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President Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce

he election is finally over and our thoughts turn to celebrating the Holidays and planning for the future. The hopes and dreams of many were realized while others expressed disappointment if not major concern. The national and local elections provided a very mixed response from conservative and liberal sides, the most curious of which might be the “triumph” of those who insisted on “No Vision.” River development will have to continue down other channels, but that’s what rivers do. Our River’s Edge has a nice share of the Made in Oklahoma business. Beth Ann Turner joins our team this month to fill us in on these great products that will make great gifts this season. My Oklahoma pride swells when I look at all the creativity and productivity my fellow residents bring to the business world here. Many of us are deciding how we will make the best use of our volunteer time this season. Some of our neighbors continue to have significant needs and sometimes the smallest effort makes such a difference in the lives of those who struggle. We have a vast array of respected non-profit organizations throughout the River Corridor who would love to have

your time. Jessica Worch offers her tips based on her research. I’m proud to be a part of PLANiTULSA’s Small Area Plan Citizen Advisory Team for the West Highlands/ Tulsa Hills plan. I also have attended several meetings of the Eugene Field Small Area Plan, which I’m proud to say is the only neighborhood in the United States to have received BOTH the HUD Choice Neighborhoods planning grant and the Promise Neighborhood grant from the Department of Education. Good regions plan ahead. Great things are on the horizon! River’s Edge is proud to provide our first of many excerpts from Ann Patton’s upcoming book The Tulsa River. She goes all the way to the Collegiate Peaks in Colorado for the beginning of the story. You won’t want to miss this. With over 30,000 copies of River’s Edge Magazine floating around the Tulsa area, we thought it was time to announce a new way of receiving your copy. Two hundred residents found River’s Edge Magazine in the mail during the first week of November, commenting warmly about what they read inside. You can subscribe to receive River’s Edge by mail during 2013 for only $12.95 per year. Send it as a gift to your friends and family next year! You can even subscribe online! ~

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