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thy — the deterioration of the brain caused by repeated concussive and subconcussive blows to the head — there has been a lot of research and progress on dealing with concussions. While there is no prevention and no cure, there is help to be had as medical professionals are arming themselves with the most up-to-date information in order to best serve patients. “We’ve been researching traumatic brain injury and concussion management for many, many years,” Hirshson said. “For the public to have a better sense of a what the real risks of having a concussion are, I think recent sports stuff, the movie ‘Concussion,’ it’s raising people’s awareness. I think people are taking concussions a little more seriously, especially with the schools and the CDC. Everyone is coming up with their own return to play guidelines. There’s a reason for that. Guidelines have to be in place. Ten or 15 years ago you would just go back to playing what you were playing. We know a lot more now.” Education has been key and it’s working with coaches, athletes, trainers and schools. There’s no reason others shouldn’t be aware of the dangers of concussions. “The best thing to take home about it is we’re learning more every day,” Hirshson said. “Concussions should be taken seriously. Cognitive and physical rest is recommended and is the best bet. “The worst thing to happen is to have someone who is suffering and winds up suffering for a long period of time because their symptoms were mishandled or ignored when they first started.”

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Northern Westchester Hospital’s Concussion Rehab Program • Problems with reasoning, problemsolving and judgment • Inappropriate, embarrassing or impulsive behavior • Inability to return to work or school.

Our Concussion Rehabilitation Program at Chappaqua Crossing takes a multidisciplinary approach to effectively treat adolescents and adults who have sustained concussions. We help patients reach their individual goals safely, whether it’s to return to normal, daily function, return to school or work, or return to sports. Your multidisciplinary team Our experienced team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists treat patients at all stages of concussion: from immediately after injury through to baseline function. Based on a comprehensive evaluation, we create individualized concussion treatment plans. Your team of concussion rehabilitation specialists will collaborate with your other medical professionals, such as your primary care physician and neurologist. Physical therapy Our physical therapists prescribe a comprehensive program that may entail oculomotor exercises, habituation exercises, balance exercises and prepare you to return to life, work and sport. You may benefit from concussion rehabilitation with a physical therapist if you are experiencing any of the following post concussion: • Headaches • Dizziness • Imbalance • Light or sound sensitivity

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• Car sickness • Head, neck, or back pain • Inability to return to work, school, sports. Speech therapy Our speech therapists work with patients on cognitive-communication impairments. You may benefit from concussion rehabilitation with a speech therapist if you are experiencing any of the following post concussion: • Attention and concentration problems • Problems processing and understanding information • Language and communication problems • Problems learning and remembering new information • Planning and organization problems

Occupational therapy Our occupational therapists address cognitive deficits related to visual-spatial tasks and activities of daily living. You may benefit from concussion rehabilitation with an occupational therapist if you are experiencing any of the following post concussion: • Decreased confidence in your daily life • Difficulty returning to daily activities including work, school or leisure activities • Decreased awareness of your environment • Trouble with fine or gross motor coordination • Difficulty sleeping. Return to Sports The NWH Concussion Rehabilitation Program helps reduce post-concussion symptoms. We help both the casual and competitive athlete return to play safely. • We give our athlete patients a post concussion exercise program that helps them return to all other activities of daily living. • We customizes a training program and concussion therapy that is sportspecific. — From

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