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Kingston University  &  South  West  London

February 28  -  March  13  2014    

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Head suspended as students and staff fight against school closure Eliza Philips A   SENIOR   member   of   Kingston’s   aca-­‐ demic  staff  was  suspended  and  escorted   off  campus  after  students  were  encour-­‐ ƒ‰‡† –‘ ϐ‹‰Š– ƒ ‹˜‡”•‹–› ’Žƒ –‘ •Š—– their  school. Professor   Sarah   Sayce,   the   head   of   the   school   of   surveying   and   planning,   who   has   worked   at   the   University   for   almost   30   years,   cleared   her   desk   in   front   of   human   resources  staff. It  follows  the  sending  of  an  email  outlin-­‐ ing  a  consultation  process  on  proposals  to   close   a   planning   course   and   disband   the   school. Colleague  Amanda  Lewis,  a  principal  lec-­‐ turer,   said:   “It   is   very,   very   heavy-­‐handed  

Professor Sarah  Sayce  KU because   the   one   thing   that   we   would   all   take  our  hats  off  to  with  Sarah  is  her  utter   desire   to   be   professional,   correct   and   fol-­‐ low  procedure. “She   cannot   believe   she   has   done   any-­‐

thing that   would   lead   to   her   being   sus-­‐ pended. “Somebody  told  me  she  was  clearing  her   desk  having  just  seen  the  Vice-­‐Chancellor.  I   ™ƒŽ‡†•–”ƒ‹‰Š–‹–‘Š‡”‘ˆϐ‹…‡ƒ†•Š‡•ƒ‹† ‘I  am  sorry,  I  cannot  talk  to  you’.” The  University  told  staff  in  surveying  and   planning  about  the  proposal  to  shut  down   the   school   containing   432   students   at   the   end  of  this  semester  in  a  meeting  last  week. Property  planning  and  development  stu-­‐ dents   were   originally   told   that   if   the   pro-­‐ ’‘•ƒŽ™‡–ƒŠ‡ƒ†ǡ–Š‡ͳͺϐ‹”•–ƒ†•‡…‘†Ǧ year   students   would   either   be   forced   to   move  to  another  university  or  transferred   to  a  different  course  at  Kingston. READ  FULL  STORY  P4

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