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SNOW REMOVAL POLICY and INFORMATION TO RESIDENTS During winter snowstorm events safety is a primary concern and often the Town’s efforts may be delayed by having to deal with situations that are time-consuming and potentially dangerous. We respectfully request that you, the homeowner, assist the Town’s snow clearing efforts by considering the following: PERSONAL SAFETY – Older residents and those with health problems are reminded to avoid the extreme physical activity connected with shovelling snow. Also, skiers, snowmobilers and A.T.V. operators are advised to keep vehicles off Town streets at all times. TRAVEL SAFETY – When traveling, exercise extreme caution. During winter storm events, limit travel to trips which are absolutely necessary. Please keep a minimum of 75 feet from snow control vehicles. PARKING – Residents are encouraged to refrain from parking on the street during and immediately after snowstorms. ROAD SALTING – In the event of a winter storm resulting in mixed or frozen precipitation or at the beginning of a snowstorm, all roads may be salted normally within three to six hours and as needed thereafter.

The Europa majestically sails through Amherstburg. Photo by: Janet & Alan Arseneault of Chalet Studio Photography

SNOWPLOWING – During snowstorms (usually greater than two inches accumulation) town crews will plow based on established town priorities. Main roads are plowed first, followed by primary and secondary residential streets with one pass in either direction until snowfall ceases. Thereafter all roads are plowed curb to curb as time and resources permit. CUL DE SACS – Residents are encouraged to be patient with the removal of snow from these areas as the necessary large snow removal equipment often prohibits the full cleaning of some areas where there is insufficient room available. Alternate equipment may be dispatched when storm conditions have subsided. Priority is given to clearing access in the roadway first, crews will return as soon as they can. PLOWING ONTO STREET – Do not Deposit snow from private driveways onto the public streets as this result in a hindrance to traffic. DRIVEWAYS – The Town is not responsible for snow which is deposited in private driveways. Plow operators have very little discretion on where this snow can go. Residents should understand that the Town’s priority is to clear streets to ensure public safety. Residents should throw/shovel snow to the down traffic side of the driveway. This will minimize the amount of snow that will be pushed back into the driveway by the Town’s snow plow. SIDEWALKS – Property owners are responsible for clearing all snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property within four (4) hours for commercial and twelve (12) hours for residential properties from the end of storm event. MAILBOXES – In the event mailboxes are damaged for plowing operations, the Public Works Department will inspect the damage and may assist residents in making repairs or provide |replacement. Normally, mailboxes struck and damaged by the Town’s plow will be replaced. If your mailbox has been damaged, please call Public Works Department for further information. FIRE HYDRANTS – Adopt the fire hydrant nearest your home and keep it clear of snow and ice. GENERAL INFORMATION •When shovelling snow from sidewalks and driveways, place the snow to the right of the driveway (as you face the street) since this helps limit the amount of snow plowed back into your driveway. •If you have a catch basin at the curb in front of your house, please remove the snow from the top and immediate vicinity so that the melting snow will go into the basin and not into your driveway or house. •Advise children against building structures in snow banks on the sides of streets as children may be injured by the equipment widening the traveled road lanes.

a moment in time Alex K. Duff, manager of Deer Head Club and later proprietor of Duffy's Tavern pours the first legal drink in Amherstburg. (upon the revision of the law). Nov. 11, 1924. Photo courtesy of Duffy's Tavern

•Clearing all of the streets takes time and planning to get the most benefit from the Town’s resources. If you believe your street was missed, please be patient and call the Public Works Department. •Please noted the Town has implemented the ‘Report a Problem Program’ to allow ratepayers to call or e-mail concerns around snow removal issues. This is available on-line at or simply call the town hall information kiosk at (519) 736-0012. Amherstburg Public Works Department Lou Zarlenga, P. Eng. Director of Engineering & Infrastructure Phone: (519) 736-3664 We thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and co-operation.

Amherstburg River Town Times March 2, 2011  
Amherstburg River Town Times March 2, 2011  

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