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Rivers August  2012  Performers     Pia   Monique.     Pia   was   reborn   as   a   choreographer   while   majoring   in   African-­‐American   studies   and   dance   at   Oberlin   College.   She   was   influenced   while   a   student   of   the   Trinity/LaMama  Performing  Arts  Program.  Pia  currently  studies   traditional   dance   from   Ivory   Coast   with   Vado   Diomande   and   performs  with  the  group  Kotchegna  Dance  Company.  She  leads   PIA  MONIQUE  MURRAY  DANCE  COLLECTIVE  (PMMDC)  a     creative   exchange   between   artists   and   collaborates   with   musicians   TECLA,   Kassa   Overall,   Courtney   Bryan   and   Sebastian   Costante.    

Jasmine Burnett   is   a   Black   Feminist,   writer,   activist   and   consultant   with  a  focus  on  sex,  sexuality  and  reproductive  justice.    Founder  of   Aunt   Betty's   Basement   “PUSSY   POWER”   a   sex   positive   community   for  women  of  color  that  celebrates  our  fluid  sexualities  and  gender   identities:,   she   premiered   her   first   monologue,   “A   Tale  of  3  Seasons,”  a  story  about  her   Great   Aunt   Betty   who   held   an   “after   hours”   salon   for   Black   Lesbians   from   the   50s-­‐80s   in   Dayton,   OH.   Her   was   featured   in   Huffington   Post,   On   The   Issues   Magazine   and   named   in   Clutch  Magazine’s  10  Black  Women  Teaching  Us  About  Sex.    

Chicava HoneyChild   is   a   burlesque   danseur,   actor   and   producer.     She   is   the   Creative   Producer   of   New   York   City's   Brown   Girls   Burlesque   and   teacher   at   BGB's   Broad   Squad.   She  received  her  MFA  in  Interdisciplinary  Art  from  Goddard   College  her  areas  of  interest  being  performance  art,  women   of   color   in   burlesque   heritage,   and   sacred   sexuality   and   spirituality.  She  is  working  on  a  documentary  on  the  legacy   of  Women  of  Color  in  burlesque.     Niq  Lewis  is  a  Casting  Producer,  Editor,  Videographer,   vagabond  filmmaker.    Working  as  a  Casting  Producer  &   editor  in  lighting  departments  for  several  production   houses,  Niq's  passion  lies  in  her  independent  film.    She   hopes  that  her  recent  documentary,  The  'i  am  ______'   Project,  will  be  an  inspiration  to  NYC  queer  community;   she's  over  joyed  to  introduce  the  project  at  Rivers.    

DaRuddest   Jones   is   a   LGBT   spoken   word   artist   from   the  

Bronx, NYC.  She  has  been  in  performance  since  4yrs  7  has  the   opportunity  to  work  with  greats  such  as  George  Faison  and  Dr.   Maya   Angelou.   DaRuddest   is   the   founder   of   Rude   Artist   looking   for   development   and   exposure   can   find   assistance   from   her   through   her   website   Essence   Revealed   is   a   dual   degreed,   former   lap   dance   engineer   of   the   upscale   gentlemen's   club   scene,   from   NY   to   Vegas   &   sweet,   sticky   places   in   between.     Essence   Revealed,   the   solo   play   premiered  at  the  DC  Back  Theater  Festival   2012.     The   burlesque   dancer   can   be   seen   all   over   NYC   &   USA   (Solo   &   as   a   new   member   of   Brown   Girls   Burlesque).     The   empowering   women   in   sensuality   leading   Head   Chair   Dancer   in   Charge   of   Sensual   Essence   Chair   Dance   &   “Bootytwerkaerobics”   Workshop   is   an   on   going   adventure.    

"P" POWER   PRODUCTIONS   is   a   Non-­‐Greek   Queer   Sorority,   an   ever-­‐growing   Sisterhood   of   Queer/Queer   Friendly,   Eccentric   and   Eclectic   Women.  Our  mission  is  to  promote  female  mental,   spiritual,  physical,  emotional  and  sexual  wellness.       Sweet   Lorraine   -­‐Don't   let   the   name   fool   you,   this   Burlesque   beauty   is   so   easy   on   the   eyes   you   might   cry!    This  year  she  peeled  off  everything  except  for  her   producer's   hat!   Producing   SHADES   OF   BURLESQUE   &   CREATING   THE   GODDESS   a   cabaret   at   WOW   Cafe   Theatre,   both   shows   featured   African-­‐American   women.    She   also   organized   *The   Goddess   Walk*   an   anti-­‐street   harassment   rally   in   Brooklyn.    All   of   the   events   are   a   part   of   *The   Goddess   Festival:   Oshun   Returns*   learn   more   at!   Find   her   on   Facebook   at   SweetLorraine.Burlesque    

Fallon Davis  is  a  realistic  mannequin  to  her  inner  creativity.   Within  her  wardrobe,  lies  her  sense   of  style.  Through  the  usage  of  color,   she  painted  her  lifestyle  away  from   the  traditional  black  and  white  ideals     of  society.  Her  dream  the  CEO  of  The   F-­‐L-­‐Y  Society  Entertainment  is  to   always  remain  innovative,  creative,   and  provide  a  platform  for  up-­‐and-­‐coming  talent.  @CEO-­‐ flysociety//  FB:  Theflysocietyent//  FB:  Fallon  Davis/  Email:  

RIVERS OF HONEY August 2012 The  Annual  Underwear  Party     Honoring  Orisha  Goddess  OSHUN    


DJ Zena  was  born,  raised,  and  still  resides  in  Brooklyn,   NY.  She’s  only  been  DJing  for  a  few  years  but  plays  as   if  it’s  something  she  was  born  to  do.  She’s  well  versed   in  playing  old  and  new  school  house  music,   electronica,  hip-­‐hop,  r&b,  dancehall,  even  alternative,   rock,  and  heavy  metal.    What’s  also  interesting  about   DJ  Zena  is  that  she  is  actually  a  writer  by  trade  and   even  went  on  to  earn  her  Bachelor’s  in  Creative  Writing.  Always  feeling  more  timid   about  sharing  her  writings,  she’s  found  a  second  outlet  for  expression,  creating,   and  connecting  with  people  through  making  them  dance.  


Shawn(ta) Smith  serves  this  month’s  Rivers  of  Honey  as  your   hostess   and   co-­‐producer.     She   is   a   lesbian   separatist,   writer,   Archivist,   Librarian,   and   Brooklyn   native,   whose   work   is   focused   on   preserving   the   stories   of   women   of   color,   particularly   African   ancestral   lesbians.     She   is   launching   her   own  projects  and  has  three  jobs,  so  is  very  busy.    Schedule  a   g-­‐chat  to  share  your  story  on  her  blog:  



Jaz Cruz   is   an   Artist,   Writer,   Barber.     She   has   been   a   member   of   WOW   for   eight   years   and   a   Producer   and   organizer   of   Rivers   of   Honey   for   six   years.     She   single-­‐ handedly  resurrected  the  Rivers  of  Honey  framework  to   represent  a  spiritual  artist  space  for  women  of  color.  

  Rivers  of  Honey  is  a  Cabaret  held  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month   at  WOW  Café  Theater  highlighting  the  art  of  womyn  of  color.        











For  more  information,  to  join  us,  perform,  or  hear  about  our  other   events  find  us  online  at  

August Underwear Party August 2012 Program  

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