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Published by Blackcurrant Press Company. The Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4 Written By: Grey Wolf (Leo A. Henry) ISBN # 978-0-9840379-6-4 All rights reserved. Copyright (c) by Grey Wolf (Leo A. Henry) 11/1/2005. All rights reserved. Edited by III Frazier George. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Blackcurrant Press Company. MADE IN THE U.S.A

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this work is to bridge the public with a sense of institutional awareness, in particular the southeast systems of incarceration and their prison facilities. Being incarcerated in the Alabama Department of Correction, I have been privileged to observe, first hand, the administrative atrocities. To experience the living conditions, and the medical care, has been a sheer nightmare. The ruse used to fool the public of the over-crowded conditions in their prison systems are an understatement in political public communications. They are literally sardine packed. To portray the actual realities of Alabama’s correction systems would require a foray of foul platitudes and a vulgar vocabulary. This is not a time for catering to sensitivities, for the sake of being nice. This is a time for raw and vivid confrontation of issues that threatens the future peace, safety, and security of this nation’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual soundness. The people of this nation deserve to demand the responsibility and accountability of its leaders as the moral conscience of this country. The true unity of this nation cannot, and will not, come to pass until the proper administration of judicial behavior is corrected, not in just the southeast states, but throughout this great nation of ours. With full and equal rights for both the free man and woman, as well as the societal reinstated men and women. Until such major adjustments in this nation’s judicial behavior are administered with expediency, only discord of proper functionalities will continue to plague this dying country, and the way of true freedom, as we know it can be. A commentary by Leo A. Henry March 25, 2005

AUTHOR’S STATEMENT AND RECOGNITION The “Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4” is a collection of written works derived from verbal, and visual communications. However, an abundance of emotional, mental, and psychological communications gave these pieces of crying paper their individualism. The power and strength given to the works involved are resultants of men who learned to openly cry and laugh at themselves, before laughing at, or crying for someone else. These men cover the spectrum of the criminal world, as it is known and unknown. And yet, there are sides to these same men, so tender, it would tear a grandmother’s heart apart. Yes, these same men who once tore lives apart. I give thanks to God Almighty for the insights and discernments to be able to translate the prison mind-frame onto paper. The privilege and honor to interreact with various incarcerates has provided another opportunity for understanding the lines that direct people to prison. A special recognition goes to Mr. Antonio X. Terrell for clarifying the perspectives of the compilations in this book. An extra expression of loving appreciation is extended to my son, Chevka Nahshon Henry. Another expression of the same magnitude in appreciation is extended to Derrick Leonard Often, who is as a son to me. May Jehovah God bless you two young men. An outstanding thanks is extended to my sister Lena Delores Dorothy Harris, and George Frazier III, for their love, loyalty, and encouragements during the worst years of my life. May Jehovah God bless you two friends as well. An extra special expression of appreciation goes to a man, who labored translating my ‘chicken scratch” into legible type, formatted for your reading pleasure. Thanks Mr. Gregory Lee. “It’s going to cost you!” Yes, Greg, but it cost you as well. Thanks you again my friend. Many uncountable thanks to all those who supported me while this reflection of prison life was written. Leo Allen Henry (Grey Wolf )

FORWARD It is truly an honor for me to have the privilege to write the forward to “The Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4.” I, myself even at this present moment, am a “living” specimen of the torments inflicted every second of a minute, every minute of an hour, every hour of a day, every day of a month, every month of a year, years after years, by the prison industrial complex. My respect, and well-venerated brother, friend, and father, Brother Anneyeiase Kennyohn Khorde better known to me as “Grey Wolf” (Leo Allen Henry, as was known) who works hard at his daily ways and actions. He lives by example. He practices what he speaks. “The Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4” is those profound words and insight all in the form of mathematics and rhythm. It is a book of poems that once I read, I immediately connected to the source from which they were founded. He speaks and writes with extreme clarity that sparks the visionary-creative elements of one’s imagination. Though some may insist, but the struggle of the Black man, Black woman, and Black child here in the wilderness of North America is likened to none on the face of the earth. Ascended from slavery, with the shackles, so-called, removed from our ankles, we now find those same shackles on our very minds. How are we a minority in this country, but the majority in this same country’s prison system? Are we really free? The thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution states, and I quote verbatim: “Amendment 13 (Ratified Dec. 6th, 1865) Section 2. ‘Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” I reiterate my question, “Are we really free? Free from what?” “The Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4,” aims at the obstacles of our daily struggle, and once we acknowledge the obstacles, then and only then, can we reform and rectify them for the freedom of our people. Brother Anneyeiase Kennyohn Khorde sparks from his heart; he speaks from his struggle, which is literally our struggle. As great men and great women, we “must” understand the purpose of one whom is blessed with the innate ability from the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, to articulately expound on our struggle.

During the compilation of this book, Brother Anneyeiase Kennyohn Khorde further shows his love for the young Black man as he provides an opportunity for us to be heard in this book. “The Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4” not only expresses words of wisdom from an elder, “The Old School “, but it also bears witness of the rise within the youth, which is all in one the same. It will only be the will of Allah (Jehovah) that we live to be blessed with the insight of our brother, friend, and father, Brother Anneyeiase Kennyohn Khorde. Thank You! Most Sincerely, I am your Brother Antonio X Terrell As-Salaam Alaikam! (Peace be unto you) 04-01-22/21:42hrs.

Field Critic’s Comments on Penitentiary Pity Pot -1-2-3-4 “Grey Wolf, you have a fine masterpiece here and I truly admire your work. You are an inspiration to me, and truly a blessing. Keep doing what you are doing and never give up. You have my undivided attention, and full support in whatever I may be able to help you with. You are a leader to me when it comes to your writing, and putting all pride away, I’m willing to be humble, so you can help me with things that you know, affiliated with writing. Thank you and God bless you!” -“Montana” -12-9-O8 “I’ve thoroughly analyzed this fine piece of art, that has been put together by my uncle Grey Wolf, and to be honest, I thought he was talking about me, in a lot of his poetry. This type of poetry gives the reader realism in so many ways, especially for all of those who are in a prison inside of themselves. But, Allah-God, gives each and every one of us abilities to accomplish the goals that we set forth. It’s His will that you have come into the understanding of yours!” Travel lightly... -Your Nephew, “Free/World”…S. Hicks. 12-14-O8 “Grey Wolf: - This is Hamilton, the book is very nice, and ready for the world... to read. I really like them all, but my favorites were: “Sissy; MatesInmates, The Unity; Are-Is-or-For; Count Time; Girl Friends; Hot Air-Big Mouths; Is Anybody There; Alabama Judicial Love.” So, keep up the good work that God wants you to do. “ -One Love, A. Hamilton 12-22-O8 “Mr. Henry (Grey Wolf)”, “Alabama Judicial Love” - the first and sad sentence, it immediately jumped out and grabbed me (Brother I do remember vividly what this prison system did to me). “After reading this first poem, and reading lines like, “Reverse pain has the scent of a rose,” I knew that the word play in this book will be lethal. Even though I've played around with a little word play myself, I grabbed my dictionary, because I know the closet thing that could bring this hellhole, and the things that go on in here (prison) next to pictures...would be words. So, let's see how you do! My eye on you.” M. Shaw

“Finishing this book up, “Penitentiary Pity Pot,” and realizing I would have written my own little book, if I took time to critique every poem in writing. I burst with the emotions that this book has captured. Maybe that’s good because these emotions are what no one should ever have to endure. These emotions make you wish that you had no conscience or heart to feel. But, on the flipside, these emotions made me the man I am today. These emotions made me promise myself to never give up.” “Thanks Grey Wolf for the emotions. Job well done! ! !” -Robert “Coop” Evans, 12-24-08 “Grey Wolf: - Peace be unto you. …The realism is epic. - Man has existed on this plane of animalistic behavior for decades. This work is a fine and brilliant description of the “High and Lows” of a evolution of man. From their inner chambers of the “Prison of Self” to the inner walls of “seg,” this is a touching and moving composite of thoughts that will reach the “TRUE” human being that dwells in each of us. ALLAH (GOD) makes no mistakes, and out of the “GOOD” that He has blessed us with, the beast, came and created…Prisons!” –Cool Running: C.E McMean-E1- 12-26-08 “Peace be to you,“Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1, 2, 3, 4 ”, From my understanding of it all, is a man’s life lived so far away from being called a normal one. It’s a day-to-day outlook of being handcuffed, bound, belittled, stripped of all rights and at times with many others, “A being brought to be lesser of a man.” These points and times of a prisoner’s life, they are related to its readers by Leo Henry in such a fashion that’s drawing to its readers. So, if you want a glimpse of prison, Grey Wolf gives it in Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1, 2, 3, 4 in a way only he can.’ -Good job. - M. Adams 1-lO-O9


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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Leo A Henry: Designer of original book cover. Sadao Dennis: Creation and Production of final book cover. George Frazier III of The Catsfire Enterprise Inc: Editor

The First Season 1997-98





He sits on what now has come to be comfortable, And sleep on what he accepts to be soft. His day is filled with dirt, rocks, and broken glass, A few necessary things to make time fly bye. At the end of his day he bares himself shamelessly. To the lack of privacy, he washes away unending filth. Steel tables and iron chairs support his body and meals, And at best, provide a break in temporary rest. Soiled clothes laundered, thankfully once a week. Daily cleaning and things never get cleansed. Fellow workers reflect those foul attitudes, He would love to scrub their hearts or scour a face. All for the rewards of a concrete couch and a stone bed. To remind him of a confining place‌the efforts of a crime. Written by: Grey Wolf Jan. 1st, 1998 (Leo A. Henry) Dedicated to: All those that failed to second think themselves


IF ROCKS GREW ROOTS, THEY WOULD ALL BECOME MOUNTAINS… …All of the oceans, seas, rivers, and basins would become streams, creeks, and brooks with occasional waterfalls. If rocks had roots, mountains will be everywhere, pushing up and out every place...and all of the deep will become shallow by pebbles becoming boulders and boulders becoming mighty crags. Everywhere the sun would set and rise on peaks that would be even higher the next day. No countryside or open plains... the flatlands will become a historical remembrance. To climb the highest peaks would be a constant challenge, because some mountain just grew another ten feet higher than the highest just climbed. And each day will offer a new viewpoint of things in the distance. Oh! Please don’t forget to carry your oxygen tanks...some of those growing tops will pierce the ozone layers...not to mention the weight added to the earth. Why, the earth would be so big...There would not be enough heat to keep it warm. Like a heater in the living room, while the bedroom freezes. Ice will cover everything and so, things once living will die. Just the thought of rocks with roots...Who would really pick these fruits to eat? Rock eaters? - What a quaking revelation. If I strike another rock I think I’ll panic! Written by: Grey Wolf Nov. 11th, 1997 Dedicated to: The Chain Gang. Always swinging 2


FLOW THROUGH Carried by the breeze of ideas, Driven by the explosive thoughts. Guided by the imagination of reality, Landing on the runway of fantasy.

Destined to arrive at a point.... ... Or the perpetual travel of eternity. Success is a journey directed by the forces pushing forward life’s best.

Getting pass the destruction is to put those negatives behind. Flow through with those positives, Move with a sense of constant accomplishment.

To stop is to fail and die. The truth cannot tell a lie. Written by: Grey Wolf Dec. 5th, 1997 Dedicated to J.B.H.


MATES AND INMATES They see, and yet, they don’t. Not hearing, though all of the time listening. Don’t cross them out ... they are certain to find you in, doubt. Items are flowing, the merchandise follows, no shame in showing... play stupid. You cannot be caught knowing... accountability hurts. Beastly humans...rapacious dealings with their peers, Viciously ripping flesh off the bones of frail bodies The defenseless ones...who suffer and die. Treacherously laying in wait... snares and traps for those naive and ignorant. The scent of blood is strong in their nostrils. Slobbering for the taste of destroyed prey, as it expires between the fangs of painfully piercing punchers, from a predator’s venomous bite. This is the neighbor who borrowed a cup of sugar from you this morning... The six o’clock news most wanted. Written By Grey Wolf (Leo A. Henry) Nov. 18, 1997 Dedicated to: The Hood






SPECIAL PROPERTY Discarded as unfit in various degrees… Re-shuttled after numerous pleas… Begging for mercy on bent knees… Trained to respond by the jailer’s keys The hunger is unsatisfied after you ate… Under pressure not to be late… Disciplinaries, citations are how they rate… Oops! There you go! Out the back gate! Home bound is a mystery without a clue… Seeing your family when visitation’s due… Your progress is according to their view… Those being released are rather few. Nothing you have is really your own… Your love ones pay when you use the phone… Privacy here in never known… Life slips away as your heart turns to stone.

Written by: Grey Wolf (Leo A Henry) April 8th 1999 Dedicated to: “Fountain Views” Dorm 8



WHY DO YOU SAY YOU FORGIVE ME WHEN REALLY DON’T! Who or what is in constant dread of being expose? People will never let you live down what wrongs you have done. They form their opinions about you based on what you did. It does not matter how long ago you may have committed the offense. It’s the view in which they desire to observe you in. Regardless of the amount of changes you have made, and the extent to which those changes may be, there are certain people who will label you with negative historic facts. They choose to remain ignorant of your progresses, and private or public successes, which has replaced your old personality. Although these same people may claim to recognize your chosen positive developments, their deception of truth eventually comes into the light as “lying forgiveness.” Their sincerity at seeing a new you is clouded by the facts of what they have selected to remember about you, which is usually the “old negative person” that they still perceive you to be. Sometimes, more often than none, those people have their minds easily persuaded by poisonous slander, malicious gossip, or just plane old hearsay, as defamatory remarks toward the very person to whom they will say, “You are going to be alright!” It’s at times like these when the person who is being verbally mistreated (abused) by such people, can prove their true challenge of change, by not responding to those hypocrites. The ones who claim, “they accept you for the person you have become, and not the person you were,” are such liars. They do not deserve any attention from the positively changed person, who is, for the most part, far better off than the people who say, “They forgive you and love you.” O’ you enduring positive changed one go on living your life as such, without those other wicked weights, who refuse to see you for real. Written by: Leo Allen Henry (Grey Wolf ) June 20th, 2000 @ 00:30 Dedicated to: Leon McLeod Jr., “Keep evaluating others, you just might wake someone up.” 73

THE COMPANION By B. Riddle and G. Wolf By definition a companion is: a person who accompanies or associates with another, a comrade… “A woodsman went into the forest. He saw a tree and began chopping at the roof of its trunk. Midway of the copping he abruptly stopped and walked away. Leaving the gouged tree standing, dripping sap, exposed to the elements of further decay, wounded and dying. The chunked area may heal… but now there is more pressure on the tree’s trunk remains” Bo Riddle “Everybody ain’t for everyone. One person can’t bear another’s person’s fruit”Bo Riddle People who don’t know themselves fail to assess others who try inching their way into the lives of unsuspecting individuals. To allow closeness of others in your life, awareness of yourself is essential. So who is “ The Companion?” Proverb 18:24 says, “There exist companions disposed to break one another to pieces, but there exist a friend sticking closer than a brother.” And Proverb 17:17 says, “A true companion is loving all the times and is a brother that is born for when there is distress.” The companion isn’t just anyone who wants to be one in your life… the true companion is the one you allow in your life - try Jehovah God as your companion- Proverbs 16:3090318-18:49 HRS @ E.C.F./F.B.P.


The Penitentiary Pity Pot, The Count 1-2-3-4  

The “Penitentiary Pity Pot The Count 1-2-3-4” is a collection of written works derived from verbal, and visual communications. However, an a...

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