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Thursday 15 February 2018



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Thursday 15 February 2018


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“Service you can rely on”


By Louise McCarthy


045 896 369

A brothel raid in Naas town within the past few days has spurred calls for the public’s help in cracking down on the sex trade. Gardaí in Naas arrested two women last Friday, February 9, in an apartment just off the Main Street. Supt Declan McCarthy expressed gratitude to the public for making contact with the Garda Station and urged people living locally to look out for people constantly arriving and leaving properties. Supt McCarthy said: "We are regularly monitoring brothel keeping and are urging the public to contact us about anything that indicates a brothel, such as loud music, knocking on the wrong door and a lot of activity. There are people coming and leaving these properties on a 24/7 basis" It is understood that a small sum of cash was seized along with multiple mobile phones. The two arrested women are foreign nationals. A file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Within the past 12 months, four brothels in the Naas Garda Dis-

trict have been raided by Gardaí. The CEO of Dublin based Ruhama, Sarah Benson, is concerned that commuter hubs in Co Kildare, areas near the Red Cow and the banking sector areas in Dublin’s Docklands are ‘hot spots’ for brothels. Ruhama provides a service to women who are currently involved in on-street and off-street prostitution; women who are exiting prostitution, victims of sex trafficking and who have a history of prostitution. Online sites enable sex to be sold in areas throughout the country. Although it is illegal to advertise sex for sale in Ireland, the IP addresses are being set up abroad. Ms Benson said: “Women are being moved frequently. All is needed is a mobile phone and an online ad. Anywhere with a lot of apartments can commonly have a brothel operating. Today a woman could be in Co Kildare, tomorrow she could be in Belfast.” According to Ms Benson, Ruhama have offered assistance to women who were found in farmyards and upstairs in rural pubs. She is fearful that there are organised gangs in Ireland who are

targeting vulnerable migrants and says research reveals that many of these women in brothels are victims of trafficking.Ms Benson

says that many of these women in turn become victims of violent crime such as robberies and assaults. Continued on page 4.

Elvis alive and well in Co Kildare!

Elvis Tribute performer, Greg Traynor gets a warm welcome from Madeleine Haslam and Bonnie Clifford at the Hideout, Kilcullen. Photo Aishling Conway.

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In this week’s Kildarepost •Tesco Newbridge and Celbridge offer voluntary redundancies....................Page 6 •Alannah tops the DWTS leader board, with dazzling tango ....... .............................................Page 8

“Men should be charged following brothel raids” By Louise McCarthy

•Kildare man wins €250k with a €3 bet! ..........................Page 10

The CEO of Dublin based Ruhama, Sarah Benson has stated that commuter hubs in Co Kildare along with areas near the Red Cow and the financial sector in Dublin’s docklands are fast becoming targeted spots to establish brothers. Speaking to the

•Court News ........Pages 16 and 18 •Out and About at Naas Races .....................................Pages 34, 35

•Wedding Special .....Pages 50-53

Thursday 15 February 2018

Kildare Post, Ms Benson says that women arrested when brothels are raided should not be punished by the courts as they are very often the victims. She is concerned that despite legislation enacted 12 months ago to criminalise men who purchased sex, there have been no charges to date brought before the courts. Ms Benson said: “As yet

there have been no men before the courts on this, we are in frequent contact with the Gardaí on this and would see it as a key way to disrupt the sex trade in Ireland.” In 2015, a Ruhama report revealed that assistance was given in Ireland to women from 53 different countries, including Eastern Europe, South America and Africa. Ms Benson said:” Women

• 1st Class Fitness Opens in Crookstown...............Pages 54-55

CPR Training and Pancakes

•Interiors with Louise Pages 58, 59

•Motoring Supplement, .....Pages 61-72

STYLICIOUS Thursday 15

Plus all our regular weekly columns: Stylicious, Cinema Review, Travel, Cookery, Motors, Health, etc.

February 2018



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Contact us EDITORIAL

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can be left without travel documents, they may be left send some money home, so nobody at home gets suspicious. They make it difficult to prove that the woman is being trafficked. These women are very vulnerable.” Ruhama offers outreach and crisis intervention to personcentred case work, development programmes and resettlement assistance.


Naas Community First Responders who, in conjunction with 33 South Main Bar & Restaurant, South Main St, Naas brought live CPR and Defibrillator demonstrating and training to customers on Pancake Tuesday last.

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CRIMEBRIEFS GardaĂ­ stamp down on drug driving

Gardaí in Co Kildare are stamping down on drug driving with Naas Gardaí arresting drivers in the past week. On Saturday, February 10, Naas Traffic Corps arrested a driver for drink driving following a hit and run incident. The driver also tested positive for Cocaine and the car was seized for no insurance or tax. He is due to appear before the Court. On Thursday, February 8, Naas Traffic Corps arrested a drug driver who tested positive for cannabis. In Ireland, it is against the law to drive under the influence of drugs (including prescribed drugs) where your driving is impaired to such an extent that you don’t have proper control of the vehicle. Secondly, it is against the law to drive under the influence of certain drugs (regardless of driving performance) above specified levels. There are currently three drugs tested for– cannabis, cocaine and heroin. If you are found to have any of these drugs above the specified limits, you can be prosecuted for drug driving even if your driving is not impaired. A study from the Coroners District in Kildare during 1998 and 2009 found that almost one in ten drivers killed had a positive result



Thursday 15 February 2018

for a drug or drugs.

Search for armed men

GardaĂ­ are appealing for information on two men who may have been seen in the Naas area ‘discarding their balaclavas.’ On Monday, February 12, at 8.30pm it is reported that two men entered a shop on the Monread Road, Naas. The men were armed with weapons. It is understood that when the men entered the store, there was no-one behind the counter. The men fled the store. Garda Daniel Murphy said: “We are appealing for anyone who may have seen these men or noticed them discarding the balaclavas.â€?

Remembering Paddy at Naas Races

Sarah, Sophie, Daragh, Emmett and Sue Noonan Photos Aishling Conway

Robberies could be linked say GardaĂ­

Two armed robberies in a Co Kildare town this week could be linked warn GardaĂ­. At Maxol, Maynooth Road, on Tuesday, February 13, a man armed with a hammer entered the service station and demanded money from staff before leaving. Just minutes later, at betting office Bar One, Celbridge, an armed man entered and demanded cash. He fled with a substantial amount of cash.

The winning connections of the Gordon Elliot trained Cartwright which won the Paddy Hackett Memorial Maiden Hurdles at Naas Racecourse last weekend. Sponsored by The Barrett family , the presentation was made by Paddy's niece Imelda with extended family and Ber Barrett. The winning horse was ridden by JW Kennedy and owned by Reddytorun Syndicate

Vera and Conor McCormack


6 NEWS NEWSBRIEFS Burglary in Rathangan

A home in The Demesne area of Rathangan was broken into on Friday, February 9. The incident took place between 3pm and 3.30pm. The owner returned home to find a window broken and a number of valuables taken.

Power tools taken in Coill Dubh

A number of power tools including chainsaws were taken in Coill Dubh. The incident happened on Saturday, February 10 between 5pm and 11pm. The items taken included an orangecoloured Husqvarna chainsaw. Gardai also urged people to be vigilant if they're offered power tools or other goods below their market value.


Thursday 15 February 2018

Redundancies loom for Tesco staff time shifts we are making available a voluntary redundancy package. However, we anticipate that the majority will transfer to day shifts as we have jobs for everyone affected." Tesco was unable to confirm at the time of going to

By Louise McCarthy

Co Kildare Tesco workers are now considering whether or not to accept redundancy packages, after Tesco confirmed this week that some staff in Celbridge and Newbridge stores have been offered voluntary redundancies . It is understood that staff currently working night time hours in Tesco stores throughout Co Kildare have been given the option of working day time hours or take voluntary redundancy.

Ten staff could potentially lose their jobs, if they do not accept day time hours. A Tesco spokesperson said: "A small proportion of our staff, less than 10 colleagues in Kildare (between our Celbridge and Newbridge stores) who currently

press how many voluntary redundancies have been offered nationwide, but there are staff around the country currently being offered voluntary redundancies. It is speculated that redundancies, if accepted could  come into effect this March.

work night shifts are being offered more family-friendly, day-time working hours. This means we'll be able to provide better customer service during opening hours. For those colleagues who chose not to move to days and take up the option of working day

Charity Hunt Ruth and Caroline Cleary at the Four Peaks charity event in Kildare Town recently Photo Pat Scully


Thursday 15 February 2018

Kildare Village becomes ‘Chinatown’ to toast Chinese New Year Kildare Village has a busy line-up of Chinese-themed festivities from the beginning of February to mark the Chinese New Year. To celebrate the ‘Year of the Dog’, guests are invited to discover a host traditional experiences including a traditional Chinese street food pop-up ‘Bite of China’, a special Chinese astrology reading as well as the mesmerising art of Chinese Sugar Painting.

Chinese street food

A Pop-Up restaurant - Bite of China – is a collaboration with renowned restaurant, Green Dragon Well. Chinese favourites on offer include dumplings, bao buns, noodles, Chinese bubble tea and green teas.

Chinese art of Sugar Painting

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of February, Shanghai based Huang Hongmei will showcase the traditional Chinese art of sugar painting. Huang uses hot, liquid sugar to create intricate two-dimensional figures. These unique

sugar paintings are in fact edible, but you may consider them too photogenic to eat.

Chinese Astrology

On Sunday, 24th February, Kildare Village guests are invited to discover what the Year of the Dog has in store with Hong Kong-born Chinese Astrology expert, Ting-Foon Chik. Ting-Foon will be providing complimentary personalised ’four pillars’ horoscope readings for visitors, offering insights into what to expect in the year ahead.

Children’s Craft Workshops

Let the kids’ imaginations run wild and introduce them at an early age to Chinese arts and crafts. Chinese

artist, Angela Wang will be on hand to showcase to Kildare Village’s younger visitors the basic foundations of Chinese arts and crafts. Face-painters from Dublin Body Paint will also be available transforming the little ones into their favourite animal from the Chinese Zodiac including the Tiger, Rooster, Monkey, Dragon and of course, the Dog.

Dragon and Lion Dance Performances

Enjoy an explosion of colour and music as traditional dancers together with Dragon and Lion dance performers parade through Kildare Village. In celebration of the Year of the Dog, dancers will descend upon Kildare Village dressed in customary attire and entertaining those in attendance with traditional dances and performances. See more information on

Naas gym raises funds for McAuley Place

McAuley Place was delighted to accept a cheque for €815 as a result of a fundraising initiative held in Gym Plus in Naas. Participants kindly raised the funds by taking part in a

triathlon within the gym. Photographed presenting the cheque is Gym Plus manager, Dermot O’ Connor to McAuley Place General Manager Mark Hazzard.

Also in the photo is gym instructor Imelda Lyons and one of the triathlon participants Dorothy Delahunt as well as McAuley Place volunteer, Tess Canning.




Thursday 15 February 2018

Alannah and Kai top the leader board with aggressive tango! By Kim O’Leary It was an exhilarating weekend of dancing with the three judges deciding to quite literally “switch-up” the competition, as Dancing with the Stars’ celebrities paired with a different professional dancer. Whilst some found the switch challenging, Eadestown native Alannah Beirne rose to the occasion and got clean 9s from all the judges!. Kildare model Alannah, 24, was paired with professional dancer Kai Widdrington, and the duo impressed the three judges with their flawless and elegant tango using the three key characteristics of a tango known as the legato, staccato and rubato. After a difficult week last week following a painful rib injury, Alannah bounced back and looked dynamic in a green sequence dress while Kai looked dashing in a black suit ensemble. Before the performance, Alannah explained that she wanted to give her all this week. She said: “I want to show the judges my best this

week and to go back to Vitali next week with top marks.” The Eadestown woman certainly didn’t disappoint in her performance as she and Kai executed flawless twists and twirls, earning much praise from judges Brian Redmon, Lorraine Barry and Julian Benson awarding them 27 points to top this week’s leader board. However, all three of the judges noticed a minor error in terms of head positioning for Alannah while her and Kai’s performance was considered overall to be well executed. Lorraine Barry said that the performance was “overall an amazing, attacking tango” while Julian Benson described it as a “dark, dramatic tango with a great dynamic” and Brian Redmond admitted that he “really enjoyed” the performance with all three judges awarding Alannah and Kai 9 points each to give a total of 27 points as they danced to "Green Light" by Lorde. Speaking to presenters Nicky Byrne and Amanda Byram after the performance, a clearly delighted Alannah said:

“I’m so happy, I’m absolutely delighted I had great fun with Kai this week it’s been good.” Meanwhile, Vitali Kozmin was paired with comedian Deirdre O’Kane for their bewitching American Smooth to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush which scored them 26 points. Irish singersongwriter Gavin James also performed his new song "Hearts On Fire" onstage and Alannah managed to get a picture backstage with the crooner. Also in attendance were Alannah's friends Irish rugby stars Adam Byrne and Josh van der Flier, who cheered the Britain's Next Top Model on as she performed onstage. Next week the two acts at the bottom of the leader board will have to fight for their place in the dancing competition with the return of the ever suspenseful “Dance-Off” and

Alannah and Kai in funky tango gear for Sunday's performance. Alannah and Kai secure 27 points on Sunday's Switch On Week 6

with only eight celebrities left in the competition, the competition is certainly starting to heat up. Next Sunday 18 February is the dreaded "Dance-Off"

where the acts with the fewest points will perform to secure a place. Kildare viewers can show their support for Alannah and Vitali voting for them when they appear on

the show "Dancing With the Stars" this coming Sunday 18 February at 6.30pm one RTE One by calling 1513717107 or text "Alannah" to 53125 or visit

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Thursday 15 February 2018


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10 NEWS NEWSBRIEFS Trainee Prison Officers being hired The Irish Prison Service is recruiting new officers after almost a decade of a hiring freeze. Dozens of public service jobs are available in the country's prisons. The application process is open until February 22 and 50 recruits expected to start training in autumn. The annual basic salary for the position can rise to €33,000 - with 20 days of annual leave. Work on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and nights attract extra payments. Recruit Prison Officers will also receive other allowances. Full details of the jobs and application process is on


Kildare Post

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Thursday 15 February 2018

Man picks up €250k cheque for a €2 bet in Newbridge bookies A local man who won €250,002 with a €2 accumulator bet on the Lotto, said the money will make a ‘massive change’ to his life. Incredibly lucky Derek Delaney also placed a €1 bet on the four other numbers in the same draw, which returned an added bonus of €7,501. Derek said: “I am still in shock at winning such a lifechanging sum of money." The bumper cheque rounded off to €257,500 - was presented to Derek outside the BoyleSports store in Newbridge last week by store manager Danny Fox and BoyleSports Head of Communications, Leon Blanch. Derek added: "I am so grateful to BoyleSports and want to thank them for everything. "This is going to make a massive difference to my family’s life and we cannot wait to start enjoying it.” Derek placed his bet in BoyleSports’ Newbridge shop on the Lotto Plus 1 draw on Saturday, February 10. The €2 accumulator was on the five numbers 8, 9, 27, 32 and 45. Defying monumental odds of 125,000/1, all five numbers were drawn and resulted in the mammoth windfall of

BoyleSports in Newbridge

€250,002. His luck didn’t stop there however, as he also placed a €1 bet on the four numbers 8, 9, 27 and 32 on the same draw, which returned an added bonus of €7,501. The two bets had a combined stake of just €3 and returned the jaw dropping sum of €257,503 in total.  Other BoyleSports punters have also won large amounts in Kildare in recent times after placing small money wagers on the Lotto and the races.

€1 wins over €7,000

In 2016, a Kildare person turned a €1 Lotto bet into a whopping €7,501. The BoyleSports customer, who remained anonymous, placed €1 on the numbers 4, 8, 23 and 29 to be drawn from

All smiles at the presentation of the cheque

the Lotto Main Draw out of six numbers. The numbers defied the odds of 7,500/1.

€15 wins over €15k

And last October a punter in Kildare walked away with a stunning win from a €15 after landing wins at Naas Races

and another in Nottingham. The shrewd horse-backer punted on two of Johnny Murtagh's horses at Naas along with another horse in Nottingham to earn an incredible €15,873.75. The customer, who also remained anonymous, placed a €15 Trixie on Kildare Town-

based Murtagh’s Mister Magic at 14/1 in the 2.05 and on Yolo Star at 4/1 in the 3.10 at Naas. The final selection in the Trixie was Daddies Girl at 11/1 in the 3.25 at Nottingham. With all three horses winning their respective races, it secured the punter a windfall of €15,873.75

Anderson & Leahy FUNERAL DIRECTORS Henry Street, Newbridge Family run business for 3 generations providing a professional & caring service to the people of Newbridge, Milltown, The Curragh, Suncroft & surrounding areas.


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Thursday 15 February 2018





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13/12/2017 09:45



Thursday 15 February 2018

Paddy Casey to headline fundraiser for Camphill Dunshane By Rose B O’Donoghue

Camphill, Dunshane which provides residential and day services to persons with intellectual disabilities, is hosting a mega concert on February 26 at the

Moat Theatre, Naas. Paddy Casey will headline the show, along with daughter Saoirse, and joined by Gary Tiernan and the charismatic Kilcullen Gospel Choir. Funds raised will be in support of a new ‘Literacy and Learning Room’, which will promote increased literacy skills so that residents have

Performing artist's on the night - Paddy Casey (SingerSongwriter), Saoirse Casey (Singer), Lorna Brophy (Kilcullen Gospel Choir), Gary Tiernan (Singer Songwriter). Photos Ben Kelly.

better opportunities to seek employment, have more access to educational materials and can engage in new technologies such as Skype and other communication tools. “We will hold a raffle with 4 ‘Camphill Dunshane Deluxe Hampers’ up for grabs” said a spokesperson on behalf of Dunshane. “These hampers contain Dunshane Apple Juice, beautiful pottery, basketry, candles - and all handmade in Dunshane. We will also have a "Tree of Promise", where by upon purchasing a ticket, you will be guaranteed to win a prize to the value of at least that amount”. Founded in 1985 and located near Brannockstown and Kilcullen, Camphill Community is a charitable organisation that has grown in reputation and size during its brief history. The centre currently caters for 26 residents, as well as five adults with disabilities who access Day Services. Camphill Dunshane works off the idea that every individual, no matter their disability, have a valued role to play in community life. Currently, they offer a number of workshops that residents can avail of, including pottery, basketry, cooking, gardening, farm-

ing, candle making and craft skills. In recent years, Dunshane has expanded their ‘Community Inclusion’. “This involves facilitating people with special needs to access the wider community in Naas, Kilcullen and Newbridge to do ordinary everyday things such as education courses, building relationships with community members, participating and

Shonach Hanaphy Aine O'Connor (Camphill Dunshane) and Paddy Casey (Singer Songwriter) pointing at the Tree of Promise

from only €3,000 Supplied and fitted

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Baldonnel Singers to headline KARE Concert

Mary Shortt has confirmed that Killashee House Hotel will be the venue for a fundraising concert on Saturday, March 10, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of KARE. The Baldonnel Singers, along with renowned Kildare tenor and sopranos Lorraine Nolan and Ursula Conlan will feature on the night. “Tickets now on sale” said Mary “And we’ll have a limited number available at the door on the night”. Anyone who’d like to pre-order or to support, contact Mary at 086 823 4856.

KWWSPCA Easter Egg Hunt and Dog Walk

Rip out your old bathroom and replace it with a brand new one

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becoming part of the wider community”. Friday 23 February at the Moat Theatre, Naas. See or Camphill Community Dunshane on 045 483 628 for ticket information. For donations/ spot prizes please contact: Camphill Community Dunshane on 045 483 628 or Keith Hayes on 085-719 1303, all donations welcome!


Date for your Diary: The Annual KWWSPCA Easter Egg Hunt and Dog Walk will take place again this year on Good Friday, 30 March, 2018 at Punchestown Racecourse. The Easter Egg Hunt starts at 2pm and will continue until about 4pm and the Dog Walk starts at 3pm and will last about an hour. We like to get the KWWSPCA Rescue Dogs living at the Shelter near Athgarvan out on the walk, so if you think you could help by collecting one of the dogs from the Shelter, taking it for the walk and then returning it to the Shelter, please call/ text 087 680 3295, email Tel: 045 844900 | Fax: 045 844879 Exit 8 or 9 off M7 Johnstown | Naas | Co. Kildare

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Thursday 15 February 2018




EVENTS Photos: Pat Tinsley

Laura Moran was luvvin the onion rings...


Thursday 15 February 2018

Cooke's of Caragh launch new Gastro Menu

Meghan Campbell,the fairest flower of them all.

Helen,Lauren,Cian,Aideen,Sean,Abbie and Eamonn Cooke.

Westgrove Hotel

Ethan,Emily and Amy Torr.

Valentines Day

"Please Eamonn can I have some more"....Abbie Cooke in Oliver mode.

Cooke's gastro pub was just the tonic for Anita Campbell.

Join us in Asssaggio Restaurant for a romantic and indulgent four course Valentine’s dinner.

â‚Ź30 per person Available on the 10th, 14th & 17th of February To book a table please call 045 98 99 00

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Thursday 15 February 2018

COURTBRIEFS ‘Silly, dangerous prank’

A woman waiting for a taxi who suffered an assault received an apology at Naas District Court. Inspector Oliver Henry told the court how October 16, 2015, at Devoy Quarter, Naas, the accused was charged with assault. The court heard recently how a young woman suffered from concussion and grazes when she fell to the ground. Evidence was given that she has made a full recovery. It is understood that the accused pulled the arm of the young woman, who was unknown to him, while he was a passenger in a moving car. Defence Barrister Aisling Murphy said: "There is no excuse for what happened." Defence told the court how the accused, with an address in Clondalkin, Dublin will be qualified as a mechanic soon and wants to go to Australia. She said: "He is at low risk of re-offending." In court, addressing the victim, the accused said: "I am sorry for what I did, I was drunk." Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered that the accused pay €2,000 as a 'gesture of remorse' to the victim by April 5. The case has been adjourned until April 5, next, and warned that if the accused does not pay, then he will face a custodial sentence. If he pays then a Section 1(1) will be imposed. Judge Zaidan said: "It was a silly, dangerous prank."

‘Temporary lapse of concentration’

Tissue ‘seller’ not welcome

A teenager was told that he is 'not welcome' to sell tissues on trains in Co Kildare. The 19-year-old with a Midlands address appeared before Naas District Court on charges of threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, on May 16, 2017, at Kildare Garda Station. Inspector Oliver Henry outlined that the accused 'became aggressive' and that people were complaining about him selling tissues on the train. The court heard how the accused was sober and that the incident took place at about 4.45pm. Defence Solicitor, David Powderly said: "He sells tissues on trains, he approaches passers-by in a mannerly way. He was removed from the train, he had paid for his ticket but he should have been more courteous to the Gardaí." The court heard how Iarnród Eireann had contacted Gardaí to remove the teenager from the train. Judge Desmond Zaidan said: "You have no right to go on board public transport and start selling without previous permission." The Probation Act Section 1(1) was imposed.

€20 of cannabis

A father appeared before Naas District Court on behalf of his son facing drugs

charges. His son, a 29-yearold with an address in Prosperous, Co Kildare, faced charges in relation to the unlawful possession of drugs, at Clane on December 30, 2016. The Defence Barrister outlined to the court how the accused is now residing in Spain and therefore could not attend court. Evidence was given that the accused was found with €20 worth of cannabis. Garda evidence outlined that the accused was 'co-operative'. Judge Desmond Zaidan struck out the charges.

Dead mother’s chain is stolen

A woman appeared before Naas District Court confirming that two Waterford crystal photo frames with her daughters' wedding photos along with the base of a lamp and the chain previously


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Tel: 045 889 028

Email: Web: Naas Industrial Estate, Co. Kildare TRAINING ROOM RENTAL ALSO AVAILABLE

owned by her late mother belonged to her. The case surrounded charges against a 48-yearold man before Naas District Court on charges of handling stolen property, at a graveyard, between Baltinglass and Blessington. An Enniscorthy woman told Naas District Court how on March 15, 2017, her home was burgled and all her jewellery was stolen. She estimated that over €1,400 worth was stolen. The Waterford Crystal lamps, photo frames and chain belonging to the woman's late mother were found in her 1998 Toyota Avensis parked at the graveyard, on March 15,2017. She told how when her mother was 61-years-old she was fatally knocked down by a lorry outside the family home in Gorey. In court through tears, she said: "That chain was on her when she was killed. This is all I wanted back, all my jewellery was stolen." Evidence on Wednesday last was given that there was four men in the car with the accused sitting in the back seat, on March 15, 2017. Charges of burglary were withdrawn. The state proceeded with charges for handling stolen property. The 48-year-old accused with an address in Tallaght, is the father of eight children. Evidence was given that he had 48 previous convictions with one previous for burglary and several for road traffi c offences. Judge Desmond Zaidan imposed an 11 months sentence, in the event of appeal he was ordered to pay €750.

A Co Kildare mother who crashed into a fire services truck is understood to have had a 'temporary lapse of concentration.' The 52-yearold Sallins woman appeared today before Naas District Court on a charge of careless driving at Athgarvan Road, Newbridge, on May 13, 2016. Evidence was given how the accused crashed into the rear of Kildare Fire Services vehicle. The court heard how they were 'bumper to bumper' at the time. Defence Barrister, Aisling Murphy, said that damages caused to the fire service vehicle were 'completely paid for' by her insurance. Defence said: "There was a temporary lapse of concentration." Ms Murphy said that the accused was 'embarrassed' and needs her licence. Judge Desmond Zaidan said that he would not disqualify the accused from driving. He convicted and fined her €400 and gave her six months to pay.

‘Tomfoolery’ at Christmas party

A Co Kildare man told Naas District Court that he “did not know how the cocaine” got in his pocket. The court heard how the Robertstown man was charged with the unlawful possession of cocaine, failing to comply with Gardaí and being drunk, at The WestGrove Hotel, Clane, on December 18, 2016. Defence Solicitor Cairbre Finan said there was 'tomfoolery' going on at his Christmas work party. Garda Noel Meaney said that the accused was asked to leave and was not aggressive and 'kept going back.' Defence outlined that the accused along with his girlfriend has set up a business and a conviction would not allow him to travel, to market the product. Addressing the accused, Judge Desmond Zaidan said: "With a drugs conviction, if you try to apply for a visa, you will not get it. I should be convicting you." Judge Zaidan struck out all the charges and ordered him to pay €1,000 to Dream, a national non-profit

charity run for people with dementia.

Curfew lifted for mother

A midlands woman who is facing charges of breaching a protection order against her teenage daughter appeared again today before Naas District Court. Evidence was given that yesterday the woman is facing allegations of spitting in her daughter's face and grabbing her by the arms. The accused was yesterday granted bail and allowed return to the family home on condition that she sign on daily at her local Garda Station, is of sober habits and abides by a daily curfew from 8pm to 9am. She has been ordered not to discuss the case with her daughter. Today a request to lift the curfew due to the nature of her employment was lifted. Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered that the accused appear before Naas District Court again on May 17.

Attacks on mother and sister

A Co Kildare man got convicted and fined at Naas District Court for assaulting his mother and teenage sister. Following an earlier sitting at Naas District Court, the accused was sentenced to seven days in custody for a full psychiatric assessment. Evidence had been heard how in 2013, the accused's mother told him that he would have to sleep on the couch, he broke the bannister railings in the stairs and assaulted his mother and sister. The court also heard that the accused used his faeces to destroy the walls of the prison cell. On Wednesday, Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered that the accused was convicted and fined €1,000 for damaging the cell, with six months to pay. He was convicted and fined €1,000 for damage to the house. For assaulting his mother he was convicted and fined €500 and also another €500 for assaulting his sister. He was given six months to pay on each fine.

Thursday 15 February 2018





Thursday 15 February 2018

COURTBRIEFS Drink driving ‘night before’

SEÁN MELIA BUTCHERS Bride Street, Kildare Town

• 10 Chicken Fillets • 5 Turkey Burgers • Kilo 98% Fat Free Mince • Tray of Eggs (20)



1lb Extra Lean Round Mince • 1lb Lean Steak Pieces • 5 Fresh Chicken Fillets • 5 Boneless Pork Chops • 1 Stuffed Pork Joint *


• 1lb Lean Round Mince • 5 Chicken Fillets • 1lb Stewing Beef • 5 Pork Loin Chops


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Refuses to reduce

The Judge refused to reduce dangerous driving charges for a man before Naas District Court. Inspector Mel Smyth outlined at Naas District Court how on May 20, 2016, there was a two car collision

On way ‘home from a house-party’

A man who Naas District Court heard had a 'few' and

was on the way 'home from a house-party' has been banned from driving for three years. Evidence was given how on March 1, 2017, at Blackhall, Calverstown, Co Kildare, the 33-year-old accused was stopped by Gardaí. Garda evidence outlined how there were cans of Budweiser in the coffee hold and some on the seat. The court heard how on the day the accused said: "I had a few at a house-party, I am on my way home." Evidence was given how there was a smell of alcohol from his breath. Garda evidence outlined that the accused 'seemed agitated' and was handcuffed and brought to the station. In court the Garda outlined that the accused was handcuffed for his own safety and that of others. A reading of 80microgrammes of alcohol per 100millilitres of breath was recorded. Defence Solicitor, David Gibbons, argued that the handcuffing was 'unlawful' as the accused did not pose a threat and just seemed 'agitated.' Judge Desmond Zaidan refused Defence's argument in relation to the handcuffs and imposed a three years driving ban. He was convicted and fined €600, in the event of appeal, he was ordered to pay €250.

* You have the option of changing the Stuffed Pork Joint to a Fresh Stuffed chicken



A trainee accountant who had been out drinking the night before and had a 'quick nap' before being stopped by Gardaí appeared before Naas District Court. Evidence was given how at BlackChurch, Kill, on January 28, 2018, at 8.24am, he was arrested for drink driving. He was found to have an alcohol reading of 70microgrammes of alcohol per 100millilitres of breath. The court heard how he was 'polite and co-operative.' Defence Barrister, Aisling Murphy said: "He had been out the night before, he had a quick nap. He is now living and working in Dublin." The court heard how he had no previous convictions. Judge Desmond Zaidan ordered that the accused pay a €400 fine. He was banned from driving for three years and was granted a six months postponement.

on the Sallins Road. The court heard how the accused, with an address in Dublin, failed to stop at the roundabout junction. Evidence was given that the accused had a provisional driving licence. Inspector Smyth yesterday told the court how the evening on the night was wet. The court heard how the person driving the car that he collided into hit a ditch. Evidence was given that the female driver in the other car suffered whip-lash and a fractured nose but has made a full recovery. Defence Barrister Aisling Murphy said: "I would ask you to reduce the sentence to careless driving." Judge Desmond Zaidan said: "It does not get anymore serious than that. He did not stop at the stop sign, the other driver was pushed into the ditch. " Evidence was given that the cleaner who earns between €200 and €300 per week had no previous convictions. Judge Zaidan convicted and fined him €750, he was banned from driving for two years. In the event of appeal, he was ordered to pay €200.

Family Affair at Rapunzel!

Four cousins Sophie Regan, Anna Cullen, Ciara and Gracie Regan St Conleth's Pantomime production of Rapunzel. Photo Aishling Conway

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Our exclusive 24-Step Healthy Touch Deep Spring Cleaning System used by every Maid on our team.

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Thursday 15 February 2018


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Thursday 15 February 2018

Support Kildare on St Patrick’s Day and Stay in Style at Meadowlands Hotel!

Experience comfort, culture and a friendly welcome in a traditional and cosy atmosphere at the Meadowlands Hotel Tralee this St Patrick’s weekend. The Gaeltacht family run hotel is an Associate sponsor of Kerry GAA and excited to welcome visiting teams and supporters.

Special Offer to Kildare Fans

The hotel would like to offer Kildare supporters a special

overnight rate for the Kerry Vs Kildare match on March 17 at €60pps per night B&B or make it a weekend with an offer for €99pps for two nights B&B.

Perfect Central Base

The Meadowlands Hotel makes the perfect base when travelling to Tralee for a match with the superb location just a short walk from Austin Stack’s Park and plenty of complimentary onsite parking. Game bar food specials will be available in

Johnny Frank’s Bar & Lounge before and after the game. Enjoy live entertainment pre and post-match. Celebrating 20 years and growing in 2018, the Meadowlands also has fantastic seasonal offers available. Situated on beautiful private gardens on the Wild Atlantic Way, enjoy the vast array of adventures, attractions and awe-inspiring views that Kerry has to offer. See

Thursday 15 February 2018





Thursday 15 February 2018


1st Class Fitness for Katieanne

Katieanne Ging getting into the swing of things at 1st Class Fitness in Crookstown. See feature pages 54-55, photo Pat Tinsley

This week the season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on 14th February. In churches throughout Ireland the faithful will attend to receive the blessed ashes – a symbol of repentance and an intention to do penance for sins. For most of us it is an uncomfortable reminder of the need to face up to a commitment to a certain level of self denial. It may take many different forms. Whatever form of self denial is adopted one should not lose sight of the main focus of Lent which is to prepare for Holy Week and Easter. The short gospel reading for the first Sunday of Lent from St Mark simply mentions the temptation of Jesus in the desert and then immediately describes the beginning of his public ministry. Immediately afterwards the Spirit drove him

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out into the wilderness and he remained there for forty days, and was tempted by Satan. He was with the wild beasts, and the angels looked after him. After John had been arrested, Jesus went into Galilee. There he proclaimed the Good News from God. ‘The time has come’ he said ‘and the kingdom of God is close at hand. Repent, and believe the Good News.’ We know from the other gospel writers that Jesus fasted during his long retreat in the wilderness. One of Satan’s temptations was the challenge to turn stones into bread. Let us associate with Him during these weeks in our prayer and in our act of self denial. We will be better prepared to enter into Holy Week with him and ultimately to celebrate the joyous Feast of Easter.

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Visit to find out more


Thursday March 1st 8pm Tickets €30 at Hotel Tel.045-431666 And

Thursday 15 February 2018


Christenings t o re t i re m e n t s a n d e ve r y t h i n g i n b e t we e n Small groups to large events BBQS to GALA dinners

THIS IS YOUR PLACE Devoy Quarter, Naas, Kildare | T: 045 881111 E: W:




Thursday 15 February 2018

K BOWL – the Perfect Venue for Communions and Confirmations! Birthday Boy Ethan Fitzgerald (Centre) with Joe Byrne and Angus Corley

Ella Cushen and Grace Mallon

KBowl at Ladytown Business Park, Naas is the One-Stop Entertainment Centre for all ages and celebrations! Why not enjoy a fun filled day out in KBowl with that Special Communion /Confirmation Boy or Girl.

Emphasis on Fun

KBowl really puts the emphasis on fun - Choose a Bowling Package that suits you from One Hours Bowling, Family Special or why not order a Platter of Hot Finger Food to share (Chicken Bites, Fish Bites, Wings, Sausages, wedges or chips with dipping sauces ) and all freshly cooked in KDiner and served to you on the lanes while you bowl away and try for that

Birthday Boy Tadhg Gorman and his buddies at KBOWL

‘STRIKE’. As it’s your special day - why not finish off your meal with a nice Star Slush of your choice! Wacky World Play Area is perfect for the smaller kids with slides, climbing frames, ball pits and lots more so everyone can come along and have fun on the day. Because we want to help celebrate this Special Day – KBowl will give complimentary Popcorn for all Communion/ Confirmation Bookings.

More than Bowling!

Don’t let the fun stop there - bash away at the New Big Wave Air Hockey, play some Pool, take a trip in the Simulator, drive the Sega Rally Cars or just simply have fun with the great selection of Video

Games – plus of course, the ever popular ‘Grab’ machines – there’s lots to be won with lots of movie and cartoon characters all ‘up for grabs’!! Open 7 Days from 11am with Free Parking - KBowl really puts the emphasis on fun, comfort and convenience for everyone!! KBowl offers great packages for all Groups including Birthday Parties, Sports Clubs, School Tours and Corporate. What better way to host your Communion or Confirmation than in KBowl and enjoy a Fun Filled Special Occasion with all your family and friends! Telephone 045 408 144 or email

Birthday Boy Ethan Fitzgerald with his parents Alan and Andrea Fitzgerald

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm Sunday to Thursday - 11 am to 11 pm Friday & Saturday

Perfect Day out for

Communions & Confirmations ONE HOURS BOWLING (max 6 people)

€29 (Mon – Fri) €35 (Sat/Sun/Bank Hols)


1 Hour Bowling + 2 medium Popcorn + 4 Soft Drinks

€35 (Mon – Fri) €41

(Sat/Sun/Bank Hols)


served with Dipping Sauces


(Serves 4/5 people)



Ladytown Business Park, Naas, Co. Kildare | T:045-408144 | E: |

Thursday 15 February 2018 LOCAL

EVENTS Photos: Aishling Conway

SOCIAL 25 K Bowl the place to celebrate birthday parties and family fun! Kildarepost

Sue and Rebecca Connell with Linda and Sienna Cushen

Kelly Butler and Kate Giblin

Sarah Burke, Jamie Purcell and Ella Coughlan

Rafael Jalisev and Max Sherba

Kelly Butler, Kate Giblin, Emelia Butler and Francesca Freyna

Holly and Ruby Keane




Move your loans to us and save each month! We’ve got a ridiculously low rate if you switch by 28th February 2018

5.91% APR

This rate is applicable only for Switcher Loans applied for between 24th November 2017 and 28th February 2018 Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating. Changing your loans may result in you paying more interest over the life of your loan.

20 North Main Street, Naas (W91 RV10) I Monread Shopping Centre, Naas (W91 X257) | Main Street, Maynooth (W23 NX70) | Edward Street, Newbridge (W12 E621) I 045 879 622 | Naas Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland



Thursday 15 February 2018

K Bowl the place to celebrate birthday parties and family fun!


EVENTS Photos: Aishling Conway

Birthday Boy Tadhg Gorman with his parents Christopher and Pamela Gorman

Lara Snikere on her horse!

Birthday Boy Ethan Fitzgerald (Centre) with Joe Byrne and Angus Corley

Enjoying the challenges in K Bowl!

e t a c fi i t r e C g n i Leav s y a D n o i s i v e R l Book a r O your place




IRISH: Saturday 10th March 2018

We urgently require General Operatives to fill roles in the Kildare area. Immediate start, flexible hours available. Contact Shannon today to apply. Email or call 045 450 626.

rt L







for g.

n with io t a r a p e r p t n e Excell vided o r p s e t o n e iv s n comprehe

GERMAN: Saturday 24th March 2018



Playzone at KBOWL

FRENCH: Saturday 24th March 2018 Call today 811 045 487

Go to for more information


self a


assur Want to return to school full of confidence, self assured anded focused.

pack Enroll on our Head start ed programme for a packed four f days of fun o and learning.



Thursday 15 February 2018

Kildare Students battle it out in AIB Build A Bank Challenge Regional Finals On Friday last week, 260 students from schools across Leinster took part in the Dublin Regional Final of the AIB Build A Bank Challenge, which took place in the Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin. The Leinster Regional Final was one of three regional events which took place in Dublin, Cork and Athlone where schools from across the country competed to earn one of the 48 coveted places in the AIB Build A Bank Challenge National Final. The final 48 teams were announced at noon on Monday, February 12 via and the AIB Social Media Channels. Now in its 16th year, the AIB Build A Bank Challenge is one of the longest running schools

programmes for Transition Year students in Ireland with over 800 students participating from 132 schools this year. The AIB Build A Bank Challenge gives students the opportunity to establish and run a bank throughout the academic year, encouraging participants to explore innovation through marketing, executing engaging promotions and business management while running an operational bank in the school and within their wider community. The National Final will be held in the RDS on March 21, 2018, as part of the AIB Future Sparks Festival, culminating with 48 finalist teams being invited to present at the AIB Build A Bank Challenge Final in the RDS, with

up to €50K worth of prizes up for grabs on the day. The AIB Future Sparks Festival takes place in the RDS on Thursday, March 22, 2018, bringing together leaders in business and young entrepreneurs to inspire students. The Festival is open to 5,000 Transition Year, 5th Year and 6th Year students and will consist of hands-on workshops, inspirational talks and panel discussions across the future of Sport, Music, Food, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Technology. For full details, please visit aib. ie/build-a-bank Instagram @AIBIreland Twitter @AIBIreland Snapchat @AIBIreland #backingstudents

Students Battle It Out in AIB Build A Bank Challenge Dublin Regional Final Students from Ardscoil Na Trionoide Athy Co.Kildare was William Kavanagh,Maja Gliszczynska ,Sadhb Kenny-Carroll,Molly Doyle,Katie Delahunt and Lorna Glynn. Photos Julien Bheal Photography

From Gael Cholaiste Chill Dara was Kate Prendville,Megan Hand, Miah Nolan, Eve Saunders Tay and Liam Butler. NAAS, CO. KILDARE T: 045 409192




Best Selling Party for children aged 8 BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! tel: 045 409192 email:

Tues April 3 - Sat April 7 rd

Book 3 Subjects - The 4th is Free!

LEAVING CERT: - Hons. English - Pass/Hons. Irish - Pass/Hons. Maths - Hons. French - Hons. German - Hons. Geography - Hons. Accounting

- Hons. Business - Hons. Physics - Hons. Chemistry - Hons. History JUNIOR CERT: - Hons. English - Pass/Hons. Irish

- Pass/Hons. Maths - Hons. Geography - Hons. Business Studies - Hons. French - Hons. German - Hons. Science





Thursday 15 February 2018 Website:

ANIMALS IN NEED The Kildare & West Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KWWSPCA) is a Registered Charity (Number CHY 6280) that investigates and deals with reports of cruelty and neglect to animals of all sorts; family pets, wild animals and birds, farm animals and horses, ponies and donkeys, throughout County Kildare and West Wicklow. The Society is run entirely on a voluntary basis, there are no paid employees.

Reminder to visit ‘Noah’s Ark’ KWWSPCA Charity Shop, Newbridge

Noah’s Ark, the KWWSPCA Charity Shop, is located in Cutlery Road, Newbridge, almost opposite the side entrance to The Whitewater Shopping Centre, where the pedestrian crossing is. It is

a treasure trove of clothes, accessories, small household items, presents, jewellery, picures and lots more. It is also a really good place to pick up a book – very good value and a great range of subjects. All the staff in Noah’s Ark are volunteers, so most of the money made from the shop goes directly to helping animals in need. A lot of items are also sold online – so take a look at the KWWSPCA Noah’s Ark Facebook page for very good quality items, many of them new, being sold at very reasobale prices.


A beautiful Staffie dog was found last week by a member of the public dog roaming in his farm yard. The dog was in excellent condition and very friendly and the finder was sure there must be an owner. So he brought the dog to the Shelter to have him checked for a microchip and luckily the dog was chipped and registered and the owner was contacted straight away. Apparently a gate had been left open after a metre reading and the dog had wandered off. The owners hadn’t even had time to know the dog was missing (they thought he was enjoying himself in the sunshine in the garden!) before the call came in from the

Shelter, less than an hour afterthe dog had wandered off! If only all found dogs could be reunited with their owners so easily and so quickly! GET YOUR DOG MICROCHIPPED IF NOT ALREADY DONE AND MAKE SURE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ARE UP TO DATE WITH THE MICROCHIPPING DATABASE. The cost of microchipping is about €25 and any veterinary practice can check to see if your contact details are up to date if you are not able to do this yourself.

Dog of the Week, Jessie

Table Quiz on Friday, 23 February 2018

There will be a Table Quiz in aid of the KWWSPCA in ATHY GOLF CLUB on Friday 23 February starting at 8pm, four people per table, €40 a table (or come on your own or as a couple, €10 each, and we will make up a table for you). Raffle during the evening. No need to pre-book, just come along on the night. All proceeds go to the KWWSPCA. Jessie and her best friend, Solomon.


Jessie is a small chihuahua terrier cross. She is extremely confident and friendly. She loves to play with her toys and plays well with dogs of all sizes. She has no problem with cats and we think she would be best suited to a

home with at least one other dog for company as she loves snuggling up with a pal. She behaves herself in the car and walks well on the lead; she loves investigating surroundings and will give you hours of entertainment and love. Jessie is living in a KWWSPCA foster home at the moment, she is not at the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter, so an appointment will be required to meet her. She is spayed, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. We ask a minimum donation when we rehome a dog of €130 to partly cover veterinary and other expenses, a dog license and collar tag are required to complete an adoption, and a home visit applies. With expressions

of interest please contact 087 127 9835 or email kwwspca@ The photo shows Jessie with her pal, Solomon, in her foster home. Solomon was adopted recently from the KWWSPCA and now helps look after foster dogs when they come to stay in his new home.


The KWWSPCA’s new Website is up and running and full of interesting and useful information about the work of the Society and the its success stories, the animals in need of new homes and much more.

For further information on adoption, fostering, volunteering etc, please contact the main helpline on 087 127 9835 • Email: • Website:




! E T S A W R U O Y P I K S



“Service you can rely on”

045 896 369 | 087 271 2920





Thursday 15 February 2018

The Talbot Hotel, Carlow – making wedding dreams come true The Talbot Hotel is Carlow town’s longest running 4 Star hotel and has an established reputation for delivering relaxed, memorable weddings and civil ceremonies. General Manager Andrew Lambert and

his expert team collectively have in excess of 40 years’ experience with a tried and tested approach to ensuring that your special day is unique to you and delivers an experience for your guests that is second to

none. “Throughout the planning of your special occasion, we are on hand to offer guidance, reassurance and above all we will ensure that every wish you have for your day is delivered with style, ease and professionalism. Whether you are looking for an intimate family gathering or a full party atmosphere the Talbot Hotel Carlow guarantees you the best choice aroundâ€? said Andrew. To ďŹ nd out more or to view our dressed rooms, bridal suite and wedding facilities, contact Find out more from Niamh Whelan, our Wedding and Events Manager at nwhelan@talbothotelgroup. ie or 059 915 3000 .

3 !% )#/

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6 % /" . '. ' '6.





Thursday 15 February 2018

Joy for 13 families as they settle into new homes in Monasterevin The Mayor of Kildare, Councillor Martin Miley Jnr, together with Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Councillor Ivan Keatley, officially opened Kildare County Council’s new housing development at Cassidy Court, Monasterevin last week. The Mayor welcomed the delivery of the first scheme of newly constructed social homes in Monasterevin for a number of years and said he looked forward to more developments of social housing throughout the county. Mayor Miley and local representatives Cllr Keatley and Cllr Mark Wall help hand over the keys to the overjoyed new residents. Last year Kildare County Council sought “Expressions of Interest� for land or property that could be made available for social housing. Thoval Properties Ltd based in Kilmeague responded to this call and Kildare County Council entered into a contract with Thoval to acquire 13 newly constructed homes.

Official opening of the new housing scheme at Cassidy Court.


FOR WORK AND LIFE New resident Maggie Tuohy with Cllr. Mark Wall, Kildare Mayor Martin Miley, and Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Cllr. Ivan Keatley.


FOR WORK AND LIFE $$3;524+(2;'5&$4,10;$0';!2$,0,0*;(042( The three bedroom homes are constructed to the highest standard and are A rated. The development was delivered in two phases, with six units completed just before Christmas and the remaining seven units at the beginning of February. The development is funded by the Government under the ‘’Rebuilding Ireland - Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness’’. Kildare County Council’s

Chief Executive, Mr Peter Carey, welcomed the delivery of 13 social homes in Monasterevin, noting that turnkey developments, such as this, will play an important part in meeting Kildare County Council’s delivery targets under the current Rebuilding Ireland programme. The Mayor and Chief Executive extended best wishes to the new residents of Cassidy Court and wished them every happiness for the future in

Ollie Brady, Kildare Co. Co., Fiona O’Loughlin TD, Colm Lavery of the Department of Housing, Peter Carey, CE Kildare Co. Co., Cllr. Mark Wall, Annette Aspell, Kildare Co.Co., Mayor of Kildare, Cllr. Martin Miley, Tadhg McDonnell, Kildare Co. Co., Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Cllr. Ivan Keatley, and Martin Heydon TD, pictured at the official opening of Kildare County Council’s new housing development at Cassidy Court, Monasterevin.

#; $$3;524+(2;'5&$4,10;$0';!2$,0,0*;(042( $$3;524+(2;'5&$4,10;$0';!2$,0,0*;(042( their new homes. Cassidy Court takes its name from the former Cassidy’s Distillery which was established in Monasterevin in 1784 and lay at the heart of social and economic life in the town for 137 years.

Throughout its time in Monasterevin the distillery was operated and owned by the Cassidy family, with the whiskey it produced labelled Cassidy & Co. The Distillery was a major source of employment in Mon-

asterevin and the whiskey it produced was recognised for its quality with much of the produce exported overseas; canal boats transported the casks to Dublin. Â The distillery closed in 1921. Photos: Tony Keawne

#;        '5.4;$3,&;'5&$4,10 '5.4;$3,&;'5&$4,10 Computers for Beginners   Book-keeping for Beginners F O R W O R K A N D L Education and Training Basic Maths


    Help with Reading, Writing,

Spelling and Numeracy


Computers Computers for for Beginners Beginners Book-keeping for Book-keeping for Beginners Beginners Basic Maths Basic Maths Help Help with with Reading, Reading, Writing, Writing, Spelling and Numeracy Spelling and Numeracy


FOR WORK AND LIFE 53$0;19(8 (Project Worker ABE) (Project Worker ABE) 53$0;19(8 (Project Worker ABE) 53$0;19(8 1%,.(  

1%,.( 1%,.(  


:&(    :&( :&(       $$3;524+(2;'5&$4,10;$0';!2$,0,0*;(042( /$,. /$,. $%(0$$3-7(4%,( /$,. $%(0$$3-7(4%,( $%(0$$3-7(4%,( NAAS FURTHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE - NOW ENROLLING!


#; #; Now Enrolling!

Further Education and Training classes'5.4;$3,&;'5&$4,10 and programmes -

$&-;41;'5&$4,10 $&-;41;'5&$4,10  $&-;41;'5&$4,10 '5.4;$3,&;'5&$4,10 0,4,$4,6(;! See for0,4,$4,6(;! more details or call to one of our centres today. 0,4,$4,6(;!     

)  5 Spreadsheets QQI Level 13'#&4*''5'5*0&4'%63+5:56&+'4 Word Processing QQI Level 3 0..6/+5:#3'1035#/&'%3'#5+0/ Internet Skills*+-&%#3'00,,''1+/)64+/'44 QQI Level 3 &.+/+453#5+0/#:30--3'634+/) /5'--'%56#-&+4#$+-+5:611035 Return to Learning QQI Level 3#+/'' 3 0%,':#/&!#3'*064+/)#/&0)+45+%4

(Communications) 3''/,''1+/)0(58#3''7'-01.'/5#/& '5803,+/)#/&6-5+.'&+#

 Preparation for Further Study QQI Level 4  Communications QQI Level 5 (,2'2(;524,0 (Project Worker BTEI) 1%,.(    :&(    /$,. %4(,0$$3-7(4%,( ) 


Computers for Beginners Book-keeping for Beginners Basic Maths Help with Reading, Writing, Spelling and Numeracy

  Spreadsheets Spreadsheets QQI QQI Level Level 5 5 Processing QQI Level 3   Word Computers for Beginners )   (Project 53$0;19(8 Word Processing QQI Level 3 Worker ABE)  1%,.(  

Internet Skills QQI Level 3  :&(    '% *%&  Internet Book-keeping for Beginners Skills QQI Level 3  /$,. $%(0$$3-7(4%,( Return to Learning QQI Level  Return to Learning QQI Level 3 3   (Communications) Basic26'453+#/56&+'4*+-&%#3' Maths $&-;41;'5&$4,10 61'37+4+0/'#65: *'3#1: (Communications) 0,4,$4,6(;!  #/&#+/5'/#/%'  Help with Reading, Writing, Preparation for Further  ,+--4 '%*/+%+#/!'$  Spreadsheets QQI Level 5 Study  Preparation for Further Study Word Processing QQI Level 3  &'7'-01.'/5041+5#-+5: QQI Level 4 Spelling and Numeracy QQI Level 4  Internet Skills QQI Level 3 to Learning QQI Level 3  Return QQI  Communications QQI Level Level 5 5  Communications

(Communications) (Project Worker ABE) 53$0;19(8 for Further Study  Preparation (,2'2(;524,0 (Project Worker BTEI) (,2'2(;524,0 (Project Worker BTEI) QQI Level 4 "%' 1%,.(  

1%,.(  Communications QQI Level 5 1%,.(       ") (,2'2(;524,0 :&(    :&(    :&(    1%,.(    :&(    /$,. /$,.%4(,0$$3-7(4%,( $%(0$$3-7(4%,( /$,. %4(,0$$3-7(4%,( /$,.#5*4'/'3#-'#3/+/) %4(,0$$3-7(4%,(

35#/&3#(54"0)# *050)3#1*:00,+/) #,+/)0.165'34 0-(#/)6#)'4'30$+%4 3'#5+7'!3+5+/)!'--$'+/) 6+5#3+#&

(Project Worker BTEI)




",(7;1523(3;10 777)(4&+&1523(3,(  47,44(2&1/-7(4%)%./(-7(4%  )%./(-7(4% 47,44(2&1/-7(4% ",(7;1523(3;10 777)(4&+&1523(3,( 0.165'34 47,44(2&1/-7(4% )%./(-7(4% ",(7;1523(3;10 777)(4&+&1523(3,(

$&-;41;'5&$4,10 0,4,$4,6(;!


Investing in your future Investing your future EuropeaninSocial Fund European Social Fund

#5*4035+%6-563'00&#/& 47,44(2&1/-7(4% ",(7;1523(3;10 777)(4&+&1523(3,(  Spreadsheets QQI Level 5 653+5+0/'4,5016$-+4*+/) #/)6#)'4/(03.#5+0/ '%*/0-0): .1-0:#$+-+5:,+--40/4536%5+0/ EUROPEAN UNION



Investing in your future European Social Fund


'%*/+%#-3#8+/)#/)6#)'4 QQI Level 3  Word Processing 0.165'340..6/+%#5+0/4

#+"&(% 3'44.#,+/)/5'3+03'4+)/ 3+&)' #+*+!00&803,


Thursday 15 February 2018 LOCAL

EVENTS Photos: Tony Keane

New resident, Gillian Forde with Cllr. Mark Wall, Kildare Mayor Martin Miley, and Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Cllr. Ivan Keatley


Residents move into new Kildare Co Council housing scheme at Cassidy Court, Monasterevin

Fiona O'Loughlin TD, pictured with new residents, Siobhan O'Reilly, and Kyle and Claire Boland at the official opening of Cassidy Court, Monasterevin.

New residents, Alan and Bernadette Byrne with Cllr. Mark Wall, Kildare Mayor Martin Miley, and Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Cllr. Ivan Keatley

New resident, Sarah Donnelly with Cllr. Mark Wall, Kildare Mayor Martin Miley, and Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, Cllr. Ivan Keatley.

New residents Gillian Forde, Maggie Tuohy, Sarah Donnelly, Sarah and Paul Bracken, Siobhan O'Reilly, Claire and Kyle Boland, Alan and Bernadette Byrne, and Walnaczak family, Luciene, Ethan, Rafal and Owen




Thursday 15 February 2018 Sharing the ancient wisdom that is Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder principally involving the synovial joints and most likely to start in the hands. The synovial membrane of the joints become swollen and congested secreting synovial fluid into the joints which then become extremely tender and stiff, then erosion of the cartilage occurs and muscles and bones get smaller by lack of use. In Western medicine the cause of arthritis is unknown, there are many theories as to the origin of the condition, none of which are totally convincing, and they include infection, autoimmunity, genetic, food sensitivity and psychological. But what has been established however is that in about 90% of cases an abnormal protein called rheumatoid factor is present in the blood. Western doctors test the blood for rheumatoid factor to establish their diagnosis for the disease. Females are affected more than men on a ratio of 3:1.

Symptoms and Signs Rheumatoid arthritis affects mostly the joints of fingers with characteristic swelling of the knuckles, and then goes to wrist elbow, ankle, knee and most other joints. Usually both sides of the body are

affected. Pain can be at rest or with movement with stiffness mainly in the morning, cold damp weather triggers pain and stiffness. Sometimes there is fever, feeling of uneasiness, and weight loss. 15% of people develop Sjogrens Syndrome which is the drying up of the saliva and tear glands this leads to difficulty with swallowing and sore, inflamed eyes.

Two Types of Arthritis Temperature and weather conditions can cause and affect this condition. With everyone now cooked up in over warm houses environmental

dry heat can affect the joints causing inflammation especially in Ireland where the cold weather is around for almost 8 months of the year. On the other hand extreme cold and damp conditions with not enough heat can also cause pains in the joints. If it is the cold damp type arthritis then hot acupuncture (moxa) would be used with herbs that warm the joints, and for the hot inflammation type acupuncture points used for reducing inflammation and cooling herbs would be the order of the day. When diagnosing arthritis it is very important to get this differentiation correct so that the proper treatment protocols are utilised. Many people think rheumatoid arthritis is a disease without hope, as one Western paper put it, “the cause is unknown and there is no cure.” As practitioners of Chinese medicine, we take a different view. Rheumatoid arthritis and all other types of arthritis are controllable and reducible and also completely curable providing the person gets treatment over many months. Relatively few arthritis patients would have the uncontrolled pain, numbness and limitation of the affected joints, which can develop into crippling deformity if they had been treated earlier and regularly by effective Chinese medical techniques.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used to prevent re-occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis once it has been successfully cured.

Effectiveness Acupuncture on its own or with a combination of Chinese herbs is extremely effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Acupuncture in particular, is the treatment of choice in this condition giving excellent results in both acute and chronic cases. Acute cases, in fact can usually be resolved in a few treatments. However, the majority of patients we see with this problem present with very chronic conditions and usually come to us at a very late stage. These cases can be treated successfully too, but the more l on g -st a n d i n g the condition, the longer it will take to clear over many months or perhaps even a year. I would highly recommend treatment for very chronic conditions to be

twice weekly, but for milder cases once per week would be sufficient. Osteoarthritis is easier to treat than rheumatoid arthritis but this can also be helped, sometimes even when bone deformities have already set in. Most osteoarthritis usually effects the weight bearing joints and is commonly caused by overweight. In such cases, the treatment may take a long time or many months. In my own clinics as well as acupuncture and herbal therapy I always recommend the herbal formula Zheng Gu Shui which means bone mend liniment it is applied twice daily and is a very effective liniment to treat all types of arthritic pain and swellings. Also the Chinese herbal formula called Du Huo Ji Zheng Wan is very effective in strengthening the bones and ligaments.

Kim-Dip.Ac. Lic.Ac. C.Ac. China MQP is a registered licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Treatments are VHI, LAYA healthcare (formerly Quinn), Hibernian Health (Vivas) and HSF Healthplan approved. Visit

Rathcoffey Road, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

HEALTH CARE ASSISTANTS REQUIRED This locally owned home is renowned for our warm and friendly staff and the high quality of nursing care given to all our residents.

We focus on providing person centred care, creating individual home comforts, while encouraging and supporting each resident in their daily independent living abilities. The Nursing Home is surrounded by 3 acres of landscaped gardens and has an interior floor area of 22,000 sq. ft

Ashley Lodge, Tully East, Kildare, Co. Kildare

045 521 300

Full Time & Part Time, Day Shifts / Night Shift / Twilight Shifts Offered at top RATES of Payment, Dinner & Parking Provided PLEASE FORWARD YOUR C.V. TO Phone Bernie Ryan on 01 6292433 Alternatively post your C.V. to the above address. Browse our website on


Thursday 15 February 2018


Greencare Garden expands to Co Kildare Avail of 30% Discount on your order Greencare Garden has been offering a top class service throughout Dublin for over 12 years, They are now expanding into the Kildare area and offering the same excellent quality of gardening and landscaping county wide. Company Director Pat Collins prides himself on offering quality work for an affordable price and no job is too big or too small. Services include Tree removal, Roll on Turf, Repairs, power washing and

full garden design and renovations. Why not make the most of your outdoor space? Contact Pat at Greencare Garden and you could have your garden, patio or outdoor space re designed and used for your family. All budgets catered for.

Avail of 30% Discount!

For more information or to organise a quote and receive a 30% discount call Pat on 085 835 0336


EVENTS Photos: Aishling Conway


Naas Races, Sunday February 10, 2018 featuring the BBA Ire Ltd Opera Hat Chase (Listed)

Anthony Byrne, Noel Behan and Jackie Collins

Cathy Timmons with Sally, Mick and Joe Curtis

Thursday 15 February 2018

Padraig Mooney with Catriona and Ray Brady

Jennifer, Nathan and Peter Skelton with Lily Fortune

Mick Worrell, Marie Hynes, Margaret Byrne, Noreen Murphy and Sean Murphy


Thursday 15 February 2018 LOCAL


Naas Races, Sunday February 10, 2018


featuring the BBA Ire Ltd Opera Hat Chase (Listed)

Photos: Aishling Conway

Ciara Butler and Sarah Pidgeon

Mark Belfield and Trish McGarrity

Sarah, Sophie, Daragh, Emmett and Sue Noonan

Sara MacKenzie, Ginny Woolley, Stephen MacKenzie and Robert MacKenzie

Gavin and Kevin Duggan with Noel O'Reilly



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Terms & Conditions: Terms & Conditions: 1 Package per person. Package of 4 sessions is one session per week for 4 weeks 1 Package per person. Package of 4 sessions is one session per week for 4 weeks


€ € • Tel: 045 982 993 • 3D Ireland / Aphrodite, Main Street, Clane



Thursday 15 February 2018

The Benefits to quitting smoking   Everyone knows you feel better when you give up smoking. But did you know that the health benefits kick in almost immediately and accumulate over time?

Here’s a summary of what happens to your body when you quit

• After 20 minutes: your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal. Circulation improves in hands and feet. • After 8 hours:  oxygen levels in the blood return to

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Simple, 30 cigarettes a day costs €13.50 a day, that’s €94 per week – and for the year, you are spending almost €5,000! Yes, to be precise 30 cigarettes a day works out at €4,927.50.


Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 VY07 T: 045 432673 - E:






Thursday 15 February 2018




Kildarepost ildarepost post


Real Economy! The European Union Commission is saying that Ireland has grown at a rate of 7.3%. I presume they mean GDP. This also includes the foreign direct investment returns (FDI) which really would not have a major bearing on Gross National Product, the domestic economy. Gross National Product however is running up to 4% which, in its own right, is very good and I alluded to this before. Not being a killjoy, but an economy that can grow at this rate could hurt just as quickly. There are fundamental underlying reasons when an economy grows at a very fast rate so, unless you have oil and other outside resources, it can only come from the multinational area. We have being well warned and, I have said it many many times before that we cannot depend on Corporation Taxes from same. As much as 40% of our Corporation Tax take (€3.3 bn) comes from FDI.

Following Donald Trump

When the people who replace Donald Trump follow what is going on at the moment in the United States, there will be a general improvement in young people’s education. That is a very good thing for America and also for western

economies. However, it has a direct effect on Ireland. Trump introduced it when everybody else was afraid to tackle it and it will mean, in time, that real incomes will increase for lower blue collar working class and middle class families. They will be able to send their children to higher education and follow IT rather than manufacturing jobs. It will take about five years but when that happens, Ireland could suffer. We are currently preparing our budgets and I say this time and time again these are based on Corporation Taxes projected from these sources and also not taking into account negative effects of the Brexit. The European Union are saying that we are not following the original plan to reduce debt when we have a chance to do so. This could come back up and bite us.

EU Economy growth of 2.4%

Pierre Moscovici, Economic Commissioner in Europe, is saying that the European economy is growing at 2.4% last year. They consider that robust growth and healthy economics. With the change in the guard in Germany at the moment and the SDP wanting to spend more money Angela Merkel’s CDU party have not have the say that they had

" W a t c h the way the Americans operate in the next number of years because they are determined to become world leaders again". Murdock in the past. That means that more money will be spent in mid Europe and this could cause an inflation. Inflation initially helps economies because it improves growth because it is one to watch because it can hurt imports.

Germans at the helm

And Germany drives Europe! They went zero on interest rates to unify. They flooded Europe and Ireland with cheap rates. Then when we folded, they made us pay up. Now they will increase rates and as an open economy, who knows!

Thursday 15 February 2018 Email:

NEWSBRIEFS BREXIT meeting, Feb 22 at the Westgrove Hotel, Clane

We all know where we have problems with the Brexit situation and the European Union’s projecting that we are reasonably healthy if we maintain our import and export status with the UK. Then the projections may be safe.

Are the projections sound?

However, the hard liners in Britain haven’t even sorted out how Brexit is going to work in the Tory party and the famous speeches some months back by our Taoiseach that we are going to have an open border and free movement here seems somewhat premature under the circumstances. Often times when reports are written, they are based on history. The real economy is now. Certainly from talking to

people out there they maintain there are two economies. One that serves the small percentage of corporates and executive’s in those organisations and the larger populations which is still doing poorly. There is a creeping inflation on most services and products. It is important that there is a distribution of wealth from the Corporates but not by focusing on strikes and unions. It should be more inbred in to the larger organisations that is the smart thing to do. This can include, of course stock options, and not just necessarily an immediate pay pack increase. Watch the way the Americans will do it in the next number of years because they are determined to become world leaders again.

Bales of 24 sleepers price drop to €24 each, SAVE €48

Kildare North TD James Lawless will host a public meeting with Fianna Fáil spokesperson, Stephen Donnelly TD and Kildare Chamber of Commerce CEO, Allan Shine. The meeting will take place on February 22 at 8pm in the Westgrove Hotel, Clane. Speaking ahead of the meeting, Deputy Lawless said “As the UK negotiates with Europe to leave the European Union, we must be proactive. With Kerry Group, Dawn Farm Foods, Intel, HP, Pfizer and a host of other multinational companies in our constituency it is imperative that certainty and competitiveness continues to apply to our local and national business climate. Whilst being candid that Brexit is expected to have a significant negative economic impact across both Ireland and Britain, we must be proactively chasing opportunities that may arise for foreign direct investment into Ireland and North Kildare. “I look forwarding to welcoming our Brexit spokesperson, Stephen Donnelly TD to Clane to present where we are in terms of our approach to Brexit, explain the FF approach, and welcome questions from those in attendance on the night,” concluded Deputy Lawless. All welcome to attend.


 40%










         

                                                                             

Main St, Newcastle, Co. Dublin  (Beisde National School)  (086) 885 4933  



T: 01 5143190 T: 045 844 231


M: 086 0405758






        

     .com 8JK?<E<NJ?8GG<EJ 

KildareNow ow


Thursday 15 February 2018


WEEK By Rory Mooney

Director: James Foley Starring: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Rita Ora Genre: Drama Run Time: 120 minutes Release Date: February 9

FIFTY SHADES FREED Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace an inextricable connection and shared life of luxury. But just as she steps into her role as Mrs. Grey and he relaxes into an unfamiliar stability, new threats could jeopardize their happy ending before it even begins.

Feeling Lucky? Roulette


Sunday is ladies day : FREE €10 free pizza night : tuesdays free chinese night : saturdays mega party night : every friday Kildare Town · Free Parking · PARTY NIGHT EVERY FRIDAY!






& About


Photos: Aishling Conway


Thursday 15 February 2018

Greg Traynor, Elvis Tribute Performer rocks the Hideout, Kilcullen

Elvis Tribute Greg Traynor

Tom O'Connell and Tommy Doyle

Stephen and Patricia Barrett

Elvis Tribute Greg Traynor with bar staff Tom and Emer Glynn

Elvis Tribute Greg Traynor with Linda and Pauline Price

Maria Bird and Joe O'Rourke

Mary Kelly and Derek Valentine

Tom O'Farrell, Seamus Haslam and Eamon McDonnell

Elvis Tribute Greg Traynor with Madalene Haslam and Bonnie Clifford


Elvis Tribute Greg Traynor

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:Xi\dXib;lYc`eN\jk ;lYc`eJflk_N\jk



Thursday 15 February 2018

Shed the Winter Blues and get into Chic Spring Casuals with


Cancer Touch Therapy now available in Co Kildare

therapists at SimplicitĂŠ Beauty and Wellbeing Clinic, Straffan now trained in this therapy ideal for patients recovering or in treatment for cancer. See page 46

Aria Longline Blazer in Baby Blue - â&#x201A;Ź64.99




Thursday 15 February 2018

For editiorial inclusion contact Stylicious Editor, Rose Barrett O'Donoghue at: NB ALL submissions must be marked STYLICIOUS on the subject line.

Sylicious with Rose Barrett O'Donoghue Sp ticks all the

Carolyn Floral Kimono in Black €34.95

From fringes to futuristic, sporty to sheer, this season anything goes. The new spring collection from ticks all the top trends, with stylish separates, go-to dresses and cool footwear.

Darcy Scribble Heart Dress in Navy €69.99

Steady Faux Leather Biker Jacket in Black €39.99

Two decades took to the catwalks at the Spring ‘18 shows: Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant’s collection had an eighties vibe care of patterned jumpsuits and cropped denim jackets. Channel this most vibrant of decades with the Katerine floral sweatshirt (€29.99) – team it with smart sweats or rolled up denim – extra points if it’s stonewashed!

Nineties grunge making a revival

The nineties saw cargo and grunge hit the high street – well, they’re making a comeback. iClothing’s fave trend from the era was Calvin Kein’s minimalists shapes in muted shades. That’s why we’re crushing on these Harper tailored culottes in blush pink (€41.95). Wear them at the weekend with smart kicks or at

Gail’s Rails special guest at Kidstuff VIP Style Night

A VIP Style Night for Holy Communion, girls wear by Kidstuff will see Kildare’s popular style blogger, Gail Murphy of Gail’s Rails attend as special guest next month. Kilcullen resident and leading fashion writer and personal stylist, Gail will be joining Kidstuff, Newbridge on February 15 next from 6-9pm , when she will be present to offer style advice for your little lady on her special day. Gail will help you select the perfect dress for your child’s body shape and personality. Discounts available in store on the night, see the full collection of Popular fashion blogger and personal stylist Gail Murphy dresses available on Facebook @ of Gail's Rails will be the special guest at a VIP Style Night at kidstuffcommuniondresses. Kidstuff, Newbridge tonight, February 15



Thursday 15 February 2018

For editiorial inclusion contact Stylicious Editor, Rose Barrett O'Donoghue at: NB ALL submissions must be marked STYLICIOUS on the subject line.

Sylicious with Rose Barrett O'Donoghue

pring Collection top trends! work with a platform. Sherbet shades are sticking around with Michael Kors, Hermes and Victoria Beckham opting for soft suiting. The Aria longline blazer in baby blue (€64.99) is a transitional piece that will work for that smart affair. It’s never too early to plan for that summer wedding and the fit and flare shape of the lilac Sophia dress (€54.95) is super flattering.

Bold and Bright

Bold brights featured strongly at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Versace and Acne. With warm orange undertones, tomato red is a super shade to start spring and the Dottie cardi (€24.99) will see you through the cooler months. Mustard is having a moment and the Viola frill neck knit is a multi-tasking musthave (€34.99).

Leathers, Studs & Tartans

The political mood was palpable across many

collections with slogan bags, torn textiles and the signature rebel staples: leather, studs and tartan. Make a new statement with a logo sweatshirt (from €16.99) or kick it old school with a classic biker jacket (€39.99). With an emphasis on quality fabrics, ethical production and affordable style, the spring 2018 collection from iClothing. ie  looks set to find space in your wardrobe. College students can avail of a 15% discount and there is free standard delivery on orders over €50. Editor’s note: I ordered goods from on Thursday, December 21 – and all four arrived at my door early the following morning! When you don’t have time to do the walking and high street trek, iClothing make it so easy! For confident, stylish fashion that is price savvy, look to

Newtown Longsleeve Chest Print Sweatshirt in Yellow - €16.99 Harper Tailored Culottes in Blush - €41.95

Royal Deluxe Short Jeans in Dark Blue €34.99

+ COSGROVE’S PHARMACY Main Street, Newbridge | Tel: 045 431430 Local Independent Pharmacy

• Savings available on prescription medicines (check with pharmacy staff in store) • Phone in prescription service • Delivery service available for elderly or housebound patients • Free consultations for patients • Wide range of pet care products • Cosmetics & Beauty Products • Natural Skincare Range • Vitamins & Healthcare

Stockists of:

Sophia Skater Dress in Lilac €54.95 Viola Frill Neck Knit Jumper in Yellow - €34.99




Coffee and Cake in support of 'Curtains' by Naas Musical Society!

EVENTS Photos: Aishling Conway Naas Musical Society recently held a coffee morning to raise funds for their upcoming production of ‘Curtains’. As always, a NMS event saw the place buzzing, with lots of tea, cakes and plenty of chat! Curtains is a musical ‘whodunnit’, filled with fantastic musical numbers, hilarious comedy, romance and a little bit of murder. Based in 1959 Boston, Lt. Frank Cioffi

Thursday 15 February 2018

must investigate the murder of leading lady Jessica Cranshaw as the cast prepare to put on their musical ‘Robbin Hood’. The society invite you to put on your sleuthing hats and join them from the Feb 3-9 Maarch at the Moat Theatre and see can you figure ‘who done it!’ Tickets are available from the website:, or from the Box Office at 045 883 030.

Val Brennan, Rosemarie O'Dowd and Trish Gill O'Grady

Karen Wade, Carmel Geissel and Theresa Parker

Hilary King and Mary O'Reilly

The Herb Shop

Herbal Clinic Paul O’Connor

N.D., H.D., A.N.P.


Clinic Appointments Available To arrange an appointment call

045 435 422 Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm Saturday 10:30am-5pm

Eyre Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Miriam Fagan



Thursday 15 February 2018

Toning up for the summer





By Alan Browne Here in FIT+ the most common requests we get from clients is for a flatter stomach and nicer arms. Females typically want to tone up their stomach area and trim down the back of their arms and males often ask for a six pack and bigger arms. There is an old myth that simply doing sit ups will give people a flat stomach. Many have tried this tactic yet after hundreds of sit ups they soon come to realise that there is a lot more to it than that. The truth is that the best results come when you; • Exercise your whole body • Consistently eat well • Take care of your stress levels.

Full Body Exercises

There are over 600 muscles in the body so rather than working them all individually it is much more efficient and effective to choose exercises that work lots of these muscles together. Examples of these ‘compound’ exercises include; • Squats • Deadlifts


• Lunges • Push ups and pull ups • Kettlebell Swings These moves should be included in your exercise program if you want to strengthen and define your stomach muscles but make sure that you are instructed by a fitness professional to make sure your technique is correct.

High Intensity Cardio

People think that there are special exercises that will “give” you abs but the truth is we all are born with ab muscles, they are just hidden under a layer of fat. Exercise will strengthen your ab muscles but to give you the look you want you need to strip away the layer of fat. To do this we advise combining full body exercises (see the list above) with high intensity cardio such as kettle bell swings, sprints or boxing. We see the best effects when people spend roughly 5-7 minutes doing fast paced cardio here rather than a long slow jog.

What has Stress Got to do with it?

When we feel stress our bodies release a hormone

called cortisol. Cortisol is involved in your fight or flight response to shortterm stress but if we are constantly exposed to stress then cortisol can have many negative effects on your health. Constant exposure to cortisol can disrupt your body’s hormone balance and can lead your body to resisting weight loss while also leading to cravings for high sugar foods.

Healthy High Protein Omelette

Core Workout

Complete 5 rounds of • Plank – 15 Seconds • High Plank – 15 Seconds • Left side Plank – 15 Seconds • Right side Plank – 15 Seconds Beginners should take 30 seconds rest in between each full round. If you are advanced try to complete all 5 rounds in a row with no break. If we can help you with your health and fitness please call in to us in FIT+ on Corbans Lane, phone us on 045-888745 or send an email to

• Pre-heat a pan with ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil • Whisk 2 whole eggs per person with ½ clove of garlic, a pinch of pink salt and a

pinch of pepper • To the mixture add • Pepper (1/2) • Avocado (1/4) • Chicken breast (depending

on goals) • Spinach (handful) • Fresh basil • Chopped tomatoes • Serve and enjoy!

TURN YOUR CAREER DREAMS INTO REALITY! Our practical, skills focused diplomas will get you ahead of others. Office Administration & Secretarial Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Microsoft Office

Business Management Sales & Marketing IT Web Design ...and more!

Pitman Training Naas

045 876097

email: Pitman Training Maynooth

01 901 2033




Thursday 15 February 2018

Straffan business offers Touch Therapy for Cancer patients Coinciding with World Cancer Day recently (February 4), Simplicité Beauty and Wellbeing Clinic in Straffan announced that its therapists are currently training in Cancer Touch Therapy with the Made for Life Foundation in the UK. This course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and was developed in association with trained oncology massage teachers and advisors from oncology teams in major UK hospitals.

Supporting cancer patients

The Made for Life Foundation has supported over 10,000 cancer patients in the last 8 years, treating them with 100% certified organic products in specially designed treatments. The four treatments available in Simplicité in Straffan will help cancer patients to disconnect from daily stress and reconnect body and mind in a tranquil environment. Simplicité owner Emma Keogh said “Before I set up Simplicité, I did not know how difficult it is for cancer patients to access spa treat-

ments, quite often they are actually turned away by spa therapists who feel unqualified to treat them. The Cancer Touch Therapy training course from the Made for Life Foundation is a fully accredited 3-day programme which enables qualified beauty and massage therapists to gain a deeper understanding of how to provide cancer patients with adapted, tailored treatments. My team feels very privileged to be completing this course to help people going through and recovering from cancer, a disease which has touched all our lives.” 40,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in Ireland this year. Many patients say that while happy with their medical treatment, they also need other supports to assist them during this very difficult time in their lives. Simplicité of Straffan hopes to work with a cancer charity in the near future to plan charitable events. The treatments will be available from Valentine’s Day, February 14. For more information contact, Emma at Simplicité on 01 627 8498.

Simplicité owner Emma Keogh



Thursday 15 February 2018




Limited places

“The HARTE of quality fare”




Any course when you Book ONLINE

(*Offer valid with ONLINE BOOKINGS ONLY)

Cookery School - 2018 26/02 | 2.5 Hours | Demo SLOW COOKING & BRAISING



Utilize the lesser known cuts of meat, & save a small fortune by creating incredible dishes from the likes of beef featherblade, pork belly, lamb shoulder & more


Learn the art of sourdough, regional breads such as focaccia, naan, classic French baguette, brioche & more


12/03 | 2.5 Hours | Demo SUNDAY ROAST

How to cook the perfect roast, beef, lamb and duck, canopes, and after dinner petits fours


26/03 | 2.5 Hours | Demo SLOW COOKING & BRAISING

Utilize the lesser known cuts of meat, & save a small fortune by creating incredible dishes from the likes of beef featherblade, pork belly, lamb shoulder & more


09/04 | 2.5 Hours | Demo HEALTHY EATING & VEGETARIAN

Excellent healthy recipes using superfoods like lentils, salmon, quinoa, wholefoods, low GI carbs, and we explain the difference between good fats and bad fats & where to avoid them on the supermarket shelf.


23/04 | 3 hours | Hands On ASIAN FOOD

Thai, indian & Japanese, learn how to make sushi, thai curry, naan bread, and chutneys and noodle soup, and all in between


14/05 | 3 hours | Hands On CHOCOLATE & DESSERTS

Says it all! Chocolate tart, fondant, mousse, just a few of the chocolatey delights we will show you in this class.

11/06 | 2.5 Hours | Demo

Excellent healthy recipes using superfoods like lentils, salmon, quinoa, wholefoods, low GI carbs, and we explain the difference between good fats and bad fats & where to avoid them on the supermarket shelf.



Filleting fish & cooking shellfish will be explained and de-mystified in this class, seafood dishes will never be intimidating again.


16/07 | 3 hours | Hands On

Pasta, pizza, focaccia, pestos and lasagnes.



05/03 | 3 hours | Hands On BREADS & BAKING FOR IMPROVERS


25/06 | 2.5 Hours | Demo



Book Now: 045 533557 |




Thursday 15 February 2018



Blazer 59.99 Lace singlet 24.99 Leather leggings 44.99

Jumpsuit €54.99

Blazer €59.99 Top 3€4.99 White jeans €34.95


Thursday 15 February 2018




Top €29.99 Denim jacket €59.99 Pants €39.99

Ruffle top €34.99 Skirt €34.95

Jeans €39.99 Leather jacket €49.99 Scarf €12.99 Top €34.99



Thursday 15 February 2018


The Wedding of Aishling Conway and Shane Byrne

28 December 2017. Wedding Portraiture by Mark Donovan

Wedding Confectionery by Nicola Arcari Mr and Mrs Byrne at Rathsallagh House for their wedding reception

Aishling and Shane with the Conway family.

Bridal Party

View our unique 17th Century Georgian House & be inspired by  a range of  fabulous suppliers  Meet our expert wedding team 

Exclusive Wedding Fayre Offer

off 500 your 2018 Wedding  T&Cs apply

Besties: Radiant bride Aishling with bridesmaids Amy Corbally and Martha Deans

Anneb e ro eb r ok Ho H us use se Ho H te tel el Wed We edd ddi din ing ng Fa Fay ayre r Sunday 25th February, 2pm-5pm

Annebrook House Hotel, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Bridal couple with the groom's Byrne family.

Thursday 15 February 2018


2018 Wedding Survey:

Kildare Couples ban Social Media on their Wedding Day!

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, getting engaged is likely to be on the minds of many couples! At we love hearing all about what couples are planning for their special day. We spoke to more than 1,100 people * throughout Ireland and here’s what they told us! Everybody loves a summer wedding, right? Well, June weddings are still really popular at 12% and August is the top month to get married in Ireland (14%). Friday is now the most popular day to wed but Thursday is becoming a strong contender now with 1 in 7 tying the knot on a Thursday! According to WeddingDates CEO and Founder Ciara Crossan: “We’ve noticed some really interesting trends over the past year, such as the rise of Thursday and even Sunday weddings. We also see couples pushing their wedding date out by a full year or holding off making a booking as they focus on buying a home in a rising property market”. Home is still where the heart is with 94% heading down the aisle here in Ireland after an average engagement of 1-2 years. Civil ceremonies and blessings are becoming much more the norm now with Church weddings accounting for just over 50%. Couples really know what they want too visiting on average just 3 venues before making a decision. According to Ciara, “Couples, understandably, want to feel super special on their day and so knowing that their venue only hosts one wedding is the most important factor to them when choosing a venue, quickly followed by the quality of the food and value for money”. Speaking of money, 57% spend more than €15,000 on their wedding excluding their honeymoon and 2 in 5 spend over €2,500 on the engagement ring. Mini-moons are rising in popularity too, with many couples planning their big getaway after the wedding is over. So, what about posting those lovely wedding pics of the happy couple on social media? Almost 80% of people believe it is not OK to post photos on social media before the wedding party. In fact, 1 in 6 couples will have an outright ban on social media for their wedding with a further 35% having a ban on it for the morning of the wedding ceremony.


WeddingDates ( is a free online service that helps couples across Ireland and the UK to find their dream wedding venue. WeddingDates. ie is celebrating 10 years in business this year. WeddingDates is more than just a directory or online wedding community. It is a unique platform with date availability linked directly to the booking systems of over 600 venues throughout the Ireland and the UK. This allows newly engaged couples to search for date availability in their chosen venue and send an enquiry directly to that venue’s wedding co-ordinator. With over 230k users on last year and over 10,000 weddings booked via the platform, it’s a key site for any bride to be or wedding venue. It also brings a whole host of wedding suppliers together in one spot making life easier for couples along with handy hints and tips from our blog and planning sections. *Research undertaken in January & February 2018 among 1,147 respondents throughout Ireland via Survey Monkey.




& About


Thursday 15 February 2018

The Clanard Court Hotel hosts Wedding Fair

Photos: Aishling Conway

Philip and Colin Byrne with Angela Mahon and Duty Manager Suzanne Kelly

Lisa Kelly and Dean Byrne

Wedding Fair at the Clanard Court Hotel, Athy

Emily Murphy, Cliodhna McGlinchey, Elli Hughes, Roisin Kane, Amy Wright and Julia Jarizel

Wedding Fair at the Clanard Court Hotel, Athy


Aine and Aoife Ryan

by Barbara Collins


This classic Spanish tapas dish is also great as an alternative to boiled or mashed potatoes for dinner. Sometimes I put mayonnaise on as well as the tomato sauce like they do in northern Spain. You can leave the chilli powder out if hot spicy food is not your thing. You can make the sauce in advance as do and use it with fish, chicken or as a dip. METHOD Prepare ahead by heating the oil in a pan, add the onion and fry for about 5 minutes until softened. Add the garlic, tomatoes, tomato purée, paprika, chilli powder, sugar and salt and bring to the boil, stirring. Simmer for 10 minutes until pulpy. Set aside for up to 24 hours. To serve, preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6/fan oven 180C. Cut the potatoes into small cubes and pat dry with kitchen paper. Spread over a roasting tin and toss in the oil, then season. Roast for 40-50 minutes, until the potatoes are crisp and golden. Tip the potatoes into dishes and spoon over the reheated sauce.

Contact Barbara:- Twitter: @thegoodchinaset | Email:

INGREDIENTS For the sauce 3 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 227g can chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp tomato purée 2 tsp sweet paprika (pimenton) good pinch chilli powder pinch sugar For the potatoes 900g potato 2 tbsp olive oil



Thursday 15 February 2018

& About


The Clanard Court Hotel hosts Wedding Fair

Photos: Aishling Conway

Amy Thompson and Michael Nolan

Kelly Prior and Chris Hoare

Tanya Hennessy and Peadar Owens (at Julie C Buckley's Photography Booth)

Wedding Fair at the Clanard Court Hotel, Athy


A Away

Sarah Jane O'Neill and Sean White

with Robert Walshe

Holiday Hotspot – Park Hyatt Goa India Goa, India’s smallest state is famous for a laid back lifestyle with over 100 km of tropical beaches. Look out for the colourful beach huts of Palolem in the far south to the hippie and backpacker vibe of Arambol and Anjuna in the north and with everything from luxury resorts and laid back sands to the busy, party and package holiday

central Baga and Calangute. North Goa is busy and tacky with a gentler, less crowded, more sophisticated scene in the south. Until it was annexed by India in 1961, the state which lies south of Mumbai on India’s western coast, had been held by the Portuguese for half a millennium, three centuries longer than British rule in India.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Goa

In 1843 blighted by illness and disease it was abandoned for new capital Panjim now a UNESCO World Heritage site. When you visit be sure to marvel at the massive churches the Portuguese left behind particularly Asia’s largest Basilica where the remains of 300 hundred year old St Francis Xavier’s decomposing corpse are buried. The narrow lane of the old Fontainhas neighbourhood is Panjim’s atmospheric draw. Wood-framed row houses in saturated hues and neat little shops predominate, but the 17th-century Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception on the hill is the jewel in the crown. Fort Aguada with views over Panjim or Chapora Fort above rocky Vagator is also worth a visit. The best time to visit Goa is during the dry, cool winter months between late November and mid-March. At other times, either the sun is too hot or the humidity, clouds and rain

The Village All Day Dining at Park Hyatt Goa India

make life miserable. Opportunities for shopping in Goa are endless, from designer malls to hippie flea markets; you can take home souvenirs to chic clothing. Always be ready to bargain in smaller establishments. As a rule offer 20% of the asking price, and be prepared to pay 35-40% of the original asked price. A short 15-minute transfer from the airport brings you to Park Hyatt, a wonderful 5-star luxury beach property within acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and by far the most luxurious resort to stay in Goa. Accommodation is in a charming Indo-Portuguese village with Pousada-style guest rooms. Suites have a king bed, spacious living area, work desk and a marble bathroom with sunken tub and rain shower.

Robert Walshe is a travel broadcaster with Q Radio or

The Park Hyatt “Village “offers lively all-day dining in the heart of the property. The concept is themed around a street side café ideal for breakfast, lunch or an atmospheric “al fresco” dinner. “Palms” a seafood restaurant on a multi-elevated deck offers perfect views of the Arabian ocean on Arossim beach. “Casa Sarita” a Goan restaurant is designed around a regal colonial theme offering a glimpse into Indo-Portuguese culture a distinctive feature in Goa. The extensive freeform pool is the resort’s centerpiece, and one of the largest pools in India. A giant man made lagoon also meanders through the property. www. Emirates operate an award winning twice daily service from Dublin to Goa via Dubai. www.



Thursday 15 February 2018



Jason McHugh overseeing the Weights Area

Rural residents in South Kildare won’t have to travel to the larger towns now to access a decent fitness gym. Ist Class Fitness opened recently in Crookstown with over 4,000 square feet of a working gym including full weights area, thread mills, squad racks, class work out area, a private consultation room , cardio vascular equipment, etc. Furthermore, they have a Neuro Muscular Therapist available for consultation. Located upstairs in the Crookstown Business Park, in the premises formerly operated by Marcella O’Reilly

as Buy Design, the gym is run by four fitness gurus: James and Jason McHugh with Ross Hickey and Johnny Rossiter. All four are fully qualified fitness instructors who qualified from Limerick University via the Defence Forces, and bring unique skill sets to the fitness centre. “We felt there wasn’t enough in this area of South Kildare catering for fitness and well-being” said James. People were out walking day and night but having to travel to Athy, Naas and Newbridge to join gyms so hence, we felt the time was right to open a centrally located fitness centre here”.

All fitness needs catered for

The premises are fitted out for classes and daily workouts, with a comprehensive weights area and cardio vascular equipment. “We have weight machines, free weights, squat racks, etc” said James. “Also treadmills, cross trainers, bicycles, rower, boxing bags and all effective cardio equipment. Notably, we have generous floor space for daily classes and workouts so people needn’t think if classes are on, that they can’t use the gym or do their own workout.”

Karen Lawler, Aisling Treacy, Maria Treacy, Katieanne Ging, Anne and Dom Grufferty working out at 1st Class Fitness. Photos: Pat Tinsley


Thursday 15 February 2018



OPENS IN CROOKSTOWN Neuro Muscular Therapist

Alan O’Brien, former 1500m Irish Champion is a qualified neuro muscular therapist who will work with people who have long term medical conditioning. 1st Class includes a private consultation room for Alan and clients Ross Hickey himself is a former 10 times Irish boxing champion who won a bronze medal in the European Championships in 2008. Jason qualified from Limerick University in Strength and Conditioning, and is available to advise athletes and sports persons. He currently works the Co Kildare GAA Development Team.

Various budgets and schedules

“We have day passes for people who want to try out the facilities or just do occasional work outs’; monthly memberships or 12 month memberships” said James. “All budgets, all levels of fitness catered for. We are located behind Crookstown Service Station, with ample free car parking” Open Daily from 6.30am9.30pm, with Early Bird classes, School

Run sessions, Circuit Training and Team Work; Saturdays from 8.30am to 5pm and Sunday from 9.30am to 12 noon. Enquiries please to James at 087 131 2497 or email 1stclassfitnesscrookstown@ Also on Facebook, 1St Class Fitness Crookstown

Carpenter in the Kildare Area GEAROID KEALY All aspects of Carpentry

Contact : 085 7799396 Katieanne Ging having a ball at First Class Fitness,Crookstown. Photo: Pat Tinsley

Best Wishes to the Lads in 1st Class Fitness


EVENTS Photos: Aishling Conway

Julia Larantseva, Georgia Hyland, Halo Domican, Sorcha Higgins, Abbie Hogan, Niamh Whitehead and Ali Kaye


Thursday 15 February 2018

St Conleth's Panto Troupe let down their hair with Rapunzel!

Caoimhe Gately

Michael Gannon and Darragh Murphy

Fiona Leamy, Aine Foley, Jess Farrelly, Emma O'Brien and Niamh Loakman

Ceremonial Hunt (without hounds) in Kildare Town for Four Peaks Challenge charity event. Photos: Pat Scully

Getting ready for the off.

A large contingent of horses and riders. Getting a horse ready.

ABOVE: Final preparations being made. RIGHT: Horses were very well turned out.

Lots of interest from members of the public.

Billy Flood - self proclaimed 'Mayor of Suncroft'.

Thursday 15 February 2018




Fabulous contemporary home in Monasterevin with separate garage and landscaped gardens – for €550k By Kim O’Leary For potential buyers seeking a property located in a quiet area with plenty of opportunity for expansion, this beautiful former show house in Monasterevin includes professionally landscaped gardens, a separate garage as well as being in close proximity to the Heritage Golf and Spa Resort with an asking price of €550,000. Kate O’Shea Auctioneers is delighted to present new to the market “1 Mount Henry Drive”, Killenard, Monasterevin, Co Kildare, situated in a highly respected area close to the Heritage Golf and Spa Resort set on its own private site set against the magnificent backdrop of the famous clubhouse and the property stands on approximately 2,700sq.feet in total. Inside the property consists of 4 bedrooms and 4 bath-

rooms (including 2 en suite), hallway, a spacious and modern open-plan kitchen/dining room which provide stunning views of the surrounding area, 3 reception rooms, and a utility room. There is a clear sense of space and light for all of the rooms inside this magnificent architect designed home. Outside the property is approached via electric gates to ensure privacy and a large tarmacadam driveway with ample parking space for several cars, landscaped gardens boasting lush green lawns to the front and rear of the property, as well as a separate garage to the rear of the prop-

erty which could house cars or could be converted into a workshop. Located in the quiet village of Killenard, this wonderfully private home boasts 5 star amenities from the championship golf course to the 5 star hotel and spa, gym, swimming pool, walking track,

award winning restaurants, as well as the famous Thatch pub with creche, school, churches, community centre and the local G.A.A club being nearby. This property would also be ideal for commuters as it a 45-minute journey to Dublin with the train station being 5 minutes away.

Early viewing of this dream home is highly recommended and for more information and 75 images visit



FREE PHONE 1800 528543


045 528543 | 045 528682





Thursday 15 February 2018

Louise Higgins

The Creativity This week I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the work by Irish textile designer Orla Kiely. Orla Kiely, OBE (born 1963 in Dublin), is an Irish fashion designer based in London. She began her career designing hats, and moved on to design work on handbags and a variety of other items including kitchenware, stationery, furniture, wallpaper, and a range of Citroën DS3 cars. She received a master's degree from the Royal College of Art and worked with several companies before setting up her own business with her

Acorn cup duvet set from the Kilkenny Shop

All prints from Orla Kiely available from Aspire Design.

husband. The creative world of Orla Kiely was founded in 1995 to express visually, her love of pattern, colour, texture and rhythm, which as components all play and work together.

Contemporary and Edgy

Her contemporary edgy designs ensure that she is much sought after in Ireland and abroad. Orla Kiely signature style of bold prints inspired by nature and the outdoors lends itself to a vast range of interior products to include homeware, bedding, fabric and wallpapers.

Citroen car featuring Orla Kiely Design.


CARPETS Ladytown Business Park, Newhall, Naas. 045 409173



Available from Aspire Design

We are delighted to stock the Orla Kiely printed fabric collections in association with Ashley Wilde. These strong iconic collections of patterns would look stunning in any contemporary home. Printed on 100% cotton these fabrics are ideal for curtains and soft furnishings and are available to order from our Aspire Design studio. Here is a glimpse at just some of the fabrics we have on offer from this new collection. Inspired by designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Orla Kiely brand aesthetic is consistently playful, fresh and full of whimsy. Colours include her distinctive palette of warm dandelion, Seagrass, orange, olive, cool greys, moss, powder blues and dark marine. The Orla Kiely brand, founded by Orla Kiely, developed into a design company that embodies colour, print and a passion for mid-century design to create her perfect world and her iconic prints are available on a vast range of products to include ready to wear collections, fragrance, beauty, handbags, watches, jewellery, shoes, homewares, wallpapers and more.

More than Bathrooms.... Call 045 450 374 / 086 2020 384

NTB & Newbridge Tiles and Bathrooms

find us on

Over 4000 Styles

045 450 374 086 2020 384

Wood Effects Tiles

Newbridge Tiles and Bathrooms offering Unique Highest quality tiles, bathroom solutions and decorative facade stone at competitive prices. Fashion tiles, modern bathroom systems, stones and fabulous lighting.

Unit 3, Newbridge Industrial Estate , Athgarvan Road, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Opening Hours: MON - FRI 8am - 8pm • SAT 8am - 6pm



GENUINE SALE ONCE A YEAR Newbridge Family owned Business Established by Former Kildare Foot baller Seamus“Sos”Dowling. We are open 30 years later this year.. For all leading brands in Carpets, Vinyls and Woods, Call to Shay Dowling Carpets. For the best value in Kildare,with a safe reliable service

Create Your Perfect Headboard Today Design to Delivery in 5 Simple Steps

045 982265 n 086 3999926


Thursday 15 February 2018


of Orla Kiely A Life in Pattern

Orla Kiely has completed two publications entitled 'Home' and 'Pattern' both published by Conran Octopus. She will release a third publication name 'A Life in Pattern' in May 2018 to coincide with her exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London this May. The exhibition runs from the 25 May to 23 September and offers a privileged insight into the designer’s world – how she works, what has inspired her, and why her facility with pattern has produced designs that have resonated around the world. With shops in South Korea and New York

it will be interesting to see how the Orla Kiely brand evolves in the future. For more information on any of the fabrics featured, you can contact me at info@aspiredesign. ie or call on 045 982 265 / 086 399 9926 to make an appointment to call to our studio to view the fabrics in person. Thanks, Louise RIGHT: Early Bird cushion from the Kilkenny Shop.

Further Orla Kiely prints available from Aspire Design.

DAY AND NIGHT BLINDS ROLLER BLINDS Orla Kiely prints available from Aspire Design.

There retro Orla Kiely prints are all available from Aspire Design

Brouder Brothers Steel Ltd

086 816 3625


Woodlands, Rathangan, Co Kildare

045 524 620



now available in Kilcullen NEW FASTER PUMPS

• Petrol & Road Diesel at each pump • New Pump for Tractor Diesel & Kerosene • Coal • Briquettes • Kindling • Calor Gas • Patio Gas • 20L Fuel Cans

click on

Order your Home Heating Oil on




Thursday 15 February 2018 Caragh Nurseries

Maximising your Garden Space It has been a really busy few weeks on the nursery with the launch of some gorgeous new collections that have been really exciting. We always said that what we do is plants and that by doing anything other than plants would be diluting our message. But now we’ve come to realise that we create beautiful gardens by designing and advising on how to make the most out of your outdoor space/garden area – so we now assist our clients in additional things that help you to utilize and maximize your

garden space. So we have over the last couple of weeks launched several new, handpicked products for the garden after we have tested and used these products in our own garden and tested them with some of our loyal customers. Then and only then, will they make into our collection - as you can imagine, we have had lots of fun trialling some of these! The pizza ovens were great but only one made the cut and so only one goes into the collection. The DeliVita wood

fired pizza oven (take a look at my latest blog on Pizza and rugby on ) is just the best and so that’s the one.

In the Right Light

The lighting was a little harder as people want them in lots of styles and for different places so we found a supplier whose lighting all works for us, we are not holding stock of those as they are lighter but we can guarantee delivery within 5 - 10 working days and so we can offer a wider choice



on this but the quality has been tested with some of our hotelier customers, if it works for them it’s going to work for you. The latest launch this week is our furniture collection and we have really had our work cut out with this one, if I wouldn’t have it in my own garden then it wasn’t making the cut, it had to really be calling to me, I want that! We had a small enough collection, which is exactly what I wanted, of perfectly formed garden tables and sofa sets. We will at some stage add to the collection with some of our own designs but for now these handpicked sets we think work well with everything we have so far. You can find all the sew sets launching on my website this weekend.

Garden Art

The next thing I am looking for is garden art, we have a train carriage on the nurser, which at one stage we had a cafe in but my work load meant that was just pulling too much of my time from the nursery so since then it has laid empty and I would just love to show off garden art in there, if there are any artists out there that would like to show off their designs to my customers the do contact me but in the meantime I am off to handpick some of my favourite pieces to show off on the website as examples of what we can pick up.


Chilson table and bench set



Premier range of trees, hedging & plants in Ireland


KildareNow ow



Largest range of Specimen & Espalier trees for screening & privacy

Stickens, Caragh, Naas, Co. Kildare Phone: 045 879170 email:

Design & Consuultancy Let us guide you to create your own individual garden designed and planted just for you



Thursday 15 February 2018


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Is your car road worthy? Check out the RSA 12 Road Safety Checks Tyre Safety How to pass your CRVT (DOE) Test Will Ireland embrace the electric car? Breda Corrigan reviews the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Suzuki Ignis

Finance available from 2.9% on approved used cars. Own the Audi you’ve always wanted with Audi Approved :plus Visit Audi Naas or






per month

per month

per month

per month

per month

172 Q2 1.6TDI 116bhp SE Rear Sensors, A/C.

172 Q3 2.0TDI 150bhp SE Alloys, Rear Sensors, A/C.

172 A3 Saloon 1.6TDI 116bhp SE Rear Sensors, Light & Rain Sensors.

161 A3 SB 1.6TDI 110bhp S Line Nav Online, Connect Pack.

171 TT COUPE 2.0TDI 184bhp S-LINE 19" Alloys, Audi Sound System.

€ 30,950.00

€ 36,950.00

€ 27,950.00


€ 36,950.00

Year 141 141

Model Description A3 Sportsback 1.6 TDI 105bhp SE Connectivity Pack. A3 Saloon 1.6TDI 110bhp Multifuncion S/Wheel, MMI Screen.

Colour Brilliant Black Black



1.6TDI 110bhp Sline Alloy Upgrade, Black Pack.

Daytona Grey

171 131 132 171 171 171

A3 Saloon A4 Avant A4 Avant A4 A4 A4 Avant

1.6TDI 110bhp SE Multifunction S/Wheel, A/C. 2.0TDI 120bhp SE Alloy Upgrade, Light & Rain Sensors. 2.0TDI 120bhp SE Beige Leather, Alloys. 2.0TDI 150bhp SE Ultra Upgraded Sav, Virtual Cockpit. 2.0TDI 122bhp Sline Black Pack, Sline Interior, Piano Inlay. 2.0TDI 150bhp Sline High Beem, Ambient Lighting.

Floret Silver Silver Moonlight Blue Floret Silver Manhattan Grey Daytona Grey

Kms 76,000KM 94,000KM

Price €18,750 €20,950

Per Month €224 €330




8,700KM 83,000KM 91,000KM 9,000KM 5,800KM 11,200KM

€27,950 €18,950 €19,950 €35,950 €36,950 €38,950

€241 €264 €278 €324 €314 €309

Audi Naas Newbridge Road, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Tel: 045 90 6666

Typical Finance Example: Audi Q2 1.6Tdi OTRP €30,950. Deposit [/ Part Exchange] €9,594.50. 36 monthly payments of €279.87. Optional Final Payment €12,176.80 Total cost of credit €971.62 including acceptance fee (€75) and completion fee (€75). Minimum deposit is 10%. Subject to lending criteria. Hire purchase agreement. Audi Finance is a trading style of Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.*Minimum deposit is 10%. Subject to lending criteria. Hire purchase agreement. Audi Finance is a trading style of Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.* Typical Finance Example: Audi A3 Saloon 1.6Tdi SE OTRP €27,950.00 Deposit [/ Part Exchange] €8,664.50 36 monthly payments of €248.19. Optional Final Payment €13,148.40 Total cost of credit €971.62 including acceptance fee (€75) and completion fee (€75). Minimum deposit is 10%. Subject to lending criteria. Hire purchase agreement. Audi Finance is a trading style of Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.*



Thursday 15 February 2018


Make sure your Tyr Did you know tyres can be classified according to three distinct categories as follows: • Summer tyres • All-season tyres • snow or winter tyres Most tyres used in Ireland are categorised as summer tyres. This does not mean that they are for use during the summer only—it’s merely as a way to segregate them from winter tyres in countries where there is a practical and sometimes legal requirement to fit winter tyres.

Snow/Winter Tyres— Advice for Motorists

Snow sock fitted to a car's front tyre

Snow tyres have tread patterns specifically designed to bite into snow and ice. They’re made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather, allowing the tyre to better conform to the surface of the road; whereas summer and all-season tyres get hard and are less pliable in cold temperatures. As a result, winter tyres give better grip on snowy and icy surfaces than regular all-season or summer tyres. Grip is critical—not just to avoid getting stuck, but to ensure that a vehicle can stop and steer and ensure safety enhancing technologies such as Antilock

Braking Systems (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and all-wheel drive can do their jobs. All-season tyres are designed to cope with all sorts of conditions, including dry roads and rain, but are not optimised for any one condition.

Winter tyres—should I fit them?

Currently there are no specific requirements in Irish Road Traffic Regulations mandating or prohibiting the use of snow or winter tyres. Our advice is that, should you wish to install a set of snow tyres, you always install a full set of four to reduce the risks of over and under steer. Once the possibility of snow is gone for the season, you should remove your snow or winter tyres and reinstall your all-season or summer tyres. The reason for this is that they are made from softer compounds, which cause them to wear out faster, especially in warm weather.

Traction Aids

Again, there are no specific Irish Road Traffic Regulations mandating or prohibiting the use of snow chains, snow socks or studded tyres as our relatively low annual snowfall has not warranted the introduction of such regulations. However, Irish Road Traffic

regulations prohibit a driver from using a vehicle on Irish roads if their control over the vehicle has been reduced and if the vehicle presents a danger to other road users. This is important with respect to traction aid devices and studded tyres. While such devices may increase a vehicle’s grip where the road is uniformly covered in snow and ice, they will have reduced performance compared to a correctly maintained tyre on dry road surfaces. It is very important that a driver take great care when using such devices and: • abide by manufacturers’ instructions • not exceed the maximum speed rating specified for device • adhere to conditions under which it should be used • ensure that fitting device will not invalidate warranties/insurance

Snow Chains

Snow chains or cables are designed to wrap around the thread of the tyres on your vehicle and latch together tightly to prevent slipping. They provide massive traction gains by biting into the snow and ice on the ground. Snow chains look like chain link wrapped around the tyre, and snow cables look like thick wires. Both devices are



Thursday 15 February 2018


es are road worthy! tough, adept at adding traction in adverse weather conditions, and won’t break under normal conditions. Do not attempt to fit the wrong-sized chains on your vehicle. Snow chains come in different sizes, so not every snow chain will fit every tyre. You can find the size of your tyres written on the sidewall to avoid buying the wrong chains. Snow chains must be installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations for safety. Ensure that they are fixed on the correct wheels and the locking devices are attached correctly. Don’t drive for long periods on asphalt with snow chains or cables, as this will shorten the life of the chains and may cause damage to the surface of the road, which is prohibited under Irish Road Traffic Regulations.

every tyre and wheel combination. The size of your tyres is written on the tyres’ sidewalls. Snow socks must be installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations for safety, and motorists must not exceed the speed limit for which they’re designed. Particular care must also be taken to ensure that they’re installed on the correct wheels. If the vehicle is front wheel drive, the socks go on the front wheels and vice versa. Care must be taken not to

drive on asphalt for long periods with snow socks fitted, as this will shorten their life.

Studded Tyres

Snow or winter tyres may be designed to accept the installation of metal studs for additional traction in icy roads. The studs also roughen the ice, thus providing better friction between the ice and the soft rubber in winter tyres. Under Irish Road Traffic Regulations, although not specifically illegal, studs should be used only on packed ice or snow, as their direct use on

the road surface would cause damage and therefore be prohibited. Remember you can be fined

if you are found to be driving without tyres that comply with road safety guidelines. Contact a reputable tyre dealer

now in your area, you could save yourself a hefty fine, but ultimately, you could save lives, including your own!

Snow Socks

Snow socks are super-strong textile covers that you slip over the drive wheels to provide the grip you need on ice and snow. They're reusable, relatively easy to fit, take up minimal storage space, and have been popular with motorists during our recent sporadic winter conditions. Like snow chains, snow socks come in different sizes, so not every snow sock will fit

Studded Tyre

Tyres fitted with snow chains


• Glass Repair Service • Glass Replacement Service • Tractor & Plant Glass • Bullet Resistant Glass & Security Film • Canopy Glass • Sunroofs • Wholesale



24/7 1890 779955

Kildare’s ONLY dedicated ADAS Recalibration centre!

Nationwide: Windscreen Replacement - Windscreen Repair - Stone Chip Repairs AAA Mobile Windscreens Head Office & Control Centre, W 1 A, Tougher Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare

1890 77 99 55



Thursday 15 February 2018


Car Safety Checks 12 Basic Vehicle Maintenance Checks It is the responsibility of the owner and/or driver of a vehicle to make sure it’s in a roadworthy condition at all times when used in a public

place. All parts and equipment of a vehicle must be in good and efficient working order. It is not enough that your car has a valid NCT disc on the windscreen. A vehicle needs to be serviced in line with manufacturer’s recommendations in between roadworthiness tests as well. It’s your legal obligation to do so. Unfortunately, some motorists continue to think that once their car passes the NCT it doesn’t need be serviced until the next test or until a warning light comes on. The following table provides general maintenance guidelines. Factors such as age, mileage and driving conditions

will affect timelines and every vehicle is different so please consult your owner’s manual or contact the original manufacturer /authorised distributor for recommended service intervals. The owner’s manual, and in the case of many modern vehicles the car itself, will tell you when a service is next due and what will be required. Always keep your owner’s manual in your glove


Celbridge, Maynooth, Kilcock, Straffan

Winter is coming! Is your car ready?


10 119


all in









Service includes oil and filter replacement, all fluids topped up, brakes and suspension checked and greased, plus NCT check over)

Contact Damien

Tel: 01 629 1811 or book online at Try us for a different garage experience

Located beside the M4, at Unit G8 Maynooth Business Campus

compartment. It contains valuable instructions, information and warnings specific to your vehicle. *Full Service recommended every 10,000km to 15,000km *Walk Around Checks At least once a week and before any long journey *These are general guidelines only, please refer to your manual or contact the manufacturer for time lines specific to your

vehicle Many drivers consider servicing an expense, but it ensures your safety and the safety of other road users and significantly reduces the chances of your vehicle breaking down. Keeping your car in a good condition can also save you money. A valid service history and regular maintenance will not only increase a vehicle’s resale

value, it helps to ensure that a car runs more efficiently and safely, minimising problems and expensive repairs in the future. The RSA has prepared this booklet to offer 12 practical safety checks which you can carry out on your vehicle in between services. See full guidelines on www. Vehicle/RSA%2012%20Car%20 Safety%20Checks.pdf


Thursday 15 February 2018



Ingenious IGNIS from Suzuki by Breda Corrigan Suzuki is well known globally for its expertise in small cars, and the new Ignis compact crossover is its latest example. Since launching its first car in 1955 (called the Suzulight), Suzuki has produced a vast range of significant models, each tailored to the needs of its time. Historically, Suzuki has earned high acclaim for its stylish, city oriented designs, compact and easy-tomanage dimensions, while also offering lively performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Suzuki unveiled the new Ignis for Europe at the 2016 Paris Motor Show as its new global compact crossover and it clearly demonstrates convenience and comfort in a stylish new exterior. It exudes Suzuki DNA from every pore, while at the same time introducing an entirely new design with unique character. In addition to its simple and iconic styling, this compact SUV offers the functionality and performance to provide confident driving in a wide variety of conditions. Alongside its stylish exterior design, the Ignis features

excellent visibility, an easy-todrive size, spacious cabin and ample luggage space. The development goal was to create purely iconic crossover styling that is undoubtedly Suzuki. This goal was achieved, and surpassed, by Suzuki’s design team.

My Test Drive

My test car was a new Suzuki Ignis 1.2-litre Dualjet (Petrol) SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) SZ5 in 2WD guise (it is also available in 4WD). This very well equipped, rangetopping, compact crossover is priced at a very reasonable €16,495 (plus metallic paint at €370 if required). Three models are available in the new Suzuki Ignis – SZ3, SZ-T and SZ5 with a starting price of just €12,995. Underpinning all new Ignis models is a platform constructed in high tensile steel, resulting in a very low kerb weight (from just 810kg – depending on specifiaction chosen) which leads to fuel economy of up to 65.7mpg. Suzuki’s free-revving 1.2litre petrol engine develops a healthy 90bhp with 120Nm of torque available at 4,400rpm. Maximum speed is 161km/h and the 0-100km/h sprint can be completed in just 11.1 seconds. The cabin of the new Suzuki

Ignis features convenient storage space. In addition to the two-section glove box design, there are bottle holders in the centre and rear consoles as well as in the front and rear doors. With 180mm of minimum ground clearance, the new Ignis enhances driving performance on rough roads, while also enabling a higher seating position for better visibility. The slightly higher seat position also eases the burden of entering and exiting the car. Standard specs across the new Ignis range includes airconditioning, 15“ wheels, six ai r bags, DAB radio with Bluetooth, body coloured door mirrors, five seat capacity and front electric windows. However, my SZ5 test car also included an impressive standard list of safety, security and comfort features that you would only expect in a much

more expensive car. The new Ignis from Suzuki is truly ingenious. – check it out now! Breda



Preparing for your CVR Test (DOE) To prepare for your CVR/ DOE test, the following checks must be done and completed. If you have any concerns about your vehicle, contact a reputable garage, service agent or mechanic. 1. You check your vehicle engine for oil and water and ensure the windscreen washer is topped with water. 2. Seats and cargo area are clear of personal belongings such as tool kits and that the cargo area are accessible to complete certain parts of the test. 3. The vehicle is reasonably clean (especially the under body). 4. Wheel hubcaps are removed (in particular where it is not physically possible to otherwise check the wheel nuts) and the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. 5. The engine is in a fit state to be tested e.g. Timing belt/chain has been replaced in line with your manufacturer`s guidance. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer at your chosen test centre.

6. You check that the safety belts/ buckles are visible and working correctly. In the case of buses and other passenger vehicles you should make sure that you check belts and buckles for all passenger seats. 7. Your registration plates are clean and comply with current regulations. 8. The person who brings the vehicle for inspection brings identifi cation with them in the form of a driving license or passport as failure to provide the required identification will result in the vehicle not being issued a CRW should the vehicle pass the test. 9. Your vehicles temperature gauge is showing as “normal” prior to arriving at the test centre for inspection.


The cost of the Commercial vehicle roadworthiness test varies according to vehicle size. See, and go to the Commercial Vehicle Test Fees page for detailed information


All retests must be completed within 21 calendar days and within 4,000kms of the initial test or you'll need to repeat the full test. A visual re-test is free, but a retest that requires a test lane has a fee that is half of the normal test fee. You should repair vehicle fail items immediately and present the vehicle for re-test as soon as possible.

Thursday 15 February 2018



Thursday 15 February 2018


What is the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test? The Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) is a roadworthiness test for all commercial vehicles, buses with more than eight passenger seats and ambulances, all over one year old. The CVRT confirms that a vehicle satisfies basic safety standards on the day the test is carried out. It tests what is accessible and visible. It does not confer a warranty as regards the condition of the vehicle. All commercial vehicles must be tested when they are over one year old and annually after that. Commercial Vehicle Testing is one component of the preventative measures we need to have safer vehicles on our roads. In order to ensure that vehicles are kept in good and safe condition through their life, it is essential that they are regularly maintained and serviced. Commercial Vehicle Operators now have explicit obligations to have maintenance systems in place and to conduct daily walk around checks. Prospective purchasers of used vehicles should always

(previously known as the DOE test)

have the vehicle thoroughly and independently checked by a qualifi ed person prior to purchase or else buy from an authorised dealer with a warranty. For further information visit the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website . There are two types of commercial vehicle tests, one for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and one for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) – see page opposite for further details.

What is the difference between CVRT, DOE and VTN?

The actual test is now called a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) but is still commonly referred to as a DoE (Department of Environment) Test. The reason for this is that the Department of Environment originally introduced commercial vehicle testing . They have not been involved in its regulation for a number of years. The network of commercial vehicle testing centres where you have your com-

mercial vehicle tested are called Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Operators previously known as Vehicle Testing Network (VTN). This is a network of independently owned test centres which are authorised and supervised by the Road Safety Authority and are completely separate from the National Car Testing Service (NCT) network which only test cars.

Have you concerns about the condition of a Commercial Vehicle in use on Public Roads?

If you have any concerns about the roadworthiness condition of a commercial vehicle for e.g. School Bus, Truck, Trailer or indeed any other type of commercial vehicle you can report your concerns in confidence to the RSA. See and go to the complaints page to find out more.

D&R AUTO | ELECTRICAL LTD UÊ-/,/ ,-ÊUÊ/ , /",-Ê UÊ, 6 ,- Ê  ,UÊ7, Ê1/-ÊUÊ // , -





Thursday 15 February 2018


Mitsubishi’s ‘Outstandi by Breda Corrigan Now in its third generation, the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV has become more popular in recent years thanks to a plug-in hybrid version (PHEV) joining the range in 2014 and sitting alongside its 2.2-litre

turbo-diesel counterpart. The Outlander range was heavily face-lifted in 2015, with new styling, extra equipment and a revised chassis. In 2017 there were additional minor improvements in order to keep up with the fast-moving SUV sector. Rivals to the new Outlander include the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Skoda Kodiaq and Land Rover Discovery Sport. The new Mitsubishi Outlander has a smoother look than before, while its excellent underpinnings remain unchanged. It’s more aerodynamic, too, with underbody

panels helping to aid fuel efficiency. It has been given a more curvaceous design in line with Mitsubishi’s latest 'Dynamic Shield' design language, with LED headlamps and a large three-diamond logo. Generous use of chrome detailing on the front grille, window line and tailgate door give the new Outlander an upmarket look. Overall, the exterior look of the new Outlander is clean, robust, purposeful and very pleasing to the eye. In order to keep things simple, Mitsubishi offer the new Outlander in diesel guise with just two trim levels (both gen-

erously equipped) – ‘Intense’ (2WD with 5-seats and manual gearbox) or ‘Instyle’ (4WD, manual or automatic, with 7 seats). If you opt for the new Outlander PHEV, it is only available in ‘Instyle’ specification with 5 seats. Standard equipment across the range includes 18” alloy wheels, rear parking sensors and rear camera, auto lights & wipers, power-folding & heated electric door mirrors, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights, privacy glass, silver roof rails, space-saver spare wheel, multi-function steering wheel, fold-flat rear seats, keyless entry, dual-zone air-conditioning, cruise control, Smartphone link display with a 7” touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and DAB radio, Bluetooth, ABS, EBD, traction control, active stability control, hill start assist and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Step up to the ‘Instyle’ model and you will also get LED headlamps with auto leveling & headlamp washers, LED front fog lamps, black beltline moldings with side sill garnish, 7 leather seats with front seat heaters and 8-way power adjust for the drivers seat, black line design decoration panels, a keyless operation system and a multiselect drive mode selector on

085 715 2224



Thursday 15 February 2018



ng’ New Outlander SUV the centre console for 4WD functionality. On the inside, the cabin of the new Outlander is well constructed and logically laid out. It certainly looks like it will stand up to the test of time well thanks to the quality on offer. Mitsubishi’s legendary reputation for reliability and durability is very evident in how the new Outlander looks and drives.

Test Driving the Outlander Instyle

My test car was a new Outlander ‘Instyle’ model with 4WD and 7 seats in 2.2-litre Di-D (Turbo Diesel) guise and was mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. This 150PS (147bhp) engine revs smoothly and, thanks to 360Nm of torque @ 1,750rpm, provides strong performance when accelerating from low speeds or pulling out from a junction. The 0-100km/h sprint can be completed in just 10.2 seconds, leading to a top speed of just under 200km/h (where permitted). My time with the new Outlander was spent on a mixture of motorway and back roads and it handled every road surface with confidenceinspiring ease and precision. Fuel economy also impressed me, with as little as 4.8-litres of diesel being consumed on

an extra-urban driving cycle. Annual road tax for the car I drove is just €280, while the PHEV model can be taxed for just €170 per annum.

New larger model

The new Outlander is bigger than the previous model, with a 240mm-longer boot (in which you can store the load-cover under the floor out of the way when you load it up) and up to 1,022 litres of space – 33 litres more than the previous car. The second and third rows of seats fold easily with a onetouch mechanism. The third row is now wider than before

and, instead of the old car’s bench, it’s now a 50:50 split fold with individually adjustable backrests. Thanks to the use of high-tensile steel, the new Outlander’s body is now stiffer and safer and has helped the Outlander achieve a full five-star rating when tested by Euro NCAP in its stringent crash tests. Prices for the new Mitsubishi Outlander start at a very competitive €32,500 (ex-works), while my test car represents great value for money at €39,900 (ex-works). Mitsubishi’s industry-leading 8 year/150,000km warranty

comes as standard, as does a 5 year roadside assistance and breakdown cover in Ireland and Europe. Currently, Mitsubishi dealers are offering a scrappage deal of up to €4,000 on all new Outlander’s for 181. The new Mitsubishi Outlander is truly ‘Outstanding’. Contact Chapman’s of Kildare for all your queries – Breda

Make the future your present. From €399 per month with 1.9% APR PCP Finance* €1,000 Purchase Contribution** Technology Upgrades

For 181, we’re making it easier than ever to drive a new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, with low-rate finance from Volkswagen Bank and a Purchase Contribution of €1,000. Plus you can experience the future of driving with a Technology Upgrade on the Tiguan Allspace. Visit us before March 31st to avail of these offers. We make the future real.

Sheehy Motors Naas, Newbridge Road, Naas, Co. Kildare. T. 045 90 6600. W. Tiguan Allspace Range Fuel Consumption l/100km (high to low): urban 7.7 - 5.8, extra-urban 5.8 - 4.4, combined 6.5 – 4.9. CO2 emissions g/km (high to low) 170 - 129. Increased weight of a vehicle, including higher trim levels and the addition of options may have an effect on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions produced. The CO2 and fuel consumption figures are the official figures obtained from tests under standardised EU test conditions. *Typical Finance Example: New Tiguan Allspace CL 2.0 TDI 150HP. OTRP €40,440. Deposit / Part Exchange €12,116.10. 36 monthly payments of €399. Optional Final Payment €15,072.70. Total cost of credit €1,262.80 including acceptance fee (€75) and completion fee (€75). Typical APR 1.9%. 1.9% APR is available on selected new models. Minimum deposit is 10%. Subject to lending criteria. This offer is made under a hire purchase agreement. Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. **Purchase Contributions only available on new retail sales ordered before March 31st 2018 and must be financed through Volkswagen Bank. These offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. These offers do not apply to fleet sales. Models shown are for illustrative purposes only. Information correct at time of print. See for details.



Thursday 15 February 2018


Motor Industry welcomes announcement by Minister •New SPSV Grant launched up to €7,000 available to Taxi/Hackney/and Limousine The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) welcomes the recent announcement by Minister Ross of a grant scheme for Taxi/ Limousine/Hackney (SPSV), aimed at increasing the uptake of new electric vehicles (EVs) in the Irish taxi fleet. The electric vehicle initiative will give Taxi drivers up to €7,000 towards the purchase of a new electric car on top of the VRT relief and SEAI grants. Grant Incentives are available for a range of eligible private and commercial electric vehicles along with an SEAI home charger grant scheme. Alan Nolan Director General SIMI commented: “SIMI having campaigned for incentives that help support the change to electric cars such as free Tolls, parking and supports for recharging installation, welcomes the announcement by Minister Ross of the new grant scheme for taxis and other small public service vehicles. As we start to see more electric vehicles on our roads this will help to normalize the electric cars for consumers and their use as a public service vehicle will aid in providing motorists

with that experience, while benefiting the environment. As we have underlined before, strategies to increase electric car sales, such as the very welcome BIK changes introduced in Budget 2018 take time to impact on purchasing decisions and on supply, as cars for the Irish market are ordered up to six months in advance and we are competing with other countries for supply. Once such incentives are confirmed as being in place for a signifi cant period (as the Minister has signalled in relation to BIK) we will see the market respond strongly and build to a much higher level over a number of years. Ireland’s national fleet will continue with a mix of engine types over the next few years with Diesel (57%) and Petrol (36%) engines the greater market share in the new car market and still the required option for very many vehicle buyers. As an Industry we are fully committed to the supply of electric vehicles into the marketplace and we are confident that continuously improving technology will deliver an ever increasing market share for electric vehicles into the future. Incen-

Pictured at the SPSV Grant Launch l-r CEO of Nissan Ireland, James McCarthy, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross and Alan Nolan Director General SIM tives will play an important part in helping consumers make their purchasing decision to EVs a new cleaner technology”.

Distributor Quotes BMW Group Ireland

Paulo Alves, MD of BMW Group Ireland, said “We have witnessed a surge

in interest from customers in EVs since the government announced these initiatives so it’s great to see this positive effect. We are now at the tipping point with customer

demand and technology. In 2017 we sold just over 100,000 electrified vehicles and plan to grow that significantly this year with models such as the BMW i3. As demand grows


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Ross to help SPSV drivers move to Electric Vehicles so will our range, including a new fully electric (BEV) MINI next year, a BMW X3 BEV in 2020 plus many more so that by 2025, our line-up will comprise 25 fully or semi-electrified models”.

Hyundai Cars Ireland Ltd

“Welcoming the new incentive along with those brought forward by the Government to date which have been well thought out and will prove effective in increasing EV sales in Ireland. Stephen Gleeson Managing Director Hyundai Cars Ireland Ltd said the changes in the most recent budget will take time to get increased production allocations for 2018 from the factories. However with supply freeing up and the imminent launch for 2019 of the 500km range Kona electric SUV we are confi dent that Government policy to encourage EV adoption will begin to make signifi cant strides in 2019. We would encourage the Government to continue supporting EV’s as the only long-term solution to the CO2 problem.”

minister. It shows we are starting to get real about the future of EVs in Ireland. What the registration figures don’t show, is the fantastic increase and awareness now on EVs as we are seeing in our showrooms. We must also remember that EVs are going strong across Europe so all manufacturers are low on EV stocks at the moment. The switch to EVs will not happen over-night but the government has proven that they are behind Evs for the future and the consumers will start to see this”

Volkswagen Group Irl

“We have been pleasantly surprised with the lift in interest in EVs since the announcement of concessions on BIK for such vehicles with a dramatic increase in orders for the eGolf in particular,” said Paddy Comyn, Head of Group Communications for Volkswagen Group Ireland. “Supply is going to be the main challenge for us in 2018, but we would expect to see most orders fulfilled in time for 182. We will roll out more EV dealers across Ireland this year and next in anticipation of a raft of new electric models coming in 2020.”

Renault Twizy electric car

Will Ireland embody the electric car

Nissan Ireland

“Welcoming the new grant scheme the CEO of Nissan Ireland, James McCarthy said: “As pioneers of EV driving Nissan welcomes the new grant scheme to encourage SPSV drivers to switch from diesel to electric driving. There has never been a better time to do so. The 100% electric, zero emissions Nissan LEAF is the best-selling EV in Ireland. The new Nissan LEAF launches in Ireland in April with a range of 378 kilometres on a single charge making it the perfect partner for SPSV drivers who want to avail of the scheme and follow in the footsteps of the 2,000 Irish motorists who already drive a Nissan LEAF”.

Renault Group Ireland

Patrick Magee Managing Director Renault Group Ireland commented “The Renault Group welcome the incentives launched by the



MASSIVE SALES OF NEW & USED ELECTRIC CARS & ACCESSORIES Save €1000s over Main Dealer Prices Tel: 045 914932 Mobile: 085 7855916 r








Thursday 15 February 2018


Seat make decent fist of first dip into the bloated crossover market Fact box

streets, though when it was taken up some steep hills and around some unforgiving bends it responded well.

Interior and technology

By Patrick Ward

Somewhat belatedly, Seat eventually took the step into the crossover market to bring their own style to an ever-expanding part of the motoring industry, and the new Seat Arona fits snuggly alongside competitors such as the Nissan Juke, Ssangyong Tivoli, Renault Captur and Citreon C3. To sum up the Arona quite quickly, it is a perfectly adequate crossover without making any screaming statements or managing to push itself out

from the crowd. While Seat have continuously improved in recent years with the Ibiza, Leon and Ateca models, there is a slight sense that the Arona was only brought out for the sake of having a crossover in their armoury without ever putting too much effort into it. For this review, the car tested was the 1.0 litre petrol 115HP Xcellence version.

Style and comfort

This is one of the great things that the Arona has going for it – it’s a fine-looking crossover that has gone with the recent trend of featuring a different shade roof to the rest of the body. The headlights and taillights are snazzy looking, while

the wing mirrors are also easy on the eye. Overall, the simple exterior styling is certainly well thought out. On the inside it looks well, but there is a large amount of plastic trim that feels a bit clunky at times. The large 8” touchscreen is dominant in the centre of the dash, and Seat have avoided filling the car with unnecessary buttons, levers or cubby holes that can be an annoyance in other vehicles. There is ample space in the back seats, but that detracts from the boot size which is not the biggest.


The Arona is certainly smooth on the road and of-

fers a relatively effortless ride. Completely effortless shifting through the gears, the braking is gentle also. Cornering is OK, but at times the car can feel slightly top-heavy due to the fact that a larger body has essentially been placed on the wheelbase of an Ibiza. It’s quite light at 1,000kg, and sometimes that can be felt. The 6-speed 115HP 1.0 litre version is quite quick off the mark and very responsive, and there is a good blast of torque when peering above 2,000 rpm. All that is satisfactory, but there is also a throaty sound to the engine when taking off quickly. This is certainly more of an urban car that would suit city

Seat are sparing very little expense on the technology they are pumping into their new cars, and that really is a thing to cherish. The magnificent 8” touchscreen is beautiful and easy to use, and it features Sat Nav, voice control and Full Link for android and iPhones. With an extra few euro put in on top of the base price for the SE version you can upgrade to smart cruise control, which automatically slows the car down if you are coming up behind another vehicle. Two amber signals on the wing mirrors warn the driver when a car is overtaking from either side – something that is actually quite a good feature while on long drives down a motorway. The usual extras such as a rearview parking camera, heated seats and stop/start technology are all available on

• Launched in Ireland in late 2017 • Starting price - €17,995 • Engine options- 1.0 EcoTSI 95 HP, 1.0 EcoTSI 115 HP, 1.0 EcoTSI 115 HP, 1.5 TSI Evo 150 HP, Diesel 1.6 CR 95 HP (70 KW) Start/Stop • 4.9l per 100km (1.0 TSI 115HP version) • Available in Standard, SE, Xcellence and FR models this car.


The 1.0 litre petrol 115HP Arona does 100km for every 4.9 litres, according to Seat, which is OK. Like most petrol cars, this is suited to city driving and the rather small tank means that filling up on long journeys is a necessity.


The Arona is a nice-looking car with all the modern technology you need, and certainly enjoyable to drive, but it just feels as if Seat manufactured a crossover for the sake of it without investing a huge amount of time into it.

QUALITY PRE-OWNED CARS, CR0SS-0VERS, 4x4’s & VANS Yr Model Milage Colour Price 17 Fiesta Titanium 1.2, 5-dr 12 000mls Black ................€15,500 16 Fiesta Zetec 1.2, 5-dr 4,900mls Grey ....................€14,950 16 Fiesta Style 1.2, 5-dr, 145mls Race Red CAR OF THE WEEK .......€14,950 15 Fiesta Titanium 1.2, 5-dr 15,000mls Silver ................€13,950 13 Note SV 1.6, 5-dr 64,801mls Silver .............€9,450(K) 13 Skoda Fabia Est 1.2, 5-dr 63,700mls Silver ..................€7,950 10 Fiesta Style 1.2, 5-dr 50,000mls Black ..................€7,500

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14 Pulsar SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Kia Rio EX 1.4CRDi, 5-dr 13 Mondeo Titanium 1.6TD, 5-dr 13 Focus Edge 1.6TD, 4-dr 13 Kia Rio EX 1.4CRDi, 5-dr 12 Mazda 3 Executive 1.6TD, 4-dr 12 Megan GT Line 1.5TD, 5-dr 11 Focus Style 1.6TD, 5-dr 11 Focus Style 1.6TD, 5-dr 11 Focus Edge 1.6TD, 5-dr, 115ps 10 Focus Style 1.6TD, 5-dr 09 Mondeo Ghia Auto 2.0TD, 5-dr

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16 Qashqai SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 16 Qashqai SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 16 Qashqai SV+ 1.5TD, 5-dr 15 Sportage EXLS 1.7TD, 5-dr 15 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr 15 Sportage EXL 1.7TD, 5-dr 15 Kuga Zetec 2.0TD, 5-dr 15 Sante Fe 7-Seat 2.2TD, 5-dr 15 Qashqai SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 15 Juke SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Qashqai SVE 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Qashqai SVE 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Qashqai SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Qashqai SV 1.5TD, 5-dr 14 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr 14 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr 14 Sportage EXS 1.7TD, 5-dr 14 Sportage LXES 1.7TD, 5-dr 13 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr 13 Sportage LX 1.7TD, 5-dr 13 Sportage EXS 1.7TD, 5-dr 13 Kuga Titanium 2.0TD, 5-dr 13 Qashqai XE 1.5TD, 5-dr 12 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr 12 Sportage EX 1.7TD, 5-dr

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9,100mls Grey ...............€22,950(K)

VANS (INC VAT) 17 Ranger Limited 2.2TD, 4-dr 16 Sorento Ex Comm 2.2TD, 5-dr 16 VW Golf Van 1.6TD, 3-dr 16 Connect Trend 1.6TD, 4-dr 15 Cutom Trend 290 2.0TD, 5-dr 14 Connect LWB 3-Seat 1.6TD, 5-dr

6,700mls Black......... €29,850+VAT 75,000mls Gunmetal .. €18,650+VAT 28,000mls Black ...... €13,500+VAT 9,300mls Blue ....................€12,900 28,500mls Black ...... €13,400+VAT 34,000mls White .................€9,900


Dublin Road Portlaoise – Tel 057 8622048 Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-2pm



SOCIAL 73 'Remembering Brian’ draws huge support at Ryston SC Kildarepost

Thursday 15 February 2018 LOCAL

EVENTS Photos: Pat Tinsley

Ken and Ann Coffey.

Celia Brogan, Mary Groarke and Cathy McCormack.

Sean McIlroy and Aelish Collins.

Martina McCormack, Tom Cornally, Fiona O'Loughlin TD, John McCormack with Annemarie and Mark Sweeney.

Jennifer Cross, John Switzer and Sandra Martin Halford.

Celia Brogan.

Elaine Sheppard and Helen Hartnett in the Battle of the Rosé...

John Leahy, Mary Leahy, Anne Lawlor, Denise and Tony French.

Marion Durney and Geraldine Behan.

Rita McCormack and Helen Durney.

Katie Cornally and Martina McCormack.

Jennifer Cross, Kate Nolan and Caroline Elstead.

John O'Donovan and Frankie McCormack.

Maria Geraghty and Joan Whelan.



Thursday 15 February 2018

TRADES & SERVICES • EMPLOYMENT • PUBLIC NOTICES • Lead valleys replaced • Ridge caps reprinted • Flat roofs repaired & replaced • Broken tiles & slates replaced • New gutters fascia & soffit fitted • Gutters cleaned and sealed • Moss cleaned from roofs • Full powerwashing services available • Rockwood insulation for 3 bed semi detached fitted, only €495

Contact: 045 408 200

We are looking for

CHILDCARE PROFESSIONALS for full-time and part-time positions to join our team


Jim’s Roofing

t t

Vat no 7362923j Fully Insured

t t

Handyman Services

Call Jim 085 2065517 • 045 258015

t t t t

The job requires the following criteria: To perform the role of childcare professional to the highest stand of care at all time. Plan, review and implement Curriculum (Aistear, Siolta). Devise new ways of adding to the Curriculum to the benefit of the children. Document the children’s learnings through observations. Liaise with parents to inform and update them of the child’s progress and well-being. Ensure that quality standards are maintained in all child related matters. Minimum Level 5 qualified. Attractive package for the successful candidate Experience desirable but not essential. Please forward your details to:


Kellihers Electrical Naas is looking for a sales/stores & customer focused person to join the team! Knowledge of the Electrical Wholesale industry is an advantage.




Trade counter sales to customers, taking sales orders, preparing orders, developing business plus general warehouse duties including goods inwards.

Ideal Candidate would possess the following: Experience in the electrical trade is an advantage Full clean driving licence Must be computer literate Excellent people skills

If you are interested and would like to work for Ireland’s leading Electrical Wholesaler, please post or email your CV to address below

Replies to:

Mr Gerard O’Reilly Crabapple Road, Ladytown, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 FFD6

Or e-mail:





Contact: 045 408 200

Caring People Needed

Friendly and cheerful people needed to provide home care services to older people in our community. Build great relationships. Help people smile. Rewarding and paid, Part Time, Day, Evening and Weekend work. A heart is required. Training is provided

“Service you can rely on”

Home Instead Senior Care

Call Today 045 484623 or Email:



Mini Bag 1 Tonne



Midi Bag 1.25 Tonne

Standard Bag -2 Tonne


For all your Chimney Needs

s No Call Out Charge s Nationwide Service s Insurance Claims s Keenest Rate s CCTV Survey Contact 045 810072 | 086 3451807


130x160 Kildare Post Apr.indd 1

Mob: 0863075497

Unit 3 Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Co. Kildare


• Planting Service - Hedges & Trees • Very Reliable Service • Tree Cutting • Hedge Trimming & Saw Work • Lawn mowing Service Available for Clubs/Golf Courses & General work

Tired of looking at your old suite of furniture?

Cant seem to find a comfortable suite after weeks of shopping?

DONT LOOK ANY FURTHER RE-COVER YOUR OWN SUITE!!!!! Call us or drop in for BEFORE Email more details!




0872572723 or 045 524997

CONTACT: 087 2797697



PROBLEMS Call Kieran on





25/01/2017 12:24

Repairs to aluminium and pvc doors and windows



Complete Complete Bathroom Bathroom Renovations Renovations Easy Easy Access Access Shower Shower Rooms Rooms Oil Oil and and Gas Gas Heating Heating Systems Systems // Stoves Stoves and and Back Back Boilers Boilers Repair Repair Service Service –– All All large large or or small small heating heating & & plumbing plumbing repairs repairs Solar Solar Panel Panel Installations Installations Fully Fully Insured Insured // C2 C2 // RGII RGII registered registered gas gas installer installer Kildare Kildare County County Council Council // SEAI SEAI Grants Grants available available



045 431049 M. 087 2070803 T.



Thursday 15 February 2018


Contact: 045 408 200 REQUIRED


For elderly mobile man 95yrs virtually blind. 3 x 24hr shifts one week and 2 x 24hr the second week. Accommodation provided during working shifts. Please apply with your CV and two referees to: Job Application. 36 The Crescent, Curragh Grange, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. By the 20 th Feb 2018

Mobile Power Washing ´Driveways-Patios-Roofs ´Walls and Pre Paint Wash ´Garden Maintenance ´Lawns Mowed Contact Pat (045) 434404 or (086) 8561548


Super Clean Contract Services


• Carpets • Suites of furniture • Car valeting • Floor polishing • Window cleaning, • Mobile turbo power washing • Patios • Fascias etc.



Supplier of sand, gravel, all aggregates, broken stone, plant waste, site clearance and top soil



· For driveways and gardens in variety of sizes and colours Ideal for flower beds, garden displays or rockeries · Can deliver 1 to 20 tonnes · Full colours such as Purple, Light Green, Gold · Together with mixes such as White-Grey, Cream-Brown and Purple-Green-Gold mix

087 2751176

045 - 845839

Phone Pat on 0868561548 or 045434404 P Derrymullen, Allenwood, Naas £ 045 845839 / 045 845011 M

087 - 6565172


KEN EUSTACE Landscaping and Maintenance Specialising in Domestic Landscaping, Full Design and Construction service

•Driveways •Patios/Ponds/

•Water features •Lawns/Drainage •Shrub/Tree schemes

•Decking/Fencing •Decorative Gravel

Some of our maintenance services include:

General garden cleaning and up keep •Hedge cutting/Pruning

•Feeding/Weeding •Mulching/Lawn care

Home Renovation Scheme Compliant Call for more details

045-438762 or 086-8262245 email :



FAMILY RUN BUSINESS OPERATING SINCE 1908 Small loads from 1 to 8 tonne delivered for: • Patios Re-Surfacing of driveways • Top Soil for Gardens • Suppliers of Stone for new and existing driveways & yards Providing Sand & Gravel for all uses including Private & Commercial contracts • Septic Tanks • Landscaping • Drainage • Equestrian Lorry Sweeper • Driveways • Washed Pebble & Crushed Stone • Site Clearance

Free s ti s E mate e ic v & Ad

Does your driveway or garden need a bit of attention, for a complete service from start to finish contact us today!


Contact Seamus 045-486430 or 087 9957626


Thursday 15 February 2018


TRADES & SERVICES • EMPLOYMENT • PUBLIC NOTICES KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL – SIGNIFICANT FURTHER INFORMATION/REVISED PLANS – SPRINGWOOD LIMITED HAVE SUBMITTED SIGNIFICANT FURTHER INFORMATION/REVISED PLANS TO THE PLANNING AUTHORITY IN RELATION TO PLANNING APPLICATION REFERENCE NUMBER 17/807 FOR DEVELOPMENT ON LANDS AT THE ORCHARD HOUSING ESTATE, OLDTOWN DEMESNE, SALLINS ROAD, NAAS, CO. KILDARE. THE DEVELOPMENT ORIGINALLY APPLIED FOR CONSISTED of (a) Apartment Block K (three-four storeys in height) comprising 19 residential units, consisting of 3 No. 3 bedroom apartments, 15 No. 2 bedroom apartments and 1 No. 1 bedroom apartment. Apartment Block L (three-four storeys in height) comprising 15 residential units consisting of 4 No. 3 bedroom apartments, 10 No. 2 bedroom apartments and 1 no. 1 bedroom apartment. Housing Block M comprising of 4 No. two storey semi-detached four bedroom houses (House Type A1 and A2), 6 No. two storey semi-detached three bedroom houses (House type B1 and B2) making a total of 44 residential units, surface car parking, access roads, boundary walls, bin storage areas, bicycle storage areas and all associated site development works. This proposal is in lieu of previous approved residential development consisting of 76 apartments and basement car parking. (b) Housing Block H comprising of 12 No. two storey three bedroom terraced town houses in 3 blocks (House types C1, C2, C3 and C4), 2 No. two storey three bedroom semi-detached houses (House type B1 and B2) and 2 No. two storey three bedroom semidetached houses (House Type F1 and F2). This change of house types will involve variations to the approved site layout plan together with the individual site boundaries. All site development works associated with these 16 residential units. This is a change of house type from the previously approved 16 terraced two storey town houses. (c) Apartment Block I (two storeys in height) comprising 4 residential units consisting of 4 No. 2 bedroom apartments making a total of 4 residential units, boundary walls, bicycle storage, bin storage, car parking, access road and all associated site development works. This proposal is to comply with Condition One (e) of the Grant of Permission of Naas Town Council Register Reference: 08/500091 and An Bord Pleanala Register Reference PL. 73.230766 as extended by Naas Town Council Planning Register Reference: 13/500065. The overall number of residential units proposed is 64. THE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES include alterations to proposed roads, car parking, access arrangements, reduction in number of proposed residential units, relocation and redesign of proposed apartment units, revised servicing proposals, a construction management plan and a traffic impact assessment on revised site boundaries to include – (a) Apartment Block K (three-four storeys in height) comprising 19 residential units, consisting of 3 No. 3 bedroom apartments, 15 No. 2 bedroom apartments and 1 No. 1 bedroom apartment. 2 No. two storey 3 bedroom semidetached houses (House Type F1 and F3), 8 No. two storey 3 bedroom semi-detached houses in 4 blocks (House Type B1 and B2), 2 No. two storey 4 bedroom semi-detached houses (House Type A1 and A2), two storey residential Block N comprising 2 No. two storey 3 bedroom terraced houses (House Type N1 and N4) and 4 No. 1 bedroom apartments with two

apartments on the ground floor and two apartments on the first floor, making a total of 37 residential units, surface car parking, access roads, boundary walls, bin storage areas, bicycle storage areas and all associated site development works. This proposal is in lieu of previous approved residential development consisting of 76 apartments and basement car parking. (b) Housing Block H comprising of 12 No. two storey three bedroom terraced town houses in 3 blocks (House types C1, C2, C3 and C4), 2 No. two storey three bedroom semi-detached houses (House type B1 and B2) and 2 No. two storey three bedroom semidetached houses (House Type F1 and F2). This change of house types will involve variations to the approved site layout plan together with the individual site boundaries. All site development works associated with these 16 residential units. This is a change of house type from the previously approved 16 terraced two storey town houses. (c) Apartment Block I (two storeys in height) comprising 4 residential units consisting of 4 No. 2 bedroom apartments making a total of 4 residential units, boundary walls, bicycle storage, bin storage, car parking, access road and all associated site development works. This proposal is to comply with Condition One (e) of the Grant of Permission of Naas Town Council Register Reference: 08/500091 and An Bord Pleanala Register Reference PL. 73.230766 as extended by Naas Town Council Planning Register Reference: 13/500065. The overall number of residential units proposed is 57. The site is within the curtilage and attendant grounds of Protected Structure, Ref: NS19-072 known as Oldtown House, Oldtown Demesne, while containing a Protected Structure Ref: NS-19-094 known as Earthwork Site, Oldtown Demesne, located on the Sallins Road, Naas, Co. Kildare. The granting of planning permission for this proposed development will involve a variation in the planning permission of Naas Town Council Register Reference: 08/500091 and An Bord Pleanala Register Reference: PL. 73.230766 as extended by Naas Town Council Planning Register Reference:13/500065. All development to take place at The Orchard Housing Estate, Oldtown Demesne, Sallins Road. Naas. Significant Further Information/ Revised Plans have been furnished to the Planning Authority in respect of this proposed development and are available for inspection or purchase for a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during the public open hours. A submission or observation in relation to the significant further information or revised plans may be made in writing to the Planning Authority within two weeks of receipt of new notices by the Planning Authority. A submission or observation must be accompanied by the prescribed fee except in the case of a person or body who has already made a submission or observation. SPRINGWOOD LIMITED _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Application is being made for FULL PLANNING PERMISSION for the following; Extensions and alterations to existing house to include the following: (A) Conversion of attic space to 2no. bedrooms with modified gable windows to side and 4no. dormer type windows to rear. (B) 2no. storey and a half type extensions to front complete with 1no. dormer window and 2no velux windows to front.

(C) Single storey porch to front of existing house. (D) Single storey kitchen extension to side of existing house (E) Single storey utility extension to rear (F) Internal works, all associated works to elevations / modified windows and all associated site development works All at Rathbride, Kildare Town, County Kildare For Sonya Mallon The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL LeMonde Holdings Ltd. intend to apply for full planning permission for a development at Aughamore, Loughbollard Commons, Clane, Co. Kildare. The development consists of a change of house type on sites 124-141 inclusive that consisted of 16 No semidetached two-storey dwellings and 2 No two-storey detached units that were previously granted under planning permission 05/576 and Bord Pleanala decision No. PL-09217279 and extended by 12-113 and 17-1126, to 14 No twostorey dwellings semi-detached with attic accommodation, 2 No two-storey semi-detached dwellings, 2 No detached twostorey dwellings and all ancillary site works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL NEWBRIDGE ARCADE LTD, are applying for the following development at Naas Town Centre, Dublin Road, Naas, Co. Kildare: The Amalgamation of Units 3 & 4 with the adjoining Unit 5 to form one unit by demolition of internal party walls on ground floor only and all ancillary site works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Green Road Partnership intend to apply for Planning Permission for a development at Mountrice, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare. The development will consist of the construction of 5 no. detached 1&1/2 storey dwelling units comprising of: 1) 2 no. 5 bedroom dwellings & 3 no. 4 bedroom dwellings 2) foul water to individual effluent treatment systems & percolation

Contact: 045 408 200 areas 3) surface water to soakaways, 4) a detached garage ancillary to each dwelling 5) vehicular entrance and access road 6) associated landscaping 7) And all ancillary site works The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning Authority of the application. O`Loughlin Architects Ltd 087 9858836 _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Application is being made for FULL PLANNING PERMISSION for the following; The development consists of (A) 96 no. apartment units in 2no. 4 storey apartment blocks – Type Block B. Block B consists of 48 units as follows, 2no. 1 bedroom apartments, 6no. 3 bedroom apartments and 40no. 2 bedroom apartments with layouts to comply with current apartment development standards. (B) Access roads, surface car parking, drainage, extensive landscaping and all associated site development works All at Station Road, Townland of Piercetown, Newbridge, County Kildare For Patrick and Thomas Leeson The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL We, Kestorra Ltd. intend to apply for full planning permission for a development of 53 dwellings consisting of 48 no. 2 storey terraced/joined houses, 2 no. 2 storey blocks (each containing 1 no. 1 bedroom and 1 no. 2 bedroom maisonette units), 1 no. 1 storey detached bungalow, site entrance and all ancillary site works at Fuller’s Court Road, Ballitore, Co. Kildare. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Lisa Ward intends to apply for full planning permission for a development at Hodgestown Upper, Donadea, Naas, Co. Kildare. The development consists of constructing a part single storey and part one and half storey type dwelling, detached domestic garage, effluent treatment system, and

all associated ancillary siteworks. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL WE DESMOND O REILLY & LAURA KIELY intend to apply for PERMISSION for development at this site at 1737 PÁIRC MHUIRE, NEWBRIDGE, CO. KILDARE. The development will consist/ consists of: PERMISSION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A TWO STOREY SIDE AND REAR EXTENSION TO EXISTING SEMI-DETACHED TWO STOREY HOUSE, PERMISSION TO ALTER THE FRONT FAÇADE WINDOW ARRANGEMENT (GROUND FLOOR AND FIRST FLOOR) OF EXISTING FRONT FACADE AND INFILL OF EXISTING FRONT PORCH WITH NEW DOOR AND WINDOW ARRANGEMENT AND ALL ASSOCIATED SITE WORKS. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Prepared by DEREK WHYTE planning/engineering / architecture 0866001194 _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL We Fintan & Lorain Gillman intend to apply for planning permission for a development at Osberstown, Naas, Co. Kildare. The application will include the following. A) Construction of a new five bedroom two storey type dwelling. B) New single storey domestic garage, C) New Oakstown BAF wastewater treatment system and percolation area. D) New recessed entrance, along with all facilitating and associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. The application was prepared and submitted by: David Higgins Dip Arch Tech, DHArchitectural & Planning Services 045-434763 / 087-6740531 _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL

We Paul & Geraldine Fitzsimons intend to apply for retention / planning permission for a development as constructed at Landenstown, Sallins, Co. Kildare. The application is to retain the existing 4 bedroom dormer type dwelling permitted under planning permission No 01/1072. The retention permission consists of the following. A) Sub-division of original site granted under PL No 01/1072, B) Position of house revised 38m to the east of the permitted dwelling. C) Removal of sterilisation conditioned under PL No 95/145 to the northern section of the current site. D) Revised entrance location to the west of that permitted. E) Existing domestic garage, out building as constructed. Planning permission is also sought to decommission and remove the existing septic tank and percolation area and construction of a new Oakstown BAF wastewater treatment system and percolation area. Along with all facilitating and associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. The application was prepared and submitted by: David Higgins Dip Arch Tech, DHArchitectural & Planning Services 045-434763 / 087-6740531 _______ KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL I, Safia Amraoui, intend to apply for permission for development at ‘Autumn Leaves’, Kilteel Upper, Rathmore, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 XVP9. The development will consist of: the construction of a detached, single-storey dwelling; the provision of a new shared vehicular entrance (including associated works to achieve sightlines, gates, piers and railings) and driveway; the provision of landscaping, including boundary treatments; and the provision of all other associated site excavation, infrastructural and site development works above and below ground, including waste water treatment system and percolation area. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application (Signed: Vivian Cummins / RIAI Registered Architect). _______ Qualified Electricians, Confined Space Operatives, Basic & Advanced Scaffolders, Carpenters, Groundworkers, Plasterer’s, Plumbers, Steel Fixers, General & Skilled Operatives, Cleaners, TM & SLG Operatives & all Tradesmen/ Plant Operators required for Kildare/Carlow/Laois and Leinster Region. Pracownicy Budowlani z safe passem potrzebni . Send CV to or call 01-4773414.



Thursday 15 February 2018


Blue chip day for Elliott as he chalks up 3 wins in Punchestown Gordon Elliott was certainly the trainer to follow at Punchestown on Sunday where he saddled three winners, the most impressive of which being the well-backed Folsom Blue in the Grand National Trial Handicap Chase. He got off the mark for the day in the third race on the card, the listed novice hurdle, where the Davy Russellridden 5/2 joint-favourite Hardline saw off his main market rival Riders Onthe Storm to land the spoils. Elliott teamed up with Jack Kennedy to win the featured BoyleSports Grand National Trial Handicap Chase with 5/1 favourite Folsom Blue and rounded off the day with a clear-cut success for the Jamie Codd-ridden 4/7 favourite Getaway John in the bumper. “Gary (O'Brien) was responsible for buying him, he picked him out at the so it's great,” said Elliott after the win. “He's a great honest horse and we sent him to England last week and they went no gallop (when finishing fourth). It was a bit of a worry coming back a week later. “He kind of jammed on at the last but other than that Jack said he jumped well. He said if he had something with him he would have jumped the last better but it worked out great and everyone is happy. “He'll go for the Irish National now.”

Our Duke, runaway winner of the BoyleSports Irish Grand National under Robbie Power at Fairyhouse last season, could reappear in Saturday’s Red Mills Chase over at Gowran Park.  Speaking at Punchestown on Sunday, his Moone trainer Jessica Harrington is eyeing a quick reappearance for her Timico Cheltenham Gold Cup entry following his fourth place effort behind outsider Edwulf in the Unibet Irish Gold Cup at Leopardstown. Our Duke was sent off the 9/4 favourite for that race but a second last fence mistake put paid to his prospects before he plugged on again for a share of the spoils. He is currently generally available at 14/1 for the Gold Cup next month and if turning out again on Saturday would be bidding to provide his trainer with a first win in the €45,000 Grade 2 event.  

Dundalk Doubles For Pat Martin And Killian Leonard Enda Bolger completed a double with the Donie McInerney-ridden 7/2 chance Auvergnat taking the PP Hogan Memorial Cross Country Chase for the second year running

and 8/13 favourite Gilgamboa winning the hunters’ chase under Nina Carberry at odds of 8/13 favourite. High Sparrow, the 13/8 favourite, won the 2m4f maiden hurdle for

Joseph O'Brien and JJ Slevin while 13/2 chance Wood Emery was the gambled-on winner of the 3m handicap hurdle for Alan Fleming and Denis O'Regan.

Wish comes through for Blackmore in Naas Wishmoor won his second successive race at Naas when making virtually all the running to land the 2m4f handicap chase at the Kildare venue on Saturday. Rachael Blackmore was once again in the saddle as the 11/4 favourite battled bravely to deny the Jessica Harrington-trained Close Shave. “That was another great ride by Rachael, even better than the last day. We'll freshen him up now and see where we go with him," said trainer Mouse Morris. "I'd say he wants better ground. It's very tacky down the back. We can step him up another furlong or two on better ground." Benie Des Dieux made it three wins from three starts for Willie Mullins when accounting for her stable companion Asthuria in the listed mares’ chase. David Mullins rode the easyto-back even-money favourite for his uncle. Speaking after the race, David Mullins said; "She travelled nearly a bit too well but she's so quick over a fence. She was a bit keen there on the soft ground but it was just her class coming through. I was making ground everywhere and I couldn't really get her to come back," said David Mullins. "She's a pleasure to ride and so easy to have anything to do with. She's so quick over a fence that she could do anything. She could come back jumping hurdles as she nearly jumps her fences like a hurdle." Denis O'Regan was forced to give up his rides at the meeting due to

Our Duke On Course For Gowran Park this Weekend

Navan-based trainer Pat Martin and Kanturk, County Cork apprentice Killian Leonard were the big winners at Dundalk on Friday night where they shared a double. The pair took the 8f handicap with 100/30 chance Reckless Lad and followed up in the 12f handicap with Easy Boy which was returned a 15/2 chance. Joseph O'Brien and Wayne Lordan combined to win the opening 6f maiden with 11/2 shot Highly Approved while over two miles, Rock On Dandy won the conditions’ race for Fergal Birrane and Glantane, County Cork apprentice Denis Linehan.

Wishmoor and Rachael Blackmore were winners of the 2m 4f handicap chase at Naas

There were two odds-on favourites on the card and both obliged with 8/11 chance Nivvo winning the 8f maiden for Tracey Collins and Pat Smullen while 4/5 shot War Hero won the Shabra Charity Race over 7f for Patrick Prendergast and Ronan Whelan. Michael Halford and Ross Coakley won the apprentice handicap with 9/2 chance Storm Ryker.

HAVE YOU A STORY? a stomach bug and missed out on a winner as the Charles O’Brien-trained Masterminded won the rated novice hurdle under Robbie Power at odds of 5/1. There was a well-backed winning favourite in the opening 2m3f maiden hurdle as 10/11 chance Best Behavior won for Oliver McKiernan and Clane jockey Mark Walsh. Gordon

Elliott and Jack Kennedy teamed up to win the 2m maiden hurdle with 7/4 chance Cartwright which accounted for the Mullins-trained 5/4 favourite Epicuris by all of 16 lengths. Danny Howard, who trains at Milltown Malbay, County Clare saddled 25/1 chance Archie Meade, a 13-year-old, to win the opportunity handicap hurdle

under Cathal Landers and while the bookmakers might have been smiling after that result, they certainly were not after the Charles Byrnes-trained Balliniska Band made a winning debut in the bumper. Ridden by Ray Barron, the four-year-old was backed from 3/1 to 11/8 favourite on course having been as big as 7/1 overnight.

Kildare Post

River Media Unit WD5, Tougher Business Park, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

045 408 200

Thursday 15 February 2018




Donovan keen to bring big time boxing back to Kildare Donovan in action against Juan Luis Gonzalez in December

By Patrick Ward

Ambition and confidence is something that Eric Donovan has not lacked in his short time as a professional boxer. The Lilywhite Lightning is just 19 months into his professional career, though he is a man in a hurry and there appears to be no apparent ceiling on where he wants to get to. Turning 33 later this year, there are obvious reasons why the Athy featherweight is keen to rack up the wins and progress up the ladder of European boxing. This Saturday night he will be fighting in Waterford’s first professional boxing event since the 1940s as Neil Power, an enthusiastic promoter new to boxing, has brought a major event back to his home city. Donovan will be the headline act, and it has given him a new goal – bringing professional boxing back to Kildare for the first time in over 100 years. Donovan told the Kildare Post that he wants to follow in the footsteps of Dan Donnelly and fight in the Curragh, possibly on front of 20,000 people, and while it sounds like a fairly outlandish dream, you can’t fault him for ambition. In advance of the fight in Waterford, Donovan said; “I believe he [Neil Power] is going to put on an amazing event, and there are three Waterford lads as well who are on the show. Decent fighters too; one of them is making his professional debut and the other two are up and running already. “It’s the first pro show in Waterford in over 70 years – I think since the 1940s. I think it’s good to see professional boxing to move around and coming out of the likes of Dublin and Belfast, because that’s where it typically is. It’s nice to go to different towns, and there are lots of people in Waterford who got in touch with me and bought tickets, and I’m really happy that they’re looking forward to me coming

Kildare GAA Fixtures Fixtures 12/02/2018 Wed 14 Feb 2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 1 Group A Venue: Allenwood, Carbury V Clane20:00, Ref: Alan Smullen Sun 18 Feb

down and boxing on front of them.” That leads Donovan onto his next frame of thought… “In another respect, I’m looking at this as a kind of homecoming in Waterford for the Waterford guys,” he said. “70 years since there was a show there – over 100 years since there was a show in Kildare, and I really want to be coming to Kildare and I want to follow the legacy of Dan Donnelly down in the Curragh. That was the last pro show in Kildare. I’d love to bring a big, massive following to Kildare, but it’ll have to be a big fight. Maybe an Irish title fight this summer? Maybe a European title fight next year? It would be amazing, and it’d be historic as well. I’d love it. If the demand is there we can do anything.”

2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 1 Group A Venue: Carbury, Carbury V Kilcock12:00, Ref: Alan Smullen 2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 1 Group B Venue: Ballymore Eustace, Ballymore Eustace V Naas12:00, Ref: Frank Delaney Venue: Sarsfields GAA Club, Sarsfields V Moorefield 12:00, Ref: Noel McKenna

While thinking about possible Irish and European title fights is all well and good, Donovan faces the immediate prospect of battling against Hungarian Ignac Kassai. To describe the 37-year-old as a journeyman would be an absolute understatement. He has a record of 22-55-2, seemingly happy to fight any manner of opponent throughout his career. His record is slightly odd, having boxed three times in four months last year, he has been inactive since July. This will be the fourth occasion he has fought in the Republic of Ireland, with his previous three trips to these isles ending in defeat, and anything but a convincing win for Donovan would be a surprise. There is the danger that the home fighter hasn’t seen an awful lot of his next oppo-

2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 2 Group B Venue: Allenwood, Aylmer Gaels V Celbridge 12:00,  Ref: Liam Whelan 2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 2 Group A Venue: St Laurence's, St Laurence's V Eadestown 12:00, Ref: Kieran Harris 2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 3 Group A

nent, a man who has boxed seemingly everywhere from Aberdeen to Verviers, including a third-round knockout to a young Karl Frampton all the way back in 2009. Kassai wasn’t announced as Donovan’s opponent until around two weeks’ ago, so he has had little time to work on a style to suit this bout, but that should matter little. “My third fight, I only got a change of opponent the day before the fight because the other guy pulled out for some reason,” remarked the Lilywhite Lightning. “That was a bit of an experience because I had no opportunity to research or look him up – nothing. I went into it basically blind. But you have to adapt; I went into it always confident in my own ability, so I put him away I think in

Venue: TBC, Killard V Newtown Gaels 12:00, Ref: Jack O Connell 2018 Under 20 Football Competition Div. 3 Group B Venue: Milltown, Milltown V Suncroft 12:00, Ref: Declan Jacob Copyright © 2018 GAA. All rights reserved. No use or reproduction permitted without formal written licence from the copyright holder

the second round. I try not to focus too much on my opponents anyway, regardless if I do have footage I won’t tend to watch them. “What you can do – or what I’d tend to do – is over-emphasise their strengths and make them out to be better than what they are. I try to hone in on my own skills and my own

skills and my own strengths and focus on them.” A unique setting for Donovan’s seventh professional fight on Saturday, and hopefully another step on his way to getting to where he wants to be. Whether or not that is in the Curragh on front of 20,000 spectators remains to be seen.

Sheahan claims pro debut win By Patrick Ward

Kildare boxer Roy Sheahan marked his professional debut with a comprehensive win over British journeyman Jordan Grannum in York Hall on Saturday evening. The Athy man was making his first appearance in the pro ranks at the age of 33 following a stellar amateur career in which he won four senior Irish titles and a European gold medal. Part of his reasons for going pro is the upcoming Last Man Standing boxing competition in the National Stadium on March

3, when eight fighters will battle it out for the top cash prize of €25,000. The St Michael's Athy middleweight was far too good for his opponent on Saturday evening despite having been without a fight for 15 months, accounting for Grannum on a scoreline of 40-36 across the four-round bout. Sheahan had been ordered by the Boxing Union of Ireland to get at least one fight under his belt before the tournament in the National Stadium next month to prove his fitness, and on his first showing he is in good health ahead of the eagerly anticipated show in Dublin.



Thursday 15 February 2018


Photos: Pat Tinsley

Old fashioned approach has Glavin’s men finely tuned for epic encounter The Moorefield panel ahead of the Leinster final

By Patrick Ward

“We’ve never really approached things with that type of scientific method,” notes Ross Glavin on whether or not BMI’s, sprint speeds and endurance tests had to be done on the Moorefield panel following the Christmas break. The Moorefield manager is in the incredibly rare position for a club manager in his county, where he is preparing the Kildare champions for a Senior Club All-Ireland semi-final – only Raheens in 1982 and Moorefi eld themselves in 2006 have made it this far before. After the incredible scenes on December 17 when Kevin Murnaghan scythed over a winning point deep into stoppage time in the Leinster fi nal win over St Loman’s, it was inevitable that the celebrations would roll on into the Christmas, and then to the New Year. The carrot of having an All-Ireland semi-final and the dream of lining out in Croke Park on St Patrick’s Day means that there was very little stick needed for Glavin to goad his players into pitching up for the usual January slog on mucky fields and frozen pitches. “Our preparation has gone excellently to be honest,” he told the Kildare Post. “I think the way the Leinster final fell this year – the week before Christmas – it was a natural progression into enjoying the festivities. That was nice for the players to be able to enjoy the celebrations of winning such a prestigious competition.

Then the New Year comes around very quickly after Christmas and it’s all about re-focusing and preparing for Corofin on February 17.” While plenty of teams around the county were delving into the scientific processes that have become commonplace in an ever-progressing club game, tracking BMI’s, sprint speeds, jump distances and what not, Moorefield have not been focusing on that aspect of preparation. For Glavin and his players it has always been about the core skills of football, and when some fitness – and mental – readiness is required, runs up the hills of the Curragh are undertaken. It means that the team is as prepared as Glavin thinks they ever have been, and pressing the reset switch after Christmas has allowed them to peak in time for the Corofin game. “We’ve never really approached things with that type of scientific method from the outset,” said Glavin. “We train hard and prepare hard as a group and as a team. Our primary focus was always going to be football focus, and not physical conditioning focus. The primary focus was that we wanted to become better footballers as individuals, and as a group, become a better footballing team. Obviously we’re not going to achieve anything, and we wouldn’t have achieved what we have achieved if our physical condition isn’t primed as well. If you look back on the Leinster

Path to the final- Moorefield

Path to the final- Corofin

Leinster SFC QF: Moorefield 1-9 Portlaoise 0-11 Leinster SFC SF: Moorefield 2-13 Rathnew 2-7 Leinster SFC final: Moorefield 1-14 St Loman’s 2-10

Connacht SFC SF: Corofin 2-15 St Brigid’s 1-14 (AET) Connacht SFC final: Corofin 2-14 Castlebar Mitchels 1-13 (AET) All-Ireland QF: Corofin 3-8 Fulham Irish 1-4

Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare Kildare


round 1: Moorefield 0-14 Confey 0-14 round 1 replay: Moorefield 1-16 Confey 1-5 round 2: Moorefield 1-23 Leixlip 2-4 QF: Moorefield 2-11 Sarsfields 1-11 SF: Moorefield 3-13 Athy 0-14 final: Moorefield 0-11 Celbridge 0-9

campaign, the way it was with a lot of consecutive matches, our physical fitness probably disimproved throughout the run whereas our match fitness was great.” “I think we’ve progressed from the start of January to where we are now, and we’re still on an upward curve because I think our best training sessions have come in the last 10 days.” “Between the Leinster fi nal and New Year’s Day we said we’d meet collectively – the players needed a little bit of mental space as much as anything else. We w e n t there St Stephen’s morning for a little blowout. It was as much as a team-building exercise for the hour we were there before going off and enjoying

Galway Galway Galway Galway Galway Galway

ourselves again. We do that a couple of times every so often to work on the physical fitness and the mental aspect too.” O n S a t urday t h e y face a Corofin side


round 1: Corofin 2-15 Cortoon Shamrocks 0-8 round 2A: Corofin 2-17 Moycullen 0-11 preliminary QF: Corofin 1-18 Salthill Knocknacarra 2-12 QF: Corofin 4-13 Moycullen 2-8 SF: Corofin 0-11 Annaghdown 1-7 final: Corofin 2-14 Mountbellew Moylough 0-10

who were crowned All-Ireland champions as recently as 2015, and they have won the last fi ve Galway championships. As has been the norm for Moorefield on their incredible journey to this point, the Kildare kingpins go into the tie as underdogs. A Corofin attack featuring the likes of Ian Burke, Gary Sice, Michael Lundy and Michael Farragher is certainly a formidable prospect to come up against, but Moorefield manager Ross Glavin

Moorefield have form for shutting down dangerous attacks – as seen in their wins over Portlaoise, Rathnew and St Loman’s in the Leinster Championship.

For all the battling qualities that Moorefield have shown on their way to the All-Ireland semi-final this weekend, Corofin have highlighted the composure, fi tness and wherewithal that they can harness when the battle goes down to the wire. Their county title almost slipped away from them when they faced a defensive Annaghdown side in the Galway Championship semi-final, only to grind out an 0-11 to 1-7 victory, comfortably their lowest scoring tally up to this point. In the Connacht semifinal that were pushed all the way by their old foes from Roscommon, St Brigid’s, before edging an extratime thriller by 2-15 to 1-14. Another Connacht rival of recent years awaited in the provincial final, but Castlebar Mitchels were also outlasted in a frantic finale to extra-time as the Galway men surged towards a 2-14 to 1-13 win. It all points at a game that is likely to go right down to the wire again this Saturday, with both teams showing enough of a stubborn streak to suggest that they won’t be

Thursday 15 February 2018




Photos: Pat Tinsley

Army man Tyrrell returns for Corofin clash

Adam Tyrrell is back in the Moorefield panel this weekend

shaken off early. “As we do with all oppositions, we give them our due diligence and we conduct our own analysis as a management team and try and prepare,” says Glavin of the Corofin challenge. “Obviously, we primarily focus on ourselves, but when you look around Ireland there’s not too many bigger or more successful club teams than Corofin. It’s your stereotypical David versus Goliath match-up because we’re big underdogs, and we have been on many occasions over the last 12 months, and they’ll fully expect to beat us, and a lot of people around Ireland will expect them to beat us. With the expectation comes pressure, and we hope to bring them into a real pressurised environment and force our game on them and prove the bookies’ wrong again.” Having played in an AllIreland semi-final before as a player and tasted defeat, Glavin will be all to keen to make up for that heartbreak 11 years on this Saturday.

By Patrick Ward

Moorefield have been boosted by the return of Irish Army member Adam Tyrrell ahead of Saturday’s All-Ireland Club SFC semi-final. The former Kildare footballer was part of the side that captured the Kildare Senior Championship title last October, and played in the Leinster quarter-final win over Portlaoise, but his deployment overseas meant that he was unavailable for the wins over Rathnew and St Loman’s in the following games. He returns to the panel for the big tie against Corofin in Tullamore thanks to fortuitous fall of his leave period from the army. Ryan Houlihan has not been quite so lucky with his leave period, as he remains on duty overseas. Manager Ross Glavin reckons that this is the strongest panel his has had in his short time as Moorefield manager, with some more experienced players coming back into contention. “Funny enough, I look at the squad preparing for this game, and I would say that it’s definitely the strongest we’ve probably had throughout the whole of 2017 through suspensions and injuries and stuff like that,” he said. “It’s even more competitive now because some of the younger players have come through in that Leinster Championship and they are knocking on the door. You’ve got Niall Galvin and Anthony Durney who didn’t play in 2017 but were a big part of the 2016 campaign, and they’re back knocking on the door and putting pressure on those who were playing in the Leinster Championship.”

James Murray pictured at a launch event ahead of Moorefield's AllIreland semi-final

Corofin: 3 to watch Liam Silke

A nephew of All-Ireland winning Galway captain Ray Silke, the bloodline is strong enough to suggest a big talent. He is only 23, but Liam has already won five Galway county titles, three provincial crowns and an All-Ireland in a glory-laden career thus far. He is the man most likely to pick up Eanna O’Connor on Saturday afternoon, with his pace and fitness a key factor in any likely battle with the Kerry native. The Galway star has been in fine form this year and has often been the man tasked with shutting down the opposition’s most prominent dangerman, and his willingness to storm forward to support attacks can put his marker on the back foot constantly.

Gary Sice

The real leader of this Corofin team, Sice has been there and done it all over the last number of years with the Galway champions. At 33, Sice has recently announced his retirement from the intercounty game, but he is still a superbly influential player at club level. The primary school teacher retains an uncanny ability to effect games even when he is not that involved, and when Corofin are in need of a vital score he is usually the man to come to the fore. Whoever Ross Glavin details to pick him up will have tired legs on Saturday evening.

Jason Leonard

While the likes of Martin Farragher, Michael Lundy and Ian Burke are the more prominently known scoring forwards, Jason Leonard has been quietly going about his business and enjoying an excellent year. Over the last four games he has amassed 1-17, with a healthy chunk of that coming from play, and he is Corofin’s top scorer this year. Playing at wing-forward gives him licence to roam and eventually finish off moves as he arrives late into the scoring zone. His prowess from frees is also a weapon in Corofin’s armoury, and Moorefield will have to do as much to shut Leonard down as any other player on the Galway team.




Thursday 15 February 2018 Photos: Pat Tinsley

Shiel shows steel to snatch points from Kildare’s grasp Kildare




Lidl Ladies NFL Division 3 By Donal Fitzpatrick While every other game in Division 3 was postponed due to snow in various parts of the country, Kildare’s tie with fellow table-toppers Wexford went ahead in Hawkfield. Indeed, as throw-in approached, and the game got underway snow fell, but thankfully it didn't last as it melted in the Spring sunshine. Wexford secured the points with a late goal, but they were made fight tooth and nail for the win by a very defiant home side. The first score of the game came Kildare’s way, and it was a goal from Grace Clifford in the first minute as she pounced to give the home side an excellent start. Both sides traded two points apiece with Roisin Byrne for Kildare and Catriona Murray for Wexford demonstrating the art of kicking a dead ball from the ground with accuracy.   Wexford tagged on two more points through Breen and Chantelle Murray who was a late replacement for Georgina Hearn.  Kildare’s second goal came via Clifford once again, as Wexford were on the attack when Aisling Curley disposed her opponent, winning possession on her own 21 yard line, before running the length of the pitch and releasing the pass for Clifford to score. Kildare now led by four points after 15 minutes of play.

Wexford responded with points from Murray – one from play the second a free – after Kildare ‘keeper Rebecca McGuirk dwelled to long on her kickout. Kildare extended their lead to five points when Ellen Dowling netted for the home side shortly before the break. Both sides traded points again through Murray and Sinnott as the tie heated up. Half-time was looming and when it looked like Kildare would hold that five-point advantage, Wexford took the wind from their sails with a good move involving Breen, Shiel & Martin and the latter netting a goal to leave the half-time score with Kildare in the lead by 3-3 to 1-7. On the restart Kildare captain Byrne pointed two frees either side of Wexford’s second goal, when Aisling Murphy’s shot sailed through a mass of players and past an unsighted McGuirk in the Kildare goals to level the game. Unfortunately for Murphy this was her last action of the game as shortly after her goal she received a bad leg injury and left the field of play on a stretcher to applause from both sets of supporters.   Byrne tagged on three more points for the home side with Wexford’s captain Kelly Kearney keeping her side in touch with another point.  With 10 minutes to play and Kildare ahead by three points they gave away a penalty when Caoimhe Keoghegan fouled an onrushing Wexford player. Keoghegan received a yellow card and was sin binned, and Martin duly netted the spot kick to draw the sides level 3-8 apiece. Byrne put the home side in front with two minutes left of normal time from a pointed free after Molly Price was fouled.  With the clock show-

ing 30 seconds left Wexford brought the game level for the fourth time with a point from Clara Donnelly. The game lapsed into injury time, with Wexford in the ascendency, Kildare were defending very deeply trying to thwart the waves of attack on their goals. Unfortunately for the home side they were unable to prevent Aoife Shiel from blasting home from close range to Roisin Byrne secure victory for her kicked 0-8 side. for Kildare on Scorers for Kildare: Sunday R Byrne 0-8(4f), G Clifford 2-0, E Dowling 1-0, N Sinnott 0-1. Scorers for Wexford: C Martin 2-1(1-0pen), C Murray 0-5(3f), A Murphy and A Shiel 1-0 each, C Donnelly, K Kearney and B Breen 0-1 each.

Grace Clifford plundered two more goals for Kildare against Wexford


Rebecca Mcguirk; Shauna Kendrick, Amy Horan, Rachel Cribbin; Louise Scully, Caoimhe Keoghegan, Rachel Corrigan; Trina Duggan, Aisling Curley; Eadaoin Connolly, Roisin Byrne, Grace Clifford; Niamh Sinnott, Ellen Dowling, Molly Price. Subs used: Siobhan O Sullivan for Connolly, Mickaela McKenna for Dowling, Ciara Sullivan for Corrigan, Michelle Curley for Cribbin, Orlaith Moran for Sinnott


M Kelly, C Martin, N Mernagh, M Doyle, C Donnelly, B Breen, R Murphy, K Kearney, N Moore, E O’Brien, C Murray, N.Butler; A Sheil, M Byrne, F Bennett Sub used: A.Murphy (1.00) for E O’Brien.

Kerry a symbol of where Kildare want to be, but it’s not all rosy By Patrick Ward

The Kildare hurlers will be looking to get their season off the ground this Sunday when they welcome Kerry to Newbridge in the first meeting of the two teams since the two teams met in the 2015 Christy Ring Cup semi-final, a game which the

Munster men trashed the Lilywhites by 6-27 to 0-9 on route to winning the title. A lot has happened since that game all the way back in May 2015, and the two sides have almost levelled off to an extent despite Kerry operating at a higher level. Having gained entry to the big boy’s league following that Christy Ring Cup win, Kerry have failed to really

kick on in the Leinster Championship qualifying stages, winning just two out of six games they have played at that level in the last two years. However, that is ideally where Kildare would like to get to, though Kerry are an example of a county living in a purgatory of some sorts; not wanting to drop back down to the Christy Ring Cup, but not being good

enough to compete properly in the Leinster Championship. Perhaps the league is a more important competition for the Kingdom this year, and they will surely have earmarked promotion back to Division 1B as the most pertinent goal. Kildare are on the opposite end of that spectrum – their goal is to remain in the division.

After losses against Westmeath and Meath so far, Sunday presents a decent opportunity to pick up a first win in 2018 for the hurlers. Kerry were well beaten at home by Carlow in their previous game and their opening day win over London was as much to do with the Exiles being pretty dreadful this year. Fail to beat Kerry on Sat-

urday, and Kildare will start eyeing the visit to Ruislip as a shootout between themselves and London over who gets to remain in the division. A win against Kerry would ease a huge amount of pressure for Joe Quaid’s side, and perhaps allow the manager to experiment with some of the younger players in his panel in the remaining games.

Thursday 15 February 2018




Photos: Pat Tinsley

Good performances in the absence of points keeping O’Neill upbeat By Patrick Ward

Déjà vu for Kildare. Twice in seven days they hosted northern opposition in Newbridge and took the battle right down to the wire, and twice they have come out on the wrong end of a one-point difference on the scoreboard. The Lilywhites improved drastically on the performance against Monaghan seven days previous, but a strong Tyrone side managed to steal the victory at the death thanks to an absolutely stunning point from captain Mattie Donnelly in the sixth minute of time added on. It was a cruel blow after Kildare had played some magnificent football throughout, racking up 18 points against a tight Red Hands defence despite the snowy conditions in St Conleth’s Park. Despite the positive points to pull from this display against the Ulster champions, Kildare are still winless and sit bottom of Division 1 alongside Donegal, who they meet in two weeks’ time. Manager Cian O’Neill was understandably gutted by another defeat, but as they set into a two-week break the positives need to be looked at as much as the negatives, of which there were few. “They put in a massive shift today – they worked their backsides off,” said O’Neill after the game. “Even when things were going against them in the second half – did we go down by two at one stage? – in previous years that could have been four or five very quickly to be fair to them. I’m very, very proud of the lads and the work and the shift they put in today. Sometimes you just need the luck, and that’s something that hasn’t been on our side recently.” “The things we wanted

to improve upon from last week, I think we have improved upon them. We still have a little bit more to go – we conceded a goal again before half-time today. That hurt us last week and that hurt us this week again. Our shooting has improved, but we could still be a little bit more clinical. “The graph from a performance perspective, which ultimately in the long term is the most important thing, is on an upward trend, we’re just not getting enough scores on the board. That match could have gone either way… just a couple of things went against, and some of them weren’t our fault unfortunately.” While Kildare have no points and are now strong favourites to drop out of the top tier of league football in their first season back in Division 1, they are at least competing. The forecast opening day defeat to Dublin was hardly crushing, while the Lilywhites proved against Monaghan and Tyrone that they have enough physicality to compete with battle-hardened Division 1 sides. O’Neill pointed out that Kildare were plying their trade in Division 3 just two years ago, so the jump to this stage and subsequent improvement must be noted. “At the moment, we’re not getting the points, but incrementally we are performing better each week,” he said. “That has to be a positive for us in terms of our growth as we prepare for the championship. There are positives there for sure. Two years ago, we were in Division 3 and we really worked hard to get to where we are today in Division 1. A lot of people didn’t see it happen last year, but when you get here you really want to stay here, and that’s what is hurting at the moment. To be beaten by

seven, eight or 10 points you maybe could reflect and say, ‘maybe it’s a year too soon’, but we’re not. The margins are very close, they’re very fine, so we do belong here. We just need to d o a little bit more to get over the line, but we’re learning every week, and that’s the key thing.” Next up for the Lilywhites is a meeting with Donegal up in the north west – a basement battle which is likely to determine which team will definitely go down, while the winner will hope that a victory can inject some renewed optimism into their season. It is almost the halfway stage of the league, so no better time for O’Neill to reflect on where Kildare are on the whole. He remains upbeat, if a little frustrated. Being able to parachute Jimmy Hyland in for some meaningful minutes was certainly a bright point, while the improvements in the performances of Peter Kelly and Cian O’Donoghue give cause for cautious optimism. Paddy Brophy and Niall Kelly only made their fi rst starts of the year on Sunday, while Keith Cribbin has yet to be brought back into the starting team following a shoulder injury. “I think the positives are that we’ve improved week on week, and that’s important in the absence of points,” remarked O’Neill. “The positives are that the performances are improving all the time; I think they are showing battling qualities that maybe wouldn’t have been associated with Kildare teams for quite some time now – I think that’s important as well because in the past on the edge, and they haven’t just turned into defeats, but kind of large separation defeats in the scores.

“We got a lot of guys on the pitch – young Jimmy Hyland game in there today and got 35 minutes on the pitch. He’s a young man with a big career ahead of him. Those kinds of things are positive. And what ye wouldn’t see is that training is going really well. There’s not a panic – we’re training well, the lads are in good form.

in recent weeks that have been promising, the fact that O’Neill’s men have not won a game since the Leinster semi-final victory over Meath last June. If winning is a habit, losing is becoming almost routine, and that trend will have to be bucked sooner rather than later.

They’re going to be really pissed off after that today, no more than last week.” While all the optimism from the manager is certainly good to hear, and there have been aspects of the Kildare performances

O'Neill must pick his players up for the trip to Donegal

KILDARE GAA RESULTS KWETB U15 Football League Division 2A Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Castlemitchell GFC, (Round 2), Killard W/O Castlemitchell Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: TBC, (Round 2), Aylmer Gaels 5-23 Rheban 2-3 2018 Under 20 Div 1 Group A Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Conneff Park, (Round 2), Clane 5-9 Kilcock 5-4 2018 Under 20 Div 1 Group B Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Moorefield, (Round 2), Naas 4-11 Moorefield 1-4 Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Sarsfields GAA Club, (Round 2), Sarsfields 3-10 Ballymore Eustace 0-7 2018 Under 20 Div 2 Group B Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Rathangan, (Round 2), Aylmer Gaels W/O Rathangan Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Raheens, (Round 2), Celbridge 5-8 Raheens 0-3 2018 Under 20 Div 2 Group A Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: Eadestown, (Round 2), Eadestown W/O Athy 2018 Under 20 Div 3 Group A Sun, 11 Feb, Venue: St. Columba, (Round 2), Killard W/O St. Columba



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Thursday 15 February 2018


Photos: Pat Tinsley

Take Matt! Donnelly strikes late to XXXXXXxxx




Allianz NFL Division 1 By Patrick Ward

It was another case of running an entertaining race but ultimately crossing the finish line in second place for Kildare on Sunday as Mattie Donnelly’s stunning point from the left wing in the sixth minute of stoppage time edged a thrilling encounter for Tyrone in Newbridge. In what was a pulsating encounter right from the off in which both sides went at it hammer and tongs, Kildare failed to see out a game for the second week in succession as they fell to northern opposition by the smallest possible margin once again. They were vastly improved on their performance against Monaghan seven days previous, but once again they came up short despite posting a fine tally of 18 points, with Kevin Feely chipping in with half of that total. With the Monaghan and Kerry

game postponed in Clones due to a frozen pitch, it looked like Newbridge would escape the worst of the weather as the sun shone down on St Conleth’s Park. However, a snow shower soon swept across the pitch, freezing the hands of the poor marching band providing the pre-match soundtrack. Tyrone arrived in need of a win after two defeats to start their league season, mirroring the record of the Lilywhites to that point in Division 1. Kildare flew out of the blocks as they built up a four-point lead in the first 10 minutes and also kept a wasteful Tyrone scoreless during that period. Their dominance was built upon a great midfield platform where the returning Tommy Moolick was superb alongside Kevin Feely, while Eoin Doyle, Fergal Conway and Johnny Byrne picked up the majority of breaks that came off the two midfielders. It was Feely who got the game’s opening score from a free that was won by Daniel Flynn following a powerful run straight from the throw-in, while Mick O’Grady and Ben McCormack then combined to set Fergal Conway up for his first score of the game a minute later. McCormack then got his own name on the

scoresheet with an exquisite curling effort from the left wing. Conway’s second point of the day typified his industrious performance as he burst through a number of men and held onto the ball with remarkable strength before lofting it over the bar. Tyrone finally offered a response in the 12th minute when Niall Sludden slotted over a simple score, but the home side cancelled that out as a brilliant move involving a quick exchange of passes between Flynn and Byrne ended with Peter Kelly breaking through to slot over. The Red Hands enjoyed their best spell of the half soon after when Lee Brennan opened his account with a free before Tiarnan McCann lofted over a fine point from distance, and Brennan then knocked over another to leave the scores at 0-5 to 0-4 midway through the half. Kildare regained some momentum as Feely landed another free and goalkeeper Mark Donnellan slotted over a ’45, before the point of the game arrived when Daniel Flynn picked out Paul Cribbin with a superb crossfield ball, and the Johnstownbridge man curled over a brilliant point from 40 metres.

Best of luck to Moorefield GAA Senior team in the AIB GAA All-Ireland SFC Club Semi-Final from all at Kildare Auto Electrical.




Sludden responded again with a point, and then came the Tyrone goal as Brennan got the wrong side of David Hyland to take a ball from McAliskey, before angling a shot into the far bottom corner of Donnellan’s net. Feely and Tyrone ‘keeper Morgan traded points from frees, and Tyrone should have netted a second when Donnellan sent a kickout straight to McAliskey, but the Clonoe clubman lofted the ball over the bar when he attempted to chip the Kildare stopper. Sludden and Feely both scored points from play in the final couple of minutes of the half to leave Tyrone leading by 1-8 to 0-10 at the break. It was obvious from the start of the second half that this contest was going to be a seesaw battle that would go right down to the wire, and it took just over a minute for Kildare to restore parity as Niall Kelly swerved over a sublime point off the outside of his right boot from a tight angle. Cathal McShane responded at the other end with his first score of the day, before Conway set up Flynn to smash over a close range point to level matters again. Scores from Padraig McNulty and Brennan helped Tyrone gain a measure of control, but the game then entered a period where Feely became the only scorer for Kildare as he stroked over four frees in succession, while McAliskey and substitute Darren McCurry replied at the other end for the Red Hands. Feely’s seventh point of the game levelled the scores with 15 minutes left on the clock, before Cian O’Donoghue scored a stunning point as he caught a Morgan kickout brilliantly before playing a one-two with Chris Healy and driving the ball over. The Ulster champions roared back into the lead thanks to points from Mattie Donnelly and McShane, and when Feely and Donnellan missed opportunities from placed balls it looked like Kildare’s chance had gone. The Athy man did level matters in the fourth minute of added time, but they failed to show enough nous to pull a result from this one and Donnelly had the final say. Scorers for Kildare: K Feely 0-9(8f), F Conway 0-2, M Donnellan, P Cribbin, C O’Donoghue, P Kelly, B McCormack, D Flynn and N Kelly 0-1 each. Scorers for Tyrone: L Brennan 1-3(3f), N Sludden 0-3, C

Cian O'Donoghue leaps impressively over Niall Sludden to claim possession

McAliskey(1f), M Donnelly and C McShane 0-2 each, D McCurry, P McNulty, N Morgan(1f) and T McCann 0-1 each.


Mark Donnellan; Peter Kelly, David Hyland, Mick O’Grady; Johnny Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Cian O’Donoghue; Kevin Feely, Tommy Moolick; Fergal Conway, Niall Kelly, Paul Cribbin; Ben McCormack, Daniel Flynn, Paddy Brophy. Subs used: Jimmy Hyland for McCormack, Luke Flynn for Moolick 47mins, Chris Healy for N Kelly 55mins, Keith Cribbin for Conway 61mins, Cathal McNally forBrophy 65mins.


Niall Morgan; Hugh Pat McGeary, Pádraig Hampsey, Cathal McCarron; Tiarnan McCann, Rory Brennan, Ciaran McLaughlin; Matthew Donnelly, Padraig McNulty; Conor Meyler, Niall Sludden, Peter Harte; Lee Brennan, Cathal McShane, Connor McAliskey. Subs used: Michael McKernan for McLaughlin 38mins, Darren McCurry for R Donnelly 42mins, Ronan McNamee for McNulty 47mins, Conal McCann for Brennan 55mins, Mark Bradley for McAliskey 60mins. Paul Cribbin is bottled up by Cathal McShane and Tiarnan McCann

Thursday 15 February 2018




Photos: Pat Tinsley

down Lilywhites Tyrone's Mattie Donnelly holds off Niall Kelly of Kildare


This was arguably Kelly’s finest performance in a Kildare jersey for many years, and he remained the Lilywhites faithful of just what a good defender he can be on his day. Given the task of tracking Peter Harte, the player Tyrone’s gameplan is largely dependent on, Kelly nullified his man by putting him on the back foot. One tenacious tackle after tracking Harte down the right wing in the first half epitomised the Two Mile House man’s performance, and he even got a rare score when finishing off a brilliant move at the other end.


Kelly’s aforementioned point was a fantastic team score, but, from a purely aesthetic point of view, Paul Cribbin’s fine effort in the middle of the first half was wonderful. Kildare broke up the field at pace and the ball was worked to Daniel Flynn on the right wing. Rather than play a simple handpass to the supporting cast Flynn opted to measure a lovely ball off the outside of his boot to his clubmate, and Cribbin curled the ball over from distance.


The Lee Brennan goal was the big turning point in the game as Kildare never managed to regain the lead after that point. Up until the 28th minute it looked like the home side were in control, but

Peter Kelly had a fine game for Kildare as he kept Peter Harte quiet

complacency appear to set in in some areas, particularly where players would take the ball into tackles and get turned over. There was a sense of inevitability about Brennan’s goal, and it set Tyrone into a half-time lead that had looked unlikely after around 25 minutes of this game.


The major contentious decision from referee Paddy Neilan was his failure to award an advantage to Kildare when they attacked late on in search of a winning point. In fairness, he did blow the whistle almost instantly when Kevin Feely was fouled. Aside from that it was a good game for the Roscommon man, who perhaps gave the rub of the green to Kildare on most occasions. His leniency on tackling allowed the game to flow, and the man in the middle did as much as anyone to contribute to a great game of football.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the next game is crucial for Kildare. Though, every game from this point onwards holds massive importance. After a two week break the Lilywhites will be travelling to Donegal for their fourth round game on February 25, and it’s an encounter that both teams will be pinning their survival hopes on. With Donegal also losing their three matches so far, you’d have to think that there is no way back for the losers of this one.


Moorefield primed for All-Ireland semi-final Pg 80+81

Ladies suffer defeat of 2018 Pg 82

Thursday 15 February 2018

TYed up in a blizzard Red Hands condemn Lilies to third league defeat

Kildare's Tommy Moolick drives through the snow in possession

Photos: Pat Tinsley

By Patrick Ward

Cian O’Neill opted to look on the positives following Kildare’s third loss on the trot in the National League last Sunday, pointing out that the improvement in performance between the defeat to Monaghan and the subsequent loss to Tyrone was marked. Despite that, Kildare are bottom of the division alongside Donegal, who they play next in the league on February 25. That game is likely to decide which side is certain to face the drop, with Galway and Dublin already on six points and Monaghan, Kerry, Tyrone and Mayo all sitting on two, though the first two of those have a game in hand after the frozen pitch in Clones forced the cancellation of their

game. O’Neill was happy with the performance overall, but described some aspects of the Kildare display as ‘naïve’, particularly the instances where players brought the ball into the tackle and became bottled up by numerous defenders. “I think that was probably the biggest disappointment of our performance today – we were just a little naïve,” said O’Neill. “We took the ball into contact way more than we needed to; we talked about it even before last week’s match, and we got stripped too often. We definitely had a big emphasis on that today. That being said, we went into contact sometimes and we got pop passes off, but in the end, we lost it. Some of them were needless and some of them were just good Tyrone defending. That’s the big dis-

appointment today – that and the goal, they’re the big disappointments.” It was the second game in succession in which Ben McCormack had to be taken off early due to injury. Having looked bright and threatening in the first half, his substitution was a blow for Kildare in the second. This week it was a back injury that forced his withdrawal, with O’Neill stating after the game that it was more of a precautionary move than anything else. “He got a bang when he was going down and just went into spasm on his lower back, so you just don’t want to be risking any players when they go off like that,” explained the manager. “He felt he could have gone on for a few minutes, but it wasn’t right by him so that’s why we made the switch there.”

Ben McCormack was forced off at half-time with an injury


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NAAS NISSAN, NEWHALL, NAAS - AT THE BUNDLE OF STICKS ROUNDABOUT | Phone: 045 888 438 | Open: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm

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S R A C 172

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ty, n a r r a sW r a e Y 2

an s s i N as

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a N t a o us


l b a l i a v Offer A


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a M L L on A



thi s a y oda


e f f o d te a limi

e i . n a s s i n . s aa

n t i s i V

NAAS NISSAN, NEWHALL, NAAS - AT THE BUNDLE OF STICKS ROUNDABOUT | Phone: 045 888 438 | Open: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm

Kildare post 15 02 18  

Weekly news and sport from the Kildare Post

Kildare post 15 02 18  

Weekly news and sport from the Kildare Post