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Newsletter March 2015

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Where It All Started - Bahama Fire Table Case Study: Bespoke Fire Table Urban Gardens: Rooftop Feature Compact Spaces: Aztec Fire Table Technology Feature: PF50 Gas Burner Product News: 1m Linear Burner Exhibitions

Welcome Welcome to March edition of the Rivelin Newsletter of 2015. This edition covers one of our bespoke fire tables, designed in partnership with TPA Architects for a private client.

Sales Louise Smith

Given the growing demand for well-designed gardens in tight urban and metropolitan areas, we’ve also highlighted some of the rooftop garden proects we’ve been involved in.

Rob Smith

Rivelin are continually developing and improving our products which has culminated in the European CE-approval of our advanced round and square gas fire burners.

Office +0044 (0) 1709 524162

We’ve also developed the 1m linear gas burner, offering greater flexibility for garden designers and architects. All Rivelin products are made to order, allowing the customer the ability to design the outdoor fire to complement their outdoor space. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, big or small, Rivelin have the skill, craftsmanship and know how to bring your vision to life. We look forward to working with you in 2015, please get in touch with any questions or queries you have.

Contact Details Rivelin (c/o) Prima Industries Ltd Unit2, Chesterton Court, Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham S65 1SJ 3

Where It All Started...

Model Shown:


• • •

Titanium Granite Top RAL 9005 Black Powder-Coated Base Ceramic Glass Pebbles

Launched at RHS Tatton Park in 2012, the Bahama Gas Fire Table was the

first fire designed by Rivelin and was the catalyst for the creation and launch of the Rivelin brand. The Bahama has been installed throughout the UK from apartments in Knightsbridge and overlooking the Royal Albert Hall to restaurants in Buckinghamshire and private residences in Aberdeen, Doncaster and Portsmouth. The Bahama is made from 4 stainless steel panels (4mm thick) and features a 6mm-thick, removeable glass windshield to protect the flame. The fire is also available with a pull-out drawer. Dimensions: 1400mm x 1000mm x 500mm 18kw Natural Gas or LPG Burner (Manual or Remote Ignition) See more

Courtesy of Aralia Gardens 55

Case Study: Bespoke Gas Fire Table - TPA Architects W

orking in partnership with TPA Architects, this fire table was built using SolidWorks 3D design software, before creating technical drawings and generating renders for client approval. The table was constructed from a stainless steel tubular frame and clad in 4mm thick stainless steel plate, which were powder-coated to RAL 9005 black. The table was crowned in a honed Nero Assuluto granite top. This custom gas fire table is powered by a 18Kw LPG gas burner, which was decorated with our unique black diamond ceramic pebbles. To polish off the design and to protect the flame, a 4-piece removeable glass windshield was installed. Dimensions 1800mm (Length) x 1000mm (Width) x 440mm (Height)


Bespoke Gas Fire Table: • • • •

Black Powder Coat RAL 9005 Honed Nero Assoluto Granite Top & sides 18kw LPG Gas Burner Black diamond ceramic



Urban Gardens: Rooftop Features A great number of our clients come from urban and metropolitan

areas, decent-sized gardens are much harder to come by in London and other large cities. When it comes to urban gardens, you’re usually working with tight courtyards, or rooftop gardens. For clients that want a relaxing outdoor space, this can present a bit of a challenge. We’ve worked with a number of architects to provide clients with unique and wonderfully designed rooftops gardens. We’ve installed fires from our standard range and also built custom fires to form the centerpieces of some wonderful gardens. As wondferul as they can be, rooftop gardens however do have their own hurdles to overcome.

Courtesy of Aralia Gardens Once you’ve got a fire that fits your design, you need to take into consideration all manner of technical and logistical variables. We’ve been lucky enough to design fires for some wonderful rooftop gardens, including penthouse suites in Knightbridge, gardens overlooking the Royal Albert Hall and top floor apartments in North London (NW2). This has helped us to build up a wealth of experience working with rooftop and courtyard spaces. If you’re working on a rooftop garden and want to introduce a gas fire table or bowl, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the design and installation process.


Compact Spaces: Aztec Gas Fire Table

Aztec Gas Fire Table: • • •


Corten Powder-Coated Base Wolf Grey Ceramic Top 18kw LPG Gas Burner

At 1020mm (L) x 1020mm (D) x 470mm (H), the Aztec fire was designed to meet a growing demand for compact oudoor features.

The Aztec runs on our 18KW square burner and looks geat with both ceramic (shown left) and granite tops. Given it’s compact dimensons, the Aztec is also perfectly suited for commercial clients who want a wow-factor feature, but not the space to take a full-size table. We’ve installed Aztec fires on tight rooftops in North London (NW2), larger sprawling patios in Essex and also in a well-known national chain of casinos. Click to learn more about the Aztec Gas Fire Table

Aztec Gas Fire Table: • • •

RAL 9005 Powder-Coated Base Dune CeramicTop 18kw NG Gas Burner

Aztec Gas Fire Table: • • •

Corten-Steel Base Star Galaxy GraniteTop 18kw NG Gas Burner


Technology Feature: PF50 18Kw Gas Burner CE-Approved Throughout Europe According to our clients, one of the biggest challenges in finding a suitable

outdoor gas fire in the UK is that there are only a handful of CE-approved burners available. The Rivelin PF50, is one of those rare products. Not only is our PF50 burner one of the most technologically advanced and robust burners available, but all our 18Kw burners are now CE-approved and can be used throughout Europe and other countries where the European standard is accepted. The PF50, gives off 18Kw of heat and sits at the heart of most Rivelin products. The burner is available in both square and round configurations and can be used with either natural gas or LPG.

Stainless Steel The PF50 gas burner is made from stainless

steel and is pre-aerated to facilitate a cleaner more efficient burn which doesn’t produce soot or strong smells. Additionally, each burners is supplied with a trim made from 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel and a 316 stainless steel burner lid to protect it from the elements.

12 12

Product News PF1160 Linear Burner (25Kw) Rivelin have also designed and introduced the PF1160 Linear Burner which is capable of pumping out 25Kw of heat.

The PF1160 Linear Burner will be further approved for use across europe from May 2015.

Design Flexibility The linear burner further increases our design

capability, including using multiple linear burners to create bespoke designs. Giving off 25Kw of heat, this burner out performs all others available on the market and makes available a sleek looking feature, which can produce a staggering amount of heat - perfect for taking the chill out of bright, but cool spring and autumn evenings.

Dubai Gas Fire Table

Oslo Gas Fire Table

Rivelin use the PF1160 in both our elongated tables, the Dubai Fire Table and the Oslo Fire Table (shown right) and custom designs.


Exhibitions Chelsea Flower Show 19-23rd May 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show is recognised worldwide as the highlighting the very best garden designers and each year dramatic and impressive new designed are displayed. Rivelin’s products are made to the highest quality and so that you can view them for yourself, Rivelin will be exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. You can find us at stand FR34 situated in the Fresh area. We will be displaying a number of our poducts including fire tables and fire bowls. If you haven’t yet seen Rivelin products this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. If you’d like to make an appointment to meet with one of our team on the day, please get in touch. We expect it to be a brilliant and enjoyable exhibition and look forward to seeing you there.


Unit 2 Chesterton Court, Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S65 1SJ T: 01709 524162 E:

All images and designs in this publication are the property of Prima Industries Ltd and may not be adapted or reproduced without written permission from Prima Industries Ltd. All details correct at the time of printing, Prima Industries Ltd reserves the right to change product specifications and designs.


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Rivelin Newsletter March 2015  

Rivelin the premium supplier of outdoor gas fires share some of their latest installations in the March 2015.

Rivelin Newsletter March 2015  

Rivelin the premium supplier of outdoor gas fires share some of their latest installations in the March 2015.

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