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’ Tis (always) the season by Jessica S. Worch


uring the holiday season many of us get the urge to “do something” for others, but what about the rest of the year? People are in need all year long. One way to explore the plethora of volunteering options within the Tulsaarea nonprofit community is to contact The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. The OCN provides programs to assist more than 550 nonprofits and offers volunteer opportunities to the community at large. Daniel Billingsley, the OCN Director of Development and Communications, says many people who give their time to others do so because it is something they have always wanted to do. The OCN will point those interested in volunteering toward opportunities to explore their options.

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of nonprofits “Nonprofits are only as good as their volunteers,” says Billingsley. “The most important thing a person should ask themselves is ‘what are my passions and how can my skills help someone with similar passions?’ Many people want to volunteer because it feels good to do that. But to be an effective volunteer for a win-win situation,

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People are in need all year long, not just during the

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holidays. Choosing a cause

Another way to examine volunteering options is to explore your own skills, interests and hobbies. By doing so, you can parlay your talent and enthusiasm for those activities into an opportunity to help others. Each nonprofit organization needs volunteers throughout the year, not just during the holidays. There are plenty of worthy causes, ranging from state/citywide non-profits to local ministerial organizations. Choosing a cause as a group is another way to give back. One example is five friends and fellow parishioners of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, who can be found every Friday morning at Trinity Episcopal Church Iron Gate ministry serving hot meals to the homeless.

to volunteer for is a way to give back.

the relationship has to be a friendship. There should be some mutual interest, with both parties working well together. If people are interested in volunteering, they should contact an organization directly or sign up through a city or statewide volunteer program where professionals can match passions and skills to nonprofits that need volunteers.”

Every Friday friends and fellow members of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church volunteer at Iron Gate. Photo by Vernis Maxwell

December Issue of River's Edge Magazine  

Shopping, exercising, playing and working along Tulsa's Arkansas River Corridor

December Issue of River's Edge Magazine  

Shopping, exercising, playing and working along Tulsa's Arkansas River Corridor