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impact of caring for a child with a life-altering illness. But, while it is directed at parents, the principles discussed can apply to anyone caring for or loving a person in this situation. Regardless of where you are in the healing process or what your connection to a child with life-altering illness might be, it is my wish that this book bring you peace, comfort, and hope.

Disclaimer Before you read any further, I need to give a disclaimer. Actually, it is more of a request for leeway. In this book, I will share some of the very raw and very real feelings I have experienced in my years of living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Not everything you will read will be politically correct or even rational – a lot of what I felt, and sometimes still feel, is not rational or politically correct. It is, however, what I feel and how I felt in the moment.

I am certain some of you reading this book know exactly what I am talking about, and will understand — all too well — how I feel and felt. For those who do not quite understand but would like to, I ask that in reading this book you create a safe place for the candid expression of my emotional journey. I hope and pray that through this book you, too, will find a safe place for the expression of your own emotional journey.

I Hate Muscular Dystrophy Loving a Child with a Life Altering Disease  

When her 5-year-old son was first diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, the first question Star Bobatoon asked was “Why Me?” Several ye...

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