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Jaime Register     “Janis  Joplin  meets  James  Brown  meets   Erykah  Badu  meets  Jim  Morrison.”  That’s  just   one  Detroit  newspaper’s  attempt  to  describe   Jamie  Register.  Miss  Register  is  a  gem  of  a   musician  hailing  from  Ann  Arbor.    She  took   the  poly-­‐genre  group  Cloud  Nine  Music  to   new  heights,  including  cross  country  tours  and   multiple  performances  at  the  Telluride  Jazz  Festival.    Her  on-­‐stage  presence  and   soulful  voice  are  often  compared  to  Lauren  Hill.    In  2003  Jamie  began  playing   bass  and  singing  with  Afro-­‐pop  group  NOMO.  Her  “groovalicious”  bass  lines  and   infectious  voice  helped  NOMO  earn  a  nomination  for  the  2007  BBC  music   awards.    She’s  been  invited  to  perform  with  Karl  Denson  and  the  Greyboy  all-­‐ stars,  the  Tom-­‐Tom  Club,  the  Wailers,  Sharon  Jones,  and  soul  legends  Earth,   Wind  and  Fire.  When  asked  about  her  future  goals  were  in  a  radio  interview  on   KRFC  in  Colorado  she  said  she  wants,  “…to  continue  creating  music.  All  music   comes  from  the  soul,  comes  from  the  heart.  As  long  as  we  keep  taking  our  time   and  do  what  we  believe  in…  that’s  our  goal.  Make  people  dance  and  create  good   music.”  When  you  experience  Jamie  Register  and  the  Glendales  live,  you’ll  see   she’s  kept  her  word  and  wonder  to  yourself  why  you  haven’t  heard  her  before.  

Rivers May  2012  Performers   Dominique  Morisseau,  Writer  and  Actress,  is  a  current  member  of  the  2011  Public   Theater  Emerging  Writer’s  Group,  the  Women’s   Project  Playwrights  Lab,  and  a  2011-­‐2012  Lark   Playwrights  Workshop  fellow.    Her  play,  Detroit  ’67,   will  receive  a  world  premiere  in  the  2012-­‐2013   season  of  the  Public  Theater  and  the  Classical   Theatre  of  Harlem.    In  September  2012,  her  play,   Sunset  Baby,  will  have  its  world  premiere  at  the  Gate   Theater  in  London,  UK.  Dominique’s  inaugural  play,   Follow  Me  To  Nellie’s,  was  developed  at  the  2010   O’Neill  National  Playwrights  Conference  and   produced  at  Premiere  Stages  in  July  2011.    As  an   actress,  Dominique  originated  the  role  of  Camae  in  NYC's  original  workshop   production  of  Katori  Hall's  The  Mountaintop,  and  has  also  performed  with   BET/Viacom,  The  Lark,  Women’s  Project,  McCarter  Theater,  NYSAF,  and  MCC  Theater.   As  a  poet,  she  has  rocked  stages  with  The  Last  Poets,  Sonia  Sanchez,  Jessica  Care   Moore,  and  musical  artists  Shanice  and  Rahsaan  Patterson.  Her  work  has  been   showcased  at  the  Kennedy  Center  and  featured  on  MBC  Networks  series,  “Spoken”.     She  has  been  published  in  “Signifyin’  Harlem”  and  in  the  NY  Times  bestseller-­‐   “Chicken  Soup  for  the  African  American  Soul”.    Dominique  is  a  Jane  Chambers   Playwriting  Award  Honoree,  a  two-­‐time  NAACP  Image  Award  recipient,  a  finalist  for   the  PONY  prize,  a  runner-­‐up  for  the  2011  Princess  Grace  Award,  and  a  recipient  of  the   Elizabeth  George  commission  from  South  Coast  Rep.     PitchBlak  Brass  Band  will  capture  your   body  and  make  you  move!  This  ten-­‐piece   NYC  based  hip-­‐hop  brass  band   was  formed  in  the  fall  of  2010.  PitchBlak   draws  upon  its  many  members’   musical  backgrounds  and  infuses  hip-­‐hop   driven  music  with  funk,  jazz,  rock  and   classical  music.  The  result  is  a  sound  rich   with  luscious  brass  harmonies,  intense     with  thoughtful  raps,  and  energetic  with   grooving  rhythms.         PitchBlak  brass  band  was  formed  in  the  fall  of   2010  by  Chanell  Crichlow.  The  members  of  the   band  met  at  music  conservatory;  PitchBlak  has   been  dedicated  to  entertaining  audiences   throughout  NYC  with  their  unique  sound.        

Hanifah Walidah  is  a  musician,  playwright,  educator   and  social  arts  activist.  Her  rich  20-­‐year  career  has   taken  an  ethnographic  approach  to  the  arts  and   social  change.  She  is  currently  editing  a  short   documentary  interview  with  Ntozake  Shange  and  is   working  on  a  new  musical  theater  production  entitled   "Go  In  and  Let  Have".     Karma  Mayet  Johnson;   Composer/multidisciplinary  performer  Karma  Mayet   Johnson’s  recent  appearances  include  FELA!  OFF-­‐ BROADWAY  and  Keith+Mendi  Obadike’s  FOUR   ELECTRIC  GHOSTS.  She  is  composer/director  of  the   Blues  Opera,  Indigo.  Her  poems  have  appeared  in   Renaissance  Noir,  Nocturnes  (re)view  of  the  literary   arts,  Cave  Canem’s  Gathering  Ground,  Redbone  Press’   Voices  Rising.  She  was  honored  as  an  Astraea  Lesbian   Writers  Fund  Finalist  for  her  novel  in  progress,  Nothin   in  All  This  World.  A  frequent  marauder  amongst  Burnt   Sugar,  the  Arkestra  Chamber,  Karma  has  recently   released  the  EP  recording,  September  Songs.    

Rivers of  Honey  May  2012   Grandma’s Hands  

Nikki Patin  has  been  writing  for  over  two  decades.  She  has  taught   hundreds  of  workshops  on  performance  poetry,  body  image,  sexual   assault  prevention  and  LGBT  issues.  Patin  has  worked  as  a  sexual   assault  prevention  educator  for  Rape  Victim  Advocates  and  as  a  case   manager/program  coordinator  for  Center  on  Halsted’s  youth   program.  Patin  has  performed,  taught  and  spoken  at  elementary   schools,  high  schools,  colleges  and  universities  such  as  Francis  Parker,   University  of  Chicago,  Adler  School  of  Psychology,  Northwestern   University,  Nancy  B.  Jefferson  High  School  (located  within  the  Cook   County  Temporary  Juvenile  Detention  Center),  University  of  Michigan,   University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison  and  –Stevens  Point  and  many  others.    

DJ Zena  was  born,  raised,  and  still  resides  in  Brooklyn,   NY.  She’s  only  been  DJing  for  a  few  years  but  plays  as  if   it’s  something  she  was  born  to  do.  She  explains,  “It  just   came  so  naturally,  everything  just  made  so  much   sense.”  She’s  well  versed  in  playing  old  and  new  school   house  music,  electronica,  hip-­‐hop,  r&b,  dancehall,  even   alternative,  rock,  and  heavy  metal.  In  reference  to  being   able  to  blend  all  these  genres  into  a  single  set,  she  says,  “Music  is  like  a  human  body,   they  are  all  made  up  of  the  same  basic  elements”.  What’s  also  interesting  about  DJ   Zena  is  that  she  is  actually  a  writer  by  trade  and  even  went  on  to  earn  her  Bachelor’s   in  Creative  Writing.  She  found  a  second  outlet  for  expression,  creating,  and   connecting  with  people  through  making  them  dance.      

Shawn(ta) Smith  serves  this  month’s  Rivers  of  Honey  as  your   hostess  and  co-­‐producer.    She  is  a  lesbian  separatist,  writer,   Archivist,  Librarian,  and  Brooklyn  native,  whose  work  is   focused  on  preserving  the  stories  of  women  of  color,   particularly  African  ancestral  lesbians.  Schedule  a  g-­‐chat  to   share  your  story  on  her  blog:     Jaz  Cruz  is  an  Artist,  Writer,  Barber.     She  has  been  a  member  of  WOW  for  eight  years  and  a   Producer  and  organizer  of  Rivers  of  Honey  for  six  years.    She   resurrected  the  Rivers  of  Honey  framework  to  represent  a   spiritual  artist  space  for  women  of  color.    

& You:            







Honoring  Orisha  Goddess  OSHUN.                                  Additional  Spiritual  Meditation  and  Respect                                                  

Goddess –  Yemeya  –  color  of  water  

Rivers of  Honey  Cabaret  is  a  monthly  performance  highlighting  the   art  of  Womyn  of  Color  held  on  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month   (except  for  July).  


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Rivers May 2012 -Grandma's Hands  

Featuring the art of: PitchBlak Brass Band -Supplying full-on live Afro-Caribbean beats and Soaring Jazz Karma Mayet Johnson -Composer/Direc...

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