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The story of beautiful, tragic, rebellious street art.

If your interested in the latest festival fashion and want to know how to look great all summer long then go to our Style section where we have all you need to know. Or perhaps you’re a fitness freak? Then you will love our basic warm up routine, which is just perfect for anyone looking to do some strenuous training. Also in this issue read our Gaydar columnist’s views on gay marriage and have your say by emailing in your views.

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After leaving university to focus on S1 Magazine this year I have no regrets. It’s exciting to finally be at this point - the magazine is ever growing and ever evolving. It’s been fun designing the magazine and I just hope we can continue to become bigger and better. P.S. I hope the design is ok!

Computer Scientist student at The University of Sheffield. Serial entrepreneur intending to make an impact on the world in any way possible. I’m a wannabe philanthropist who tries to help anyone and everyone. My worst nightmare is sitting at home watching TV to just simply pass the time.

Design is not a mere job for me, it is a way of conveying meaning through more than just words. I have been with S1 from the very beginning as Joe is a close friend of mine. S1 magazine has given me the opportunity to work with him on a project which both he and I are very passionate about. @luke_203

Charlotte Grainger / Editor in Chief

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I spend a great deal of my time drinking huge glasses of cheap red wine alone in my room whilst watching the Gilmore Girls. When I’m not doing that, though, I’m devoted to working on S1 Magazine, writing short stories and playing the happy little barmaid in the award winning play I entitle “My life.”

I’m a Magazine Journalism student who hails from sunny Colombia but loves rainy England. I am unapologetically geeky. You might see me around running after a photographer and models or behind the camera for S1 Magazine. Expect more photoshoots, more behind the scenes and more style.

Growing up in the mean streets of men’s Magazine journalism has groomed me into the fine lager drinking, steak eating editor I am today. When not editing or writing, I’m either thai boxing somebody’s face, eating any kind of good food (bar blue cheese) or looking at rocks in the Peak District.

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4 | issue two

Editors letter Finally we get a bit of sunshine! That means two things; 1. everyone in Sheffield has forgotten to wear clothes and 2. you have probably been stuck in revising whilst staring out the library window wishing you could be enjoying the good weather. So while you are sitting stressing your brain out, take some time to read S1 Magazine. It will be a nice break in between trying to cram in every tiny bit of knowledge your brain will take. This month we really do have something for everyone. From Newton Faulkner to Dim Sum to mountain biking, I’m sure there will be something inside these pages to tickle your fancy and keep you coming back for more. Pretty soon the exams will be over (if you’re lucky yours may already be) and it will be time to party, celebrate and generally start enjoying your life again. No matter where you go this summer, be it home, travelling or just down to Embrace, remember that you can keep updated on all the goings on, events and news from your beloved Sheffield from anywhere in the world at S1 Magazine online. Once again I’d like to thank the fantastic contributors. Without them this magazine would just be a squiggle on a bit of scrap paper. Thanks!


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Stevie Derrick Journalist

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I am from Durham, and unashamedly geordie. I love feature writing and currently doing an Ma in Magazine Journalism at Sheffield University. I particularly like writing about lifestyle and fashion and have a secret passion for old Sci-fi series such as Star Trek and Quantum Leap.

Working in S1 provided me an opportunity to be a self-contained writer and photographer during the fresher’s year of my journalism studies. It is a fascinating experience and as an international student, S1 helps me to get involved in a wide range of activities in Sheffield. @lantyzhang

My roots are as a film maker but I’ve recently started the transition to photography. They’re two different mediums, but with the same purposes- exploring the world and telling a story S1 is a great outlet for my creativity, allowing me to achieve my ambition of moving into more fashion photography. @ismarbadzic

Isis Mason S1 Intern

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It’s always been my business to travel and explore - mainly the savage west of Spain that is Extremadura. University has its perks too. The main one? Being able to explore a new city, make it your own, then write about it. A futile task without the likes of S1magazine at hand! Excited to be part of the team! @ isis_s1

I’m a Software Engineering student who loves locking up for 40 hours for a project but never says no to a game of basketball. Even though I haven’t been with S1 from the beginning I managed to learn a lot and more importantly meet some really passionate and dedicated people. Looking forward to what the future holds!

Having been taking photographs since the age of five, I strive to capture the same magic that I saw in those early years and I quite literally see the world through my lens. I have been shooting fashion stories for magazines all over for the past two years and recently have begun shooting for S1 Magazine, a new adventure!

Illustrations: Peter Todd / Kiran Shazadi Din online S1 is dedicated to getting you all the latest info, tips and advice you can handle. Luckily, that doesn’t stop when you close the magazine so be sure to check us out online! From our online magazine to daily facebook and twitter updates, we have all you need to keep up to date, on the ball and well informed.

6 | issue two

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Hot Chip Live

Do you have a naked secret?

Our favourite electronic indie band are back to play Sheffield’s very own Leadmill this month. The band will be a festival favourite this year, but to give you a chance to catch them in a more intimate surrounding they are touring the UK. The tour is set to coincide with the upcoming release of their fifth album entitled “In our heads.” You can have a sneak preview, though, of new track “Flutes” ahead of the album release as the very kind band have decided to make the track available for streaming via their webpage. So if you just can’t wait to hear some of their brand new music then you know where to go. It seems this band will keep coming back to this city over and over and over again…

Here is your chance to not only be on TV but also get rid of any embarrassing body problems. After the overwhelming success of Embarrassing Bodies, the guys have decided to do it all over again with the second series of their new show entitled My Naked Secret. The good news? You could get on it. It can be horrible having to hide a certain part of your body for fear of people staring, laughing or even bullying you about it. We all have things about our body that we hate, but for some people the embarrassment can be excruciating. But you shouldn’t suffer in silence. The Producers of Embarrassing Bodies have started production on the second series of My Naked Secret which will air later this year and they want you to get involved. The show is looking for applicants who have for a long time suffered in silence because of something they hate about their body. That means anything from scars to skin problems to thinning hair. Having a so called body secret should not be something you are ashamed of or hide away. The whole point of shows like this is to raise awareness about different body types, illnesses and disfigurements. It doesn’t make you a freak or a monster to have parts of your body you don’t like, and no one should make you feel that way. So bring it out in the open and get the help you need from the experts who really do know what they are talking about. Applicants should apply as soon as possible in order to be considered for the new series filmed this summer.

Hot Chip are playing the Leadmill, Sheffield on June 10th. For ticket information visit

To apply email or call 0207 874 6692


Win £50 worth of free food!

* Comp just info a bit

S1 magazine have teamed up with Morrisons to offer you lovely people yet some more free food! To enter and for the chance of winning a £50 voucher to spend in any Morrisons store simply go to for details and answer the following question: In the UK, what percentage of the average household’s weekly expenditure is spent on food? Sarah's Supermarket Saving Tips

Sarah Willingham, money expert and adviser, has some tips to help you save those pennies when you’re doing your weekly shop. • Make sure you always go armed with a shopping list. Don’t be tempted to buy things 'on offer' that you simply won't use or don't need. • Don't forget to look up and down when browsing the aisles so you can get a clear picture of all product options – don’t just go for the nearest product at eye level. • Never go shopping on an empty stomach! Sounds obvious but many of us do and you end up buying more, or purchasing things that you don’t need. • Be aware of the supermarket layout: offers are often to be had at the end of the aisles, but sometimes you can seek out bargains elsewhere. And don’t be tempted by impulse buys at the checkout!

Go to for details 8 | issue two

radar | international columnist Gopa Pincha _

Shisha vs cigarettes

Shisha typically has 0% to 0.5% nicotine washed through its tobacco, while the amount of nicotine in cigarettes has risen in the past five years, up to 10%. There are also fewer pesticides in the syrupy shisha tobacco. However, research from the Department of Health has shown that people who smoke shisha inhale three to four times more carbon monoxide than from smoking one cigarette, despite lower levels of nicotine and tar in the tobacco. Carbon monoxide displaces the oxygen in the blood. If there is a substantial increase of carbon dioxide, the smoker may experience dizziness, vomiting and fatigue. Long term effects vary massively. A useful tip would be to breathe fresh air between each puff of smoke to allow the oxygen in your blood to be replenished. But take this information with a pinch of salt as these results are difficult to quantify. Shisha smokers indulge less frequency but for longer periods of time, while cigarette smokers inhale a smaller amount of smoke but usually more frequently. Most articles will imply that shisha is worse as a result, but this depends on the relative intake of shisha and cigarettes one might have. The average cigarette smoker will smoke between 5 to 10 cigarettes a day and the average shisha smoker will indulge in the pipe between 1 to 3 times a week. Based on these averages, cigarette smoke can be considered worse. It is more addictive and more compact, thus people smoke them more frequently, allowing the white death sticks to cause more damage. The one thing we can confirm about the two is that because of the lower levels of nicotine, shisha is less addictive than cigarettes and far more fun to blow smoke rings with. Shisha is a sociable activity rather than an addiction, which means it is seen as being less unhealthy compared to smoking.

Read more about the best Shisha places in town.

Visit our website for a full range of restaurant, bar and even Shisha cafe reviews. Updated regularly.

10 | issue two

Shisha in Sheffield

Having originated from the western provinces of India along the borders of Pakistan in Rajasthan and Gujarat almost a thousand years ago, Shisha smoking is no longer the preserve of older men in specific community groups. Today, it is a rather trendy, multicultural activity popular among students and young people all over the world.

With countless independent shops selling these exotic waterpipes, flavoured tobacco and charcoal, bringing home the entire shisha experience has never been more convenient. Enjoying that perfect Shisha in the comfort of your home is not impossible as the art of making a Shisha is quite simple but might take a couple of attempts to master it. Spread across two levels, Rawal’s Lounge, a licensed Shisha Bar in Sheffield is 17 months old and most popular with students and youngsters. Offering a choice of over 20 different tobacco flavours for a standard price of £10 per Shisha,

students get a discount of 10%. Double Apple, Grape and Apple, Skittles and Blue Mist are the most requested flavours at this Shisha Bar. Another Shisha Bar in the city, which are unable to name for legal reason, has recently celebrated its second anniversary. This joint offers ‘Happy Hours’ between 6-7pm from Mondays to Thursdays at just £5 per Shisha. Be ready to shell out £8 or £10 on a regular night depending on your request for single or mixed flavours. Remember, even though the tobacco is flavoured, prolonged Shisha smoking may have its health hazards.

Words & Pics: Gopa Pincha


hich is worse for you? It’s clear that neither one is healthy, but they both have very different filtration systems for burnt tobacco. Shisha tobacco generally has lower amounts of nicotine and often, miniscule amounts of tar if not none at all.

radar | Local News

Sheffield love study reveals all... 1. Betrayal A third of men and women’s biggest relationship fear is being betrayed or cheated on by their partner.

2. Second chances Men are more likely to give their partners a second chance after cheating with a whopping 23% of men saying they would take a cheating girlfriend back. (Only 6% of women would grant the same privilege.)

3. Splitting up Men were twice as worried as women about splitting up, whereas women’s fears lay more in the area of falling out of love or simply getting bored with the relationship.

4. Cyber love Four times more men than women found love online, as opposed to six times the same amount of women finding love through friends.

Ah, the mysterious world of dating. Does he like me? Is she serious about me? Should I leave the lying cheating rat-bag pig? Is it awful that I kissed that stranger in the chip shop? These are all perfectly valid questions. And they are just some of the hard questions we face every day. Luckily for all you worry-worms, Sheffield Theatres have surveyed the men and women of the city to find out their relationship secrets. Here’s what they found out:

5. The future Men in relationships generally said they saw the next step as moving in together, if not marriage. No prizes, though, for guessing what women saw as the next step, that’s right – children. The survey was conducted in celebration of the Sheffield Theatres’ debut production of ‘Harold Pinter’s Betrayal’ which will be playing until June 9th.

Give me space! Moving away from home and into student accomodation is without doubt one of the most exciting aspects of starting university.

Words: Ina Fischer & Charlotte Grainger Pics: Peter Todd & Ina Fischer

Suddenly, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream for dinner, go to sleep when other people wake up and leave your washing until you’ve gone through every item of clothing in your wardrobe, twice. But this new-found freedom comes at a high price. Most students spend all or most of their student loan just on rent alone, with little or no money left to cover living costs. Now, imagine winning free student accomodation for a year; Matt Connell knows exactly what it feels like. „I’m still pretty much in shock,“ the first-year Computer Science and Business student at The University of Sheffield admits. As it turns out, Matt had no idea he even entered the competition when him and 7 friends signed for a flat with OMNIA ONE. „I just ticked one of many boxes in the contract and that was it. As a student, you enter so many competitions, but you never expect to win,“ he says. Then, one day, Matt received a mysterious phone call: „The person on the other end told me I had just won a year’s worth of accomodation payment. I was at home for the weekend, so I thought my flatmates back at uni were playing a prank on me.“ Even Matt’s parents were suspicious at first. „When we figured out it wasn’t a joke, they were very happy and thankful. Having a child at uni is expensive enough, so I think they were glad to have one less thing to worry about,“ he says. What does Matt plan to do with the extra money he no longer needs to spend on rent? He swiftly replies: „I’m going to open a fixed bank account and do my best not to withdraw anything from it until after uni. Then I want to buy a car.“ No crazy celebrations, then? A mischievous grin appears on his face. “There is a rugby tour coming up, I might keep a little bit aside for that,“ Matt admits. For information on Omnia accomodation go to

12 | issue two

radar | Gaydar columnist Chris Williams _

Legalise Love I

t’s happening. Finally, after years of protest, outrage and heartache it looks like we’re a few years away from civil marriage being legalised in the United Kingdom.

A government consultation is currently underway with the aim of analysing the concerns and opinions of the British public regarding samesex marriage. Support for the move is high; all three major political parties have backed the change. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and thousands of people have voiced their objection. My personal favourite being: “Gay people don’t want to get married”. Funny thing is it tends to be heterosexual politicians making this affirmation on behalf of the entire LGBT community, of which they are not members. Shane Crone is an American gay man. He recently posted a viral video that perfectly outlines why exactly every gay man and woman should support the right to marry the person they love. Here is Shane’s story: Shane and his boyfriend Tom were together for six years. A year into their relationship they came out to their families. Tom’s family took the news badly, blaming Shane for “turning” their son gay and even threatening the couple with a gun. Despite this, Shane and Tom made a promise to each other that they would marry if and when it became legally viable to do so. Last year, Tom fell from a roof and died. Tom’s Mother immediately took her son’s body back to his home in Indiana and insisted that Shane pay for his funeral. When Shane went to the hospital to find out what had happened he was refused information since the government that does not allow same-sex marriage. Tom’s family then told Shane that he was not welcome at the funeral, and that if he attended he would be met with violence. I’m lucky. I’m eighteen, same-sex marriage will probably be available by the time I feel ready for it. So many people don’t have that fortune. So many people are torn away from the people they love before ever being able to truly declare their adoration for each other. This is cruel, it’s inhumane and it’s discriminatory. Legalise gay marriage, and legalise love.

Send your thoughts to our Gaydar columnist and he will get back to you very soon.

14 | issue two

Mr. Clegg Our columnist Chris Willams wrote to our dear Sheffield representative so he might get some answers from Clegg himself. Here is what Chris wrote:

“I write to you not as a voter, or a constituent, but as a human being.” I’m a student in Sheffield, so I see things from a certain viewpoint. I am surrounded by open minded people who do not judge, and who are confused that our seniors have not yet brought about marriage equality. I heard news that the coalition intends to implement civil marriage by 2015, and that is brilliant, but that leaves four years for religious groups and fascist right wing parties to smother this legendary movement with talk of “family values” and “religious morals”. I’m barely an adult, but I feel that I’ve seen enough of the world to know that the nuclear family is an idea of the past. I appeal to you personally here, Mr Clegg. It’s a hard task, but I’d

like you to imagine living in a world where you could not show how committed you are to the person you love. Growing up as a child in a world where no matter how much you love someone, your feelings are still somewhat invalid. I have every confidence that soon, you will take away the last thread of discrimination remaining in our society.

Wan’t to read the full letter? Then go to...

Pics: Ella ruth cowperthwaite

Answer back! Got something to say to Chris?



@s1magazine what lies ahead is long and hard...that's what she said ;-)

Can Newton Faulkner actually change the world? words: Charlotte Grainger

modest looking soul walks on stage. He smiles widely, his bright orange beard almost luminous itself with the reflection of the stage light. A few simple words, Hello, how are you guys doing? standard procedure, and the crowd erupts. This kind of appreciation is nothing new. To call him a crowd pleaser would be an understatement; this is a guy who can speak to every person in the room intimately even at a packed venue like the Leadmill. When the crowd has finally calmed down, and after a few lingering wolf whistles and heckles, he begins to play. The room is now filled with the unmistakable voice of Brit nominated Newton Faulkner. There’s no real answer to that one, but luckily Newton has no such beliefs in the world ending any time soon. Quite the opposite in fact, he is intent on making music which will hopefully be appreciated by generation after generation to come. And not just your shallow cheer-up-and-listen-to-some-meaningless-words kind of rubbish, but some genuinely meaningful songs. “I didn’t want to do like a really shiny shiny happy happy album because I don’t think that’s what the world needs right now.” So instead of that the album, entitled Write it on your skin, is about starting again, not giving up mixed up with a healthy dose of just what everyone needs when they’re feeling a little down – escapism. A few songs into the show and Newton is already cracking onto his comedic sideact. “Shall I do it in the style of Bob Dylan?” he asks the room and, without waiting for any sort of response, proceeds to sing the chorus to I need something as though he has a sponge stuck in his mouth. The crowd laps it up, cheering for more and laughing hysterically. Newton grins. This is what he loves; he is giving the crowd something they didn’t expect. He is making them laugh. “I think I need some more tea.” he picks up his mug once more, “This is quite bracing!” With huge successes such as having sold over a million albums in the UK alone

16 | issue two

issue two | 17

"People called my first album a ‘surf’ album. Maybe ‘cause I fit the look.” 18 | issue two

and his first album becoming one of the top 20 biggest selling digital albums of all time, Newton has a new found sense of liberation when it comes to the creative side of his work. “On my first few albums I was very accommodating. I was like ‘I’ll do that’ or ‘I’ll give that a go’. But now I’m pretty much doing what I wanna do.” It is a great credit to an artist when they find themselves in a position whereby they are able to really take control of their product. It may have taken years of hard grind to reach this point but Newton is now in a place where he is able to call the shots. It’s a risk, of course, but he is sure it is a step in the right direction. In 2007 a younger and more naïve Newton hit the UK music scene. This was around the time when the likes of Paolo Nutini and acts of a similar style became immensely popular. The problem with that was that it meant every single person who played acoustic music and sang along was shuffled quietly into the same bland genre termed “Singer-Songwriter”. This is a name which no more explains Newton’s style than any of the other labels he’s been given over the years. “People called my first album a ‘surf’ album. Maybe ‘cause I fit the look.” It’s

undeniable; the dreads do make him look like a surfer, so I nod along. “Then I was told my music is ‘driving’ music. The funny thing is – I can’t surf and I can’t drive.” He laughs. Definable genre or otherwise, people like his music and Newton started early on his path to this point. “I think I had piano lessons when I was younger” he muses, as though he is not entirely sure when his musical talent was discovered “And then drum. And then I was in a band.” He pauses, looking towards his sister, Lottie, who is sitting working in the corner, in hopes that her memory is any better than his own. “I was in another band too after that. I played my first gig when I was thirteen.” She gives him a reassuring look and smiles before turning swiftly back to face the bright text covered screen. It’s no wonder she’s so busy, during the UK tour both Lottie and Newton have been working flat-out in order to get his third album ready for the release date. Between all the travelling, gigging and working on the new album, Newton says it’s hard to get three winks let alone forty. “Look I got two hours of actual sleep there!” he exclaims in surprise whilst showing me his sleeptracking app. It charts his movements in

Pics: Josh rock

his sleep and monitors just how much REM he actually gets. Turns out not a lot – there are more slopes in his line graphs than a big dipper. The lack of sleep has had an effect too, Newton admits he is never sure where the tour is going from one day to a next, in fact he usually has to ask other people. Far from being a sleep deprived wreck, though, Newton is full of beans as he talks and obviously thoroughly enjoying the energetic lifestyle. The family support must help with that too. This time Newton is travelling on tour with siblings Lottie and Toby and he puts a lot of his achievement down to the two who have been with him every step of the way. He and Toby have worked together on writing many of Newton’s songs. “Oh yeah, he’s extremely talented at writing.” He beams at the mention of Toby’s name, suddenly switching from the role of cool collected artist to the endearing proud brother role. And Toby isn’t the only one involved in the franchise which is Newton Faulkner, sister Lottie doubles as manager. Through-out the entire interview she is absorbed in her laptop, replying to emails, looking over work and occasionally interjecting with those urgent questions that just can’t wait. Later in the night, during the gig, she will be the blonde girl standing at the bar, torn between watching her brother’s performance and flicking through new album cover designs on her iPhone. Dedication isn’t the word here, the family live for this. Like a well-oiled machine each one has played their role in pushing Newton to the top of his game. On stage Newton is off telling another of his comical anecdotes, explaining why he wrote the chart-topping song People should smile more. Turns out there were three incidents over the course of a week, though he can’t remember one of them, which caused him to come up with the simple

yet effective lyrics to this upbeat anthem. The two that he can recall, a old woman hitting him in the face when he tried to help her with her bags and being shouted at for no reason on the subway, get huge laughs from the crowd. This amount of interaction and honesty on stage is what live performances should be, but unfortunately what they so often lack. He then starts up the song and once again the room is filled with a chorus of untrained voices singing along to the lyrics “I can’t change the world, ‘cause trying to make a difference makes it worse.” The words may sound pessimistic, but as Newton explained they are actually about becoming content with the world. You can’t help smiling, either, clichéd as it may be. After a variety of songs, old and new, a Massive Attack and even a Stevie Wonder cover Newton is about ready for his last song. The past two hours seem to have disappeared into thin air only to be replaced by memories of a grinning, shouting, singing and sometimes jumping crowd combined with some damn good music. The last song is a new one, tailored to the message of his new album the chorus goes “Let’s start again.” It doesn’t take us long to learn the words. For a moment it feels like he might actually be getting his message out there and for a moment we all believe in it. So what would he have become if not this modern day poet? “I kind of switched between being a superhero and singing.” He smiles, lining up his punch-line, getting the timing just right. “This was the safer option.” There it is. Let’s face it, what he’s doing now is somewhere in between the two. Newton Faulkner played the Leadmill, Sheffield last month. His new album, Write it on your skin is set for release on July 9th.

issue two | 19

eat | reviews Here is what shefffield has to offer...

We have five of the weirdest food facts that you would never have come across.

The Five Refried beans are actually only fried once

This misconception is all down to a translation mistake. The Spanish words “frijoles refritos” actually just means well fried beans, but somewhere along the way that got translated to the English refried. Now you know.

Dynamite can be made of peanuts

You wouldn’t normally associate dynamite with the simple nut but actually peanuts can produce glycerol which is used to make nitroglycerin – a vital element in making dynamite.

The word banana is Arabic

Back in the day, Arab traders thought bananas to be so small, they were almost the size of a fingertip. So what better word for the yellow fruit than “banan” – meaning simply “fingertips”?

Eating like a bird would make you fat

The phrase “to eat like a bird” is a bit misleading. You might imagine birds to eat very little, in fact most of them eat their entire body weight in food every single day. If we did that we’d be obese!

Wake up and smell the coffee The scent of coffee beans is actually the most recognisable smell in the world. Lucky for us the easiest to recognise smell is a nice one. Things could be so much worse.

Want to find out more about the great places to eat in Sheffield? eat

20 | issue two


Wasabi Sabi, London Rd

Warm Saki and tall tables, surrounding Japanese chefs tossing flaming teppanyaki in the air is what you can expect from this large Japanese restaurant on London Road. The Sushi is fresh and the ambience is closely aligned to Japanese décor. Although the chairs are high and can be uncomfortable, the food makes up for it. Try their Unagi rolls, at fresh river eel barbequed in a mouth watering sweet glaze, on some rice and wrapped in seaweed. Their hand rolls are also pretty scrumptious, crispy salmon skin is always a favourite, salmon skin is also ridiculously high in omega oils so it will make up for the sake which is smooth and too easy to drink for your own good. A sure way to test if sushi is fresh is if the seaweed is crispy despite being rolled in sticky rice. Well the seaweed here is definitely crunchy, and the teppanyaki is

cooked right infront of you if you are sitting on the largest square table at the end of the restaurant. You’ll be safely entertained by the chefs tossing food with knives and setting their food alight as they cook with the fastest hands in Sheffield. Wasabi Sabi is a great place for a celebratory meal with friends, family or even just on your own. The smooth-flowing, warm Saki, will invite the liquid courage some may need to try the more peculiar dishes with which you won’t be disappointed. Go on, be brave and try a new dish. Look below for our recommendation. infomation: Restaurant • 227 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NF • 0114-2585838

recommended Not sure what to get? Why not be adventurous and try the Rainbow Maki? It may sound like something out of an anime movie, but alas it isn’t. It’s actually Japanese vinegared rice topped with tuna, salmon and avocado slices which give it a rainbow like look. Go on, you know you want to!

Words: Elfie Tan Pics: Micheal bamford

Five weird food facts


198 West Street Sheffield S1 3TH


Fresh seafood and wide range of other asian foods at great value for money! Opposite of Tesco on West Street.

eat | reviews Best take-aways! Sometimes cooking beans on toast seems like just too much effort. Here at S1, we searched through the best takeaways on to give you the best of the best for fast food.

Curry House

With food ranging from pizza to burgers to curries, this is a take-away that will keep just about everyone happy. There is always someone in the group who wants to have something a little bit different to everyone else. It’s not what you want and it starts rows. Well, Curry House, is the answer to such a situation.

The Greedy Greek Deli

By far the healthiest option. This is less a take-away and more a Deli, but guess what? It delivers. Choose from a variety of wraps and main dishes, from falafel to chicken to pork to humous. Our suggestion is the lemon potatoes which are tasty and not as fatty as grabbing a fish and chips.

Butlers Balti House

If it’s curry your craving the firstly we dont blame you and secondly we suggest you order from Butlers. The curry is less artificial looking than some of its rivals and tastes delicious. You can have anything from a mild korma to a super spicey rogan josh. Delivery time is always promt and the food is always hot. What more can you ask?

Kebbabish Original

This is purely one of the best because of its fantastic grill. The curries are tasty and spicey, but what really sets this take-away aside from the others is its healthy portions and freshly grilled meats. If you are feeling like a mixed grill, this is the place for you.


Dim Sum, London Rd

When looking for a Chinese restaurant, the best way to pick a place is to pick the one with stacks of Chinese people in it. Walking into Dim Sum is like swinging a door open into China.

Instead of a greasy take out this style of Chinese food is far healthier and more enjoyable. Think of it as the tapas of China and you won’t be far off. This is best enjoyed in a group and, yes, you have to share it. At lunch and dinner time, Dim Sum is always full. The faire here is very traditionally Chinese, with strange dishes such as chickens feet and jelly fish. But for the faint hearted there are dishes to suit, such as chilli beef. But if your going to eat at Dim Sum, eat like the chinese. Forget the lines drawn between sweet and savoury, the parts of the animal that you are supposed to eat, and the parts that you throw away. Step into Dim Sum and the rules of food change. Here, you eat rice with chopsticks in small rice bowls and English table manners go out the window. Don’t worry about the rules. Just eat and enjoy the flavours. Dim Sum will make you realize what it means to Live to Eat. Order the Char siu Bow, which is a rice flour bun filled with sweet barbequed pork, made the way it is in homeland China. infomation: Restaurant / Bar • 201-203 London Road Sheffield S2 4LJ • 0114 255 0467

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Words: Elfie Tan & Charlotte grainger Pics: Micheal bamford

Here is what shefffield has to offer...




Three Corners of China is an exciting and vibrant new restaurant located within the heart of the South Yorkshire. The restaurant offers authentic and freshly prepared Oriental food made by highly trained chefs.


Three Corners Of China 255 Glossop Road Sheffield S10 2GZ Telephone 0114 3271192

Words: Giulia smith Pics: Benny smith

on a buDget | eat cheap as chips

Short on cash? You can still eat healthy for less and well. As students, we’re all known for our terrible eating habits. Be it late night takeaways, microwave meals, or bottles of cheap wine, students are renowned for not being the healthiest bunch. But it is possible to eat healthy and not break the bank. Here are a few tips on how:

Tips ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Toast. Eggs. Veg. A loaf of wholemeal bread won’t cost you more than £1.50 and the amount of different meals you can make is surprising. For a light lunch you could make beans on toast. Not many people know, but a tin of baked beans counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Or if you fancy something more filling you could add a scrambled egg to it; or for something a bit different why not try toast with grilled cheese and fresh tomatoes. This means that you will be avoiding the classically cheap and cheerful beans on toast and might actually get a half good meal with vitamins.

They are a perfect choice for cheap and healthy meals. And even better than that they are so tasty, Avoid the urge to go for a bacon and egg sandwich. Tempting as it might be, meat is not cheap so go for the veggie option. Eggs are full of vitamins, high in protein and low in price, you can buy 6 for £1.20 in most supermarkets. (Make sure to buy free range and not caged – there’s hardly any difference in price nowadays). You can fill an omelette with almost anything: tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, spinach leaves, potatoes, onions – the list is endless!

recipie Lasagne recipe

Get it frozen. It is cheaper and lasts a lot longer.The main issue with healthy eating is how expensive it is, and how quickly the food goes off once you buy it. A bag of carrots will only last you a few days before going off, and fresh vegetables can lose 45% of their nutrients by the time they are served to eat. If you opt to buy good frozen vegetables - such as the Birds Eye Field Fresh range, which claims to provide 30% more nutrients than fresh equivalents -you will still eat all the necessary vitamins, but pay a lot less, for a lot more, which will last a lot longer.


It may sound really straightforward and easy, but the amount of people that don’t drink enough water is extremely high. Or even worse, many people think drinking 10 cups of coffee or tea is ok as they are drinking a liquid. Well, they don’t help you at all. If you stop buying lattes and coca cola and just stick to tap water you will save yourself a huge amount of money without realising, and most importantly, you will stay healthy. Drinking big amounts of water can help people lost weight as the water helps break down and process food quicker.

1.Heat oil and fry the meat until brown then add the onions, peppers and mushrooms until soft.

Fancy making a meal fresh, rather than just heating it up in the microwave? Well here is a simple laagne recipe to get your taste buds tingling and your stomach rumbling.

2. Once cooked through, add tomato puree and bay


3. Add tomato and herbs, bring mix to the boil and

Oil / 450g lean beef mince / 1 onion & 1 red pepper finely chopped, / 1 green pepper finely chopped / 150g sliced mushrooms / 200g tomato puree / 2 bay leaves / 2 x 400g chopped tomatos / 1 tsp dried thyme parsley and oregano / salt and pepper / 300g dried pasa sheets / 300g cottage cheese / 150g chedder cheese

simmer for thirty mins and season.

leaves and cook for another five mins.

4. Finally line a baking dish with pasta and cover with

1/3 of mince. Then add cheese and repeat three times. Lastly put in a preheated oven at 180˚C till crisp.

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scene | theatre reviews


_ 42nd street Based on the Bradford Ropes novel the award winning musical comes to the city. 14th- 19th June

The Sound of Music - Lyceum The seven hills upon which Sheffield is sat came alive with the sound of music last week as Roger and Hammerstein’s famous musical came to Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre. The show tells the story of the Von Trapp family’s flight across the Austrian mountains, away from the invading Nazis. With an unforgettable score including all the wellloved songs, including The Sound of Music, Do-Re-Me, My Favourite Things, The Lonely Goatherd and Edelweiss. The acting was strong from all cast members – the relationship between Maria and the Captain’s seven children was portrayed wonderfully by Louise Walker in

the role of Maria. Walker’s voice was a little weak during the faster, higher songs, however, the slower, more sedate songs were beautiful. Maddison King, who played Gretl, was absolutely adorable and stole every scene she was in, and considering she is only 7, the fact she remembered all her lines was incredibly impressive! Eidelweiss was the best song of the show for me – performed against a bold backdrop of a Nazi flag, Craig Lawton sang with emotion and passion, and encouraging the entire audience to sing along with him was a smart move. Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable production – well cast and performed with gusto by all.


Beauty and the Beast The Northern Ballet Company

I had expected dancing plates and spoons, magical roses and talking candlesticks. I had expected a hoard of angry villagers and a scary fight scene. Then I realised that I had been brainwashed by Disney. Beauty and the Beast the ballet is not the version we all knew and loved as children, but the more traditional version of the ancient folk tale. You have the three sisters, Beauty included, who live with their rich father. The family lose everything through debt and are forced out to live in the woods. One day when the father goes looking for food, he finds the castle of the Beast – a place which terrifies him. He meets the Beast and a fight ensues. The Beast then offers the father a deal whereby he hands over Beauty for the sake of saving himself. Beauty falls in love with the Beast, obviously. He transforms back into a handsome Prince and they all live happily ever after. Simple really. This was my first ever ballet and whilst I did enjoy it, I couldn’t help thinking that I had I not previously known the plotline, I would have been completely lost throughout the show. With the absence of speech the story isn’t so easily conveyed. Having said that the costumes and dancing were beautiful. Stunning French maid outfits, ball gowns and tuxedos filled the stage. It has to be commented on as well, that these were some of the most flexible people I have ever seen in my life.

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_ Sheffield children’s dance fest A series of shows, dances and concerts from local school children. This year is set to be the best year ever with loads of new performers. 18th June - 14th July

Words: Katy roberts & Charlotte Grainger Pics: Sheffield Theatres

Coming up at Sheffield Theatres

_ The Price of everything How much are things worth and just how much will people be willing to pay for them? This question is answered in this brand new play by Richard Bonham. 8th June

_ The lady in the van Alan Bennett play based on real life events. An eccentric woman in a van obstructs his driveway and they say reality is stranger than fiction... From a story to a radio play and now an award winning stage play. 31st May – 2nd June

Want to find out more about the Sheffield theatre scene? scene

mountain biking | scene


Biking T

he Sheffield mountain bike scene is thriving. A casual stroll through the city centre will confirm this, as you will see a handful of desirable mountain bikes either locked up or on the move, their proud owners at the controls. On top of that, the world’s most successful downhill rider to have ever graced the sport, Steve Peat, lives and rides in Sheffield. Unbeknown to many people, there is a vast network of trails surrounding the city, some less than 10 minutes from the bustling center, ranging from full on downhill trails to all day epic cross country rides. Here are some of the best downhillers that Sheffield has to offer. Blacka Moor This is one of the most famous spots in the Peak District, mainly due to its appeal to the serious downhiller. The trails begin at the top of the nature reserve, where you will find

yourself blasting along fast rocky open single track, which is accompanied by impressive views of the surrounding landscape. You slow down as you enter the woods and carefully pick your line over the technical root and rock gardens, before speeding up again for the final section of flat out singletrack. Alternatively, if you have a penchant for getting two wheels off the ground head over to the other side of Blacka Moor and ride the Sheepskull trail. You won’t find any rocks here, instead what you get are berms, jumps and hips. Wharncliffe Woods You can’t class yourself as a Sheffield mountain biker until you have experienced Wharncliffe woods. Training ground of the legendary Steve Peat. Trails here are some of the most technical in the country. But it’s not just for experienced riders, as there are at least twenty different trails here. However total beginners may struggle with the steepness and the rocks of some of the more advanced tracks. Bingham Park For a quick hour ride try Bingham, for a small network of singletrack trails. Whilst not very challenging, the tracks here are fun. So there we have it, a quick guide to mountain biking in Sheffield. However, this is just a scratch on the surface of the huge variety of riding spots on offer. Get out there and ride! words & pics: Tom Richards

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scene | the shrimps S1 met up with The shimps to chat...

Pics: Ella ruth cowperthwaite

A Q &

The Shirmps

The Shrimps aim to become one of the biggest improvisational troupes in the country and are going back to their routes to change the way they perform comedy.

Sheffield Student Comedy Festival saw a weekend of excitement and hilarity, with a variety of different student and professional comedians alike showcasing their talents. Headlining the festival on the last day was the organiser of the festival, The Shrimps. S1 met with Emma-Louise Obank, 20, and Ash Kelly, 22, two of the fifteen performers from Sheffield’s biggest comedy troupe during the festival to see what their plans were for the future. How have you been enjoying the festival? This year has been the best year so far, because we booked a professional headliner for Saturday night, which was Piff, The Magic Dragon there was something for everyone. So tell me a little bit about The Shrimps? Well we were founded in 2007 by an American man called Demetri, and he decided to start an improvisation group in Sheffield and successful participants would become performers and it has been a rotating process ever since.

28 | issue two

How did you get into comedy? Emma – well mine is a bit of a long story. I went to UCB, which is an improvisational comedy theatre in New York, where Tina Fey has been seen from 30 Rock and really enjoyed it. So when I came back to Sheffield I decided to search for an improvisational comedy act here to join. I saw the Shrimps and thought I am way too lazy to learn lines so I’ll try my hand at improvisation and I loved it. Ash - I originally wanted to do sport or drama, comedy was never in my head.

Sitting in the audience for once, The Shrimps

Some of my housemates got tickets to a workshop they were running and I thought I would go along. Where do The Shrimps want to be in a few years’ time? Everyone always talks about the Cambridge Footlights or the Oxford Imps having been the biggest student comedians but we want Sheffield to be the place where student comedians can come together and offer them a stage. We want to establish the shrimps in that sort of bracket of performers, a very reputable comedy act and make ourselves known across the country and not just in Sheffield. words: Stevie Derrick

scene | moonko Pics: nathalie Donaldo

MoonKo Mother of one, mentor of many, Deborah Moon takes time out of her impressive schedule to talk to us about Moonko and Once upon a time...

Meeting Moonko’s creator Deborah Moon, it’s difficult not to feel inspired. She details projects past and pending, smiling and never missing a beat. Her workload would daunt most, but if she’s stressed it certainly doesn’t show. Moonko is her prodigy, which she has been carefully nurturing since June of last year. It is a collaboration of herself and new artists. The idea came to her as when she graduated from university she noticed how difficult it is starting out. Between the cost of materials, and securing a gallery to host a show it can get very expensive. Deborah acts as a mentor guiding the artists she works with through such decisions, and offering advice to them when they are feeling uncertain about other things too. “You can’t stop if it’s in you - you just make.”Artwork from the collaboration can be found in shop Moonko Indie that is located in the Nichols Building in Shalesmore. The shop boasts a decent range of home wares from teapots to framed prints. The prices start at £8, and go up to £65 – which is very exciting considering the cause behind each piece. The contents of the shop are influenced by Deborah’s appreciation of vintage and upcycling. Moonko’s current big event is collaboration with Urban Outfitters. Their work is being showcased in the Kensington High Street store, with the theme of fairy tales and how they can sometimes be dark and twisty. The collection is called Once Upon a Time. The artists who are being showcased are Rose Petal Deer, Death by Tea, Zoey Hardwick, Holly Betton, Asa Wikman, and Deborah Moon herself. Deborah has a print of hers, which she is planning to do more work on. It’s a carefully inked tree with coloured collage paper leaves, and moon. Just by looking, you can see the love and skill that has gone in to its creation. Far from being arrogant about her work she worries: “Don’t you think it’s very twee?” Deborah’s most recent work was with Amelia Gregory for Amelia’s Magazine during London fashion week. On each evening she would work on a print to illustrate articles about the various shows. Speaking to Deborah Moon, one realises that where her enterprise is concerned, the sky isn’t the limit. She has many plans in the works for Moonko, and exciting projects coming up too. Watch her space.

Deb moon (above) owner of Moonko

W: T: @komoonko

words: Charley Robinson

30 | issue two

LFW12 Alexandra Groover by Deborah Moon for Amelias Magazine


Student loan goes in... meat's back on the menu boys!

FAUNA GRAPHIC introducing

The story of beautiful, tragic, rebellious street art.


here’s a line that runs from the top of London Road to the train station, which will draw you to the luscious street art scene of Sheffield. Along this line you will find scattered; art studios, art galleries, long stretches of wall vibrantly sprayed with paint, and buildings with commissioned works to treat the eyes of the passerby. The people who are somewhat familiar with the street art scene will know of Kid Acne and Phlegm, but those are two names of hundreds of street artists in Sheffield clawing their way up the old industrialised brick walls. Being such a countrified city you’d think it odd for street art to have such a large following and to be so well established, but the reasoning behind this will seem suddenly so logical and so tragic to you. It was the downfall of the steel city. Hundreds of derelict factories and warehouses which crumbled during the reign of the Iron Lady, Margeret Thatcher, provided an ideal canvas for graffiti artists to explore and flourish in the tragedy of their great city’s once vibrant industrialized economy. The graffiti culture took hold, and today, street artists are an ever present streak of colour across the Steel City. Faunagraphic is one particular street artist who has been in the local scene for just over fiver years now. Green like Fauna Faunagraphic, otherwise known as Sarah Yates, labels herself an eco artist, because of her interest in capturing plant and wild life in her spray can art. So striking are her images that she’s been specially selected by massive art supply company; Windsor and Newton, to be the street art front of their new non-toxic spray paint, its UK launch set for this June. This break, not a lucky one, but one based on raw and natural talent, is one that any street artist would be honoured to have. But with her usual subjects of nature and wildlife, her style is tailored for the image required

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for Windsor and Newtons innovative eco-friendly spray paint. Ordinary spray paint is toxic and high in CFC’s and graffiti artists need to wear protective gear including masks and gloves to stop the destruction of their subcutaneious layer of skin on their hands and to prevent severe breathing problems from the inhalation of paint fumes. Some of the worst cases of toxic pain inhalation cause lung cancer, infertility and liver disease. Although this eco-friendly, non-toxic paint is more expensive than ordinary spray paint, Faunagraphic and Liquitex (the brand of the new spray paint) hopes that this safer form of paint will catch on with street artists. Faunagraphic in particular has good use of this paint when she teaches children to use spray cans. She has been commissioned to spray art work for Converse and Urban Outftters, but on a more local and charitable level, she’s been commissioned by the Lottery Fund to teach children in secondary schools how to graffiti on Council owned property. When artists dream, they dream of Green Making a living from a creative and subjective skill such as spray painting is no easy task. Art galleries and other such display areas notoriously take up to a 40% cut on anything sold in their space, so the best option for street artists is to get commissioned to colour up a part of town. Being commissioned today is more likely than it was ten years ago, when graffiti art was still trying to break free of its stigma of being the backbone of vandalism. But now big names and trending in graffiti has popularised it to the point of it being a sought after commodity in the art community. Take a stroll down Cumberland Street near the Moor, and you’ll see an epic street murial, called the Groundwork, the fruits of labor of the school kids and their guru Faunagraphic. Spray can Street Wars Though graffiti may now be trendy, it’s by no means taken the same and simpler route that many other art forms have. It started off as vandalism, an art with no rules, no manners and no politeness, and no matter where you go around the world, you’ll see evidence of graffiti street wars in its colourful history. Only a decade ago, street artists battled each other on the walls they painted on in peaceful Sheffield. One day it would be one graffiti artists satirical cartoon sprayed across the walls of the Broomhall playground and the next day another artist would have vandalized his way into the lime light of the street lights. Luckily for Faunagraphic, she stepped in on the Sheffield scene after the street wars ended. A bit rude, some might think, but this was the jungle that was street art before the early noughties. Following this, manners and a mutual respect among artists have been established on the street as though some mimed treaty had affected itself when no one was looking. Today, graffiti in Sheffield operates as a secret club of street artists, where one graffiti artist knows all the others, and one persons brick wall is acknowledged and given its time to breathe. Marrying degrees and the futures of our freedom Faunagraphic and I sit in her studio surrounded by a hundred different colours of spray paint talking about the

issue two | 35

beautiful art of selling out. This is what we’re here to do, leave home, get an undergraduate degree, maybe a Masters, then get a grown-up job, which if you are lucky enough, will pay you enough money to put your kid through the same thing, but eventually kill your soul. “I wanted to marry the two, I did graphic design and the job prospects for that degree was designing commercial packaging and the like. “I didn’t want to do that, so I found a way to marry the two, my skills as a designer and my interests in painting. Now it’s an addiction, and I get paid for it.” It must be nice to be able to work on something that you love and get paid for it. In the modern world this is a luxury that is hard to come by, so when you see someone who is quite literally living for their work you have to have a great deal of admiration for them. Of course it’s not all easy, though. There is no set path, or set exams or qualifications you need to pass get paid for painting the world the way you’d like to see it. Our dreams are subjective, and dealing in something that is subjective comes at a cost. Complete freedom of constraints, set paths and stability is not what everyone seeks. Sometimes we need lines, some of us can do without them. There are no rules when it comes to making a business out of what you love and you won’t find a handbook to tell you just how to do it. It is a huge risk and if you pull it off it’s more than worth it. It requires bravery in taking risks, ingenuity and a great deal of creativity. words: Elfie Tan

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BIG SCREEN REVIEWS: WITH showroom cinema /////////// REVIEW Words: Liam Jack & Danielle Bardge

_ 2 days in New York Screwball comedy here from Julie Delpy following the success of 2 days in Paris. The film stars Chris Rock.

Café de Flore It’s not hard to see why Canadian Arthouse film Café de Flore was nominated for 13 Genie awards. Jean-Marc Vallée’s tale of love and loss will draw you in by the heart and then give it a real kicking. The film follows two relationships, one from the past and one from the present. In 1969, single-mother Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis) has dedicated herself to raising her son, Laurent (Marin Gerrier), born with Down’s Syndrome. Knowing his condition means he probably won’t live past 25 and cannot excel academically, Jacqueline is dead set on proving statistics wrong and making Laurent the best that he can be. A little over forty years later,

Antoine (Kevin Parent) is a successful globe-trotting DJ with a beautiful girlfriend, Rose (Evelyne Brochu). While happy in his relationship, Antoine can’t stop thinking about his ex-wife, Carole (Hélène Florent), his teenage sweetheart and mother of his two daughters. For most directors, trying to run what are essentially two plots at once is risky, but it soon blends well. This is set against a musical backdrop from Pink Floyd, The Cure and Sigur Rós, to name a few, that will relax you in one instance and shake you up in the next.


_ All in good time Comedy about a newlywed couple and the trials and tribulations they face at the start of their marriage. Will married life turn out to be all it’s cracked up to be? Probably not.

_ Mirror Mirror An adaptation of Snow White, staring Sheffield’s own Sean Bean and Hollywood favourite Julia Roberts. Expect a beautiful love story retold and maybe even some dwarves.

_ Woody Allen: A documentary


Film maker Robert Weide takes a deep look at the inner workings of the directors life, with access to private affairs.

_ Friday night live: Moving Mountains A night of Folk, Americana and Alternative music from the Steel City and far far beyond.


For many people around the world Bob Marley is more than just a musician; he is venerated like a saint - a cultural icon that introduced the West to Reggae and Jamaican culture. Kevin McDonald’s new documentary follows the life of Marley, from his birth in an impoverished Jamaican village in to his untimely death from cancer in 1981. McDonald’s documentary tells the story almost exclusively from the points of view of those who knew him best. The film’s most evocative moment is when Marley, who had left Jamaica due to warring political factions and a gun attack on his house, returns to his

38 | issue two

home country to perform a peace concert. Halfway through Jammin’ Marley invites Michael Manley and Edward Seaga, the leaders of the opposing political parties, to join hands with each other on stage in an effort to quell the violence that was tearing their country apart. At 144 minutes the documentary is slightly too long but is still essential viewing for fans and an interesting insights for those who only know Marley as the face on teenager stoners t-shirts.


Want to find out read the best film and game reviews in Sheffield online?


/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// review

The Best Exotic Marigold hotel The film stars some of the best British actors who have set the high standard for British acting today. They each play unlikely characters; with Bill Nighy playing a devoted husband of a contrary and stubborn Penelope Wilton; Judi Dench playing a widowed damsel in distress and Tom Wilkinson, a mild mannered judge with a secretive past.

One of the pluses of this film was the location. Here are some great shots of India. Great cinematography.

The film explores the twilight years of the characters lives, and how, although it may seem to be drawing to and end, a life can change completely when you least expect it. The antagonist of the movie can be seen as India itself. The vibrant, and aggressive culture forces several of the characters to step outside their comfortable British up-bringing and be faced with the poverty and harsh realities that lie outside of the Western culture. To call it a culture shock would be a grand understatement and the charcters are thrown into a world unlike anything they’ve ever known. At first it seems like an unwelcome challenge for people seeking a comfortable and relaxing retirement, but as the script moves forward, it becomes clear that the unexpected makes each day in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel worthwhile. The film is well scripted and of course with such brilliant actors, it is well presented. Although as students we will not as easily relate to what the characters are going through, the strength of the dialogue effortlessly pulls you into the story. It is another one of those stories with a difficult beginning, middle and end to fathom. But sit through this film without expecting Hollywood style, structure and comfort and you will be rewarded for your patience with spontaneity, quirk and dialogue worthy of the classic Brits delivering it. It really is one of those films you have to have patience with. There are moments of intense loneliness where you might think, is this what I have to look forward to? But the film redeems the storyline to a sense of melancholy best experienced when listening to the song ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ minus the actual meanings of the words. Expect to see Dev Patel at his usual quirky best, but this time playing a role with far more charm than what he was served with in Slum Dog Millionaire. The Bollywood star playing his girlfriend Tena Desae is also worth a slobber while you sit in the cinema.

Rating: words: Elfie Tan

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I AM LEGEND The film has decent effects but did not stay true to the book. The ending was completely different for one, but we won’t ruin it for you. What I can say is that what a book can do that a film will always struggle to do, is explore the psyche of characters through words. Particularly in this novel, where human interactions are at a minimum, majority of the text involves the thoughts and, issues which dwell in the mind of the antagonist. Something that even an actor as stellar as Will Smith will struggle to portray with minimal dialogue. For much of the film this leaves the audience guessing what is going on inside the antagonist’s head, whereas in the book you can’t escape every detail of his mind. The book pulls you deep into the tortured psyche of Robert Neville, who struggles with loneliness and a forced celibacy in a world where he is the only person left. His longing for sex in the novel is disturbingly taunted by infected women, who reveal themselves to him, in an effort to entice him to leave his house, so they can feast on him. One of the most pronounced differences

between the film and the book, is the way the ‘infected’ people are portrayed. In the film, they come across as inhuman and completely animalistic two dimensional characters if you will, almost as if the virus had resulted in a transformation from human to monster. Think the standard portrayal of a zombie in a horro flick and you won’t be far off. The book, on the other hand, gives the infected some history and persisting human characteristics, which may put you in the awkward position of relating to both sides of the story. The humanization of the infected also makes the line between good and evil blurred in comparison to the black and white of it seen in the film. It is clear why a film adaptation works better in these terms, but much of the depth of plotline is lost in the transition from book to film. This ongoing conflict between man and the infected culminates in the book in a way that is totally unexpected and in no way ‘Hollywood’. So perhaps the adaptations of the ending were necessary to make this a film ‘kosher’ for the masses. In film’s so much more emphasis is placed on selling the story to the masses and this often means that the originality of the plot has to be sacrificed. The film had to be drastically dramatized to fulfill emotional a psychological aspects of the story, including the death of Robert’s dog which is far more aggressive and explicit than depicted in the original book. I much preferred reading the book, as subtleties in the story could be explored with far more intricacies, providing the character and story with much needed substance and depth. There is a paradigm which exists in the book, which is in no way explored in the film. You must read it to understand. words: Elfie Tan



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style | Fesitval fashion columnist nathalie Donaldo _

Get your festival on


estival season is on its way and Coachella has set the bar for looking gorgeous and chic while dancing the days away. Sadly, the English Isles don’t have the benefit of the California sunshine so wellies are a staple of festival style. Wellies come in a multitude of colours so finding a pair that suits your style won’t be a problem.

Want to keep up to date with all the latest trends?

42 | issue two

Perfect festival wear. Amber Gamble models a boho style floaty dress.

Do's & Dont's

DO ///// DO ///// DO /////

Always apply foundations, powders, blushers and bronzers in natural light to avoid tide marks around the jaw area from foundation or bright pink/ orange cheeks. Looking like a clown isn’t in this season.

Stick to pinks and nudes on your lips for a fresh and healthy look. Red is too much for summer.For a a less formal style then apply Vaseline over your lipstick and it will look like you have applied a balm.

Opt for lighter and more neutral shades for your eye shadow, so your eyes don’t look tired or heavy. Top tip: dab some silver or white eye shadow in the corner of your eyes to create a bright eyed effect.


Thick oily foundationsduring the day our skin is exposed to various chemicals and different weather conditions. Wearing heavy foundation will cause pores to be blocked more easily and create unwanted blemishes.

Wear fake eyelashesthey are fun for a night out but wearing them during the day can look tarty. What’s more the glue can be damaging to the eyelid so they should be only worn for short periods of time.

Put more make up on top of your day make up before you cleanse. Cleanse away your make up from the day before you apply more to avoid clogging up your pores and allowing your skin to breathe.

The summer is all about keeping your make up natural looking, there really is no need to go out with full slap on. Fresh is best.

Words: Amber Gamble Pics: Ella ruth cowperthwaite

Floaty dresses are always a goto for summer festivals but why not dare to be different. Pair a printed bralet top with a matching skirt or shorts. The two colours of this season are pink and orange, together. Yes, together. Don’t shy away from the bold combination, it’s fresh, and playful and your friends will be able to spot you in the crowd. Very practical. The standard festival wear is finally out of style. That means you should be throwing away those clip on angel wings and glitter make up. Yes, there are fun to dress up in but how about we save that look for when you are alone in your bedroom singing in front of your mirror? This year let’s go for something a little bit different. With a wide range of styles coming out that are just perfect for the festival scene - why would you want to go looking like a glitterbomb fairy princess? Prints are huge this season and not just traditional florals either. Vegetables, cars, flamingos, anything goes. Go global with African, Aztec and Peruvian patterns. And those prints are not just reserved for your outfit; make your nails a fashion statement as well. Why not head on to our website for an exclusive tutorial on print-tastic nail art? Flower headbands are synonymous with festivals but rather than go with a traditional garland try going for a Lana del Rey inspired crown or even veering away from flowers entirely by going for a printed headscarf. Braids have been everywhere for the past couple of seasons and they’re a great way to keep cool whenever the sun peeks out. Halo braids, milkmaid braids, fishtails braids, Dutch braids, French braids; take your pick. A particular piece of clothing making rounds at festivals worldwide is American Apparel’s disco pant and it’s minime the disco short. High-waisted, very tight, and in every colour of the rainbow, they are for the very brave or the very leggy. Preferably both. Most importantly, festivals are about having fun and that philosophy should extend to your outfits. Be creative and don’t be afraid of being a bit wacky and out there.

S1 FASHION Working with: Cow, Sheffield

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Photography: Ismar Badzic

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style | s1 fashion

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issue two | 47

S1 Street Fashion Photography: Sophie Piearcey

DENIM whats been warn this month...

48 | issue two

Name: Alberto

Name: Samantha

Name: Sam

Coloured jeans (Burton, £20) “I like the colour. It’s like my personalty: colourful.” Or, erm, green?

Light denim shirt (Miss Selfridge, £23) “I like to wear colours for spring and summer and this is a cute top.”

Dark slim Jeans (Primark, £9) “I love the indie look, it’s what people wear nowadays.”

Name: Daisy

Name: Jack

Name: Shaquita

High-waisted button detailed jeans (Republic, £30) She has chosen a plain top to compliment the heavy detail style.

Jeans (Vintage, £10) Jacket (Cow, £12) “I’ve never been a fan of received wisdom when it comes to fashion.”

Light denim shorts (Republic, £15) “I love the shorts and leggings look. I especially like leggings with bold patterns.” Individual style.


How to de-stress for exam times It is our favourite time of year again – exam period. Chances are you are getting to breaking point, staying up all night to study and having absolutely no social life. You have to remember that all this stress is not good for you. Here is how to de-stress before the exam starts:

Keep distractions away. This does mean logging out of Facebook. If you’re free from distractions, you can concentrate fully on the work you’re doing, meaning you will actually feel like you have learnt something. It can be hard to turn off all distrations and it does feel better revising in front of the T.V. but how much work do you actually get done? Not very much. So sit in a quiet dimly lit room and read away.

Be realistic. It’s great to think that we are capable of sitting down and working solidly for six hours, but in reality this will never happen. You will feel a lot less stressed if you manage your time properly. This means giving yourself a break every now and again (yes, you may log into Facebook!)

Eat and sleep properly. Drinking coffee until 5am and then getting a full 3 hours sleep is not the way to approach exams. Not only will you look like a mad woman but your mind won’t be able to function properly without a good rest and enough food. Plus, you’ll have enough on your mind without the added stress of how to make the bags under your eyes disappear.

How to study for an exam in three days You’ve been putting off revision for weeks now (hey, we’re not judging you) and all of a sudden you have just three days left until the day of doom itself, what do you do? You read this and sort it out of course!

Highlight what you missed Remember all those essays you slept through? Yeah, well somehow they count. Go through lecture notes (or chet and print them off from the slide shows) and highlight the bits that just don’t make any ense to you. You will have an idea of most of the material covered but if something is drawing a blank then than is the thing you should be learning.

Past papers

Check the points Go through the point system on the past exam papers, making sure that you don’t waste time on sentences that won’t get your points. If you can’t answer everything due to, um, lack of knowledge, then go for the higher scoring questions as this will give you a better chance of passing.

50 | issue two

Words: Lauren Clarke Pics: Kiran Shazadi Din

Go over the past paper questions for the mast five years, unless your lecturer has hinted otherwise, these will give a pretty good indication of the pattern and the likelihood of what questions will come up. See if you know the answer to any at all – if so you’re on track. Like with shampooing: rinse and repeat until you get it right.

Words: Lauren Clarke Pics: Kiran Shazadi Din

The Absolutely Brilliant Flatmate’s Bible But seriously now, how do you deal with annoying flatmates? Or with a dispute? How do you get someone to turn their music down because you have an exam in the morning? Here are 5 tips to keep your home harmonious.

Thou Shalt Let Me Sleep

Thou Shalt Be Open

A pet peeve in halls is the constant noise, the bass pumping, the drunken screaming and the couple having a party for two next door. Always be aware of how noisy you’re being. Some of us do have 9ams; just turn the music down a bit.

If someone is being a pain in the arse tell them politely but firmly that they are doing something that you don’t like. Suffering in silence will only cause a simmering resentment which could explode at any moment. Talk it out first.

Thou Shalt Be Polite

Thou Shalt Have Respect

Being rude and snappy only causes arguments, as Thumper famously said, “If you don’t have any thing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” Treat others as you would wish to be treated, and you can’t go far wrong (unless you really love people being rude to you).

Respect for your flatmates belongings that is. From your flatmate’s favourite mug to their expensive laptop, be careful. And whatever you do, do not eat their food, especially that amazing looking cheesecake. It may look tempting but it will end in tears, probably theirs when they realise it’s gone.

The Really Annoying Flatmate’s Bible We’ve all got one. The flatmate that leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor and their dirty plates in the sink. Want to rival them? Here are 5 commandments you’ll have to obey if you want to really irritate everyone you live with.

Don’t wash up hat’s right, leave those dirty dishes right there. Don’t even scrape your scraps off. Leave your soup to skin and your mash to mould. Go sit and watch The X factor or drool over Gary Barlow instead.

be Wasteful Keep the lights on, even when it’s sunny outsid. Take really long showers which will cause your flatmates to knock the bathroom door shouting ‘have you drowned?’ And you must keep the heating on at all times.

party on After a night out, leave your half eaten pizza on the sofa. Make sure when you vomit due to alcohol intake you miss the toilet, the further away you are the better. Bonus points for each flatmate you can wake up.

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0114 273 0379 Momentum Leisure Club Sheffield, 12 St. George’s Close, Sheffield S3 7HB

fitness | guru

Words: Sabreen ali Pics: lanty zhang

columnist joel brasher-jones _

Your Basic Warm-Up Summer Sports Routine: Sorted give it a go Whichever sport’s your flavour, you’ll need a solid warm-up routine beforehand to loosen muscles, prevent injury and mentally prepare for what’s to come. Here are 5 core exercises that should get you in the mood: 1. Jumping Jacks A simple but effective way to increase your heart rate and get the adrenaline flowing. Jump with your feet wide apart while bringing your arms over your head, and then down to your hips while bringing your feet back together. You may feel like you look a little silly doing this exercise but it is good for your heart to get it pumping ahead of a work out so get jumping!

2. Walking Quad Stretch Bring your heel up to touch your buttocks and press your hips forward, then repeat with the other leg. Keeping your opposite arm outstretched helps with maintaining your balance. Easier said than done that maintaining balance part, but as the very old saying goes practise does make perfect. Crawl before you walk and start with the most you can push yourself without falling over.

3. Calf stretch Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and brace your hands against a wall, pushing against it. Take one foot back, keeping your toes facing the wall, with your front knee slightly bent. You may not be as flexible as our model straight away but keep trying and an inch at a time you will get closer to actually being able to touch your toes. It is a great stretch to losen up your body and really prepare it for the strenuous work out it is about to undergo.

4 . S h o u lder - S trangle and Hand Down Spine These go together as upper-body stretches; perform the Shoulder Strangle by crossing one arm horizontally over your chest, gripping just above the elbow with your other hand and then pulling toward your chest. For the Hand Down Spine manoeuvre, place one hand in between your shoulder blades with fingers pointing downwards, and the grasp the bent elbow with your other hand. Pull gently.


his is a summer of opportunity and a chance for everyone to get involved in sport with more deals and coaching programs out there than ever. From the very casual to the competitive there is something for all. Below is a small list of sports which you should try this summer. It will help you stay fit and also give you something to do as summer is long and can get boring if there is nothing to do near you.

Cycling - with the local area offering amazing scenery and treks, cycling is a great way to see the Yorkshire countryside. There are all sorts of treks, from relaxed cruising to the intense downhill. So dust off the old bike, or by a cheap one off Gumtree, or if you want to use a reconditioned bike, there are many hire centres in Sheffield with reasonable prices. Tennis - This sport is great for fitness during the summer months, and there are many outdoor courts available. Booking a court is relatively cheap and hiring equipment is reasonable, just don’t forget the cucumber sandwiches and Pimms afterwards Golf - Mentally challenging, this is for a more pedestrian and relaxing time but comes with a warning of intense addiction. Beach sports - If you are near a beach during your holiday, get involved with some beach sports. It gives you a good break from tanning and relaxing with sports such as beach Rugby, Frisbee and Volleyball being quite popular. There are also tournaments around Europe for those with a competitive edge Duo-Athlon - this is new team sport, which is becoming intensely popular. It involves three legs. two of them are run and one is a cycle. There are many events around the UK and they can be done with a bunch of mates or in a competitive team. Village sports - If you are from a village area there are always village sports happening. this might involve some strange sports but they can be really good fun and great for the community This promises to be a great Summer of sport so get up and give something a go!

Learn more about summer sports and hear what Joel has to say. For all the best sporting advise and more of Joels column pieces visit our website.

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music | RANT! columnist rach dixon _

Conor Maynard

A British festival experience


For many, going to a festival is like having a tube of pringles - they are expensive, and not every pack fits all but they are great to share and always leave you wanting more. A British festival is a paradox of love and hate. If you’ve never been to one, it’s a little like the first time you had sex - a drunken mess which seemed to end quicker than you thought, but will still somehow leave you eager and going back for more.

But why? What is so good about standing in a muddy field with thousands of unwashed strangers, watching our ‘favourite’ artists mime their new material that you wouldn’t shake your tic-tacs at. So, you have your tickets, your mum has packed your backpack and let you borrow that little old tent her and your dad once used for a weekend break back in the 80’s. It’s festival day. You get to the park, it’s going to be amazing... oh no wait, you have a 5 mile trek to contend with before you find a spot of grass suitable to pitch up, (little did you know this spot of grass would be in the middle of two hallucinated hippies, a group of wasted 14 year-olds who will throw up all over your tent and an over-friendly helpful creep). You’ve set up camp, been to the loo, it’s time to grab a pint and a burger - if you don’t have an overdraft, it’s time to get one. Let’s just say you could do a weekly shop for what they expect you to pay. Trauma over, the band’s are about to start playing - you get yourself in a good position and are all set. Two hours later and the first band arrives, oh great it’s that group from the 70’s who had one hit, just bring on the headliner already! Another three hours later, here they are - the British band of the century, eagerly awaiting to hear their original tracks that made you fall in love with them. Then, just to tip you over the edge, their set lasts all of 45 minutes and they play all of their new stuff plus that one really irritating commercial piece of tosh. You experience two to five days of this, plus a sunburnt face, a pint of piss on your head and constant hangover which makes you wonder if you face-planted a wall last night. Not only this, but you now have the added worry of being hounded by a slim Irish women just praying you have some disgusting disfigurement she can analyse and show to the world. Your ticket should come with a warning at purchase - beware of scary annoying people asking if you have the right shaped bits - do you have an embarrassing body? Why do we think festivals are such a great idea?

Nineteen year old Conor Maynard serenades the 02 Academy Sheffield on the last leg of his first ever UK tour. Here beneath the small stage stand a sea of made-up girls screeching as the arrival of the boy they have been waiting just under two hours for is announced. But these teenage girls are not your average “Beliebers”-oh no! These teenage girls are “Mayniacs” waiting for the one and only Conor Maynard. Dubbed the British Bieber, Conor Maynard took the charts by storm with his debut single Can’t Say No knocking Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend to number 10. Since he won the MTV “Brand new for 2012” award the success of the fresh-faced Brightonian has rocketed, with Pharrel Williams flying him out to the states and talks of collaborations with the likes of Ludacris and Neyo. Conor engages the crowd well, asking them “Mayniacs, are you ready to party?” which demands a rumbling cacophony of squeals and

squawks. Of course, for a boy who recorded covers in his bedroom which were posted onto YouTube his performance could do with a little more work but the “Mayniacs” are a forgiving bunch. As the 40 minute set draws to a close Conor finishes up with his song Can’t Say No which was released on 14th April after treating the “Mayniacs” to a preview of Vegas Girl which will be released in his debut album.

Words: Isis mason

Want to read more of Rach’s rants? Go to...

Conor Maynard 02 Academy Sheffield Review

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GUIDE | preview

This month see’s a launch party at O2 Academy to celebrate the release of a brand new EP from Sheffield favourites Alverez Kings.


he EP which is entitled “Cold Conscience” contains four new songs that the band has been slaving away on over the past months. The tracks were recorded with long time collaborator Dave Sanderson (Reverend & The Makers, The Exhibition, 65 Days of Static) at 2fly Studios in Sheffield and Steve Ellis (Wooderson, Hey Sholay, Skeletons) at Orion Studios in Rotherham.

56 | issue two

It follows their debut EP “Patience is strength” which was released way back in 20120. Since then the band have been touring relentlessly and have gained a loyal fanbase in the process. The coming release comes just ahead of their next North American Tour. The band formed in 2005 when brothers, Brothers Simon (Vocals/Guitar) and Paul Thompson (Bass), joined forces with guitarist Sean Parkin, and drummer Rich Walker.

From the very start of the band’s career they found themselves pushed into the limelight, being handpicked for festivals across the globe such as SXSW, Isle of Wight Festival and London’s O2 Wireless Festival. They have also had the pleasure of supporting acts such as The Enemy, The Holloways and Bloc Party. This month the band will be holding a launch party on Saturday 16th June.

For tickets go to:

nights out | guide

Nights Out! monday Overdose @ DQ

Electro, house and commercial dance tunes lift your soul and stimulate your senses. Remind yourself of a holiday spent raving in Ibiza, or reward yourself for spending your summer slaving away back here in the UK. £3.50 adv. £4 on door.

Oddball @ Corp

DJ Pete delivers a head-on collision of the best, the stupidest and the most unexpected in Sk8, Ska-punk and metal. Dance-floor fillers and mosh-pit thrillers with the emphasis on party. Oddball is debauchery on a grand scale. Doors open 10.30pm.

Pounded @ Hallam Union

Expect huge themes, celebrity guests, entertainment and one pound drinks all night. Hit the pre-bar at Bar Phoenix where there will be a DJ set to get you in the mood before you head upstairs for Pounded.£4 adv. £5 on door.

Shag @ Leadmill

The Biggest Party Floorfillers, Your favourite anthems & a few guilty pleasures. Indie Rock’n’Roll plus some Classic 60’s Soul & Motown Belters in Room two.

Population @ Sheffield University Union

Some of the biggest chart toppers and sing-a-long anthems around... expect Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182, Jessie J, Killers, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, plus retro classics like McFly and S Club 7! Doors open 11pm £3.50 adv. £4.50 on door.

Get Dirty! @ Embrace

Let Embrace help you to start your week off with a bang (thanks to their Co2 cannons) and shoot you to the stars (with their lasers). Five rooms of entertainment, so something for everyone. £4 on the door.

Alt. Com. Cab. @ The Harley

Every third Monday of the month.Short for Alternative Comedy Cabaret. It is an independently produced alternative comedy night that takes place every third monday of the month at The Harley in Sheffield. Starts 7.30pm. £3 on door £2 NUS.

Sticky @ Red Room

Student night of R&B past and present. With very special £1.50 drinks offers and a great atmosphere to start your week off right.

tusday Tuesday Club @ Sheffield University Union

The Tuesday Club has just been voted the ‘Best Club Night in Sheffield’ , with truly amazing dubstep, drum n bass & hip hop guest DJs and live acts every week. Doors open 11.30pm.

Billionaire @ Crystal

Sheffield’s most exclusive midweek music brothel. Sheffields Longest running tuesday night with soulful classics and electro house. Doors open 10pm. £3.50 on door.

American Pie @ Babylon

Babylon’s very own student night. Take a trip back to your (early) childhood and dance to the very best of the 90’s. Expect Take That, Spices Girls and S Club 7. Oh Memories.

Get Laid @ Replica

A night of chart music, dance and even some R&B. Get laid is your chance to do exactly that! Enjoy the music, dance a bit and meet some new and interesting people. Doors open 10pm.

Funktion @ Forward

Something for all you night owls out there. Funktion is a night full of your favourite tunes and, lucky you, is open till 5am! Doors open 11pm.

wednesday Hallam pre party @ Crystal

For your drinks before the massive Hallam night in Embrace this is the best value Embrace pre drinks bar.Cheap drinks offers to get you ready for your big night out.

ROAR @ Sheffield University Union

Fresh, Cool, and Current hits in the Foundry from the one and only DJ Mark Smith, playing you big names and big tunes every Wednesday! Doors open 11pm £4 adv.

Skool Disco @ Corp

Skools out, and it’s time to do some serious Music and Biology revision at Sheffield’s largest and loudest student night. Three rooms of musical mayhem unlesh a massive party whatever your musical taste.

Reservoir Rocks @ Babylon

A night of your favourite 90’s tunes! Expect a mix of brit pop and classic indie to take you back to your youth this Wednesday night. Doors open 7pm.

Jagerbomb @ DQ

New to town this is Sheffield’s most explosive student night. Indie dancefloor Mash Up with some lovely drinks offers thrown in.

Boing Boing @ Embrace

The official out of union night for Hallam students, Embrace celebrates all it means to be a poly once a week. Expect chart toppers and hit tunes. £4 NUS.

Clothes Line @ The Harley

Free entry, cheap booze and music ‘til 4AM. Themed hours, free stuff and a special clothes swap also included (bring down some clothes you don’t want, pick yourself up a brand new get up!) Doors open 10pm. Free.

thursday Jump Around @ Plug

The biggest anthems right now, mixed with a little pop punk, dubstep and drum and bass. Something for everyone then. Doors open 10.30pm £4 adv.

Ugly! @ DQ

A night your favorite residents coming back to  bring you the best of hiphop and even some fried chicken to fill your gobs on the

door - if you get there early enough. £2 before midnight and £3 after.

Thriller @ Leadmill

70s and 80s and 90s Classics All Night Long. All the best in 90s spice - Its Take That, Britney, S Club 7, Five, Back Street Boys... Hell even Boyzone!! Doors open 11pm. £5 on door. £4 NUS

A-list @ Replica

Sheffield’s sexist student night going. Dress to impress, after all it is called A-list for a reason! Enjoy your favourite tunes for a celeb style night. Doors open 10pm.

Romp @ DQ

Come party with our Romp hosts & hostesses where they will be showing you how to party ‘RompStyle’. Entertaining you through out the night by giving out shots, sweeties, CD’s and your very own Romp condom! £3 tickets. £4 after midnight.

Koochi Koo @ Static

Free shots with every drink all night long in this three room students only party. Three fantastic DJs play the biggest chart toppers all night. Electro house, R&B and 2 step garage. Doors open 10pm. Free entry before 11pm.

Common People @ Forward

The genre-less party where anything goes. Expect all your favourite tunes. Don’t be afraid to be common! Embrace it and have some cheap drinks and even cheaper thrills. £4 on door. £3 NUS

friday Drop @ Corp

Wear whatever, dance however, be yourself! Weekend crazyness at ear-splitting volume, this is life lived at its loudest! With drink offers all night, Drop helps ensure your weekend starts in a pile of puke.

Space @ Sheffield University Union

ful sounds. With amazing drinks offers this is the only way to spend your thursday nights. Free before 11pm. £3 after 11pm.

DubCentral @ The Harley

Dubcentral puts on big all-night reggae dances which are going down a storm with sound systems, playing ska, roots, reggae and dancehall but mostly dub. Dubcentral is purely about conscious, uplifting and vibrant music. Doors open 10pm. £3 / £4 on door.

saturday Threads @ DQ

A unique genreless night, hosting an eclectic mix of bands and DJs. Guests ranging from Toddla T to Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Pilooski to MistaJam. Expect a night of all the biggest DJs, the best anthems and a whole lot of fun.

Reservoir Rocks @ Corp

Hardcore Metal, Big-hair eighties Cock Rock, Industrial, EBM, Goth, Trance and many other finely spiced tunes....throw it all in a big pot  and mix it up. Who’d of thought that lot would produce something so tasty?  

Sonic Boom @ Leadmill

The Very Best in Indie and Rock’n’Roll. Dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness.A vintage mashup of Motown, Atlantic Soul, Mod, Stax, 60’s and Soundtrack in room two. Expect all your favourite music mixed with some lovely drinks offers.

Shuffle @ Plug

With a trusty bank of residents - LJ Freeman, Ollie Hayes, Becky Hayes, Tommy Lee, Geoff Ticehurst and Lee Smith the music quality is assured week in week out.

Junction33 @ Red Room

Djs from all over the world bring their love of house to clued up Sheffield clubbers!Each month we aim to bring you Sheffield’s best house djs who have the ability to rock the dancefloors and play stylish uplifting house.

In the main room, DJ Tony P (Eden, Ibiza) rocks the party every single week, playing the likes of Alexandra Stan, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Example, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, Swedishouse Mafia, Usher and tons more.Doors open 11pm £4 adv. £5 on door.

Entourage @ Hallam Union

Covert Soundsystem @ Plug

Mixed up Saturdays @ Crystal

A night of the biggest tunes with Covert’s resident DJ Emilio playing some dance, pop, dub step and drum and bass. With a second room devoted to R&B with LJ Freeman. Doors open at 10.30pm Free entry before 11pm. £3 adv/ £4 nus/ £5 doors

Popaganda @ O2 Academy

The UK’s biggest indie night brings an audio-visual extravaganza to O2 Academy Sheffield every Friday night.Doors open 10.30pm £4.

Gaga @ Leadmill

A double helping of MASSIVE Indie Hits, a sprinkling of Motown, all helped along with an ever so juicy dash of Punchy Pop. Doors open 10.30pm.

Flavours @ Crystal

Motown, chart, classic R&B, and some soul-

It’s Sheffield’s biggest weekend party! Expect three amazing arenas of the finest DJ talent this side of Ibiza, every Saturday at the HUBS. £4 adv. £4.50 before 11pm. £5 after 11pm. Doors open 10pm. All your guilty pop pleasures from Gaga to Perry. With a second less poptastic room of Electro and Funky. Enjoy amazing drink offers such as 2 for 1 on all cocktails all night . Doors open 9.30pm. Free before 11pm. £4 after.

Heaven @ Static

Cool urban music in one of the country’s sassiest venues. Every Saturday dress up and join us for 2 rooms of heavenly urban music. No hype necessary. Quality of the experience guaranteed. Doors open 10pm. £4 before 11pm. £5 before 12. £7 after that.

Rewind @ Hallam Union

Music from now and all the way back to the 90’s tunes we all loved. With on stage competitions, cheap drinks offers and all the good old fashioned music you can handle. £3.50 on the door. Open till late.

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GUIDE | Events

Events 1st June The Arcadian Kicks @ Shakespeares Free Entry

Vinny Peculiar @ Greystones

Manchester based singer, songwriter and poet will be performing and will be accompanied by on a few shows by Boanehead of oasis. 8pm. Entry: £8

A Season of Secrets @ The O2 Academy

With Strangle Kojak, live for Today, Beyond Recall and The Call Back Academy. A Season Of Secrets have gone from strength to strength and now they’re back and in the process of writing another EP that should be their best material yet! 6:30 10pm. Entry: £5

Drum[roll] @ The Harley

The first Friday of every month, residents showcase their skills on the ones and twos ahead of their big shebang at Faction on the following Sunday. Experience a night loaded with innovative artists and good music. All things good from Techno and House. 10pm- 4am. £3 on the door after midnight.

2nd June Cud @ The Leadmill

British indie rock band from Leeds which disbanded in 1995 will be performing live. Their music incorporates elements of funk and pop. 7:30pm. Entry £12.50.

Thirsty Ear with Richie Phoe and Brother Culture @ The Harley

Head down to the Harley for the off-beat vibes of early Jamaican Ska and roots reggae as well as classic dancehall tunes through to the best new releases. Starting from 10pm and including exclusive dubplate remixes, up until 4am. £2 before 12am, £3 thereafter.

Dexter Dexterous and the Fingersmiths @ The Nottingham House

Leeds Funk band playing from 9pm FREE ENTRY

Feral Brood @ The O2 Academy

With Ripoff Britain, Retrospectives, Blind Drivers and Doused Rock. With a selfproduced album already in the bag, this Sheffield-based five piece is armed to the teeth, crammed into the cockpit of a supersonic jet and ready to drive home some missiles of sound. 6:30 to 10pm. Entry: £5

Heath Common and the Thin Man @ Greystones

Time Out decribed this pair of northern songwriters as “an intriguing mix of Yiddish Theatre music and beat poetry” This gig is part of a short UK tour to promote their new album Bohemia. 8pm. Entry: £8

3rd June State of the Union @ Greystones

Featuring Brooks Williams and Boo Hewerdine. Bluesy Americana stalwart Brooks Williams is joined by cult UK singer/song-

58 | issue two

writer Boo Hewerdine producing a show that will delight fans of hook laden songs, fiery and emotional guitar playing and soulful vocals. 8pm. Entry: £12

The Social Bean Launch Party! @ The Harley

Relax during the Bank holiday and immerse yourself in world music; all things funk and soul, Hip-hop, Reggae and Ska will be on the cards in celebration of the launch of SocialBean a new Social exclusive to Sheffield. After the Launch, make sure you keep your diaries clear for any one of their future events that may interest you! Listen to the likes of Tommy Vicari Jnr, K.O.G and Smiling Ivy .For more info visit: Social 8pm- 4am. All night free entry for members. Non-members: £2 before midnight, £3 thereafter.

4th June Dead Like Harry @ Greystones

With support from Roger Davis, the band are on tour to promote their new album. 7:30pm. Entry: £7

The Old No.7 at The Harley Hullaballoo @ The Harley

Get ready for a night of musical anarchy during the Old No. 7 Harley takeover. Drenge, Cut Your Wings and Death Rays of Ardilla and more will all be playing live. Also, there will be Special guest DJ’s The Nice and The Rabbi along with the usual Nick Pears, DJ’s in The Dust and Double Denim. £4 advanced £5 on the door. 4pm-4am

5th June Wednesday 6th June

David Thomas Broughton @ Greystones “Broughton’s live shows are miniature spectacles: He roams through the crowd and uses furniture as percussion. He layers sounds in slightly haphazard ways, as though his songs weren’t so holy that he couldn’t subject them to chance.” Mike Powell 6.9 – Pitchfork. 8pm. Entry: £10 advance

Clothes Line @ The Harley

From the creator of CoolBeans, The Harley present Clothes Line, an all new Wednesday night experience with drinks at £2 before midnight! Get down there from 11pm onwards. Free entry.

The Adventures of Wound Man & Shirley @ Crucible Studio

Shirley is the weirdest kid in school and has a girls name. Wound Man is an unconventional superhero with an alarming assortment of weapons sticking out from every part of his body, who moves to Shirley’s street – and he happens to have a vacancy for a teenage sidekick. £12/ £10 con Box Office 0114249 6000

7th June Beer Festival @ Shakespeares

Live music in the bards Bar and a pub quiz on the first night. Shakespeares 3rd beer festival featuring 30 real ales from across the UK and 10 real Ciders. Running until

the 10th of June.

Merry Hell Comedy Night @ Greystones

Toby Foster introduces some of the best UK comedians. 8pm. For tickets call the booking line on 0845 251 9017

Vibes and Stuff @ The Harley

An eclectic night of Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul and Reggae vibes featuring the Thirsty Ear DJ’s alongside the resident DJ’s, Miggy Manacles and Zeeni. £1.50 entry to all NUS cardholders. 10pm -4am. £2 for noncardholders, £3 after midnight.

8th June Pangaea @ The Harley

South Yorkshire’s tropical carnival vibes! Playing South African House / Calypso / Afrobeat and more! The will be mad decor throughout the place and limbo competitions all night. 10pm – 4am. £3 entry, £1 for those in carnival dress.

Refugee – Classic Rock Covers @ Shakespeares

In the Stable Yard Garden from 9pm. FREE ENTRY.

No Lights At Lockdown @ The O2 Academy

With Franko, My Forever and A Story to Tell. 6:30pm to 10pm. Entry £5

Martin Speake Trio @ Greystones

“Martin Speake is one of the most interesting and rewarding alto saxophonists now playing jazz on any continent.” Jazz Times This great trio brings two long term collaborators to perform Martin’s music in addition to some carefully chosen standards they make their own. 8:30pm. Entry: £10/£8 con

The Price of Everything @ Crucible Studio How much is beauty worth? What will people pay for an air guitar? Can I have a glass of milk? These urgent questions and others are answered in The Price of Everything, a performance lecture about value. Daniel Bye’s whistlestop tour of bizarre facts and impassioned arguments is occasionally shambolic and often biased – but always a joy to watch. £12 Box Office 0114249 6000

9th June Jungle Ivy @ The Nottingham House

A collabaration between members of the Jungle Lion and Smiling Ivy from 9pm FREE ENTRY

Connie Lush & Blues Shouter @ Greystones

“A voice like a 3am whisky with enough power to fire the national grid.” The Times. She’s been voted top female UK blues singer 5 times and has won best blues singer category in France. A don’t miss show. 8-m. Entry £10

Xrayhorse presents... @ The Harley

XRAY LIVE // Alt-rock and indie special guests from across the nation. 8pm –

12am. XRAY CLUB // House, proto-disco and all sorts of electronic dance floor pressure expect to hear LCD Soundsystem, Bowie, New Order, MIA, The Roots, Chic... 12am – 4am. £3 entry all night.

10th June The Cunning Little Vixen @ The Showroom Cinema

A Glyndebourne Opera beamed live and sung in Czech with English supertitles.
This is perhaps the only opera to be inspired by a newspaper cartoon strip. Every morning, the character would catch up with the latest exploits of the mischievous vixen Bystrouška. He responded with an outpouring of music, rich in both humour and humanity. 6.30pm

Lucy Wainwright Roche @ Greystones

The daughter of singer-songwriters Loudon Wainwright III, a 2010 Grammy Award winner, and Suzzy Roche, who, along with her sisters (Lucy’s aunts) Maggie and Terre Roche, make up the female vocal group The Roches. 8pm. Entry: £12.50

Hot Chip @ The Leadmill

The show is just one of four confirmed UK dates this summer (excluding festivals) to coincide with the band’s highly anticipated fifth album “In Our Heads” which is released the day after the Leadmill show on 11th June. 7:30pm. Entry: £16

13th June Freya, Abbott, Ferguson with MC, Roy Bailey@ Greystones Great songs and fantastic arrangements for trumpet, saxophone, flugelhorn, piano and guitar, this will be a magical musical evening, complemented by Jo’s expert comic timing and a tangible warmth and rapport between all three artists.
8pm. Entry: £9adv/£11 on the door.

Hard Side and the Rivercardd @ Shakespeares A heavy metal night

14th June Eclectic! Electric! Eccentric! @ The Harley

Playing the best leftfield/alternative music that you’ve never heard before (and maybe some that you have). Get your fix of guitar licks and electro tricks. 10pm - 4am. £2 entry all night.

15th June Dubcafe @ The Harley

A heavy bass, dirty dub night , celebrating two years at The Harley with a resident showcase: Arie, Rubiconman and MC Dubzee. 10pm-4am. £2 entry before midnight, £3 thereafter.

Jack Lesser Lewis/ Akward Energy @ The Red House Younger brother to Jeff Lewis, Jack has collaborated on nearly all of his albums, especially City & Eastern Songs and It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light

events | guide

Shines Through, providing distinctive basslines. He has self-released quite a few albums, as well as Lvov Goes to Emandee w/ My Unicef Box (Smoking Gun Records). Entry: £4

King King @ Greystones

Smoking hot, powerhouse blues rock at it’s very best, with a cracking line up and fresh new angle on the full- blooded blues sound. 8pm. Entry: £10

16th June Terry Reid @ Greystones

A rare upclose, intimate, solo acoustic show from one of rocks finest guitarists/ singer/songwriters. 8pm. Entry: £15

The View @ The Leadmill

When asked to describe the album, lead singer/guitarist Kyle Falconer said “its Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours done by The Clash”. They are due to release their fourth album Cheeky For a Reason on the 2nd of July. 7:30pm. Entry: £14

Kool Tapes III – Prawn/Ape Up! & Friends @ The RedHouse

Indie/emo/post rock outfit consisting of Kyle, Tony, Jamie, and Andrew from NJ. All Dayer. Entry £6

Alvarez Kings – EP Launch Party @ the O2 Academy With the Blue lip Feel, Liberty Ship, Blind Drivers and The Culprits. The self acclaimed regressive pop band Alvarez Kings, described by NME as having “bucket-loads of attitude with cut-throat guitar riffs and a gritty charm”. 6:30 to 10pm. Entry: £5

Bootscraper @ The Nottingham House

A gypsy punk band from 9pm FREE ENTRY

17th June Blink 182@ Motorpoint Arena

The American band will be supported by the All-American Rejects and Twin Atlantic on their live tour. For tickets call 0114 256 56 56

Wilko Johnson @ Greystones

The most exciting RnB band in the world up close at one of their favourite venues. Feat Dr Feelgood founder member Wilko plus the Blockheads rhythm section of Norman Watt Roy and Dylan Howe. 8pm. £12 Entry.

18th June Open Mic/Acoustic Evening @ Greystones

A fantastic line-up of the best and most enthusiastic local talent. 8pm. FREE ENTRY

19th June Dr Sketchy’s: Where Cabaret Meets Life Drawing @ Greystones

Like to draw, but put off a formal art class? Dr Sketchy’s is a new kind of life drawing session, welcoming everyone to come and

have a go. No teachers, just alternative models in a relaxed atmosphere with themes and prizes thrown in. So if you’re a non-artist, a lapsed etcher or just scribblecurious, come along for a drink and an opportunity to express yourself for the fun of it! 7-10pm. Entry: £7

20th June Ben Montague plus support @ Greystones

An incredibly gifted singer/songwriter. He’s headlined the Isle of Wight acoustic stage and recently supported the Stereophonics in Milan. His debut single was playlisted on Radio 2 for an impressive 5 weeks. 8pm. Entry: £8

21st June Feelix: Single Launch @ Greystones 9pm. Entry: £5

Jay Z and Kanye West @ Motorpoint Arena

After the phenomenal success of their chart topping album WATCH THE THRONE, a 35 date sold out, critically acclaimed US tour and hot on the heels of their huge success at the 2012 Grammy Awards, the duo’s collaboration ‘The Throne’ will embark upon a European tour that will visit arenas in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. Tcikets: £47.50 to £55. Box Office: 0114 256 5656

22nd June Blyth Power @ Greystones

Their first Sheffield gig for over 5 years, Joseph Porter and his band with their own brand of punk/folk. 8pm. Entry: £8

An Audience with Steve Backshall @ The Lyceum

The enormously popular award winning television adventurer Steve Backshall talks about his expeditions, encounters with wild wonders, the mysteries of the natural world, his new fiction novel ‘Tiger Wars’, and last book ‘Looking for Adventure’. The event will feature film clips of the animals that have inspired him and there will be an opportunity for audience Q & A’s.

International Student Drama Festival 2012 at Crucible Theatre 22nd - 30th June

It will feature over 100 performances, 200 workshops, discussions, master classes and late night professional performances in venues across Sheffield, including the wonderful Sheffield Theatres, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

23rd June The Producers @ Greystones

One of the finest blues bands touring today featuring Dave Saunders on bass and Harry Skinner vocals/harmonica. 8pm. Entry £10

24th June John Reilly @ Greystones

As front man with Boy on a Dolphin Reilly has already built up a strong international following, which can only grow with songs of the caliber of those found on his solo album ‘Zebulon’. With ace Canadian pianist and co writer Lewis Nitikman. 8pm. Entry £8 from the bar or call Colin on 07817061690

25th June Amelia Curran @ Greystones

Returning to the UK to promote her forthcoming new album, her previous album “Hunter, Hunter” has won rave reviews and her past live shows have always been something special. 8pm. Entry £7 adv/£8 on the door

amateur theatre company encompassing some of the best talent Sheffield has to offer. All proceeds from this production go to the Abbeydale Picture House Restoration Fund.

30th June Aynsley Lister Band @ Greystones

Regarded as one of the UK’s finest proponents of rocking blues, Aynsley Lister returns to the Greystones.

BOA National Open Finals 2012 at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Major competitions take place at Ponds Forge. Where necessary, teams are seeded according to their finishing place in the last competition. Both open and ladies teams play at many of these competitions.

Shows 26th June The Folk Forest presents Michael J Tinker (Album Launch) + Kirsty Bromley @ Greystones

A night of folk, americana and more with Michael J Tinker and his band, featuring BBC Folk Award nominee Katriona Gilmore, the Incredible Washboard Pete II, John Ellis and Geth Griffith. Launching Michael’s debut solo album ‘Shores of Amerikay. 7:30pm. Entry: £7.

27th June Carrie Rodriguez @ Greystones

Singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez has rapidly emerged as one of the most compelling new voices on the roots-rock scene, don’t miss her on this rare visit to the UK. 8pm. Entry £9

28th June Henrik Freischlader Band @ Greystones

Championed by none other than Joe Bonamassa, who also guests on Henriks new album. What more can we say? 8pm. Entry: £10

Steel City Ghost Tour @ Sheffield City Hall

This tour has a mixture of ghoulish and traditional tales of the Campo Lane area of the city centre of Sheffield. Mr P Dreadful will touch upon the history and creatures that haunt the darker hours of the city.

29th June The Tempertons support The Predators @ Greystones

This Sheffield funk band play their own material, along with some hidden gems from some of their heroes. Something different, but always with lots of funk and soul. 8pm. Entry: £5

Hi De Hi @The Abbeydale Picture House This is the first production of the newly formed Abbeydale Theatre Company. An

Betrayal @ The Crucible 1st to 9th June The masterpiece by Harold Pinter follows the lives of Jerry and Emma after a sevenyear affair, a heartbreaking comment on love and relationships. £10 to £23 Box Office 0114249 6000

LeanerFasterStronger @ The Crucible 1st to 2nd June

A darkly humourous and provocative production about the limitations of being human, written by Katie O’Reilly. £10 Box Office 0114249 6000

On The Sly @ Showroom Cinema

A (U) film that will be screening with The Girl with the World in her Hair from. In a world and in a time not so far away, lived a little girl who decided to become invisible to her parents. She sets off on an adventure in the woods where she creates a new home…but how long will she go undetected? Showing from 10 am. £3 for adults.

Ruddigore @ The Lyceum 1st to 2nd June

Opera North return to Sheffield Theatres with Gilbert and Sullivan’s topsy-turvy invention that sparkles with wit and brilliance. Adored by audiences and critics alike, this classic production is full of toe tapping rhythms, marvellous 1920s costumes and delicious fun – an evening of theatrical magic awaits. £15 - £39.50. Box Office 0114249 6000

The Lady in the Van @ The Lyceum 6 to 9 June Starring Nichola McAuliffe who played Sheila Sabatini in ITV’s Surgical Spirit and written by Alan Bennett, the performance is about Bennett’s unusual neighbor Miss Shepherd who lives in a van parked at the bottom of his garden. £14 - £24. Box Office 0114249 6000

Birds of a feather @ The Lyceum 26 – 30 June

The girls are back! One of BBC TVs most popular and fondly-remembered sitcoms comes to the stage with all three of its original leading cast members: Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph. Birds of a Feather ran on BBC.

issue two | 59

GUIDE | events

Doc fest Saturday 16 June Three Songs of Lenin @ Showroom

Vertov masterfully montages a touching hymn from weekly news material revealing the contagiousness of revolution in this moving and still relevant ode. 62mins 9:45am

A working Men’s Club in Sheffield + Roll Out The Barrel – The British Pub on Film @ Showroom

A WORKING MEN’S CLUB IN SHEFFIELD This remarkable film, long buried in the archives, sensitively portrays the lives of the Sheffield working class in the mid-1960s. 125mins 10am

Secret Screening @ it’s a Secret! Box Office 0114 275 7727 or visit www. 119mins 10:15am

Tsunami & The Cherry Blossom + Chopin Saved My Life @ Showroom

A month after the tsunami that destroyed their lives, the Japanese victims are becoming used to their new harrowing reality, trying to rebuild while mourning lost loved ones. 112mins 10:30 am

Grandma Lo-fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigridur Nielsdottir + All Hail the Beat @ ODEON

GRANDMA LO-FI: At the age of 70, Sigríður Níelsdóttir began to pick out tunes on an electric piano, using an eclectic mix of found sounds, to record more than 600 songs. 70mins 10:45am

Going Up the Stairs + Maya Deren’s Sink + Q&A @ Showroom Married at nine, Akram is now an illiterate grandmother, living with her husband in Tehran. Every day she retreats to the upstairs of her house, where she paints vibrant, striking works of art. 102mins 11:45am

5 Broken Cameras @ Library Theatre

Although he first bought a camera to film his family, Emad Burnat soon turns it to the frightening scenes taking place in his Palestinian village, the target of Israeli settlers. 95mins 12:45pm

A Fierce Green Fire + Q&A @ ODEON

In five compelling acts, Oscar-nominated director Mark Kitchell explores fifty years of the environmental movement, in a masterfully told story of a struggle that is far from over. 134mins 12:45pm

Photographic Memory + Q&A @ Showroom

Dismayed to observe that his once sunny young son Adrian has grown into a grumpy and sullen young adult, American documentary veteran Ross McElwee goes off in search of his own younger self. 1pm

We Went to War + Q&A @ Showroom

Forty years after his acclaimed documentary I Was a Soldier, Michael Grigsby

60 | issue two

returns to Texas to see how their war experience impacted their lives, and those of their families, in the intervening decades. 97mins 1:15pm

Baka: A Cry from the Rainforest + Extended Q&A @ Showroom

A quarter century after his award-winning documentary Baka - People Of The Rainforest, Phil Agland revisits the Baka family in the Cameroon. 119mins 2:15pm

Love Free or Die + Q&A @ Library

Gene Robinson, the Anglican Church’s first openly gay bishop, has spent the last decade preaching for inclusion - while being shunned by many of his fellow clergy 85mins 3:15pm

Scarlet Road + Q&A @Showroom

Articulate, outspoken and compassionate, Rachel Wotton is a far cry from our stereotyped images of prostitutes. To some of Australia’s most marginalised men and women, she is a savior 90mins 3:45pm

Big Boys Gone Bananas! + Q&A @ Showroom

When food giant Dole attacks filmmaker Frederick Gertten for spreading lies about their use of dangerous pesticides in Nicaragua, he fights back - by picking up a camera. 110mins 5pm

The Sheik and I + Q&A @ Library

When a United Arab Emirate asked American provocateur Caveh Zahedi to make a film about “art as a subversive act”, it came with a big proviso, namely: do not make fun of the Sheik! 113mins 5:45pm

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet + Q&A @ODEON Talented guitarist Jason Becker was struck down with motor neurone disease at the age of 20. Given just a few years to live, he has defied all the odds. 107mins 6:15pm

Marina Abramović The Artist is Present + Q&A @ Showroom

Marina Abramović has spent decades evolving startling, original boundary-exploding performance art, pushing her body to extremes. 125mins 6:30pm

The Other Dream Team + Q&A @ Showroom In 1988, the core of the gold winning Olympic USSR team were in fact Lithuanians, struggling under the shackles of communism 6:30pm

Glatopia + Extended Q&A @ Showroom

Up on the hill at Glastonbury, high above Babylon and the Pyramid stage with its litter overload and mainstream acts, another kind of experience takes place... 7:45pm

Indie Game: The Movie @ Library Theatre

Indie game development is an often bleak existence endured for the promise of future glory and riches. Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky follow developers working feverishly to finish their games – and watch how the online world reacts. 103mins 8:30pm

Chasing Ice + Solar Roadways + Q&A @ODEON

American environmental photographer James Balog is on a self-appointed mission: to demonstrate the melting of the world’s glaciers through time-lapse cameras. 97mins 9pm

Undefeated @ Showroom

Mannassas Tigers are so underfunded they sell themselves to larger high school football teams, who beat the living daylights out of them in practice games. We follow them through a tumultuous season, in this emotional Oscar-winning delight. 2hrs 9:15pm

Secret Screening 2 @ It’s a secret Box Office 0114 275 7727 or visit www. 10pm

BBC Interview: Gareth Malone @ Crucible Theatre

This year The BBC invites choirmaster, presenter and populariser of choral singing, Gareth Malone to join them for an exclusive interview 1:15pm

Occupy Wall Street: Livestream This! @Crucible Studio

Tim Pool became an overnight online phenomenon the night Occupy Wall Street was first evicted from Zuccotti Park in New York City. Hear Tim talk about his experience as one of the most popular livestreamers in the world. 2:15pm

The Bastard Sings The Sweetest Song Q&A @ PBS Library Theatre In this poetic and unexpectedly humorous documentary, set in Guyana, Muscle tries to protect his mother Mary from her drinking problem by keeping her locked up, unearthing the violent family history that brought these two survivors to this crisis point. 91mins 10:30am

Jesse Owens @ Howard Street Screen

When 22-year-old Jesse Owens captured four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, he became one of the world’s most celebrated athletes. 52mins 10am

Sunday 17 June The Story of Film: An Odyssey @ ODEON

A rare chance to hunker down and enjoy a thrilling cinematic journey - all 900 minutes of Mark Cousins’s landmark series 305mins 9am

Hometown Boy @ Showroom

After years abroad, artist Liu Xiaodong returns to Jincheng, reconnects with loved ones, and comes to terms with a place forgotten by China’s economic boom. 72mins 10:30am

The Circus School @ Showroom

A PBS documentary about a circus school in China and the intense training the students endure. “Take a rare look into one of China’s most treasured commodities— acrobatics 60mins 11am

Lullaby @ Showroom

Lullaby was produced at the end of Vertov’s career in 1937. A strange and

disturbing hybrid, the film is in one sense a compromise between the glorification of the “Russian woman and mother” and Stalin on the other hand. 57mins 11am

We Went to War + Q&A @ Showroom

Forty years after his acclaimed documentary I Was a Soldier, Michael Grigsby returns to Texas to see how their war experience impacted their lives, and those of their families, in the intervening decades. 97mins 12:45pm

Aluna + Q&A @ Showroom

In 1990, the Kogi tribe of Sierra Nevada, Colombia made a film with Alan Ereira, warning of a coming apocalypse, brought on by the developed world. 1hr 50mins 12:45pm

Green Doc Winner @ Showroom The Winner of the Green Documentary Award will be announced 90mins 1pm

The Miners’ Hymns + Q&A @ Showroom

The ill-fated coal mining communities in North East England are the subject of this inspired documentary by multi-media artist Bill Morrison 52mins 2pm

High Tech, Low Life + Q&A @ Showroom

Tech-savvy bloggers like Tiger Temple and Zola are using the Internet to subvert the Chinese government’s “official truths” 88mins 3:15pm

Going Up the Stairs + Maya Deren’s Sink + Q&A @ Showroom

Married at nine, Akram is now an illiterate grandmother, living with her husband in Tehran. Every day she retreats to the upstairs of her house, where she paints vibrant, striking works of art. 82mins 3:30pm

The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus + Q&A @ Showroom

As Paul the “psychic” Octopus managed to repeatedly pick the winning football team in the 2010 World Cup, he quickly became a global superstar 60mins pm

Jason Becker: not Dead Yet + Q&A @ Showroom Talented guitarist Jason Becker was struck down with motor neurone disease at the age of 20. Given just a few years to live, he has defied all the odds 87mins 6pm

Special Jury Winner @ Showroom The Winner of the Jury Award will be announced 90mins 6:15pm

Evidently…John Cooper Clarke + Q&A @ Showroom

The life and work of Northern poet, John Cooper Clarke is revealed in this rare and raw portrait of the artist. 59mins 6:15pm

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography @ Showroom

Stacy Peralta makes a welcome return to Doc/Fest with a personal film looking at the colourful skateboarding team he cultivated and managed in the 1980s. 110mins 8:45pm

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