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the member magazine for Riverbanks Zoo and Garden | July-August 2018

Volume XXXVII, Number 4 Riverbanks is published six times a year for members of Riverbanks Society by Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Columbia, South Carolina.

Riverbanks Park Commission

Mary Howard, Chair Bud Tibshrany, Vice-Chair Robert G. Davidson, Treasurer Jan Stamps, Secretary M.F. “Phil” Bartlett Michael Phemister Velasco Alana Odom Williams

Riverbanks Society Board

Derrick L. Williams, President J. Anderson Folsom, Vice President Marie McGehee, Treasurer Susan S. Keenan, Secretary Chris Goodall, Immediate Past President Carl W. Blackstone Clifford Bourke, Jr. Sharon W. Bryant Jane Chao Kay Crapps Cecilia Fournil Jeffrey Gossett David G. Hodges Stephanie R. Jones Sarah Kirby Shelby Kay Leonardi William G. McMaster Stuart Moore Robin L. Rawl Don F. Barton, Director Emeritus

Riverbanks Senior Staff Tommy Stringfellow President & CEO

Ed Diebold

Chief Life Sciences Officer

Breta Rheney

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Ruhl

Chief Operating Officer

Christie Vondrak

Chief Human Resources Officer

Lochlan Wooten

Chief Marketing Officer

Andy Cabe

Director of Botanical Garden

John Davis

Director of Animal Care & Welfare

Kevin Eubanks

Director of Guest Services

Eric Helms

Director of Risk Management & Facilities

Monique Jacobs

Director of Riverbanks Society

Melodie Scott-Leach

Director of Habitat Horticulture

Martha Weber, DVM

Director of Animal Health

Paige Brock, DVM Staff Veterinarian

Colleen Lynch

Curator of Birds

Scott Pfaff

Curator of Herpetology

Jennifer Rawlings

Aquarium Curator




CONTENTS Inside Scoop Director’s View............................................................................ 1 A message from the President & CEO Conservation Corner.................................................................. 28 Saving species locally, regionally and around the world In the Know................................................................................ 30 Insider “tails,” tidbits and tips Keeper Corner............................................................................ 26 Behind the scenes with the animals

Essentials Animal Spotlight........................................................................ 20 Meet one of the Zoo’s residents Plan Your Visit............................................................................ 18 Mark your calendar Shoots and Blooms.................................................................... 24 What’s growing on in the Botanical Garden

Features Child’s Love for Giraffes Extends Far Beyond the Banks................ 2 The story behind the naming of Riverbanks’ newest giraffe calf Thank You for Making a Difference.............................................. 8 A special thanks to Riverbanks donors and Gold-level members Water Whys and Ways to be Water Wise..................................... 6 How to do your part this summer to conserve water Riverbanks Hours of Operation Open daily 9am - 5pm except Thanksgiving & Christmas day 9am - 6pm Weekends during Daylight Savings

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is located at 500 Wildlife Pkwy, Columbia SC 29210

Subscriptions to Riverbanks are $24 per year. Members of Riverbanks Society are entitled to one free subscription along with free admission and guest passes, discounts at Zoo & Garden gift shops, Invitations to special events and much more. To subscribe to Riverbanks or to join the Society, visit or call 803.779.8717 and press 1. Riverbanks Magazine Editor - Monique Jacobs Design - Majken Blackwell Contributors - Andy Cabe, Alma Coyle, John Davis, Ed Diebold, Amanda Gregory-Keefer, Emily Guertin, Colleen Lynch, Susan O’Cain, Beth Owens, Sue Pfaff, Jennifer Rawlings, Amanda Segura Contributing Photographers - Ron Brasington, Jo Marie Brown, Andy Cabe, Larry Cameron, Emily Guertin, Lynn Hunter Hackett, Michael Jones, Sue Pfaff, Richard Rokes, Robin Vondrak and Mark Myers (Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA) Cover Photograph - Fish-eating Anemone by Richard Rokes Riverbanks Zoo & Garden is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and a member of the American Public Gardens Association.

DIRECTOR’S VIEW Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is celebrating yet another banner (fiscal) year. Attendance and membership again have exceeded expectations. Recent high-profile animal births and hatchings have helped us maintain momentum following the tremendous Destination Riverbanks expansion. And, the future looks even brighter as we begin the process of developing an exciting 10-year master plan. Our motivation and success would not be possible without your support. Your membership dues and attendance at events directly support Riverbanks’ daily operations. Your private donations above and beyond membership help sustain our continued efforts at Riverbanks and beyond as global leaders in conservation and science. We are grateful for the difference our members and donors are making, proud of our ever-growing and caring Riverbanks community, and look forward to creating many more opportunities for you and your families to connect with the animals, plants and each other, engage with our talented staff and be inspired to take actions that will continue to make a lasting impact on conservation. Looking forward to seeing you at the Zoo!

Thomas K. Stringfellow President & CEO

YOUR LEGACY can make a BIG IMPACT on our future


With a planned gift, you can fulfill your long-term personal goals while investing in a cause and community treasure you love. Whether through a gift of cash, stock or securities, life insurance, IRA, trust or bequest, a planned gift to Riverbanks can help ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to experience rare and magnificent animals and plants for years to come. Talk to your financial advisor or estate attorney to discuss the advantages of planned giving. If you have already included Riverbanks in your plans, thank you—we’d love to include you in the Silverback Society. Call 803.602.0809 or email to learn more. INSPIRING ACTION.



Child’s Love for Giraffes Ext



ends Far Beyond the Banks Young Girl’s Memory Honored in Naming of Riverbanks’ Giraffe Calf

Susan O'Cain, Public Relations Manager

Eight-year-old Amelia Attaway loved giraffes. She and her family had an opportunity to visit with Riverbanks’ giraffe herd in 2014 just prior to her death. Now, four years after her battle with brain cancer ended, the Zoo’s new giraffe calf has been named in Amelia’s honor. Amelia the giraffe was born on April 2. Shortly after her arrival, Riverbanks launched an online contest to name the calf with proceeds benefiting giraffe conservation and efforts to save the iconic species. Unbeknownst to the Zoo, this would become a fitting tribute to Amelia Attaway and her favorite animal. Giraffes are considered vulnerable in the wild. With once towering populations, the world’s tallest land mammal is largely under threat mostly because of habitat loss, illegal hunting and human encroachment. In fact, giraffes are now locally extinct in seven African countries.





She’s growing quickly— now measuring 5’11” tall and weighing 140 pounds.

With donations from family, friends and the community, the Attaways raised enough money to name Riverbanks’ giraffe calf in memory of their daughter while helping to secure a future for the species. The Attaway’s generous $5,000 winning bid will support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the organization’s leading efforts to sustain wild giraffe populations and their natural habitats. The Attaway’s recently had an opportunity to once again visit with members of Riverbanks’ giraffe herd, and this time, their daughter’s namesake. Zoo keepers describe Amelia as spunky and curious. She’s also growing quickly—now measuring 5’11” tall and weighing 140 pounds. Be sure to stop by Giraffe Overlook on your next visit to the Zoo where you’re likely to spot Amelia exploring Riverbanks’ African savanna habitat.



Meet Amelia Feisty, brave and spunky Loves to kick up her heels, run and buck Inquisitive and independent Mingles well with the other giraffes Center of attention for the herd Likes to explore her surroundings Started tasting Box Elder and Sweet Gum browse Still loves Mama Ginger’s milk





Amanda Gregory-Keefer, Environmental Services Manager

SUMMER IS HERE the time of year when most of use a little extra water, whether for watering the lawn and plants, water recreation or taking an extra shower after a long, hot day. Yet, many of us who use extra water don’t realize


that only 1% of the Earth's water is available for drinking. Fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet, and freshwater ecosystems connect streams with oceans, land with water and people with the resources they need to thrive. When rivers, lakes and wetlands are polluted or depleted, their ability to provide reliable supplies of clean water—and support the species on which millions of vulnerable people depend—is threatened. Tap water, which runs through our showers and sinks, is potable (meaning it is safe to drink and use in food preparation). Most of it, however, is used in circumstances that don’t require drinkability, such as watering the lawn and flushing the toilet. It also is used

for commercial and industrial purposes, producing the goods and services we use every day. In order to completely conserve water, we need to conserve everything from the food we eat and the clothes we buy to the energy we use to power our homes. This means changing the way our water, wastewater and energy systems work, and changing the way we think about, use and consume everyday items and services. While comprehensive water conservation reaches beyond saving water at home, conserving water at home does make an impact and is a great first step.


Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80 - 100 gallons of water per day—for a family of 4, that’s roughly 10 filled bathtubs worth of water used daily.


to help conserve water by doing one or more of these water wise actions at home:

• Take a shower rather than filling a bath tub. A bath

of your lawn and the requirements of plants in your garden, outdoor watering can become a significant drain on this vital resource.

tub holds an average of 36 gallons of water. Water-saving shower heads use about 2 gallons per minute.

• Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth.

Newer faucets use about 1 gallon of water per minute.

• Repair those leaks! The average household's

leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year (enough to fill a swimming pool), and 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. Common types of leaks found in the home are worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets and other leaking valves.

• Purchase an EnergyStar dishwasher. EnergyStar uses only 6 gallons of water per dishwashing cycle. Older models use up to 16 gallons of water per cycle.

• Purchase an energy efficient clothes washer. Newer models use 25 gallons of water per load whereas older models use 40 gallons of water per load.

• Think before you flush. Toilet flushing uses 3 gallons

• If you have a swimming pool, be sure to cover it when not in use. Without a swimming pool cover,

of water per flush. Most new toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, but many older toilets used about 4 gallons.

• Plant low maintenance plants with minimal water requirements. Outdoor watering uses 2 gallons per

minute, depending on the force of your outdoor faucet. This may not sound like much, but depending on the size



more than half the water in your pool can possibly evaporate in one year. Using a cover regularly reduces evaporation by 90 to 95%. Without a cover, an 18’ x 36’ pool loses about 1 inch of water per week in the summer. Annually, this can add up to a water loss of 7,000 gallons.




Longtime member and volunteer and distinguished professor emeritus of art at University of South Carolina, Dr. Philip Mullen, generously donated one of his hand-painted masterpieces to Riverbanks last fall. Over the last 40 years, several works of art by Dr. Mullen have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in prominent New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco art galleries. His 7’ x 15’ acrylic on canvas “Seasons & Koi” has been on display inside the Magnolia Center at Riverbanks Botanical Garden since 2013 and is now permanently a part of Riverbanks. We caught up with Dr. Mullen to learn more about his connection with Riverbanks, inspiration for art and philanthropic gift.

What are your first memories of Riverbanks? The initial negotiations to make [the Zoo] happen. What inspired you to stay connected to Riverbanks through the years? Riverbanks is so clearly a high point in Columbia. This became a deeper experience for me during the 10 years I was an active volunteer at Riverbanks. What is your favorite exhibit and/or space at Riverbanks and why?

three minutes of the koi as they swam around and with each other. It had been the property of Chiang Kai-shek [Chinese military and political leader]. The trip to Taiwan inspired koi paintings and Chinese character paintings. The koi paintings are really more about the motion of koi interacting with each other than about individual koi. This means I did not paint it koi by koi but painted the motion letting the koi appear. You may note that in some cases what can be seen as koi is just a blur of color and motion.

This is like asking a person which child is their favorite. I do really enjoy the Galapagos tortoise exhibit, probably because during the time I was a volunteer it was fun to rub their necks and see how much they enjoyed it. They would even stretch their necks out when they saw me coming. How long have you been painting? Since I started college in 1960. What inspired you to paint Seasons & Koi? In the late 1990s the Taiwanese Government sponsored me to come to Taiwan for four days. They furnished me with a guide and chauffeur each day. On the last day there was some extra time after visiting the locations on our schedule, and the guide took me to what appeared to be a park with a very large pond filled with big koi. It was the days of taking pictures with film. I shot a roll of 36 in 8


What prompted you to donate this piece to Riverbanks? During my volunteer time at Riverbanks, I often walked the woods trail from the Zoo to the Botanical Garden stopping into the building for a drink of water before walking back to the Zoo. The space that "Seasons and Koi" hangs in seemed to beg for the painting there. Over the years there were paintings that I chose not to sell. I gave a lot of them to my children to keep them in the family, however, 5x7 feet was about the largest that they could use. At 75 years old I am interested in placing the few larger paintings I kept in places where people can see them for years to come. Riverbanks Botanical Garden is special to me and is a wonderful home for this painting.


What message do you hope Riverbanks guests will take away after admiring your work? The painting does not offer a message so much as an experience. Hopefully the viewer will interact with the painting and have a visual conversation with the work. When it was painted it was not pre-planned but resulted from me reacting to what was already going on in the painting. The painting should seem to constantly change and move. This is probably how people experience the exhibits at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.




Thank You For Ma Whether you renew your membership annually or purchase tickets to one or more of our signature events, you are making a difference at Riverbanks and beyond— and we thank you! Attendance and membership allow us to operate your Zoo on a day-to-day basis, but private giving is absolutely essential to help fulfill our mission-driven efforts. Riverbanks wishes to acknowledge the following individuals and businesses for their generous contributions through cash donations, sponsorships and/or Gold-level membership support between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018.


Individual Donors and Gold-level Members The Abrams Family Ms. Danielle Abrams & Mr. Bran McElveen Mr. Phil & Mrs. Mae Adams Mr. Randy & Mrs. Susan Addy Mr. M. Vance Alexander & Mrs. Dianne Alexander Alan & Judith Alexander Carroll L. Allen Mr. Mike & Mrs. Mary Allen Mr. Michael & Mrs. Linda Allston Mr. Al & Mrs. Josephine Amancio Linda & Glenn Amick Ms. Ann M. Anderson Margaret O. Anderson Mr. Roger & Mrs. Judith Anderson Mrs. Uta Anderson Ms. Wanda K. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. William D. Anderson Jr. Dr. Michael & Mrs. Cordelia Apicella Mr. & Mrs. Victor L. Aponte Mr. Randy & Mrs. Pat Arehart Mr. Timothy Arnold Mr. James & Mrs. Jessica Arrowood Ms. Jessica Arrowood Mr. Webb & Mrs. Hailey Atkinson Dr. Neal & Mrs. Mamie Atkinson Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Samantha Attaway Rev. James & Mrs. Virginia Aull Mr. Joey & Mrs. Kay Austin Ms. Robin E. Auten Ms. Elizabeth Babiarz & Ms. Patricia Mulligan Ms. Becky Backman & Ms. Carolyn Backman Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Christina Bacon Mr. John & Mrs. Kimberly Baden Stephen & Lauren Baggett Mr. Brion & Mrs. Deb Bahnmuller Dr. Elizabeth Baker Dr. Elvira J. Baker Mr. Frank Baker Mr. Michael & Mrs. Jodilynn Baker Mr. R. Michael Baker & Ms. Nettie White Phillip & Valerie Baldwin Kenneth & Phyllis Baldwin Mr. Hugh Bale & Ms. Heather Alexander Mr. Roger & Mrs. Lynette Ball Suzanne & John Bangston Richard & Tessie Bannister Mrs. Elizabeth Barilleaux Mr. Doug & Mrs. Christy Barnes Mrs. Karyn Barnes & Ms. Casey Barnes Booth Ms. Sue J. Barnes & Mr. Edwin P. McCravy Mr. Robert E. Barnett & Ms. Kathy Olson Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Barnwell Mr. William & Mrs. Amber Barrs Mr. Durrell & Mrs. Allison Barry John Robert Barth Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Jessamyn Bartley Mr. Fletcher & Mrs. Margaret Bass Mr. & Mrs. Rob Bates, Jr. Mr. Robert & Mrs. Joan Beamer Mr. Eddie & Mrs. Belinda Beard Ms. Elizabeth Beasley Mrs. Patricia L. Beckler Mr. KW & Mrs. Sylvia Bedenbaugh Jr. RIVERBANKS ZOO & GARDEN

Mr. Robert W. Beers & Mrs. Gail W. Adams Mr. Louis Behar Mr. David O. Bell & Mrs. Janel Bell Michael Bell Mrs. Terri Bell & Mrs. Tonya Breedlove Mr. & Mrs. William L. Belvin Jr. Mrs. Mary Lou Benton Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Katherine Bernard Mr. Hubert L. Bernheim & Ms. Ruth A. Carmichael Reneé L. Bernheim Mrs. Ellender Berry Mr. David Bertolini Debra Besst Mr. Richard Biddle Mr. Ed & Mrs. Vicki Bignon Mr. Eric Billings & Ms. Jennifer Jones Mr. Vince & Mrs. Stephanie Bilovsky Mrs. Ann Birch Mr. Michael & Mrs. Linda Birochak Mr. Peter S. Bischoff Ms. Bobbie Black Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Michelle Blackmon Ms. Janet Blackston Mr. Carl & Mrs. Mary Addison Blackstone Mr. Lymus & Mrs. Cynthia Blanding Mr. John & Mrs. Kathy Blankenbecklor Cynthia Bledsoe Don & Joy Blessing Sr Elizabeth M. Blevins Jeanette Bloss Mrs. Wendy Bobadilla Susan & Karen Bobinyec Mrs. Susan Bon Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Bonavilla Mr. James & Mrs. Kathy Bond Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Karen Borg Mr. Fred & Mrs. Margie Bostic Ms. Mary Bosworth & Ms. Darlene Clark Mr. Charlie & Mrs. Joy Bouknight Mrs. Tonya Bowden & Mrs. Camille Marks Mr. Pat & Mrs. Candi Bowen Dr. Sally Boyd Ms. Lana Boyer Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Bradbury Ms. Lorraine Bradley Ms. Carolee Brandt Henry N. Brandt Mr. William & Mrs. Cheryl Brearley Mr. Michael & Mrs. Julie Brenan Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Katherine Brennan Dr. John W. Brice & Dr. Suzanne M. Thigpen Mrs. Frankie P. Bridges Mr. Luther & Mrs. Lynne Bridges Jr. Mrs. Linda Briggs & Mr. Kevin Kameese Ms. Heather Broadwater & Ms. Marsha Mitchell Ms. Raenell M. Brooks & Mr. Joe William Danielson Mrs. Vanessa Brooks & Mr. Andrew Brooks JoAnn Broome Mr. Allan & Mrs. Karen Brown Mr. Franklin Brown Mr. Keith & Mrs. Tiffany Brown Mr. Koster & Mrs. Gaynelle Brown Sarah S. & Frank K. Brown

king A Difference Ms. Vicki R. Brown & Ms. Heather Brown Mr. William & Mrs. Ophelia Brown Janet Brownstein Finkel & Jerry Finkel Mr. Charles & Mrs. Diane Bruce Mr. Dwayne & Mrs. Christina Brucke Mr. Linn & Mrs. Pat Brucker Mr. Caleb Bryant Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Buchanan Mr. Bill & Mrs. Carol Buck Mr. Charles & Mrs. Alice Buckner Mr. Michael & Mrs. Katharine Buckner Duncan Buell & Mary Ann Grandjean Marion Buraczynski Mrs. Patricia Burgess & Mrs. Krystle MacIsaac Carroll & Jennifer Burley Mr. Ron & Mrs. Kris Burns Mrs. Mary Burnside Lisa Burt Mr. Charles & Mrs. Jennifer Butler Ms. Lynn M. Butler Ms. Shauntay Butler & Mr. Charles Flake Ms. Carolyn Byars Sissy Bynum Mrs. Frances Byrd Mr. Michael & Mrs. Sherilyn Byrd Andy Cabe Glenda & Edward Cadorette Mr. Frank & Mrs. Sharon Caggiano Dr. William & Mrs. Mary Cain Jr. Marie & Maurice Callahan Patrick & Mary Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Callan Ms. Debbie Campbell Mr. William Campbell & Mr. Andrew Campbell Mr. David & Mrs. Melba Cannon Mr. Jeremy & Mrs. Alexis Cannon Jim & Lucille Cantey Mrs. Lindsay Capilos Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Diane Carraway Ms. Gwen Carroll & Ms. Cathy Tichenor Ms. Terry M. Carson & Ms. Emily Carson Mrs. Tammy Carter & Mr. Michael Haskell Mr. Bobby Catoe Mr. Chris & Mrs. Kristina Catoe Mr. John & Mrs. Rosa Caudle II Mrs. Linda Caughman & Ms. Melisa Caughman Mike & Nancy Caughman Mr. William & Mrs. Annette Caughman Mr. Glen & Mrs. Carol Caulk Ms. Verna K. Cavanaugh Ms. Lotte Chakowski & Ms. Sofie Chakowski Mr. & Mrs. Dave Chandler John J. Chapiesky Sr. Mr. Alec & Mrs. Rachel Chaplin Sandi & Bill Chaplin Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Rachel Chapman Mrs. Frankie Chapman-Wheeler & Mr. Wayne E. Wheeler Mr. Donald & Mrs. Renate Chappell Mr. Henry & Mrs. Kathleen Chappell Dr. John & Mrs. Athena Chappell III Margaret & Al Charles Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Christen Dee Chavious

Melissa Cheatham Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Kristina Chernick Lawanda M. Chisolm Mr. John Christensen & Mrs. Joanne Louvier Mr. John & Mrs. Janice Cicconi Mrs. Stephanie Cieniewicz & Mrs. Barbara Senesac James & Geniene Ciuca Mr. Garrett & Mrs. Kenya Clanton Mr. Carl & Mrs. Anne Clark Evelyn Clark Mr. Jared & Mrs. Jan Clark Mrs. Susan Clark Dick & Jane Clarke Mr. & Mrs Edward Clarkson Mrs. Michelle Clarkson Elizabeth & Ed Clauss Jean Clayton Ms. Marjorie M. Claytor & Ms. Dorothy C. Jackson Mr. Eric Cleaves Elizabeth Clemens Mrs. Amanda Cliett Marion & Charlotte Cobb Jim & Karen Coble Mr. Cory & Mrs. Jenna Cockrell Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Lily Cogdill Betsy & Freeman Coggins Bobby & Tammy Coggins Mr. & Ms. Andrew Cole Ms. Katherine Coleman Shannon Coleman Ms. Jane G. Collins Mr. Josh Collins & Ms. Erica Dye Mr. Larry & Mrs. Ruth Anne Collins MSgt Lonnie & Mrs. Doris Collins June Compton Col (Ret) W. Dicks & Mrs. Sandie Cone Mrs. Casey Conti Mr. Roy & Mrs. Ann Copelan Mr. Cameron & Mrs. Farrah Copley Ms. Elaine Corbitt Mr. Roland Corning Ms. Brittney Coston & Ms. Kathleen Semigill Mr. Craig & Mrs. Janet Cox Steve & Darlene Cox Mr. & Mrs. John S. Crane Carol & Bill Cranford Mike & Kay Crapps Mrs. Rosa Creech Mr. Robert & Mrs. Alexandra Cronin Mrs. Katrina Crowley Ms. Barbie Crubaugh Dr. Theresa H. Cuda MD & Mr. David Cuda Ruth G. Culp Mr. James & Mrs. Beth Cumming Ms. Judith Daly Mr. David & Mrs. Amanda Daniels Mrs. Helen Danikas-Lanier Dr. Elizabeth Darragh & Mr. Matt Clark Mr. Robert & Mrs. Jane Davidson Mr. & Mrs. William H. Davidson II Bob Davis Mr. Bobby & Mrs. Beverly Davis Dorothy & Keith Davis



Mr. Harold & Mrs. Sheila Davis Mr. & Mrs. Hayden Davis Mr. Jeremiah & Mrs. Ashley Davis Mrs. Jessica Davis Mr. Joe & Mrs. Emily Davis John & Judy Davis Dr. John Davis & Dr. Rose Davis Ms. Judy Davis Nancy D. Davis Sarah & Andy Davis Mrs. Tammy Davis Mrs. JoAnne Day & Mr. Andrew Yasinsac Jr. Paul & Patsy De Borde, Sr. Mr. Charles de Krafft Mr. Clay & Mrs. Joan Deal Mr. Gavin & Mrs. Emma Dean Ms. Lydda Decano & Mr. Anthony Racaniello Ann & Joey Dedman Mr. Vincent Degenhart Dennis & Sharon Degnan Bernie DeLabar Mr. Richard & Mrs. Liselotte DeLauder Mr. Eric & Mrs. Leslie Dellinger Mr. Harry & Mrs. Pam Deloach Mr. Cal & Mrs. Joanne Dent Jr. Ann & Warren Derrick Mr. James & Mrs. Arlene Derrick Mr. Jimmy & Mrs. Laura Derrick Jr. Mr. Don & Mrs. Chelsea DeWitt Mr. Jim & Mrs. Mariellen Deyling Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Deysach Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Diamond Mr. Jeffrey Dickey & Ms. Bethany Dickey Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson Mr. Don & Mrs. Linda Dicus



Ed & Dawn Diebold Mr. Brian & Mrs. Misty Dix Mr. Don Dodson Mrs Cynthia Dominici Nancy & Richard Dommel Mr. Steven & Mrs. Deborah Doudoukjian Ms. Marsha Dowell & Ms. Jennifer Dowell Mrs. Jane Downey & Mr. Bates Downey Mr. Tommy & Mrs. Heidi Doyle Mr. Marcus & Mrs. Jasmine Drain Benjamin J. Droisen Mr. Dan & Mrs. Pat Drzik Mr. & Mrs. Bill DuBose Mr. Barrett & Mrs. Amie Duke Mrs. Harriet Dukes Mr. John & Mrs. Martha Durst Darlene & Arnold Duseberg Ms. Pam Dwinnells Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Allyn Dyer Mrs. Vyonne Eargle Ms. Glenna Eaton Ms. Marcia Eckman Ms. Barbara Edis Mr. Jimmy Edwards & Ms. Kathy Riddle Karen E. Edwards Mr. John Egan Mary Anne Ehasz Mr. Claude & Mrs. Kay Eison III Ms. Ann Elliott Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Marcella Ellsworth Mrs. Susan Hendrix Elmore & Mr. Tracy M Bedenbaugh Maureen Elmore Dr. Anthony Emanuel Mr. Brian & Mrs. Chanda Enell Mr. William & Mrs. Diane Engle Mr. & Ms. Brad Epperly Mr. Jim & Mrs. Betty Epting Jr. Ms. Virginia Ervin Dr. Charles D. & Theresa Eskridge Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Eubanks Mr. Michael & Mrs. Patricia Evans Ms. Wendy Faircloth John & Marie Fairey Mr. John & Mrs. Marjorie Fant Mrs. Jane Farley & Ms. Margaret Todd Mr. & Mrs. Mark Farthing Mr. Joshua & Mrs. Debbie Feagin Ms. Kat Feingold Mr. Barry & Mrs. Jennifer Feldman


Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Terri Fellinger Mrs. Laura Felton Ms. Sue Ferguson Javier Fernandez Mr. Anthony T. Fikly & Ms. Rhonda Way Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Francine Finnin Ms. Lori Fite & Mrs. Mary Corley Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Nancy Flanagan Mr. William Fleming & Miss Diane Marshall Loures Rivera-Flesch Mr. & Mrs. Kermit P. Floyd Mr. Jeff Folley & Ms. Sarah McMackin Mr. J. Anderson & Mrs. Lucy Folsom Marian Foos Donna E. Ford Ms. Linda S. Ford Mr. Elton & Mrs. Jennifer Forrester Mrs. Breanna Forrester & Mr. Khristian Ratcliffe Mrs. Valerie Fort Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Patricia Fortson Jr. Mr. Alexander & Mrs. Cecilia Fournil Mr. Larry & Mrs. Carole Fowler Sr. Mrs. Lorrianne Fowler & Mr. Philip Fowler Mr. Brian M. Fox & Ms. Kay Young Mr. Sam & Mrs. Debbie Franco Mrs. Patricia Frank Mr. Lester & Mrs. Jo Frasure Ms. Jean Bannister Fraylick Mr. John & Mrs. Dagni Frederick Mr. Ithel & Mrs. Susan Freeman Joyce & Otto Frei Mr. David & Mrs. Pam Frew Dr. Sam & Mrs. Jane Friedman Ms. Melissa Fritz Mr. Harold Frost & Mr. Michael Frost Patricia Fuller Mr. Craig & Mrs. Amy Funderburk Mr. Charles & Mrs. Rosalind Funk III Ms. Beverly Gagne & Miss Hunter Rorick Mr. Varnell & Mrs. Glennis Gaines Mr. John & Mrs. April Gallagher Mr. Ross & Mrs. Barbara Gamble Mr. Charles & Mrs. Jane Gambrell Jr. Ms. Cara Gardner Ms. Stephanie Gardner & Ms. Tiffany Gardner Mr. Larry & Mrs. Jackie Garnatz Larry M. & Janice M. Garosi Mr. W. & Mrs. Jeanne Garris Mr. Sidney Gauthreaux & Ms. Carroll Belser Mr. John & Mrs. Patty Gay Mr. Samuel B. George II Mr. Brandon & Mrs. Natalia Gerrald Connie & Bob Giangiorgi Ms. Cynthia A. Gibson Mrs. Laurel Gibson Donald W. Gilliland Ms. Patricia Gilmartin Dr. Benjamin & Mrs. Jerry Dell Gimarc Mr. Gary & Mrs. Tiffany Ginn Mrs. Connie Ginsberg & Ms. Claire Becraf Mr. Ron & Mrs. Patti Giomi Mr. David & Mrs. Linda Goetz Mr. Joe & Mrs. Nancy Goff Heide E. Golden Joel & N.H. Goldman Mrs. Annette M. Goldstein & Ms. Natalie A. Castro Mr. & Mrs. Danny Goldstein Ms. Meridith Goldstein & Mr. David Shure Dr. Allan & Mrs. Martha Goodrich Ms. Beth Gore & Mr. George L. Tullis Mr. Howard & Mrs. Terri Gore Mr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Paige Gossett Ms. Janet Graham Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Nancy Graves


Ms. Jennifer Gray Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Julia Gray Drs. Michael L. & Sheila S. Graybeal Susan & Jack Graybill Mr. Wesley & Mrs. Leslie Green Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Evelyn Griffin Jesse & Marla Griffith Ms. Logan Grillot & Mrs. Peggy Grillot Mr. Mike & Mrs. Nancy Grogan Mrs. Virginia Grose Mr. Bernie & Mrs. Rosalind Grossman Mr. Lucius & Mrs. Hope Gulledge Mr. Frank E. Gulley & Mrs. Troy McLaughlin Mrs. Maureen S. Gullion & Ms. Debra Byway Mr. Eduardo & Mrs. Berenice Guzman-Santana Rev. A. & Mrs. Loretta Haigler Sr. Mr. Tyler & Mrs. Allison Hailstone Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Marcy Hall Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Julie Hall Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Jessica Hall Mr. Robert Hall & Mr. Alan Hand Mr. James & Mrs. Jean Hallman Ms. Cheryl L. Haltiwanger & Ms. Rebecca Haltiwanger Mr. EJ & Mrs. Carolyn Ham Ms. Ellen C. Hamilton & Mr. Henry L. Hurley Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hamilton Mrs. Susan Hamilton & Mr. Thomas Gross Mr. James & Mrs. Violet Hamm Patrick Handel & Family Mr. JK & Mrs. Elise Hane George, Carolyn Hardee & Randy Mr. & Mrs. David Hardy Mrs. Rona Harper Mr. Brunson & Mrs. Deborah Harrell Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Antonetta Harris Van & Shelly Harry Mr. Doug & Ms. Terry Hart Mr. Alan Hartman & Terry Hartman Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose & Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey Mrs. Brandy Hashem Hooker & Mr. Benjamin Hooker Betty H. Hatchell H. Oliver & Carolyn Haupfear Mr. Robert & Mrs. Debra Havens Ms. Betty L. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hayden Mrs. Jen Hayes Mr. Steven & Mrs. Kristin Hayes Dr. Michael & Mrs. Suzanne Haynes Ms. Marie Heaton & Mr. Jonathan Goshorn Mr. Fred & Mrs. Nancy Hebel Mr. Charles Heckel Mr. Edgar & Mrs. Brenda Hedgecock Mr. Rod Heien & Ms. Amanda Walsh Mr. Gregory & Mrs. Yadira Heming C.W. Hendricks Mr. Raymond & Mrs. Julie Hendrix Jr. Mr. Mark & Mrs. JoAnn Herbert Dr. Wayne & Dr. JoAnne Herman Mr. David & Dr. Laura Herpel Mr. James & Mrs. Karen Herrick Mr. William Herrin & Ms. Debra Stewart Robert W. & Elizabeth R. Herring Mr. Martin & Mrs. Martha Hester Mr. Kenneth Hibshman & Ms. Jessica Vining Ms. Cynthia Hickman Mr. James & Mrs. Charlene Hidlay Marjorie & James Hightower LTC & Mrs. James T. Higgins Mr. Raymond & Mrs. Monika Hildreth Mrs. Joyce M. Hill Mr. Randy & Mrs. Natalie Hilliard Mrs. Jo Hines

Jim & Edith Hines Mr. Jamie & Mrs. Rebecca Hinson David & Susan Hodges Mr. James & Mrs. Rachel Hodges Mr. Carl & Mrs. Carol Hoefel Hal & Susie Hoffman Mr. Tom & Mrs. Elaine Hoffman Jean D. Holcomb Ms. Cheryl Holland & Mr. P. Douglas Quackenbush Dr. Warren & Mrs. Virginia Holland Jr. Mr. Jerry Hollis Mr. Tommy Hollis & Ms. Nichol Morgan Mr. Paul & Mrs. Michelle Holt Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Julie Holycross Burney Hook Mr. & Mrs. John Hook Ms. Leta W. Horine & Ms. Dee Campitell Ms. Melissa Hornsby & Mr. Ronnie Gardy Drs. Mark A. Jones & Rachel A. Houchins Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Mary Howard Mr. Matthew Hubbard & Mrs. Erin Butler-Hubbard Mr. Richard & Mrs. Jo Hucks Francis C. Hudson Mrs. Nancy A. Huffstetler & Mr. Stanley E. Huffstetler Mr. Dean & Mrs. Cindy Hughes Mr. Adam & Mrs. Betsy Huneau Mr. Rodney & Mrs. Virginia Hungerford Mr. John & Mrs. Rhonda Hunsinger Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hunt Mrs. Katharine Hunter Awena Hurst Mr. Robert & Mrs. Cynthia Hurst Mr. Roy & Mrs. Sandi Hutchison Mr. Richard C. Jablonski Dr. & Mrs. Albert E. Jabs Bob & Sherry Jacenko Mrs. Shirley Jackson & Mr. Willis Arledge Mr. Stephen L. Jackson & Mr. Thomas W. Bailey Jr. Mrs. Debra Jackson Linda L. Jacobs Monique & Mark Jacobs Peggy M. Janicki Mr. Larry & Mrs. Dawn Jarriel Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Ella Jenkins Mr. Robert & Mrs. Arlene Jensen Mr. Mike & Mrs. Jennifer Jewett Eric Joerg Mrs. Denise John & Ms. Casey John Mr. & Ms. Bruce Johnson Mr. Gregg & Mrs. Angela Johnson Mr. Micky & Mrs. Cheryl Johnson Dr. Elizabeth G. Joiner Mr. Curtis & Mrs. Dana Jones Mr. Douglas & Mrs. Linda Jones Ms. Kathy Jones & Ms. Diana Perez Mr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Jones Mr. Michael & Mrs. Joni Jones Mr. Michael Neil & Mrs. Stephanie Jones Mr. Sam & Mrs. Evie Jones Walter & Bobbie Jones Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Tammy Jordan Prof. William & Mrs. Valerie Jordan IV Mr. Walt & Mrs. Paula Joseph Mrs. Wera P. Joy Ms. Betsy Kaemmerlen Mrs. Irwin Kahn & Mr. Robert R Cantu Mr. William & Mrs. Janet Kaneft Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaplan Mr. William & Mrs. MariLea Keating Mr. Devin & Mrs. Stephanie Kee Mr. Neel & Mrs. Susan Keenan Mrs. Helen Kellemeyer Mr. Harry & Mrs. Alyssia Kellermier

Mr. Barney & Mrs. Suzanne Kelly Evelyn M. Kelly Mr. Harold & Mrs. Kathy Kelly Ms. Moira Kelly Mr. Andre & Mrs. Jean Kelsey Edward & Janice Kenealy Miss Margaret Kerr Dr. Catherine Keyser Beth & Bud Kibler Mr. Barry & Mrs. Margaret Kight

Remember when you would chase butterflies in an open field or scout for toads along the nearby creek? You can help ensure your children and grandchildren have similar memories connecting with nature by making a tax-deductible contribution to Riverbanks Society. Donations of any amount can make a big difference in preserving the world’s wildlife and wild places. Learn how you can help at RJ Kihn Mr. Guy & Mrs. Sandra Kimball Mr. Steven & Mrs Gina Kimball Edward Kimbrough Ted & Stephanie Kimbrough Mr. & Mrs. George S. King, Jr. Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Lisa King Dr. Terry & Mrs. Wanda King Tom & Cesily King Mr. Fred & Mrs. Angela Kingsmore Jr. Wayne & Carolyn Kinyon Ms. Kara Kirby Mr. Jim E. Kirschner & Ms. Anne Hutchins Mr. William Kitson Mr. John Kleinstuber & Mr. Mark Kleinstuber Dr. Melissa Kling-Newberry Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kochanski Beverly & Barry Kochel Ms. Pamela Kolarich Dr. Todd Kolb & Ms. Cathryn M. Thompson Cliff & Anita Koon Mr. Alex Koutrakos & Mrs. A. Koutrakos Mr. Dale D. Krause & Mrs. Wynne Kelch Brenda Kruse Dr. Kevin & Mrs. Lori Kunkel Mr. Jeremiah & Mrs. Carolyn Kutz Mrs. Holly Kyle Mrs. Jeanne Kyzer



Mr. Wayne Kyzer Ms. Kirsten Lackstrom & Mr. Randy Westerkam Mrs. Ruth Lackstrom Mrs. Darla Ladkau Mr. & Mrs. John LaFond Mr. Rick & Mrs. Lisa Lail Mr. Robert & Mrs. Laura Lambdin Ms. Ann Lambernedis & Mr. James Akins Mrs. Mary Lamm David Landers Mrs. Caroline Lane Mr. Scott & Mrs. Elaine Lane Mrs. Megan Lang Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Elizabeth Larson Jr. Frances Laska Mr. Joel & Mrs. Margaret Lattimore Ms. Jessica Law Debbie & Jim Lawler Joney Lawson & Rosemary Arrington Jane Lawther PhD & Joseph Flood PhD Mr. Brian & Mrs. Seabron LeCompte Mr. Duffy & Mrs. Kristin Ledford Mr. Frank & Mrs. Patience Lee John R. Lee Ms. Jean Lefler Judy LeGrand & Amanda Rogers Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Wendy Lenhard Mr. Jason & Mrs. Susan Leonard Ms. Karen Leonard Shelby Leonardi Lynda & Dave Leopard Dr. Edward & Mrs. Connie Leppard Mr. Gregory Levitan Julianne Lewis Mrs. Danette Lifsey Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Doris Liles Bill Lindsay Peggy Linton Ms. Gayle Loeber Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Leona Lohuis Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Cyndi Long Mr. J. Scott Looman & Mrs. Marcia A. Looman Mr. Deyvi & Mrs. Heather Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lorick Bob & Carolyn Loryea Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Dorrie Lounsbury Mr. Neal & Mrs. Robin Lourie Betsy S. Love Mr. Robert & Mrs. Elizabeth Lovvorn Jr. Mr. Jason & Mrs. Janae Lowe Ms. Sylvia R. Lufkin & Mr. Joseph Mullins Mrs. Kara Luke Mr. Allen & Mrs. Valerie Lundy Mr. Gary & Mrs. Dottie Lyerly Mr. Steve Lyman Mr. William & Mrs. Sherryl Lynch Jr. Dr. Kristi Lynn & Dr. Jason Lynn Mr. Philip & Mrs. Betty Maas Robert Mack Mr. Ed Madden & Mr. Bert Easter Mr. Clayton Mages Mrs. Claudia Maloney & Mr. Scott Harmon Kevin & Tina Mahoney Mr. Gary & Mrs. Erica Mandau Ms. Jane Manion Mr. Richard & Mrs. Nancy Marcano Mr. Robert & Mrs. Ruth Marcotulli Mrs. Evelyn C. Marion Mr. Robert & Mrs. Mylla Markland Mr. Ray & Mrs. Sue Marr Dr. Steven & Mrs. Jamie Beth Marra Ms. Diane Marshall Mr. Bradley & Mrs. Brittaney Marsteller Ms. Palmira Martin & Mr. Roberto Fernandez



Mr. Carl & Mrs. Gina Martin Mr. Daulton Glen Martin III & Mrs. Stephanie M. Morrison Cheryl D. Martino Sam Mason Mr. Joel & Mrs. Kim Masters Dr. Wayne & Mrs. Tina Mathews Harvey & Jan Mathias Jan Mathias Mr. Ernie & Mrs. Brenda Mathis P. Matsen Mrs. Sharon B. Mattern & Miss Sarah Mattern Mr. Antonio & Mrs. Aimee Maturi Mrs. Claudia Mauldin Mr. Roy & Mrs. Amanda Maybank Mark Mayson Mr. Iraj & Mrs. Joanna Mazloom Mr. Jay & Mrs. Beverly McAlister Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Amanda McCann Ms. Marlene B. McCarthy Mr. Robert E. McClintock Dr. Charles & Mrs. Catharine McClure Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Renee McCormick Rahn McCrady Jamie Young McCulloch Mr. Chris McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Steve McCullough Dr. Ernest & Susan McCutcheon Miss Stephanie McDanel Mrs. Tracey McDaniels & Mr. Scott Miller Mr. John & Mrs. Suzanne McDermott Mr. Henry & Mrs. Marie McDonald Nancy M. McDonald Bridget McDonough & Thomas McDonough Mr. Bill & Mrs. Helen McDowell Ms. Debbie R. McEwen & Mr. Lee Carroll Mr. Russell & Mrs. Cathy McFarland Dr. Mark & Linda McGannon Linda McGarry Mrs. Hannah McGee Mr. David & Mrs. Marie McGehee Mr. Richard McIntyre Mr. Nathan McKenna Mr. David & Mrs. Sandra McKie


Mr. Jim & Mrs. Patricia McLaren Kristin McLester Mr. & Mrs. William G. McMaster Ms. Melissa McMillan Mr. & Mrs. E. C. McNair Rory & Lacey McNeely Mr. & Mrs. Charles McNeill Mr. Al & Mrs. Linda McNeill Mrs. Elizabeth Meetze Mr. Grayson C. Meetze & Mr. David Meetze Thomas & Marlo Meredith III Dr. B. Garrick & Mrs. Jill Messer Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Rhea Metcalf Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Jo Mewbourn Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Susan Michalski Mr. Seth & Mrs. Jessica Mickelson Dr. Tracy & Mrs. Amanda Middlebrooks Jr. Mr. Pete & Mrs. Brenda Middleton Mrs. Marilyn Mihok Dr. Anne-Courtney & Mr. Alex Miller Mr. Mark Miller Mr. Michael & Ms. Theresa Miller Mike Miller Mr. James & Mrs. Sharon Miller Mr. Cecil & Mrs. Patricia Mills Jr. Mr. Albert & Mrs. Julia Mims Ms. Brenda Mims & Ms. Kristina Sabatini Ms. Margaret H. Mintz & Ms. Kimberly Henry Mary Mitchell Ms. Eloise Mitchum & Ms. Shannon Matlock Mrs. Virginia Mixon & Ms. Ashley Campbell Colleen E. Moffatt Mr. Allen & Mrs. Marcia Montgomery Ms. Lillian Mood Ms. Nancy Moody Rosemarie Moody & Randi Janiskee Mr. J. Stuart & Mrs. Grace Moore Eleanor V. Moore Dr. Ellen M. Moore Mr. George & Mrs. Meredith Moraitis Ms. Cristina Morales Ms. Dorcas Morgan Tom Morgan Mrs. Lori Moroz & Ms. Kristen Harmon Mr. Billy & Mrs. DeLancy Morris Mrs. Betty P. Morris Dr. Gail M. Morrison Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Ainslee Moss Ms. Tricia Moyer Mr. H. Christian & Mrs. Lucia Mueller Dr. Philip Mullen Robert Mullen Mr. Russell Mullis Mr. Chris & Mrs. Charlotte Munger Deloris & Stewart Mungo Mr. Brian & Mrs. Cheryl Munn Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Veronica Murphy Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Julia Murphy Dr. Ronald Myatich & Dr. Michelle Byrd Dr. Camille Myers & Ms. Diana Bowers Mr. David & Mrs. Stacie Myers Leslie Myers Cheryl Nader Richard L. & Martha Nalley Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Luke A. Nance, Jr. Mrs. & Mr. Trinka Williamson Mr. Jonathan H. Nason Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Brenda Nauful Jr. Mr. Michael & Mrs. Catherine Naylor Mr. Arthur Nebiker Ms. Susan Neighbors Ms. Janice M. Nelson Kristin & Matthew Nettles Drs. Francis & Mary Neuffer


Ms. Margaret Nevill Mr. Michael & Mrs. Megan New Mr. Michael & Mrs Kim Newcomb Ms. Megan Nicholas Mr. Bryan Nichols & Ms. Amanda Gathings Ms. Mary Nichols Mrs. Joannie Nickel Dr. Herbert & Mrs. Eleanor Niestat Mr. William Nobbs Joyce P. Nobles Ms. Sandra Norton & Ms. Joy Yohe Mrs. Mary Nunn & Ms. Barbara Scarborough Mr. Roger Nunn & Mrs. Crystal Tager Mr. Jeff Nuovo Mr. Paul & Mrs. Jill O’Dell Ms. Patricia O’Hagan Sharon & Dennis O’Keefe Mr. John & Mrs. Mary O’Leary Mr. Skylar & Mrs. Kelsie O’Toole Mr. Steve & Mrs. Stephanie Oberbroeckling Gene Oliver Hardy & Ann Oliver Ms. Kathy Olson & Mr. Robert E. Barnett Mr. Carlos Jose’ Ortiz Mr. William Ronald Outen Ashley Owen Dr. Jeanne Owen & Mr. Jim Giandelia Mr. John & Mrs. Carol Paguntalan Ms. Lauren Painter & Ms. Mary Perez Mr. Harold & Mrs. Catherine Palmer Mr. Nick & Mrs. Mary Papadea Ms. Debra Parker & Ms. Melody Parker Peggy R. Parker Mr. Brett & Mrs. Anna Parks Ms. Lyn Parks Mr. John & Mrs. Karen Parrish Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Paschal Mr. Mark & Mrs. Candi Payne Mrs. Gisela Pearson Marty & Jeff Pearson Ms. Roberta Pearson Mr. John A. Pecca Mr. Malcolm & Mrs Linda Peckler Ms. Cindy Pedersen Mr. James Peifer Zan Tracy Pender Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Beth Perry Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Heather Perryman Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Ellen Peters Mr. Ralph Phillips & Ms. Vanessa Murphree Sam & Terry Phillips Ms. Kadejah Pickering & Mr. Peter Leventis Mr. Marty & Mrs. Patricia Piepoli Mr. Robert Piltaver Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Margaret Pinkstaff Joseph F. Pirola, Jr. Mr. Lloyd & Mrs. Monetta Pitts Mr. Freddie & Mrs. Carol Player Mr. Frederick & Mrs. Helen Pohl Mrs. Helen E. Pointer Mr. Franklin & Mrs. Kerry Pollock Bert & Jodye Pooser Bill & Eleanor Pope Mr. & Ms. Will Pope Mr. Carl Potter & Dr. Mia Potter Mr. Steven & Mrs. Karen Pounds Ms. Cynthia S. Powell & Ms. Beth Powell Mr. Langston Powell & Ms. Marilyn Hartley Ms. Margaret Powell Mr. Michael E. Powell & Dr. Christopher H. Cormier Mr. Jim & Mrs. Lynda Powers Mrs. Meredith Pratt Ms. Margaret C. Prentice Mr. William & Mrs. Grace Prescott

Gloria Preslar Ms. Barbara Price Margaret Price Mr. Tye & Mrs. Heather Price Leslie & Russ Pruett Mr. David & Reverend Christi Pursey Dr. Gordon & Mrs. Leona Query Cdr. Don & Mrs. Lee Quick Mr. Elliotte & Mrs. Annette Quinn Mr. Kevin & Mrs. Jennifer Quinn Mr. Alton & Ms. Lola Rabon Susan Radamski Mr. Frank & Mrs. Amanda Rainwater Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Mandy Randall Mr. Lakshman Rao & Ms. Deepa Rao-Feit Mr. Mark Rapp Ms. Lisa Rasnick Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Barbara Ratigan Mr. Cravens & Mrs. Sandra Ravenel Ms. Robin Rawl Ms. Kiri Rawson Mrs. Sandra Ray & Mr. Garrison Ray Mr. Steven & Mrs. Cindy Reck Mr. Brian & Mrs. Kerri Redding Dr. P. Prithvi Reddy & P. Vijayalaxmi Reddy Patricia Redmond Dr. & Mrs. Gene Reeder Renee Reich Dr. Michal Rubin & Dr. David Reisman Mr. David & Mrs. Margaret Rembert Jr. Miss Jennifer Reno Mrs. Susan Reno Mrs. Doris R. Reynolds & Ms. Jandell R. Morrison Mrs. Mary Reynolds Breta Rheney Mr. Scott & Mrs. Trudy Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rice Mr. Chris & Mrs. Sharie Rice Nora Rice & Gordon Shaw Dr. Varner & Mrs. Lynne Richards Mr. Ronnie Richards Mr. Gregory Richardson Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Beth Richardson Mr. Matt & Mrs. Kelty Riddle Romie T. Rikard Ms. Louise B. Rivers Mr. Allen J. Rivkin Mr. G. Andrew & Mrs. Mary Robbins Mrs. Mary Robert & Ms. Tara Robert Dave & Pennie Roberts Mr. James & Mrs. Katherine Roberts Mrs. Pamela J. Roberts & Mr. Joel Smith Ms. Vicki Roberts Mr. Donald & Mrs. Ruth Robinson Ms. Janet Robinson Mr. Johnnie & Mrs. Deborah Rodgerson Mr. Harry & Mrs. Nancy Rogers Mr. Rufus & Mrs. Kathy Rogers Lannie & Percy Rogerson Mrs. Donna Rone Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curt Rone Jr. Malia Ropel Mr. Brad & Mrs. Kelly Ross Mr. John Roth Ms. Jill Rothstein Mr. Thomas A. Rountree Mr. Gene & Mrs. Debbie Royer Dr. Hyman & Mrs. Jennifer Rubin III Ms. Elizabeth Ruiz Mr. Richard & Mrs. Sharon Ruley Ms. Angel Rumfelt & Ms. Kathy O’Donoghue Mr. William & Mrs. Cynthia Rumph Rhonda Russell Barbara Koosa Ryan

Ms. Cathy Sabol Ms. Pam Sage Ms. Susan Sagely Mr. Victor & Mrs. Sue Sakellarios Ms. Polly O. Sale Ms. Ann M. Sanders F. H. Sandow Mr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Andrea Sarata Mr. W.R. Sargent Jr. Mr. Kirk & Mrs. Angela Saunders Mr. Richard Saunders Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Jennifer Savitz Mr. Terry & Mrs. Wendy Schmoyer Jr. Clifford & Maria Schneider Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Corine Schrank Dr. Roger & Mrs. Nancy Schwind

OUR MISSION: To create meaningful connections and inspire actions that will have a lasting impact on conservation Mr. William & Mrs. Helen Schwittek Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Deborah Scott Ms. Holly S. Scott & Ms. Bernardine S. Cobb Nancy & Blynn Boyd Scott Mr. Larry G. Sease Robert & Genie Seibels Mr. Martin Sejda Ms. Elizabeth W. Self Ms. Blondelle L. Sexton Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Sheila Shanklin Capt. Joe & Mrs. Lori Shappell Mr. Stanley & Mrs. Patsy Sharpe Mrs. Barbara Shealy Mr. Chris & Mrs. Tami Shealy Peachy Shealy Rene Shealy Susan Shealy Mr. John & Mrs. Margaret Shearouse Patricia K. Shelley Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Elizabeth Shelton Clay & Evie Shelton Mr. Todd Sherrer Mr. Adam & Mrs. Kristin Sherrick Ms. Brittany Sherrill Mr. Anthony R. Shirah Mr. Rodrick & Mrs. Candace Shiver

David & Donna Shoaff Mr. & Mrs. John Shockley Rev. Alvin & Mrs. Cathy Shrum Mr. Donald & Mrs. Marcia Shue Ms. Pauline Y. Shuford & Ms. Sally M. Shuford Dr. Wes & Mrs. Sharon Shuler Mr. Wyman Shull Ms. Alysia Shumpert H. Perry & Rosemary Shuping Mr. David & Mrs. Lauren Sickinger Mr. Walter & Mrs. Ercell Sigman Jr. Mr. Rick & Mrs. Rachel Silver Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Carole Simoneau Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Margot Simonson Ms. Ann Simpkins Jim & Sharon Simpson Martha Sinclair Mr. Al & Mrs. Carol Sinclair Mr. Augustus Singleton & Ms. Lena Dixon Mr. Atul & Mrs. Samantha Sinha Mrs. Margot M. Sisario Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Linda Skipper Mr. Mark & Mrs. Stephanie Sloan Mr. Jordan Slomzenski Mrs. Anna & Mr. Kevin Smith Ms. Anne S. Smith Ms. Barbara J. Smith & Ms. Judy A. Powell Dr. & Mrs. Claude W. Smith Mrs. Kathleen R. Smith & Ms. Madison Smith Mr. James & Mrs. Nina Smith Sr. Mr. John & Mrs. Jean Smith Mr. Lennis & Mrs. Jane Smith Ms. Margaret Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Smith Mr. Robert & Mrs. Catherine Smith Thomas & Cheryl Smith Mr. Philip Snead Mr. Victor & Mrs. Mary Snipes Mr. Jason Snyder Karl & Patricia Snyder Sangeeta Sohoni & Sujata Wallace Mr. Charles & Mrs. Kathryn Soliozy Mr. Keith & Mrs. Sue Solomon Mr. Joseph Sommer Cynthia Soto Mr. Jeremiah & Mrs. Jacqueline Southwick Ms. Deanna J. Sowa & Mr. John Guzman Melissa Spearman Mrs. Martha Spearman Mr. Rodney & Mrs. Laura Spivey Rochelle Spradley Ms. Laura Sprague Mr. Celess & Mrs. Diana Squirewell Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian St. John

Dr. & Mrs. Darrel Staat Mr. Richard & Mrs. Elizabeth Stachelek Mr. Ray & Mrs. Mary Stafford Ms. Rebecca Stallings & Mr. David Powell Mrs. Jan H. Stamps Bonnie Stanard Ms. Selena Standford & Ms. Becky Fewell Dr. Jimmy & Mrs. Peggy Stands Mrs. Stacey Stearns & Mrs. Rebecca Stearns Mr. Harry Stegall & Ms. Kathy Stegall Ms. Daun C. Steigner & Ms. Carol Steigner Mr. James Stephan & Ms. Shara Whitaker Mr. Mike & Mrs. Faye Stephens Dr. Philip & Mrs. Pam Steude Mr. Albert & Mrs. Laura Stevens The Stevens Family Mr. John & Mrs. Susan Stevenson Mr. Jack & Mrs. Pam Stewart Mr. Jemme & Mrs. Christi Stewart Ms. Debra Stewart & Ms. Grace Miles Mr. Albert Stier & Ms. Catherine McLean Mr. Jennings & Mrs. Nancy Stiltner Mr. Mike & Mrs. Janet Stockamp Mr. Rhett & Mrs. Jennifer Stogner Mr. Allen Stokes Jr. Mrs. Katherine Stokes Ms. Christie Palyok Stone & Ms. Cynthia Anderson Mr. Robert & Mrs. Kristina Stonestreet Mr. Steve Storick & Ms. Mary Audrey Ackerman Mrs. Carol Stork & Ms. Rachael Sullivan Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Ashley Story Ms. Stella Stott Dr. James & Mrs. Jill Strainer Mrs. Sara Stringfellow The Stringfellow Family Katharine Struthers Ms. Kerry Stubbs Mr. Jack & Mrs. Elizabeth Suber Mr. & Mrs. J. Delane Suggs Dr. Joanne C. Suggs & Mr. Stephen Suggs Donald & Dorothy Sullivan Ms. Helen B. Summers Mr. & Mrs. Jones Sutherland Mrs. Karen Sweeney Mr. Tom Swift III & Mrs. Marcie Swift Lawrence Mr. Ron & Mrs. Dorothy Swinson Jr. Mrs. Janet Szymanski Mr. Tony & Mrs. Kristin Taffar Mr. Motte Talley Ms. JoAnn Tanner & Mr. Christopher Tanner Mrs. Christy F. Taucher Mr. Jay & Mrs. Laurie Taylor Mrs. Adrienne Temple Ms. Barbara Testor & Ms. Ashley Courier Mr. John & Mrs. Patricia Theilen Mr. William & Mrs. Nancy Theus Lori Lieb Thomas Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Rosemary Thomas Linda Thompson Ms. Mona Thompson & Ms. Brittany Thompson Mr. William & Mrs. Rachel Thompson Mr John & Mrs. Katharine Thorne Miss Lucy Thorne Dr. Al & Mrs. Harriett Thornton Ms. Suzanne Thorpe Mrs. Ruth Threatt Bud & Ruth Tibshrany Mr. Harold & Mrs. Courtney Tillett Mrs. Olive Timberlake Jerry & Sheryl Todd Mrs. Karen Tooley Vannie M. Toy & Allison Toy Mrs. Ronda Tranter Mr. Ross & Mrs. Alice Travis


Ms. Kathy Treadway Jill Trefz Mr. John Triplett Mr. William Trotter Barbara Trotti Perry Troutman & Cathelene Compton Joseph Trykowski Mrs. Elizabeth Tuller Mr. Norman Tuller Mr. Brian & Mrs. Amanda Turbeville Mr. Jack & Mrs. Jammie Turner Mr. Jay G. Turner & Ms. Susan Singletary Mrs. Sally Turner Mr. Curtis R. Tuten Mr. Michael & Mrs. Kim Ujcich Susan & Richard Umbach & Family Ms. Elizabeth Underwood Wm M. Valentine Dr. & Mrs. Jack M. Valpey Igor & English van den Hoven Mr. Roger & Mrs. Debra Van Horsen Hal & Sylvia Varn Mr. William & Mrs. Laura Vaughan Mrs. Dana Vaughn Ms. Amy Vaughn Mr. John & Mrs. Rebecca Veldman Mrs. Stephanie Vesey

Colonel Donne & Mrs. Shirley Viau Kristi Vincini Ms. Margaret A. Vitiello Mrs. Christie Vondrak Dr. Michael & Mrs. Laura Wade Linda Waites Mr. Burt & Mrs. Esten Walker Mrs. Carol Walker Mr. Claude & Mrs. Joann Walker Jr. Mr. David & Mrs. Denise Walker Mr. Felix & Mrs. Laurie Walker Ms. Josephine Walker Mr. Craig & Mrs. Emily Wall Gerald & Nancy Wallace Mr. Ned & Mrs. Ann Wallace Jr. Mr. Gary & Mrs. Nancy Walsh Ms. Haley Walter Mr. Kent & Mrs. Betty Walters Mr. Charles & Mrs. Sandra Walvoord Tracy Wanamaker Marilyn Ward Susan Ward


Mr. David & Mrs. Nancy Warner Mrs. Rachel Warren Mr. William & Mrs. Rebecca Warren Mr. James & Mrs. Christine Washburn Dr. Carey & Lynn Washington Mr. Travis & Mrs. Paula Washington Mrs. Melisa Watford Mr. Jason Watkins Mr. Terry & Mrs. Jeanna Watkins Mr. Jon & Mrs. Caroline Watts Mr. Richard & Mrs. Audrey Watts Mr. Teddy Webb & Ms. Amanda Pauls Mrs. Wanda Webb & Ms. Lisa Bell Mr. Blake & Mrs. Mindy Wehunt Dr. Tristan & Mrs. Ella Weinkle Mr. Dustin & Mrs. Angela Weinle Mr. Brian & Mrs. Jen Wells Kaymani West & Bianca Smith Beverly Weymouth Mr. Rick & Mrs. Brenda Wheeler Mr. Ben & Mrs. Debra Whetstone Jr. Mr. Roddy Whitaker & Ms. Marcia Presnell Mr. Andy White Mr. Gordon & Mrs. Sonya White Mr. Johnny & Mrs. Donna White Mr. Kevin White & Mr. John Robert Barth Ms. & Mr. Michelle White Mr. & Ms. Richard White Mr. Albert & Mrs. Lane Whiteside Ms. Sondra Wieland Mr. David & Mrs. Patti Wiest Cynthia Wiggins Rose T. Wilkins Ms. Gay R. Wilkinson & Mrs. Laura Kenerson Mr. Fred & Mrs. Sandra Williams Mr. James & Mrs. Linda Williams Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Tonya Williams Ms. Loretta Williamson Ms. Wanda D. Williamson Dr. Marsh & Mrs. Lynn Willis Chantal Wilson Mr. Jeffrey & Mrs. Anne Wilson Mr. Jeremy & Mrs. Maura Wilson Ms. Marcia Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wirth Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wise Steven & Julie Wisz Leland Woerner Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wolfe James & Katherine Wollpert Mrs Kathy Woltermann & Ms. Angela Woltermann Debra Wood Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Kelley Wood Jimmy & Rosemary Wood Nancy Woodward Lochlan Baskin Wooten Mr. Kurt & Mrs. Courtney Worthington Roger & Heather Wright Mr. Ben & Mrs. Juanita Wright Lynda S. Wyman Ms. Darla Kaye Wynne & Ms. Janice Price Mr. Mark & Mrs. Suzanne Yates Mr. David Yelton Mrs Erin Yeoman Mrs. Felicia Yockel & Ms. Aleta Braziel Ms. Kelli Yongue Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Michelle Young Mr. James & Mrs. Vicki Zakian Mr. Derek & Mrs. Cynthia Zeigler Mr. Lawrence Zivkovich Hanno zur Loye & Dee Hull Dr. Peter & Mrs. Debbie Zvejnieks

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RIVERBANKS SOCIETY is the private, nonprofit organization supporting the needs of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.





Mark Your Calendars

July 13 - Twilight in the Garden

Earn credit towards badge and merit requirements

August 3 - Brew at the Zoo 10 - Twilight in the Garden

Cub Scout Day: NOVA Wild

Saturday, September 29 | 9:00am - 5:00pm

Creepy Creature Feature & Trick-or-Treat Trek

September 15 - Animal Enrichment Day 21 - Riverbanks ZOOfari

Saturday, October 20 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm Activities and rates vary |

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OVERNIGHT Sea Lion Special Edition

Saturday, August 4 6:00pm until 9:00am

Learn all about sea lions and seals • Get an inside look at sea lion care • Spend the night inside Sea Lion Landing • Enjoy dinner, snack and breakfast Ages 5 - adult | $50 person 18

Tired of keeping up with your membership card? Download the Riverbanks Zoo app from iTunes app store or Google Play, and then stop at the Guest Relations Center or give us a call at 803.779.8717 to obtain your verification code and get started.


Enjoy a few more Friday evenings with family at Riverbanks Botanical Garden this summer! Cool off in the Splash Zone at Waterfall Junction from 6:00pm until dusk. Then roll out a blanket on the grassy lawn and catch a movie at the Garden’s amphitheater.


$3 Riverbanks members $5 general public




Best Conference Venue






Blue-Crowned Laughingthrush Dryonastes courtoisi - Colleen Lynch, Curator of Birds

Measuring Up

The blue-crowned laughingthrush (we call it BCLT) is about the size of the Northern mockingbird in your backyard, weighing in at 50–55 grams—about as much as a stack of 9 or 10 quarters.

Where on Earth

Zoo’s Who

BCLTs spend the summer and breed in China’s Wuyuan County in Jiangxi Province. The birds' habitat is riparian, meaning it is in areas of forest along rivers, a lot like Riverbanks!

Riverbanks has 2.2 blue-crowned laughingthrush in two groups of 1.1 (in Zoo-speak, 2.2 means 2 males and 2 females). The first BCLT arrived at Riverbanks in 2015, and we have been building our flock since then. Our newest bird arrived in late 2017. We hope the two pairs will add some chicks to the flock soon!

Least Concened 20

Near Threatened




Critically Endangered

Extinct in the Wild

Weird but True BCLTs and humans alike flock to habitats along the banks of rivers. In Wuyuan County, BCLTs live side by side with small villages along the river. Locals have only recently learned that their flighty neighbor is rare, and they are proud of playing host to this endangered species. The BCLT is well adapted to living in small communities, and one BCLT breeding site is in a school yard where the students show off the birds to interested visitors. There is, however, great concern regarding development in the region (threatening habitat) and increased awareness

of the species. Heightened awareness could land BCLT in the bird markets where songbirds are sold, both legally and illegally, as status symbols to an ever-growing market of buyers (like the red-billed leiothrix pictured here and others seen in the Hong Kong bird market). The trade in Asian songbirds is now considered one of the most serious threats to bird conservation world-wide. Bird markets in Indonesia are known to have more than 20,000 birds for sale on any given day, many of which are declining, threatened or endangered species.

Hong Kong bird market

Bird watching in schoolyard






In China's Wuyuan County, BCLTs live side by side with small villages along the river.

Development at a now-abandoned BCLT breeding site.



Did You Know? For much of the twentieth century, BCLTs were only known to science in the form of five study skins found in the drawers of a natural history museum. They were collected in 1956, and the species had not been seen in the wild since then. In 1988, however, BCLT appeared in the hands of bird dealers; several of those were acquired by zoos. Excited to learn more about this rarely seen

species, a small consortium of European zoos funded field surveys to find populations of BCLT in the wild. From the zoo-based initiative, in the year 2000, scientists learned about the small range where this species flocks during their breeding season. Their dispersal afterwards to wintering grounds remains a mystery.

Conservation Connection There are less than 300 BCLTs in the wild and about the same number in US and European zoos, with just a handful more in zoos in mainland China and Hong Kong. Because the wild population is so small, the zoo population is a significant conservation resource. As such, it must be carefully managed. In addition to housing BCLTs at Riverbanks, Zoo staff provide population management expertise to the BCLT Global Species Management Program (GSMP). Each year, as

part of a population management plan, the global population data is analyzed and decisions are made regarding the management of each BCLT held by 56 zoos on three continents. Every individual BCLT receives a recommendation that outlines its role for the next year in the cooperatively managed population. These analyses and recommendations, made with partners around the world, result in an annual report of over 100 pages written at Riverbanks!

What You Can Do Help make a better world for birds by joining the flocks of other nature lovers participating in the Year of the Bird. Simply visit projects/year-of-the-bird/ online and click on “Count

Me In� to sign up. You will receive simple tips and action steps that will make a difference for birds and our planet. This month introduce a child to nature and build their love for wild animals and landscapes.

A single encounter with a bird can spark a lifelong passion. Be sure to visit the lorikeets at Riverbanks! CREATING CONNECTIONS.






from the Pros

WATER! In the heat of summer make sure your plantings are well watered. New plantings and plants in pots are more susceptible to drying out quickly. Water early in the day or later in the evening, and use collected rainwater to conserve while watering. Start planning your fall bulb order. Early ordering

ensures you get the selections you want.

Deadhead flowering annuals (remove old flowers)

to promote more blooms.

Cut back garden mums by half in July to reduce the tendency to flop over when blooming in the fall.

To reduce mosquitos, try and prevent standing water. Change the water often in your

birdbath to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground.



Get This Look

Bulbs can add a burst of color in the summer. In this combo, the soft pink Crinum blooms create a perfect backdrop for the fiery red and yellow Gloriosa flowers in midsummer. Check mail order bulb companies as a source for these spectacular plants.

How Does Our Garden Grow? Riverbanks’ horticulturists currently tend to 6,328 different kinds of plants in animal habitats and garden beds throughout the Zoo and Garden—that’s more than 200 times the number of plants in the average homeowner’s yard! Check out this impressive botanical breakdown from the past year:


plants grown from seed


plants grown from cuttings


individual plants acquired


winter and summer bulbs planted


winter and summer annuals planted




from the Garden


Intro to Natural Dyes

Saturday, September 15 | 10am to noon $40 per person This workshop covers general information about the history of dyeing, good plant materials to use and basic dyeing techniques. Each participant will dye a silk scarf (8” x 72”) using black walnut.

Concrete Leaves

Saturday, September 29 | 10:00am to noon $25 per person Create a cast of a large leaf as a beautiful garden decoration that will outlast the frost. Cast concrete leaves can be used to create your own bird feeder, stepping stone or garden accent. All materials will be provided, and you can leave the mess behind instead of making one at home! The leaf will need at least 48 hours to cure before you can pick it up to take home.






An Update

- Emily Guertin, Senior Gorilla Keeper

In February, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden announced that 12-year-old Kazi, one of three female western lowland gorillas at the Zoo, was pregnant. The animal care team at Riverbanks has been preparing for this pregnancy since the arrival of the gorilla troop in 2015. The past three years have included gorilla introductions and maternal behavior training. When the gorilla troop experienced the heartbreaking loss of Macy’s baby in May 2017, it allowed keepers to witness Kazi’s maturity. Kazi’s compassion and maternal demeanor towards Macy during that time revealed to us that she was ready for motherhood.



Preparing for Baby Keepers have worked with the veterinary department to ensure Kazi receives the best care during her pregnancy. Kazi has been receiving pre-natal vitamins and a calcium supplement daily since May 2017. She also has learned all the maternal behaviors that are recommended. A few maternal behaviors include ultrasound, baby presentation and desensitization to baby bottles. Keepers also have worked with the maintenance and IT departments to ensure the animal care staff can observe the gorilla troop any time of day. The gorilla barn now has an improved camera system. In order for the cameras to get a clear view, they needed to be placed inside the gorilla bedrooms; so the maintenance department designed and installed a “gorilla proof” box in two of the gorilla rooms, and the IT department upgraded the cameras to allow animal care staff the ability to control each camera’s view. Now staff can rotate and zoom the cameras as needed.

Pregnancy & Challenges During pregnancy, performing ultrasounds is extremely important. Kazi has received weekly check-ups with the vets, and we have observed all the developmental stages of the baby. In November we saw the first signs of pregnancy, and in December we saw the heart beat for the first time. By January, we were able to see the baby moving around. As the gorilla baby has grown over the months, we have been able to get femur, head and abdominal measurements. Now, that the baby is so big, we have been concentrating on making sure the its head is down and heart rate is normal. Kazi’s pregnancy has presented some challenges to keeper staff. She has always been food-motivated during training sessions. Kazi loves fruit and vegetables. However, during her pregnancy, her love for certain vegetables decreased. Keepers have had to monitor

baby update

her appetite and weight gain very closely. Early on in Kazi’s pregnancy, keepers trialed several food items to see what she would eat consistently. Sweet potato and squash were the winners. Keepers also added primate biscuits to her diet to ensure she received the calories she needed. Throughout her pregnancy, Kazi picked out the food items that were most appetizing to her on a particular day. One day it may have been broccoli; the next day maybe carrots. Keeper staff made sure to provide her with whatever item she chose. Kazi has been weighed weekly. The average female gorilla gains 20 to 40 pounds during pregnancy. Keepers are happy to announce that Kazi has officially gained 20 pounds to-date.

Kazi gave birth at 8:10am on June 4. Come visit mom and baby at Riverbanks or take a peek at the ZooCam online between 4:30pm and 7:30pm daily. CREATING CONNECTIONS.






A Conservation Update

- Jennifer Rawlings, Aquarium Curator


hrough the Satch Krantz Conservation Support Fund, your Zoo has had the opportunity to provide backing for many important conservation studies and fieldwork around the globe. One of my favorite projects (and I will admit I’m biased) is working to conserve the chambered nautilus (mainly Nautilus pompilius). This mysterious cephalopod—which belongs to the taxonomic group of animals including octopuses, squid and cuttlefish—is often called a “living fossil.” Scientists think that the ancestors of nautilus pre-date dinosaurs, and even fish! Over all these millennia, nautiluses have survived relatively unchanged, but this presents some urgent conservation problems as the world around them has changed significantly. Nautiluses are found in a small, tropical area of the world known as the Indo-Pacific triangle. However, they are cold-water, deep sea creatures, spending the day at depths of 900 to 2,000 feet below the surface and rising to shallower depths of 300-500 feet below the surface at night in order to feed. They live in close association with rocky reef slopes and muddy bottoms, so they don’t move across open ocean areas; and each isolated group of nautilus is considered a separate population (as they don’t mix genes with other groups).



Unlike their cephalopod “cousins,” nautiluses have a relatively long lifespan of about 15-20 years. They grow and mature slowly, and produce only a few young over their lifetimes. This means that it can take a long time for nautilus populations to replenish naturally, and with harvesting of their shells for the curio trade, the ability for nautilus populations to rebound is even more affected. Trade information reveals that, between the years 2005–2008, over one half-million nautlius shells were imported to the US alone for jewelry and decorations. Scientists estimate that if this massive harvesting doesn’t stop, we could lose these “living fossils” in less than 50 years. While the situation seems bleak, this is where the scientific data gathered really starts to pay off and why we are proud to support the population studies being conducted by Dr. Peter Ward, Dr. Greg Barord, and their team. You may recall from a previous “Conservation Corner” column by Ed Diebold in the March-April 2013 issue of Riverbanks magazine that the Zoo has funded some amazing population studies, utilizing underwater technology known as BRUVS (Baited Remote Underwater



Video Systems). These studies allowed researchers to collect video footage of the nautilus in situ (in their natural environment) and estimate the population’s numbers at many of the distinct areas where nautilus are known to be found and harvested. An exciting update to this scientific work is that the data collected was used to successfully amend the conservation status of the nautilus. All nautilus species have now been listed in CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Appendix II. This means that special permits are now required in order to export and import nautilus, and that trade restrictions can be imposed. CITES regulates international trade, ensuring that it is legal, performed sustainably and does not threaten the survival of the species in the wild. Nautilus researchers will continue their work in order to document changes in the nautilus populations over time, with the hopes of stabilizing and even reversing the decline. What a great privilege to support this scientific work that will hopefully save the nautilus.


Save the Nautilus was started by 11-year-old Josiah Utsch, with help from his best friend 11-year-old Ridgely Kelly, to stop this "Living Fossil" from extinction. The conservation organization raises awareness about the chambered nautilus, its precarious future, and the money needed to fund research. As a result, the Nautilus Strong Initiative was created to promote awareness, education and research in the field, and in human care settings. This collaboration connects scientists, zoos, and aquariums more effectively to share information, support research, and address knowledge gaps in our understanding of nautiluses.

For more information visit CREATING CONNECTIONS.





NEW HOME Walking toward Riverbanks Farm, you may notice a brand-new building behind the pony corral. The 900-square-foot structure is not a public exhibit but a new home for Riverbanks’ animal ambassadors.

for Our Animal Ambassadors - John Davis, Director of Animal Care & Welfare

The building was designed with input from curators, educators, facility managers and keepers to ensure the needs of a diverse group of animal ambassadors such as opossums, tarantulas, red-tailed boa constrictors, rabbits, ferrets and more. These animals provide up-close experiences for students participating in education classes and camps and for guests during impromptu and scheduled up-close encounters at the Zoo. Riverbanks’ animal ambassadors used to live in the Discovery Center classrooms. While this housing arrangement worked for many years, the limited space often competed with class schedules and animal care routines. In addition, the mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates all have very specialized temperatures and humidity requirements, which often led to warm and sticky conditions for classroom guests. Now that the animal ambassadors have a home to call their very own, the animal care and education teams will be working together to add a few new species. Recently, two lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrecs and a group of African giant millipedes joined the Riverbanks family, and plans are in the works to add 3-banded armadillos, a bearded dragon and an American kestrel. Ambassador animals provide an engaging experience for guests, connecting them with nature and inspiring them to make a difference for wildlife. They make routine appearances around the Zoo and can often be seen by the cabin near Grizzly Ridge or in front of the animal garden outside of the Discovery Center. Be sure to meet one of them on your next Zoo visit—check the Riverbanks website for daily scheduled Wildlife Up-Close encounters.



Ambassador animals provide an engaging experience for guests...

We hope to see you soon!





Saturdays and


Experience Riverbanks like never before! Help prepare a snack for the bears. Feed an elephant. Touch a tortoise. Choose from five different tours. For schedules and pricing, visit

Patron and Gold level memberships receive TWO FREE Backstage passes.

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Riverbanks magazine - July/August 2018  

Volume XXXVII, Number 4