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The River Gipping Trust Ltd

Registered in England No. 6145692 Registered as a Charity No. 1119586

Notes to the Accounts for Year Ending 31st March 2011 Note 1

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This figure includes donations from existing members, money received from the Onians Trust towards rebuilding costs at Baylham and donations from organisations to which we have delivered our illustrated talks. Also included in this figure is £1000 donated by the Inland Waterways Association from money raised at the IWA National Festival held in St Ives, Cambridgeshire in 2007. We have probably reached the ‘break even’ point now with new memberships balancing losses through non-renewal and deaths. The majority of this money came from selling scrap metal to Sackers Recycling in Gt Blakenham. £100 of this sum was expended on computer software and hardware. Another £143 was fuel costs incurred by committee members attending meetings etc. It is a condition imposed by IWA that if we get our insurance cover via them we must become corporate members of IWA. Insurance from another company would cost at least £1000 pa. A slight reduction in insurance costs this year because we had a considerable reduction in the use of hired plant which we have to insure. We bought various posters and banners to go with the new marquee the costs of which are also included in this figure.. A considerable reduction on last year’s costs as the work at Baylham has not required a WRG camp this year. As mentioned above, we have also not needed as much hired in plant this year. Included in this figure is £1100 to buy new scaffolding and clips. We used the IWA donation mentioned above to cover the majority of this expenditure. Given the extremely low rates on interest on the COIF Charity Account ( %) we looked around for a better deal and found the Scottish Widows account currently paying 1½%. Other accounts with advertised higher rates are either not covered by the Government guarantee or will not accept business deposits and the Trustees are not prepared to risk your money.


The River Gipping Trust Ltd Notes to the Accounts for Year Ending 31 st March 2011 Registered in England No. 6145692 Registered as a Charity...

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