River Lewis

River Lewis

Vernon, Canada

River Lewis is a Canadian contemporary artist working in Vernon British Columbia in the North Okanagan Valley. The artist's work has been exhibited in British Columbia public art galleries including the Surrey Art Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, Penticton Art Gallery as well as many smaller venues.

As a contemporary Okanagan artist, River crosses media boundaries and creates using materials and mediums specifically suited to the project at hand. The artist's repertoire of mediums includes 3-dimensional, digital and computer art, writing, performance, photography, painting and drawing and more.

River Lewis is an instructor with the Arts Council of the North Okanagan. Current work investigates interpersonal perceptions and judgements and entertainment media representation of stereotypes. Okanagan artists have a vast opportunity and wealth of natural scenery to incorporate into art work. River draws and paints landscapes and cityscapes as study for larger contemporary art works.