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Transformations, Transitions, Honoring Our Ancestors A CABARET

music moment came in elementary school when she played Alice in Alice in Wonderland and her solo received a standing ovation. That was the moment she knew that performing would be her life. She attended San Francisco School of the Arts with a concentration in theatre. She attended Howard University and graduated in 2006 from San Francisco State University. Siaira performs and produces creative projects from sea to shining sea. She has shared stages with performers such as Goapele, Bilal, Bliz the Ambassador, Kindred, Dwele, Zion I, and many more. She is currently working with producers such as Keelay, Knxwledge, and collaborating with many others. She has many influences from soul legends like Donny Hathaway to revolutionary thinkers such as Audre Lorde. SiairaShawn wants to bring a much needed light to the up and coming talent in the Bay Area and bring a level of artistry, creativity, and purpose to music that she believes the people deserve. For music please visit souncloud. com/siairashawn and for more media and updates, visit siairashawn or Sokhna Heathyre Mabin is a mother, vocalist, doula, herbalist, performance artist and has been teaching yoga for almost 20 yrs. mamaSutra loving arts, sokhna’s umbrella company, expands its offerings as it launches “Urban~Herbal”, an Herbal CSA delivering organic & wildcrafted tinctures, teas, baths, syrups & more directly to your door for seasonal wellness. 2012 also rebirths her Prenatal Yoga & Sexual Anatomy Workshops. Her band, The Crystal Ark~sensual erotic electronica, has just finished recording it’s 1st CD, due out this spring. She teaches Kundalini & Hatha Yoga @ Shambhala Yoga & Dance & a continuing Prenatal Series @ Yoga Sole in Prospect Heights & Windsor Terrace, Bkln, respectively, as well as private & small group sessions. Piper Anderson. As a performance artist, writer, and educator Piper Anderson has dedicated the last twelve years to holding space for community, peace, and power to manifest. From public schools, nonprofits, to detention facilities, and Ivy League universities Anderson is well known for her dynamic, inspiring, performances, workshops, and lectures. Piper’s performance work blends poetry, song, movement, storytelling, and video to create work that explores the experiences of women and their relationship to Spirit, healing, and power. To learn more

FEBRUARY 3, 2012 February 2012 Work Team: Jaz Cruz, Producer, Shawn(ta) Smith, Co-Producer February 2012 HoneyCombs: DJ Zena, Deejay Sara Yonas, Graphic Designer

Additional Spiritual Meditation and Respect to: Oya, the Orisha that guards the cemetery. She is the winds of change, warrior, transformation, hurricanes, death, progression, rebirth.

Rivers of Honey Cabaret is a performance space highlighting the art of womyn of color held on the first Friday of Every Month (except for July) at WOW Café Theater. To join the Rivers Of Honey crew, or to perform, contact us at riversof

Tara Thierry. As composer and poet Tara Thierry has performed before discerning and appreciative audiences in various venues including coffeehouses, cafes, the Schomburg, Rivers of Honey, and WowCafe Theater. Her voice has been described as “like chocolate” and her music “like water.” She is currently developing visual, poetry, and performance art collaborations. As an upright and electric bassist, Tara has worked with a variety and diverse range of talented artists such as Tamar-Kali, Akim Funk Buddha, Abdoulauye al Hassan, Kali Fasteau, and was house bassist for Africa Night at St. Nick’s Pub for 3 years. An amazing writer and composer, Tara Thierry’s music can be heard in independent films like The Second Room, documentary Recycled Christmas Tree, and the soon-to-be-released Shaman’s Room. She has also provided sound clips for the Does HIV Look Like Me ad campaign. Tara was part of the cast of “Same Train,” a musical theatrical production written by Audelco Award-winner Levy Lee Simon; bassist for the Black Rock Coalition Tribute to Nina Simone performing in France and New York City; and for the Broadway musical Wicked.

DJ Zena, or Zena J. Murphy, was born, raised, and still resides Brooklyn, NY. She’s only been DJing for 3 years but plays as if it’s something she was born to do. She explains, “It just came so naturally, everything just made so much sense. I was shown once and just took off running from there.” She’s well versed in playing old and new school house music, electronica, hiphop, r&b, dancehall, even alternative, rock, heavy metal, and industrial. In reference to being able to blend all these genres into a single set, she says, “Music is like a human body, they are all made up of the same basic elements”. What’s also interesting about DJ Zena is that she is actually a writer by trade and even went to earn her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Always feeling more timid about sharing her writing, she’s found second outlet for expression, creating, and connecting with people through making them dance. DJ Zena can be found on facebook, on twitter @ZenaGrows, and by her blog at J Mase III is a Black/Trans/Queer/Rowdyas-Hell Poet with a capital [P] based in Philly. As a performer and teaching poet J Mase III has rocked venues from San Diego to NYC at colleges and radio stations to group homes and youth centers. An organ donor, J Mase is the author of If I Should Die Under the Knife, Tell My Kidney I Was the Fiercest Poet Around and creator of the annual performance event Cupid Ain’t @#$%!: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Poetry Movement. To find out J Mase III’s next move, simply stalk him on his website at Jaz Cruz, Producer, is an Artist, Writer, Barber. She has been a member of WOW for eight years and a Producer and organizer of Rivers of Honey for six years. She single-handedly resurrected the Rivers of Honey framework to represent a spiritual artists space for women of color. Jennifer Lisa Vest is a queer mixedrace poet/ spoken word artist born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She has had her poetry published in six journals: The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, The Fire This Time, The African American Review, Ache (pronounced ah-shay), Women’s Studies, and Tongues and in seven anthologies including: Abya Yala , Mestizo Revelations , Testimonies,, The People Who Stayed, Fast Talk, High Volume, Out of Many, One, and Face America. She has performed in poetry readings and mixed media events throughout the Bay Area (CA), Washington DC, New York, Connecticut, Boston, and Atlanta since the early 90s and was a member of the 1997 San Francisco Slam Team which competed in the Nationals. Her first book of poetry (a chapbook really), Names, was published by Indigenous Speak in Berkeley, CA in 1997 (currently out of print). She has also produced four poetry CDS, including Wonder Woman: Poetry for and About Women, Camping at a Distance: Indigenous poems; Ancestor Count: Purple People poems., and Mixed Messagess: A compilation CD of her most popular poetry. She is currently working on her fifth album, Say You’re Sorry, an epic-length poem about slavery and its aftermath which includes music.

The Legacy Circle Women’s Drum Cypher is an all-women’s traditional musical group rooted in AfroDominican and Afro-Puerto Rican traditions. Our women are the next generation of NYC’s most gifted drummers, singers, and dancers of Afro-Caribbean music, including Palos, Congos, Salves, Bomba and Plena, the AfroIndigenous roots music of the Caribbean. Our group makes music that celebrates the fiery, nurturing, defiant, yet wise touch that women have. We recognize that we possess a feminine power that holds up our community, and honor the immense contributions women make everyday. Our performances are only part of our process of building sisterhood with each other and imbuing our audiences with joy and strength. Featuring original and traditional songs, our sultry and booming vocals, precision drumming and expressive dance encourages everyone to raise their voice and celebrate our heritage! Monica A Hand is a poet and book artist who is exploring a nomadic lifestyle. Her manuscript, “me and Nina” received a 2010 Kinereth Gensler Award from Alice James Books, available January 2012. Her poems have appeared in numerous publications including Naugatuck River Review, The Sow’s Ear, Drunken Boat, and Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem’s First Decade. She holds a MFA in Poetry and Poetry in Translation from Drew University. Movement of the People Dance Company. Founded in 2005 by Joya T. Powell, Movement of the People Dance Company (formerly The Ayoj Llewop Body Politic) is dedicated to unearthing historic and present sociopolitical issues and addressing them through the healing elements of dance. The company is comprised of dancers from diverse multicultural backgrounds and international experiences. In the past six years MOPDC has performed in various celebrated dance festivals and venues including: Amnesty International’s Human Rights Art Festival (Maryland), City Parks Dance, Rivers of Honey, Huntington Arts Festival (Long Island), DNA, The TANK, Evoke’s Celebrate Dance Festival (San Diego), Riverside Theatre, COOL NY Dance Festival, WAXworks, and BAAD! Shawn(ta) Smith is an Archivist, and Librarian. She finds equilibrium as a Rivers producer. She is also a creative writer, editing a collection of poetry on turning 30 by queer women of color, titled: Her Saturn Returns. On her blog, she interviews queer women of color on their life transitions. Schedule an interview at Siaira Shawn seeks to be the conduit through which you feel the past, grasp the present, and envision what the future could be. She is an artist, aspiring renaissance woman, and worker of and for the community, born and raised in San Francisco, California. She started singing at the ripe old age of three and her defining

Rivers of Honey Feb 2012 Program  

Monica A. Hand with Tara Thierry -introducing her new collection, Me & Nina LEGACY WOMEN -female percussionist dedicated to the warrior ener...

Rivers of Honey Feb 2012 Program  

Monica A. Hand with Tara Thierry -introducing her new collection, Me & Nina LEGACY WOMEN -female percussionist dedicated to the warrior ener...