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River Kingston University & South West London

Issue no. 65 October 25 - November 21 2013

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Muslim speaker who defended terrorists may return to KU Hind Joucka A CONTROVERSIAL Muslim speaker may be allowed to return to Kingston despite his support for convicted terrorists. Police were informed when Dr Khalid Fikry spoke to KU’s Islamic Society about prayer rituals earlier this month. Under KUSU’s rules, the preacher will be allowed to return to the Uni-

versity as long as members of Kingston’s students’ union and security staff are present. However, the visit has been deeply controversial because of Dr Fikry’s reported links to the alleged killers of Drummer Lee Rigby and his support for known terrorists and extremist speakers. Elected KUSU faith representative Hassan Al-Abbadi said: “I have major disagreements with Dr Fikry and I challenge his position.

“However, I can appreciate the sincerity of the Islamic Society in inviting him. “I don’t feel that they wish to promote sectarian tensions on campus. “But I would encourage them, as a Muslim and as a University faith representative, to invite somebody with a less questionable history in the future.” Kingston Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the meeting on October 10.

They tweeted: “His visit went ahead without incident and officers will continue to liaise with the University in the future.” Concerns were raised after a YouTube video was uploaded in which Dr Fikry allegedly stirred hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslims at a meeting in 2012. In one YouTube video, Dr Fikry, a Sunni Muslim, accuses Shia Muslims of believing that “killing the Sunni is to raise your rank in paradise, rap-

ing a Sunni woman is a matter that pleases Allah”. Hassan Al-Abbadi, who is a Shia Muslim, said: “This speaker has a very tunnel-minded and exclusive mentality. “His words are adding fuel to an already blazing sectarian fire. “He is making absurd claims that Shia endorses wild behaviour, which is an outright lie.”


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