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Twitter goes Gaga for KU student’s designs



Left: Lady Gaga in South Africa wearing Lydia’s dress, which she tweeted to her 32 million fans. Top: Kingston Student Lydia Stedman. Above: Lydia’s work being displayed at London’s Graduate fashion week. Right: Lady Gaga is well known for her distinctive dress sense, here she’s seen wearing the notorious ‘Meat Dress’ at the MTV awards. REX FEATURES


By Lisa Moravec MOST students find having their work analysed by their tutors or a full class daunting enough, but one Kingston student had to endure the critical eye of 32 million people. Lady Gaga tweeted to her 32 million adoring fans worldwide “wearing Kingston University’s fashion clothes”, with an image of her wearing one of our student’s fashion designs. The world-famous pop idol wore the Kingston fashion graduate’s handmade outfits while touring South America.

Lydia Stedman, 22, who designed the clothes, graduated with a BA in fashion design last summer. Her latest design was discovered by the fashion stylists of the eyecatching pop singer at the annual London graduate fashion show last June in Earls Court. “I am excited seeing Lady Gaga wearing my design. After the fashion show, she ordered five out of my six outfits which were presented at the fashion show,” Lydia said. Lady Gaga is renowned for her eccentric fashion sense. She made international news last year while wearing a dress made purely out of meat at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

This global exposure is a huge boost for her early design career. It cost Lydia £8,000 to produce the six outfits for the London graduate fashion show, while other Kingston University students spent even more. Lydia’s family helped her pay for the production of the clothes, which she mostly sewed herself. Only smaller parts of them were made by professional tailors. “So far I’ve only been paid once for my designs. I got commissioned before uni by my local community to design a dress for a fashion gala back home in Wales,” she explained. The budding designer felt honoured to provide the outfits to Lady

Gaga. She said it was great to have photos in her portfolio of a high profile celebrity wearing her designs. She recently contacted Lady Gaga’s fashion stylist again to ask if the pop star would be interested in another fashion project. Lydia is currently applying for jobs at British fashion brands in London, she is keen to have Lady Gaga wear more of her designs in the future. “I’ve got no idea if this will help me to get a job but we will see. “I like more classical designers, such as luxury designers, and I would like to work for a British luxury brand like McQueen. I definitely want to stay in London.”

At Kingston, Lydia said that what she most enjoyed was her course, as well as all the “brilliant” teachers who helped her. “Kingston University opens a lot of doors, people there are very professional. The course is great to show your work before you graduate, but it all depends on how much you put in. “Teachers only guide you, which is why you need to focus on your own work. “I loved my time studying Fashion at Kingston. It was a very challenging course but I learnt so much.” Lydia has expressed interest in doing a masters as well as setting up her own brand in the future.

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