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The United States National Academy of Sciences, like every other major national scientific academy in the world, has repeatedly declared that man-made global warming and climate change are real and pose profound dangers to society. The infamous Frederick W. Seitz used the prestige of his physics degree and his position at Standard Oil’s subsidized Rockefeller University to blunt the publics understanding of the health effects of smoking and then did the same to blunt the message from scientists about the cause and effects of global warming. On top of his salary from the university he received $585,000 from R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for supervising its health care research which avoided the central health question. In an interview he stated “They didn’t want us looking at the health effects of smoking.” The tobacco industry planning

WFCU Continued from Page 2 Croucher, including its partnership with the Amherstburg C o m m u n i t y Foundation. Last August the WFCU was one of the sponsors of the “fabulous garden party reception,” says Croucher. Stockwell thanked council for letting the WFCU be a partner in the town’s multi-use arena. “Being able to walk into that facility and see the energy that exists inside of it and all of the people that that have banded together to make this project happen,” said Stockwell. “Shows what a great initiative this is; what a great initiative it will be in the future.” “It is a top notch facility and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.” Mayor Wayne Hurst

Deniers have cost us twenty years of progress memo made their goal perfectly clear, “Doubt is our product.” The same scientists who schemed so cleverly to cast doubt on the actual health effects of smoking began using similar techniques to discredit the science of global warming. They aimed not at other scientists who could see through the disinformation campaign. Instead they aimed at the influential non scientific community of lawmakers, journalists and the public. For years, America’s energy companies showered politicians with campaign contributions and deployed armies of lobbyists. As early as 1991 a group of scientists, later known as the “Global Climate Coalition” were organized and funded by coal, petroleum, utility and auto industries to

develop active deniers. This group and their dupes were far more successful at manipulating and disseminating misinformation than the scientific community and their informed allies were at presenting the solid scientific facts of global warming and climate change. It should be noted here that the science advisors to the Global Climate Coalition informed its leadership in 1995 that the science behind man made global warming was “well established and cannot be denied”. And so the Coalition had that item removed from their public statements. First they denied that global warming was real. When that became an obvious lie they claimed that it would be small and cause few serious problems. When the facts on the

thanked Stockwell and the WFCU on behalf of council and the community. “It is an initiative that has been taken very seriously by this council to energize the

community and help us once again to be a sustainable community in this particular region,” said Hurst.

ground began proving that wrong they switched to the claim that the warming was not caused by human activity. It was soon evident that all those claims were false so they began using the biggest scariest falsehood of them all. They claimed that cutting greenhouse gas emissions would as President Bush put it “wreck the economy”. Of course we can see that what they really meant was that it threatened their comfortable heavily subsidized fossil fuel economy. Fast forward to 2011 and we find the auto industries have come to their senses and are switching to the green economy as fast as the car buying public will allow. Two giant oil companies Exxon

by Patrick

Mobile and Shell have come forward to tell us the most effective and efficient way to transition to the green economy is to use market forces by putting a price on carbon and return the proceeds to us. The CAO of Exxon

Mobile described it as “a refundable greenhouse gas emissions fee” Canada is an oil economy like Saudi Arabia. The difference is that Saudi Arabia is taking huge steps to become carbon free. Making it likely they see peak oil. But the US just elected 135 deniers. Time to multiply our prayers and take action.

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Amherstburg River Town Times March 2, 2011  

newspaper issue of the River Town Times

Amherstburg River Town Times March 2, 2011  

newspaper issue of the River Town Times