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t'fl/-n12 PROGRAMME

Wedrcsday 9th May n12at7.30pm. Visit to the Museum of Knots and SaiMs Roparork, 501 Wherstead Road, lpswich, IPA OII lpswich man DesPawson.b nationally.recogrnised as an expert in ropss, r6pb.makiirg, eiJthe making of knots. Fle has developed a small murnum at tis.home on Wheritead RoaA. ltumbers strictly limited - contact $teven Vtlorsley (01473 405110 to rcserve your place. Wedrresday 13th June at 7.30pm. Visit to Layham irill (lP7 5.1Y, OS ref TM m340lt). A twostorey brick wahrmill of 19S, incorporating 19tt century machirery from rr earlier mill on the-site. lt is tropd thnt themill will be working brour visit . Not regdarly @n to the puUic, so a rare opportunity. Satrrrday 10llr June 2012. TIF 22nd Eag ot Ertgland Regional lndustial Archaeology Cmforence. Visit to Ferkins FlEn.s in Peterborough, with-'etks ry.e,Ipqts on Perkini ardhe Pefrerborough Urick-mat<iru industry. Booking form can be bund at ths back of this newglotter.

Wednesday 18th July efiz d 7.30pm. Guided walk (leader - Bob Maleler) arcund $toke - lpswich's industrial suhnb. Meet at the south end ot$toke Bridgn, atthe Bftrge $treet/Dock StrwWenron Streetfi.nction. (n.b. tre grouftr of the Waterfront' and lts nigftlife means parking at St. Pete/s Doik is ncil as easv (or ' chead as it once was. Give yilreelf anrple time to fird a parking spaoe!). This event is d week later thm rut u*nl date to allow itto be a p3rt ol the Ccundl lbr Brit'sh Aretrmology'i Feetival of British Archaeology, being aelebrated betweon 14th and 29th July. Wedneeday 12th Sesember 201 2 at 7.30pm. Roger Martdlo Torers. Martello Towsrs brrn a chain of defonsive Xrints around the coast of south east England, erected as a result ol invasion scares in he Napolesric war$. Rogor's talk will cpncantrate chielly on our nei$bouring county of Essex, vrffr abrief conclusion abots the Suffolk towers.


Wedresday 10th October 201? at 7.Spm. Annual Generd ftl€otrq, followed by: John The Tay Bddge Dismtar. ln Decembo.r 18J9, Ilomas Bor.rch's Tay Bridge collaps€d, taking u,ih il the train wtrich was crossing at th€ time. Bouch'e reputalion cdlapseO with it


Wednesday 14th l,lovernber ffi12 at 7.30pm. Anne Mason. The Warrens of Brecklard. A rcvised date bthe talk-poqteqftedlrorn March drn to our speake/s douHe booking. Anne pas tfte Plo.lgct 11talagorforffre Breckland Society's Wanensproiect, wtrich researEfrdtris longestablished irdustry. Wedneeday 12*r December ?012 at 7.30pm. Tho $tory of the $ocret Military $ita d Orhrdrress I"OOV researched historf ftg of ttre testiru statim at Orhidness, establi$hed in Paddv.!as has written a book'Moet $ecrct'on the subiect.




Wednesday 9th Janmry 2013 at 7.3hm. David Pakenham Water Mill. David is the curator of the mill, operated by ttre Sr.ftCk Preservation Society.


Wednesday 13h February fr12at 7.30pm. Peter The Use of Bricks from Rornan1lmes to To&y. A retum visit from Peter, who runs the Bulmer Brickworks just over the border-in Esssx, ore of the bw locd brickworks stilloperational.


Wedensday 13th March 2013 at 7.30pm. Philip Tdby. lntemet Sqrrces of lnformation. Where cfid you St tlrat map? Flow did ycxr fird ttat photogxa$? Answers to ftese ard otrer questkrrs the speaker (F.lorfolk lndustrialArciaeology Society Chairman) is asked. A nontechnicalguide.

Wedresday 10tfr Apdl2013 at 7.3Sm. Tony The Early Years of the Gas lndustry-providirgtheir in $uffolk. Thsgas ir.duslty deyeloped on.a piecembd basis, individual towns own gas works and mains. Only much later was a rdional grid created. Tony will dvd the dittirent i&as ficund in the early years.


Vens All indoor meetirgs are held in Room 4, Castle Hffl Community lpswich,lPl 6DG.

Centre, Highfield Road,


elghHstictOdrrcf B/1zro0BElFUL

Erection of wooden slelter Lawshafi.

br woodnorkirg


The Forrdry, Br.rry Road,

hsr*tr Bflu{lr Ccncf P/1400087/FUL Change of use oJ former commercial

building irrto 14 flats indudirq demolition of side and rearextensions at 23..5 BunellRoad (oppoiite railway station).

|P/12/00101/FUL Renewal of PP of 2009 for &mdition ol sirgle storey workshop and erection of retail/officdapartment building at 7-9Woodbridge Road.

|P/12/00130FUL thange lP/1400131/LBC Street.


of use from bank to miorobrerrery and tasting room at 70 Fore

lnstallation of two oak

lP/1200133it1.BC Quay. Itrd


framd dormer windows at lsacc [ord, 7 Wherry






Denrolition of irdustial storage buik$rgs at 1$21 Vidett Hilt, Stowmarket, and erection of 13 dwetlings.

DkrlidCcrrrcfl Cmversion and extension of The Old Maltings, The Street, Bramfield, to a self-contained annex.

ABSTRACTS Joumals of other Societies vshich have recently arrived. lf any of the listed contents is of interest, let your Chairman know and he will anange for photocopies of the relevant article to be made. T}e l-ocd Hsmtia Febnsy20la Vd.42, nn t. Dispute Maps in Tu&r Lancashire, by Wlliam D. Shannon. Changing Fashions in Monumental lnscriptions, by John G. Hunter. !-g"atW ard Change in an area of North Herefordshire during the Nineteenth Century, by David Maund. British Cities: Celebratirg-and-Commemorating the Second World War, by Helen Jones. The Military survey af 152: A Case study-of Holt Hundred, Norfotk, by Jbhn wr(1ht. The Past, Present and Future ol Regional History in ttre Gzech RepuHic, by David Papajik.






Ntll -



AIA Conference, Cork 2010. by Roger Ford. Professor Marie Nisser (1937 - ml1), an obituary by NdlCossons. Heritage totFry Fqnd'g Sqppg{for lndustrial Fleritage, by Tony Crosby. Swe{en - A Posteript, by Cdin Bowden. (2 surviving ironworkb). The Dounreay Sgrere, by Robert Garr.

IndsfridednAogl Narc,lm,

Tasmania 2011, by Bill Barksfield. Dounreay, by Alan Pope. Follow-up to the article in tre previors issue. Essex lndustrial Housing Estrates, byAdam Ganrood. (silver End and East Tllbury). PeterWillans and the Willans Central Valve Engine, by Alain Fmte B.Sc., C.Eng., f.l.Uecn.g. lndusrial Heritage at Risk Revealed.

Suftk fuviâ&#x201A;Źrr, ]{eu Ssbs




The Halthurdred of Mutford: A Domesday lnvestigation, by David Butcher. Qorymepolating lpswich's Gredest Son, Thomas Wolsey: A Long Overdue Town and Gown Prc{ect, by Dr. Jcfrn Bhtchly. Q.efore the Railways: The Public Transport Network in Suffolk 1Z96 ard 1826, by Michaet Stone. Evidence of Water Milling ard. River Management on an East Sufblk Manor during tre Middh Ages, by Rick Osbom. (Wodingworth).


g, lb. l, AXIThe Jcrnd Horffi krdsthl Ar*ndory Sfrirft/, The Bacsr-Donkin Printing Machirp - NorftCk anO tte O?ibin of the RotaryFress, by Joseph


C.W.Mason. Nonnich Thorpe Power Stiation, by Philip Tdley. Gunton Sawmill - Reparrs 1898 - 1908, by David Durst. The History of Making Gas in Towns andon Country Esktes such as Hdkham, by Mike Bridges. fffecls of the Opening of the M&GN Raihuay on Local Employment and Trade, by Adrian Vaughan. walsoken Brick ard rile works, by P.Tolley, D.Manning, D.Durst and AVine.

yea/s l!!s 16th


conhrence willtake place atWritile Cdlsge rparChelmsford, between 10th ard August. The co{grence, from Friday untilhe Sunday tunctrtime, **itinaue as a !ne$? 20th century l{ust{-alArchaeology,and-!!lloomprise to-rmallectuies andleports, including a visit to the Sandford Mill Museum of Radio. Folloriling the confereniJprop*r, an a$lond programme Qs be"n organised from tte Sunday aftenbon untilthe fnuisUiy,'rvittt visits to. {lltyFites in Essex and-even over the border inio Sufiolk. These iites irrcnfe Petletgh.Mill, Gurteen s dllaverlrill, Silver Erd, ttre WarnerSilk Archivi at Braintree, gutmer Erigkwo$s, Stour Maries Aerodrome, the. Brltis!.Bqta housing estaie in-East titUlit,'rnO Tiptree Jam Museum. Anyorn intere-sted, the chairman tns-omfingifr;.



ADELINE CLARKE Founder member of the society Adelire chrke passed away on February 29th, ged g1, having outlived her husband Harry, also a ftr.rder member of tre SIAS. She is survrueO bV tfre couple's fqlr children, dus gnrdchildren and great-grandchildren. The funeralservice, at St. Mary-le-Tower in lpswich, was attended by yourChairman. Adeline was bom in Bedfordshire ol Comish parents, and, $nth Harry, moved b lpswich in 1970. The couple soon tlrrew ttemselves into various local societie-C anO czused, rurt leasfi !fcgmingjnembers of the congrregaticn of St. Mary-le-Tarer ard devoting much hme to the Workers'Educational Association. lt was thra^gh this latter connection that he SIA$ came about, as the WEA organised a cfllrse on lndustrial Archaedogy led by David Alderton. lollowing this course, it was decided to form the society. Your Chairman sat close to Clarkes dthe lnauprd meeftg,ardas aresult,Jourri himself on the committee - proposed and seconded by Adeline and Hany! He also understands that Adeline has some iorrrection gt-ttlis employment by the WEA Adelirp and Harry were great supporters of tte SIAS, ard we are the poorer for their pssirg, albeil greatful for their inpri in *re bist


Rest in Peace, Adeline.

THE NEWSLETTER is prodr.rced fourtimes a year !y $uffolk lndustrialArchaedogy Society. Contributims from members are welocmed, Thistime, Bob Malsterfras conlfUrtedde advertisement forfre sale of Ransome's Fourdry chairman: s.worsley, f4 Abbotsbury close, lpswich, lpz gsD. (01473 zt0s116; stevenworsley@ hdmail. co. uH. Treasurer: Position cunently vacant. Secretary: Positio'n cunently vacant. Newsletter distributor: JotrlF.urlqg. Those wishing to receive the Newsletter electror*cally are grgeqF contact John at To cr.rt costs, all who are able to receiv6 their l'lewsletters in this way are encorraged to make arangements to do so. Website: We do not_presendy have ulr own website, h;t we do have a presence on the River GipprqTrust's site and alsoon the Association for lndustrial Archaedogy site fu


FROIIi THE CLASSIFIED ADS From the t'lorwich Mercury ol4 fvlay, 1850: pV Privgte Contract (Eitrer Entire or Divided, and wittr lmmediate Possessir:n). The Extensive ard Excellent Freehold Manufacturing premises, advantawoustv sivuateij in st. MargEret's, lpswich, known as

!o bgsold

RAI{SOIES Fu'XIDRY Lately,in the og.cuPation of Messrs. Ransomes' ard May, who have lately removed their entire Establishment to the OrwellWorks, on the Dock. The Property consists of a gpod larnitv Dwelling House, and Two other $maller Houses; very superior ard extensive Ranges of Workshops, most substantially built and of recent erection, '20 ' with a.Boulton and Watts' Steam Engine, of horse-power, wmiUouUe boileri in excellent condition;_? Well, contaidng an inexliardtiblesupply o:f exceileni watii CoalViuiis, to contain {-past 150 Tons, and othe} capacions Dry Vzuhb ind warehor.rsei.- Asoi i"pitliisuiii



FORi/|ER FISON'S SITE TO BE REDEVELOPED? A public consr-dtation exercise has been caruied out prior to Paper Mill Lane Properties Ltd. submitting a planning application to redevelop the Fison's site at Paper Mill kr€, Bramford. lt is proposed to redevelop the mainly redundant site into a t20m mixed use residential and business_ development. This will involve renovaling the Norfr Warehouse, trF of the largest listed buildings in the coufi, to create a business centre. l''lew homes are proposed for the remainder of the site. The Old Fison site was originally the location for the first ever complete superphosphate factory. ln '1840 Von Liebig had suggesfred thar superphosphate of lime might be prepared from bones or other phosphqtiq deposits. Sir John Bennet Lawes gained a patent in 1842 regarding the treatment of mineral phosphates with srdphuric acid, whilgt Professor J.S.Henslow iad discovered coprolites in 1843. Henslow was stayirg at Felixstowe with his family, and noted the phosphatic rpduhs, or coprolites, sandricled between the beds of red cragbnd ttre London clay locally.

Edward fackard, a chemist of Sa,xmundham,. had started experimenting wifr making artificial manurs from bones, and iClowing Henslow's dsc,overy began using coprotites. His frst o-perations were at Snape, where he secured the power of a pumprirg engtne from Newson 9anpt togn$ the coprdites, htt was aparenily unable to obtain a mitt in tne area, so set up in lpswich c1$9. . Hgre he took over a former flour mill on lpswich docks, sold to him by Allen Ransome. The buildinghas cnmfletdy disappeared, to be replaced by'loft-style apariments, one of the mos{ upmarket addresses in town, despite its being on Coprolite Str-'ert. He was not pog.ilar in lpswich due to the fumes given ofl by the profuction process, so he moved to what we would call a'green field' site just outside the town in the Gibping Valley. Between 1851 and 18*$, Packard built a hctory at Paper Mill l-ane and fiioneered the production of artificial fertilisers for horticulture trl an industrial scale. lt was an ideal site due to the comt*nation of the River GippirE, wfiich was navignHe between lpswich and Stowmarket, and the addition of fre railway in 184'6, which both provided tre means to import raw materidd and export fertilisers. Packard ry^ep ioJned in 1858 by Joseph Fison who constructed his c*remical works opposite the North Warelnrse. The lower two lloors of fris building date from this time ard wbre useO for@ging arrd storage areldentified on sarly Ordnance Survey maps as the eastem Union Wotkq, proving the Nortr Waretrofio was purpose-hJilt and itirecitv associated with the production of superphosphates.


Thomas Prentice later set up on an adjacent site, havi4g founded his Stowmarket factory in 1856,4d the three companies were united underthe Flsm, Pacltard & Prentice name i;1W' A rew factory rrras built at CIiff Ouray in 1S?4, eventually repiacing tte Bramford site.

Jlq process reguired to.S drig{, broken in stone-crushers, gro.rnd in a mill and purified by hnnirg ltwas ten disolved in sulphuric acid. When cooled, tfu-drv lriable honey-combeA

mass was reduced to powder in a disintegrator. Nitrogenous materid duch as amminium sulphate or sqlts of potash oould be add€d to produce a miril;re specially a&pteO to com, 9rG9: mangel,.potiato-olother crop. Use was made of the bcd coprolitis, obtained largely from the coastjire of Hollesley Bay between Bawdsey and Boyton, for 15 years or so, 6t6re they were wo{1ed ori and r€course had to be had to fre Cam6riOgpshire deposits. laler, trey urere imported from abroad - France, Belgnum, Algeria tfre Cadbbia[ FloridaardTenneisee'. The brick and timber North Warehouse, with its curved roof profile is a prominant site i,n the Gipping.Valley, and_tts retention for rew uses must be eeen as a positive move which will rekin what is om of the most important historical industrial sites ih the area.

Scrces. The Old Fisons Site. A Proposed New Residential and Business Development. Paper Mill l-ane Properties Ltd., n12. |lde(on, D. {Booker, J., The Batsford Guide to the lndustrial Archaeology of East fuidia

Batsford, 1980. Clark, C. & Munting, R., Suffdk Enterprise. UEA, Norwich, n.d. (c400). l?99, Wlliam (ed), The Victoria History of the Counties of England - A History of Suffolk, Vol. ll, University of London, 1975 reprint of 1907orignal.

COLLIS MILL. GREAT THURLOW {9t4 {ones lps p?sqed on a copy of an article by Mike Mctonnell, published in the Winter 2012 issue of the Suffolk Historic Buildirgs Group newsletter, from which the followirq rptes are taken. Collis Miil ffL 672490) was extensively restored from the summer of 2011 by John W Younger Builders of Sudbury for the Thurlow Estate. The mill, a smock mill of 1907, was converted from wind to steam in 1915 and the sails removed in 1920. lt continued to work into tre 1930s. Fftigl by 1{9, lt *pl then purchased by ttre Vestry family and restored with new sails. By 2011, these sails had deteriorated, and reflaement would hive douHed he cost of retoratioi. [levertheless, all the millirg machinery remains in place ard the restoration of the fabric of the mill ensures its continued survival.

NEWS OF THE COUNTTS HERITAGE An additional S125,000 is to be loaned to tre Museum of East Anglian Ufe at Stowmarket in opel-tq complete the restoration work to Abbot's Hall. tZ.lmillion has been spent, hrt a shorthll was identifieg, tg be,met by the new loan. Abbot's Hall yvill be opened to the public this ypar, and isbeirg_hailed as the museum's most important developmwrt'for 30 years. The Museum of East Anglian Ufe aleo looks to be the ldvoured site foi a new record office, with the existing.reqord otfices closing down. TtE good news is that puUic consultation has revealed that 8996.oJ ruspondants want more of *e records daced on line, althorlgh this exercise would presumably result in aditional costs. ln Woodbridgâ&#x201A;Ź, property developers responsible for the &relict Whisstock's Boatyard and Nunn's Mill sites have pledged to work wifr community prior to drawirg ud proposals. The Woodbridge Riverside Trust has alread said *rafit-wqrld like to take ovei fie'Whisstock's site to crede an attraction to celebrate the town's maritime heritagp.

lpswich.Boroughlouncilhave gaired ag@ from the Heritage Lottery Furd to reinvigorate lglywells Park. The fate of tre attractive Victorian Orarepry-is urdeiOeUate, with G pirk's Frierds Group suggsstirq it shoid be gifted to the NationalTrust for removal'and rebuild elsewhere. lf it were to be restored on its cunent site, S.pstions of its future use are yet to be answered,

lsaacson lhe Quay, the busirpss occupying the former lsaac Lord comdex on the Waterfront in.lpswich have submilted a olanllng application for tre use of the adjac6nt bank buildirg asa microbrewery aqd @ting room. The restored machinery in the Machirery Rmm - visitid by the.Q.lAq a cguple o!.suqrrye1s.ago - willbe used as parfof the brewing process. lt is hoped' that the transformed bank building will become a landmark site ard a daieway to tre quaiside. The Merchant's House, the oldesJ part of the comsex, is prssentlv unOergoiri,? transtdrmltion into an upmarket bed and breakfast estaHishmertr The former l0l Paints factory at Stowmarket, rnwadays tradirg as AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, is to celebrate its 40th wifr a party for dd employees m May 15tr. The firm -birthday are successors to the Patent Safety Gun Cotton Company Lid., set up by th-e Prentice family in 1863.

Perkins Engines Satnnu address

PEl 5W. Onsite parhing inthe Winrs car parh, from where you willbe directed tn the uelLue.

s_L*_-* *tt Lf,n f


la* I


Parkway towards Peterborough. Keep on the same road until it becomes the Frank Perkins Parkway. Look for a sign to Showcase Cinema and FIag Fen - here leave the Parkway, at the roundabout so right under the Parkway. Take the first left into Carr Road, continue to Frank Perkins Way. Perkins Engines is on your right. Park in the Visitors car park, from where you wilt be direcbed to the venue.

Location maps

East of England Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference

EERIAC )OilI Frank Perkins Engines & the London Brick Company in Peterborough at the Perkins factory Saturday 16th June 2012

EERIAC )OflI Frank Perkins Engines & the London Brick Cornpany in Peterborough

Programme and Booking Form Saturday 16th June 20Lz Venue: Perkins Engine Company,located on the East side of the Frank Perkins Parkway, Peterborough PEI 518 - see map ouerieal. Ansite parhing in th.e Winrs car parh, from where you will be directed to the uenue. 9:30 a.m. Open to set up displays. 10.00 Registration, tea, coffee, view displays. 10.30 History of Perkins Engines Limited - Edward Hinde 11.15 History of the London Brick Company - Andrew Mortloch 12.00 noon EERIAC AGM. 12.15 p.m. Lunch break. There are no facilities on site, but there are two possibilities. 1 The Superstore shown next to the factory on the location map overleaf is a Sainsbury's with a caf6 in-store, also selling the usual range of snack foods. OR 2 Just under a mile to the south, the Showcase Cinema complex (shown on the location map) has McDonalds andPizza Hut caf6s.



Frank Perkiiis trngine Factory prodiiciion liiie aiid iheir co.lleotion of historic engincs. 4.00 approximately Thanks and close of Conference.


11si'"',o ihe

Organised by Cambridge Industrial Archaeology Society. We thank Perkins Engines Limited for prouiding the facilities which haue rnade this euent possible. Any queries - telephone Ken Alger, 01223 232711.

Booking Form for EERIAC )OilI Saturday 16th June 2012 **** For security reasons, advance booking is essential.


Detach and send this form with cheque to EERIAC, 5 Hoynors, Danbury, Essex CM3 4RL as soon as possible, and no later than 26th May. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you require an acknowledgement. Please book ...... places at S10.00 per person total S

aS! Suffolk f AS ! Please enclose cheque (payable to EERIAC) for the total antount as aboue. Please aduise when booking if display space is required. **** You must give the names and addresses of all those who wish to attend. **** Contact Phone: Contact Address Name PleaseindicateifyouareamemberofNorfolklndustrialArchaeologySocietV


Cambridge f

SIAS Newsletter No. 117  

The quarterly newsletter of the Suffolk Industrial Archaeology Society. No. 117 published May 2012

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