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FACES OF Imago Dei. We may rarely use it in a sentence, or as part of a conversation, but these two words are the fuel for the vision of Kingdom Builders and the catalyst for our passion for reaching the world with the news of hope found in Jesus. Imago Dei. Image of God. It’s how scripture describes us at the moment of creation. We are all created in the image of God. Yet a striking part of this narrative is the snowflake-esque distinction between our faces. From wrinkle lines to birthmarks, and nose shapes to skin complexion, no one is created the same. The meticulous creativity of an infinite God on display for all to see. All different, yet connected by the common thread of imago Dei. A descriptor so full, so meaningful, so powerful; it transcends the surface of our outward appearance and it sets our value and worth. This is what illuminates our vision to reach the world, to bring all people—every single person—into a life-giving relationship with Jesus. Every person, ingrained with immense value and worth because of the endowment of this title at creation, being given the likeness and image of God.

In the next several pages, you will see the faces of people from all walks of life. People who are uniquely and specifically created by a God who loved them before he laid the foundations of the earth. Faces crafted by a God who knows them down to the number of hairs on their heads. Stories of people as unique as the wrinkle lines on their faces. The faces of people participating in, contributing to, and receiving from the work that Kingdom Builders is doing all over the world. These are the faces of people just like people just like you and me. The faces of real people, with real stories, who are living out the imago Dei we are all given. And you are included in this as well. You are a face of Kingdom Builders, an image bearer of God, tied with all of creation in this common thread. Playing your part in seeing these people as uniquely special as their faces, come to find and know Jesus, and be part of bringing His kingdom come. These are the faces of Kingdom Builders.




The Heart of a Local Student


Pushing the Limits in the Arab World


Sharing Joy Through Coffee


Reaching Africa’s Emerging Metropolis


Refugee Hope in Europe



One Foster Child Matters






“Supporting local church expansion & outreach”



EART of a


“...students who are passionately pursuing not just a degree, but a God who loves them.”

BRAYTO The University of Minnesota may make you think maroon and gold, Goldy Gopher or “Row the Boat!”, but for over 100 students so far this year, the University of Minnesota will be the place they gave their life to Jesus. Where they found belonging, acceptance, love, and community. It’s the place they first felt God’s presence. In a setting with hundreds of other students who are passionately pursuing not just a degree, but a God who loves them and wants to be active and alive in their life.

For Brayton Lee, a redshirt freshman on the University’s wrestling team, it was the place he found a community of people on a similar journey and friends he could rely on helping maintain his faith. Last year through Kingdom Builders, River Valley Minneapolis Campus was able to launch an extension service on Monday

nights on the University of Minnesota campus. Not only has it been a place to help students like Brayton grow his faith in community, but also a place to invite friends, teammates, and classmates to a low intimidation, high access service right on campus. “The Monday night service was so amazing. It allowed me to get away from the busyness of school and life. It allowed me to meet so many friends who are on similar journeys. I’ve never met so many loving people, truly!”

Kingdom Builders is all about the mission of reaching more people for Jesus. It’s the core motivation, the central focus, and meaning behind the money. The University of Minnesota had over 50,000 oncampus students enrolled in 2019. Young people from all over the world are drawn in for academic training, and we believe that with God’s help, River Valley can be a beacon of hope and a place of salvation for students desperate for something more. Having a location where people can come and experience the

ON tangible presence of God is lifechanging. In one moment, God is able to set people free from the things holding them back, he is able to heal the hurting, and bring peace to the broken. “It’s not about me,’’ says Lee, “It’s about getting others into the presence of God.” Something that has never been easier now, thanks to the extension service. We are on a mission to bring another opportunity for students on campus to find this hope, and we are able to make it happen through the generosity of Kingdom Builders. Students you may never meet are now walking in hope and freedom because of your generosity. Students like Brayton have a place to passionately live

out their faith and introduce their friends, believing that if he could get his teammates to go with him only one time, “God would do the rest!”

“It’s about getting others into the presence of God.”

LEE 11


“Sharing the gospel worldwide through global missions�





sends them to push the limits, Dick says they ask the question “Where has the gospel not gone?” “You have to be willing to go forth under pressure,” Dick says. “The places we are sent to bring the gospel are not easy, but they are worth it.” “A few years ago, we were looking at the landscape of the Arab world,” explains Dick. “We were looking at all of the areas that didn’t have a church planting presence, and the Arabian Peninsula was one of them. But nobody was really ready to go in and lead it. So I said to Jenn, ‘why don’t we?’”


Several years ago, Pastor Rob and Becca sat down with Dick and Jennifer Brogden for a homecooked meal at a card table set up in their living room. The Ketterlings asked if they would consider being the very first missionaries sent out from River Valley Church. Starting with 50 dollars a month, the Brogdens received this call and were sent out into the world to allow God to do work through the generosity of the above-andbeyond giving that is Kingdom Builders.

Since 1995, they have been reaching people in some of the most difficult corners of the world. From Kenya to Sudan, Egypt to Libya, and now into the Arabian Peninsula, Dick and Jenn Brogden dream big dreams and push the limits of what is possible. When asked what

“Where has the gospel not gone?”

Dick and Jenn are believing that there is an openness in the Arabian Peninsula right now to receive the Word of God more than there has ever been before. “Seventy-five percent of the Arabian Peninsula is under the age of 26, and, with technology, there is a whole new way of reaching the Arab people,” Jenn says. “We want to be a part of being boots-on-the-ground church planters, and there is not a long line of people waiting to get into the Arabian Peninsula, so we are willing to do that.” To reach the individuals in the Arabian Peninsula, Kingdom Builders dollars are being used to establish a business for the couple to operate and have a legal presence in the Arab country. Once the business is underway, they can talk about Jesus as they train and build up employees and talk with

customers. By using the business as a platform, the name of Jesus can be shared with individuals who would never otherwise hear the Good News. “We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Kingdom Builders and see the Lord do something for His name and His kingdom in the Arabian Peninsula,” the couple says.

“Nothing else is worth it. If we keep Jesus at the center and keep proclaiming Jesus, He will carry us through difficult times.”

E DEAD So what makes it all worth it? How do the Brogdens continue to work day-in and day-out in dangerous places? “Jesus is the reason,” Dick says. “Nothing else is worth it. If we keep Jesus at the center and keep proclaiming Jesus, He will carry us through the difficult times.”





CAFE Jon and Sarah Hamilton have been serving in the foothills of the Himalayas for the past eight years working amongst unreached people groups. Their mission is to plant a church where one has never been before. As Jon puts it, “Our dream, our vision, our call is to see people worship Jesus in a language that has never worshipped His name.” That is the vision they are bringing to life through Cafe Awake in China.

Through the support of Kingdom Builders, God answered Jon and Sarah’s prayer for funding of the Cafe Awake project. Now, the couple runs three shops and roasts their own coffee which they source from local farmers. As they work with farmers in remote mountain

villages, Sarah and Jon are able to reach individuals who would otherwise never hear the name of Jesus. The couple is amazed at how they have seen God’s vision for the shop come to life as they continue to build relationships with the farmers. “Sourcing coffee is a way for these people to hear the gospel for the first time,” explains Sarah. Their conversations with farmers are planting seeds of faith that they believe will one day grow into a much larger gathering of individuals. Each day, Jon and Sarah continue to pursue the goal of planting a church in the region—and God has been faithful. “It’s been incredible to see His vision come to fruition through

AWAKE relationships, life transformations, and miracles,” explains Jon.

One of the unique opportunities Sarah and Jon have received is to go into Chinese high schools to teach English and play games with the students. Afterward, the couple invites students back to the coffee shop to continue building relationships. Four years ago, Jon had the opportunity to go into a high school during Christmastime. As Jon explains, “there is no Christmas in China, and students were curious to learn more.” So, Jon felt led to share the gospel about the greatest gift that ever came to Earth. During a River Valley Global Team three years later, the team was working at Cafe Awake when a high school student who had heard Jon’s teaching approached a team member with questions about Jesus. He wanted to learn more and a few team members were able

“Sourcing coffee has been a way for these people to hear the gospel for the first time” to take steps toward discipleship. One team member was even able to pray with the student for the first time. Since then, Sarah and Jon have been discipling that same student and witnessing his life be completely transformed through the love of Christ. “He is so full of joy,” explains Sarah. “He still faces the same day-to-day battles, but now he is equipped to fight them in prayer. He trusts Jesus as his Savior and wants to see his city of one million people come to know their Savior.” As Sarah explains, the impact of Kingdom Builders is intricately woven into Cafe Awake in the foothills of the Himalayas. “We have seen so much fruit from the teams that have come, and this is all made possible through the giving and generosity of Kingdom Builders.”







“Our intent is to not simply be a church just in the city, but we want to be a church that exists for the city.” seek to reach a new generation of influencers with the gospel, as they shape the culture of the cities.

Africa is urbanizing more rapidly than any other region in the world. Across the continent, urban populations are on a trajectory to triple by midcentury. With the influence of the arts, universities, and fashion, there is a social and economic heartbeat where culture is shifting and the landscape is changing. As a result of their partnership with churches like River Valley, Randy and Dezra Freeman are able to strategically target gateway cities in Africa, that, at this point don’t have a representation of the gospel. With apostolic passion and intentional engagement with the people they were sent to reach, the Freemans continue to see transformation in the four years they have led Urban Tribes. They direct high influence and high impact church planting initiatives in Africa to reach an emerging metropolis ethnos, unique in its own language and identity. They

“We’re sensing a receptivity to the gospel. People seem very open. They’ve had these religious influences in their lives, and many of them are at a place of realizing that it doesn’t have any value, and doesn’t hold much weight. People have a hunger for something that is alive, which we know is the gospel,” he states.

URB Randy remembers when a single mother and a ten-year-old son came to one of their urban church services. “She shared what the Lord was doing during the service...and the Holy Spirit began to speak to this mother and she was responding...she shared her life story and where she had come from. Her young son came up and she introduced me to him and said, ‘You’ll have to excuse my son, he believes he’s an atheist and I made him come to church with me today.’” After attending a few more weeks of church services, that young boy came up to Randy with a softer


BAN heart and tears in his eyes and said “Even though I think I’m an atheist, I’m okay with this church thing.’”

And just two months later, this same boy found Randy at service and said he now wanted to be a church planter himself and wanted to learn everything he could learn about Jesus and about serving the Lord.

“People have a hunger and thirst for something that is alive, which we know is the gospel.”

Through our sacrificial giving, Urban Tribes will continue to bring faith to the faithless, transformation across the continent, and a living Hope to the hearts of the city, for the city.





CONVOY o “In people’s darkest moments, places where they seemingly have no hope, Jesus is right there. He’s with the people that are on the fringes.” Kevin Miller

Kevin and Noel Miller, have experienced the truth of this time and again in their ministry. They live and serve in Europe with Convoy of Hope, a faith-filled organization that partners with local churches to better equip them to reach their communities. One of the ways the Millers serve is in response to the refugee crisis, where they crossed paths with a man named Omar. Omar is from Iran, a father and barbershop owner. His country’s

economy is on its knees in a time of political oppression. He had received news that his friend died in a car bomb and just two weeks later his very own barbershop was bombed. He knew he needed to take his family and begin a journey to safety and hope. Seeking asylum, they traveled from Turkey all the way to France in hopes of getting to England, and in the process, Omar lost his twoyear-old son for over a day, and his oldest son passed out from the dangers of the trek.

“We met him in his darkest place, and that’s the power of the local church,” Kevin says. “We [Convoy of Hope] were there [in the camp] to equip the church and provide

food, a tent, shelter, and basic human necessities for Omar and his family. The coolest thing about it was that I got to ask Omar if there was anything I could pray for him about when I was visiting him. He said his oldest son had struggled with breathing issues. I prayed for him; it was just a normal moment, and I went back to work.” They kept in touch and Kevin went back to visit him in the camp. “Omar wanted to tell me something. ‘My son hasn’t had any problems breathing since you came and prayed for him,’ he said. ‘Would you pray again for us? That we complete our journey all the way to England?’”

“In people’s darkest moments, places where they seemingly have no hope, Jesus is right there. He’s with the people that are on the fringes.”

Y of HOPE An Iranian Muslim brother had expectation and belief in the power of prayer.

Because of generosity initiatives like Kingdom Builders, the Millers can meet the Omars, connect with refugees in the camps, and meet a need of theirs right there. Noel’s gratitude radiates, “The church in the States is our empowering mechanism. It’s what gets us there, what keeps us there. It’s what sustains us.”

Kevin recalls, “We had a dream this year to do a certain number of community outreaches but financially we didn’t know if it’d take place. While we were planning, we got an email from River Valley asking, ‘What do you need?’ An email like that from a church does not come often!” The Millers described their God-sized dream and River Valley sent that and more. They were able to put on community events that provided free haircuts, groceries, health services, and more to those in need. “To be this supported by a church in the states in prayer and finances,” says Kevin, “this is why we’re able to do what we do.”



“Investing in the lives of future Christian leaders”





attention,” Kendra remembers. The last speaker of the day was an adoptive single mother. From the platform, she shared her journey, the fears, and doubts about adopting her daughter. “I cried the whole session. I knew God was calling me to walk a more nontraditional path to motherhood. At first, I was not happy about it, but over the next six months God would warm me up to the idea of foster care.”

KENDRA “I was so nervous walking into that first interest meeting. It’s intimidating enough, but to be one of only two single people was overwhelming. As I was digging for something to write with, I found a pen in my purse. One Child Matters, it read. As scary as it was, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.”

Kendra Hobbs never wanted to be a foster mom. She never dreamt of it or had an aching desire. But three years ago, she sat through a women’s conference in Dallas and began noticing something around her: a plenitude of single moms speaking, serving, operating in many different roles and pursuing big dreams. “I felt in my spirit that God was trying to catch my

“I began to understand how God longs for billions.”

After the thought was planted, she kept running into little reminders everywhere. God began to use other people—the body—in the process. Her Sisterhood group had begun and they went around introducing themselves and what they did for a living. “One of the first people to go was a social worker at a foster care organization.” The two of them met over coffee, and Kendra shared her heart. “It’s crazy how God will put just the right person in your path so you can continue to move forward into what He has for you.” From this, she received a few practical steps to take and began her training to become a licensed foster parent.

After receiving the call for her first placement, a toddler boy was brought to her home. She remembers him being dropped off. “It was a rollercoaster. We had moments of laughing together over hotdogs and strawberries. We were both scared but deep down I knew

we would bond and trust would come.” A common misconception many have about foster care is that it’s just too hard. Kendra speaks on this, “The funny thing is that’s exactly what it is. Too hard. But I’ve never felt more comforted, loved, and seen than in the hardest moments...He can handle it all. He wants to handle it all. This almost forces you to lay down any control you think you have, and rely on God guiding you along the way. He is who he says he is. That’s the main thing I always go back to,” Kendra continues. “Resting in that has given me an understanding of the depth of His character at the greatest level I’ve ever experienced.”

The generosity of the hearts behind Kingdom Builders has supported Kendra financially so she could focus more of her time loving and caring for her foster child. “I’m so grateful for this, but more importantly, the child being cared for is getting the proper care and attention they need! This impact is carried over through the child and into their biological family circumstances.”

A HOBBS She reflects back on this beautiful picture of redemption. “It astonishes me that God would allow me a front-row seat to this story. To play a large role in the care of a little boy and healing for his family. As I went through the process of saying goodbye to him, I imagined it’s a fraction of how God feels about the world. I grieved for one child, but I began to understand how God longs for the billions.”



Campus Communities Local Outreach

New River Valley Campuses

Community outreach projects specific to the communities of each of our metro area campuses.

Our vision is to launch 12 new campuses in the Metro area and in key communities throughout greater Minnesota.

City Center Church Plant (Berkeley)

River Valley Worship Album & Tour

A new church plant in Berkeley, California, focused on reaching those who would never otherwise enter a church.

Providing support for the release and promotion of ALTARS, a River Valley Worship album, dropping in the spring of 2020.

Church Multiplication Network

University of Minnesota Outreach Service

Equipping and funding leaders to plant healthy, Spirit-filled churches across the United States.

LA Dream Center

A resource center that focuses in on finding solutions for homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs.

Life Center Minneapolis

Urban ministry center in Minneapolis committed to transforming impoverished people through the power of Christ.

Merge Twin-Cities (Outreach)

Large scale outreach events in the Twin Cities for Hmong, Somali, and Sudanese communities.

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

A Christ-centered organization focusing on helping people gain freedom from chemical addictions and other life-controlling issues.

Outreach service of our Minneapolis Campus to reach University of Minnesota students for Christ.

Utah Church Plant

Sending a former staff family to Utah to fulfill the dream God has put in their hearts to reach the people of Utah with the love of Christ through a local church plant.


GLOBAL 500 Senders Fund

Change30: Russia

Africa’s Hope

China Regional Initiatives

Our vision is to send out 500 missionaries from our church. We are helping to equip and send them. Provides biblical training for leaders of the growing Church in Africa, equipping them with knowledge and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Asia Pacific Church Plants

Raise money for projects and church plants amongst the never-reached throughout Asia Pacific.

Barcelona International Church

Supporting the continued expansion and growth of the Barcelona International Church.

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

Beginning the process of missions awareness, concern, and stewardship in young lives by training them to give sacrificially.

Business as Mission

Championing the role of business in God’s plan for the world. Collaborating with and resourcing the missional role of business people globally.

Cafe Awake Coffee Shop, China Growing coffee shop that serves as a cultural ministry center in China, providing gospel access to the unreached.

Inspiring purpose in Russian orphans by providing them with the love, guidance, and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives. Compassion outreaches, English education, and rural village development are utilized to bring the hope of Jesus into the lives of everyday people living in Northern Asia.

Convoy of Hope US & International

Feeding children in need, providing disaster relief, training women to start businesses, and helping farmers in developing nations.

Cuba Church Plants

Partnering with missionaries to Cuba on projects such as church construction, school of theology, and pastoral training.

Equip Leadership Development Training Christian leaders and mobilizing them to impact their families, businesses, and communities.

eSwatini Campus & Carepoints We’re committed to investing in our eSwatini church plant and carepoints, bringing the hope of Jesus to the “least of these.”



Eurasia Coffee & Tea

Partnering with Focus Church to have a multi-purpose meeting venue that will work as a forprofit cafe in the up-and-coming business and retail district in Estonia.

Fire Bible

The first comprehensive study Bible, translated into hundreds of languages, created to help pastors and leaders preach, teach, and reach others.

Global Aid Pro

Training for the European church to help in refugee crises response and refugee camps.

Hope International

Empowering those in poverty through financial training, microloans, and other resources.

International Justice Mission (Human Trafficking)

Rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking and working with law enforcement officials to bring criminals to justice.

India Common Table (Live Dead Outreach)

A global community of people connected by the heart to introduce India’s unreached to Jesus.

Indonesia Campus Ministry

On mission mobilizing people and resources to put hope within reach of every addict.

A training center in Indonesia that teaches young people English and disciples them in their growing faith.

Global University

Japan and Asia Church Plants

Global Teen Challenge

Equipping, educating, and training pastors globally for the local church.

Hand of Hope (Joyce Meyer Ministries)

Helping to fund water wells in third world countries through Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Healing Haiti

A Christ-centered ministry leveraging resources to elevate and unify Haitian families to end the cycle of poverty and strengthen the community.

Healing Hands Global (Jungle Hospital)

Hospital providing care and support for the impoverished people of Honduras.

Helping to plant new churches through a vibrant bilingual church called Lifehouse International. Today Lifehouse has multiple campuses across Japan and in other parts of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Live Dead Church Plants Middle East

Planting churches in sensitive countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Algeria and Yemen.

Live Dead Church Plant Media Projects

Media ministry resources for current church plant teams.

Live Dead Origins

Church planting initiative in Israel.

Messenger International

Providing believers worldwide with access to life-changing messages through a variety of different mediums.

Morocco Church Plants

Supporting the church planting movement in Morocco.

Network211 - Journey Online

Project Rescue Human Trafficking

Rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Salt Church and Church Planting Network - Norway

Investing in the next generation of Norway through a strategic partnership with Salt Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Norway, and a dawning church planting movement.

Using cutting edge technology to spread the gospel in the most difficult places in the world by helping people discover and grow in their journey.

Scripture Translation Projects

OneHope International

Reaching children and youth worldwide with the gospel message through print, films, storytelling, audio, and mobile apps.

Youth raising money for missionary projects around the world, including essential resources, transportation, and creative communication equipment.

One Million Meals (Venture)

Turkey Church Plant

Partnership between Venture Expeditions and Feed My Starving Children to provide meals to refugees of Thailand and Burma.

Priority One

Educating and equipping pastors of the global Church through Bible colleges, schools, and leadership development organizations.


Raising awareness and resources for the 42% of the world that is still waiting for access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Providing access to the gospel for various people groups throughout the world who do not have access.

Speed the Light

Bringing the gospel to Istanbul, Turkey through a live music cafe, Business as Mission approach.

Urban Tribes

Seeks to reach Africa’s fastest emerging urbanizing region in the world through strategic planting of high influence and high impact churches.

World Assemblies of God Church Planting Initiative Planting Assemblies of God churches around the world.



Church Match Scholarships

Funds donated by River Valley that are matched by North Central University for college students.

Kingdom Builders Youth Global Teams

Over 150 youth students registered for Global Teams going to four different continents in 2020.

Mercy Multiplied

An international charitable Christian organization that helps women break free from life-controlling behaviors & situations.

Minnesota District Campground

The expansion of the Assemblies of God District Campground at Lake Geneva, Minnesota.

Minnesota Foster Care & Adoption

North Central University

A university focused on equipping and sending leaders into the world to bring the love of Jesus further than we could on our own.


River Valley Leadership Institute

Raising up thousands of future leaders, providing interns with a community, opportunities in the church, and leadership labs.

River Valley Network

Offering innovative resources, events and training opportunities, along with relationship-building for churches all over the nation.

Wildwood Hills Ranch

A ranch in Iowa transforming lives and strengthening communities by providing healing, hope, and God’s love to children and at-risk youth.

Support existing foster parents and encourage new families and individuals to be involved in the process.






Kingdom Builders is a community of generously sacrificial believers eager to spread the love of Christ worldwide. Here’s what a few of you had to say about the significance and sacrifice‌

SIGNIFICANCE “It is a vehicle whereby I can give generously to missions and other organizations that promote and build God’s kingdom worldwide. I love being a part of so many different areas that I could not have done on my own, knowing my giving combined with others makes a difference for eternity.” “Kingdom Builders is a way to live out the gospel in a tangible way. It’s a way to pay it forward and truly feel blessed to be a blessing.” “Kingdom Builders is the manifestation of the Spirit in human lives, brought forth by the generosity of the church.” “It is a blessing to me, as it provides the opportunity to help fund and promote projects that bring the great news of Jesus Christ all over the world—even to the places where the name of Jesus is not allowed to be spoken or has never been heard. To know that I can be part of that brings me joy!”

“If I can’t be there in person, I want to help others who are able to be God’s hands and feet. I think of the mom who packed the lunch for the little boy who’s lunch Jesus used to feed the 5,000. She did what she could to get her son there—God used her and she wasn’t even there to see the miracle!” “Kingdom Builders means that my family is part of a church that believes, and more importantly obeys, the Great Commission. We love that River Valley is committed to missions, to making disciples, to changing lives, and to bringing the gospel to all. We are honored and blessed to give to Kingdom Builders!” “Contributing to something bigger than myself to make an eternal impact. I can have a small part in God’s work of doing amazing things to make the name of Jesus known around the world. I can help fuel the God-given vision and mission of others.”


“We sacrifice convenience to give above-and-beyond the tithe. It is easy to set up an automatic gift that fits into the budget. It’s another call of sacrifice and obedience to obey His voice when it is least expected.” “We purchase used cars to drive and trust God to provide for their care as long as we can. We eat out or go to a movie as a treat, and drink water with meals. We also think through planning and taking vacations more economically.” “My wife and I have willingly given up careers, our home, and immediate access to family and friends. Our purpose is to answer God’s call on our lives. We continue to give financially to Kingdom Builders because we believe in bringing the gospel to the ends of the world.”

“I go to River Valley for youth on Wednesday nights. I have given up some of my personal spending money for Kingdom Builders—and I think it is well worth it!” “My wife and I have been tithers since we first got married. We’ve always understood the importance of giving to God what is already His. Giving to Kingdom Builders means that we sacrifice frivolous things that we don’t need. It means that we are better stewards of what God has graciously blessed us with.”


HOW CAN YOU BE How are you going all in this year? Raising 8 million dollars for Kingdom Builders requires the commitment from each of us to go ALL IN. Some giving sacrificially and others giving from great abundance. If this is your first time giving, or if you’re looking to get to a new level in giving, here are some ways to hold nothing back in your generosity. First, make a PLAN to give. When you have plans and are diligent, it leads to plenty (Proverbs 21:15). God is excited when you have a plan! Whatever the amount is—have the plan in place, work the plan and be obedient with it. Start there. Next, ask God to give you a VISION for what He wants to do through you. This is beyond what you can do in your natural income. This requires you to take a step a faith. Additionally, Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write that vision down and

pray about it! God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Stepping out in faith pleases God. When you look at what He has in His hands, it goes to another level! Lastly, what would be a DREAM amount you could give? Hold on to it. This number is only between you and God. Watch as each step of faith you take, God moves you closer to that dream. God can do exceedingly abundantly more than all we can ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). While there will be thousands of people giving as Kingdom Builders in 2020, always remember every gift matters to God. It’s not the size of the gift, but the obedience to and trust in God’s voice that matters most. Plan to give, ask God for a vision in your generosity, and hold onto the dream of what God will do as you hold nothing back!

all IN?

N “We personally give to Kingdom Builders every year and this year we are HOLDING NOTHING BACK! We are praying and preparing to give our dream goal in 2020! We’re believing many of you will step up to a new level of generosity, while many of you will give for the first time! We are celebrating with you as we go ALL IN together as Kingdom Builders!”


Learn more about the projects we’re giving to by visiting us online at rivervalley.org/KingdomBuilders. To give to Kingdom Builders right now, text “KB” to 28950. Follow Kingdom Builders on social media @rivervalleymn for weekly updates.



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