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RGT NEWS ISSUE 1 OCTOBER 2008 EDITORIAL Welcome to the first edition of RGT News which we trust will be published regularly but at this stage we are not sure of the frequency. The aim is to keep you in touch with our plans for the future of our exciting new project. The River Gipping Trust got off to a flying start at the Open Meeting in Needham Market at the end of September and for those of you who were not able to be present a copy of our Press Release on the event is included in this Newsletter. We would always welcome your views and ideas - not necessarily for publication. LJT

RESTORATION PROJECT. The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) has been carrying out restoration work on the River Gipping for many years without attracting much support from the general public which is why we decided to form the trust, in the hope that we would get more support for a local trust. We had several offers of help at the end of our recent open meeting, so hopefully the policy is working. We will need that support as the Trust is taking over the restoration work on the river as from the 1st October from the IWA. We are currently finishing the rebuild of the bank retaining wall that protects the head of Baylham Lock and the ground between the navigation channel and the mill stream. A start is being made on the restoration of the lock chamber. Next year we are planning an intensive programme of work in the summer involving the removal of 45Ms q of ineffectual concrete in the bottom of the lock and its replacement with a correctly profiled concrete invert (lock chamber base), constructing a support base for a rebuilt eastern lock wall which will require the removal and replacement of 150Mc u of soil. To assist with this ambitious project we have requested two Waterways Recovery Group (WRG) week long work camps & a London WRG weekend camp. These will need to be backed up by our own volunteers. Colin Turner, Restoration Manager

MONEY WHERE DOES IT COME FROM AND WHAT HAVE WE SPENT IT ON? I know accounting is a boring subject and you’re probably just about to skip onto a more interesting article in this newsletter but give me a few moments to tell you about our financial affairs. You never know, you might even enjoy it! When we opened our bank account in April 2007 we had a donation of £1000 from Ipswich Branch of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) to use as our initial deposit. Incidentally, I don’t know if any of you have tried to open a new bank account recently but it ain’t easy. We had to get a Commissioner of Oaths involved just to prove we were who we said we were! Anyway, with our account open we could start looking for new members to bolster our funds. I reckon we’ve been quite successful in that operation as we now have 65 of whom 21 are Life members and one company (J Breheny) is a Corporate member. Between them they have cont ributed £2568 to our funds. Along wit h their membership fees they have also made donations amounting to £1,444. What makes those two figures all the more welcome is the fact that the majority have signed the form to say they would allow us to claim Gift Aid. That nice Mr Brown gave us another £553 simply because you ticked the box. The other major part of our income came from the sale of scrap metal which one our members collects and delivers to our work site down at Baylham. For the sake of a few trips down to Sackers at Claydon we raised over a £1000 in less than a year. Now, what have we spent it on? The largest item by far was our publicity budget; in total we’ve spent £3,380 on that. Now I know that sounds a huge amount but without it I doubt we would have got half the members we have and they certainly wouldn’t have contributed anywhere near as much to our income. The largest item was the cost of our Vision document at £1750 for 1000 copies. However that price included all the art work, the design and printing so I reckon we did very well. In fact we expect to receive a grant of £1000 very soon towards the cost of this booklet. We also spent another £1330 on 3000 membership leaflets but again without them we wouldn’t have got any members!

Now what of the fut ure? We have taken over the Baylham Lock restoration project from IWA. Our Site Manager has put together a cost estimate of £6500 for next year and that assumes we can get a lot of the machinery we need on ‘free’ hire. If we have to pay the mark et rate the price goes up to £10,000. It also assumes that all the labour is free so the first figure is materials only. As you can see we need to get involved in some major fund raising and persuade lots of people to come and help down at Baylham. Will we see you there next year? Spencer Greystrong Treas urer.

BITS AND PIECES There is now a working party at Baylham Lock every Wednesday, excluding Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve together wit h the first Saturday in the mont h. For the sake of regularity, the dates to the end of 2008 are as follows:October 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November 1st, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th December 3rd, 6th, 10th 17t h. Work starts at 9.00 am Old and new faces would be most welcome! ******* If you know of any local organis ation who would like to hear our illustrated presentations, we now have a team of presenters who would be willing to put in an appearance, for a modest contribution to RGT funds. We have available a full description of the history of the Ipswich &Stowmarket Navigation (approx.1 hour), a brief history together with IWA achievements over recent years and hopes for the future (approx. 20 mins) as well as a 7 minute illustrated running of the recent interview with Lesley Dolphin of BBC Radio Suffolk at Baylham Lock. Charles Stride is co-ordinating dates - cont act him on or 01728 831061

Newsletter Editor : Lewis J Tyler secretary@rivergippingt 01473 310381

PRESS RELEASE RIVER GIPPING TRUS T OPEN MEETING HELD AT THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS, MID-S UFFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL OFFICES, NEEDHAM MARKET FRIDAY 26 TH. SEPTEMBER 2008 Recently a new chapter was written in the history of the Ips wich & Stowmarket Navigation by the formation of a Trust whose aim is to restore the navigation on the River Gipping and to care for the flora and fauna of the Gipping Valley. Last month saw the launch of the River Gipping Trust at an Open Meeting held in the Mid Suffolk District Council Chamber at Needham Market. Chairman County Councillor Jeremy Clover int roduced fellow trustees to an audience of over eighty people wit h an interest in the environment of the River Gipping, which was followed by an enthusiastic talk by local Riparian owner and resident, Gordon Crosby on ‘The Rights, Responsibilities and Hopes of a Riparian Owner’ The audienc e then viewed a power point presentation showing not just the history of the river and the Ipswich Branch of the Inland Waterways Association’s restoration so far, but the proposals for the future. Hopefully one day the locks will be re-gat ed and this waterway will have the pleasure of seeing the restoration of minor traffic and use as a recreational asset to the area. Considerable discussion followed on various topics raised by the audience which augurs well for the future of this new project. For further information, look at our web-site or contact the Secretary, Lewis J. Tyler on (01473) 310381 Notes to the edit or: 'The River Gipping Trust was formed in 2007 by a small group of people from the Ips wich Branch of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA). IWA is a national organisation and the Ips wich Branch covers virt ually the whole of Suffolk and Norfolk . The Branch felt that a new Trust should be formed in order to concentrate efforts on the River Gipping and allow IWA to fulfil their original role. The Trust is entirely independent of the IWA although it's main aims and objectives are very similar. '


ISSUE 1 RESTORATION PROJECT. EDITORIAL Colin Turner, Restoration Manager