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Summer 2016

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RVCC Spring Carnival

Friday, June 10, 5pm till 1am details page 8

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“It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.” ~Jerome K. Jerome

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President: Dennis Cunningham Vice-President: Shaun Hampton Treasurer: Krista Fraser-Kruck Secretary: Julie Strong Past President: Ryan Rolston General Manager: Charles Musto, ...........204-452-9944, Reflector Editing & Layout: Trevor Johnson, Reflector Advertising: Pat Fedirchuk, Fund Drive: Randi Hunter & Heather Smith Youth Soccer: Ryan Proulx Mini Soccer Convenor: Craig “Buzz” Hamilton & Jason Oliver Hockey Convenor: Scott Brown Jackrabbit Hockey: Vacant Basketball Convenor: Cathy Gervais Cross-Country Skiing Convenor: Dennis Cunningham, Baseball Convenors: Jason and Chris, Softball Convenor: Julie Strong Buildings and Grounds: Vacant Volunteer Bond Coordinator: Marcos Carreiro Equipment Manager: Dave Temmerman Members at Large: Dave Bynski, Quinn Menec, Shawna Lacasse, Ian Schillberg, Natalie Schillberg, Jason Hoeppner Cover Photo: Trevor Johnson, Spring Carnival 2013

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Editor's Note:

Handing Over the Reins By Trevor Johnson


his summer edition of the Riverview Reflector is the second last edition that I’ll be in charge of. By the time September rolls around, and my last issue is in the books, I will have completed the editing and the layout work for 26 editions over a span of five years and four months. I like the sound of that, it feels like an accomplishment. It’s also a bit of a surprise. My initial plan was to work on the Reflector for two years and then move on, but time is misleading and commitments change. I stuck around so long because I enjoyed the work and enjoyed the people I was working with much more than I expected too. I also stuck around longer than I intended to because, as I spent more time with the RVCC, the more I realized how important the club was and by extension how important the Reflector was. We live in a busy world and getting the message out is all the more difficult when digital media has become the dominant form of communication and distraction a cultural norm. With that in mind I did my best to make your community newsletter an easy to read platform for the community centre and community members to share their stories in, and for the kids I continued on page 6... Photo: Trevor Johnson

Fro m th y e Communit

ommunity C e h t For

Who’s Who @ RVCC

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Moment of truth at the Spring Carnival's Dunk Tank.

President's Note: Building on Success By Dennis Cunningham


lthough this isn’t the first time I’ve contributed to the Reflector, this is my first president’s message. And while my preference is not to repeat many of the things shared by the good people who have been president before me, I think there is enormous value in reminding everyone in Riverview how important they are to the success and longevity of our club. The community centre has served our neighbourhood for over 80 years. This should be a source of pride for everyone who lives in Riverview. The RVCC is part of what makes our neighbourhood so amazing. It’s a big part of what drew my family into the community over 16 years ago and it remains a feature that draws new families to the area. However, without volunteers the community centre ceases to be a vibrant and important part of our neighbourhood that reflects the diversity and dynamic of our community. Volunteers are the engines that drive Riverview Community Centre forward. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to volunteer at the club. I cannot overstate how important our volunteers are. Not that I want to give away one of the key themes of the next nine messages I’ll pen for the Reflector, but you can expect me to mention how awesome volunteers are over and over. Speaking of awesome volunteers and great neighbours, I would like to thank everyone who helped with our Annual Fund Drive in early May and all the generous donors. While the donations are still being totaled as I write this it looks like the club will have raised over $7000! The Fund Drive helps RVCC close the (big) gap between its operating costs and the funding it receives from the City of Winnipeg. Thank you all for your support. It’s successes like this that make stepping into the president’s role so exciting. As does knowing what a stellar board and great employees we have at Riverview. With their, and your, support I hope to see the following happen at Riverview Community Centre over the next two years: Grow the communities our centre serves: Connect with new families, enhance programming for younger and older residents, and be a space for people in our neighbourhood to share their interests and passions with others. Keep renovating: It is imperative that we continue to push for upgrades and improvements to this space. We’ve seen some great improvements completed lately, but have so much more to do. The state of our building is one of the biggest limita-

tions to our future. Financial stability: We are in a far better financial position today than we were two years ago. Two years from now I want that still to be the case. Moving things forward with fresh faces and energy: I’d like to see RVCC be an even more attractive place for residents to contribute their time and ideas in order to continue with our efforts to build a better community center and neighbourhood. I’d like to thank Ryan Rolston for his leadership over the last two years. The energy and time he invested into the RVCC will pay dividends for a long time to come. I’d also like to thank Trevor Johnson for the great work he’s done of the Reflector for a number of years now. He’s decided to hand the editor’s position off to someone else. We don't know who that person, or persons, will be, but we hope you will consider the opportunity.

Local Sports Memories for Sale! By Charles Musto


fter decades of dedicated service to Riverview and the surrounding area, the RVCC has amassed an overwhelming amount of retired sporting equipment. In a way that’s not surprising; like most community centres in Winnipeg, your RVCC has served as the hub of the community for decades. As such it has served Riverview by bringing people together through various events and programs. Often these revolve around different sports activities. In the spirit of spring cleaning season and in preparation for the annual neighbourhood garage sales, the RVCC board decided to tackle the equipment room that has been collecting sports equipment and jerseys for years and years (and years!). For about a month and a half, the board has been sorting through mountains of soccer balls, hockey jerseys, baseball bats and footballs. You name it: The list of equipment in storage was seemingly never-ending. While much of it’s now useless, some of it is priceless. A huge "thank you" goes to Julie Strong who led the charge and initiated the clean up effort. Thanks also go to the convenors and board members who offered their “yay” or ‘nay” on the various items that were discovered. While much of the equipment has been donated to various youth sporting groups and schools, a lot of it will be for sale at the annual garage sale on June 4th from 9AM – 3PM. In particular, there are generations of jerseys that will be on display and available for purchase. So come on down to the club and take a walk down memory lane on June 4th. Who knows, you might be able to un-retire your old Riverview jersey!





Riverview Neighbourhood Garage Sales 2016 Saturday, June 4, 9am-3pm By Steve Lennon


t seems that spring has sprung early this year and many Riverview residents have already started preparations for the warmer weather. In the process of spring cleaning, please keep in mind the upcoming Riverview Garage Sales when you come across usable items in working order that you no longer want. This could be an opportunity to create more space and less clutter in your home, as well as a great way to support our popular Riverview Community Centre (RVCC). There are 4 ways you can help: 1. Hold a yard or garage sale at your own home on June 4, and donate 10% of sales to RVCC. We will provide you with a sign and balloons, and do extensive multi-media advertising to bring shoppers to our neighbourhood. 2. Donate saleable goods to RVCC and they will be sold

there on June 4 (all proceeds to RVCC). You may drop off sale goods at the community centre to the main floor storage room daily till 9 p.m. Please ask someone there to open the storage room when you arrive. Sorry, but we cannot accept magazines, encyclopedias or textbooks, tvs, tires, child car seats, mattresses, sofas, or broken items, as these items do not sell at a garage sale. 3. Volunteer to assist at the RVCC sale on June 4 and/or during the week prior, for a few hours of pricing, display, setting up or carrying boxes. No experience necessary. We also require the assistance of several people at the end of the sale at 3 p.m. on June 4 to pack up the leftover goods and clean up. 4. Visit your neighbourhood sales on June 4 for fabulous bargains not available at any shopping mall. Last year there were more than a dozen sales in Riverview on the sale day (and the RVCC made over $4,500). See for yourself why Winnipeg is known as "The Garage Sale Capital of Canada!" Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 4, and please plan to participate in this pan-community event. For more info, contact the Garage Sale Coordinator: Kathy Larson (204) 452-8509. Thank you.

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Winnipeg’s “Pulse of the City” visit: I’m Alison O’Toole and I want to be your REALTOR® Not intended to solicit buyers and sellers currently under contract

GM'S Notes By Charles Musto


sually when I begin my GM notes I never know where to start. There are always so many things going on at the RVCC that I have to rein myself in from recklessly tossing words onto the page and focus my thoughts on one or two things. This issue, though, I know exactly where to start. Thanks. Our Past President, Ryan Rolston, recently stepped down and I would like to take a minute to formally thank him for all his service to the community centre. Additionally, Ryan provided a lot of help and support to me in my role as GM and I am very appreciative. Ryan unquestionably loves the RVCC and watching his transition away from the president's chair really illustrated to me how much this community centre means to those who care deeply about it. Fortunately for Riverview, that’s a LOT of great people. While Ryan will still be an active member at the RVCC, it's always a tough thing to take a step back from something that has had such a hold on your heart for so long. Being from outside of Winnipeg, I didn’t grow up with this community centre model. Now working in it, moments like this clearly demonstrate how special it is – especially in a neighbourhood like Riverview. So if you see Ryan out and about, be

sure to thank him for his time at the helm. He helped us right the ship going forward. Speaking of going forward, we’ve got lots of great stuff coming up. First, is the garage sale on June 4th. Our collection of goodies is ever growing and this year will include old Riverview jerseys, which you won’t want to miss out on. Next is the Spring Carnival on June 10th which is such a great chance to catch up with your friends and neighbours over a "bevy of bevvies", if you will. We’ve added a couple new games this year, which should be lots of fun for the kids as well. After that it’s the next installment of the RVCC’s young slo-pitch tournament. After last year’s success, the tournament sold out faster than you can say “batter up”! I am so excited to play again that I literally had my ball glove and wonder bat shipped in from Ontario (along with a host of other things to complete my move to Winnipeg). Rounding out the summer we will once again be offering summer camps for our Riverview Rascals ages 3-12. The hiring process is just about finished and I am very excited about our summer staff team! More details will be available shortly at Lastly, another general thank you to all of you who support the club in any way you can. Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference and we can’t give enough accolades for what you do for our community. Take it from an imported outside observer who is now here almost every day. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and they are what makes Riverview so special. Thank you Riverview and have a happy summer!

Upcoming Events For more details check our website:

Annual Riverview CC Garage Sale June 4th: See page 4 for more details. At the Riverview CC. Donations are now being accepted at the club. Riverview CC Spring Carnival June 10th: See our ad on page 8. Visit for more details. Volunteers are needed.

2nd Annual Riverview CC Softball Tournament June 11th: On the Riverview CC diamonds. The tournament is full but all are welcome to come check out the action! Visit for more details. Volunteers are needed.



Editor's Note:


...continued from page 2

hope I made it a little bit of fun too. I volunteered to do the Reflector because a friend asked me if I would be interested (friends have a tendency to do this sort of thing), and because I thought it would be fun to work on the layouts. I had taken a couple of courses on graphic design while in University and thought this would be a way to put some of that knowledge to good use. I was right to make the commitment and I am thankful that my friend was wise enough to suggest the idea. His original idea of having me driving the Zamboni around the ice wasn’t so wise! But hey, one out of two ain’t bad. In the end, as with most things, I have gotten more out of this than I have put in. Having said all that, this is my message: It’s time for me to let go of the reins. But I need to hand them off to someone, or some-‘two’ (one person to do the editing and the other one to handle the layout), who is either a bit a wordsmith or is handy with graphic design. I hope you will consider the idea. If not for yourself maybe there is someone you know who would be right for the job. So: Are you interested? Do you know someone who you think is the right person for the job? If the answer is yes contact our GM, Charles Musto, at 204-452-9944, or email gm@

You’re invited to our FREE 4th Anniversary BBQ! Saturday, June 18th, 2016 11:00 am - 2:00 pm



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Grace Bible Church

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There By Wilma Weins


was heading out for my morning run the other day, walking the stretch of our gravel road to the highway, when I heard a woodpecker hammering away on the hydro pole. Rat-a-tattat…rat-a-tat-tat… I stopped to find it and then to watch as it whacked on the pole with all its might. Standing there and listening I became aware of the extraordinary ordinariness of the moment I was in. Standing on that dusty gravel road in the cool of the early morning, of that ordinary day, listening to that particular woodpecker who cared about nothing other than whacking on that non-descript hydro pole. For a few graced seconds nothing else mattered to me either. I was caught in the wondrous, simplicity of the moment. Apart from the rat-a-tattat of the woodpecker, all else was silent. I felt a clear sense of gratitude come over me, grateful for that day and for the opportunity I had to be part of it, whatever it might bring me. Reflecting back on it later I was reminded of the words of Thomas Merton who wrote about the forms and individual characters of all living and growing things, suggesting “their inscape is their sanctity." Divinity is imprinted in them, he says. “The special clumsy beauty of this particular colt on this day in

this field under these clouds is a holiness…” It is sacred and it speaks of, or points to, the sacredness in which it exists. If true, then no wonder I was caught in that moment just watching the woodpecker. No wonder I felt the gratitude that I did. Our speaker in church this morning talked about the importance of waiting; expecting and anticipating that in our waiting something sacred will be revealed that we can be witness to. “Don’t just do something,” he said, “stand there.” If we’re always doing something, he proposed, we will miss the sacredness of the moment we are in, moments we can witness and speak of. These are good words for me to remember and live with as spring slips into summer and the possibilities to “do something” become limitless. Who knows what I might hear and become aware of as I stop and simply stand there. Rat-a-tat-tat…rat-atat-tat…rat-a-tat-tat… Wilma Wiens is Co-Minister of Pastoral and Spiritual Care at Grace Bible Church on Oakwood Ave. Her urban ministry is wonderfully enriched by the quiet contemplative life she and her husband Dan are offered by living on the land south of Winnipeg. Grace Bible Church, at 366 Oakwood Ave, will be having Vacation Bible School the week of August 22-28 from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm. Children ages 3-11 are welcome! VBS is free! Check out our website at or call 204284-8003 for more information.




wOrd FinDeR pUzzLe


Words from this Issue For more fun check through this issue and find where all the words come from!

wOrDs tO FinD Adventures Baseball Carnival Crowned Cycle Dunk Tank Fireworks Idling

Junior Kingdom Pitch Rascals Rowdies Soccer Summer Woodpecker

Answer on page 18



Crossword Puzzle Maker: Final Puzzle














cRosS wOrd pUzzLe    





Same words! baseball All you have to do is put them in     crowned in  the right order!   carnival Plus you get a head start. :-)     adventures  


  summer Answer on page 11.  




I D L I N G 1 of 2

Adventures Baseball Carnival Crowned Cycle Dunk Tank Fireworks Idling




fireworks idling





Junior Kingdom Pitch Rascals Rowdies Soccer Summer Woodpecker




Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewellery or to repair a family heirloom... we do it all! Local on-site custom workshop and proud of it!

Unit C - 236 Osborne Street South (204)956-2096

Riverview Health Centre My Bike, My Bike, My Kingdom for a Bike By Sheldon Mindell


nce a good line, always a good line. Hopefully we won’t forget that line or other pieces of information as we age. But everyone knows someone who has been touched by Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia. Riverview Health Centre is committed to providing the best care possible for the two 60 bed units that are home to some of Winnipeg’s most severe sufferers of dementia. We are in the planning stages of this re-invention to make our Alzheimer’s / Dementia units state of the art and reflective of today’s best practices. Riverview contracted with Stantec to do world-wide research to establish what best practices look like today. Very briefly, they include smaller groupings, less locks and increased mobility within

a secure perimeter, and an increased opportunity to access natural and efficient artificial light. We know what we want and now we need to raise the money to undertake the project. Riverview Health Centre Foundation continues towards fundraise for the reinvention of its Alzheimer’s / Dementia units. Many of our fundraising activities are directed to funding this project; while other funding initiatives are directed to providing quality of life programming for our residents and patients. So why the “My Kingdom for a Bike" line? On Sunday, June 5th, the 18th annual Cycle on Life is taking place. This is our invitation to our Riverview community friends to help support Riverview Health Centre Foundation by participating in this event …hence “My Kingdom for a Bike”. But it won’t cost you your kingdom! Simply go online to and click on 'Cycle on Life' and follow the prompts. There are 2 different rides beginning and ending at RHC followed by a

Spring Dance Fever Supports Local Syrian Refugee Initiative By Glenn Merritt


he Riverview Community Centre hosted the Spring Dance Fever fundraising social for the South Osborne Syrian Refugee Initiative (SOSRI) on the evening of April 8. About 150 people attended - including many Riverview residents. The event raised almost $3,400 after expenses, plus an additional $2,300 through its GoFundMe campaign. “We were very pleased with the turnout, the funds raised and the support from RVCC and the broader community,” spokesperson Matthew Lawrence said. This initiative is committed to bringing three Syrian refugee families, involving 13 individuals, to Winnipeg where they already have family living in the city. Two of these refugee families fled Syria for Lebanon and the third to Turkey. Their refugee applications are now being processed in Ankara and Beirut, but at this time we have no indication of when they may arrive in WInnipeg. The SOSRI is the brainchild of Matthew Lawrence, Sonya


BBQ brunch and the potential for prizes; all for a good cause. Encourage family and friends to get involved and you will be saying “My Kingdom for a tandem bike”!

Crossword Puzzle Answers

ACROSS 4 summer 6 kingdom 8 crowned 10 soccer 13 idling 14 adventures 16 carnival

DOWN 1 rowdies 2 woodpecker 3 junior 5 rascals 7 fireworks 9 dunktank 11 pitch 12 baseball 15 cycle

Jantz and Paula Leslie. It was created last December following community meetings at Churchill Park United Church, which is a partner in the Initiative and brings the benefit of a refugee sponsorship agreement with the federal government that eases the process for SOSRI. The GoFundMe campaign, which is raising money for living expenses for the refugee families when they arrive, has so far raised over $87,000 of it’s $90,000 goal. SOSRI has already collected most of the furniture and household goods needed for the three homes. “Our biggest challenge is finding affordable housing, ideally in the South Osborne area, where many SOSRI supporters (almost 270) live,” Matthew said. “Unfortunately South Osborne rents are generally higher and we don’t have a target date when the families arrive so we can’t commit yet. We’re looking for units with two or three bedrooms, ideally about $850 - $900 per month with most utilities – especially heat – included. We urge any Reflector readers knowing of economically priced rentals to please contact our housing coordinator Kathleen Williams at 204-951-8923 or email” Those interested in becoming SOSRI supporters or having their names added to our email list can contact


Baseball Fever! By Ryan Rolston


aseball fever has taken hold of Riverview. It's not clear where it came from. Was it a residual effect of the resurgence of the Jays? Perhaps it is a spin-off from our awesome spring slo-pitch tourney last season. Maybe the older kids such as Bynski, Gardner, Cardinal, Strong, Sousa and Fedirchuk have inspired the younger ones. Who knows, but it's unmistakable! This season, led by our new baseball convenors, Jason Hoeppner and Chris Urniezius, Riverview is back on the baseball map. We currently have a total of 32 players registered to play Rally Caps (under 7), Grand Slam (under 9), and under 11 ball. At Rally Caps, our two Riverview teams, the Goldeyes and the Blue Jays have developed quite a rivalry (they only play each other). Every Monday and Wednesday night, you can catch the action, lead by Hoeppner and Urniezius, as the kids enjoy kicking up the dust on the club's southwest diamond. In the Grand Slam division, the Riverview Rangers have made our traditional name proud and are continuing to develop strong fundamentals in the game. In the meantime, the Fort Garry Giants are tearing up the U11A league circuit, currently sitting at 8-2 under the able coaching of Dom Marinelli, Dave Temmerman, Chris Urniezius

Jenny Gerbasi Proud to be working for our community City Councillor Fort RougeEast Fort Garry


(who is apparently very busy), and Mark Desjardins. The team is having a great time, win or lose. I would be remiss not to mention the several other older players who have continued to play ball over the years in the neighbourhood. It's great to see such an active group playing ball. Thanks to Murray for keeping the diamonds in good shape, and Jason and Chris for building the program again. Your collective hard work has once again proven that in baseball, if you build it, they will come!

What Can You Recycle in Winnipeg? By Dave Ediger


y now Winnipeggers should be familiar with the blue recycling carts and what products they can place in these carts for pick-up by the City of Winnipeg. However, there is a much broader list of products that can be recycled in Winnipeg. In addition to the “blue box” program which is supported by Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) there are twelve industry-led stewardship programs operating in Manitoba to manage a variety of waste items that can’t go into either the garbage or recycling carts provided by the City. These programs have been established by Producer Responsible Organizations (PROs) to comply with provincial legislation. PROs have established a network of collection sites that are open to the public year-round at no charge, Some of these sites are at retail outlets and some are at waste management facilities throughout Manitoba. That means that there is no need to hold onto these materials waiting for the next announced collection event. Some examples of items accepted through these stewardship programs, include: E-WASTE – televisions, computer monitors, printers, countertop microwave ovens HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE - paint, fluorescent lamps, flammables, toxics USED OIL – used motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze BATTERIES – rechargeable and single use batteries, lead acid automotive batteries TIRES – end of use tires and tubes CELL PHONES - cell phones, wireless PDAs, headsets MEDICATIONS - prescription drugs, over the counter medications THERMOSTATS - mercury-containing thermostats These are only partial example lists of the types of products collected under the current stewardship programs. For a complete list of accepted products and drop off locations, consumers should check one of the following sites:


Riverview Rowdies Soccer Season Comes to a Glorious Close By Dennis Cunningham


he Riverview Rowdies Soccer League played its final game of the 2015/2016 season on April 21st. From October to April, over 60 players from Riverview enjoyed some of the finest adult recreational co-ed soccer in Winnipeg. If you’re interested in playing in the 2016/2017 season please contact Charles ( or 204-452-9944) at the community centre to have your name placed on the waiting list. The season starts in mid-October. The Riverview Rowdies Soccer League is open to male and female players 35 and older who enjoy playing no-contact, non-competitive, self-reffed soccer. No previous soccer experience is necessary, just a willingness to have fun and get a bit of exercise. Also, beer and pizza may be consumed after games: Socializing is encouraged in this league!

Second Annual Riverview Slow Pitch Tournament is Just Around the Corner

Team Angelfish

Team Blowfish

By Julie Strong


ark your calendar and get ready to have some fun because the second annual Riverview Slow Pitch Tournament is coming soon! Teams will take to the diamonds early on Saturday June 11 for another day of competition and laughs while raising funds for the club. Who will be this year’s champ and hoist the winning trophy with pride? Will “Bases Loaded” defend their title or will we see a new champion crowned? Will Millie Cardinal take home the most spirited player award for the second year? Will Michael “TJ Hooker” Smyth revive his amazing moves rounding first base? Will “Kaboom” fit into their jerseys this year? To find out the answers to these questions, come out and join in the fun. Registration is already full so we can’t take on any more teams but we can always take in more fans. So come on down to the club and cheer on your favourite team while supporting the club. Psst...we have a beer garden!

Team Cuttlefish

Batters up! Team Dogfish





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Food and Education for the Future

RIVERVIEW “A PLACE TO GROW”, Intergenerational Site Planting party: May 14 or 15, Regular meetings will begin May 23, Day of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Weekend Watch Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30pm

By Jennefer Larsen


pring is a time to refocus, to shed our heavy layers and invest in the future, to tend to the earth and plant seeds. Sustainable South Osborne Community Coop (SSOCC) is taking time this Spring to refocus, narrowing in on two key activities: food and education. Through a focus on food security, SSOCC is able to complete work related to a broader set of activities like transportation and biodiversity, while supporting organizations whose missions are their singular advocacy, such as Peg City Car Co-op, and Living Prairie Museum. SSOCC’s South Osborne Permaculture Commons is now managing 4 garden sites and an orchard spread amongst Lord Roberts and Riverview. The newest additions to the Commons come courtesy of the Edible Trees grant from Tree Canada, and sponsors Loblaw, TELUS and Silk, and from a grant from Manitoba Hydro. Come and help us celebrate the new South Osborne River Garden at our upcoming tree planting and potluck picnic lunch event. Details will be posted to soon. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive event details in your inbox. We will be installing kiosks with bulletin boards this summer at each site to help identify them and post news and garden club information. Our gardening clubs sign up, which you can do through our website, is happening now. ORCHARD CLUB, Churchill Drive Regular meetings will begin May 29, Day of the week: Sunday Time: May/June 12 pm -2 pm, July- Sept 10am -12pm PEOPLE GARDEN First Friday Fill: May 13, Planting party: May 14 Regular meetings will begin May 16 Day of the week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday fill, Weekend Watch, Time: 6:30 pm LORD ROBERTS “A PLACE TO GROW”, Intergenerational Site, Argue Street Clean up/Planning Party: May 7 Planting Party: May 14 Regular meetings will begin May 10. Families are invited to pack a picnic dinner; adults can prep age-appropriate gardening activities while children finish eating. Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday, Weekend Watch Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

This year SSOCC was proud to offer three awards of $500 each to select students in Building a Commons, a 6 credit hour Sociology course offered in partnership with the University of Manitoba, thanks to funding from the Co-operative Promotion Board of Manitoba. Registered students and non-degree community members will participate in this summer institute which provides a ‘how to’ for urban farming and community organizing. This year’s program will run May – June. Finally, the Harvest Dinner, a perennial fall pop-up dinner in the Orchard, brought to us from the good folks at, Chew, and Deer + Almond, will be on Sunday, September 18th. Advance tickets will be available for purchase on our website.

Riverview Community Centre Fund Drive One Generous Neighbourhood By Dennis Cunningham


he Annual Fund Drive held on Saturday, May 7th was incredibly successful. Over $6000 dollars was donated during a four hour canvassing blitz. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Fund Drive, your donations are vital to the financial well-being of the community centre. Many thanks to the volunteers who contributed to the success of the fund drive: Randi Hunter and Heather Smith organized the canvassing routes and tracking all the donations (and have offered to manage next year’s fund drive); Quinn Fletcher assembled the canvassing kits; and, Jean Altemeyer, Juliane Schaible, Anna Schaible-Schur, Paige and Keira Bulloch, Samantha Lee, Marcos Carreiro, Kyla Wiebe, Sue-Anne Hamilton, Elli and Alyssa Nakamichi, Teresa Hampton, Jim Strong, Emma Grandmont, Kallie Strong, Beth Smyth and Tekla Cunningham who canvassed for donations. The RVCC racked up a big break courtesy of Gary and Merle Sloan who donated their billiards table as well as delivery and assembly. Come on by and cue up a game!




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Peg-City Car Co-op Introducing Peg City ‘Van’ Co-op By Beth McKechnie

Photo: Aaron Russin


kay, Peg City Car Co-op is not actually changing its name, but we have added a couple of 7-passenger vans to our vehicle network. And one of these Dodge Caravans will be in your neighbourhood! Not only are the vans handy for carrying lots of people, the easy to flip stow-and-go seats make it convenient for hauling stuff. Or, a combination of family, friends and stuff. “Having vans in the fleet provides our members with the flexibility to choose the right vehicle for their various needs,” notes Heather Sadowy, President of the car co-op. For families, it can mean the difference between remaining a one-car household versus feeling forced into buying a second car for those occasional times when family commitments pull you in two directions at once. With the recent addition of these vans, Peg City members

Will Belford shows off one of Peg-City Car Co-op's new vans. now have access to a network of 22 vehicles on a 24-hour basis. This includes three cars in the local area, including the Lord Roberts Community Centre, Safeway at 655 Osborne, and the electric Volt at IBEX Business Centre. Look for a Peg City van in your South Osborne neighbourhood soon!

Annual Spring Trivial Night Takes Over RVCC By Charles Musto


n April 22th, the Riverview Community Centre hosted its 12th Annual Spring Trivia night and it was once again a big hit. 12 teams took part in this year’s edition, and as tradition dictates, each team tried to prove they were the smartest bunch in the neighbourhood – when it comes to useless trivia! The night was full of laughs, cheers and a lot of headscratching. It was a competitive field and even recently re-elected MLA, James Allum, entered a team. In the end, it was Shark Party who flexed their jaws and demonstrated the highest trivia acumen by taking first place. A special thanks goes to Beth Smyth for once again organizing such a fantastic event. Thanks, as well, to Grant Bridgeman, the resident quizmaster, our judges Cathy Enns and Mel & Kathy Larson and our volunteers. Special thanks to our bartender Patrick Smyth . Lastly, a huge thank you goes to all of the participants for supporting the Riverview Community Centre. For those who missed it, don’t worry. Keep an eye out for another Trivia Night this fall – Halloween Edition. Stay tuned to for more details and follow the club on facebook at

Grands'n'More Update By Jean Altemeyer


rands’n’More continues to thank RVCC for providing us with meeting space. All our meetings are open – you don't need to be a grandmother, or female or even “older”. All you need is an interest in helping African grandmothers caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. We have many ways for folks to do that. Check out our website www.grandsnmore. com or, linked to the Stephen Lewis Foundation website, to learn more. In April, we held another successful “Scrabble for Africa”, where it pays to cheat – participants pay for permission to use letters and spell words in wild and wacky ways, and the African grandmothers benefit from the funds raised. Following our Annual Gathering on May 26th, our next Member Meeting will be in early-September – likely on the 8th, 7:00 pm at Riverview. It’s our “Welcome Back and Bring-aFriend” night, so we welcome you to join us. Our mega-fundraiser, Art from the Attic, is underway. From now until early-September, we are collecting art – defined as “anything that can hang on a wall – except no mirrors”. Items may be dropped-off at End-of-the-Roll, #5/6 - 801 Century Avenue (open 7 days a week), or call 204-806-6076 to arrange for us to pick-up your art. It's a GREAT opportunity to downsize or declutter over the summer, and an excellent way to find new art as we head into Fall.


BIZ Buzzzz

Meet Lew

The South Osborne Biz Bulletin

By Peter Waldie

By Sharla May ’d like you to meet business owner, author and Riverview ello once again South Osborne! Did everyone get a resident, Lew Bayer. When she’s not on the sidelines at her chance to enjoy our Shop South Osborne Day on SaturDaughter Denby’s Fastball games or hosting elaborate dinner day, May 14th? The street looked beautiful with red balloon parties, she is apparently changing the world and authoring clusters out front of our participating businesses, and each books. Who knew? business offering their own specials. The BIZ looks forward On April 15, 2016 Lew released her newest book The 30% to hosting fun and happy events like this again in the future Solution – How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement as a Thank You to our businesses and their customers. and Profitability. The book provides a ready-to-use toolkit for Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? businesses, professionals and individuals who want to build a It’s the time of year to start opening cottages, registering better workplace through a culture of civility. kids in summer camps, and filling our yards with colourful I’m sure business owners will be happy to hear that a annuals. We are fortunate to live in Riverview with its beauticulture of civility in the workplace increases revenue, engageful parks and walking paths. Being so close to Churchill Drive ment, and retention. Maybe they will be surprised to find out and its path along the river is such a treat for the neighbourthat almost 70% of employees polled said there is a need for hood. The walkability of Riverview is really outstanding, and civility training. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to know that Lew has there is no better time to enjoy it than now. 17 years of experience as an internationally recognized leading You may have noticed our Urban Green Team student civility expert to back up her information. Danica walking around the neighbourhood taking care of But, all that aside, there is a more important message Lew litter along the street. She is helping the South Osborne BIZ is trying to spread: As she says on her website (, keep our streets clean this summer. Soon we’ll see the return “Civility is its own reward...In of our flower planters along Osborne too - a clear sign that choosing civility, people find summer is on its way! their best self, and in doing so, We hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the comthey experience the grace, couring months. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with BIZ hapage, generosity, humanity, and penings please 'like' our Facebook page - South Osborne humility that civility engenders.” BIZ - and follow us on Twitter @southosbornebiz. We also Lew is a very special, pasCrossword Puzzle Maker: Final Puzzle have a new website that we are working on updating more sionate, articulate and strong regularly - woman. We wish her all the best with her new book. But before I finished this article I had to check on the book, it’s rated 5 out of 5 stars on Kindle. Way to go Lew!



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Riverview Run Club Starts off on the Right Foot By Dennis Cunningham


ourteen runners met at the community center on the last Saturday morning of April to officially launch the Riverview Run Club. The run group invites runners of all abilities and paces to meet Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. in the community centre parking lot for an easy five or eight kilometer run along the Churchill Parkway. It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, do a little social running and start the weekend with a little physical activity.
















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2016 Summer Riverview Reflector  
2016 Summer Riverview Reflector  

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