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Vocalist /  percussionist  Christelle  Durandy's  range  as  an   artist  combines  a  collection  of  colors  with  a  vast   spectrum  of  Jazz,  Latin,  Caribbean  and  Soul   influences.  Christelle  Durandy  began  performing  Gwo-­‐Ka   -­‐  folk  music  from  Guadeloupe  -­‐  at  an  early  age  with  her   family-­‐based  troupe  in  France.  She  is  of  Reunion  Island   and  French  West  Indies  ancestry.  Christelle  grew  up   exposed  to  a  wealth  of  music  thanks  to  the  broad   collection  of  discs  of  her  parents.  Under  their  guidance,   she  honed  in  on  musical  skills  that  she  later  developed  during  her   apprenticeship  in  France,  Cuba,  Spain  and  in  the  U.S.  Tonight,  she  is  inviting   Yvette  Martinez  and  Nancy  Friedman,  founders  of  the  acclaimed  ensemble   !Retumba!,  For  31  one  years,  !Retumba!  has  been  emphasizing  the  particular   strengths  and  sensitivities  of  diverse  women.    All  Together,  let's  pay  our   respect  to  Obatala,  the  creator  of  human  form,  the  shaper  of  human   beings,  the  essence  of  clarity.  Ashé  

Rivers June  2012  Performers   Naima is a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional artist, activist, and educator committed to social, environmental, racial, and sexual justice, planetary health, and love expansion. Co-founder/co-artistic director of Climbing PoeTree, the internationally-acclaimed performance duo that uses art as a tool for popular education, community activism, and personal transformation, she, alongside Alixa Garcia, has stirred crowds in more than 80 cities from Oakland to Atlanta, South Africa to Cuba alongside powerhouses such as Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Angela Davis, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Danny Glover, The Last Poets, and Dead Prez.

b.steady  queerpop  songstress  filmmaker  from   washington  dc.    B.Steady  explores  the  art  of   queerpop,  fun  music  and  films  for  queer  people   of  color  and  other  folks  with  silenced  struggles.   Located  somewhere  within  the  traditions  of   Sweet  Honey  in  the  Rock,  julie  dash,  The   Clovers,  issa  rae,  Bobby  McFerrin,  audre  lorde   and  BonIver,  her  work  is  constantly  evolving,  but   always  sincere.    She  released  her  two  self-­‐produced  album  on  Itunes,  and  posts   an  original  live  song  weekly  on  her  queerBgirlyoutube  video  blog.  Be  is  also  a   singer/MC  in  the  queer  pop  group  The  Lost  Bois,  and  currently  attends  Howard   University  in  pursuit  of  her  M.F.A.  in  film.           Sun  Singleton  From  music  journalism  to  online   content  producer,  from  singing  as  a  sought-­‐after   side  vocalist  (Blackalicious,  Nona  Hendryx,  Q-­‐Tip)  to   performing  as  a  dynamic  soulful  lead,  Singleton's   immersion  into  all  things  musical  has  lead  to  a   distinctive  receptiveness  to  collaboration  and   innovation.  

Dré Cleveland  is  a  Brooklyn  native,  a  poet,  a  dancer,  and  the   author  of  God  Is  a  Woman:  7  Keys  to  Self-­‐Love  and   Empowerment  for  Women  (aka  Kioni  Carter),  and  Love  and   Payne,  and  The  Power  Players  Guide  to  Life:  How  I  Grew  Up  in   the  Hood  and  Stayed  Unstoppable.  Dré  is  the  founder  of  the   premiere  empowerment  club  for  forward  thinking  young   urbanites  ages  20-­‐45,  The  Power  Players  Club™.  Her   workshops  and  tele-­‐classes  have  proven  themselves  to  be   both  dynamic  in  presentation,  and  thought  provoking  in   nature.  Dré  has  been  invited  to  be  part  of  various  blog  talk   radio  shows,  The  Red  Thread  Movement  and  The  Sista  2  Sista  Youth  Summit   featured  on    Visit  her  at    

Laylah Amatullah  Barrayn  is  a  Brooklyn-­‐based   photographer.    Her  work  has  been  exhibited  nationally   and  has  been  published  in  the  Smithsonian-­‐produced   anthology,  BLACK:  A  Celebration  of  a  Culture,  edited  by   photo  historian  Deborah  Willis  of  New  York  University.     Her  writings  have  appeared  in  Vibe,  Essence,  The  Source,   Complex  among  other  publications.  The  Jazz  Journalist   Association  awarded  her  the  Clarence  Atkins  Writing   Fellowship  in  2005.  Laylah  was  recently  profiled  in   exposure  the  journal  of  The  Society  for  Photographic   Education.  In  September  2011,  Skylight  Gallery  will  mount  her  third  solo  exhibition   which  focuses  on  literacy  and  women  writers  of  color.  

Chauvet Bishop  was  born  and  raised  in  North  Carolina  and  has  been  living  in   Brooklyn  for  3  years.  She  studied  Massage   Therapy  at  the  Swedish  Institute  receiving  her   license  in  February.  She  currently  works  in  a  spa   and  takes  private  clients.  Massage  Therapy  and   natural  healing  has  been  a  passion  for  Chauvet   through  out  her  life  being  able  to  touch  others   with  the  power  of  touch.      


Rivers of  Honey  JUNE  2012   The Pride Show  

Nikki Patin  has  been  writing  for  over  two  decades.  She  has  taught   hundreds  of  workshops  on  performance  poetry,  body  image,   sexual  assault  prevention  and  LGBT  issues.  Patin  has  worked  as  a   sexual  assault  prevention  educator  for  Rape  Victim  Advocates  and   as  a  case  manager    &  program  coordinator  for  Center  on  Halsted’s   youth  program.  Patin  has  performed,  taught  and  spoken  at   elementary  schools,  high  schools,  colleges  and  universities  such  as   Francis  Parker,  University  of  Chicago,  Adler  School  of  Psychology,   Northwestern  University,  Nancy  B.  Jefferson  High  School,   University  of  Michigan,  University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison  and  – Stevens  Point  among  others.    

Honoring   Orisha  Goddess  OSHUN  

Shawn(ta) Smith  serves  this  month’s  Rivers  of  Honey   as  your  hostess  and  co-­‐producer.    She  is  a  lesbian   separatist,  writer,  Archivist,  Librarian,  and  Brooklyn   native,  whose  work  is  focused  on  preserving  the   stories  of  women  of  color,  particularly  African   ancestral  lesbians.    She  is  launching  her  own  projects   and  has  three  jobs,  so  is  very  busy.    Schedule  a  g-­‐ chat  to  share  your  story  on  her  blog:  


  Orisha  of  the   human  form   androgynous   creator,       she  shapes   the  child,     both  male   and  female       Embrace   Pride   June  2012  

  Hanifah  Walidah  is  a  musician,  playwright,  educator   and  social  arts  activist.  Her  rich  20-­‐year  career  has   taken  an  ethnographic  approach  to  the  arts  and   social  change.  She  is  currently  editing  a  short   documentary  interview  with  Ntozake  Shange  and  is   working  on  a  new  musical  theater  production  entitled   "Go  In  and  Let  Have".      

Jaz Cruz  is  an  Artist,  Writer,  Barber.    She  has  been  a   member  of  WOW  for  eight  years  and  a  Producer  and   organizer  of  Rivers  of  Honey  for  six  years.    She  single-­‐ handedly  resurrected  the  Rivers  of  Honey  framework  to   represent  a  spiritual  artist  space  for  women  of  color.            






Rivers of  Honey  Cabaret  is  a  monthly  performance  highlighting  the  art  of   Womyn  of  Color  held  on  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month  (except  for  July).     Feel  free  to  join  us.    To  be  a  performer  or  learn  more,  please  see  our  call  for   artists  here:  


Additional   Spiritual   Meditation   and  Respect   to:  


Bianca Dagga  is  queer  multicultural   burlesque  performer  &  art  muse    based  in  NYC.  She  is  also  a  member  of   BK  based  Drag  alliance  "Switch  N   Play."  In  2010  she  was  awarded   "Sexiest  Burlesque  performer"  by  GO   Magazine.  Her  performances  are  a   platform  for  radical  self  expression  &   celebration  of  inner  &  outer  beauty.   Her  work  has  been  featured  in  queer  conferences  &  universities  along  the  East   Coast.  You  can  catch  Bianca  next  shaking  it  on  the  BK  Pride  stage  on  June  9th!  

  Open Letter from Rivers of Honey Producer Dear Community, There has been controversy surrounding the inclusion of trans individuals at Rivers of Honey. The goal of this letter is to address the issues that have been brought to my attention in the hopes of bringing clarity and resolution. Further, this letter is requesting the removal of websites or facebook pages that misrepresent the values of harmony and empowerment that Rivers of Honey attempts to uphold. Firstly, I'd like to say that trans women and trans men are welcome to attend Rivers of Honey. This I think needs to be clear. We are a space that highlights women of color artist and thus cater first and foremost to ALL who identify as women.

DJ Zena  was  born,  raised,  and  still  resides  in  Brooklyn,   NY.  She’s  only  been  DJing  for  a  few  years  but  plays  as   if  it’s  something  she  was  born  to  do.  She’s  well  versed   in  playing  old  and  new  school  house  music,   electronica,  hip-­‐hop,  r&b,  dancehall,  even  alternative,   rock,  and  heavy  metal.    What’s  also  interesting  about   DJ  Zena  is  that  she  is  actually  a  writer  by  trade  and   even  went  on  to  earn  her  Bachelor’s  in  Creative  Writing.  Always  feeling  more  timid   about  sharing  her  writings,  she’s  found  a  second  outlet  for  expression,  creating,   and  connecting  with  people  through  making  them  dance.     Tanika  LaDawn  Harbor  is  a  Performance/Healing  Artist,   using  voice,  sound,  body,  characterization  and  laughter   to  question,  transform,  ignite  and  entertain,  navigating   this  through:  ¼  Poet/Writer,  ¼  Blues  Child,  ¼   Actor/Director,  ¼  Drag/Burlesque.  She  is  Poetic-­‐Justice,   serving  the  community  as  a  New  York  City  Police   Officer,  whose  passion  is  advocating/protecting  victims   of  domestic  violence/sexual  assault  and  mentoring   youth  within  the  community.  A  proud  Two-­‐Spirited   Detroit  native,  though  the  family  roots  lye  in  a  small   village/town  in  the  Louisiana  Bayou,  she  has  been   sharing/performing  her  work  for  over  10  years.  After   completing  undergraduate  work  in  Theater  and  Africana  Studies,  Tanika  moved   to  NYC  to  pursue  her  MFA  in  Acting.  Tanika  has  been  seen  in  NYC  performances   that  include,  FOR  COLORED  GIRLS  WHO  HAVE  CONSIDERED  SUICIDE  WHEN  THE   RAINBOW  IS  ENUF,  AUGUST  IN  APRIL,  A  TACK  ON  AN  AMERICAN  CONSCIENCE   and  a  preview  of  her  one-­‐person  show,  entitled,  MAKE  ME  WANNA'  HOLLA.'  


The multiplicity and fluidity of identity is not in question within our space. By this I mean that Rivers of Honey recognizes each individual as they wish to be recognized while still maintaining that we are a space that highlights women of color artist. Often the elitist academic language around race, gender, disability, sexuality, etc does more harm than good. It acts to divide and thrives off emphasizing difference. As bell hooks states, “any theory that cannot be shared in everyday conversation cannot be used to educate the public”. Rivers is a place where artist and community alike are encouraged to develop and grow. Thus, let’s not stifle that growth by allowing the masters tools to create differences that dismantle our own house. Simply and clearly stated Rivers of Honey is a space that highlights the art of women of color. That is all. Those who feel connected to that will come. In the meantime We are collectively working to implement policy that is thoughtful and intentional to reflect our values of ALL who identify as women. However the policy has yet to be created. So, there is not Rivers of Honey policy. Therefore, what was put on Facebook does not equal policy. One’s status update is not an official document therefore neither is our facebook page. We created that space on facebook as a means to introduce Rivers, gain exposure, and invite people so that we can truly build community. So when folks contact us and say they can’t support us until we change the policy, we shrug and say, “there is no policy”. The point I am making here is that Rivers of Honey is working hard to be an intentional and inviting space to all. Mis-interpreted information does not make for truth. Our objective, although not formally notarized has always been to be an artistic space where ALL those who identify as women of color can be recognized. It is that simple. We are looking to be advocates not make enemies and would like the same in return. If anyone chooses to respond to this letter specifically or me directly then you can reach me at Thank you! Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Jack Kerouac


Rivers of Honey June 1st –Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Two-spirited Pride  

Andrea Cleveland -Pure Poetry B-Steady -queerpop songstress filmmaker from Washington DC. Christelle Durandy -Percussionist opening and clos...

Rivers of Honey June 1st –Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Two-spirited Pride  

Andrea Cleveland -Pure Poetry B-Steady -queerpop songstress filmmaker from Washington DC. Christelle Durandy -Percussionist opening and clos...