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Riverside Military Academy’s four week summer school Leadership, Education, Adventure and Development academy – nicknamed L.E.A.D. – is designed to help young men improve study habits, grow self-confidence, enhance discipline, and expand leadership skills in a fun and structured military college preparatory school environment. STUDIES FIRST… We provide the opportunity for each cadet to reach his potential in all academic areas by creating a positive and structured learning environment. Young men will gain valuable skills necessary to excel in college or to improve in a specific subject. Summer cadets may choose from challenging elective courses or repeat courses as needed for credit. AND THEN THE ADVENTURE! Because Riverside believes that there is a strong correlation between physical, character, and mental development, extracurricular activities, field trips, and activities play an important role in our Summer L.E.A.D. academy. Our recreational program takes full advantage of our superb campus athletic facilities and our proximity to Lake Lanier, the North Georgia Mountains, and area attractions.

Driver Education Program Riverside also offers the Basic Driver Education program during L.E.A.D. This 30-hour course teaches the basic fundamentals required for 16-year-olds to obtain a driver’s license in GA and includes 6 hours of driving. Open to any rising 7th-12th grade young men. To learn more about Riverside Military Academy’s Summer L.E.A.D. academy, please visit




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Raider 3x National Champions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

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Riverside Fine Arts Presents “The Exonerated” . . . . . 10

Cadet Leaders: Where Are They Now? . . . . . . . . . . . 27

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Attack the Castle Adventure Race . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Riverside Champions and Heroes Car Event . . . . 34-35

Cyber Eagles Defend the Castle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Generous Families establish and grow Funds. . . . . . . 36

Letter from the Commandant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

A Riverside Treasure: Mama Bisso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

Airsoft Team Immersed in Operation Faded Giant 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

RMA Foundation doubles Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

Cadets Doing Great Things . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19

Cover photo courtesy of Mr. Daniel Spears, Spears Studio, in Norcross, GA.


Letter from the Alumni Council President . . . . . . . . . 30

Class Notes and TAPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-43


Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of the Academy: Riverside Military Academy’s mission is to prepare ethical young men of character for success in college and in life through the provision of a rigorous academic program, leadership opportunities, competitive athletics, extensive co-curricular activities, and the structure and discipline inherent in a military preparatory school environment. Typically, all of our graduates receive one or more acceptances to the college or colleges of their choice. They entered Riverside as teenage boys; they departed confident, motivated, courteous, patriotic, and honorable young adults. Many parents refer to this process as a transformation in their sons. It’s not magic. Rather, it is a proven model of educating adolescent boys that enables each one to achieve his full potential in mind, body, and spirit in preparation for college and the professional world. It starts with the campus culture. One word accurately describes this culture and that is excellence.Visit Riverside and you’ll see what I mean. Everything done is approached with excellence as the standard. The campus, itself, is stunning and unmatched in its quality by any high school or middle school anywhere. As we all know, the influence of superb role models on the development of adolescents is extremely powerful. Riverside is very selective in its hiring process, and to a person, those on the faculty and staff embody the values of the institution as they serve as superior role models and mentors for cadets. So far this academic year, we have achieved two national championships in competitive athletics, have earned first place for the seventh year in the Atlanta Veterans’ Day Parade, and on the academic side, the college acceptances and scholarships are flowing in. Riverside is a unique and very special place where young men flourish. Come visit.You’re always welcome.You’ll be absolutely amazed at what you see. Sincerely,

William J. Gallagher Colonel, US Army, Retired President

“One word accurately describes this culture and that is excellence.” 2

Riverside Raiders Become 3x National Champions By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

The Riverside Military Academy Raiders hold the Raider National Champion title (male division) for 2014 and 2015, and they returned as the team to beat in the 2016 U.S. Army JROTC National Raider Championships. Riverside’s A and B Team Raiders traveled to Molena, GA November 5-6, 2016 to Gerald I. Lawhorn Boy Scout Camp where they battled with the best Raider teams from across the country. During the previous weekend, the A Team claimed the title of 2016 Raider State Champions while the B Team earned 5th Overall against 25 of the best teams in the state. Our A Team entered the U.S. Army JROTC National Raider Championships hoping for a repeat performance and walked away with its 3rd consecutive Raider National Champion victory! They defended their title against 28 of the best male Raider teams in the country. “Ever since our Raider Camp in August, the team goal has been ‘3peat’ at Nationals,” said Head Coach First Sergeant Andy Williams, “and the team put in a lot of hours in blood, sweat, and tears.” Our B Team competed in the All-Service Raider Challenge Championships against 12 teams comprising all JROTC military branches. They brought home the 1st place win for the second year in a row! The Riverside Raider Teams’ Head Coach is 1SG Andy Williams, and the assistant coaches are LTC Kenny Payne and SgtMaj Jorge Sosa. REVEILLE I WINTER 2017

In addition to serving as Battalion Commander of Riverside’s Corps of Cadets, Cadet LTC Ivan Pearson is team captain of both the A Team and B Team Raiders. “I can honestly say that I’ve never been more proud in all my life. These young men have bled and cried alongside me and have become my brothers. The world has seen something that only comes once in a lifetime. We were all blessed to be a part of it, and we are all blessed to be ‘Forever Strong’ as Riverside Raiders,” stated Pearson. Raider A Team members are: James Basham, Leland Bresko, Wiley Burns, Carlos Carrillo, Michael Kastritis, Michael Gunter, Tanner Hendricks, Thomas Mims,Yan Olea Perez, Ivan Pearson, Bradley Porter, and Mark Shoda. Raider B Team members are: Matthew Adams, Christopher Brown, James Brubeck, Joshua Brzusek, Jaime Camara, Anthony Corcoran, Zachary Dorsey, William Fox, Jacob Gerth, Demarko Hooper, Armand Johnson, Connor Mead, Ayaz Mustafa, Gregory Stroyne, and Jack Zappendorf. Events Rope Bridge Cross Country Rescue Team Run Physical Training Test Gauntlet Overall

A Team 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 2nd Place 1st Place

B Team 1st Place N/A 2nd Place 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 3

Greetings Alumni, Families, and Friends, I am Kayla Davenport, Director of International Admissions here at Riverside. I recently traveled to China for three weeks with the help of Mrs. Lisa Li, a friend to RMA. Lisa and I flew in to Beijing and immediately traveled to Tianjin to get to work. We spent three days in each city meeting prospective families and business owners who could share the news of RMA with their networks. From Tianjin, we traveled by plane to Changchun where RMA families took us to visit the Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum, the home of China’s last emperor. Fortunately, we were able to take a break from planes; and instead, we took a train to our next stop, Dalian. Dalian is a beautiful city on the coast offering a lot of good seafood and vibrant lights throughout the city at night. While in Dalian we were invited to tour and network with the professors and agents at Dalian University. They offered our Mandarin learning students a short-term immersive program on their campus if we decide we would like to offer a trip to China. Before we knew it we were off to Chengdu, the home of the Panda! We shopped for tea trays, and families showed us around Sichuan’s capital city. We then jetted off to Shenzhen to admire Hong Kong from across the Shenzhen Bay. Our last stop took us back to Beijing where we only had one night to meet with families and say farewells before we headed back to The States. It was a whirlwind trip that brought RMA to families of current cadets who often feel so far from their sons. The trip also served to bring RMA to prospective families and networks that can now spread the good news of a Riverside education.

Tianjin, China

Chengdu, China

Large meals and hospitality are a big part of the Chinese culture. Kayla was able to enjoy all aspects of Chinese culture including traditional calligraphy.


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Riverside Introduces Video Production Class

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By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

Beginning fall semester 2016, Riverside added a video production class to its growing curriculum. Students in the class enjoy hands-on experience as they learn about the developing film industry in Georgia as well as career opportunities in this field. Cadets are taught each step of the video production process from the proposal meeting with the client all the way through to storyboarding, setting the scene, filming, editing, and finalizing the project. Students are instructed on semiprofessional equipment and produce real video projects that promote the cadets and the Academy both internally and externally. The video production class visited the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta where they were able to go behind-the-scenes to view professional production equipment, meet with industry experts, and tour the studios of the international news agency. In addition to individual video projects completed throughout the school year, students work together in the spring on a semester-long practicum as the sole producers of the “Senior Review.” The Senior Review is a video created to celebrate the accomplishments of Riverside’s senior class. It includes senior and faculty interviews, executive staff sendoffs, and well wishes from parents. It’s a one-of-a-kind video project produced annually. Cadets have the advantage of being taught by a mentor who has walked in their shoes – RMA Class of 2011 Alumnus Zach Garrett. Mr. Garrett says, “Being able to teach at my alma mater is truly a humbling experience. Furthermore, to teach cadets in one of my passion areas is an awesome opportunity. I encourage the cadets to think about ideas outside of their comfort zone and to pay strong attention to the details. It is here where the cadets get a chance to truly express themselves through their work and learn something not only about video production, but themselves. This is where the magic happens.” REVEILLE I WINTER 2017


RMA Corps of Cadets Awarded th

7 President’s Trophy By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

The long blue line of the Riverside Military Academy Corps of Cadets was on the march again in the 35th Annual Atlanta Veterans' Day Parade held November 12, 2016 in downtown Atlanta. The Riverside Corps once more earned a distinguished honor by bringing home a 7th consecutive President’s Trophy for most outstanding entry in the parade! Riverside’s President, Colonel William J. Gallagher, USA (Retired), reunited with his former boss General George Casey, USA (Retired), who served as the Parade Grand Marshal. GEN Casey is former Army Chief of Staff and current Chairman of the USO Board of Governors. COL Gallagher reported to GEN Casey from 2006-2007 when the former was the chief strategic planner for the Iraq War and the latter was the Commanding General for Multi-National Force – Iraq, a coalition of more than 30 countries. The President’s Trophy was presented to COL Gallagher by GEN Casey and Mr. Kevin L. Miller, President of the Georgia Veterans Day Parade Association of Atlanta. Riverside Battalion Buglers Cadet PFC Josep Ginebra and Cadet PFC Ronel Kabore, both freshmen, had the honor of kicking off the parade with a poignant performance of Echo TAPS. This year’s parade theme was “Honoring the USO,” highlighting over 75 years of support from the United Services Organization to our active duty military forces around the world. “Riverside Military Academy honored our nation’s military veterans during the Atlanta Veterans’ Day Parade, and our Corps of Cadets is proud to bring home its 7th consecutive President’s Trophy for most outstanding entry,” said COL Gallagher. The Atlanta Veterans' Day Parade is produced by the Georgia Veterans’ Day Parade Association of Atlanta, Inc. (GVDPA). This parade is one of the nation's largest Veterans’ Day events. The parade begins at 11:11 a.m. in remembrance of the ceasefire agreement signed in 1918 to end WWI, or the Great War, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Visit to learn more about the Georgia Veterans’ Day Parade Association of Atlanta.


Riverside president COL William J. Gallagher, USA (Ret) reunites with his former boss GEN George Casey, Chairman of the USO and former Chief of Staff of the Army.

Riverside’s Corps of Cadets marches in the 35th Annual Atlanta Veteran’s Day parade.

Meet Two Outstanding New Brothers In Blue By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

Outstanding New Domestic Cadet C/PFC Garrett Dalley is a new cadet who stands out with his performance on Riverside Military Academy’s Swim Team as well as in academics and general conduct. “Garrett is a team leader by example of work ethic and dedication. He’s the first to arrive and the last to leave,” said Head Swim Coach Marc Paglia. From Dacula, Georgia, C/PFC Dalley enrolled as a junior at Riverside in August 2016, and he’s a member of Delta Company. His impressive first semester schedule includes Advanced Placement English Language, Information Technology Applications, Pre-Calculus, Public Speaking, Forensic Science, Honors U.S. History, and Military Science I. C/PFC Dalley is the son of Ms. Patricia Seely and Dr. Gary Dalley and stepson of Mrs. Sarah Dalley. Stay tuned! C/PFC Dalley is on track to apply for a military Service Academy, and we look forward to learning more as he continues to advance at Riverside. Outstanding New International Cadet C/CPL Jose Sanchez Palomo enrolled at Riverside in August 2016 as an international cadet from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

C/CPL Sanchez Palomo C/PFC Garrett Dalley He is a sophomore in Golf Company who stands out academically as well as for his dependability and conduct within the Corps of Cadets. “C/CPL Sanchez Palomo is a stellar cadet. We can always count on him to get the job done,” said 1LT Brian Baize, Golf Company TAC Officer. His busy first semester schedule includes classes in Honors Geometry, Art I, Earth Science, World Geography, Physical Education, Military Science I, and ESL. C/CPL Sanchez Palomo is the son of Mrs. Brenda Palomo. His older brother Miguel, a junior, is a member of Riverside’s Echo Company.

RMA’s TREE Program (Tuition Reimbursement through Enhanced Enrollment) Help Riverside Military Academy build and maintain the Best Corps of Cadets in the U.S. and receive tuition credits in return. Who is better equipped to share the promise and potential of Riverside than our own RMA "family"? – Those experiencing firsthand the difference Riverside can make in a young man's life. Do you know someone who is frustrated with schools that leave boys bored, unmotivated, and underperforming? – Recommend Riverside. Riverside's TREE program helps keep your Academy strong while reducing your tuition and continuing to reduce it year after year! Participation is easy: • The referred family completes the Cadet Referral Form, provided by the Business Office or Admissions Office. • A credit of up to $2000 is applied for students who enroll before October 31st of the new school year. • A credit of $1000 is applied for students who enroll from November 1st through February 28th. • A credit of $1000 is applied each year the referred family re-enrolls at Riverside. REVEILLE I WINTER 2017


Cadet Poole Selected to Attend Presidential Inauguration Youth Leadership Summit By Adriane K. Seymour, Director of Communications

RMA junior C/SGT Lane Poole has been selected to attend The Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. January 18-22, 2017. The Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit is specifically designed to empower next generation leaders as they continue on their journey toward realizing the power of their potential. The Summit, which only happens every four years, offers delegates the once-in-alifetime opportunity to witness history and be inspired by world-renowned speakers, celebrate the inauguration, and to engage, participate, and be heard in a Summit Showcase that will recognize change agents with awards and scholarships. Summit Scholars will hear from subject matter experts General Colin Powell; awardwinning filmmaker Mr. Spike Lee; and Nobel Laureate Mrs. Malala Yousafzai, just to name a few. Delegates will work together in small-group breakout delegations to generate solutions to real-world challenges that the next president and their generation will face. Delegations will present their Summit Solutions, and six winning delegations will receive scholarships to help fund their future success. Summit Scholars will witness history together as the 45th President of the United States takes the Oath of Office and delivers the Inaugural Address on the National Mall. Washington will be abuzz with celebration and excitement as Summit Scholars shine at the Inaugural Celebration taking place at one of D.C.’s most noteworthy venues—the stunning Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. From Gainesville, GA, C/SGT Poole is the son of Ms. Kara Rogers. Congratulations on being selected for this honor.

Explore History on Upcoming WWI 100th Anniversary Trip Riverside Military Academy is offering an exciting opportunity in May 2017 for our cadets. From May 21-31, 2017, trip participants will journey from London to Paris and explore the battlefields of Belgium and France that were etched into the world’s consciousness a hundred years ago. We would also like to extend the invitation to Riverside Alumni and Parents who may be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime WWI 100th Anniversary Trip & Cultural Experience. This trip counts as 40 hours of instruction; Cadets have the opportunity to earn an elective semester of history credit by successfully completing 20 hours of classroom instruction and assignments before, during, and after the expedition. Please contact Mr. Andrew Pedry at or Mr. Jamie Green at for further information or to reserve your spot. You may find the itinerary on the RMA website here:


A Message to Parents from the Dean of Academic Affairs: I have been a subscriber to The New Yorker for about 5 years now. I enjoy the length and breadth of the articles, but mostly I enjoy the cartoons. I have entered, to no avail, the cartoon caption contest on several occasions. This afternoon I received the latest copy of The New Yorker and spotted a cartoon that really spoke to me. In the cartoon, a man stands at the counter of ‘Fitness Experts’ and asks the lady, “How much does it cost to buy a membership then never use it?” Not only was this a timely reminder that I need to get back to the gym, but it also raised the question of what else we commit to, then fail to fulfil. We make commitments all the time, to ourselves and to others. These range from the simple everyday commitments like, “I’ll call you back later” to the more important ones like, “I promise, I’ll never do that again.” In the New Year (about the time this edition of Reveille is published), millions of Americans will make commitments in the form of resolutions. What will you promise yourself? What will you promise others? Will you live up to your commitments? I encourage you to think about your goals for the spring semester.Your goals should be specific, they should be realistic, they should be measurable, and they should be something you want to commit to. Once you have your goal(s) in place, tell someone. I believe we are all able to achieve more with a team behind us.Your commitment to your commitments says a great deal about you. Aristotle wrote that, “it is easy to perform a good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions.” Living up to your commitments on a daily basis is a daunting task, especially for young men as tired and as busy as Riverside Cadets. I encourage you to heed the advice of the former Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Creighton W. Abrams, Jr., who coined the phrase, “when eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.” General Abrams also remarked that, “it is never very crowded at the front.” Honor your commitment to excellence and you’ll be part of a small group. To the class of 2017, (yes that’s right, 2017!), enjoy the remainder of your year. Leave nothing on the table except your best effort. Respectfully,

Jamie P. Green Dean of Academic Affairs


College Acceptances as of December 16, 2016 Auburn University Austin Peay State University Colorado State University Columbia College Florida Atlantic University Georgia College and State University Georgia Southern University Kennesaw State University Louisiana State University Mercer University Miami Dade College Mississippi State University Montana State University Murray State University Northern Arizona University Savannah College of Art and Design Texas A&M- College Station Texas A&M- Galveston The Citadel Tulane University University at Buffalo: SUNY University of Alabama University of Denver University of Louisiana Lafayette University of Louisville


“The Exonerated” Presented by Riverside Fine Arts By Greta Langhenry, Communications Production Assistant

Drama teacher Mike Smith and his students took on some tough, controversial issues with their production of “The Exonerated.” Based on the research of playwrights Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, “The Exonerated” follows the stories of 40 people wrongly convicted of horrible crimes and later released from death row. Riverside cadets focused on five of the exonerated Americans as the characters recounted their arrests and trials, revealed shocking and disturbing events from their time on death row, and came to terms with their newfound freedom.


“We all realized that this show was a gamble. We could have upset people with this show, and we all knew we had to approach it with care,” said Mr. Smith. “How to deal with the issues of racism and abuse of power lead to some really great discussions amongst the boys. They really took charge on this project. They realized the importance of roles that were based on real people and the sensitive nature of the show itself.” Cast members consisted of C/2LT Devyn Driscoll, C/SFC James Hart, C/CPT Demarko Hooper, C/1LT Phillip Middleton, C/2LT Brandon Oliveira, C/SSG Drake Roberts, C/PFC Mitchell Rodriguez, and C/PFC Scott Rosenkampf.

In addition to their on-campus performances, the cadets performed “The Exonerated” again for the Region 8 One Act Competition. “After the competition, the judges seemed divided,” said Mr. Smith. But with scores of 99, 88, and 85 out of 100, Riverside came in 4th place of the seven competing schools. C/2LT Oliveira won Best Supporting Actor, and C/CPT Hooper and C/PFC Rodriguez were each awarded All Star Cast Member honors.

Fine Arts Chair Selected as Artisan Series Semifinalist By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

Riverside Band Strives for Excellence By Greta Langhenry, Communications Production Assistant

Director of Bands CWO2 Stephen Giove and Assistant Director of Bands Mr. Mike Rossi arrived at Riverside in fall 2016 and went straight to work. Both men have extensive music and teaching experience, and they were excited to join the Riverside family. In their first few months at RMA, they have accomplished a great deal, but they admit that so far we’ve only seen the beginning of their ambitious goals for our band program.Indeed, their hard work, dedication, and ambition have already begun to inspire the Riverside Band. The marching band received a standing ovation during the Homecoming Parade for the addition of its new marching technique and rendition of the beloved Ray Charles hit “Georgia on My Mind.” This year, for the seventh time, Riverside was honored with the President’s Trophy at the Veteran’s Day Parade in Atlanta. In addition to the honors awarded to the Corps, two members of the band were asked to play “Echo Taps” at the beginning of the parade, a high honor. C/PFC Josep Ginebra and C/PFC Ronel Kabore performed beautifully. This fall, six Riverside cadets were selected to participate in the Hall County Honor Band. The Hall County Honor Band is comprised of select students from area schools. On November 15, the Honor Band performed in Riverside’s Cervantes Theatre for the Arts. Riverside cadets selected for this honor were C/PFC Rafael Durand, C/SGT Gage Fletcher, C/SGT Alexander Foster, C/PFC Josep Ginebra, C/SSG Troy Hoffman, and C/1SG Ayaz Mustafa. The conductor/clinician appointed to lead the Honor Band was CWO2 Giove. Other unique band opportunities included instruction from four U.S. Marine Band members. CWO2 Giove and his wife, Erin, were kind enough to open their home to these Marines when they were evacuated from Parris Island, SC during Hurricane Matthew. While staying with the Giove family, Corporal Tiffany Woda, Corporal Jose Toranzo Infante, Corporal Elizabeth Kelson, and Lance Corporal Brianna Munoz volunteered their time with the RMA Band. So what is the band planning next? CWO2 Giove says, “We look forward to the future and performing in the local community, around the country, and around the world!” REVEILLE I WINTER 2017

Riverside’s own Fine Arts Department Chair, Mitch Freeman, was selected for the Semifinalist Art Show presented by The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series on October 28, 2016. The exhibit was held 14 at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta. Mr. Freeman was one of only 20 artists in the Atlanta region selected as a Semifinalist from thousands of entries. He was chosen for his “Marble Fountain: Neptune's Basin” sculpture. Neptune’s Basin is a solid block of white marble, weighing 400 pounds, which he carved into a working fountain. The sculpture is based on natural and nautical forms. Freeman said, “I was very humbled to have been selected for the show and acknowledged as one of the top 20 artists in Atlanta! The works of art submitted ranged from paintings, photography, and sculpture. I was pleased my artwork fit into the level and high quality of the show.” Bombay Sapphire and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation provide emerging artists with an international platform to showcase their work. This was the third international show in which Mr. Freeman has participated and placed.


EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION AWARDS At each December military parade, we pause to take time to honor special people who play vital parts in the life of the Academy. These individuals are recognized for their extraordinary efforts in the development and support of our cadets. Once again we thank and congratulate all of the 2016 honorees.

Support Person of the Year: Mrs. Jo Ann Cripps Mrs. Cripps has worked at Riverside Military Academy since 2001. In her 15 years of service as an administrative assistant she has served under six different athletic directors. RMA coaches unanimously agree that Mrs. Cripps is unequivocally the backbone of the Athletic Department. JoAnn’s vast experience at Riverside has been invaluable in keeping the 12 different GHSA sports and crew team running smoothly. Her calm demeanor and willingness to help every coach’s last minute need has rescued all in the athletic department several times a season. In addition to athletics she also serves as the administrative assistant of Riverside’s Driver Education program.


Coach of the Year: Mr. Alan Tallman In addition to having the most varsity wins per season of any Lacrosse coach in recent memory, Coach Tallman has developed off-season workout routines and initiated RMA’s first junior varsity team, which debuted this past spring. Coach Tallman’s players have gone on to play Lacrosse in college on athletic scholarships, and he has significantly improved team morale by mentoring players on and off the field. Co-Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Chassie Corbin Mrs. Corbin joined the faculty at RMA in 2013 as a Biology and Earth Science instructor. Prior to joining our faculty, Mrs. Corbin raised her three children and supported her husband, MAJ James Corbin, RMA’s Dean of Enrollment, during his service in the U.S. Army. During that time, Mrs. Corbin volunteered in numerous capacities to include her time as Family Readiness Group Leader in Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Lewis in Washington. Since joining the Riverside faculty, Ms. Corbin has shown herself to be a dedicated and innovative teacher. She cares deeply about her students and their success. Her science lab is a “learning lab” with frequent hands-on learning projects, creative lessons, and interesting experiments.

Co-Teacher of the Year: MSgt Dennis Bagwell Nine years ago MSgt Dennis Bagwell, USAF (Ret) joined the faculty at Riverside Military Academy. Prior to joining our faculty, MSgt Bagwell served as an Airborne Cryptologic Russian Linguist in the U.S. Air Force for 16 years. After leaving the USAF, MSgt Bagwell pursued his teacher certification and has never looked back. With a combined total of 24 years teaching and coaching experience, MSgt Bagwell truly understands what it takes to motivate and inspire his students. At RMA, MSgt Bagwell has taught a number of courses within the Social Studies department and has coached both basketball and golf. This year, MSGT Bagwell teaches 8th grade History, AP U.S. History, and AP Psychology. He is also the founder and sponsor of Riverside’s Russian language and culture club. Last year, students in his AP U.S. History class achieved a 100% pass rate on the AP exam.

The President's Award: Mrs. Alene Arenas Mrs. Arenas began her service to the Academy in 2003. As the Accounting Manager in the Business Office, she is responsible for supervising payroll, accounts payable, student billing, and general accounting. A technological savant, Mrs. Arenas was instrumental in implementing the FACTS Management Tuition System in 2014 and the SMART Tuition System in preparation for this school year. During her tenure, audits have gone extremely well with very few recommendations being made by the auditors. Mrs. Arenas is faithful in attending Riverside events – particularly football and soccer games. She has helped to plan the soccer end-of-season banquet on more than one occasion. She has been supportive of the band, and has even been known to perform in the Holiday concert from time to time.

TAC Officer of the Year: MSgt Tyrone Powell (Golf Company) MSgt Powell’s patience, poise, and demeanor profoundly impact cadets’ lives on a daily basis. He not only represents the ideal qualities in a “Teacher, Advisor, and Counselor,” but also sets an outstanding example for the boys in his charge as retired veteran of 24 years in the United States Marine Corps. In every task and situation MSgt Powell gives 100% of his abilities and professionalism. The quality of the leadership and counsel he provides to his Company is exceptional, and he strives to execute Riverside’s mission in all that he does. In one year’s time, he managed to transform the lowest performing company in the Corps of Cadets into one of the strongest.


Commandant's Award: Ms. Donna Callahan Ms. Callahan serves in the Academy’s transportation department. She has made a profound impact on the department’s ability to manage the tracking and transport of cadets, increasing the department’s efficiency and availability for cadet movement off campus. Ms. Callahan volunteers to come in on her days off during our busiest times and has earned a trusted, primary role in all aspects of RMA’s transportation. She consistently puts the cadets’ best interest first while maintaining a professional work ethic.


to the following staff members who have 10 or more years of service at Riverside: Errol Bisso 50 Marc Paglia 27 Patti Hennington 22 Kelly Smith 22 Nelda Browning 22 Jack Sedwick 22 Brenda Palmer 21 Andy Jobson 21 Adam Carter 20 Larry Robinson 20 John McCleary 20 Tony Santos-Quiles 18 Trish McCraven 18 Robin Garrison 17 Chris Carter 17 Britt Daniel 17 Jo Ann Cripps 16 Hector Salas 16 Frederick Bremer 16 Arnold Watkins 16 Ronnie Baldwin 15 Mitch Freeman 15 Rhonda Crook 15

Steve Hadaway Marion Woods Michael Levine Bob Cagle Jr Jim Jobst Andy Howington Alene Arenas Martha Smith Robert Strong Lee Cleaves Jr. Danny Tymchuk Kevin Guier Tom Walker Phillip Gaines, Sr. Andy Williams Bobby Martin Posey Brownlee, Jr. Billy McBride III Candy Robinson Chris Williamson Gary Papka Marsha James

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Defend yourself against exploding cannons & fireworks, fencers, raiders, medieval trebuchets launching water balloons and more. Attack the Castle

5K/10K Race & 1 Mile Fun Run Saturday, March 18, 2017 Maginnis Field Start time: 9AM Register Online at attackthecastle


Cyber Eagles Defend the Castle By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

Riverside established a Technology Club in fall 2016 for cadets who enjoy learning about computer hardware and open source software. The Technology Club’s Cyber Eagles Team participates in the Cyber Patriot Program sponsored by the United States Air Force. The team competes in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The cyber defense competition places high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired information technology professionals who are tasked with management of a small company’s network. Teams are supplied with virtual images which represent operating systems. They are assigned to find cyber security vulnerabilities within the images while strengthening the system and maintaining critical services during a six hour period. Riverside's Cyber Eagles Team consists of Team Captain C/SGT Lane Poole, C/SSG Miguel Aliaga, C/SGT Joseph Brockwell, C/SSG Pablo Cervantes, C/SGT Garrett Gill, and C/CPL Kyle Marshall. The team's Faculty Advisor is REVEILLE I WINTER 2017

Mr. Hector Salas. Only five team members are allowed to compete simultaneously during the competitions. Our Cyber Eagles competed in Round 1 of the National Youth Cyber Defense's CyberPatriot IX competition on November 11 and advanced to Round 2 on December 9. C/SGT Poole said, “We get valuable experience in Cisco, Windows, and Ubuntu, and we learn to troubleshoot security issues by applying knowledge we’ve gained.” The state level competition occurs in January 2017. In April 2017, the national Finals Round will provide students who advance to this level with an all-expense paid trip to Baltimore, MD as well as the opportunity to earn national recognition, scholarships, and grant support. “The aim of this program is to interest more young people in the field of technology and cyber security” said Mr. Salas. Across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, there are 4404 teams registered with CyberPatriot, the U.S. Air Force's National Youth Cyber Education Program. Learn more about the program at 15

Letter From the Commandant One of our greatest obstacles is effective and consistent communication with the many families of our cadets. In an effort to improve your sense of awareness regarding daily life on campus, we have been focusing on increasing your visibility of cadet life. Living in a world with ongoing technology advances, it has become increasingly important that we also evolve and strive to reach our families through the technology means available to us. Facebook continues to be one of the leading methods of communication within the online world, and one in which we have stepped up our efforts tremendously this year. As many of you know, in addition to Riverside’s main Facebook page, each Company has their own individual Facebook page. I highly encourage parents and family to follow their son’s Company Facebook page, as they are doing an exceptional job with daily postings. These posts mostly include the daily life of the boys within each Company, but they also contain important announcements and information for parents. Each Company has one designated cadet as their Notary. The Company Notaries are responsible for maintaining posts, capturing photos and live footage with narration, and writing the Company’s biography. With the increased visibility of these pages, the workload for these cadets has increased substantially. The Notary with the most “likes” on his Company’s Facebook page will be recognized at the end of the year with an award to commend him for all of his hard work. This will be just as much an honor for the Company as it is for the Notary. I thank you in advance for your support in following these pages, and I am grateful that, by doing so, you will have a closer look into the daily life of our cadets here at Riverside. Please visit for links to all of our Company Facebook pages.

For the Corps,

LTC(R) James G. Spivey Commandant of Cadets


Airsoft Team Immersed in

Operation Faded Giant 5 By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

RMA’s Airsoft Team traveled to Barnwell, SC November 5-6 to participate in a massive military simulation airsoft competition, Operation Faded Giant 5! The setting for the exhausting, day-long missions was a 200,000 sq. ft. decommissioned nuclear reactor turned training facility. Class of 2016 alumnus Geoffrey Winslow joined Riverside’ team for the battle. Teams assembled from around the world to take part in this exciting competition with around 350 participants. Each team became a squad which was absorbed into one of the two immense teams who would battle to become the ultimate victor. The two teams were named Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST) and United Federal States (UFS), and Riverside’s squad was assigned to CoST.

“Throughout the battle Riverside troops were integral to the victory of the 150+ man CoST unit. Within 15 minutes of opening shots being fired, Riverside had secured the critical rocket fuel filter apparatus. The Riverside squad helped to find the rest of the rocket fuel components, take ground held by the enemy, and repel repeated UFS assaults,” said Airsoft Coach Andrew Pedry. When the smoke cleared, Riverside’s squad had played a proud and triumphant role as part of the winning team! “Operation Faded Giant 5 was the most immersive and demanding mission the RMA airsoft team has ever undertaken. These cadets trained hard for months to ensure that their tactics and teamwork were honed for the competition,” said Coach Pedry.

Make Plans Now to Attend the 2017 Military Ball Saturday, March 18 at 6:00 P.M. • Formal/Semi-Formal Attire The 2016 Military Ball was a huge success and we look forward to another wonderful evening for our cadets and their dates this year. From the Senior Sword Arch, the procession line, the amazing dinner & ceremony, and an evening full of dancing and fun; this event is a once in a lifetime experience that only Riverside cadets and female participants will experience. The cost is $75 per couple and $50 per individual. RSVP options available online at








Cadets Exercise Right to Vote On October 11, Social Studies Department Chair Danny Tymchuk escorted a group of our cadets who proudly registered to vote. On November 8, 2016 a group of our senior cadets voted for the first time in the 2016 Presidential election. The cadets traveled to the voting facility with Academic Dean Jamie Green and Mr. Tymchuk. Government and Economics Classes “Hangout” with Congressman Mr. Marvin Latham's Government class and Mr. Tim Cummings' Economics class had the opportunity to speak with U.S. Congressman 18

Doug Collins via Google Hangout on November 17, 2016. The students were able to ask Congressman Collins, who serves the 9th District of Georgia, questions about American Government and the political system. Congressman Collins was recently elected by his colleagues in the House of Representatives to represent them on the leadership team as the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference in the 115th Congress.



Cadet Bong Dibongue Selected for Honor Chorus/Senior Mixed Chorus Riverside senior Jaures Bong Dibongue who was selected for the District 14 Honor Chorus. Teachers nominated their top students to participate in these select choruses that rehearsed and performed at Brenau University’s Pearce Auditorium on November 18 & 19, 2016. Cadet Bong Dibongue was also selected for the Senior Mixed Chorus. Riverside Choral Teacher Lynn Lathem said, "The concert was outstanding and a credit to our fine students."






C/MSG Harllee Nominated to National Student Leadership Conference C/MSG Parker Harllee, a junior, was nominated to participate in the National Student Leadership Conference on Intelligence & National Security over the summer. Student scholars were chosen from over 70 countries based on academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and demonstrated leadership ability. Program participants explore the nature of leadership and the skills that define the great leaders of our time. The conference was held at American University in Washington, D.C. C/MSG Harllee had the honor of being elected as the program’s U.S. Attorney General. Guest speakers included U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Gina Grosso, U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley, and FBI Director James Comey. Participants also visited FBI Headquarters and the Pentagon. C/1LT Middleton Attends Stanford, Becomes Eagle Scout C/1LT Phillip Middleton, a senior, attended Stanford University’s five week summer program where he earned college credit in both Political Science and Advanced Placement Government. He was awarded an education scholarship

from Junior State of America/Junior Statesmen Foundation. While in California, he had opportunities to visit San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles with other students in the program. He has received college acceptances to the University of Georgia and Hampton University. In addition to his coursework at Stanford over the summer, C/1LT Middleton earned the rank of Eagle Scout! The Eagle Scout badge is the highest rank a young man can achieve in the Boy Scouts of America. To earn this advanced rank one must progress through all other ranks while earning 21 merit badges; serve six months in a troop leadership position; plan, organize and lead an extensive service project; and participate in a Scoutmaster conference before completing an Eagle Scout board of review. For his Eagle Scout project, C/1LT Middleton constructed two picnic tables for Zion Hill Baptist Church in Atlanta. He’s a member of Boy Scout Troop 631 in College Park, GA, and he is also the unit leader for Troop 26 while at Riverside Military Academy.

Eagles Football Team Supports Touchdowns Against Cancer In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the RMA Eagles Football Team proudly joined in the Touchdowns Against Cancer campaign. The team invited their fans to pledge a donation for every touchdown scored from September 15 to October 1, 2016. Each touchdown scored by the Eagles during this campaign directly benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and helps to defeat childhood cancer. Touchdowns Against Cancer is a national program created in partnership between MaxPreps, PLEDGE IT, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. St. Jude freely shares the discoveries it makes with doctors and scientists worldwide to save thousands more children. Learn more about Touchdowns Against Cancer at

C/1SG Hong Earns 2nd Place in SAR Essay Contest By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager Riverside juniors C/1SG Gun Hong and C/1SG Ayaz Mustafa were each honored with a nomination for the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution’s (SAR) Enhanced Outstanding Cadet Contest in November 2016. Following the nomination, both cadets submitted entries in the SAR’s JROTC Essay Contest on the topic “How JROTC prepared me to be a Better Citizen of the United States.” C/1SG Ayaz C/1SG Gun Hong C/1SG Hong earned 2nd Place Overall in the essay contest. The following Mustafa excerpts are from his essay: “I learn by heart from my retired military instructors and teachers, through the Veterans’ Day Parade, and character education and Color/Honor Guard at Riverside.” “My job as a Company First Sergeant is all about my cadets. My job is to build a strong organization in which we call each other a Brother in Blue.” “…not only my JROTC instructors but also my school teachers have prepared me to become a better citizen, a valuable member of society, exerting positive influence on my cadets. Most importantly, I have learned that leadership is a choice, not a rank.” REVEILLE I WINTER 2017


Homecoming 2016 will be remembered for perfect weather, meaningful ceremonies, and opportunities to visit with old and new friends. So many alumni marched in the parade’s pass in review that Errol Bisso, ’61, director of alumni relations, predicts he will divide the alumni into two Companies next year. If you missed Homecoming this year, make plans to be at Riverside October 20-21, 2017. All alumni are invited, and class years ending in 2 or 7 will celebrate reunions.

A Big Thanks to Our Homecoming Sponors: Platinum Andrew Zager, ’88 Event Sponsor Ruben A. Barahona, ’89 John B. Delcambre, ’66 Hurdle Lane & Realty Inc. Geoff L. Hurdle, ’87 Matthew B. Hurdle, ’91


Gold Kelley and Richard L. Bisso, ’85 Two Brown Dogs Realty John B. McKernan, ’88 Nicole Baker Silver Ron P. Fenner, ’66 Bronze Marvin E. Black, ’43 Stephen Broom Donald Finlay Perry and Carla Gentry Phil Koshy William A. Lyles Dr. Richard Nelson Dr. Chris Nowatka Frank A. Rikard, ’56



“It was great to see such a large number of people take part in all the scheduled events and to see so many young and old alumni return to RMA for the first time since their graduation.” —Errol Bisso, ’61, director of alumni relations

Highlights of the weekend included the honoring of Distinguished Alumnus Bernie Freeman, ’58, and Distinguished Young Alumnus Adam Frankel, Esq, ’01, at the Homecoming parade. Former RMA president and first lady, Col. James H. Benson and his wife, Mary, were honored at the dedication of the Benson Quadrangle in a ceremony attended by the full Corps of Cadets and many parents and alumni. Funds raised for the naming opportunity created the James H. and Mary Benson Endowed Scholarship Fund to assist future cadets attend RMA. The Benson Quad is the center of barracks’ life and was formerly known as “barracks quad.” Bobby Greenwood, ‘57, did not miss a command to beat out his fellow alumni in the annual Knockout Drill.


Col Benson, along with his wife, Mary, and Col Robert Cagle, at the Benson Quadrangle dedication ceremony.

Bernie Freeman,'58 (l), was honored as Distinguished Alumnus and Adam Frankel, Esq, '01, (r) was honored as Distinguished Young Alumnus.

The class of 1956 organized a wreath laying at the Beaver family plot in Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville. Remembrances were spoken by the alumni in attendance and Bud Oakey, ’75, blew taps.

Alumni also visited the grave site of Major Gerald “Goomba” Wilson.

Sports Hall of Fame Four standout athletes were inducted into the RMA Sports Hall of Fame. Pictured above (l-r) Allen Borne, ’53, Andrew Bowling, ’91, Benjamin Gunn, ’07. Not pictured is Paul Krebs, Jr., ’55, who was unable to attend the induction. The hall of fame now includes 31 individuals and one team, and nominations are now open for the next induction at Founders’ Weekend, April 20-21. See the nomination form on page 32.

PGA Professionals Meet Again at Homecoming By Errol Bisso, ’61, Director of Alumni Relations

A highlight resulting from this year’s Homecoming was when two PGA professionals were able to renew their friendship from their years on the tour. Riverside’s own former PGA golfer, Bobby Greenwood, ’57, attended Homecoming with his wife, Elma, and his daughter, Viola, who is one of the best high school golfers in Tennessee. She is the 2016 AAU National Golf Champion. Viola is home schooled by her mother and has been coached by her father her entire life. She is receiving letters of interest from most of the best college programs in the country. “I always look forward to the RMA homecoming, but this year was special for me to get to play golf with former Masters Champion Tommy Aaron! What a thrill!” said Viola. “He and my dad were great friends when they played together on the PGA Tour.”

Pictured from left are Bobby Greenwood, ’57, Viola Greenwood,

On Sunday of Homecoming weekend, Bobby arranged to meet his PGA friend, and Tommy Aaron. 1973 Masters Champion and Gainesville resident Tommy Aaron, to play a round of golf with Viola. Bobby no longer plays due to health, but he was happy to accompany them.

Tommy and Bobby were friends on the PGA tour from 1969 through 1975 and were eager to rekindle their friendship. Both golfers are past winners on the PGA, are college All Americans, and are members of numerous golf and sports halls of fame. Bobby is a member of the first class of inductees into the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame. Tommy, who is recovering from hip surgery three months ago, shot an even par 72 at the Chattahoochee Golf Club, and Viola’s score was not far behind. “During my seven years playing the PGA Tour, Tommy Aaron and Arnold Palmer were fan favorites… two great individuals,” said Bobby. Bobby and his family are very active in their community of Cookeville, Tennessee, and are loyal supporters of Riverside and its purpose and mission. REVEILLE I WINTER 2017


October 14–15

The senior ring ceremony represented another significant milestone in the Riverside journey for the cadets of the class of 2017. The ring is a symbol of excellence that will not only serve as a visual reminder of their shared experiences as members of Riverside’s Corps of Cadets, but will forever link them to the long blue line of Riverside alumni whose ranks they will join in May. Every aspect of the ring is symbolic of the history and traditions of the Academy since its founding in 1907. Members of the class of 2017 will wear their rings with the graduation year of 2017 pointing inward. Following commencement, they will turn their rings so that the graduation year is pointing outward thereby demonstrating that they have joined the ranks of Riverside alumni. Following the ring ceremony, seniors and dates enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the atrium of the Sandy Beaver Center. Riverside cadets and their dates enjoyed dancing and socializing Under a Harvest Moon over homecoming weekend. Alumni Hall was magically transformed thanks to the hard work of many parents. 24

Casino Night


Over 225 alumni and parents attended casino night on Saturday of Homecoming weekend. The event, at Chattahoochee Country Club, was spread over three large rooms so there was plenty of quiet space for visits over dinner as well as room for the gaming tables and the silent auction. Casino Night gives parents an opportunity to socialize while their cadets attend the Homecoming dance, and the proceeds come back to the Academy to help with alumni association expenses and to help fund tuition assistance.

A Big THANK YOU to Our Homecoming Auction Donors: Adam Frankel, ’01 Arthur Boisfontaine, ’87 Bud Oakey, ’75 Christian Eiroa, ’89 Craig Petersen Errol Bisso, ’61 Fastenal George Hearn Heidi Scott Helene Durand Holly Crumley Jim Harris, ’71 Jim Watts, ’85 John McKernan, ’88 Lori Peppers Mark Truslow, ’93 Victor Disharoon, ’72 Whit Owens, ’79 William Gallagher Zack Thompson



Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of the Academy, Many parents express their deep appreciation for what RMA did for their sons; but Angela and Tom Finn feel they have tangible evidence of the affect one particular teacher had on their son, Michael. “I think that Dennis (Carpenter) must have ‘seen something’ in Michael,” said Tom Finn. “While Michael was certainly a bright kid, he wasn’t applying himself at Dalton High and was actually miserable. Now compare how he finished at RMA; that he was one of only a handful selected for the inaugural Mandarin Immersion program at the University of North Georgia. That led to him attending Tsinghua University in Beijing and becoming fluent in Mandarin.” And it started with a teacher, Dennis Carpenter, who “saw something” in their son.

The faculty and staff of Riverside Military Academy would like to congratulate Amanda and Bob Willis on their recent marriage in November.We wish them much love and happiness in the years to come.

Dennis taught computer science from 1999 to the spring of 2009. He also served as the multimedia club advisor and was the initiator of the senior class DVD. He died of cancer on April 18, 2009. In Dennis’ memory and to honor the influence and impact he had on his students, the Finns have established The Dennis Carpenter Memorial Technology Fund. “Technology needs to recur from year to year; and I’ve concluded that providing some means to help satisfy those recurring needs will accomplish my goal of giving to RMA and will benefit all cadets and RMA,” said Finn. For more about The Dennis Carpenter Memorial Technology Fund, see page 36. According to resident historian Errol Bisso, there has only been one instance of a father and a son both serving as battalion commanders.This hallmark designation applies to Sabin Gianelloni, ’55, and his son, John, ’94. Read their story on page 27. I have a new email address:, so I’m taking this opportunity to send it out to all of you. Let me hear from you! Because of Friends Like You,

Amanda K. Willis, CFRE Vice President for Advancement




Like father like son, Sabin Gianelloni, ’55, and John Gianelloni, ’94, both served as battalion commanders of their respective RMA classes. Today Sabin and his wife, Patricia, live in Atlanta, and Lieutenant Colonel John E. Gianelloni is currently Commander, 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). John and his wife, Lia, are new parents of Cora Jane, born November 11, 2016. Both came to Riverside at the start of high school when life pitched them curve balls. Sabin, a Louisiana native, had completed one year at Gulf Coast Military Academy in Gulfport, MS when it closed. William Maginnis, the out-of-work football coach, was snapped up by RMA to coach, and Engel C. May, RMA Commandant, quickly recruited cadets to campus. Sabin followed his coach to Riverside where he was inspired freshman year by the leadership of the battalion commander (BC). “In 1951-52 I achieved the max rank of corporal after returning from Hollywood,” wrote Sabin in an email. “The BC was Abe Mitchell, who impressed me even more; I told myself that I would get there my senior year.” In the 1954-55 school year, after a month of two temporary chains of command, Sabin was selected as BC. John’s journey to RMA began in Atlanta where he was an indifferent student distracted and traumatized by an accident that severely injured his mother. “I knew that Dad had attended military school, and I admired how he seemed to be the steady constant during these difficult times. So, I asked to go to military school, and he obliged, sending me to Lyman Ward Military Academy for the sixth and seventh grades,” wrote John in an email. When he reached eighth grade, he transferred to Riverside, the first year he was eligible. John quickly adapted to Riverside and relished the camaraderie of the band and the physical challenges of wrestling. “The combination of structure, having creative/physical outlets, and being surrounded by interesting cadets from all around the world, was an environment that I naturally thrived in,” wrote John. It took a stern conversation to pave the way for John to become the BC. “During the summer preceding my senior year, then Commandant Earl Singletary had me report to his office for a stern conversation. He told me I was being considered for the BC position and that despite my good grades, sports participation, and relatively clean record, he found me to be immature and too prone to joking around,” wrote John. “He used that conversation to teach me that leadership was serious business and while you can enjoy being in command, it is inevitably a burden because you adopt responsibility for those in your charge.” Both men attribute Riverside with equipping them with perseverance. “During Ranger training in 1961 in Florida, very cold and wet in the swamp, I concluded that I was finished. It was about 0200 as I approached the Ranger SGT ready to state my quitting. Just before opening my mouth a thought came to mind, ‘What would Maginnis think if he knew I quit?’ I turned and went back to my assignment,” wrote Sabin.


Both Sabin and John were awarded the Medal of General Excellence.


Founders’ Weekend April 21-22, 2017

Founders’ Weekend will convene for the fifth year on Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, 2017. The annual weekend is a relaxed version of Homecoming and gives alumni a spring option to visit campus, especially for those whose fall schedules are busy with football. This year’s schedule includes the return of BBQ from Ryan Honey, ’96, and his restaurant, The Wicked Pig. Boat excursions on Lake Lanier were so popular at Homecoming that they will be on the Saturday afternoon schedule for Founders’ Weekend. Friday night’s rendezvous will give alumni plenty of time to visit, and Saturday night will test alumni memories in a trivia contest combined with alumni/staff/cadet exhibitions of talent. It will be a casual evening of good food and plenty of laughs. Also on the schedule will be breakfast with the senior cadets, a Corps of Cadets parade, and the always popular alumni reception at Mitchell Quarters. Use the registration form on the adjacent page to sign up, or register online at or by calling Lori Peppers at 770-532-6251, ext. 2212. See you in April!

“It is a great time to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.” 28

Founders’ Weekend Registration Form Time

FRIDAY, April 21, 2017 Activity

12:30 - 2:30 p.m.


3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Corps of Cadets Parade

1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Location Lanier Hall Foyer

Campus tours

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Lanier Hall Foyer Maginnis Field

Alumni Reception Band Concert Alumni Rendezvous

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

7:00 - 11:00 p.m.

Mitchell Quarters

The Carlos and Sandra Cervantes Theatre for the Arts To Be Determined

SATURDAY, April 22, 2017



8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Formation and Breakfast w/ Senior Cadets

10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

Founders’ Program

9:00 - 10 :00 a.m.

Location Alumni Hall

Alumni Association Meeting

12:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Alumni Hall

The Carlos and Sandra Cervantes Theatre for the Arts

Alumni BBQ Lunch, Catered by Wicked Pig

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

RMA Family Park

Rifle Competition

2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

The G.C. Fisher Rifle Marksmanship Center

Boat Excursions

6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

American Legion Boat Dock

RMA Dinner with Trivia and Talent

Alumni Hall


Name: Spouse/Guest Name:

Please complete the form below and return to: Alumni Office, Riverside Military Academy, 2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501 Or you may register online at: Class Year:



Number Attending:

Alumni Reception Alumni Rendezvous Breakfast with Senior Cadets Alumni Lunch Rifle Competition Boat Excursions RMA Dinner with Trivia and Talent Enclosed is my check for a total of: Please charge my credit card: Card Number: CVV2 Code:

$ $

Street Address:

Cost: (per person)


Total Due:

No Charge $8..00 $8.00 $12.00 $15.00 $6.00 $20.00

(Please make checks payable to Riverside Military Academy) Visa




Zip Code:

For more information, please call the RMA Alumni Office at 770-532-6251 ext. 2132 or 2212.


(Please Circle One)


Dear Brothers, Parents, and Friends, Riverside continues to excel in academics, sports, and school activities. For the seventh time, the Corps of Cadets brought home the President’s Trophy for the most outstanding entry in the 35th Atlanta Veterans Day Parade. The Raider team earned its third state and national championships last month, and college acceptances are beginning to arrive. I'm sure our cadets will continue to receive a high number of scholarships to some of the best colleges, and service academies. I have heard COL Gallagher say twice that Riverside is rated the number one military high school in the U.S., as judged by other military boarding high schools. As alumni, we have much to be proud of at Riverside.

“...Riverside is rated the number one military high school in the U.S., as judged by other military boarding high schools.”

The Alumni Association is over 5,000 strong. These are alumni for whom the Office for Advancement has either a mailing address, phone number, or email address. In other words, we can contact just over 5,000 alumni. Of that number, however, only approximately 150 alumni participate as donors to the Academy. That’s about three percent. Tuition alone does not provide all that cadets need in the classroom or on the athletic field. It does not cover expensive technology upgrades or help maintain the beautiful buildings on our campus. To encourage alumni participation, the class of 2017 is leading the "Your Year is Your Gift" initiative. The seniors are each giving $20.17, but as they age the gift may grow to $201.70 for that year, or eventually it becomes $2017.00 annually. The possibilities are endless, but each alumnus is asked to gift his year, no matter where he places the decimal. The Academy now has a Riverside Alumni Raider Team and a committee of academy staff and alumni council members to ensure its success. Currently, 273 alumni have earned the Raider tab and will be invited back Founders’ Weekend to compete with the current cadet Raiders. Do you receive The Blue Line? It’s a bi-weekly email newsletter that’s short and full of alumni and Academy news. If you don’t, call Lori Peppers, editor, at 770-532-6251, ext. 2212, and give her your updated email address, or check your spam filter -- to make sure it gets through. We're looking forward to a great Founders’ Weekend April 21-22. If you have ideas of events you would like to see included, or suggestions for this year’s schedule, please contact me or the Academy.

The RMA Alumni Association challenge coin (blue and silver) is given to donors ($250-$999) and to graduating cadets each May.The association’s chairman’s coin (red, white and blue) is given in recognition of commitment and service and gifts of $1,000 and above.

Respectfully yours,

Ron P. Fenner Jr., ’66 Chairman Alumni Association


UPCOMING FLORIDA REUNION: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The largest group of RMA alumni lives in the greater Atlanta area, and the second largest contingency lives in south Florida, primarily greater Miami. It makes sense, therefore, that a reunion in Miami has been an annual event since 2010. A reunion in Ft. Lauderdale was held prior to 2007 and attended by Col John Beaver. The centennial was also celebrated in south Florida at the bank that sits on the property that was the Hollywood campus. On Friday, January 27 beginning at 6:30 p.m. alumni from throughout south Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean are invited to an alumni reunion at the home of Bonnie and Jeff Weiner, ’66. “We invite all alumni and your wives or dates to attend,” said Errol Bisso, ’61, director of alumni relations. “The Weiners hosted a great party in 2010, and we’re hoping for an even bigger turnout this year.” New RMA President COL William J. Gallagher, US Army (Ret), and his wife, Lisa will attend along with Barbara and Errol Bisso, ’61, and Amanda Willis, vice president for advancement. Over the years memorable Miami events have been hosted by Felipe Valls, ’50, Domingo Moirera,’63, and Christian Eiroa, ‘89. Register your attendance online at www.riversidemilitary. com, or call Lori Peppers at 770-532-6251, ext. 2212. The Weiner’s home address will be provided when you register.

Riverside Alumni Welcome COL and Lisa Gallagher Riverside alumni have celebrated the appointment of COL William J. Gallagher as Riverside’s ninth president and have welcomed him and his wife, Lisa, to the Riverside fold. Traveling to Washington, D.C. in August, the Gallaghers met Lucile Beaver, Sandy Beaver’s daughter, and alumnus Don Miser, ’53, and his wife, Gloria, all of whom provided the new president with Riverside history. Chris and Terry Clontz, RMA Trustee, hosted a gathering at their John’s Creek home outside of Atlanta for alumni and parents in late August, and then alumni gathered in Nashville in September at a dinner hosted by Raymond Thomasson, ’69. REVEILLE I WINTER 2017

Do you recognize these alumni? Do you know what year it was? This alumni event was held in Ft. Lauderdale prior to 2007 and was attended by the late Col John L. Beaver. Send us your answer and win an RMA alumni cap.




The Riverside Sports Hall of Fame is seeking nominations of deserving Riverside graduates to be considered for inclusion in the Sports Hall of Fame. During your time at Riverside you may have witnessed outstanding examples of athletic prowess and accomplishments by individuals or teams that would warrant consideration for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame induction committee is interested in athletic accomplishments while at Riverside, and consideration may be given to athletic accomplishments following Riverside. Candidates must be graduates of Riverside or a former employee that left in good standing. A candidate or employee will not be considered eligible until 10 years after graduation or leaving Riverside. All candidates will be evaluated by the Sports Hall of Fame induction committee, and each will be given equal opportunity to be selected. Please submit nominations to Athletic Director Marc Paglia, RMA, 2001 Riverside Dr., Gainesville, GA 30501. Deadline for submission: March 1, 2017. Sports Hall of Fame Nominee: ___________________________________________ Graduation Year: ___________ Accomplishments: _____________________________________________________________________

RIVERSIDE SPORTS HALL OF FAME Sandy Beaver (baseball/football/president,1913-1969) Everett Strupper, '12 (football, 1910-1912) John Lowery Beaver, '29 (tennis, 1925-1993) Henry "Red" Sanders, '23 (football coach, 1934-1937) RMA's Undefeated 1936 Football Team James Thompson Prothro, '38 (football/coaching, 1936-1938) Ernest Jackson Curtis, '47 (football, 1943-1947) Robert Stanton Greenwood, Jr., '57 (golf, 1956-1957) Errol John Bisso, '61 (football/wrestling/coaching, 1955-2007) Christopher Scott Lancaster, '85 (football/coaching, 1979-1985) Chris Bright, '92 (cross country/track, 1989-1992) Richard Aronson, '49 (gymnastics/soccer/track/coaching, 1946-1949) Rocky Lanz, '90 (football/wrestling/track/weightlifting, 1986-1990) Marc Paglia (swimming coach 1989-current; athletic director) George Jefferson (football/track, 1958-1959; 1979-1994) Theodore Michael Lakos, '49 (football 1947-1949)

William D. Maginnis (coach/superintendent 1952-1994) Thomas LaRocco, '96 (football 1992-1996) Kurt Predmore, '87 (swimming/coaching 1984-1987) Gregory Francis Werd, '56 (football, 1952-1956) Richard Earl McMahon, '58 (cross country and track, 1955-1958) William Glisson, '78 (football and track, 1973-1978) Andrew Collin Zager, '88 (wrestling, 1984-1988) Richard Nichols (coach and athletic director, 1962-2000, ret. 2000) Michael Neveaux, '65 (Swimming, 1962-1965) Jason Worley Swindle, Sr., '92 (Football, 1988-1992) Richard Leo Bisso, '85 (Athlete, 1980-1985) Frankie Bremer, '98 (Football, 1994-1998) Allen Borne, '53 (Football, 1950-1953) Andrew Bowling, '91 (Wrestling, 1989-1991) Benjamin Gunn, '07 (Swimming, 2005-2007) Paul Krebs, Jr., '55 (Track and Field, 1951-1955)



L U A M G NUS N U O Y Riverside is seeking nominations for Young Alumnus of the Year. Honorees will be recognized during Homecoming 2017. The Young Alumnus of the Year recognition began in 2012. Nominees should be 35 years of age or younger and have distinguished themselves in career achievements and/or in service to RMA. Nominations may be self-made or otherwise and should include sufficient documentation to show evidence why the nominee should be considered. All nominations will be reviewed in the spring by a committee comprised of the RMA president, vice president for advancement, director of alumni relations, and the chairman of the alumni council.

The award recipient will be notified in June of their selection to receive this award.

Please send letters of nomination to: The Office of the President, Riverside Military Academy, 2001 Riverside Dr., Gainesville, GA 30501. The deadline for submission is April 21, 2017.

My nomination for Young Alumnus of the Year is: This nominee is deserving because:

My name is: Address: Email:


Phone: Each nomination may be accompanied by additional information about the nominee, if available. Not all awards will be awarded every year. Please mail your nomination by April 21, 2017 to: The Office of the President, RMA, 2001 Riverside Dr., Gainesville, GA 30501. If you have questions, please call Vice President for Advancement Amanda Willis at 770-538-2924.





FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY * JUNE 2, 3 & 4, 2017 Three days of enthusiasts, collectors and racers celebrating the varied interests of our hobby, offering something for each member of the family. Time Trials, Concours d’Elegance and Rally plus a great deal more. Featuring vehicles of all types as well as aviation, military and lifestyle events. Gainesville, GA - just north of Atlanta. TIME TRIALS - ALL THREE DAYS: Race 1 mile from start line to finish line, against the clock - a competitive experience; a visual experience; an aural experience! STUDIES IN SPEED SPORT STYLE: A juried contest of elegance for Champions and Heroes: race cars, sporting cars, vehicles of exceptional style through 1974. HIGH JINKS RALLY: A three-day competitive High Jinks Rally for driver and navigator.

All vehicles through 1974 eligible with selected newer vehicles on application. RetroWorks • seminars • collector car, supercar and club corrals • air rifle competition • indoor cinema • plus much more! Telephone or email to discuss your participation as an entrant, judge, volunteer or spectator: 404.237.2633

Please visit our website: From the founders of Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours On The Avenue 34





RMA Champions and Heroes is three days of car and car-related activities for the whole family. The flagship events are 1) Time Trials for Champions and Heroes – approved drivers race the clock on a one-mile circuit on the Riverside campus, 2) Studies in Speed Sport Style – Riverside’s quads are filled with one-of-a-kind vehicles selected for the juried contest, and 3) High Jinks Rally – a driver and a navigator in vehicles through 1974 take to the roads of northeast Georgia on a navigational (not speed) contest of wits.

THAT SOUNDS GREAT, BUT IS THAT ALL? No, almost every facility and open grounds on the vast RMA campus will support a display, activity, or learning opportunity centered on vehicles of all types. The Cervantes Theatre for the Arts will be the setting for forums led by race drivers from back in the day, Curtis Hall will offer a place to eat while watching classic race movies on giant screens, and military displays of equipment, plus classes – fencing for example – will be led by RMA faculty and staff. There will literally be something for every age to enjoy.

WHEN IS IT? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 2, 3 and 4, 2017. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. all three days.

IS RIVERSIDE PUTTING THIS ON ALONE? RMA Champions and Heroes is a marketing and fundraising tool for The Riverside Military Academy Foundation. To provide the knowledge and skill to put on an event of this scale, RMA has partnered with Motor Club Events LLC of Atlanta, which was recommended to Riverside by an alumnus who is involved in the mega collector car events on the Monterey Peninsula, CA, every August. The city of Gainesville from police, fire, zoning, tourism and convention services, hotels, and related are informed and supportive of the event.

I’M REALLY INTERESTED IN THE TIME TRIALS. ARE THEY ON A PARTICULAR DAY? The time trials will run each day with final competition on Sunday. See details at

HOW MUCH ARE THE TICKETS? Tickets are available online for $30 per person on Friday and Saturday and $65 on Sunday. Ticket packages are available to include VIP parking and seating on the time trial circuit. Tickets can be purchased at I HAVE A CAR I’M INTERESTED IN ENTERING IN ONE OF THE THREE AREAS. WHAT DO I DO? Car owners are welcome to submit an application for consideration by the entry selection committee. Applications and additional information are available at REVEILLE I WINTER 2017 35

Grateful Parents Establish Fund to Honor Former Teacher By Amanda K.Willis, CFRE

Tom and Angela Finn, parents of RMA alumnus Michael Finn, ’08, have established a fund in memory of Dennis Carpenter, an RMA computer teacher from 1999-2009. Dennis taught computer science and also served as the multimedia club advisor. He initiated the tradition of the senior DVD. He died of cancer on April 18, 2009. The Dennis Carpenter Memorial Technology Fund was envisioned last fall when Tom Finn, a member of the RMA Board of Trustees, sat in the October board meeting scanning a copy of the RMA budget. “On page seven I found the source of my idea,” said Tom. “On the page entitled ‘Revised Capital Expenditure Budget – Priority’ was a list of technology needs. Those needs will recur year to year, and I concluded that providing some means to satisfy those needs would not only accomplish my goal of ‘giving’ to RMA but will benefit all cadets and RMA itself.” The Finn’s vision is for the fund to grow to provide annual support for technology needs, and they hope other families, alumni, and Academy friends will support the fund. “I believe that cadets and their parents who benefited from the teaching and kindness of Dennis Carpenter will contribute what they can and will then become regular, faithful donors,” said Tom. The Finns credit Riverside, and especially Dennis, with seeing potential in their son and drawing it out of him.

Dennis Carpenter (right), computer science teacher, works with RMA cadets. “While Michael was certainly a bright kid, he wasn’t applying himself in high school,” said Tom. “Now compare how he finished at RMA; that he was one of only a handful who were selected for the inaugural Mandarin Immersion program at North Georgia, which Michael had to start about a week after graduating from RMA. That led to him attending Tsinghua University in Beijing and becoming fluent in Mandarin.” Tom says that if Michael were to describe what happened the day he enrolled at RMA, he might summon the words of Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


2017 

October 20 & 21, 2017

Save the Date! 36

A Riverside Treasure: Mama Bisso By Amanda K.Willis, CFRE

“She is, without a doubt, my ‘First Lady’ of Riverside.” —Chris Lancaster, ’88

In Riverside’s 109 years of history, a handful of women have shaped this decidedly masculine institution. Barbara Bisso, wife of former RMA coach and teacher Errol Bisso, is one of them. A beauty raised in the Mississippi Delta, Barbara went to Delta State University in Cleveland, MS and met a burly football player by the name of Bisso, who took quite a liking to the spirited red-head. Errol Bisso, as providence would have it, had earned a scholarship to Delta State from Riverside, where he had been a cadet from eighth grade through senior year. Once married, degrees from Delta State in hand, they set off for the future. The future was Riverside, which was Errol’s past, and it became the all-consuming present as they labored for over 50 years as placeholder parents for many boys. It began in January 1966. Errol accepted a teaching job at his alma mater, and the newlyweds reported to Hollywood, Florida for the Academy’s winter session. Thinking like a true new husband, Errol moved into a cadet room with his bride. A piece of plywood provided scant privacy from the cadets on the other side. “She almost left,” recalls Errol with a grin. But she didn’t. In time, they had children, Richard, who attended Riverside and graduated in 1985, and Maria, who grew up with one true brother and hundreds of Riverside brothers. Employing a whistle or a mighty yell, Errol’s influence as coach, teacher, guidance counselor, registrar, and now director of alumni relations, is and was out front and obvious. REVEILLE I WINTER 2017

The boys respected him, obeyed him, and occasionally feared him. Barbara’s influence is and always was hugs, smiles, pats on the back, and an apartment door where the welcome sign is always out. “If I did something that upset Coach Bisso, I would be disappointed, but a quick look at her face and she would smile or roll her eyes a certain way to make me realize it wasn't the end of the world and that coach was just pushing me to be better. It would be okay,” said Andy Zager, ’88. “Now when I come back to Riverside for a visit, seeing Mrs. Bisso makes me feel like I am home.” Andy’s story is told over and over again by alumni who cherished her softer touch. “I was very fortunate to have played for the best coach ever in Errol Bisso but was even more fortunate to have Barbara Bisso as a second mother,” said Chris Lancaster, ’85. “I guess you can say I was adopted at the age of 12 by Barbara and Coach. To this day they both have been parenting me every step of the way.” “As a role model she has played a major part of why I coach, who I married, and how I am as a father. She is, without a doubt, my ‘First Lady’ of Riverside,” added Lancaster. The buildings are different, the campus has changed, but for many alumni the constancy of Barbara Bisso keeps them coming back.


Class Presidents’ Program Fosters Bond Between Alumni and Academy Joe Burns, president of the class of 1966, was recognized as Class President of the Year at Homecoming’s RMA Alumni Association meeting. Ron Fenner, ’66, association chairman, presented the plaque with Dr. John Delcambre, ’66, chairman of the class presidents’ program. Joe earned the recognition by encouraging the highest levels of participation from his classmates in terms of Homecoming attendance and giving. The class of 1966 had Ron Fenner, ’66, left, and John Delcambre, ’66, middle, congratulate 13 on campus for their 50th reunion, and 5.3 percent of the Joe Burns, ’66, for his recognition as Class President of the Year. class participated in giving back to Riverside. Some classes are still without presidents. If you would like to serve in this volunteer position, please email Dr. Delcambre at, or call Errol Bisso, ’61, director of alumni relations, at 770-532-6251, ext. 2132. Class Presidents are needed for the following years: 47, 49, 50, 59, 76, 77, 81, 82, 84, 91, 92, 94, 99, 04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 13, and 15

Current Class Presidents John Delcambre*, 1966 Dale Logsden, 1946 Carl Mesnig, 1948 Virgil Porter, 1951 Alfred Szemborski, 1952 Robert Kwass, 1953 William Neal, 1954 Sabin Gianelloni, 1955 Greg Werd, 1956 Morris Levy, 1957 Bernard Freeman, 1958 John Williams, 1960 Errol Bisso, 1961

Jeff Dombroff, 1962 Leslie Smith, 1963 Robert Stoddard, 1964 Michael Neveaux, 1965 Joe Burns, 1966 Seymour West, 1967 Robert Keogler, 1968 John McMillan, 1969 Charles McNairy, 1970 Joe Moceri, 1971 Victor Disharoon, 1972 Griffin Scarborough, 1973 Joseph Bivens, 1974

Matthew Stanley, 1975 James Young, 1978 Ricardo Barrera, 1979 Rob Lindsey, 1980 Robert Baird, 1983 Richard Bisso, 1985 Stephen Van De Kreke, 1986 Kurt Predmore, 1987 Mark Eggers, 1988 Chad Adams, 1989 Justin Gallagher, 1990 Grant Jones, 1993 Robert Parker, 1995

Matthew Lively, 1996 Juan Christiansen, 1997 Harold Hunt, 1998 Steve Pugh, 2000 Adam Frankel, 2001 Fred Rowe, 2002 Richard Nasser, 2003 Brian Baize, 2007 Miles Indest, 2008 Fernando Weiner, 2011 Nicholas Jackson, 2012 Pearce Sauls, 2014 Kevin Reale, 2016

* Chairman of Class Presidents

BOT AND BOV UPDATES Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman, honorary trustee of the RMA Board of Trustees, has been honored at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC). Last fall the Daniel J. Kaufman Library and Learning Center was named in recognition of Kaufman’s leadership and vision in creating the four-year college and serving as its first president. Kaufman became president in 2005 while the college was unnamed. In August of 2006, the college welcomed 118 students to campus. Today the enrollment is 12,000. GGC’s current president, Dr. Stas Preczewski, is a current member of the RMA Board of Trustees. News from the Board of Visitors includes the naming of a new member, Wayne E. Stringer, ’80, of Miami, FL. For current lists of both the board of trustees and the board of visitors, see page 44. 38 38


Mary Paglia Awarded GOALTender of the Year

Library Receives Bountiful Gifts

By Julie A. Smith, Multimedia Manager

Riverside Military Academy extends a hearty thank you to the many alumni who have extended time and effort donating items to our Lucile Beaver Library. Recently, a Special Military Collection, which includes some rare and out of print materials, was established by Terry McCloskey, ’68. Mr. McCloskey drives all the way from Pennsylvania to drop off donations. Paul Posner, ’56, has supplied the library with an exceptional collection of American Civil War books. Ron Fenner, ’66, loaded an entire U-Haul Trailer of books (carrying 29 boxes during one trip to RMA)! Victor Disharoon, ’72, donated a fabulous three-piece shelving unit for our library’s Learning Commons area. Riverside’s library collection continues to grow, and we thank all alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and staff that graciously donate to the Lucile Beaver Library.

Riverside’s Annual Fund Coordinator, Mary Paglia, was named the 2015 GOALTender of the Year for the State of Georgia on September 1, 2016. Representatives from over 100 GOAL partner schools attended the Georgia GOAL Scholarship conference held at the Wesleyan School. Mrs. Paglia received the top award for her diligence and enthusiasm for the program. The award plaque reads, “Thank you for helping provide deserving Georgia children with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning.” Mrs. Paglia is a Gainesville, GA native who began working at RMA in 2012. She has continued to increase the school’s Georgia GOAL Scholarship donor participation each year, helping to fund more cadet scholarships for those with demonstrated need. Her husband, Marc Paglia, serves as athletic director and has worked at Riverside for 20+ years. Individual taxpayers, LLCs, partnerships, and corporations can participate in the GOAL Scholarship program. Any Georgia resident is eligible to redirect their tax dollars to student scholarships at Riverside Military Academy. Learn more at

PURCHASE A MEMORIAL PLAZA BRICK TODAY! This April we will celebrate our annual Founders’ Weekend. It is a time of honoring the roots from which our Academy has grown, and what better way to do just that than by purchasing a memorial plaza brick. Purchase your brick by March 17, 2017 to ensure that it will be placed in the ground of the Memorial Plaza by Founders’ Weekend, April 21-22. Bricks are available in two sizes: 4" x 8" bricks are $135 8" x 8" bricks are $275 Place your order online at: or call 770-532-6251, ext. 4506




We can make it happen. When you and I are no longer present to critique a Corps’ parade, applaud a valedictorian, or cheer a winning goal, we want to believe it will all continue to happen. Thinking of Riverside’s tomorrow today ensures that. Supporting Riverside Military Academy may be easier than you thought.You can help the legacy of the Academy live on by naming Riverside Military Academy as the beneficiary of a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh, profit-sharing pension plan or other retirement vehicle. Make us the beneficiary of all or part of your retirement plan, and leave other less tax-burdened assets to your heirs. It’s a smart way to support RMA. Visit for more information, or call: Amanda K. Willis | CFRE, Vice President for Advancement 770-538-2924 |

An estate gift is an act of faith. It is an expression of your belief that Riverside is an organization that is sound, stable, and making a difference in the lives of young men. Legacy or estate gifts do not have to be complicated or expensive to create, and every estate gift is important, whether it is for $1,000 or $1,000,000. We invite you to consider making such a gift and thank you if have already done so. The information presented is not intended as legal or tax advice.

Please choose an option below: Riverside Military Academy is part of my charitable plans. I haven’t made plans for Riverside Military Academy, but it’s on my to-do list.

I’d like to learn more before making a gift.

Name: The best time of the day to contact me: Phone number: Email:




Mail to: Advancement, RMA, 2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501



The Riverside Military Academy Foundation was formed in 2014 to provide future support to RMA, especially in the area of tuition assistance. University and college foundations are common means of support for aspirational programs or campus expansion as well as tuition assistance. Educational institutions, including secondary schools, are eager to grow their foundations to create a stream of real dollars to be used for generations to come. Riverside’s Foundation has doubled its assets since May 2015. Though still modest in size, the Foundation’s assets now total over $313,000. The vision is to grow it to $1 million and beyond. The two avenues to grow the Foundation are the Sandy Beaver Entrepreneurial Leadership Award dinner every August and the Founder and Friend support opportunity. New Founders in the last year include Mr. and Mrs. R.A. (Rusty) Griffin, ’64, Ruben Barahona, ’89; Linda K. Hurdle, and Felipe Valls, ’50.

“If Riverside made a difference in your life, consider the opportunity to make a difference at Riverside by becoming a Founder (or Friend) of The Riverside Military Academy Foundation." —Bernie Freeman, ’58, chairman Foundation Board of Directors Founders Walter E. Smith, Jr., ‘58 Felipe Valls, ‘50 James A. Walters Management Company

Ruben A. Barahona, ‘89 Bernard M. Freeman, ‘58 R.A. (Rusty) Griffin, ‘64 Patrick H. Higdon, ‘57 Linda K. Hurdle The Lambert Foundation Inc. Ernest T. Lopez, ‘84 Frank L. Maurno, ‘60 Kenneth L. McKelvey Abraham A. Mitchell, ‘52

Friends William J. McConnell, Sr., ‘58 Samuel P. Smith Richard L. Valentine Robert T. Willis, Jr.

Yes! I wish to be a Founder of The RMA Foundation with a pledge of $25,000 payable over a five year period in equal amounts of $5,000 annually or quarterly in amounts of $1,250. Yes! I wish to be a Friend of The RMA Foundation with a pledge of $ in the amount of $ .

to be paid quarterly or annually


Yes! I wish to support The RMA Foundation with an outright gift of $


Yes! My check is attached.

(Please list your name(s) as you wish it to appear in RMA publications.)

Address: City/State/Zip Phone: (Home)



Email address: Please charge the following credit card for all pledge or gift transactions: Credit card number: Amount: $

Master Card Exp:


American Express

Security code:


The Riverside Military Academy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gifts to The Riverside Military Academy Foundation are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to The Riverside Military Academy Foundation and mail your response to RMA, 2001 Riverside Dr, Gainesville, GA 30501, attention: Advancement.



Class Notes Class of 1985

Class of 2007

Michael Walters developed a love for cooking at a young age watching and helping his grandmother cook. So, he was grateful to be trained by John-Louis Palladin, Michel Richard, Roberto Donna, and David Burke. Throughout his career, he has be able to work in some of the best kitchens in the country, which eventually led him to earn a spot in USA Today’s 2006 “Top Five Culinary Destinations” for Michael’s Shrimp and Grits named as a “Best Dish”. He has even cooked for former President Bill Clinton, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx, Andre 3000, Michael Jordan, Joe Frazier, CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer, BET’S Bob Johnson, Former NBA Players Richard Hamilton, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and Mike Tyson. Most recently Chef Michael was the top winner on the Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. Although Michael has experienced much culinary success, he continues to be most proud of his wife and seven children. Michael is currently executive chef of Cuts Steakhouse Atlanta.

Brian Baise has returned to Riverside as a daytime TAC officer for Golf company. He is a 2011 graduate from The Citadel with a BSC in business administration and management and is a master level Kami Bushi, Kai Karate Do UBF 5th Degree. He also comes with a long list of credentials and experience in teaching, sports, and counseling. Pictured is Brian, his wife, Lacy (far right), and their son, Sonny.

Class of 1996

Ryan Honey opened his new restaurant, The Wicked Pig, in downtown Clayton, GA last spring. Ryan has proven to be a master of barbeque, which is always a hit with alumni at Homecoming and Founders' Weekend.

Class of 2013 -2016

RMA President COL William J. Gallagher (Ret) visited with RMA alumni who are currently cadets at West Point. This photo, taken in Grant Hall in December, shows left to right, COL Gallagher and cadets Michael Sims,’13, Jacob Deem,’14, John-Mark MacFarlane,’14, William Thomas,’16, and Tucker Pearson,’15. All are doing great and are excelling at USMA. They credit RMA with preparing them for success at West Point as future Army officers. Class of 2012

SPC Robert Healy was visited in December by RMA President COL William J. Gallagher, U.S. Army (Ret) at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. SPC Healy was wounded in action on Veterans Day

by a suicide bomber in Bagram, Afghanistan that killed two and wounded 12 other soldiers. COL Gallagher presented gifts and well wishes from the entire Riverside community. SPC Healy expects a full recovery so he can return to duty with the 1st Cavalry Division based at Fort Hood, TX. President Barack Obama later visited Walter Reed Memorial Hospital to present the Purple Heart to SPC Healy and 11 other soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. Class of 2013

Skylar Toney, ’13, graduated from the Gwinnett County Police Academy. Class of 2014

Cameron Wiese, a psychology senior at California Polytechnic State University, organized a TEDx presentation on campus last October for a capacity audience of 1,300. Wiese had attended a TEDSummit in Banff,



Canada and recognized the potential TEDx could have at Cal Poly. (The “x” in TEDx represents an independently organized event under a separate license from TED.) “While I was at the summit I realized that [the TED] community is unbelievably supportive,” Wiese said. “Everyone was there to spread ideas and help make the world a better place. I saw this and thought, ‘We can do this at Cal Poly.’” Wiese was one of two organizers of the Cal Poly event and his core executive planning team consisted of ten students.

Class of 2014 -2016

C4C Jonathan Olson, ’16 (left) and C2C Harrison Summerour, ’14 (right) attended an airmanship brief at the Air Force Academy. Jonathan joined the Drum and Bugle Corp and Harrison is currently part of the USAFA Powered Flying Team.

Class of 2016

Jacob Deem (left) and John-Mark MacFarlane (right) celebrated their Affirmation Ceremony at the United States Military Academy, West Point. Cannon Palms is currently a software developer for Website Pipeline, Inc. in Greenville, SC. He is part of the account management team and handles small to medium sized custom development work to serve existing customers.


Geoffrey Winslow (left) and Kevin Reale (right) received their crest from their commanding officer and first sergeant, marking the end of their training cycle and officially making them cadets with the rank of private at Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL.

ALUMNI Have you recently moved or changed email addresses? Please update your information by calling the alumni office at 770-532-6251, ext. 2212 or email

Taps William H. Pietsch, '38 (9/3/16) Kirk E. Timm, '43 (10/21/16) William P. Whelchel, '43 (11/3/16) Frank D. Rock II, '44 (6/13/2016) Vaughn A. Freeman, '45 (10/25/16) Allan N. Carr, '46 (11/14/16) Alan M. Graber, '47 (07/08/16) David R. Lemmond, '47 (8/12/16) Ronald S. Prince, '49 (1/31/16) Harry W. Lore, '53 (8/4/16) Kenneth D. Crowell, '53 (11/6/16) Jimmy E. Curtis, '55 8/27/2016 Kenneth D. Cocke, '58 (7/20/16) Richard T. Edmondson, '64 (12/1/16) John T. Isenhour, '97 (9/28/16) Drew N. Bryant, '18 (11/22/16)

Class Notes Submissions All photos must be a minimum 4.5" wide and 300 dpi resolution .tif or .jpg format. Photos not accepted include .gif and .bmp. Camera phone photos or photos from websites cannot be accepted. Email digital files to: Mail hard copies to: Riverside Military Academy, Attn: Alumni Relations 2001 Riverside Drive Gainesville, GA 30501 770-532-6251 ext. 2212 Riverside Military Academy does not verify information in the Class Notes section and cannot be responsible for accuracy. The Class Notes section is offered to alumni for their use in exchanging news and updates on their classmates. Riverside Military Academy reserves the right to further publish Class Notes submissions in any and all school publications or media.


President COL William J. Gallagher, USA, Ret ~

Reveille is a semi-annual publication produced by the communications office of Riverside Military Academy for its alumni, parents, donors, and friends. The editorial staff welcomes your ideas and comments. Photographs and illustrations may not be reproduced without the express written consent of Riverside Military Academy. Class notes, photos, corrections, and letters to the editor may be updated online at or addressed to: Editor, Reveille Riverside Military Academy 2001 Riverside Drive Gainesville, GA 30501 800-462-2338 Riverside Military Academy admits students of any race, religion, and national or ethnic origin and is committed to the enrollment of a widely diverse student body.


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Board of Trustees Mr. Kenneth L. McKelvey, Chairman Mr. Bernard M. Freeman, ’58 Vice Chairman Mr. Frederick J. Kennedy, ’64 Immediate Past Chair Mr. C. J. “Jody” Lail, Jr.Treasurer Mr. J. Allen Nivens, Secretary Mr. Ruben Barahona, ’89 Mrs. Jerry B. Blackstock Mr. S. Terry Clontz Mr. Counte L. Cooley Mr. C. Brian Daniel Mr. Ron P. Fenner, Jr., ’66 Mr. Thomas M. Finn Mr. Gregory A. Fisher Mr. Felix A. Gonzalez Canto, ’86 Mr. Rutledge A. Griffin, ’62 Mr. Anthony M. Herdener Mr. Drew W. Horner, ’78 Mr. Charles A. James, ’64 Mr. Richard M. Nichols Dr. Stanley C. Preczewski Mr. Andrew W. Talkington,’71 Mr. James R.Van Arsdale, ’79 Jeffrey S. Weiner, Esq., ’66 Emeriti Miss Lucile E. Beaver Mr. Paul A. Gross, ’56 Mr. O. Jon McRae, Jr. Honorary Mr. Jerry B. Blackstock, ’62 † Mr. Powell A. Fraser Mr. Howard A. Kalmenson, ’49 Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman Ira J. Middleberg, Esq.,’66 Mr. Abraham A. Mitchell, ’52 Alumni Council Mr. Rons P. Fenner, Jr., ’66, Chairman Mr. John B. McKernan, II, ’88, Vice Chairman Mr. Geoffrey L. Hurdle, ’87, Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Errol J. Bisso, ’61, Alumni Relations Director Mr. Charles D. Adams, ’89 Mr. Bryan T. Baldwin, ’96 Mr. Richard L. Bisso, ’85 Mr. Joseph W. Bivens III, ’74 Mr. Eric M. Cochran, ’09 Maj. Charles H. Cook, ’74 Mr. Chris A. Cotter, ’88

Mr. Justin B. Creech, ’88 Dr. John B. Delcambre, ’66 Mr.Victor L. Disharoon, ‘72 Mr. William T. Glisson, ’78 Mr. Grant C. Jones, ’93 Mr. Jason J. Klein, ’08 Mr. Ernest T. Lopez, ’84 Mr. Paul B. Posner, ’56 Mr. Mark M. Truslow, ’93 Mr. Stephen M.Van De Kreke, ’86 Mr. James C.Young, ’78 Mr. Nizar Zakka, ’85 Members Emeritus Mr. Daniel G. Oakey, ’75, Chairman Emeritus Mr. Sumner R. Cahoon, Jr., ’49 Mr. Bernard M. Freeman, ’58, Chairman Emeritus Mr. Jay A. Glazer, ’64 Mr. Robert D. Jones, ’56 Judge E.J. Salcines, ’56, Chairman Emeritus Mr. Seth Wagner, ’56 Board of Visitors Mr. Gregory F. Werd, ’56, Chairman Mr. Whitney H. Owens, ’79, Vice Chairman Mr. Dennis M. Agnelly, ’66 Mr. Gary M. Alembik, ’81 Mr. Richard L. Alfonso, ’81 Mr. Arthur M. Boisfontaine, ’87 Dr. Arthur D. Canales, ’81 Mr. John A. Castineira, ’85 Mr. Conrad C. Conti, ’58 Mr. Alexander C. Deitch, ’98 Mr. Stephen W. Earhart, ’80 Mr. Christian L. Eiroa, ’89 Mr. Joseph M. Gordon, ’96 Mrs. Susan L. Graybeal Mr. Patrick H. Higdon, ’57 Mr. Kennedy S. Judd, ’87 Ms. Diana J. Kelly Mr. Richard A. Lang Jr., ’56 Mr. Richard A. Luna Mr. Alberto R. Marrufo, ’87 Mr. Fredy E. Marrufo, ’90 Mr. Wallace L. McLendon, ’58 Mr. Robert V. Norton Mr. Thomas H. Paris III Mr. John C. Sipple, ’69 Mr. Leslie T. Smith, ’63 Mr. W. Michael Strickland Mr. Wayne E. Stringer, ’80 Mrs. Wanda Swoszowski Mr. Seth Wagner, ’56 Mr. Samuel D. Weil, ’66 Mr. Seymour M. West III, ’67 Mr. Andrew C. Zager, ’88

† Deceased 44

The members of the Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, and the Alumni Council are volunteers who serve without compensation or reimbursement of any expenses. Riverside Military Academy is a 501(c)3 organization.

Riverside Military Academy has been shaping the lives of young men for 109 years. The Norton Agency has been protecting and shaping the communities in which we serve for 85 years.

INSURA NCE • REAL ESTATE • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 434 Green St NE Gainesville, GA 30501 (770) 534-5248

Bob Norton The Norton Agency’s headquarters in Gainesville, Georgia on historic Green Street. REVEILLE I SUMMER 2014


Riverside Military Academy 2001 Riverside Drive Gainesville, GA 30501 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

UPCOMING EVENTS Event times and locations are subject to change. Jan 30 Feb 10 Feb 11 Feb 18 Feb 24 Mar 8, 9, 11 Mar 15 Mar 16 Mar 18 Mar 31 Apr 1-Apr 9


Class Drop/Add Ends ROC Parade ACT (on campus) President’s Inspection Campus Open House Spring Play 3rd Quarter Ends 4th Quarter Begins Attack the Castle 5K & 10K Adventure Race Military Ball Spring Parents’ Day and Parade Spring Furlough (ends Apr 9 at 6:00 p.m.)

Apr 8 Apr 14 Apr 21-22 May 4 May 6 May 8-11 May 9 May 12 May 13 May 17 May 17-19 May 22-26

ACT Test (National Test Date) Campus Open House Founders’ Day Weekend Military Awards Ceremony SAT Test (on campus) Senior Exams End of Year Academic Awards Silver Taps (8:30 p.m.) Parade (9:00 a.m.), Commencement (11:00 a.m.) 4th Quarter Ends Semester Exams & Last Day Faculty Work Days

Reveille Winter 2017  
Reveille Winter 2017