Museum Union City Museum of Art Offers Exhibition Space to Artists and a Whole Lot More plus Dining, Politics, Art, Theater, Re...

June 10 june 27 river view observer  

The People's Museum Union City Museum of Art Offers Exhibition Space to Artists and a Whole Lot More plus Dining, Politics, Art, Theater, Re...