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December 2016

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Saturday December 3, 2016 11AM - 2PM

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New Riverview Website Kid's Corner Answers Grands 'n' More

“Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.” ~Steven Wright

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Who’s Who @ RVCC President: Dennis Cunningham Vice-President: Shaun Hampton Treasurer: Krista Fraser-Kruck Secretary: Julie Strong Past President: Ryan Rolston General Manager: Charles Musto, ...........204-452-9944, Reflector Editing & Layout: Stephanie Nixon, Reflector Advertising: Pat Fedirchuk, Fund Drive: Randi Hunter & Heather Smith Youth Soccer: Ryan Proulx Mini Soccer Convenor: Craig “Buzz” Hamilton & Jason Oliver Hockey Convenor: Scott Brown Jackrabbit Hockey: Vacant Basketball Convenor: Cathy Gervais Cross-Country Skiing Convenor: Dennis Cunningham, Baseball Convenors: Jason Hoeppner and Chris Urnezius, Softball Convenor: Julie Strong Buildings and Grounds: Vacant Volunteer Bond Coordinator: Marcos Carreiro Equipment Manager: Dave Temmerman Members at Large: Dave Bynski, Quinn Menec, Shawna Lacasse, Ian Schillberg, Natalie Schillberg, Jason Hoeppner Cover Photo: Charles Musto, Terry Sawchuk screening at RVCC October 1st, 2016

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Editor's Note: Big Shoes to Fill By Stephanie Nixon


he task won't be easy to attempt to fill the shoe's of Trevor Johnson as the next editor of the Riverview Reflector, but I promise to give it my all!

I've been working with Trevor on and off over the past few months to make the transition of the Riverview Reflector Newsletter as smooth as possible, and what an amazing member of the community he is. His touch on the newsletter will be greatly missed, as from the brief time I worked with him, I could really tell he cares deeply for the Riverview community. These upcoming issues of the Reflector will be a real treat for me to be able to work with such wonderful people. As I write this, the newsletter isn't even complete and I'm already so impressed with the absolutely high quality people the Riverview community has to offer. I am very much looking forward to upcoming events with the Riverview Community Centre as well. You will definitely be seeing me around the centre taking photos for the next Reflector newsletter. I hope that me and my camera can meet you at the Breakfast with Santa on December 3rd. See you then!

President's Note:

Winter Plans and Honouring Community Members By Dennis Cunningham It’s hard to believe the end of the year is rapidly approaching. The mild weather enjoyed in early November fooled us into thinking ice, snow and wind chills are weeks, not days, away. But that is the harsh truth of this time of year. The cold might arrive a little later than normal, but it will arrive. Fortunately Riverview Community Center is a place where embracing the cold is encouraged. Rather than lament how little there is to do during the winter, come to the community center and get active! Play some shinny, register for beginner adult hockey, enjoy an evening ski with the Grey Hare Skiers, put your kids in JackRabbits Skiing or Hockey and join them on the trails or the rink. Head out on a Saturday morning group run and train for the Frost Bite River Run. Be part of the Winter Classic volunteer crew or help flood the rinks or the pleasure skating area or groom the ski trails. Winter can be cold when you’re sitting still, but get active and engaged and I think you’ll find there is plenty to keep you warm over the next few months. As I’ve alluded to, winter at the club is packed with activities and we’re hoping that we can count on you for some volunteer assistance at events like the Breakfast with Santa, Winter Classic Youth and 4 on 4 Hockey Tournaments, and the Frost Bite River Run. If you are looking to work volunteer bond hours, the winter months offer an abundance of opportunities. Contact Charles at the community center office for a rundown on all the volunteer roles we have to fill in the coming months. Speaking of volunteers, every November the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centers host its annual volunteer recognition dinner, the “Above & Beyond” Awards Banquet. Each community center in the city is encouraged to nominate up to three volunteers for recognition. This year Riverview Community Center “Above & Beyond” Award recipients are Ryan Rolston, Jean Altemeyer and Darryl Stewart. Ryan was nominated in recognition of his decade-long

‘Click and Give’ Another way to donate to RVCC

With our ‘click and give’ option you can donate to RVCC any time of the year. Simply go to, click on the donate 'button’ and follow the steps shown. An official tax receipt for donations over $10.00 will be mailed to you.

contribution to the Riverview board. Jean was nominated in recognition for her long term commitment to the community center as a volunteer in a remarkable number of roles and many, many different events. Darryl was recognized for his invaluable work getting our financial systems in order as RVCC Treasurer and his ongoing support to Riverview through his business, IBEX Payroll. All three of these recipients embody the spirit of volunteerism in our neighbourhood. If you see Ryan, Jean or Darryl, I hope you will thank them for their contributions to your community center. In the last Reflector I mentioned that we were hoping to hear about a grant request for new kitchen equipment. I am pleased to report that our request was approved and Charles is now in the process of coordinating the purchase of a lot of fantastic equipment that will make our kitchen the hub of a great many events, workshops and community experiences. Finally, I want to say goodbye to my neighbours, Jim and Lynda Fallon, who are leaving Riverview to start a new chapter in their lives. They both actively volunteered at the community center as sports convenors, and Jim also served terms as Vice President and President. Over the years we’ve shared a back lane, tools and jokes and stories. They made us feel very welcome when we first arrived in Riverview. I’ll miss them very much. Thanks for being great neighbours.

Upcoming Events Breakfast with Santa Jolly ol’ Saint Nick is making his annual stop at the RVCC on December 3rd. Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, come on out to say hello and visit with your neighbours this holiday season. There will be a pancake breakfast, loot bags and entertainment for the kids, and of course, the man in red himself! Visit for more details.

2017 Winter Classic The Winter Classic will be returning in 2017 with the following events: January 17-22 - Youth Hockey tournament for divisions 5/6 and 7/8 January 29 - Frostbite River Run February 3-4 - Annual Adult 4x4 Hockey Tournament Planning is underway and registration is now open for all events. Visit for more details.



GM'S Notes

Made in Winnipeg

Letter to the Editor

Sawchuk Screening a Hit at the RVCC

By Charles Musto

By Charles Musto

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time once again to reflect on what the year has brought to the Riverview Community Centre. I really didn’t think we could top 2015 but it’s nice to be proven wrong sometimes. Looking back, 2016 was another stellar year. The highlights include the most successful Winter Classic ever, another great installment of the annual 4on4, the largest yet of a growing Frostbite River Run, a fine tuned Fund Drive Blitz, possibly the largest garage sale ever, another sunny Spring Carnival, two Trivia Nights, a full summer of summer camps, a screening of a film shot largely in Riverview on a hockey legend. the return of the Blues Social and a sure to be fun Breakfast with Santa. Not to mention the many sport teams and programming that comes with the territory here. The year also brought a couple of significant structural upgrades to the club. The kitchen renovation came to completion and the website got a facelift. Both are now much more convenient to navigate! The website was created by our very own new Reflector editor, Stephanie, who we are excited to have on board! It seems we are on a roll here in Riverview and it speaks volumes about the strength of the board, the volunteers and the community as a whole. The community centre is community driven, and the community is driving the RVCC to new heights. It has been an exciting ride and I can’t wait to see where we end up. Kudos to everyone who strives to make this community what it is. Thank you to the board, to the outstanding community members, the parents and volunteers, and to the great kids that give Riverview such endearing character. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Perhaps the greatest goalie of all time was Terry Sawchuk. Many know him for his success on the rink and for his fearless and bold style of play. What is lesser known is that he grew up in Winnipeg. Recently, local Riverview filmmaker (and goaltender himself ), Danny Schur, created a short film about Terry Sawchuk’s youth as a born ‘Winnipeger’. The film highlighted how growing up in Winnipeg shaped his playing style and his personality. The film is fun and upbeat and shares touching stories told by some of Terry’s childhood friends and by Terry’s sons. You can also see a lot of Riverview influence in the film as much of it was shot in and around the Riverivew Community Centre. On October 1st, Danny staged a screening of his film at the RVCC. The screening drew a great crowd and he donated the proceeds of the admission and the kitchen/bar to the club. As Danny explained at the screening, the RVCC has been a large part of his family’s life and he wanted to give back and share this project with his community. The Riverview Community Centre would like to express our sincere thanks to Danny for raising some funds for the club and bringing a wonderful community event to the RVCC If you missed the screening and still want to see it, Danny is selling DVDs of his film. You can contact him at to get your copy. Local Riverview filmmaker, Danny Schur, discusses his film on local legend Terry Sawchuk.

Above and Beyond Volunteers 2017 Award Winners By Dennis Cunningham

Every year, the Greater Council or Winnipeg Community Centre hosts the ‘Above and Beyond’ banquet to recognize community centre Past Presidents and long standing volunteers who are both integral to the success of a community centre. In 2016, the Riverview Community Centre recognized the following individuals at this year’s banquet.

Ryan Rolston

Positions at Center: Hockey Convener (2009-2012), Vice-President (2012-2014), President (2014-2016) Total Years of Service: 10+ Probably the best way to define Ryan’s commitment to RVCC is in his own words. “In today’s world communities need to define themselves, or they will be defined by what happens to their community. What Riverview is as a community is up to all of us. Our children want and need to belong to something beyond the four walls of their own house. The Club allows us to come together and look out for each other. By being a strong community, we teach our children to be good citizens.” Over the past ten years Ryan has been an exceptional hockey convener, Vice-President and President, and has volunteered countless hours at RVCC. Under his leadership RVCC initiated a multi-year renovation project and improved the coordination and execution of our Spring Carnival and Winter Classic events. Ryan skillfully and diplomatically presided over board meetings. He ensured that all views were heard and all opinions valued. He fostered a strong and effective board committed to sustaining our small, well-used and loved community center for years to come.

Jean Altemeyer

Positions at Center: Volunteer Extraordinaire Total Years of Service: 20+ Jean has been an active community volunteer for decades. Living in the Riverview catchment but on the Lord Roberts side of Osborne St., Jean and her husband, Bob are very involved at both the Riverview and Lord Roberts Community Centers. In the late 70's and 80's, Jean and Bob had three kids who

Jean Altemeyer being recognized for outstanding volunteer service at the GCWCC Above & Beyond banquet. Left to right: Tim Killeen (GCWCC President), Jean Altemeyer (volunteer extraordinaire), City Councillor Jenny Gerbasi, Rob Gobeil (2nd VP GCWCC) participated in various community program and league sports. They both spent significant time coaching soccer, football, hockey and baseball in those years. In 2004, they became guardians of their grandson, Sean. Again, they provided an enriching experience for Sean and many other Riverview/Lord Roberts children through coaching and managing community soccer and hockey teams. At the same time, Jean began to be involved in the many fundraising events at the Riverview Community Centre and could always be counted on to lend a hand. Though Sean has moved on to development soccer, Jean continues to be a constant event volunteer at the Riverview Community Centre. She is also involved in many other community initiatives. She has done some re-planting in Churchill Park under Vere Scott’s leadership and initiative. She helped with some of the community orchard plantings. She is part of a dedicated South Osborne group sponsoring three Syrian refugee families. She was on the parent council at Riverview, and coordinated the planting of new trees around the play structure, and with others initiated the idea of an outdoor classroom. Jean is also currently on the College Churchill parent council, helping with assorted fundraising tasks. Lastly, Jean has held various positions with Grands’n’More Winnipeg - a group that supports the Stephen Lewis Foundation in its attempt to support African Grandmothers in their fight against the AIDS pandemic. Jean is always quick to point out the efforts of others and downplay her own involvement. However, Jean's immense and consistent contributions to the community set a high standard for which the character of the community is built on. Her smile and high energy are contagious and through leading by example, she encourages her neighbours, and the community as a whole, to make the world a better place. continued on page 7...

...continued from page 8



Darryl Stewart Position at Center: Treasurer (2011-2014), Breakfast with Santa, corporate sponsor of many events, ice making, ski trail grooming Years of Service: 5+ The Treasurer role is one of the most important positions, and often the hardest to fill, on a community center board. Darryl Stewart didn’t know how much work he had ahead of him when he agreed to join the RVCC board as Treasurer. And when the size of the challenge (huge) and the range of problems plaguing Riverview’s book keeping system were revealed, he didn’t walk away from the role, he fixed things and made them much, much better. Darryl went way above and beyond in his role of Treasurer. He devoted countless hours to improving our book keeping and accounting practices. Good financial systems and reporting are central to boards being able to discharge their fiduciary duty. They reduce risk and, for community centers with limited resources, support sound decision making and planning. Darryl’s actions as Treasurer created a solid foundation for RVCC to build on well into the future. In addition, Darryl’s company, IBEX Payroll has been an amazing sponsor of many of our community center events. Simply put, Darryl has been an incredible partner, supporter and volunteer for Riverview Community Center.

Local Food and Craft Market South Osborne, SO-X building 421 Mulvey Ave. (2nd floor) Dec. 7, 3:30 - 7:30 PM

African family receiving Warm up to Winnipeg scarves, photo by Cathie HIller Read Full Article on Page 19




Terrifyingly Tricky Trivia

2nd Annual RVCC Halloween Trivia Night By Charles Musto

Babysitters Wanted! If you're a Riverview kid looking for a babysitting gig over the Christmas and winter season, please contact the GM at the RVCC for any opportunities at

On October 28th, Riverview Community Centre hosted its second annual Halloween Trivia Night. 7 teams, dressed for success, competed to be the most knowledgeable team in the neighbourhood It was certainly a trick or treat sort of affair. The questions were tricky but the Halloween treats were a plenty. In the end, it was Shark Party that claimed a convincing victory over the field, while the Boils & Ghouls (pictured) took home the award for best costumes. A special thanks goes to Beth Smyth for once again organizing such a fantastic event. Thanks, as well, to Gord Fardoe, the quizmaster, our judges Mel and Kathy Larson and our volunteers Lucy Fowler, Brenna George and Nat Kosteckyj. Lastly, a huge thank you goes to all of the participants for supporting the Riverview Community Centre. For those who missed it, don’t worry, Trivia Night will return in the Spring! Stay tuned to for more details and follow the club on facebook at The winning costume team Boils & Ghouls at Trivia night


Grace Bible Church


PEACE on EARTH, GOODWILL to ALL? By Wilma Weins We will soon enter the season of Advent – four weeks of preparing ourselves to celebrate the birth of the one of whom it was said would bring about peace on earth and good will to all. Generation after generation has been keeping this practice, endeavoring in their own way to recognize and honor this event; Endeavoring to be faithful to the call to participate in this divine mandate. I can’t help but wonder if we’ve made any headway in this regard as compared to the reality of the time when that birth happened. Have we made great strides in bringing about peace and goodwill for all? For some yes, but certainly not for all. I write this on the eve of the US presidential election and I am not alone in wondering what the days, weeks and months ahead will bring. ISIS activity is in the news daily. Hunger and malnutrition plague people worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people now wear the title of refugee. The lengthy warm autumn we enjoyed signaled the troublesome effects of climate change. I can easily feel discouraged. At the same time, I am inspired by the initiatives world-wide, large and small, that engage tirelessly in areas of hunger and malnutrition, environmental care and justice, welcoming and supporting new-comers. I am heartened by the increasing number of people committed to growing and buying locally. I am encouraged by the many who understand the global impact and importance of knowing our neighbors and of building strong communities. Reflecting on this I feel more optimistic. I am keenly aware of the tension in which I live – the deep pull between despair and hope. And I am slowly learning the necessity of that tension, for it keeps me awake and aware. Living in that tension I cannot be lulled into complacency but am forced to consider carefully the decision-making power I have in using my resources of energy, time, money, and influence. As I think ahead to Advent on this warm November morning I will choose to set an intention of holding this tension throughout the season. As lights, glitter and sparkly things vie for my attention I do not want to sentimentalize Christmas by turning away from the messy complexities of the world in which we live. I want to, instead, feel the pull between despair and hope, I want to stay awake and aware, I want to seek and struggle to live into the practice of bringing peace and goodwill to all whom I encounter. You are invited to join Grace Bible Church in their Carol Service Choir Concerts on December 10 & 11 @ 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome!


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Blues Night at the RVCC

Chicago Style Blues Takes over the RVCC By Charles Musto October 15th marked the return of the Blues Social to the RVCC and it was a smash hit. Well over 200 people came to see the Riverview Community Centre turn into a blues bar as continued on page


picture of Reverend Raven & the Chain Smoking Alter Boys taken by Chris Adamopolous

Riverview JackRabbits

...continued from page 12


Registration is now open By Dennis Cunningham

Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys put on a show to remember. The Wisconsin group, whose accomplished band members have played with the likes of BB King, Muddy Waters, Jeff Healy and the Doobie Brothers just to name a few, played almost 4 hours of rhythmic Chicago style blues laced with heavy guitar riffs and epic harmonica solos. The concert was organized and promoted by Riverview resident Cynthia Faulkner who hand picked the Reverend and his blues band for this spectacular concert. The evening held special significance for Cynthia as it was the first blues social to be held in the RVCC hall after the dividing wall was removed. Cynthia’s late husband, Wayne, was the principal driver behind previous RVCC blues socials and he always wished to have the hall opened up to make it a better venue. The RVCC would like to share our heartfelt thanks to Cynthia and her family for sharing this special evening with the Riverview community. Special thanks also go to the volunteers who helped make the event go smoothly. The event raised $2000 for the RVCC.

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The Riverview JackRabbits Skiing Club is back for another year of skiing at the community center. There are still spaces available for skiers between the ages of 4 and 12. Registration fees are $80 for one child and prorated for each additional child in a family. More information on registration fees can be found at or . The ski club also offers ski equipment rentals for registered participants. We ski every Sunday from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. on the community center grounds and on the trails found on the Churchill Parkway. The season will start on November 27 with or without snow. Our skiers learn the FUNdamentals of cross country skiing through instruction, fun drills and a whole range of games. Parents are encouraged to ski with their children during the sessions, especially when we head out along the Parkway. If you have any questions about the Riverview JackRabbits Skiing program or would like to volunteer to help with the program or trail grooming, please contact Dennis at dennis. Run the Frozen Red River! The Frost Bite River Run is back again in 2017! Our annual five mile run from Riverview to the Forks along the Red River Trail is scheduled for Sunday, January 29th with a 10:00 a.m. start. Registration details will be on in early December. Things we can guarantee at the 2017 Frost Bite River Run: • Great volunteers • Awesome prizes and race swag • A delicious post-run meal – chili’s back! since 1981 and has locations across • A bit of a winter adventure

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

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more things change, “The more things change, Knight Archer will be re-facing our existing

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SOSRI Update

Two refugee family members have arrived By Glenn Merritt For several months the South Osborne Syrian Refugee Imitative (SOSRI) has been playing a waiting game for our three sponsored families totalling 13 people to arrive. Early on we expected the families to be here by summer, but later, based on clarifying information the federal government issued in June, we have been led to believe our families should arrive by the end of the year. The delay has however provided time to put together detailed settlement and financial plans and collect household goods. Tarek Al Abdellah arrived Oct. 25 In early October, Joseph Chaeban of the Winnipeg family whose refugee family members SOSRI is sponsoring, received a 5:00 a.m. call from his 19-year-old nephew Tarek to say he would be arriving in Canada Oct. 25. A welcoming committee of about 40 people, consisting of family, Churchill Park United Church members and SOSRI supporters met him at the airport. It was a very heart-warming experience that was covered by news media (CTV, The Winnipeg Sun and the Sou’wester.)

21-year-old Tiba Al Abdellah arrived safely Monday, Nov. 14 with her brother Tarek Tiba Al Abdellah arrived Nov. 14 The day after Tarek’s arrival, Joseph had a second call to say that Tarek’s 21-year-old sister Tiba would arrive Nov. 14. Again, a large group of supporters welcomed her arrival. John Oldham from Churchill Park United Church played a few bars of Oh Canada on his trumpet as Tiba came down the arrival staircase. Again, it was a moving experience. Tarek and Tiba will stay with

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It was a happy reunion with her brother Tarek, aunt, uncle and cousins at the Richardson Internation Airport Joseph, his wife Zainab and family until their mother Saada and 18-year-old brother Barakat arrive. We suspect the two came separately because they were over 18 and were required to have separate refugee applications. It would be easier to find seats on flights for individuals rather than families. No word on other families’ arrivals

As of press time, SOSRI has had no word on when other family members will arrive. Given the slow progress and proximity to year end, they may not all be here by the end of the year. Funds have been required to support families in Lebanon Early in the year, our two families in Lebanon were forced to relocate to ensure their safety. Their original location was rent free at the home of a relative, however relocation required the families to rent accommodations. With the inability of refugees to work in Lebanon, this required SOSRI to mount a second unexpected emergency fundraising effort separate from the original GoFundMe campaign to support the families once in Canada. So far about $21,000 has been raised and sent to Lebanon, which has been an ongoing challenge. Besides direct appeals to supporters for donations, SOSRI has mounted several fundraising events including the Spring Fever social at RVCC last spring, a second “Ugly Sweater” social at the centre Nov. 19, and a children’s concert featuring Aaron Burnett.

Free Family Holiday

MOVIE DAY! Double Feature

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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer & Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


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DECEMBER 2016 Gets an Update New look for the RVCC Website By Stephanie Nixon In early November I helped the Riverview Community Centre website update to a new layout with the help from Ken DeWitt, Darryl Stewart, and Charles Musto. This is how I became the new editor for the Reflector actually. I was helping Riverview with a new website and happened to have created newsletters in the past. The main goal for the updated website was to be easier to use, both for the people of the community visiting the site and for Charles the General Manager who would be updating the site. We wanted to make sure that members of the Riverview community would easily be able to find important information like our hours, how to contact us, how to sign up for a sport, all at a glance. Also the site is now optimized for viewing on the go from your phone, tablet or other mobile device. A lot of work also went into parts of the website that you won't actually see. Automated reports and notifications for Charles to hopefully save him a lot of time on his day to day.

The site is still ever expanding and more pages and sections will continue to be added. Please take a tour of the new site and let us know if you see anything you might like added to the website. We already have more content planned and as always new events, newsletters and registrations will be added. We are going to working on an easy to use buy and sell/ community posting board for the site, as well as features of community members and outstanding volunteers. This newsletter will also be displayed differently, instead of just a PDF download it can be viewed easier on our site and on your phone. If you aren't already there, take a look at www. to see the entire newsletter in colour online. I have had a lot of fun getting to know the Riverview community, both through creating the Reflector and updating the website. I can't thank Ken, Darryl and Charles enough for all the help they gave me when putting the site together. Visit the website to keep an eye out for new events or sports in the community, as well as our Facebook page at Looking forward to the community feedback, feel free to email me at for any requests or questions you might have about the site.


Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewellery or to repair a family heirloom... we do it all! Local on-site custom workshop and proud of it!

Unit C - 236 Osborne Street South (204)956-2096

Corporate and personal tax preparation Tax and estate planning Financial statement preparation Audit and assurance services

Certified General Accountants 738 Osborne Street Winnipeg, MB R3L 2C2 Telephone (204) 489–2781 Fax (204) 452–5956 Make us part of your team.

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Proud to be working for our community City Councillor Fort RougeEast Fort Garry















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Grands'N'More By Cathie Hiller PRAIRIE REGION GATHERING From Prince Albert in Northern Saskatchewan and Regina in South Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Portage La Prairie and Treherne/Holland/Rathwell communities, grandmothers and others came to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Highlighted by a conversation with Stephen and Ilana, the presence of five African Grandmothers and their interpreters as well as participating members of the SLF team, our minds and our souls were brightened and invigorated.

Stephen Lewis with his daughter Ilana in conversation with the grandmother groups from SK and MB taken by Cathie HIller

Two of the African grandmothers who spoke at the Prairie Regional Gathering, photo by Cathie HIller

Smiles and hugs abounded. Workshop participation enjoined thoughtful comments. Adorned by 'wild women', conference bags and yummy chocolate treats we all went away with tangible and intangible treats - memories of another successful Prairie Region Gathering. REMEMBER: Why we do what we do - African Grandmothers supporting their orphaned grandchildren and other vulnerable children. REFLECT: "Nothing about us without us" - our support and solidarity with the African grandmothers. REVITALIZE: African grandmothers have become the change agents within the countries on the African continent. "We will not rest until you can rest" AWARENESS AND FUNDRAISING: Grands 'n' More Winnipeg has experienced a very busy month in September. Beginning with an enormously successful AFTA event which experienced persons lining up at the door more than an hour before the sale began until the final minute when the sale was over. Pictures that were not sold were picked up by Flavie Centrale who distributes pictures to shelters and persons who would otherwise be unable to enjoy artful beauty in their homes. Members of our Fundraising Team were also able to have a successful day, for the first event of its kind, at St Vital Mall. For the past three years, members of our Awareness Team attended the Active Aging Expo at the Seven Oaks Hospital Wellness Institute. It was encouraging to hear from many of the participants that they were aware of Grands 'n' More Winnipeg through various displays, fundraising events and in particular the recent AFTA sale. As well, a new member filled out a membership application right their on site. WARM UP TO WINNIPEG AND A REFUGEE FAMILY'S RESPONSE: Warm Up To Winnipeg is an activity whereby scarves are knitted, sold but not given to the payee, but provided to new arrived refugee families in Winnipeg. All proceeds go to SLF. At our October/16 membership meeting, we learned that to date 2400+ scarves have been sold and provided to refugee families while netting over $18,000.00 for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Nasra Hassan, a Life Skills Counsellor for the Manitoba Interfaith Institute Council, attended the membership meeting with a family she assisted in their integration to Winnipeg during one of our cold winters. The father, on behalf of his family, thanked Grands 'n' More for providing the scarfs which helped warm his body as he was ushered from one government office to another completing necessary medical and monetary applications.



4 Bathrooms:


1,601 Sq. Ft.

Spacious, affordable with enviable quiet location.

Property Highlights Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 1

Living Area: 1,601 sq. ft Lot Size: 50 x 120

Priced to �t your budget

Enclosed pool house !!!

Updated roof and shingles

Affordable family home


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Taxes $5,677(gr)     Lot 50 x 120      Budget:  Gas $65-85 Hydro $80-100 monthly

Attention buyers - affordable and spacious! Ideal opportunity to make your own style. Original condition with updated panel, furnace, AC, shingles. Designed as 4 BR, one and half storey. Home now enjoys indoor pool, hot tub and sauna! Great basement space and garage. Attractive mid block, east of Osborne and 2 streets off Churchill Dr. Walk to K-12 schools. Local Safeway, Sam Southern Rink and Gym and great shops. A fabulous buy!  

Roger Burns Personal Real Estate Corporation Cell: 1-204-999-9311

2016 December Riverview Reflector  

The Riverview Reflector is a volunteer effort of the Riverview Community Centre (RVCC) of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Reflector is delivered fre...

2016 December Riverview Reflector  

The Riverview Reflector is a volunteer effort of the Riverview Community Centre (RVCC) of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Reflector is delivered fre...