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PROGRA]TITIIE Wednesday 1 Zth $eptember 2012 at 7.30pm. Martello Towers. Roger Maitetto Towers brm a chain of defensive poirrts arrurd fre cmst of salilr â‚Źast Erufand, erected as a result of invasion scares in t?re tlapoleor$c wars. Rogg/s talk will concerfrrate chiefly on cxJr reighbouring county of Essex, with a brief mnclusion about he Suffdk torers.


Wednes&y 10th October fr1?at 7.Spm. Annual Genera! Meeting, kflowed by: 'fhe Tay Bddgs Dieaster. Jdrn


In December 1879, Thomas Bouch s Tay Bridge cdlapsed, taking wi$t it the train r,Yhieh was crossirg af he fime. Bo,rch's reprtali(xl cdlapsd wih it.

Wedresday 14ttr illovember 2012 at 7.30pm. The Warnens of Brecklard" Anne Mason. A revised date forthe talk postponed from March dnto our speake/s &tble bookirg. Anne was the proiect manager 6r trb Brecklard Society's Wanens propct, h'hich researcM ftis longestablishd irdustry. Wednesday 12th December S12 at 7.3&m. Tte Story of fre $ecrat Military $its at Orfordness Paddy Paddi' has researched the history of ttle lesting station d Orhr*rees, estaHishd ln has wriften a book 'Most $ecret' on Sm subject




Wednes&y 9fr January 2013 d7.30pm. Pakerftam Water Mill. David Eddeshaw. David is the curator of the mill, operated by fre $ufftdk Pruservation Society.

We&esday 13ft Febnnry n12al7.30pm.


The Use of Bdcks frcm Boman Times to Today. Feter A relum visit lrom Petq nfro runs ttp Budmer Brickworks iust over the bor&r in Essex, one sf the few local brickworks still operatiml.

Wdensday 13th March 2S13 at 7.3Sm. Philip lrilemst$curces ol lnbrmation. Wfrere dtid yol get tmt map? Hotry did you fird tnt Nograph? Answsrs to ttese and otrrer questions tfie speaker {N,orfolk ln*rsfial nrdeedogy Sociefy Ctsirman} is aslted. A non-



Wedrpsday 1ffir April 2013 at 7.&m. Tony Broster. Ttn Eady Years of Se Gas lndustry in $uffolk. The gas irdustry developed on a $ecemed basis, indivldnl touns providng lheir oum gns works and mains. ffiy muctr later was a national gdd creded. Tcny will rcveal the differs* ideas fowrd in fn earty year$.




lpswich,lPl 6DG,

meetings are


in Room 4, Casfle HillCcmmu*ty Certre, Highfield Road,

SIAS Newsletter No 118  
SIAS Newsletter No 118  

The quarterly newsletter of the Suffolk Industrial Archaeology Society. No. 117 published May 2012