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The Pickerel Project Minutes of the meeting of the Pickerel Project held on Tuesday 6th July 2010 at 7:00pm in the Council Chamber, Milton House, Milton Road South, Stowmarket. Present John Baldwin (Vice Chairman) Jon Pattle (Treasurer) Sally Scott (Secretary) Councillor Barry Salmon Mike Smith Nick Carter John Maryon Ron Pattle Chard Wadley

Representing Pickerel Project Management Committee Stowmarket Society Stowmarket Town Council Stowmarket Town Council Stowmarket Society Stowmarket Resident Suffolk Wildlife Trust Stowmarket Society Inland Waterways Association

1. Appointment of Management Committee i. ii. iii. iv. v.

Keith Scarff was re-elected as Chairman. John Baldwin was re-elected as Vice Chairman. Sally Scott was re-elected as Secretary. Jon Pattle was re-elected as Treasurer. Barry Salmon and Mike Smith were re-elected as Committee Members.

2. Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence were received from James Carr, Desmond Codd, Councillor Keith Scarff and Mrs Bobbie Wilson.

3. Minutes of last meeting The minutes of the Pickerel Project held on Tuesday 19th January 2010 were confirmed as a true record. J Baldwin reported that the Army Training Corps decided not to help the Pickerel Project (PP), due to its lack of insurance. The Scouts have attended two clear up days and work very hard. The Air Cadets have also expressed an interest, but have not yet attended an event. C Wadley from the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) offered the IWA’s help at larger clear up or project days, where equipment, such as power tools, are needed. C Wadley reported that Mid Suffolk District Council has plans to develop a ‘turning circle’ along the river. He suggested that the river needed de-silting and that this can be carried out by the Environment Agency. J Maryon from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) reported that a site has been identified near the new Station Road development for a Black Poplar to be planted, in celebration of the SWTs 50th anniversary. Suffolk County Council is currently looking into the suitability of the site with the Environment Agency. C Wadley recommended planting the Black Poplar 10ft away from the river bank, due to it having long roots.


Actions carried forward: 1 Sally Scott To chase up the reported pest problem. New Actions arising from Minutes: 2 Management To arrange a large clear up day, with help from the IWA, to Committee carry out a large project, such as removing the islands that have built up in stretches of the rivers. 3 John Pattle and To write a report to go to Stowmarket Town Council asking Mike Smith for formal support and suggesting any other ways in which the Council can help, such as suggesting Section 106 funding is spent on implementing the PP’s plans. 4. Any Other Business The Committee discussed the plans for the River Ratt road bridge to be demolished as it has remained unused for many years. The pedestrian footbridge would remain. C Wadley reported on plans for the Milton Road footbridge, which was due to be replaced with a new cycle bridge, but the proposed bridge was not high enough and new proposals are being developed. J Pattle handed out the Annual Accounts, which showed a balance carried forward of £2373.14 and listed all the Pickerel Projects assets. The Committee discussed the future plans for the Pickerel Project, and agreed that the group should encourage local authorities to implement the plans laid out in documents such as the Stowmarket Area Action Plan to ensure the river corridor does not get neglected. Actions: 4 Jon Pattle and Mike Smith 5 Management Committee 6 Sally Scott

To put a cost to the Pickerel Project plans for the footpath along the River Rattlesden. To arrange for the Pickerel Project plans to be displayed in the Market Place and in the Library once complete. To arrange for clear up days posters to be advertised in the Volunteer Centre on Poplar Hill.


2010 AGM Minutes  

Minutes of the Pickerel Project 2010 AGM

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