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June 2011 • Complimentary Issue •

Happy Father's Day! Tips for feeding a picky eater

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June 2011

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Your Mickle’s Worth Will work for Summer Camp! I’m trying to decide if we should have the kids stand on a corner holding the sign or if I should be the supportive dad and do it for them. I won’t tell you which way I’m leaning. I will tell you two basketball camps plus a summer team for Kyle, two basketball camps, a baseball team and summer soccer skills camp for Matt, Christian camp, baton lessons and band for Kate is enough to make the bank account wheeze. Every time, I write out another check, I think I hear the bank teller, yelling “CLEAR”. Break out the defib machine, the Mickle’s are writing another camp check. I don’t remember summer activities being so expensive when I was a child. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t paying for them! At any rate, even with the expense, it’s clearly better than the alternative. If our children were home for 2 1/2 months with nothing to do, they’d be stir crazy and I’d just be plain crazy. I love summer break, but it seems every year it’s the same drill. We go through the first two weeks of “adjustment”. You know the time period where the kids are pulled from their daily routine, forced to face life in a home with their siblings and we are left to referee the inevitable disagreements. Then, we merge into the “carpool craziness”. Three kids going different directions equals mass confusion. It almost takes a mathematical chart merged with a google map to maneuver the effort. “Okay, on Monday, we are driving Kyle and his friends to basketball camp, another parent is picking up. Tuesday is our day to pick Matt and friends up from basketball camp. Don’t forget Kate has baton practice in Dewitt. Kyle will need to pack a lunch and Oreo is going to the groomer.” My head already hurts. “Sooo, if we are going to get Kyle’s lunch, Kate to Dewitt, Matt to Rock Island and the dog to Bettendorf, we need to leave at what time?” I ask, dreading the answer. “5am,” my wife says only half-kidding. “You’re driving,” I quickly reply. “Nope, forgot to mention, I’m working at the hospital,” she says with a smile.

By Mike Mickle

Ugh. Then we transition into the .... uh oh. The summer is almost over and we haven’t take a family vacation, been to visit the kids’ grandma in Oklahoma or picked up Oreo from the groomer and she’s been there for 5 weeks. Dang it! Okay, if we head to a local water park in the middle of the week, we can be there for 23 hours before coming home for Matt’s baseball game. We’ll spend two days at home, head to Oklahoma, tell the family they have to meet us in one central location and we’ll spend 36 hours and then head home... oh.. and we’ll pick up Oreo on the way out of town. Do you think she will remember us? The last two weeks are filled with the back to school madness. We are frantically shopping for class supplies, new clothes and aloe to treat the sunburns. We also try to restore some sort of “routine” to all of our lives. Even though I joke about all of the craziness, I realize one day soon they will all be gone and I wonder what we’ll do. The house will be quiet, the schedule will be empty and we’ll only have the memories of the hectic family summers. For now, I’ll fasten my seatbelt and get ready for the ride. Has anyone seen Oreo? Have a great summer everyone! Mike

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June 2011 • QC Family Focus

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Life Lessons

Julie Sisk, WQAD News Anchor/ Quad City Mom

n Mother’s Day this year while driving we unfortunately hit a deer that did not survive. This spurred a lot of talk from both of my children, but my young daughter had a lot of questions about what happened, why it happened and of course about the deer. At one point she asked if the deer had a family. I said yes, everything has a family. She countered with... It has a mom and a dad? I said yes and left it at that continuing to try and change the subject. I’m not sure what she was thinking exactly but that question has me thinking about families. This time of year many honor parents or guardians. It is a time that some take a moment and think about how lucky they are or what they have learned by example, whether it be good or bad. Everyone celebrates differently. Some mark the day with their family... others take time for themselves... some choose not to celebrate at all. As Father’s Day quickly approaches I will try to figure out how to mark the occasion for my own dad and husband. While searching for some ideas I found some interesting quotes... Some funny, some heartfelt, that sum up the role and love of a father. “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” - Clarence B. Kelland “Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” - Unknown “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” - Sigmund Freud “It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.” - Johann Schiller “By profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder--infinitely prouder--to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build; the father only builds, never destroys.” - Douglas MacArthur “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” - Jim Valvano “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” - Unknown Father’s Day is just one day, but some show their love throughout the year by helping with a project or giving guidance. However you spend Sunday, June 19th I hope you have a great day! 6

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Join Clifford and his friends for “paws-on fun” at the Family Museum! TM

A traveling exhibit appearing at the Family Museum May 21 - September 4, 2011 Sponsored locally by

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Axle Promotes Bike Safety


By Kim Fein RIA Federal Credit Union

t’s a beautiful day - the sun is shining. What could be more perfect than a bike ride? But wait! Before you pull your bike out of the garage, let’s explore with Axle how to stay safe on two wheels. Why is Bicycle Safety So Important? Axle thinks safety rules are important whether you have 4 wheels like him or 2 wheels like your bike. Every year, about 300,000 kids go to the emergency room because of bike injuries. Some of these injuries are head injuries. That’s why it’s so important to wear your bike helmet. Wearing one doesn’t mean you can be reckless, but a helmet will provide some protection for your face and head in case you fall down. A Helmet How-To Wear a helmet every time you ride, even if you are only going for a short ride. Axle wants you to make sure your bike helmet fits properly. You don’t want it too small or too big and you should never wear a hat under your helmet. It should be worn level and cover your forehead with the straps always fastened.

Many bike helmets today are lightweight and come in cool bright colors or fluorescent colors. Axle also suggests that you personalize your helmet with reflective stickers, because they will make you more visible to people. Proper Maintenance and Behavior Axle has to have regular maintenance checks and he wants you to do the same for your bike. Check your bike’s brakes and make sure they are working properly. There should be reflectors on your bike so other people can see you. You should also use hand signals when you are out riding. Always stop and look left and right before entering a street or crossing an intersection. If you follow safety rules, you will have a fun summer full of bike riding and playing with your friends!

27th Annual Quad Cities Riverfront Bicycle Ride

Father’s Day June 19, 2011 Enjoy a bi-state tour of the Quad Cities along riverfront bike trails. Plus, cruise on the Mississippi River on the Celebration Belle Riverboat from Iowa to Illinois or ride across the historic Arsenal Bridge. Come join the fun with the whole family for this Father’s Day tradition! > 60 miles of trails > Jr. high duathlon > Kids ride free

Details and registration:

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Look What I Can Do!

By Diane Baker Youth Development Educator, 4-H Military Programs, University of Illinois Extension

“I did it!!” Whether it was hitting a baseball, swimming a lap at the pool, reading a book alone for the first time, or spending a few days away from home at summer camp – it is exciting to hear the enthusiasm of success in a child’s voice. Learning new skills and knowledge is an on-going process for young people and it’s something that we often associate with the structured environment of the classroom. However, summer break is the perfect opportunity for our children to have many new experiences and develop new skills outside of the formal school environment. Whether children are in a structured summer day-camp program or spending the summer at home with family members, this is a perfect time of year to master new skills. In recent issues of “Family Focus” we have explored the Key Concepts of Positive Youth Development, including belonging, independence and generosity. The fourth, and final, essential element is “mastery” of knowledge, skills and attitudes. When young people experience the mastery of a skill, they develop an increased sense of being capable and are more confident in solving problems and meeting new challenges. So, how do you help children develop a sense of mastery this summer? Consider these ideas: Set goals for the summer: help each child set their own goals, ensuring that the goals are attainable and realistic. Then, work together to set goals for your family or youth program. Try something new: look around your community for new opportunities. Explore classes that are offered by libraries, museums, fitness centers or park programs. Many of these opportunities are available at little or no cost. Plan together as a family or group: whether it be a visit to local sites, a weeklong vacation, or a party that you’re hosting - involve everyone in the planning. This is an opportunity for kids to learn to plan an itinerary or schedule, search for information on the internet, develop and work within a budget … 8

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

and have fun while visiting new places or socializing with friends and family. Master new skills while getting physically fit: Enroll in swimming lessons or a swim class – a great way to exercise in a non-competitive environment. • Form a “walking team” and take part in community walks – improve your own health while also supporting a local cause. Monitor your distance and time and celebrate the milestones as you improve throughout the summer. • Join a sports team – baseball, soccer, flag football - the choices are many. If you have older kids, encourage them to get involved in coaching a team of younger players which takes their mastery to a new level. Explore the world around you: Explore the hiking trails at your local parks – learn to identify animal tracks, leaves and wildflowers. • Volunteer at a local museum – teach others about the exhibits or help with classes for younger children. • Expand your cultural interests – learn to play a musical instrument, take part in community theater, learn to speak a foreign language or expand your interests in the visual arts. Master your own domain: Involve everyone in meal preparation at home – try new recipes or new cooking techniques. • Grow your own garden – enjoy the time together as a family and reap the tasty benefits of your garden-fresh harvest. • Share the workload by teaching important life skills to your children – when everyone helps with laundry, cleaning, and yard work that leaves more time for family fun. Enjoy the challenge of making this a great summer for your family by developing a plan, putting it into action, and then reflecting on the skills learned as you go through the summer. For more information about the “Critical Elements of Positive Youth Development,” contact your local University of Illinois Extension or Iowa State University Extension office.

Look for the Advocare link on the Home page of Begin your journey to a healthier you today!

WLLR – St. Jude Mini Golf Tournament WLLR, River Valley Golf & St. Jude invite you to participate in our “Mini Golf Challenge”

Thursday, July 7th at River Valley Golf from 2pm-7pm Join us for a fun family event to help the kids of St. Jude!





Tee-times are available! Call and register your team today. Teams can be up to five members. The cost is $6.00 for children and adults. To set-up your tee-time, please contact Julie Myers at (563) 344-7138 or

Davenport Parks and Recreation Summer Camps 2011 - Explore Possibilities


Summer Long Camps: 7:30am – 5:30pm Monday - Friday Adventure Camps • The River’s Edge “Ultimate” Summer Camp Weekly Specialized Camps: Dates and times vary Sports Camps: - Hockey Camp - Volleyball Camp - Tennis Camp - Tumbling Camp - Football Camp - Cheerleading Camp - British Soccer Camp Nature Camps: - Nahant Marsh Junior Conservationist Camp - Survive the Wild Day Camp Performing Arts Camps - Shakespeare in the Park - Performing Arts Camp I – Ancient Greece - Performing Arts Camp II – Ireland

To register for any of our exciting camps or learn about our classes, visit our website at or call 563-326-7812.

Don’t delay! Camps fill fast! pnevaD , emucod gniwollof eht depoleved dna detadpu 2 ehT .secivres dna skrap eht fo tnemeganam

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


SPL : COME TAKE THE PLUNGE AT S DAYS A WEEK!  BUY YOUR POOL PA YOUR OWN PRIVATE PARTY!  WE O BOTH WITH ZERO SEPTH ENTRY, A  SWIM LAPS, OR ENJOY READING A  Summer Reading Kickoff Carnival June 4, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Fairmount Terrible Todd’s Pirate Show June 7 (Tues), 6:00 p.m. Fairmount June 8 (Wed), 6:00 p.m. Eastern Avenue

Family Fun Night with Iowa State

Dan’s Reading Road Trip, with Dan Wardell of IPTV’s “Kid’s Clubhouse”   June 15, 1:00 p.m. & 2:00 p.m. Fairmount

Baby - Toddler - Preschool Story Times

DPL Summer Jam 2011 RECREATION: REGISTER TODAY FOR July 9, 11:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Avenue

Family Fun Night with the Putnam

Cultures Around the World Animation Celebration While supplies last

Craft-ernoons Movie Musicals

Teen Craft Tuesdays Monday Matinee @ Main Get Your Game On Growing in the Garden


Karaoke Night WITH DISIBILITIES), TEEN CAMP,  O Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke will DJ Fairmount July 26, Warm up at 4:00 p.m., US ON LINE WWW.BETTENDORF.O Teens at 4:30 p.m., Kids at 6:00 p.m.,   OF ACTIVITIES!  Adults will follow.





Come take the plunge at Splash!

Register today

open for the season and 7

disabilities), teen camp, SWIM LAPS, OR ENJOY READING A BOOK IN THE GRASSY OR SHADED AREAS!   days a week! Buy your pool   or our traditional

Check out our summer hot deals for all youth and college age memberships!


We offer daily, monthly, 6 & 12 month memberships and absopasses or coupons today! ROOMS THAT INCLUDE SAUNAS.  C afternoon playgrounds lutely no initiation fees! Our YOU MOTIVATED!  WE’RE THE CLEA ammenities included 3 indoor Rent out the entire facility programs. tennis courts, an 8-lap mile for your own private party! indoor track, indoor pool, fully We offer a shelter at the Visit us online at  equipped cardio and weight concessions stand, 2       separate                                     rooms, 3 basketball courts, and pools both with zero depth LIFE FITNESS CENTER:  CHECK OUT OUR SUMMER HOT DEALS FOR ALL YOUTH AND COLLEGE AGE  locker rooms that include sauentry, a diving board, 5 slides, RECREATION: REGISTER TODAY FOR DAY CAMP, TOT‐LOT,  SPORTS & GAMES, CAMP MAC (PERSONS  or in person at city hall for LIFE FITNESS CENTER:  CHECK OUT OUR SUMMER HOT DEALS FOR ALL YOUTH AND COLLE nas, certified personal trainers a sand play area and more! MEMBERSHIPS!  WE OFFER DAILY, MONTHLY, 6 & 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIPS AND ABSOLUTELY NO  WITH DISIBILITIES), TEEN CAMP,  OR OUR TRADITIONAL AFTERNOON PLAYGROUNDS PROGRAMS.   VISIT  MEMBERSHIPS!  WE OFFER DAILY, MONTHLY, 6 & 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIPS AND ABSOL a fun filled summer and fitness instructors to keep Come swim laps, or enjoy INITIAION FEES!  OUR AMMENITIES INCLUDE 3 INDOOR TENNIS COURTS, AN 8‐LAP MILE INDOOR TRACK,  US ON LINE WWW.BETTENDORF.ORG/PARKS OR IN PERSON AT CITY HALL, FOR A FUN FILLED SUMMER  INITIAION FEES!  OUR AMMENITIES INCLUDE 3 INDOOR TENNIS COURTS, AN 8‐LAP MILE I you motivated! We’re the reading a book in the grassy of activities! INDOOR POOL, FULLY‐EQUIPPED CARDIO AND WEIGHT ROOMS, 3 BASKETBALL COURTS, AND LOCKER  OF ACTIVITIES!  cleanliest gym in the QC! INDOOR POOL, FULLY‐EQUIPPED CARDIO AND WEIGHT ROOMS, 3 BASKETBALL COURTS,  or shaded areas! 10


June 2011 • QC Family Focus  

Beat the Summer Brain Drain!


By Lisa A. Lockheart Publicity and Outreach Liaison, Rock Island Library

hether your summer is planned, or you’re looking for ideas on free summer fun that’s a little closer to home, librarians remind you to include reading in your summer plans. Making summer reading a priority – in addition to all the other fun summer has to offer – pays off large dividends later. Though the themes and methods of tracking reading may differ, every public library in the Quad Cities offers a summer reading program. Public librarians have offered these programs for more than a century, as a means of creating and sustaining a love of reading in children, and to prevent the loss of reading skills over the summer, also known as the summer ‘brain drain.’ “Kids model what they see their parents and older siblings doing, which is why we encourage families to participate in summer reading together,” says Susan Foster, Rock Island Children’s Librarian. “Whether you read print, listen to audio or read ebooks, there are plenty of ways to make reading a priority this summer.” According to a June 2010 study, children who participate in public library summer programs:

· Score higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year, · Show better reading skills at the end of third grade, and are better prepared for school, and · Read more confidently and with more enjoyment than children who do not participate in Summer Reading programs. From June 6 through July 29, the Rock Island Public Library will offer “A Midsummer Knight’s Read” program for children and adults, and the “Bury Yourself in Treasure” program for teens. Reading logs for children are available at any Rock Island Library, along with entry forms for teens and adults. Children and teens can also earn points for attending library programs at three Rock Island Library locations. For a full schedule, see the Rock Island Library’s webpage at or call 309-732-7360. Whatever you have planned for this summer, remember . . . Joust Read!

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


School Lunch Craze!

Maggie Gehlsen Miss Scott County’s Outstanding Teen


ids are out of school now, enjoying the summer weather! Families are able to spend more time together, and relax. Those school lunches will soon be a distant memory for your child but not for schools. There is a menu overhaul underway aimed at healthier, more balanced school lunches. Just last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed upgrades that say all schools, by 2014, will provide more leafy greens, fruits, & proteins, while limiting the amount of starchy foods included in school lunches. Schools are now going to be required to provide more low-fat milk, along with wholegrain bread products. Not only are students going to be served potato products only once a week, but they will have a maximum calorie intake they can have, based solely on age. The USDA isn’t the only organization making school lunches a priority. In 2010, First Lady Michelle


Obama launched her “Let’s Move!” Program, to start the fight against childhood obesity. Many students consume at least half their calories at school (for some students, that’s the only food they eat regularly). The five pillars of her “Let’s Move!” Program are: creating a healthy start for children, empowering parents and caregivers, providing HEALTHY foods in schools, improving access to healthy, affordable foods, and increasing physical activity. The “Let’s Move!” Program also includes the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program, while the USDA encourages schools to participate in the Healthier US School Challenge (HUSSC). These programs all have one basic goal: to provide healthier school lunches. Needless to say, there are organizations out there attempting to make a change in school lunches, not just in the state of Iowa, but around the nation. To personally make an impact, visit: for tons of great ideas on making our schools healthier. Don’t think TOO much about school, though; enjoy your summer, & GET MOVING!!!

from your friends at

Backyard Chicken Burgers

Ap pple Salad S Serves 4.

2. Grill patties, uncovered, over medium heat, approximately 14 to 18 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160º F, turning once.

All you need:

• 1 lb Smart Chicken™ 99%-lean ground chicken • 1 tbsp Mrs. Dash™ southwest chipotle seasoning • 1/3 cup Hy-Vee canned pumpkin pineapple •4 each of lettuce leaves, tomato ® cara amel crème e parfaits slices and onion slices • 4 Hy-Vee hamburger buns ® Org ganic pump pkin and fla ax granola


3. Toast buns on grill for 1-2 minutes, or until golden brown. 4. Top each burger with lettuce, tomato and onion. Serve on toasted buns. Daily nutritional values: 100% vitamin A, 25% vitamin C, 10%calcium, 15%iron. Nutrition information per serving: Calories: 320, Carbohydrates: 37 g, Cholesterol; 70 mg, Dietary Fiber: 4g, Fat: 3.5g, Protein: 32g, Saturate Fat:0g, Sodium: 390mg, Sugar: 9g, Trans fat: 0g

All you do: 1. In a bowl, combine ground l, com mbine dicechicken, d apples, p pineapple nd yogurt and a mix well. seasoning andacanned pumpkin. Form into 4 patties. ervin ng top mixtu ure with gra anola and enjoy!

% vitamin A, 10% vittamin C, 6% ca alcium, 2% iron n erving g: Calories: 11 10, Carbohydra ate: 25 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Dietary Fiber: 3 g, Fat: 1 g, 0 g, So odium: 0 mg, Sugar: S 18 g Tra ans fats: 0 g 12

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Because raising children is our most important job

Because babies don’t come with an instruction manual

Because finding a person to care for your child while you’re at work can be overwhelming.

Let us help you.

log on to: stop by: 600 W. 4th Street

Davenport, IA

or call:

(563) 326-8221

For Kids prenatal through age 5 14

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

child care is important….choose wisely

Feeding a Picky Eater By Tonya Krueger, Child Health Speciality Clinic


e all know a young child that is considered a “picky eater”. It is common for children 18 to 30 months to develop this behavior. Children that devoured their vegetables as a baby may suddenly turn up their noses at them left and right. Others that relished home cooked recipes may abruptly reject everything except boxed macaroni and cheese. Instead of giving in to “picky eating” just to get a child to eat, there are some steps parents and caregivers can take to handle this phase and prevent it from becoming a hardwired habit. • Set boundaries at meals and snacks. The adult decides when and what foods will be served and allows the child to decide if they will eat and how much they will eat. This eliminates short-order cooking and constant grazing. • Continue to offer foods that are not well accepted. It may take as many as 10 to 15 exposures for a child to actually eat certain foods. Completely avoiding all unaccepted foods will only narrow the scope and variety of foods a child is familiar with and contribute to rigid eating patterns. • Offer a well liked food with a less favorable food. This is a great way to ensure a picky eater will eat something at the meal and create an unthreatening environment to try a new or different food. • Model healthy eating habits. Children at this age are very impressionable and love to imitate the adults in their lives. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is not only good for toddlers and preschoolers-- it is good for grown-ups too. While it is quite normal for toddlers to display their independence by denouncing certain foods and developing their own taste preferences, there are some areas picky eating should not affect. It is not normal or healthy for a child to completely avoid an entire food group, or for a typically developing toddler to only accept a specific texture of food. Fixating on specific colored foods or only eating foods of a certain shape may signal more than just picky eating. Children that have difficulty transitioning from infant foods to table foods may be missing some necessary nutrients in their diet. If a child’s limited intake is affecting their growth that is a red flag that there may be a problem. It is important to share concerns with the child’s doctor. From behavioral issues, to oral motor skills, to certain medical conditions there are several possible causes for feeding problems. Through the Early AC-

CESS program in Iowa and the Child Health Specialty Clinic, a registered dietitian is available to help children aged 0 to 36 months that qualify for services with nutrition-related concerns.

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Five-Star Staycation Accommodations could lead to concerns about work. Commemorate your Stayou want to get away for a vacation: Vacations are all about the cation, but finances are holdmemories, so make sure to properly ing you back. Unemployment document your holiday-at-home by levels and gas prices are keeping taking photos of your adventures many families from traveling at all. and purchasing a souveDon’t let your lean pocket-book denir significant to what ter you from creating a vacation full you have done. Create of memories with your family. Plan a scrapbook as a mea staycation. Here are some tips to mento of your staycahelp ensure that this year’s holidaytion and send a postcard at-home turns into the vacation your family will be talkout to friends and family. ing about for years to come. With some creative planning, a staycation can Before You Start: Consult your ‘travel agents.’ be a great alternative to an expensive trip. You might Get the family on board. Let everyone know that, while feel like you are splurging on dinners, shopping and day this year’s vacation will be spent at home, you will be trips. But in terms of vacation dollars, you are really savventuring out in the area as tourists instead of locals. Reing. search your town as if you were visiting for the first time. Robin Paulsen is a freelance writer and speaker with a Pick up brochures featuring local attractions in yours passion for encouraging moms. She has been published in sevand neighboring towns. Visit the state tourism bureau to eral newspapers and parenting publications. You can visit her as she writes her way through the motherhood at: www.writegather information. Get ready to try new things. Around the World in Five Days: Put an inter- or contact her at Mama.Writer@yahoo. com national twist on your family’s staycation. Gather information on cultures from around the globe and plan meals based on these as your themes. The kids can pick the cultures and recipes, and help make dinners, desserts and drinks. The more you insure with Allstate, the less you pay. Time to Try New Things: Since you will be In fact, safe drivers who insure their home and car spending less money on lodging and travel, you can can save up to 33%. Add coverage for your motorcycle, devote more money to visiting new-to-you restaurants, boat insure or ATV and even more. firstpay. to see withsave Allstate, the Call lessme you shops and day trips. Why not combine dinnerThe and more en- you how much you caninsure save. their home and car tertainment? Grab a hotdog while at a sporting In event, or safe fact, drivers who picnic at a park. Museums, zoos and theme parks aresave al- up can tomore Add coverage for your motorcycle, The insure with Allstate, the lessRdyou pay. Christy Cox 5159 Utica Ridge The more youdrivers insure with Allstate, the lessand youcar pay. ways a hit with the younger crowd. Sleep under the stars In fact, safe who insure their home (563) 359-4079 Theboat moreoryou insure with Allstate, less Call you pay. Davenport, IA 52807 ATV and save eventhe more. me first to see Incan fact, safe drivers who insure their home and car at a backyard campout. Bring the beach towels and sun5159 Utica Rd.for save upinsure to 33%. Add coverage motorcycle, In fact, safe drivers who their home and caryour PhRidge 563.359.4079 how much you can save. Davenport can save up to 33%. Add coverage for your motorcycle, screen and spend a day at an aquatic center. Adults might boat Add or ATV and save evenmotorcycle, more. Call me first to see can save up to 33%. coverage for your boat or ATV and save even more. Call me first to see try visiting a winery or a comedy club as aboat change of how much you can save. or ATV and save Christy even more. Call me first to see Cox 1140 E Kimberly Rd Ste 200 how much you can save. pace from the entertainment you might normally howchoose. much you can save. IA 52807 (563) 359-4079 ChristyDavenport, Cox Need to relax? Book an appointment for a massage at a 5159 Ridge Rd. Ph 563.391.1226 Christy Cox (563) 359-4079 Christy CoxUtica day spa. Wherever you plan to go, make sure it takes you 5159 Utica Ridge Rd. Davenport (563) 359-4079 (563) 359-4079 away from the home or it may not feel like a vacation. Davenport 5159 Utica Ridge Rd. 5159 Utica Ridge Rd. Arrival/Departure Information: Pick definite Davenport Davenport Discount subject to terms, conditions and availability. Actual savings will vary. Property insurance is subject to Now arrival/departure dates for your staycation. When stayavailability. Allstate Fireoffering and Casualty Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company. ing at home on days off from work, it can be tempting to two locations to tackle household chores before going out to play. Resist better serve you! this urge by setting start and end dates for your staycation and plan to “get-away” from as many jobs around subject to terms, conditions and availability. Actual savings will vary. Property insurance is subject to the house until the official end date of your vacation Discount availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance IL. © 2009insurance Allstate Insurance Company. Discount subject to terms, conditions and availability. ActualCompany, savings Northbrook, will vary. Property is subject to subjectthat to Allstate terms, conditions availability. Actual savings will vary. Property insurance is subject to time. Detach from phone and email or otherDiscount things availability. Fire andand Casualty Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company. Discount subject to terms, conditions and availability. Actual savings will vary. Property insurance is subject to


By Robin Paulsen Freelance Writer

Protect more. For less.

Protect more. For less.

Protect more. more. For less. Protect For Protect more. For less. less.


June 2011 • QC Family Focus

availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company.

availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company.

Free Yourself of Frizz for Summer

Brazilian Keratin Hair

treatment is a revolutionary formaldehyde free process that repairs damaged hair to leave it soft, shiny and frizz free for up to 4 months. Normal price $350+

June Special Price $250 includes shampoo and conditioner.

Call Heather McIntyre to make your appointment at 359-7200. 5515 Jersey Ridge Road • Davenport

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can BECOME it.

The Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities providing Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Feeding Therapy. Therapists are licensed in both Iowa and Illinois. For more information, call 309-762-9552 or visit our website QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Vacations: Save Before You Set Sail

Kelly Hendershot • Marketing Communications Officer, DHCU Community Credit Union


our mind wanders to crisp-blue skies and romantic sunsets, salty ocean breezes, and sand between your toes. Then your telephone rings and you snap back to reality. There are no blue skies or ocean breezes, just your computer monitor staring you down. Do you need a vacation? Budgets are tight, but with some disciplined planning and money-saving tricks, that dream vacation can become a reality. Be careful with plastic. Think before financing your entire vacation on your credit card. Relying solely on plastic will only lead to stress if your card has high interest rates that will impact you down the road. DHCU offers a fixed rate – as low as 9.9%* APR – that includes $1,000,000 Travel Accident Insurance. Apply credit card rewards points. CURewards ( – the rewards site for DHCU credit card holders – has a travel section that will help you plan your vacation. Visit the site to see if you have enough points for airfare, car rentals or even a cruise. Peruse the Experiences section for ideas of what memorable experiences you can create.


June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Can’t afford a get-away? CURewards points has options for you to create an at-home escape, including outdoor game packs, grilling sets, coolers, bicycles, digital cameras and more. Save, save, save. Try to set aside some of every paycheck in a DHCU "vacation savings" account. Decide how much you want to have on hand to start your trip. Divide that total by the number of paychecks until vacation, then save that amount in your vacation account. If you are not able to save this much, take a look at your spending habits. Are there places you can make cuts? Plan ahead. Booking airfare, hotels, and rental cars in advance could save you a bundle. Consider using public transportation to save cash on a rental car or taxis. And, travel midweek for the best deals. Hotel deals. You may be able to pick the price you pay for your hotel room. When renting a room or condo, some websites, such as or, let customers bid for the lowest price. On sites like eBay, time-share owners sometimes sell unreserved rentals at discounted prices. Do some searching before booking a full-price room. If your savings come up short, see DHCU Community Credit Union for low-interest loan options. Save money and secure your dream vacation. Let DHCU help. *With approved credit. Rate determined by credit history.

Five Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life


Phyllis Zalenski Family Resource Management Specialist, Iowa State University Extension

any people lead extremely savings). You’ll also be able to quickly identify any evidence of busy lives. Between work, identity theft. Like direct deposit and automated payments, you’ll commuting, sleep, personal need to record transactions made online in a check register and care, and family responsiregularly reconcile your account balance with that of your finanbilities, there is little time left for tasks cial institution. such as financial management. Good • Make Saving and Investing Automatic- Consider ways to put organizational skills are, therefore, essaving and investment deposits on autopilot. For example, sign sential to get everything done in a limup to have a portion of each paycheck deposited into a credit ited amount of time. Want to simplify union account at work. If you invest in stocks and/or mutual your personal finances? Consider the funds, sign up for an automatic investment plan where you can following five tips from the Federal Dearrange to deposit a certain amount on a certain date (e.g., $50 posit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Each strategy provides a on the 15th of each month). By investing automatically, you’ll small step to simplify your financial life. be following a strategy called dollar-cost averaging, which can •U  se Direct Deposit- Arrange to have regularly recurring inresult in a higher return over time than trying to time the market. come (e.g., paycheck, Social Security, and pension benefits) • Consider Consolidating Accounts- If you have a number of acautomatically deposited into a checking or savings account. counts spread across multiple financial institutions, consider Direct deposit is safer and more convenient than having a consolidating them. By doing so, you’ll reduce mail (e.g., bank paper check mailed to you and then having to take it to a statements and 1099 forms at tax time), lower account managebank or credit union to deposit it. It may also help you avoid ment fees, and perhaps get better rates of return. Consolidating bank fees and gives you access to your money sooner than accounts also makes it easier to monitor your investment portfowith a paper check. Direct deposit is also less expensive for lio and ensure that your money is properly diversified. For older those who issue the checks. For this reason, the U.S. govern- adults, consolidating accounts will make it easier to determine ment will only issue Social Security and other federal benefit required minimum distribution (RMD) withdrawals from taxpayments electronically beginning in March 2013. deferred retirement savings accounts such as a traditional IRA. • Automate Recurring Bills- Many merchants, including car loan providers, insurance companies, and utilities, allow their customers to pay regularly recurring bills with an auto5108 Jersey Ridge Road matic payment. The money needed to pay a bill can be autoDavenport, Iowa 52807 matically withdrawn from a checking account or charged to a credit card. Be sure to record all checking account debits (via written checks and/or a debit card) in your check ter to avoid overdrawing your account. If bills are charged to a credit card, pay the balance in full by the due date to avoid accepting interest charges. new •E  xplore Online Banking- Whether you use online banking to actually pay bills or not, electronic access to your accounts patients offers a number of benefits. For example, you can review deposits and withdrawals, keep track of your balance, print Meet Al off a copy of a cancelled check to document an expense, and our and transfer funds between accounts (e.g., from checking to


All Aboard for Family Fun!

current school program celebrity Oscar!


Opens May 28


563-355-0437 18th Ave and 17th St Rock Island Call for hours: 309-732-SWIM (7946)

Present this coupon for

$1.00 off

with paid daily admission Not good with any other offer. One coupon per person. Offer ends Sept 5, 2011

Cavity Free Club Winner April 2011 - 6 year old Charlie Mohr

Located Inside South Park Mall next to Von Maur


QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Here’s your chance to win a fun evening with the family. Hairspray is coming to Circa 21! Enter to win a family four pack of tickets good from June 18 - July 24. Dinner and a live stage performance of the musical, Hairspray. Enter the contest below.

Name_ ______________________________________________________________ Address_ ____________________________________________________________ City__________________________________________State_ _________________ Phone_ ______________________________________________________________ I want to take the family to Hairspray because_ _______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Send entry forms to : Hairspray!, c/o QC Family Focus, P.O. Box 194, Bettendorf, IA 52722 Only one entry per family please. Entries must be postmarked by June 17th

Delight your Dad with Cookie Gifts from his favorite NFL or NCAA team

3382 Middle Rd. Bettendorf IA



June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Local Delivery and Nationwide Shipping

Mon-Fri 8-6 Sat 10-4

Just For Kids!

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Just For Kids!

Get Your Savings Into Gear With Our New Rewards Program!

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union 563.355.3800 • 800.742.2848

Congratulations to Greta Stapp of Bettendorf.

She will be celebrating her birthday with friends, family and Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Family Museum in Bettendorf. Greta was chosen as our winner for the birthday party. 22

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Just For Kids!

Kid’s Calendar

Free Kids Craft Day • Saturday June 18th John Deere Pavilion • 10:00am-4:00pm Theme: Dairy Month • Craft: Cow Crafts Butterfly Day • June 19th Children will be able to see the newly stocked butterfly habitat and mock monarch migration. There will also be activities including: coloring pages, making their own butterfly / moths, face painting, butterfly scavenger hunt, and make butterfly m’n’m caterpillars. Cost for children and adults is $5.00. Kids 2 years and under free. 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Admission: $5.00 Quad City Botanical Center, 2525 4th Avenue, Rock Island, IL Call 309-794-0991 for more information. Circus • July 2nd-3rd George Carden Circus in the grandstand located at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. Visit for more information. Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 West Locust Street Call 563-326-5338 for more information. Red, White, and Boom • July 3rd Red, White & Boom! is Rock Island and Davenport’s annual celebration of our country’s independence. The bi-state fireworks show will launch from the river with primary viewing areas and family activities located in Rock Island and Davenport on the riverfront. This event also takes place during the annual IH Mississippi Valley Blues Festival. Over 20,000 crowded the Mississippi Riverfront last year for all of the festivities. Enjoy live music on both sides of the river in Davenport and Rock Island. Admission: FREE Call 309-788-6311 for more information.

Father’s Day Cutout Frame Kids can spell out how much they love Dad using photos of their faces and a little help from Mom. How can kids spell out how much they love Dad on Father’s Day? By making him a paper picture frame using the letters of his name or DAD! The present will stand proudly on a desk or bureau with the assistance of bent paper clips. The photographs, trimmed to show kids’ faces, peek through the holes of the letters. Frame How-To cut out the word you want it to say from a lightweight card stock. Mom can cut out the middle parts of each letter. Trim photos to fit the openings, making them slightly larger than the holes; tape them behind the frame. To make the frame stand up, bend open two paper clips and tape the small sides to the backs of the letters at the very bottom. QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Race For The Cure



By Christina McNamara-Schmidt

ne out of eight women will get breast cancer over a lifetime. It could be your mother, wife, sister, daughter, neighbor, coworker, friend….or it could happen to you. The Susan G. Komen Quad Cities Race for the Cure® is scheduled for 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 11th in Moline. Whose life are you running for? Seven-year-old Haley Papke will be running for her grandma, Dulcie Farley, of Clinton. This will be Haley’s fourth Race with her grandmother, who was diagnosed through a routine mammogram 4 ½ years ago. “I got a call the night before Halloween saying my mammogram didn’t come back as well as expected,” said Farley, 59. A whirlwind of doctor appointments revealed that Farley had an aggressive stage one breast cancer. “One-third to one-fourth of the breast was affected and doctors said the best option was a mastecare you running for tomy,” she said. Farley had a mastectomy and now returns for Saturday, June 11th, 2011 regular 6 month check-ups. i wireless Center, Moline, IL “I never thought ‘Why me?’. I thought, ‘Why Register online at not me?” by May 21st for an early bird discount! Farley says the support she gets from others was heartwarming. “People are wonderful. My husband told me that this wasn’t just happening to me, that it was happening to both of us. He was with me all the way,” she said. Farley participated in the Komen Quad Cities Race for the Cure before her diagnosis. She’ll be back again this year with her husband, mom, sisters, and grandkids alongside. “Embrace everything. Embrace life,” she said. Please register today for the Race at Up to 75 percent of the Race proceeds remain in an 8-county, bi-state service area to help local women pay for mammograms and life-saving services. The remainder goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for research to find a cure.

MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage Programs Work


At MidAmerican Energy, we’re helping our customers Save some green®. and use energy more efficiently. That’s why we created our EnergyAdvantage programs. Customers using these programs saved enough electricity in 2008 to power 104,000 homes for one year. With results like these, you can see why MidAmerican has become a national leader in energy efficiency.

whose life ?


June 2011 • QC Family Focus

founding sponsor:

presenting sponsors:

MidAmerican can help you reach your energy efficiency goals. Find out more about MidAmerican’s EnergyAdvantage programs by calling us or visiting us on the Web.


Laser Refractive Surgery


aser refractive surgery is the term given to a number of procedures designed to change the focusing properties of the eye. The clear curved cornea is modified by the application of laser energy in such a way that images are more accurately focused on the retina reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. Photo refractive keratectomy or PRK is the procedure first approved to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism by the FDA in 1996. The excimer laser energy is placed directly on the surface of the cornea to reshape it in such a way that the images of distant objects are more accurately focused on the retina. It works well for people with thin corneas who have low to moderate amounts of myopia and astigmatism. Because PRK is performed on the corneal surface, there is typically more discomfort than with LASIK and may limit activities for a few days to a few weeks, but results are as good as LASIK. Advances in the microkeratome instrument in the late 1990s made the procedure known as LASIK (laser-assisted intrastromal keratomileusis) commonplace. LASIK surgery employs the same excimer laser used in PRK, but the application to the cornea is below the surface. A thin corneal flap (much like a contact lens on a hinge) is first formed by a microkeratome, or more recently, another type of laser. The microkeratome is a mechanical device which uses a blade to cut the flap, whereas the femtosecond laser (IntraLase or iLASIK) creates the flap by accurate application of energy within the cornea. With its excellent safety profile and visual outcomes, the IntraLase Laser Technology is among the fastest growing refractive surgical techniques. Both techniques take less than a half minute per eye to perform. This flap is retracted on the hinge prior to application of the laser energy on the cornea’s center. The flap is then laid back in place and adheres by natural means. Distance vision is usually good enough for people to be back to work and drive without glasses within 24 hours. Eye drops are used for a few days after LASIK and for several weeks after PRK. Middle-aged people who require a bifocal segment in glasses to assist reading will still need reading glasses or may opt for something known as monovision. In this situ-

Dr. Richard Phinney is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and by the American Board of Eye Surgeons in LASIK surgery. Dr. Phinney received subspecialty credentials in diseases and surgery of the cornea at UCLA’s prestigious Jules Stein Eye Institute. Eye Surgeons Associates located in Bettendorf, Muscatine, Rock Island, Silvis and Geneseo, provides comprehensive eye care for the entire family, for a lifetime. For more information visit us online at

ation, one eye is corrected for distance while the other is made somewhat nearsighted for reading. People are able to see at distance with the fully corrected eye and at near with the other. Many people easily adapt to this condition which admittedly, sounds somewhat bizarre. If this option is elected and later the patient finds that they can’t adapt, it is possible to convert the near eye to a distance eye. Reading glasses can then be used. Today’s laser technology has provided millions of people worldwide with freedom from glasses and contact lenses. The risk of surgical complications exists with all operations, and imperfect vision may be the consequence of laser refractive surgery. National studies indicate that mild uncorrectable vision loss (two lines on the eye chart) occurs in 1 – 2% of patients following conventional laser application. Advances in the programming of laser application with information gathered from the unique imperfections of the eye by a device known as an aberrometer give a more precise and personalized “custom” treatment. These custom applications have improved visual outcomes and reduced the risk of vision loss. Not all lasers are approved for this type of treatment. The laser vision correction marketplace can be confusing for patients. There are differences in the capabilities of FDA approved lasers, differences in surgeon experience, and differences in post-operative care. Sometimes people get caught up in the hype of advertising and forget this is surgery that demands pre and post-operative attention to details by an easily accessed, experienced eye doctor.

Call Bonnie


Since 1989

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Downtown Living, downtown.


By Betty Sands, HOMZ Management Corporation

ust like an old friend, Edgewater on Third stands tall and strong and not showing her age at all at the corner of Third Street downtown. The rich history is displayed proudly like a sign along Third Street. Take a summer stroll along the street and see what the residents there are so proud of. There are apartments that have river views that are amazing all year long. You can see it all from the tall building; boats on the river, parades, festivals, ball games with fireworks and music from LeClaire park concerts. Downtown living has been a topic in the news lately with all the great reasons that younger folks are moving in and enjoying the new life downtown. But seniors living downtown have known this secret for awhile……. There is great front door bus service that will take you all over town. Or we have a special assigned parking space for you if you still prefer to drive. No more mowing lawns in the summer or pulling weeds from the flower beds, we will do it all and you will love the brightly colored flowers. The patio has a small walking path for your use in keeping fit and when you are ready to take a break, there’s plenty of seating and even a fan over the table to cool you off. There are bingo games and parties every month; cookouts, pizza dinners, fish fry’s, brunches and lots more. You will have many opportunities to make new friends. The community room has two computer stations, two large screen TV’s, lots of comfortable seating for afternoon chats. There is even a coin machine so you can have plenty of quarters for laundry or for treats from the vending machine. The library is filling with great books, too. The rent is affordable; you pay according to your income. We pay all the utilities for you except telephone and cable TV if you want it. You can hook up to our digital antenna and enjoy free TV, too if you want. Income includes your Social Security, any pensions you may receive and ONLY the interest or income from assets. Recently I was asked “how many assets can you have” it isn’t the amount of the assets, it is the income the assets generate that is included for eligibility and the rent calculation. We have a select number of units open now. There is no application fee, just stop by or call Patty at 324-2011 and she will be happy to show you all around the lovely building. You will be glad you did!!! 26

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

is to be lived , to be , loved to be enriched. Every day, Heartland Hospice enriches the lives of patients and the people who love th.em by blending advanced medical care with a compassionate touch. At Heartland, providing comfort of the mind, body and spirit is what we believe in. Our specially trained staff has a strong, grounded awareness to life, enabling them to provide the care and compassion to help others live their lives as fully as possible.

4340 E. 53rd Street • Davenport, IA • 563.359.3540

All Uti Includlities ed!

iate Immepdancy! Occu

You Won’t Believe Our NEW Look!

Beautiful apartments designed for those 62+! All Utilities Included Rent Based on Income Small Pet Welcome Newly Renovated Community Room

Fun Social Activities Noon Meals Beauty/Barber Shop On-Site Service Coordinator

Generous Closet Space Outside Walking Path w/ Gazebo YMCA/YWCA Membership Great Downtown Location w/ River View


401 W. 3rd Street, Davenport QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Eric Swanson, Davenport, carpal and cubital tunnel surgery Eric Swanson is a carpenter whose fingers were numb from hand and elbow nerve damage. Yet, thanks to pioneering carpal and cubital tunnel surgeries performed at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center by fellowship-trained surgeon Tyson Cobb, M.D., Orthopaedic Specialists, Eric was back to work the day after the surgery. Recovery in days, not weeks. Eric may wield a hammer, but considers Dr. Cobb the true craftsman. If you’re suffering from any hand, wrist or elbow problems, take our free hand and arm pain assessment test at or call 563-344-9292. We’ll get your life back on track and on time. If you don’t believe us, just ask Eric.

3385 Dexter Court • Ste. 300 • Davenport, IA 52807 • 563-344-9292

Foot & Ankle


Hand & Upper Extremity

June 2011 • QC Family Focus


Sports Medicine

Total Joint Replacement

Getting Better Faster:

Hand and Elbow Surgery Helps a Davenport Man Get a New Grip on Life after surgery,” notes Dr. Cobb, instead of the months that recovery takes with the traditional surgery. Cubital tunnel release procedures used to mean a 70day recovery; Dr. Cobb’s techniques have cut that down to about seven days.

Patriot Guardsman, Eric Swanson of Davenport was finding it increasingly difficult to work and pursue his hobbies because of nerve inflamation associated with carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome.

Eric Swanson, Davenport, is an avid outdoorsman, carpenter, motorcyclist and Patriot Guard Rider. Standing shoulder to shoulder for fallen soliders is much better now after undergoing treatment for numbness in his arms and fingers. “My fingers would fall asleep while using either construction tools or while riding my motorcycle. The extreme numbness made it difficult to do my work. I would lose the ability to determine how much strength I needed to get my job done, and as also an insurance agent, I couldn’t type on the computer because I couldn’t feel where the keys were. “I put off the surgery because there was never a good time,” he says, “but I got to the point where I had to do something.”

Tyson Cobb, M. D. Orthopaedic Specialists, PC, Davenport

syndromes are the most common compression neuropathies of the upper extremities and often result in work disability claims and interruptions to daily living and sleep habits. Fortunately for Swanson, Dr. Cobb is one of six pioneering surgeons in the United States who have cut recovery times from months to days with new endoscopic surgical procedures. Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Relief These endoscopic procedures require Tyson Cobb, M.D., a fellowshipincisions of about 20 millimeters and trained surgeon with Orthopaedic allow a nerve release over a distance Specialists, P.C. in Davenport, of up to 30 centimeters. identified and treated Swanson’s carpal “Carpal tunnel patients can often and cubital tunnel syndromes. Both get back to limited duty work the day

A Speedy Recovery at Home Even though Swanson’s surgeries – first to the left elbow and wrist and then a month later to the right elbow and wrist – required general anesthesia, they did not require a hospital stay. Instead, Swanson spent short times at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center. The low patient-to-nurse ratio at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center gave Swanson attentive care before, during, and after the hour-long surgery. And he was quickly released to return home, rather than staying in a hospital for “observation” – and exposure to diseased patients. “From the time I woke up, my hand and elbow felt great,” Swanson remembers. “I can’t find the scar on my wrist – and the incision on my elbow was an inch long and only took two stitches.” Now Swanson is living the active life he had before the problems began. He now hunts, rides, and types without pain. “I’m back up to 100%.” For those suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in its early stages, a conservative approach to managing the condition is recommended by Dr. Cobb. This approach includes seeking medical attention to make sure the condition is properly diagnosed and then using a variety of prevention techniques to minimize and manage the symptoms. Prevention techniques include: • Stretching and warming up the joint prior to work. • Maintaining the joint in a “wristneutral” position. • Using a wrist brace • Using a “wrist wrest” at your computer keyboard. • Using ergonic computer equipment (e.g. mouse, keyboard) to help prevent injury. QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Save Money on Surgery:

Outpatient Surgery’s Financial Advantage

invasive procedures that promote faster healing; and the surgery center’s outpatient services ensure you recover at home and avoid expensive hospital stays,” adds Dr. Dooley.

Home the Same Day: Back to Life the Next Cost effective? Convenient? Faster Recovery? Just ask Coal Valley resident John Dooley, M. D. Dennis Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, Davenport Gooch. As an avid hobbyist with radio-controlled airplanes, he has to run around quite a bit when he’s flying one of the 40 or so planes in his collection. The 54 year-old member of the Skyraiders Radio Control Flying Club always had a flat foot, but it collapsed over the last five years. “I had a lot of foot pain,” says Gooch, “when I tried to walk or tried to mow.” The pain Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, 3400 Dexter Court, Davenport, IA grew so intense that Gooch couldn’t For more information: fly his planes any longer. And as the pain grew worse, Gooch’s foot turned oney is tight and few can afford affordable, safe and put you on the out and made his gait awkward. to get sick. Unexpected medical road to recovery faster,” he explains. Tuvi Mendel, M.D., Orthopaedic costs can put an enormous strain The Davenport-based Mississippi Specialists, put his fellowship training on families as costs and insurance Valley Surgery Center (MVSC) and and experience to work for Gooch. deductibles and premiums increase. its network of physician specialists “Dr. Mendel was very intelligent,” continue to grow. “The MVSC is home recalls Gooch. “He knew exactly Safe. Affordable. Recover at home. to ambulatory (outpatient) surgeries, what was going on.” The flat foot “We see Quad City families and where a patient who needs less than reconstruction surgery Dr. Mendel patients with deductibles as high 24 hours for treatment can have their performed involved lengthening a as $10,000. That means they are surgery performed,” he continued. tendon on the right side of Gooch’s paying a substantial amount for “We built the MVSC to better serve foot, among other advanced their own treatment right out of their patients who did not necessarily need techniques. the services and associated costs of pocket,” says John M. Dooley M.D., Gooch, who is an electronic founder and current administrator of hospitalization and where physicians technician, spent four days in the had more control over how procedures hospital after his knee replacement Mississippi Valley Surgery Center are handled.” located in Davenport. “Combine surgery several years ago. Yet his higher insurance deductibles with Since its beginning in 1996, the experience at the Mississippi Valley Mississippi Valley Surgery Center increased food, fuel and housing Surgery Center was quite different. has served more than 90,000 patients; “I was terrified of the procedure, but prices, and no one can afford to just call the doctor for procedures and the ambulatory surgery center has before I knew it, I was home. I went or surgeries without asking tough grown, supported by the Mississippi in at 9:30 a.m. and was home by 2:00 questions about cost or exploring more Valley Health Network of specialists, that afternoon,” says Gooch. “I do affordable treatment options.” to perform over 10,000 procedures prefer being home right away.” So, what’s a family to do? “What a year. “The MVSC and Mississippi people may not know is that right here Valley Health Network of practices keeps health care costs down because in the Quad Cities, there are ways to be treated that are actually more our training emphasizes minimally



June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Who Says It Has to Cost an Arm and a Leg to Take Care of an Arm and a Leg? Sure it’s an old saying, but we don’t agree. At Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, our patients often pay less for same-day surgeries and procedures than in hospitals. Our Surgery Center is an outpatient facility where physicians practice minimally invasive techniques - that means you are home within a day and back to life quickly. As a patient, you do have control over where you go for surgeries and procedures. Don’t let expensive insurance premiums, high deductibles or the fear of lost time from work or life keep you from getting the treatment you need. You can save money and receive great care: It’s what healthcare should be.™ Call Mississippi Valley Surgery Center for a free referral to one of our specialists:

(563) 344-6653

3400 Dexter Court • Suite 200 Davenport, IA 52807

PV Program Ad.indd 1

3400 Dexter Court • Suite 200 Davenport, IA 52807

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


8/17/2010 9:36:34 AM



Some say laughter is the best medicine. At Senior Star, we have turned laugh into our philosophy – Living And Understanding Greater Health. From healthy dining to brain fitness programs, our residents enjoy life to its fullest! Experience it for yourself. It is all part of living The Stellar Life™.

Call now for more information. 4500 Elmore Avenue Davenport, IA (866) 420-4974 INDEPENDENT AND ASSISTED LIVING | MEMORY CARE

AL# S0295 | MC# S0292 32

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

Better Living:

Living a Longer Life, One Bite at a Time.

Mildred Schneff, a 102 year-old Davenport native attributes her healthy diet, faith and love of family as the keys to her long life. Mildred now lives at Senior Star at Elmore Place.

What’s the secret to living to 102? “Stay active, have a good time, and don’t worry about anything,” advises Davenport native, Mildred Schneff, 102. Many Quad Citians may recognize Mildred Schneff’s last name, as she and her husband, Henry Schneff, owned and operated Schneff’s jewelers for 50 years in downtown Davenport. Henry died after their 50th wedding anniversary, but Mildred’s lifestyle has kept her young. She was living on her own until 2011, recently becoming a resident in her new apartment at Senior Star at Elmore Place. “Mildred is amazing,” says Senior Star Executive Director Cathy Hughes. “She’ll wear you out, and she’s just a great inspiration for anyone embracing retirement. We really believe here at Senior Star that a strong mind and body enriches the soul and enhances quality of life.”

Nutrition for Seniors One of the components of keeping bodies strong is nutrition, especially diets designed for seniors. “Great food is one of the simplest ways to achieve a sound mind and body,” says Cathy. “We not only work with our residents to provide a variety and quality of menu selections, but do so with their nutritional needs in mind.” “Aging bodies have unique challenges,” agrees Quad City Dietitian Jeni Tackett, Trinity Regional Health System. “Seniors Jeni Tackett, don’t have the registered dietitian same calorie requirements. They need protein and a nutritionally dense and plant-based diet. Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B12

and D, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc are all necessary. “For example, as we age our stomachs don’t produce as much acid. The Vitamin B12, found in animal foods and fortified cereals, helps in red blood cell formation. Low B12 is also associated with memory loss,” Jeni explains. “Iron is another mineral that is required since aging bodies lose their ability to absorb Iron. Plant sources combined with Vitamin C ensure Iron is absorbed. Foods such as beef, chicken, tofu and eggs are great Iron sources.” Fiber is one other critical dietary component. “Many seniors complain about constipation,” says Jeni. “I really advocate at least 25 grams of fiber every day. You’ll find fiber in plant foods such as oatmeal, vegetables, and other whole grains.” For the past quarter century, Mildred’s granddaughter, Nancy Reimers, 48, Buffalo, Iowa, has had the joy and privilege of taking care of Mildred and has witnessed firsthand how important it is to eat right, exercise, and keep your family and friends close. “She is an amazingly active woman,” says Nancy. “We are always busy, going on various outings several times a week at Senior Star. Throughout her life she gardened and was an accomplished musician. (She played in the former Tri City Symphony where her father was concertmaster.) She is also an avid outdoorswoman and loves to catch and eat fish.”

QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


A Look In The Mirror Part IV


By Diana Spranger RN, Administrator working late on some project. The day when a fam-

ell June has arrived with all it’s glory and sunshine, we trust. May was a bit wet and chilly for my taste, but truly, “are we ever really totally satisfied?” Keep in mind we live in the Quad Cities, if you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours. We are all looking forward to a wonderful Summer. As we continue our look at our bodies and do the ‘head to toe’ assessment we find ourselves thinking about our upper torso and waist area. Unfortunately, we are being told that obesity is quickly becoming a number one health problem in America. “We are what we eat.” It seems as our life-styles have changed over the years, we live a faster pace, running here, running there. When I grew up in the late 50’s & 60’s, oops I think I just told my age, it was very normal to eat breakfast together as a family, kids off to school, school lunch and always supper/dinner with the entire family in the evening. It was a great time for me as a kid growing up and a great memory. Today, we all get up and run numerous different directions, Mom works too, and everyone grabs quick breakfast as they fly out the door. Lunch has turned into fast food, burgers, fries, onion rings, deep fried chicken etc. If you manage to get a couple home at the same time for a dinner meal, you feel fortunate. It’s usually someone running one kid to a ball game or practice, another to a soccer practice or game while Dad’s at a meeting or


June 2011 • QC Family Focus

ily could eat together is almost gone. I believe it’s a tremendous part of our life-style that we have tragically lost. Nevertheless with all of those changes in our lives and habits changing, our eating habits have not necessarily changed for the better. Few people eat from their own garden, although the Farmer’s Market is a tremendous source of fresh fruits and vegetables. The result of all of this change is quickly showing up on the scale. Unfortunately, it’s not only an adult problem. We have more overweight children than ever before. The television/video/cell phone has become their entertainment and unfortunately for many that’s all the exercise they get. We eat too much “junk food” and get too little “exercise”, leaving us with excess pounds as children that we never shed as adults because it has become a life-style or maybe an addiction. As adults we fight the ‘battle of the bulge’ on an on-going basis. Statistics tell us that we carry a large portion of our body fat at the waist line, targeted from the ‘belly button’ area. I’m not writing this to make you feel bad about your weight, but if it makes you take a look in the mirror and do something to change bad habits, then I will have accomplished my goal. Excessive amounts of weight that we carry on our torso area can be detrimental in many ways. Take a good look at yourself, talk to your physician, get a friend to confide in and to be an accountability partner and take off some of those unwanted pounds. It’s as easy as making “RIGHT CHOICES”.

Bettendorf Health Care Center

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2730 Crow Creek Rd • Bettendorf, IA • (563) 332-7463 • We offer skilled rehab 6 days a week. That means you can get well and go home. • Our elegant dining area comes complete with china, crystal, linen table cloths and fa mily-style dining. • You never know when you might need special care. That’s why we work closely with all area hospitals and accept admissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • We are conveniently located on Crow Creek in Bettendorf. •We offer tours of our facility 7 days a week! • Activities for all ages and abilities, a variety of religious services, and a caring and competent staff.

When you can’t go home, we’re the next best thing! QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


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June 2011 • QC Family Focus

18 Candles? Your Child’s New Rights and New Risks


By Curtis Ford Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP

The HIPAA Authorization Form allows you access to her medical records: from something as simple as obtaining vaccination records for school to transferring new healthcare records during an emergency. A Health Care Power of Attorney: In addition to the HIPAA Authorization, a Health Care Power of Attorney legally allows you to act as an agent in a medical emergency if your son or daughter is incapacitated. A Property Power of Attorney: This document allows you to act as an “agent” for your child, if he or she is unable to make a request on any property in his or her name, including a car, apartment, student loans or bank accounts. This is especially helpful if your child travels abroad or attends school several hours away from home. Although these documents provide a level of protection to your child once he or she turns 18, they do not supersede the ability to make medical or financial decisions. They are simply measures to protect in an emergency. Regardless of the age of our children, we always want to protect them. A Student Legal Packet of these documents is an easy way to safeguard them as they embrace their adulthood and new rights.

s the saying goes, “For a parent, the days are long and the years are short.” No one understands that better than the mother of a graduating senior. She bursts with pride then bursts into tears. As her daughter processes toward the graduation podium, she wants to let her go while still holding her close. While our emotions are mixed as our children grow up, some actions are straightforward. Once your child turns 18, she is legally an adult, and while she gains several rights, you lose a few, including the right to access her medical records or direct medical care in case of an emergency. While none of us expect anything to happen to our children, accidents do happen. But, with a little advance planning, we can eliminate a lot of headaches, and possibly heartache, if an emergency occurs. Once your child turns 18, and especially before sending her off to college or into the working world on her own, there is a set Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP are members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. To receive a copy of our most of legal documents that protect both her and you: recent newsletter “Your Estate Matters” or for a free consultation on Estate or Long Term Care A HIPAA document: Designed to prevent anyone from planning, call 309-944-2188, 309-762-9368 or 1-800-644-5345. You may also contact our firm email at or visit our website at abusing another individual’s medical information, the Health by The firm devotes its practice primarily in the areas of estate, business and tax planning Insurance Portability and Accountability Act prevents medical and related areas of the law as well as elder law and trust administration and probate. We offer and advice to our clients in every area of estate planning. personnel from releasing any patient information unauthor-7:54guidance july 2011 family focus 7.375x4.75:Layout 1 to4/28/11 Page 1 is designed for general information purposes only, and is not intended, nor AM This column ized individuals. Once a child turns 18, this includes her parents. should be construed or relied upon, as legal advice. Please consult your attorney if specific legal information is desired.

Estate Planning Seminar from the Law Offices of Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP Your Family’s Future Depends on the Decisions You Make Today. Attend this important seminar and learn:

For us, planning our estate is about love, not death.

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Thursday, July 7 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Stoney Creek Inn 101 18th Street


Tuesday, July 12 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Lavender Crest Winery 5409 US Highway 6

◆ What a Power of Attorney will and will not do for you. ◆ How to protect your home and assets from high nursing home costs. ◆ How to protect children from being unintentionally disinherited in second marriage families. ◆ How to plan your estate to make sure it passes to your family most efficiently.


Wednesday, July 13 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Stoney Creek Inn 101 18th Street

Attend one of these seminars and you’ll receive, a FREE, one-hour, private estate planning consultation worth $200 to answer any questions you have about protecting your Estate and IRA.

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Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP • Attorneys at Law

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The Attorneys at Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP speak to area residents about living trusts and estate planning. They have helped hundreds of Illinois families plan their estates.

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QC Family Focus - JUNE 2011


Graduation Day

By David W. Deuth, President of Weerts Funeral Home


ell, it’s finally happened. Our baby girl has graduated from high school. And it’s got me thinking . . . It’s got me thinking about how tender and fragile life begins. Only 18 years ago we held Maddy in our arms as a teeny, tiny infant. Fully dependent upon us for everything then, she’s become a remarkable young lady, preparing to spread her wings and fly from our nest in the Fall as she heads off to college. It’s got me thinking about her earliest years and the photos of the spaghetti-smeared face in the high chair. The first self-applied lipstick picture. The first bicycle ride. The skinned knee . . . It’s got me thinking about her critical pulmonary illness as a youngster, and how terrified we were throughout those tense life-and-death moments . . . and how grateful we are that she has been blessed to be symptom-free for the past several years. It’s got me thinking about how reluctant she was to move to Iowa from Minnesota . . . and how grateful she is today for all of the special friends she has made since we moved here 11 years ago.

It’s got me thinking about her involvement in the fine arts in high school – marching band, wind ensemble, choir, show choir, drama. And it’s got me thinking about all those parent photo sessions before each Homecoming, Prom and Turn-About Dances. It’s got me thinking about family vacations . . . and the times I was her hero by saving the day . . . and the times I had to take the unpopular stand because, despite the fact she couldn’t be convinced to see it at the time, it was in her best interest to do so. It’s got me thinking about teaching her to drive. Ah yes, teaching her to drive . . . there’s just not enough space to recall that experience here. That she is a good driver today is one of my proudest accomplishments. It’s got me thinking that memories are truly a gift to be treasured. And, as I’ve run the replay reel of her childhood memories through my mind, it’s got me thinking that we’re not really losing our baby girl. It’s got me thinking that we’re gaining an adult daughter. We are blessed. And we Remember Well. David W. Deuth, CFSP is the owner of Weerts Funeral Home in Davenport. He can be reached at 563.355.4433 or by email at Dave@

When You Need A Trusted Friend . . .

We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

Kimberly at Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport | Phone 563.355.4433 Answered 24 Hours Full Website: | Mobile Website: | Email: 38

June 2011 • QC Family Focus

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Quad City Family Focus June 2011  

Quad City Family Focus June 2011

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