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the member magazine for Riverbanks Zoo and Garden | July-August 2019

Volume XXXVIII, Number 4

Riverbanks is published six times a year for members of Riverbanks Society by Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Columbia, South Carolina.

Riverbanks Parks Commission Bud M. Tibshrany, Chair Robert G. Davidson, Vice-Chair Jan Stamps, Treasurer Alana Odom Williams, Secretary M.F. “Phil” Bartlett Mary Howard Michael Phemister Velasco

Riverbanks Society Board

J. Anderson Folsom, President Susan S. Keenan, Vice President J. Stuart Moore, Treasurer Marie McGehee, Secretary Derrick L. Williams, Immediate Past President Carl W. Blackstone A. Mattison Bogan Clifford Bourke, Jr. William J. Brennan Sharon W. Bryant Cecilia Fournil Jeffrey Gossett David G. Hodges Stephanie R. Jones Sarah Kirby Shelby Kay Leonardi Sarah Bovaird Locke William G. McMaster Andrew Reed Jeffrey T. Reeves Tristan K. Weinkle, DVM, DACVIM Don F. Barton, Director Emeritus

Riverbanks Executive Officers

Thomas K. Stringfellow, President & CEO Ed Diebold, Chief Life Sciences Officer Breta Rheney, Chief Financial Officer Dave Ruhl, Chief Operating Officer Christie Vondrak, Chief Human Resources Officer Lochlan Wooten, Chief Marketing Officer

Riverbanks Senior Staff

Rachael Bashor, Director of Education Andy Cabe, Director of Botanical Garden John Davis, Director of Animal Care & Welfare Kevin Eubanks, Director of Guest Services Eric Helms, Director of Construction & Planning Monique Jacobs, Director of Riverbanks Society Al Nelson, Director of Facilities Maintenance Susan O’Cain, Director of Communications Melodie Scott-Leach, Director of Habitat Horticulture Martha Weber, DVM, Director of Animal Health Colleen Lynch, Curator of Birds Scott Pfaff, Curator of Herpetology Sue Pfaff, Curator of Mammals Jennifer Rawlings, Aquarium Curator




CONTENTS Inside Scoop

Director’s View............................................................................ 1 A message from the President & CEO Conservation Corner.................................................................. 26 Saving species locally, regionally and around the world In the Know............................................................................... 31 Insider “tails,” tidbits and tips Keeper Corner............................................................................ 30 Behind the scenes with the animals Riverbanks Adventures.............................................................. 20 Upcoming learning opportunites


Animal Spotlight....................................................................... 22 Meet one of the Zoo’s residents Plan Your Visit............................................................................ 18 Mark your calendar Going Green.............................................................................. 16 Easy ways to help make our planet a greener place Shoots and Blooms.................................................................... 21 What’s growing on in the Botanical Garden


A Massive Mammal Move .......................................................... 2 Learn the ins and outs of some big changes at your Zoo Thank You for Making a Difference ............................................. 6 A special thanks to the people making a lasting impact on conservation

Riverbanks Hours of Operation Open daily 9am - 5pm except Thanksgiving & Christmas day

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is located at 500 Wildlife Pkwy, Columbia SC 29210

Subscriptions to Riverbanks are $24 per year. Members of Riverbanks Society are entitled to one free subscription along with free admission and guest passes, discounts at Zoo & Garden gift shops, invitations to special events and much more. To subscribe to Riverbanks or to join the Society, visit or call 803.779.8717 and press 1. Riverbanks Magazine Editor - Monique Jacobs Design Direction and Layout - Majken Blackwell Design - Alyssa Castelluccio Contributors - Haley Albright, Milo Anderson, Rachael Bashor, Andy Cabe, John Davis, Ed Diebold, Chandler Garnett, Colleen Lynch, Susan O’Cain, JC Sallee, Amanda Segura, Jane Solimine, Lochlan Wooten Contributing Photographers - Ron Brasington, Jo Marie Brown, Andy Cabe, Larry Cameron, Ed Diebold, Lynn Hunter Hackett, Michael Jones, Richard Rokes, Melodie Scott-Leach, Robin Vondrak Cover Photograph - Belle the African elephant by Larry Cameron

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and a member of the American Public Gardens Association.

DIRECTOR’S VIEW Thanks to the tremendous support of our members, donors and community, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden was recently named the seventh best zoo in the U.S. by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice poll. While number seven isn’t number one, it is a great honor to be included among the top ten zoos on the list—and no matter where we land, Riverbanks will always be number one to me. Our staff works incredibly hard to ensure the highest quality care of the animals and plants and deliver the best possible experiences. These efforts enable us to drive home the message that, collectively, our individual actions will make a lasting impact on conservation. The passion of our dedicated team combined with our enthusiastic community and beautiful park truly makes your Zoo number one. Being at the top of any industry brings challenges. Riverbanks has been faced with a very difficult choice when it comes to the conservation and care of African elephants. Our two beloved female elephants have provided many years of joy and inspiration for our guests, but the two need a more social environment. And while a herd of elephants could be a priority at Riverbanks in the future, it is not achievable at this time. Fortunately, we have the rare opportunity to bring back and care for a herd of Southern white rhinoceroses. These magnificent, critically endangered animals need our help, and Riverbanks stands ready to do so. Plans are in the works for a complete renovation of the elephant habitat to create a new environment suitable for rhinos with experiences that will engage guests. Conservation is about people working together to save animals and their habitats. We need you to help us put our best foot forward to make a lasting impact—on conservation, our community and our future. Thank you for your partnership as we strive to make a brighter future together.

Thomas K. Stringfellow President & CEO





Robin Female

48 years old

Arrived at Riverbanks Oct. 2007 From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Has two tusks of different lengths Stands 7 feet, 9 inches tall Weighs 8,087 pounds Robin is the oldest of the Zoo’s two elephants, but she runs around like she is half her age. When keepers ask her to move from space to space, she practically sprints like she is on a mission. While Robin does not care for baths, she loves playing in the mud. She will take a trunk full of water to the nearest hole just to make mud. When she gets wet, Robin immediately has to dust herself!



A Massive Mammal Move — Milo Anderson, Conservation Communications Manager

A Weighty Decision You’ve likely heard the bittersweet news that Riverbanks will soon bid farewell to Belle and Robin, the Zoo’s African elephants, and subsequently welcome the return of Southern white rhinos. This mammoth-sized decision was by no means taken lightly. African elephants have been a favorite of Riverbanks members and guests for many years. Caring for elephants has given Zoo visitors an opportunity to connect with this vulnerable species and develop a love of nature that inspires actions for conservation. African elephants have lived at Riverbanks on and off since 1973. In 2002, the Zoo opened a new elephant habitat in the Ndoki Forest that quickly captivated herds of visitors. Now, nearly 20 years later, the exhibit remains one of the Zoo’s most popular; however, the habitat is aging and elephants need a more social structure. Years of great consideration brought us to this new chapter in the Zoo’s history and the difficult decision to move Belle and Robin. Following the unexpected deaths of Petunia in 2016 and Penny in 2017, discussions about the future of elephants at the Zoo took center stage. Riverbanks knew that a move of this magnitude would have a huge impact both at the Zoo and beyond the banks. With the best interest of Belle and Robin always at the forefront, Riverbanks contacted the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) African Elephant Species Survival Plan® (SSP). After exploring all the options, the final determination to move the animals was based on a variety of factors—social environment and conservation impact being key.

Moving Toward a More Social Life Riverbanks is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to all of our animals. We love the animals in our care, and there is no doubt that Belle and Robin will be greatly missed. This transfer, however, will ensure that both elephants live in a more social environment. We know that social interactions play the greatest role in supporting an elephant’s behavioral health. Studies have shown that female elephants are extremely social and naturally live in herds. Providing Belle and Robin the opportunity to interact with other elephants is the right decision and Riverbanks’ top priority. It is not feasible for Riverbanks to expand the existing habitat to house any additional elephants. Currently, there is limited or no availability of elephants in zoos for the foreseeable future. After working with the African Elephant SSP®, it was decided that Belle and Robin would move to another AZA-accredited facility where they can be integrated into a larger social group.





Belle Female

37 years old

Arrived at Riverbanks Dec. 2001 From Columbus Zoo No tusks Stands 7 feet, 9 inches tall Weighs 7,920 pounds Belle is known as the comedian. She will toss hay on her head or a stick on her back to save as snacks for later. She prefers to move at her own pace, sometimes earning her the nickname “diva.� Belle loves baths. She will sometimes lay down and drift off to sleep mid-bath. To make her bath last longer, she will flip to the other side. Like Robin, Belle loves mud baths. When she gets wet, she immediately has to spray herself with dust!



Impacting Conservation


While we prepare Belle and Robin for their upcoming move, the Zoo has the rare opportunity to positively impact Southern white rhino populations. By modifying the current elephant habitat, we will soon welcome a breeding herd of white rhinos—a species last seen at Riverbanks in 1989.

Q: Don’t all zoos have elephants? A: Not all zoos have elephants. In fact, only one-

While the decision to transfer our elephants to another zoo was extremely difficult, rhinos are another amazing species with a strong conservation need. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that less than 22,000 Southern white rhinos remain in the wild due to threats such as poaching and habitat loss. Riverbanks will be able to help save this at-risk species by contributing to the sustainability of the population. The new rhino habitat, expected to open in 2020, will feature an immersive experience to help connect guests to this species. Riverbanks is dedicated to securing a future for white rhinos and all of the animals in our care. It is our hope that every member and guest will be inspired by these charismatic creatures and join us in protecting rhinos. Together we can help save animals from extinction.


BIG MOVE third of AZA-accredited facilities have elephants in their care.

Q: Will elephants ever return to Riverbanks? A: Riverbanks would one day like to manage a

breeding group of elephants but cannot do so at this time because there is currently limited or no availability of elephants for the foreseeable future.

Q: Why not send them to a sanctuary? A: Riverbanks will transfer the animals to

another AZA-accredited organization based on recommendations by the African Elephant SSP®.

Q: When will the elephants move? A: Belle and Robin will move this fall. Q: A:

How will Robin and Belle move to their new home? Training is already well underway to prepare Belle and Robin for their move, and to ensure their comfort and safety during transport. Riverbanks will use the assistance of an experienced animal transport team to transfer the elephants to their new home. Belle and Robin will travel in large specially designed trailers and will be accompanied by Zoo staff.

Q: When will the white rhino exhibit open? A: The rhino habitat is expected to open in the summer of 2020.

Q: A:



What are some of the threats to these animals in the wild? The largest threat to both elephants and rhinos is poaching. Other factors include habitat loss and climate change.



Thank You for Making a Your support of Riverbanks Society through membership and donations is critical to Riverbanks Zoo and Garden’s success. The following generous individuals and businesses made contributions to Riverbanks through donations, sponsorships and/or Gold-level membership between May 1, 2018 and May 15, 2019.

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each visit counts There are many forms of support that can help Riverbanks achieve its mission to make a lasting impact on conservation. Roll a coin around the big green vortex inside the Birdhouse at Riverbanks. Drop a dollar in the donation box inside Sea Lion Landing. Round up for conservation with your next purchase at Riverbanks Gift Shop. Or contribute online at and click Donate.

Timothy and Mindy Martin Mrs. Cheryl D. Martino Mr. William & Mrs. Nicole Maskiell Mr. Joel & Mrs. Kim Masters Dr. Wayne & Mrs. Tina Mathews Harvey & Jan Mathias Patricia P. Matsen Mrs. Sharon B. & Miss Sarah Mattern Cary Matthews Mr. Antonio & Mrs. Aimee Maturi Ms. Helen D. Mauldin Dr. Mark & Mrs. Julie Mayson Mr. Iraj & Mrs. Joanna Mazloom Jay & Beverly McAlister Mr. Michael & Mrs. Alyson McAlister Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Amanda McCann Robert McClintock Dr. Charles & Mrs. Catharine McClure Mr. Larry & Ms. Marie McClure Ms. Jamie Y. McCulloch Mr. John & Mrs. Suzanne McDermott Mrs. Nancy McDonald Mr. Bill & Mrs. Helen McDowell Ms. Debbie R. McEwen & Mr. Lee Carroll Mr. Russell & Mrs. Cathy McFarland Linda McGarry Hannah McGee Mr. David & Mrs. Marie McGehee Mrs. Dallas McGuire & Mr. Weston Verner Mr. Jim & Mrs. Brenda McKinney Edwin & Josephine McKnight Mr. Jim & Mrs. Patricia McLaren Mrs. Eleanor S. McLeod Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Cathy McLeod Mr. William & Mrs. Elizabeth McMaster Mr. Al & Mrs. Linda McNeill Ms. Janice Mead & Ms. Tracey Manyard Mrs. Elizabeth Meetze Grayson Meetze Ms. Kristen Meetze Mr. Chip & Mrs. Laurie Melton Ms. Nicole Melycher & Mr. Justin Gaskins Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Marla Meredith III Dr. B. Garrick & Mrs. Jill Messer Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Rhea Metcalf Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Susan Michalski Dr. Tracy & Mrs. Amanda Middlebrooks Jr. Mr. Richard & Mrs. Jill Migliore


Mr. Mike & Mrs. Karen Miller Mr. James & Mrs. Vicki Mills Mr. Albert & Mrs. Julia Mims Ms. Brenda Mims & Ms. Kristina Sabatini Ms. Sally Mintz Ms. Sherry C. Mitchum & Ms. Joy Jacob Mrs. Virginia Mixon & Ms. Ashley Campbell Ms. Elizabeth J. Moffatt & Mr. John Haynes Mr. Herman & Mrs. Margie Mongin Mr. Allen & Mrs. Marcia Montgomery Mrs. Carol Montgomery & Ms. Heather Kaikini Ms. Lillian H. Mood & Ms. Susan Liles Mrs. Eleanor Moore Dr. Ellen M. Moore & Mr. Charles W. Weston Mr. John & Mrs. Harriett Moore Mr. Phil Moore & Ms. Miriam Mitchell Mr. George & Mrs. Meredith Moraitis Mr. Dean Morgan Mr. Tom Morgan III Ms. Linda Moroz Mrs. Lori Moroz & Ms. Kristen Harmon Mr. Billy & Mrs. DeLancy Morris Mr. Philip & Mrs. Debra Morris Tommy & Gayle Morris Mr. H. Christian & Mrs. Lucia Mueller Mr. Chris & Mrs. Charlotte Munger Stewart & Deloris Mungo Mr. Bradley & Mrs. Brittany Munn Mr. Brian & Mrs. Cheryl Munn Dr. Camille Myers & Ms. Diana Bowers Mr. David & Mrs. Stacie Myers Leslie Myers Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Melissa Myhren Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Jennifer Nason Mr. Miles & Mrs. Lisa Nason Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Brenda Nauful Jr. Ms. Tina L. Nelsen Dr. Francis & Dr. Mary Neuffer Mrs. Ashleigh Neverve Ms. Margaret Nevill Mr. Michael & Mrs. Kim Newcomb Ms. Anne & Mr. Chris Newell Ms. Ginny Newell & Mr. Bob Wilkins Mr. Bryan & Mrs. Amanda Nichols Miss Donna Nielson Dr. Herbert & Mrs. Eleanor Niestat Mr. William Nobbs Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Nord


every effort helps

SAVE species! Mr. & Mrs. Damian Norris Ms. Sandra Norton & Ms. Joy Yohe Mrs. Heather Novitsky Don & Deb Nowakowski Mrs. Mary & Mr. William Nunn Mr. Jeff Nuovo Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Becky Oconnell Ms. Jill Odell Ms. Patricia O’Hagan Sharon & Dennis O’Keefe Mr. John & Mrs. Mary O’Leary Ann Oliver Mr. C. Hardy & Mrs. Ann B. Oliver Jr. Mr. Elbert E. Oliver Ms. Cassidy Olson & Mr. Jordan Thorne Ms. Jennifer Orseck & Ms. Deanna White Dr. Jeanne Owen & Mr. Jim Giandelia Mr. & Mrs. Randall E. Owens Mr. Joe Padgett Mr. & Mrs. James W. Park Mrs. Jane Park Mrs. Melinda & Mr. Jonathan Parker Mr. Brett & Mrs. Anna Parks Lyn & Blair Parks Mr. John & Mrs. Karen Parrish Jr. Greg Parsons Mr. Chandramouli Pasumarthi Ms. Robin Pauly & Ms. Ashley Galloway Mr. Richard & Ms. Jean Pawl Marty & Jeff Pearson Ms. Roberta Pearson Mr. John & Mrs. Angela Pecca Ms. Cindy Pedersen Mr. Zan Tracy & Mrs. Constance Pender Beverly Penning Rosetta, August & Elsie Penny Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Beth Perry Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Heather Perryman Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Kimberly Phillips Mr. Ralph Phillips & Ms. Vanessa Murphree Ms. Kadejah Pickering & Mr. Peter Leventis Mr. Martin & Mrs. Patricia Piepoli III Barbara & Thomas Pietras Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Margaret Pinkstaff Joseph F. Pirola, Jr. Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Monetta Pitts Ms. Sue Plum & Ms. Linda Whitt Mr. Frederick & Mrs. Helen Pohl

Ms. Glenyis Polston & Lanell Lown Mr. Tyler Polston Mr. Bert & Mrs. Jodye Pooser Ms. Julie Poppell Dr. William R. & Mr. Stephen Posey Ms. Delores Poston Dorothy Poston Mr. Jeremy Potthast Mr. Steven & Mrs. Karen Pounds Mr. Langston Powell & Ms. Marilyn Gartley Margaret Powell Mr. Michael E. Powell & Dr. Christopher H. Cormier Ms. Margaret C. Prentice Mr. William & Mrs. Grace Prescott Ms. April Price Mr. Tye & Mrs. Heather Price Mr. Russell & Mrs. Leslie Pruett Mr. Roger & Mrs. Robin Pryor Katie Purnell Mr. David & Reverend Christi Pursey Mr. Mark & Mrs. Susan Pyritz Dr. Gordon & Mrs. Leona Query Cdr. Don & Mrs. Lee Quick Mr. Elliotte & Mrs. Annette Quinn Mrs. Jennifer Quinn Mr. John & Mrs. Scottie Rabb Jr. Mr. Alton & Ms. Lola Rabon Mrs. Sarah Rao Mr. Barry & Mrs. Angela Rash

Ms. Vicki Roberts Mr. Bradford & Mrs. Susan Robey Ms. Renee Robey Ms. Betty Robinson & Mr. John Hutto Mr. Donald & Mrs. Ruth Robinson Myrtle T. Robinson Mr. Floyd Rogers & Mrs. Carol Johns-Rogers Mr. William & Mrs. Cheri Rogers Dr. Lannie C. & Dr. Percy E. Rogerson Curt & Donna Rone Malia Ropel Mr. Graham & Mrs. Betsy Rose Mr. John Roth Mrs. Joey Rothfuss Thomas Rountree Mr. Randall & Mrs. Sherry Rowen Ms. Arlene S. Rowland Mr. Gene & Mrs. Debbie Royer Dave Ruhl Ms. Angel Rumfelt & Ms. Kathy O’Donoghue Muncie & Paulette Russell Rhonda Russell Mr. Edward Rutledge Barbara Koosa Ryan Mr. James & Mrs. Maritza Ryder Ms. Cathy Sabol Mr. Oscar & Mrs. Amanda Salas Mr. Ross & Mrs. Sharon Sanders Mr. Mike Sandlin

2,000 animals

John & Lynn Rawl Ms. Robin Rawl Mrs. Janice E. Ready Mrs. Tracey Rease Mr. Steven & Mrs. Cindy Reck Dr. P. Prithvi & Mrs. P. Vijayalaxmi Reddy Patricia Redmond Dr. & Mrs. Gene Reeder Jeff & Amy Reeves Mr. Mike & Mrs. Mary Reeves Ms. Renee Reich Mr. Thomas Reiten Miss Jennifer Reno Tom, Susan & Jennifer Reno Mrs. Doris R. Reynolds & Ms. Jandell R. Morrison Mr. Noah Reynolds Mr. Chris & Mrs. Sharie Rice Dr. Varner & Mrs. Lynne Richards Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Beth Richardson Mr. Paul & Mrs. Jane Richter Jeff & Lorianne Riggin Ms. Donna Riggins Mr. G. Andrew & Mrs. Mary Robbins Ms. Sandra Roberson Mrs. Pamela J. Roberts & Mr. Joel Smith


6,242 different kinds of plants

representing 350 species

endangered animal and plant species

Faye Harmon Sandow Mr. Skylar & Mrs. Whitney Satterfield Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Jennifer Savitz Mrs. Mary P. Sawilowsky Ms. Betsy Dunbar Sawyer Morgan Schau Mr. Clifford & Mrs. Maria Schneider Dr. Roger & Mrs. Nancy Schwind Mr. William & Mrs. Helen Schwittek Ms. Bernadette Scott Boyd & Nancy Scott Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Deborah Scott Ms. Laura Scroggins & Mr. Zack Ford Mr. Larry G. Sease Mrs. Crystal & Mr. Will Sellers Mrs. Charmayne Shahan Capt. Joe & Mrs. Lori Shappell Shirin Shariff & Cheyenne Bond Stanley & Patsy Sharpe Mrs. Barbara Shealy Mr. Chris & Mrs. Tami Shealy Mr. Julian M. Shealy & Mr. Jimmy C. Caughman Otho Shealy Mrs. Patricia Shealy Sandra Shealy



Susan Shealy Mrs. Patricia K. Shelley Clay & Evie Shelton Mr. Davel & Mrs. Dina Sherashenkov Mr. Anthony R. Shirah Mr. Rodrick & Mrs. Candace Shiver Mr. David & Mrs. Donna Shoaff Mr. Donald & Mrs. Marcia Shue Buck & Sharlene Shuler Dr. Wes & Mrs. Sharon Shuler Mr. Wyman Shull Ms. Joanna Shumaker & Ms. Amanda Rollison Mrs. Martha Shumate & Ms. Desiree Harllee Mr. H. Perry Shuping Lauren Sickinger Ms. Ann Simpkins Carol Sinclair Mr. Atul & Mrs. Samantha Sinha Susan Skinner Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Linda Skipper Ms. Sandra Smigay Mrs. Anne S. Smith Ms. Catherine Smith & Ms. Consuela Jenkins Mr. Eric Smith Mr. Frank Smith & Ms. Joy Ray Mr. James & Mrs. Nina Smith Sr. Mr. John & Mrs. Jean Smith Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Ashley Smith Mr. Michael & Mrs. Carol Smith

Mr. Murrell & Mrs. Macaulay Smith Ms. Rakale Smith Mr. Richard & Mr. David Smith Mr. Thomas E. Smith Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Cheryl Smith Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Melanie Snipes Mr. Victor Snipes Karl & Patricia Snyder Mr. Robert Snyder Mr. Harry Solarek Mr. Charles & Mrs. Kathryn Soliozy Mrs. Christina Sosa-Manzo & Mr. Donavan Provard Jeremiah & Jacqueline Southwick Melissa Spearman Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Spencer Mr. Nick & Mrs. Nina Spinelli Mr. Mike & Mrs. Jeannine Spradlin Rochelle Spradley Ms. Laura Sprague Mr. Celess & Mrs. Diana Squirewell Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian St. John Dr. & Mrs. Darrel Staat Mr. Ray & Mrs. Mary Stafford Mrs. Jan H. Stamps Bonnie Stanard



Thank You for Making a Difference Attendance and membership allow us to operate your Zoo on a day-to-day basis, but private giving is absolutely essential to help fulfill our mission-driven efforts.

Dr. Jimmy & Mrs. Peggy Stands Mr. Harry Stegall & Ms. Kathy Stegall Ms. Daun C. & Ms. Carol Steigner Mr. James Stephan & Ms. Shara Whitaker Mr. Albert & Mrs. Laura Stevens Mr. David & Mrs. Becca Stillman Ms. Zebrina Stofiel & Mr. Joel Rzepecki Jennifer & Rhett Stogner Katherine Stokes Mr. Robert & Mrs. Kristina Stonestreet Mr. Steve Storick & Ms. Mary Audrey Ackerman Carol Stork Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Ashley Story Dr. James & Mrs. Jill Strainer Andrew Strauss Patricia Stringfellow The Stringfellow Family Ms. Katharine Struthers Kerry Stubbs Ms. Jane Suggs & Ms. Courtney Blackmon Dr. Joanne C. & Mr. Stephen Suggs Mr. Julius & Mrs. Sylvia Suggs Ms. Allison Sullivan & Ms. Amy Hornsby Mr. Jones Sutherland Mr. Tom & Mrs. Julie Sutton Mr. Tom Swift III & Mrs. Marcie Swift Lawrence Mr. Ron & Mrs. Dorothy Swinson Jr. Mr. Tony & Mrs. Kristin Taffar C. Joseph Long Mr. & Mrs. Taintor Mr. Motte Talley Mrs. Christy Taucher Dr. Edgar Taylor & Mrs. Charlotte Loren Taylor Mr. Jay & Mrs. Laurie Taylor Mrs. Margaret Taylor Mrs. Megan Telencio Mrs. Jane Temple Mr. Fred & Mrs. Lindsay Templeton Ms. Barbara Testor & Ms. Ashley Courier Mr. William & Mrs. Nancy Theus Ms. Lori Thomas Mr. Sidney & Mrs. Suzanne Thomas Jr. Mr. Charles Thompson Jr. Mr. Gabriel Thorne Mr. Bud & Mrs. Ruth Tibshrany Mr. Harold & Mrs. Courtney Tillett Ms. Anna Bess Tisdale & Ms. Paula Willey Jerry & Sheryl Todd Laura L. Tovo



Vannie M. & Allison Toy Mrs. Jessica Traill Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Angela Tran Mr. Ross & Mrs. Alice Travis Ms. Jill Trefz Mr. Perry Troutman & Mrs. Cathelene Compton Mr. Joseph Trykowski Dr. Howard & Mrs. Donna Tucker Mr. Norman Tuller Mr. Brian & Mrs. Amanda Turbeville Mr. J. Paul & Mr. Markus Turkopuls Mr. Michael & Mrs. Kim Ujcich Dr. Jack & Mrs. Uta Valpey Ms. Jennifer Vancil Ms. Sarah Vandervort Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Tia Varnadore Ralfette & Joseph Vasquez Mr. Michael Phemister Velasco & Mrs. Melanie Phemister Rebecca A. Veldman Col. Donne & Mrs. Shirley Viau Kristi Vincini Mr. Steve Vincini Ms. Margaret A. Vitiello Lynne & Regan Voit Dr. Michael & Mrs. Laura Wade Mr. Paul & Miss Cynthia Y. Wade Ms. Debbie Wagner Mr. Felix & Mrs. Laurie Walker Jim Walker Mr. Craig & Mrs. Emily Wall Mr. Gary & Mrs. Nancy Walsh Ms. Tracy Lyn Walsh Mr. Kent & Mrs. Betty Walters Ms. Tracy Wanamaker Norm & Sarah Wantland Ms. Susan Ward Mr. David & Mrs. Nancy Warner Mr. William & Mrs. Rebecca Warren Dr. Carey & Mrs. Lynn Washington Mr. Travis & Mrs. Paula Washington Mr. Jason Watkins Mr. Michael Watson Mr. Richard & Mrs. Audrey Watts Dale B. Weaver Mrs. Jan & Ms. Valerie Weaver Mr. Teddy Webb & Ms. Amanda Pauls Mrs. Wanda Webb & Ms. Lisa Bell Chris & Kelly Weeks Dr. Tristan & Mrs. Ella Weinkle


Ms. Heather Welch & Mr. Jason Lowder Mr. Tim & Mrs. Cyndi Wellborn Mr. Farrell & Mrs. Mary Wells Dr. Randall & Mrs. Sandra Wendt Kaymani West & Bianca Smith Mr. Ben & Mrs. Debra Whetstone Jr. Mr. Steven Whetstone Mr. Roddy Whitaker & Ms. Marcia Presnell Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Sonya White Mr. Kevin White & Mr. John Robert Barth Mr. Mark & Mrs. Barbara Whittaker Cynthia Wiggins Mr. Matthew Wilder Rose T. Wilkins Mr. Lee & Mrs. Ashley Willard Barbara & Bobby Williams Mr. Derrick & Mrs. Alana Williams Donna & Jimmy Williams Mr. James & Ms. Linda Williams Mr. Roger I. Williams Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Tonya Williams W.D. Williamson Drs. Edward & Meredith Wills Dr. Marsh & Mrs. Lynn Willis Mr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Anne Wilson Mr. Jeremy & Mrs. Maura Wilson Ms. Judy Wilson Ms. Marcia Wilson Mr. Nick Wilson Ms. Kelly Wimer Mrs. Janice & Mr. Alan Winemiller Mr. Leland P. Woerner & Ms. Betty McKnight Steve & Kathy Wolfe Mrs. Kathy & Ms. Angela Woltermann Debra Wood Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Kelley Wood Jimmy & Rosemary Wood Lochlan Wooten Mr. Ben & Mrs. Juanita Wright Mr. Doug & Mrs. Laurie Wright Mr. Roger & Mrs. Heather Wright Drs. Mike & Michelle Wyatt Mr. Mark & Mrs. Suzanne Yates Kay & Anitra Yonce Mr. William & Ms. Sandra York Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Michelle Young Mr. Jon & Mrs. Julie Zivony Hanno Zur Loye & Dee Hull Dr. Peter & Mrs. Debbie Zvejnieks

COMPANY DONORS AND SPONSORS AARO Rental Center AAZK Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Chapter Abacus Planning Group, Inc. Advintage Distributing Aflac Aleph Wines Corporation Allen Bros. Milling Company Ameriprise Financial Basil Thai Cuisine BB&T Charitable Fund Bear Island Distributors Beverage South BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Bodhi Thai Dining Bolder Engraving Bonefish Grill Bottles Beverage Store Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Breakthru Beverage Group Bright Funds Foundation Cafe Strudel California Dreaming Capital City Dentistry Capital Concrete Co. Cellar to Ceiling Central Carolina Community Foundation Christi Arnette Designs Christy & Ken Taucher Donor Advised Fund of Central Carolina Community Foundation Clear Dot Charter School CMC Steel Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company Columbia Fireflies Baseball Columbia Threadneedle Investments Comer Distributing Company Cool Care Heating & Air Crêpes & Croissants Cupcake DownSouth Di Prato’s Dominion Energy Donna & Curt Rone Fund of Central Carolina Community Foundation Dream a little ART Easlan Management Company Emily Hudson Art

Enterprise Holdings Foundation Family Medicine Centers of SC FireWater Feathers First Citizens Bank First Community Bank Food Lion, LLC Free Times Get Bent Massage & Stretching Granby Crossing Apartments Granby Oaks Apartments Grassroots Wine Grill Marks Grimball-Cotterill & Associates Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Hampton Inn Happy Tails Resort & Spa Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A. Hilton Columbia Center Historic Columbia Hotel Trundle House of Raeford Farms Hue Home Studio Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse Jason’s Deli John Rowland Sunday School Class Katie Purnell Photography KW Beverage Kyle Smith Pottery Larry Hutto Insurance & Financial Services Lidl US, LLC Love Chevrolet Company Lowes Foods Mast General Store, Inc. Matrx Coaching Michael J. Mungo Foundation Midwood Smokehouse Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Norman & Gerry Sue Arnold Family Foundation One Eared Cow Glass, Inc. Osceola Foundation Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union Palmetto Garden Club Palmetto Outdoor Center Parsons Foundation of York County Community Foundation

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From small businesses to large corporations, philanthropic gifts to corporate sponsorships, partnering with Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is naturally rewarding. Sponsorships offer visibility and opportunity while supporting local, regional and global conservation efforts. Learn how you can get involved at





Thank You for Making a Difference

TOGETHER, we are making It takes people to make conservation happen. Individuals taking small steps make a big difference. Businesses supporting sustainable practices make a big difference. Our collective actions magnify the outcome. It takes individuals working together in teams, groups forming alliances and businesses collaborating as partners to make the biggest difference.

Together, we ARE making a big impact.

creating connections In step with the Riverbanks mission, a team of Zoo staff from several departments recently created a more inclusive farm experience with the goal of providing opportunities for members and guests of all ages, sizes and abilities to connect with nature. The all-new Farmyard opened in late April, and since has engaged more than 20,000 guests—already more than double the number that would have enjoyed pony rides in one year! 14


A BIG IMPACT inspiring action

Riverbanks’ retail partner Service Systems Associates (SSA) recognized the ever-increasing need to keep plastics out of landfills and connected with their wholesale supplier to inspire the use of recycled materials. As a result of this partnership, wholesaler K&M International is producing—and your Zoo is now selling—select plush animals filled with 100% recycled water bottles! Look for the “We strive for eco-friendliness” label on your next visit to Riverbanks Gift Shop.

impacting conservation In May, Riverbanks received the prestigious AZA Sustainability Award for its work with the Henkel’s leaf-tailed gecko. The lizard experienced drastic swings in its population over the last 10 years, climbing to as many as 181 geckos in 1999, then declining to 39 in 2004. Today, the population has exploded to 365 individuals! The program’s success also has made it possible for 60 geckos to help bolster breeding programs at European zoos. Congratulations, Riverbanks’ Senior Herpetology Keeper Sean Foley, for leading this important conservation effort involving 42 zoos!






How to spend a little green to save Earth a lot of green

-Haley Albright, Recruiting & Staffing Specialist/Green Team Member

Preparations for the school year are about to begin! This year, try challenging yourself with these green tips:

PREDUCE the amount of school supplies you purchase that are made with single-use plastics or 0% recycled paper. PREUSE leftover school supplies from the previous year such as binders, backpacks, and pens or pencils. PRECYCLE old school supplies. HERE ARE SOME COOL GREEN SUPPLIES TO CHECK OFF YOUR LIST: PENCILS TreeSmart #2 pencils are made from recycled newspapers. Need mechanical pencils? Choose the ones made with 65% recycled plastic.

MARKERS Maybe there is no way around buying markers wrapped in plastic tubes, but before throwing away old markers, check out Crayola’s Colorcycle program to recycle them instead!

HIGHLIGHTERS Try pencil highlighters! They are better for the environment and never dry out. PENS Did you know you can buy pens made from 89% post-consumer recycled water bottles? This option reduces the amount of plastic used and recycles old plastics at the same time!

COMPOSITION BOOKS Try the “decomposition book”, a green approach to the trusty composition book! Made with 100% post-consumer waste, it can be composted when the school year ends.

Do green choices cost more?


A consumer will spend 50 cents to one dollar more per item when purchasing an item made of recycled material, but supplies made of 100% recycled material: Require 1/2 the energy to produce A little green can save Emit 1/3 less CO2 during production Use zero (yes, zero!) trees Earth a lot of green!




Time for


The average American student wastes about

67 POUNDS in discarded lunch packaging every year.


This year, embrace the ZERO Waste Lunch!

Plastic bags or wrap

Disposable plastic cutlery

Plastic drink bottles

Not only does it make

Disposable lunch bags

things easier on busy mornings, but it will shrink your trash bag and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Plastic straws Buying individual portions of yogurt and snacks

THAT’S 18,760 POUNDS average per

elementary school and almost could be recycled or composted!


TRY THIS: Beeswax wrap, zippered cloth snack pouches, and reusable steel or glass containers. Reusable cutlery made from bamboo or other reusable materials Stainless steel water bottle (reusable for years to come!) A reusable cloth lunch bag or ones made from recycled products Stainless steel straws Buy in BULK! It saves you money, you can pack all the snacks for the week beforehand, and it reduces the amount of packaging waste!

Refuse the plastic straw, choose reusable food and water storage and enjoy your Zero Waste Lunch!

YUMMY ZERO WASTE RECIPE Use items you already have in your kitchen to make this easy lunch…

• Grab a glass jar. • Add delicious ingredients like beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions and corn. • Top with salsa and avocado. • Grab a fork.

Enjoy Your Zero Waste Taco Salad! CREATING CONNECTIONS.





Mark Your Calendar

19 | Twilight in the Garden featuring The Little Mermaid


2 | Brew at the Zoo 12 | World Elephant Day 16 | Twilight in the Garden


featuring The Good Dinosaur 30 | Dinos & Drafts

Help prepare a snack for the bears, feed a sea lion or touch a tortoise.


Patron and Gold level memberships receive TWO FREE Backstage passes.

14 | Animal Enrichment Day 20 | ZOOfari 22 | World Rhino Day

For schedules and pricing, visit

Presented by

Cool off in the Splash Zone at Waterfall Junction from 6pm until dusk. Then roll out a blanket and catch a movie at the Garden’s amphitheater. 18


Friday, August 2 | 7pm WWW.RIVERBANKS.ORG Proceeds support ongoing conservation and education efforts at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

WE’RE WILD about FRESH & AFFORDABLE This is our That’s






Connecting Young Children to

NATURE - Rachael Bashor, Director of Education

If we want kids to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.

- David Sobel

Climbing and jumping off a log, tracking an ant across the sidewalk, and even the occasional skinned knee is what learning looks like for a young child. Play is learning—and playing in nature is important to child development. At Riverbanks, we take learning through nature play seriously and are increasingly creating opportunities for our youngest visitors to learn outdoors.


Beginning this September, we will be extending our commitment to our youngest visitors’ excitement for wildlife and wild places with Riverbanks Nature Preschool. Two mornings a week, our staff will utilize young children’s natural curiosity for animals, plants, water and the world around them as the context for student learning.

For more information or to register, please visit

Nature Preschool shares the same child development goals of a more traditional preschool but is committed to meeting these goals through experiences in and with nature. Connect with us today to add your favorite 3 or 4-year-old to our inaugural class.







w e r C o Zo


• Discover conservation biology • Learn about environmental stewardship • Explore the science behind animal care

REGISTER TODAY FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR! Starts Saturday, September 14

For more information or to register visit CREATING CONNECTIONS.





WHITE-RUMPED SHAMA Copsychus malabaricus

- Colleen Lynch, Curator of Birds

Measuring Up

Smaller than a backyard robin but larger than a wren, the shama weighs in at 28-40 grams ($2 in quarters weighs 45 grams).


Where on Earth

Shamas live in scrub, bamboo, secondary, primary, mangrove, riparian and coastal forests in South and Southeast Asia. They prefer the understory (bushy growth at ground level). At Riverbanks, they are often seen low and at eye-level in their aviaries. Look for them in the Birdhouse and the Asian aviary near Wild Burger.

Zoo’s Who

Riverbanks has housed this species since 1992. Since our first hatch in 2012, we have hatched 15 chicks. White-rumped shama are highly territorial and live in pairs. There are currently nine of these birds living in three locations throughout the Zoo.


Least Concern


Near Threatened




Critically Endangered

Extinct in the Wild

Did You Know?

Shamas are cryptic nesters and hide their nests well. Often the only indicator that the keepers have of a shama nesting is through careful observation of the hen’s tail. The shama’s tail is longer than its body and typically quite straight. When a female begins to incubate her eggs in small hidden tree cavities, her tail becomes bent or curved from spending time in the confined space. When keepers observe a curved tail, it means eggs have been laid and chicks may be hatching in less than 14 days.

Conservation Connection

Wildlife trade, legal and otherwise, is one of the world’s most pressing conservation challenges, affecting hundreds of millions of people and thousands of wildlife species. Songbirds are among the species most affected by illegal trade, especially in Southeast Asia. Songbirds in Asia are threatened with extinction due to excessive consumption of wild songbirds for trade, pets, export, traditional medicine and food. Bird ownership is a celebrated custom and conveys social status. Songbird competitions are culturally important and provide financial motivation for family income. These competitions are major “sporting” events, making them a lucrative business.

How You Can Help You can help provide a safe home for songbirds in your own backyard by creating a bird-friendly habitat, preventing window collisions by reducing transparency of hard-to-see glass, and keeping pet cats indoors and encouraging others to do the same. Learn more online at or

Although there are many legitimate captive breeders in Asia, there are still an alarming number of trappers, wholesalers and markets illegally trading in wild-caught birds. Many people believe that wild birds sing better and are stronger and more potent than those hatched in human care. Moreover, trapping songbirds is quicker and easier than breeding them. Unfortunately, huge numbers of wild-caught birds do not live beyond the first few days in their cages. The Silent Forest Campaign, supported by Riverbanks’ Satch Krantz Conservation Fund, aims to save a growing number of songbirds by increasing knowledge, awareness and commitment to songbird conservation within and beyond the zoo community. The Campaign funds several field conservation projects including the protection of Treasure Island, off the coast of Sumatra, as a sanctuary for the white-rumped shama as well as the critically endangered Nias Hill myna.



You also can help support important conservation projects like The Silent Forest Campaign with a donation to the Satch Krantz Conservation Fund. Visit and click Donate.




Moon Over Riverbanks - Andy Cabe, Botanical Garden Director

t’s always fun to see a new and interesting plant. New plants are often created by hybridizing, using plants of two different species or cultivars. Basically, the pollen from one plant is placed on the flower of another plant. If everything works out right, seeds will form and eventually grow into a new, unique plant. However, just because you come up with a new plant, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good! New plants need to be grown and trialed for several years to determine if they are worth naming and introducing. Ideally, only the best-of-the-best are released into the market. Way back in 2006, there were two different plants of Hymenocallis growing and blooming in the greenhouse at the same time. So, I took the pollen from Hymenocallis coronaria (our native Rocky Shoals Spider Lily) and placed it on the stigma of the flower of Hymenocallis eucharidifolia (a Mexican species). This cross resulted in six seeds, which were subsequently planted. Eventually, I had six nice blooming-sized bulbs of the new hybrid. When the bulbs started to grow to mature sizes and began blooming, it was obvious that they were significantly different from their parents as they displayed intermediate characteristics of each. This indicated that we did indeed have something new and unique.

We did indeed have something new and unique.

Once the bulbs started to offset, I shared them with a few people in the nursery business to grow and evaluate. I didn’t think much more about it until earlier this year when I received an email from one of the individuals with whom I shared the bulbs. He told me that he thought one of the six plants that I sent was exceptional and deserved to be named. So, nearly 13 years later, we now have a new hybrid named Hymenocallis ‘Moon Over Riverbanks.’ It will likely be several more years before the plant is offered for sale anywhere, but it’s still fun to have a new plant that we can say was rooted at Riverbanks!





• Look for bold pinks and reds of hibiscus flowers. • Bright yellows of black-eyed Susan and swamp sunflowers appear. • Tropical foliage of banana plants and elephant ears flourishes. • Lots of colorful summer annuals add interest to the beds. • Snowball viburnum shows off its big white blooms. • Hydrangeas are covered in white and blue flowers.


• Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpet produces large pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers in oranges and pinks. • Star jasmine is covered in white fragrant flowers. • Gloriosa lilies cover everything with bright red and yellow flowers.

TIPS PROS from the

• Keep your annuals looking good by deadheading old and spent flowers when blooms finish; this will promote new flowers. • Add plant stakes as needed. Plants will be getting taller, and stakes can help them stay upright. • Start looking through catalogs to get ideas for next year. Assess this year’s garden and evaluate the performance of your plants. Keep an eye out for seeds to collect for next year’s garden; these seeds are sure to perform best in your specific area.  • At this point in the year, your summer vegetable garden is winding down for the season, so it’s a good time to start preparing garden beds for fall and winter crops. • Stay hydrated when working in hot summer sun. Our gardeners recommend popsicle breaks!  



The Eco-Friendly Kitchen

August 17 | 10-11:30am $15 per person Pre-registration required Discover ways to store food without disposable products, shop a little greener and learn to make beeswax wraps for food. Everyone will take home supplies needed to make wraps at home.

Beginner’s Guide to Gardening in the South September 12 | 5-6pm $10 per person Pre-registration required Stroll through the Garden as we discuss tips on gardening in our climate, soil challenges and what to plant in your yard.

Mermaid and Pirate Party!

August 23 | 7-9pm $15 per child | Free for adults Pre-registration required Enjoy an hour of water play before we engage in mermaid and pirate games. Kids will create a craft, look for buried treasure, meet Pearl the Mermaid and Firebeard the Pirate and MUCH MORE!







Riverbanks Joins

AZA Giraffe SAFE

-Ed Diebold, Chief Life Sciences Officer

In early May, the United Nations released a summary of a report by IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), an international group that assesses the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided to society. The study, compiled by more than 145 experts from 50 countries with input from another 310 contributors, finds that around one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades. This is an alarming number, and the rate at which extinctions occur is accelerating.

In light of such sobering statistics, it is all the more important to demonstrate urgency in our collective efforts to conserve wildlife and wild places. Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ (AZA) Saving Animals from Extinction (SAFE) Program focuses the collective expertise within AZAaccredited zoos and aquariums and leverages their enormous audiences to save species. Giraffes have been living at Riverbanks since its earliest days, and the Satch Krantz Conservation Fund has provided support for a variety of giraffe conservation initiatives over the years. In January, Riverbanks partnered with AZA Giraffe SAFE to help implement the Giraffe SAFE Program Action Plan. The plan includes a series of measurable field conservation and public engagement objectives to advance conservation action for giraffes.


When Giraffe SAFE started in 2017, program partners agreed to collaborate on plans for giraffes in three countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Giraffe SAFE field conservation initiatives are intended to complement existing conservation action plans and serve as a platform to measure the impact of increased efforts by AZA institutions. As a new member of the program, Riverbanks needed to decide which existing conservation initiative identified by Giraffe SAFE would have the biggest conservation impact and return on investment. To help answer this question, I attended the Giraffe SAFE Program meeting at the AZA Mid-Year Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in April, and as a result connected with Dr. Julian Fennessy, Giraffe Co-chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group to discuss the options.




CONSERVATION CORNER Based on my conversations with Dr. Fennessy, and the fact that all but one of the giraffe projects previously supported by Riverbanks focused on conservation efforts in Uganda, it was a logical decision for Riverbanks’ latest contribution to focus on the Nubian giraffe, also in Uganda. The Nubian giraffe was listed as Critically Endangered in 2018. Its population has declined by some 80% over the last 30 years. Importantly, around half of all remaining Nubian giraffes currently live in Uganda. Riverbanks’ support over the next three years will be directed to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) program, Conserving Uganda’s Threatened Nubian Giraffe – Veterinary Response and Anti-Poaching, led by Dr. Fennessy and Dr. Sara Ferguson, GCF’s Uganda Program Officer. This project focuses on illegal hunting/poaching activity, one of the key threats identified in the National Giraffe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan for Uganda within Murchison Falls National Park (the largest Ugandan national park). During a GCF survey of Murchison Falls in 2016-2017, at least 31 giraffes, or around 3% of the entire population, were observed to have been victims of illegal snares. A GCF pilot project currently underway has already resulted in a significant increase in the number of snared animals being observed and treated. Many of the affected animals received treatment prior to any damage being done by the wire snare traps. Riverbanks’ commitment to Giraffe SAFE was made possible in part by a generous sponsorship from our partners at Dominion Energy. This sponsorship has allowed us to enhance guest engagement opportunities at the giraffe feeding deck, allowing our guests to better connect with and be inspired by these gentle giants through the addition of interactive, interpretive signage. Also, through our partnership, Dominion Energy has contributed to the Giraffe SAFE Program.

REFERENCES: Liza Dadone, Andi Kornak and Kristen Lukas – “AZA Giraffe SAFE Program Action Plan 2017-2020” Sara Ferguson and Julian Fennessy’s – “Conserving Uganda’s threatened Nubian giraffe – veterinary response and anti-poaching” IPBES: Science & Policy for People and Nature - AZA SAFE


Prior Giraffe Conservation Projects

SUPPORTED BY RIVERBANKS Protecting the Waterways Michael Keigwin Uganda Conservation Foundation

Helped construct a ranger station in the Lake George and Lake Edward Area of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area that enabled the protection of the myriad wildlife species in the area from illegal poaching.

The Serengeti Giraffe Project: Ecological Analysis of a Population in Decline Megan Strauss University of Minnesota

Helped assess the conservation status of the Serengeti giraffe population, identify factors affecting the size/ density of the giraffe population, re-evaluate the role of giraffes in ecosystem dynamics, and increase public awareness about the threats facing the species.

Examining the Pathology and Severity of Giraffe Skin Disease in Uganda and Tanzania Arthur Muneza and Julian Fennessy Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Examined and described the relationship between giraffe skin disease in Uganda and giraffe skin disease in Tanzania, studied the risk of it as a zoonotic disease, determined the population structure of diseased animals and assessed whether afflicted animals are debilitated by the disease.

Construction of the Rabonga Hill Ranger Station–Murchison Falls Recovery Program Debbie Olson International Elephant Foundation

Built a ranger station in a strategically positioned area of wildlife habitat to provide multiple access points at known poacher routes in this important region of Uganda that connects dry and wet season habitats for herbivores, including giraffes and elephants, and covers communications for the entire park.


The Nubian giraffe was listed as Critically Endangered in 2018. Its population has declined by some 80% over the last 30 years.

RIVERBANKS IS PROUD to be an AZA Giraffe SAFE Program Partner and to know that the combined effort of AZA institutions via Giraffe SAFE is having a measurable, positive impact on giraffe conservation.







GORILLA - Jane Solimine, Gorilla/Small Mammal Keeper

Riverbanks’ gorilla infants ZaKota and Mo are growing like weeds! It seems like just yesterday that they were born to moms Kazi and Macy. ZaKota turned one year old on June 4. While they are only four and a half months apart and nearly the same size, the two boys are very different in appearance and personality. ZaKota is slim and lanky. He has Kazi’s light gray coloring and a long face and big eyes, just like his dad, Cenzoo. ZaKota has no inhibitions, riding on mom’s back in every position possible, often sitting up and grabbing for vegetation around him as she walks. Little Mo, although coming out of his shell, is much more reserved. He usually lays on his mom’s back and holds on tight. He is compact and stout and a much darker black. He really is the spitting image of Macy. The boys are quickly learning how to get their favorite thing—food! While gorillas nurse until they are three to five years old, they have a full set of baby teeth, much like humans, and sample solid foods on a daily basis. Macy and Kazi generally allow the boys to eat from their diet, however, just in case, Mo and ZaKota have perfected the art of grabbing food to go! They also use their charm to snag a piece of kiwi, banana, or a couple drops of juice from their keepers. While we ogle over their cuteness, this makes the little guys more comfortable with us, so we can get a good look at them and check for any injuries. 30

We want to build a positive relationship early on so we can start training for body presentations and medical procedures just like the adults. The boys are becoming braver by the day and are observed venturing out onto the yard further from their moms. Macy and Kazi know how far is too far and reluctantly run after them. They have been observed briefly spending time with dad, Cenzoo. “Auntie” Acacia frequently plays with the boys. As they grow, she will play an important role in “babysitting” the infants and giving time for the moms to relax. Play time is crucial for baby gorillas in their overall development. During these fun times we see them grow relationships, build physical strength and acquire gorilla social cues. We are lucky to have two little boys with so much energy. They can be seen climbing, wrestling and chasing each other. ZaKota even tries to chest-beat! If you listen closely you may hear some of their many vocalizations, including laughing, huffing and cooing.



Here we go…..

preparing for another hurricane season. -John Davis, Director of Animal Care and Welfare

When the wind blows the Zoo staff rock! Time to batten down the hatches and stock the food pantry as we prepare for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. While the official season runs from June 1 to November 30, the Zoo begins preparing in May with a pre-season hurricane site inspection. It equally serves as a good spring-cleaning activity to remove any items that could become flying objects and dangerous during high winds. In the event a hurricane is aimed at the South Carolina coastline, Zoo staff plan for the worst weather conditions: high winds, heavy rains resulting in flooding and potentially long-term power outages, none of which we can allow to interfere with the care and welfare of the animals. Advanced planning, planning and more planning by Zoo employees serve as the best protection.

If severe weather conditions are forecasted for South Carolina due to a hurricane, staff have a well-developed plan for securing all animals on site in safe locations, well ahead of the hurricane’s landfall. Most zoo animals have well-designed animal holding facilities to protect them during extreme weather conditions. For the exhibits that may not be as hurricane-proof, zookeepers find creative and alternate ways to house and safeguard them during the storm. During previous storms, golden lion tamarins hung out in a zookeeper’s office in portable holding cages. Also, in years past, our large flamingo flock did quite well weathering the storm in the men’s restroom next to their exhibit overnight. All dangerous animals, including tigers and bears, have very well-designed holding buildings to remain safe and secure indoors so that any downed trees in or near their outdoor habitat do not present opportunity for an escape during the storm. Our commissary, or animal nutrition center, must prepare food supplies in advance of a storm to ensure we have plenty after the storm if deliveries are interrupted. Some animal diets for certain species have unique food items not available at local grocery stores. For example, eucalyptus for the koalas is transported by air from Arizona and Florida twice per week. If roadways become blocked due to a storm, Riverbanks


manages an onsite greenhouse capable of supporting the koalas for a few days until roadways can be restored for deliveries. Additional eucalyptus is ordered ahead of time, ensuring the inventory is optimal for the koalas prior to the bad weather. Maintaining critical life support systems during and after a major storm is paramount. The welfare of the animal collection, for certain species, depends on advanced systems with pumps, cooling, filtration and aerator systems that must have an uninterrupted and reliable power supply. In the event of a power outage, both permanent and portable generators are readily available onsite to supplement or support the animals through an outage. Also, a ready supply of fuel to keep generators running for at least three days is made available well in advance of any uncertain weather. Stockpiling supplies, providing uninterrupted care to the animals, collecting materials and equipment, along with clearing the park of all trash cans and benches prior to a storm’s arrival requires a dedicated and well-orchestrated team of employees. If extreme weather conditions are expected, some staff may spend the night at the Zoo while others report to work soon after the storm to do what they do best; providing the highest standards of care to the priceless and often irreplaceable zoo animals.




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Riverbanks magazine - July/August 2019  

Volume XXXVIII, Number 4

Riverbanks magazine - July/August 2019  

Volume XXXVIII, Number 4