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Bob Mehr, Pure Integrative Pharmacy Vancouver, BC


JUNE 2014


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y last letter certainly got my phone ringing with many retailers supporting my comments on the unfair competition created by e-commerce sites outside our country, while they also have to compete with standard retail and Canadian online stores. I did not just encourage the debate; rather, I pushed for the idea that those opportunities are also available to them. What are the real reasons not to participate? The lack of knowledge today is not a sufficient answer, as there are so many in the box, turnkey solutions available.The fear of learning something new is the true challenge, while keeping in mind that the whole idea of e-commerce is no longer new. We can always argue that online shopping is for deal seekers and does not fit our model, where we provide the education to our consumers so they make the right decisions… Well, this argument does not hold very much weight, as the knowledge is now widely available. However, your role in demystifying the overload of information is the true opportunity. Please share your opinion on our LinkedIn page.

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“We’re making a very solid foundation and it would be so different from any pharmacy groups that you see in Canada.”









12 INDUSTRY NEWS 20 STAR WATCH By Bonnie Siegler


By Kavita Sabharwal

By Steve Hanson



By Aileen Bennett

By Kavita Sabharwal


By Philip Rouchotas MSC, ND and Heidi Fritz MA,ND


By Leigha Saunders, ND and Philip Rouchotas MSC, ND



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Karma is Moving Forward: An Honest Discussion from Karma’s CEO. I fell in love with the industry in a health food store in Saskatoon. While working a part time job during my university years, I realized that his would set the direction for my life. I studied Herbology, memorized “The Vitamin Herb Guide” and “The Prescription for Natural Healing.” I read everything, took courses, and tried out everything. I changed my University major from teaching to Dietetics. I completed my degree in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan but knew from the start my career path would be set in the natural health industry. I began working in the community teaching nutrition and natural alternatives seminars, then jumped at the opportunity to work on the manufacturing side of the industry. I worked my way up from customer service to become the Director of Marketing. It was a great environment to grow professionally and to learn everything from the raw ingredients that went into the packaging in operations to the building of a brand in sales and marketing. At a small and growing company I had the fantastic opportunity to get involved in every aspect of the business. In 2010 I challenged myself personally and professionally with the decision to start Karma Nutritionals. I recognized that there may be some difficult times and some sacrifice but, I like the ability to give back that comes with business success. I am even more motivated by the desire to create a company where everybody feels they are on a team where the success is shared.

I set out with a fairly typical mission to have a profitable business that would provide opportunities to challenge, to grow and to experience life. I would also be proud to have a part in providing a good life for employees and their families. For me a big kitchen is the symbol of enjoying family and friends with good food. I would like to share my success with the team that helps me achieve this goal so that they may also have their own version of the “big kitchen.”

I am humiliated by how I dealt with some of the situations. I avoided dealing with issues, I feared difficult communication and I did not want to tell customers, vendors, staff the news when it was not what they wanted to hear. I made some bad decisions and I took on way more than I could handle. I didn’t say NO as often as I should have. Now I am proud that I have owned my responsibilities. I had a lot of people give up on me but I have never given up on myself.

In the bigger global picture my heart speaks to a desire to support education for women and children who live without the freedom to learn. Education will allow them to change their life outcome.

Owning your mistakes can be very humbling but also provides a great opportunity to grow. Over the last 18 months we took stock of who we are, where we want to be and how do we get there. It took some time to stop and change our direction and to grow stronger. Now we are nearing in on 4 years, we are no longer overwhelmed by all of the opportunity. We have taken the time to figure out our focus.

I believe that there is a consequence for every action and you need to be clear on your motivation for each decision or action. I believe you have to take action. I believe that you are challenged in life to learn, and if you know where you want to go, you will get there. We set out at Karma to be a distributor with a handful of brands to develop and grow within Canada. We began with all the right intentions and had 8 brands before we even had a warehouse and things got moving pretty quickly. We soon realized we had not created a good structure with policies, procedures and the foundations of a good business plan. We had thought that as we grew we could put these things into place. We were growing so fast however, there seemed like no time to change anything.

Fierce Spirit • Strong Mind • Kind Heart

With all those trials and tribulations of starting a new company behind us it is time to move forward. We are really excited to announce the appointment of David Whalen to Karma Nutritionals Management. David brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry to our team. In honour of the new energy and the welcoming of a new Karma we have updated our logo and our website. Time for a new begining. Join us on our new path.

Jennifer Walker CEO & President


Burlington Health Foods moves to a new location

Mart’s stores, while around 80 per cent of Loblaws’ employees are unionized. Sobeys Inc., which purchased Safeway Canada last year for $5.8 billion, is facing a similar situation. While Safeway is highly unionized, Sobeys is not, causing the UFCW to pursue certification from the chain.

Burlington Health Foods, a family owned and operated health store, is moving to a new location. The store, established in 1970, was Burlington’s first health food store. The new store, located at 3300 Fairview Street in Burlington, is just one street over from its current site, yet better situated next to an athletic business, says Michael Stetson, assistant manager and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. “Our new location will benefit us in several different ways: Our operating costs will be greatly reduced, allowing us to re-invest into other areas of the business,” says Stetson. “The new location is nearly move-in-ready, with offices for our clinic already constructed. As the new location is less than 100 metres away from our current store, our customers will not have to travel far, reducing lost traffic.” The company feels now is the correct time to move in order to change direction for the store and will allow clients to have their needs better met at the new facility. The move includes the integration of a natural health clinic into the business. “We will continue to serve our existing clients who are primarily baby boomers and seniors, however as our business model will change, we expect to serve more young families and professionals seeking specialized care from our clinic,” says Stetson. In addition to the clinic, the store features in-store demonstrations and customer

appreciation days four times a year. It also features a lending library of over 400 health titles and offers free education seminars from local health practitioners. Burlington Health Foods offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements, gluten-free products, homeopathic remedies, personal care products, athletic supplements, bulk organic food and groceries. It is a member of the Health First Network, a Canadian association of independent health food stores that bring top-quality products to consumers at reasonable prices. The Health First Network manufactures its own line of vitamins and supplements at a certified Good Manufacturing Practices-approved facility, a federal government standard for natural health products.

Loblaws faces labour issues in takeover of Shoppers Drug Mart Loblaws Companies Ltd. is facing another issue in its $12.4 billion takeover of Shoppers Drug Mart. Loblaws is heavily unionized, while Shoppers is more relaxed on that front. The United Food and Commercial Workers union, the representative of employees of both retailers, is trying to increase Shoppers Drug Mart’s unionization. In Manitoba, the UFCW’s contract with Loblaws gives the union an automatic right to represent workers at all of the company’s stores, which now include Shoppers Drug Mart’s approximately 40 locations in the province.This could cause raised labour costs at Loblaws. “These are industries we’ve dealt with for a long time and we have a lot of knowledge

about them,” says Barry Sawyer, a UFCW official who oversees growth initiatives for national president Paul Meinema. However, since the Manitoba stores are franchises, Loblaw believes they should not be certified because they are not owned and operated by the grocery giant. “That is a fundamental distinction,” says Loblaws Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Communication Kevin Groh in an email. “If the union’s claim were successful, I believe this could have significant implications for Loblaw,” says labour law specialist Art Tarasuk, who has previously advised retail employers. Some Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Ontario are also resisting joining the union, according to industry sources. A union represents about one per cent of Shoppers Drug

Danone will lower the sugar content of its children’s yogurts in the U.S. Danone, the company behind Activia and Oikos yogurts, is planning to improve the nutritional content of its products by 2016, starting by lowering the sugar content of its children’s yogurts in the U.S. to contain a maximum of 23 grams of sugar per six ounce serving. Currently, only 30 per cent of Danone’s yogurts intended for children meet that standard. The company also hopes to have 75 per cent of its yogurts be low fat or fat free by 2016. This move is part of the Partnership for a Healthier America, created in conjunction with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, working with the private sector to address childhood obesity. Danone plans to invest US$3 million in nutrition education and research as part of the initiative. Target CEO steps down Gregg Steinhafel is stepping down from his role as president, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Target, effective immediately. Steinhafel, a company veteran, has been with the company for 35 years and was appointed CEO in May 2008. Taking over as interim President and CEO is Target’s CFO John Mulligan. Steinhafel will remain on the board in an advisory capacity. The move comes after Target has been unable to completely redeem itself after the December data breach involving as many as 40 million shoppers’ credit card details and the personal data of 70 million customers, including their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. “He held himself personally accountable and pledged that Target would emerge a better company,” says the company in a statement. “We are grateful to him for his tireless leadership and will always consider him a member of the Target family.” After the news, Target shares dropped almost three per cent to $60.05.


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Target introduces Made to Matter program in its U.S. stores Target is highlighting its organic and sustainable product offerings in the United States with its Made to Matter program. The program consists of 17 of the leading natural, organic and sustainable brands well known by customers, hand-picked by the discount chain to come up with new and exciting products. Brands participating in the program include Yes to, Seventh Generation, Clif Bar, Burt’s Bees and Kashi, among others, and will offer more than 120 products in total, such as non-aerosol air freshener and bleach-free baby diapers, ranging in price from $1.99 to $24.99 in the baby, beauty, grocery, health care and household categories. “Our guests are looking for products they can feel good bringing home without sacrificing price and performance,” says Kathee Tesija, Target’s executive vice-president of merchandising. Target says that its sales have increased by 15 per cent in the natural and organic category over the last few years. The products will be exclusive to Target for at least six months with the entire collection available by September, though it is unknown whether they will also be sold at Target stores in Canada.

Organic Meadow celebrates its 25th anniversary Guelph, Ontario-based Organic Meadow, Canada’s oldest organic dairy co-operative, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014. The co-operative started with six farmers in 1989 and has grown to become a leader in the organic dairy category. Organic Meadow farms supply over 80 per cent of all organic milk available in Ontario, and its family farms produce over 20 million litres of milk annually. “For 25 years we’ve done things the right way,” says CEO Don Rees. “It started with building the raw milk supply, then creating an iconic brand and finally taking the leap into manufacturing by building our own plant.” The company built its own 22,000 square foot dairy processing facility in Guelph, Ontario, the first organic dairy plant in Eastern Canada, in 2009. All its milk is sourced locally from its Ontario farms. “To our farmers, the brand is a source of pride,” says Michelle Schmidt, Organic Meadow’s marketing manager. “It represents family tradition that for some has been passed down from generation to generation.”

To celebrate the milestone, Organic Meadow has a schedule of activities that will take place all year, including unveiling its farmer-designed 25th anniversary logo. It will also be publishing a commemorative book of stories about the company and its start, which will be available in August, along with a few limited edition products. The organic brand will also host an anniversary celebration at its Annual General Meeting in Guelph. For more information, please visit Loblaws purchases Arz Fine Foods Loblaws Companies Limited is appealing to guests with an affinity for ethnic food with its purchase of Arz Fine Foods, a Torontobased Middle Eastern grocery store. This follows after Loblaws’ purchase of Asian grocery chain T&T Supermarket in 2009. According to the company, Canada’s Middle Eastern population is about two per cent of its total, and is one of the fastest-growing market segments.

In the purchase, Loblaws acquired a 10,000 square foot store, plus a bakery, food commissary and distribution centre. “This key partnership holds great promise as Canada’s Middle Eastern population and the Canadian taste for Middle Eastern food continues to grow,” says Loblaws President Vicente Trius. “The combination of Arz Fine Foods and Loblaw will follow the same approach used with our T&T business, which introduced ethnic expertise and products into our broader business in a very authentic way.” The FDA approves a wider use of spirulina extract as a natural colouring ingredient The United States’ Food and Drug Administration has approved spirulina extract to be used as a natural blue colouring ingredient in a wide range of foods after approving it to be used in candy and gum last fall. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that occurs in freshwater and marine habitats. The extended approval occurred after a petition from natural colours expert GNT USA allows companies to use spirulina to be used as an approved colour additive (under 21 CFR part 73) in food products such as frostings, ice cream and frozen desserts, dessert coatings and toppings, beverage mixes and powders, yogurts, custards, puddings, cottage cheese, gelatin, breadcrumbs and ready-to-eat cereals says Stefan Hake, chief executive officer of GNT USA. “Many perceive spirulina as a new colouring product. However, because GNT was early to develop this product over 20 years ago, we not only have the required processing technology and production capacity to deliver our high-quality products across the globe, we also have vast technical expertise to make spirulina work in a great number of applications,” he says. The approval of spirulina as a natural colouring agent now completes the entire rainbow of natural colours available for use in food products.


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energy that sustains

2 0 1 3 2 0 1 3 2 0 1 3

• Lower Glycemic Response2 • High in Protein and Fibre01 • Gluten Free • Great Taste3

A leader in low glycemic nutrition |

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Shoppers Drug Mart could soon act as Loblaws order pick-up locations Shoppers Drug Mart locations could soon act as grocery pick-up locations for Loblaws’ online shoppers, according to an industry analyst. In addition, the corporation is channeling England’s grocery operations to see where they can grow, including small street-front formats popular in England, according to Keith Howlett of Desjardins Securities. Although online grocery retailing is not yet popular in Canada, companies are looking to develop it further, including Loblaws and Amazon.While Loblaws is planning a pilot test at two stores to allow online order pick-up for customers, Amazon may extend its Amazon Fresh online grocery store into Canada this year. “The potential application to the LoblawShoppers combination would be in expanding the number of food products carried at Shoppers within the same space allocation, while retaining a good in-stock position,” says Howlett. Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners because they may have been mislabeled, with the packages mistakenly containing Oscar Mayer Classic Cheese Dogs, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. Since the labels are incorrect, they do not include the ingredients used in the pasteurized cheese contained in the cheese dogs. Also, milk is a common allergen and was not stated on the warning label. A consumer discovered the labeling issue and informed the company, who then notified the USDA. Stephen Case joins the leadership team at Strauss Naturals Stephen Case has recently become a managing partner of Strauss Naturals, alongside co-owners Peter Strauss, Peter Field and Michael McAdam. Case is the Director of Sales and Marketing at the company. Case has been the owner and president of Big Picture Sales & Marketing for over 13 years, and provides product formulation, sales, marketing and agent services for marketers, manufacturers and distributors.

The CHFA welcomes three new members to its Board of Directors The Canadian Health Food Association has elected three new members to its Board of Directors. Robert Assaf is a retailer member of the CHFA and has over 20 years of experience in many roles in the natural health products industry, including retail employee, single store owner/operator and President of a growing chain of retail stores. Robert learned how to run a successful retail chain business with no formal training, achieving seven-figure revenues and instituting lucrative regional expansion through vendor and client relations and radical business restructuring solutions. Richard Pollock has spent 15 years in the natural products industry, and firmly believes that the industry and its secured future is the key to all Canadians’ health and well being. Richard has contributed to the CHFA’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and Government Relations Committee. After pursuing careers in various industries, Richard joined Marathon Natural Foods, a natural product distributor in Western Canada. Following that, he co-founded Vitascorb Supplements, a distributor and brand-builder, which went on to build the number one selling vitamin C supplement in the natural channel. Richard is currently on a number of executive teams and Boards of Directors for various natural health product companies. Don Smith started in the natural foods industry in the 1970s, and in 1975, helped to form the East End Food Co-op in Vancouver. From there, Don stared his own natural food store in 1976 called Foodsmiths, which became a member of the CHFA in the 1990s. He continues to run Foodsmiths with his wife. Don was a co-founding member of Health First Network (formerly known as United Health Merchants), acting as a board member for five years, including time spent as Board Chair and CEO. Don continues to act as an advisor to the Network if necessary. According to Don, the responsibilities of Board members include overseeing the governance and running of the association, as well as strategy and direction the association takes. Don became a board member after a nomination process including a committee that sifts through interested parties to make recommendations for new Board members. Board members are then chosen through a vote. Don believes his past experience will help him in his new role. “It certainly gives a good perspective from a retailer standpoint and it’s always a good position being at the ground to give that perspective. And I have previous board experience so I think that contributed to my nomination and recommendation here,” he says. As a board member, Don felt he has a better perspective on the industry, plus he describes himself as stimulated by looking at the big picture. The ability to network with others in the industry is a big draw for him. Don also notes that he is passionate about the industry and would like to help to continue to strengthen it. “We’re always excited to have new board members. They’re good representatives and I’m looking forward to working with them this year,” says Helen Long, CHFA president.

Case plans on revamping the company’s marketing strategy to correct past mistakes. “In recent years TV commercials and event sponsorship, while gaining recognition among the public at large did not successfully drive enough new consumers into health food stores,” he says. “Because heart disease is not only the number one killer of men; it is also the number one killer of women, we will be redesigning our packaging and advertising to focus more on women. Our new strategy will also combine retail and consumer education efforts with industry ads as well as partnered co-op advertising with our grassroots retailers.” Case is also interested in making changes

to the environments where Strauss products will be available in the future.“We are focusing on individually owned and small and medium chain health food accounts and moving out of grocery and mass accounts. There will be product, label and branding updates, revised formulas and exciting new products,” he says. Case, who has been with the company for six months, is passionate about herbs and strong herbal formulas that are effective in dealing with primary health conditions. “I am pleased to be a partner with Peter Strauss, Peter Field and Michael McAdam. Strauss has a strong brand name and is a company with heart!” he says.


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These celebrities are at the forefront of the newest health trends BY BONNIE SIEGLER

>TERI HATCHER “I like to eat raw chia seeds every day because they are full of good natural vitamins and minerals, including calcium. I sprinkle them on yogurt or put them in smoothies. It adds a bit of a nutty flavor to the smoothies.”

>NANCY O’DELL “My biggest anti-aging secret is to exfoliate my skin. I make sure I do a scrub every night or morning on my face and every other day on my body. And the scrub doesn’t need to be crazy expensive. I even make my own homemade sugar scrub sometimes and I love it. Sugar makes for an awesome exfoliant and I add other ingredients which are good for the skin such as almond or coconut oil and Vitamin E oil.”



Lotus Aroma Face and Hands Exfoliating Cream uses bamboo fiber and rosehip seeds to remove dead skin cells and skin imperfections while soothing with jojoba and essential oils. The 99.5 per cent natural formula leaves skin hydrated and radiant. (50mL, $15.50)

Using Webber Naturals Organic ChiaNutra 100% Pure Chia Seeds is an easy way to supplement the diet with a gluten-free source of plant-based omega-3, protein, fibre and minerals. Chia can help reduce food cravings, improve glycemic response and enhance regularity. (300g, $16.99)


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Bakes and Tastes Like Sugar Without Sugar! One-to-One Sugar Replacement

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NOW Sweet Substitute™ allows you to sweeten your favourite foods, recipes and beverages just like sugar, but without all the calories. Just use an equal amount of Sweet Substitute™ to substitute for regular sugar. Sweet Substitute™ is safe for diabetics and ideal for those on calorie and sugar-reduced diets with ONLY 6 calories per teaspoon. Ingredients: Erythritol, Organic Inulin, Rice Maltodextrin, Guar Gum, BetterStevia™ (Organic Stevia Extract). Available only to fine health food retailers across Canada. A trusted, family owned company for more than 45 years.

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Enjoy all the SWEETness of bitter-less Stevia with NOTHING to feel guilty about when it comes to calories. That’s right, sweetness with zero-calories. Call it “sweet nothings”. With Euromonitor forecasting an annual growth rate of 23% for Stevia up to the year 2016, the future is bright for your stevia section. Plus demand for all alternative sweeteners will rise as the prevalence of diabetes and continued low-calorie sweetener solutions are sought out for weight control. Rely on NOW Foods to be your partner for building your alternative sweetener section. NOW Foods provides the largest selection of stevia products for your consumers including organic and flavoured liquid extract products. From the quick convenience of single-serve packets to bulk stevia for baking, we can fulfill your customer’s zero-calorie, healthy lifestyle needs with just the right product. Delicious, Clean, Sweet Taste No Bitter After-taste Zero Calorie Sweetener Regular and Certified Organic All Natural, Gluten Free Versatile – Available in Liquid, Packets, Tablets, and Bulk powder for baking


WN3012 TREEHOUSE™ VITAMIN C GUMMIES125 MG | 60 GUMMIES Made especially for kids aged 4 to 8, each delicious Franklin-shaped gummy contains 125 mg of Vitamin C. Instead of gelatin, they’re in a natural fruit pectin base and sweetened with evaporated cane juice and organic tapioca syrup — not high fructose corn syrup! They are also free from artificial colours, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, gluten, wheat, nuts, and dairy.

STRAUSS HEARTDROPS Strauss Heartdrops help maintain cardiovascular health, reduce blood lipids like cholesterol and support healthy circulation. •17th Century traditional family formula • Scientific Validation from 3 Studies • Over 2000 personal testimonials • Health Canada Approved NPN 80030089 • Proprietary process method • Complete with unfiltered Bioactives.

WN3241 FEMMECALM™ MENOPAUSE FORMULA | 90 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES Menopause Formula addresses the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, nervousness, and mood changes. Menopause Formula also helps promote a restful sleep.

WN3011 TREEHOUSE™ MULTIVITAMIN/ MINERAL GUMMIES 60 GUMMIES Each Max and Ruby–shaped gummy provides a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including key nutrients calcium, magnesium, and iodine.They’re made with natural fruit pectin, evaporated cane juice, and organic tapioca syrup — not high fructose corn syrup! They are also free from artificial colours, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, gluten, wheat, nuts, and dairy.

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2014-05-21 2:48 PM

FEMMECALM™ THYROID FORMULA | 100 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES Thyroid Formula supports healthy thyroid function. It delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, and standardized botanical extracts known to help balance thyroid hormones and reduce susceptibility to hypothyroidism, thus promoting healthy metabolism.

WN3012 TREEHOUSE™ OMEGA 3 GUMMIES 60 GUMMIES Providing 18 mg DHA and 5 mg EPA, each yummy gummy is sweetened with evaporated cane juice and organic tapioca syrup — not high fructose corn syrup! Kids will love our three delicious, natural fruit flavours: Green Apple, Orange Peach, and Strawberry Banana. These gummies are free from artificial colours, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, gluten, wheat, nuts, and dairy.

WN3243 FEMMECALM™ OSTEO FORMULA | 90 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES Osteo Formula provides nutritional support for bones and joints. It contains a balanced formula of vitamins, minerals, and key botanical extracts that help promote bone mineralization and reduce joint inflammation.

INTRODUCING PURICA® MENOPAUSE RELIEF The power of mushrooms and synergistic herbs brings unmatched relief for symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

Fill out the form below clearly and completely, and fax to 1-888-849-0155 or 416-703-6392 for more details Name: Phone: Store: Fax: Address: Email: City: Province: Postal Code:


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We combined simple, clean, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO ingredients with Sprouted seeds, grains and beans. The result is a whole family of yummy Way Better Snacks.

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Cowan’s Country Store

Atlantis Nutrition Inc.

Organic Garage

Nature’s Source

Kitchener, ON

Oakville and Thornhill, ON

Greater Toronto Area, ON

STORE SIZE: 2,200 sq. ft.

STORE SIZE: 1,200 sq. ft.

STORE SIZE: 13,000 sq. ft.

STORE SIZE:1,500 to 2,300 sq. ft.





INCOME: $55,000+

INCOME: $40,000 to $50,000+


INCOME: $100,000+

Coconut Oil, Nutiva, 444mL

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, Bell Plantation, 30 servings

Granola Bars, Enjoy Life Foods, 141g

Ground spices, Organic Traditions, assorted

Cookies & Cream Protein Bars, Quest Nutrition, 60g

Almond Fresh, Earth’s Own, 1.89L

Cookies & Cream Protein Bars, Quest Nutrition, 60g

High N-R-G All Natural Protein Bars, Daryl’s, 85g

Organic Peanut Butter, Nuts to You, 500g

ProteinPlus Vanilla Yogurt bar, PowerBar, 60g

Chill Pills, New Roots, 60 caps

Bacopa, Himalaya, 60 caps

Ground Cinnamon, Simply Organic, 2.45oz

LiverCare, Himalaya, 180 caps

Aged Garlic Original Formula, Kyolic, 100 caps

Triphala, Himalaya, 60 caps

Curcumin, Organika, 120 caps


Listowel, ON



Chia, Salba, 300g Pure Large Flake Rolled Oats, Hilray, 1lb



Curry Spice, Clef Des Champs, 35g Ground Turmeric, Arayuma, 30g

Olive Leaf Liquid Phytocaps, Botanica, 60 caps Moringa,TOP Nutritionals, 90 caps



Everyone Face line, EO, assorted


Shampoo and Conditioner, Jason, 473mL

Assorted products, Pacifica, assorted

Dead Sea Mineral Soaps, One With Nature, 200g


Frosty Mint toothpaste, Green Beaver, 75mL

Assorted products, Suki, assorted

Stellar Gaze Supernova Mascara, Pacifica, 0.3oz


Liquid Soap, Dr. Bronners, 16oz

Assorted products, Andalou Naturals, assorted

Women’s Shake Vanilla, Orange Naturals, 500g

Diesel Protein Isolate, Perfect Nutrition, 5lb

Classic Protein, Sunwarrior, 17.6oz

Protein Smoothie Bodacious Berry,Vega, 256g

Spirulina, Organika, 300g

Adipolitik, ATP, 120 caps

Sport Energy Bars,Vega, 50g

Precision All-Natural series, Body Plus, 908g

Garcinia Cambogia, Genesis Today, 60 caps

Aminocore, AllMax Nutrition, 44 servings

Hemp Protein, Manitoba Harvest, 454g

Magnesium Citrate Powder Raspberry Lemon, Natural Calm, 8oz

Multi Max Immune, New Roots, 240 caps

Spirulina Powder, Organika, 454g

Multivitamins, Platinum Naturals, assorted

Genessentials Greens, Genesis Today, 400g

Multi Vitamin, New Roots, 180 caps

Vitamin D3 1,000IU, Natural Factors, 180 tablets

Multivitamins, New Chapter, assorted

Joint Pain Relief, New Roots, 60 caps

Omega 3, ATP, 30 servings

A+ Oil of Oregano, Joy of the Mountains, 30mL

Floravit, Flora, 250mL

Coconut Water Original,Vita Coco, 300mL

Adipolitik, ATP, 120 caps

Almond Breeze, Blue Diamond, 946mL

Almased, 500g

Omega Swirls, Barleans, 500mL

Omega 3, ATP, 30 servings

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Naked Coconuts, 908mL

Humio Humidifiers,Tribest

Xylitol, Xyla, 2lb

T-Andro, ATP, 120 caps

Gluten-free Pasta, RP’s Pasta, 9oz

Greens+ Whole Body Nutrition, Genuine Health, 517g







Greens+ Whole Body Nutrition, Genuine Health, 517g


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Alcona Beach Health Shoppe

Nature’s Emporium

Rainbow Foods

Newmarket and Vaughan, ON

Ottawa, ON

Innisfil, ON

Pomme Natural Market

The Healthy Bug

La Moisson

Halifax, NS

Ste.Therese, QC

Port Coquitlam, BC STORE SIZE:1,000 to 7,000 sq. ft. DEMOGRAPHICS: 25-70+

STORE SIZE: 16,000 sq. ft.

STORE SIZE: 1,800 sq. ft.

STORE SIZE: 16,500 sq. ft.


STORE SIZE: 50,000 and 20,000 sq. ft. DEMOGRAPHICS: 25-65





INCOME: $50,000 to $100,000

INCOME: $40,000 to $80,000


INCOME: $30,000 to $70,000


Coconut Oil, Artisana, 16oz

Almond Breeze, Blue Diamond, 946mL

85% Chocolate Bar, Green & Black, 100g

Coconut Oil, Nutiva, 1.6kg

Whole Chia Seeds, NOW Foods, 500g

Almond Breeze, Blue Diamond, 946mL

Liquid Honey, Dickey Bee Honey, assorted

Coconut Water, Vita Coco, 1L

Vegetarian Baked Beans, Amy’s Organic, 398mL

Organic Local Ground Beef, 500g

EcoPak Cereal, Nature’s Path, assorted

All Purpose Flour, Namaste, 1.36kg

Cereal, Nature’s Path, assorted

Raw Organic Almond Butter, Nuts to You, 500g

Superfood, Organic Tradition, assorted

Garcinia Cambogia, Herbal Slim, 60 caps

Holy Basil, New Chapter, 120 caps

Garcinia Cambogia, Himalaya, 60 caps

Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Genesis Today, 60 caps

Garcinia Cambogia, Genesis Today, 60 caps

Nettle, Clef des Champs, 40g

Green Coffee Bean, Herbal Slim, 60 caps

Ashwagandha, Himalaya, 60 caps

Reishi Mushroom, Host Defense, 30 caps

Chill Pills, New Roots, 60 caps

Herbal D-Tox, Wild Rose, assorted

Milk Thistle, Clef des Champs, 50mL

Oregano Oil, New Roots, 15mL

Active Green Tea, AOR, 90 caps

Maca Powder, Navitas, 454g

Wild Oregano C93, New Roots, 15mL

Bacopa, AOR, 60 caps

EchinaForce, A.Vogel, assorted

Firming Moisturizer with DMAE, Derma e, 56g

Pink Grapefruit Deoderant, Penny Lane, 120g

Assorted Bar Soap, Soap Works, 110g

Feminine hygiene products, Natracar, assorted

Skin Gel, Nature’s Aid, 500mL

Skin Care, Zorah, assorted

Skin Gel, Nature’s Aid, 125mL

Toothpaste, Kiss My Face, 96g

Glycolic Acid Serum,Viva, 15mL

Frosty Mint Toothpaste, Green Beaver, 75mL

Frosty Mint Toothpaste, Green Beaver, 75mL

Powersmile Toothpaste, Jason, 170g

Natural Hair Spray, Botanical Therapeutic, 120mL

Shampoo, Oneka, 500mL

Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Derma e, 236mL

Hydra Shampoo, Curelle, 500mL

Coconut Oil, Now, 207mL

Pure Natural Soap Bars, Soapworks, 110g

Maca Energy, Brad Kings, 120 caps

Performance Protein,Vega Sport, 818g

Nutritional Shake,Vega One, 862g

All-in-One Nutritional Shake, Vega One, 827g

Greens+ Extra Energy, Genuine Health, 409g

Raw Meal, Garden of Life, 1kg

Arnold Iron Cre3, MusclePharm, 126g

New Zealand Whey Protein, Ergogenics, 2lb

100% Organic Whey Protein Vanilla, Progressive, 320g

Protein Bars, Vega, 12 bars

High Alpha Vanilla Whey Protein, Brad King, 840g

STORE SIZE: 975 sq. ft.

Organic Almond Butter, Nuts to You, 500g

Organic Free Range Eggs, Maple Hill Farms, one dozen Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg, 946mL

Vega One,Vega, assorted

Pro Blend Raw Protein Vanilla, Sunwarrior, 2.2lb

Greens+ Whole Body Nutrition, Genuine Health, 517g

Isoflex Chocolate, Allmax, 2lb

Organic Hemp Protein, Prairie Naturals, 400g

Raw Meal, Garden of Life, 1.16kg

Preferred Estrosense, 120 caps

Probiotic, Ultimate Flora, 60 caps

Fish Oil, Carlson, 200mL

Women Over-40, MegaFood, 90 tabs

Garcinia Cambogia, Genesis Today, 60 caps

Probiotic, Natural Factors, assorted

Platinum Active X Women, 60 caps

D3 1,000IU, Carlson, 100 softgels

Ultimate Flora, Renew Life, 30 caps

Floradix, Salus, 50mL

NutraSea Fish Oil, Ascenta, 500mL

Omega-3, assorted

Nutri Multi for Women, Naka, 900mL

Krill Oil, Nature’s Way, 60 caps

B-12 1,000mg, Natural Factors, 90 tabs

Vitamin D3 1000IU, Prairie Naturals, 500 softgels

Ultimate Multi Probiotics, Natural Factors, 60 caps

Ester-C, Sisu, assorted

Omega-3,Tristar, 120 caps

1000 Roses Skin Care line, Andalou Naturals, assorted

Pockets,Tofurky, 225g

Multi-Grain & Seed Chips and Crackers, Luke’s Organic, assorted

Mint Galactica Ice Cream, Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss, 473mL

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Hyalogic, 30mL

Co-Q10,Tristar, 120 softgels

Garcinia Cambogia, Himalaya, 60 caps

Whole Earth & Sea Multivitamin, Natural Factors, 60 caps

Omegalicious Fish Oils, Botanica, 450mL

Gluten Free Orange Chocolate Biscotti,Tutti Gourmet, 180g

Raw Meal, Garden of Life, 1kg

B100,Tristar, 60 caps

Popcorn, Skinny Pop, 125g

Asian Bean Pastas, Explore, 200g

Gluten Free Rice Ramen with Miso Soup, Lotus Foods, 80g

Cherry Lozenges, Herbon Original, assorted

Gluten Free Ale, Glutenberg, 6 x 341mL

Vanilla Whey Powder, New Zealand, 910g


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2014-05-21 4:46 PM




FOCUS Pure Integrative Pharmacy recommends both traditional and complimentary medicine to give every patient the personalized treatment they deserve.

t the age of eight, Bob Mehr’s childhood aspiration was to be a pharmacist, established by watching his friendly neighbourhood apothecary mix ingredients to cure ailments, igniting Mehr’s curiosity in the process. “He was regarded as the guardian of health because he would be able to answer any questions you had and he would always have something to give us,” says Mehr. “I was intrigued by the whole idea of putting something together and giving it to patients for them to feel better. I knew I wanted to be just like him.” Mehr received his pharmacy degree from the University of British Columbia, where he also conducted research with the Dean of Faculty. This is where his interest in natural health grew as he experimented with natural products and the positive effects they had on serious health issues. After opening his first pharmacy alongside his wife in 1999, Mehr’s company began growing at a rapid rate, which is when he decided to make a change. “I realized that they were mainstream drugstores and were not fulfilling my pharmacies as being a destination, as being the place of health and wellbeing. I was limited in what I could do.That’s when we decided that it was time to brand ourselves and create something fresh and new in the market. That’s how Pure Integrative Pharmacy was born.”


030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 30

2014-05-21 2:49 PM

030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 31

2014-05-21 12:27 PM


“When you leave, you want to leave with the feeling that you’ve left a legacy behind you, that you’ve helped people. It’s that sense of fulfillment that I’ve done something right today.”

SETTING DOWN ROOTS Mehr has opened new locations every few years across Greater Vancouver and Victoria to achieve a current total of 12 stores and about 120 employees. His goal is to eventually move Pure Integrative Pharmacy across the rest of British Columbia and into Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, achieving at least 100 stores in the next five years. His plan to achieve this objective includes using a strong team with an expertise in operation to create the company’s program for expansion. Mehr also notes that a strong financial group that believes in his philosophy and business model is sponsoring his upcoming plans. “We’re making a very solid foundation and it would be so different from any pharmacy groups that you see in Canada,” says Mehr. “Opening [new pharmacies] will probably be 10 per cent of it; the rest will be acquisitions. We have locations already dotted out on a map and we’ve already targeted which pharmacies we’ll go after.” Currently, each location stocks about 90 per cent of its merchandise, while a warehouse reserves the remaining 10 per cent. With the addition of the new stores, however, Mehr intends to open warehouses in each region to hold the overstock. “We’ll definitely have a distribution centre for certain products,


030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 32

2014-05-21 2:49 PM

especially for our own products. One of our plans is to create more of our brands of our products, our house brand and private label products,” says Mehr. When choosing locations, Mehr prefers to go where he believes patrons are more interested in taking care of their health, and his target demographic, 40 to 60 years old, fits that bill. “They’re the baby boomers and the new baby boomers. They have a good income, their degree and level of education is high and they’re much more in tune of looking after their health. That’s the demographic that we are trying to attract,” he says. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION After witnessing a patient pass away in front of him due to an incorrect diagnosis from his traditional doctor, Mehr realized that it is of the utmost importance that patients are educated about their health. “He could have saved himself if he was knowledgeable on some basics as simple as knowing the symptoms of a heart attack, or early signs of a stroke. I think as a practitioner or a pharmacist, one of our primary goals should be to educate and empower our patients,” says Mehr. Mehr advocates combining traditional therapies with complimentary

healing techniques such as yoga, meditation, socialization, laughter, nutrition and exercise. “When they combine both conventional therapies along with complimentary body-mind connection, they seem to do much better. Not only will their therapy start working better, their whole morale and change of mind is impressive. All of a sudden, they’re inspired to find what’s best for them.” Mehr is not only partial toward alternative therapies; he knows when a patient would best benefit from conventional medication and wants to help direct the patient in the right direction. In addition to recommending next steps for patients, Pure Pharmacy conducts monthly seminars at most locations to educate customers about their health. Store patrons are not the only ones receiving an education just by walking through the doors of Pure Pharmacy; Mehr also firmly believes in educating his employees. “We send them to courses and seminars that we believe they can benefit from. We train them in-house with their peers. We send them to continuing education courses and we ask our suppliers to send their experts to the stores to train each individual,” says Mehr. “That requires investment.That requires commitment from management and from staff. That is where the competition can’t touch us.”


030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 33


2014-05-21 12:27 PM


“I think as a practitioner or a pharmacist, one of our primary goals should be to educate and empower our patients.”

SPREADING THE WORD When Pure Integrative Pharmacy launched, it took part in radio and television advertisements to get the word out. Nowadays, the company’s marketing plan relies entirely on its website, social media presence and word of mouth. For its upcoming expansion, however, Mehr has an as-yet-undisclosed marketing plan in place. Competing in the current marketplace is not always easy, even during Mehr’s best-selling season from September to November, though the company compensates for that by fine-tuning its upcoming e-commerce site, which is currently in the testing process. In addition, Pure Pharmacy relies on networking with healthcare practitioners on a regular basis.“When we see they’re going to certain seminars and training, we also attend and that’s how we network with them,” says Mehr. “If we get a patient who is getting good results from what we’re doing, that patient usually asks if they can share it with their practitioner and that’s how the practitioner finds out about us.” While Mehr relies on the expertise of natural health advisors and managers in his employ to select the products Pure Pharmacy sells, he notes that his experience at shows and events have given suppliers a chance to approach him, which also leads to the ability to offer good quality products.

030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 34

Mehr believes his ‘culture of care’ sets his company apart and is the best marketing approach he could employ. “You can duplicate the products, you can duplicate the design, the colour and the name, yet you cannot duplicate the culture. The culture is very unique, in my opinion,” he says. “[We compete] by participation and by having your staff, your customers, your suppliers and your network of professionals connected with each other and having them engaged. Constant communication is key.” LOVE OF THE JOB Mehr loves what he does, and gives back by holding clinical volunteer consultations for cancer patients at Inspire Health Integrative Cancer Care in Vancouver. “It’s an amazing not-for-profit and the government has actually recognized and funded them for the last two or three years. It basically helps to inspire the patient and find out what is right for them along with their conventional cancer therapy,” he says. Though Mehr is satisfied with his work, it comes with its own challenges, such as his transition into the Pure Integrative Pharmacy business model. “Moving from being a traditional drug store to becoming an integrative pharmacy, especially moving from well-known national brands

2014-05-21 2:49 PM

to your own brand, that was my biggest challenge. There were also many obstacles, like how to change the mindset of my pharmacists and my staff to go from a service-oriented drugstore into a care centre and pharmacy.There’s a huge difference there,” he says. “I had to make sure every single person working in our organization is knowledgeable in the area of natural medicine and the pharmacists that we’ve chosen to be on our team also need to be openminded toward complimentary and natural medicine.” Challenges aside, Mehr describes his favourite part of the job being that he can sleep at night knowing that he contributed something beneficial to society. “When you leave, you want to leave with the feeling that you’ve left a legacy behind you, that you’ve helped people. It’s that sense of fulfillment that I’ve done something right today. I’ve helped somebody today. That’s the best part of owning my own business. Every day there’s a new reward.” It’s that legacy of satisfied customers that ensures Mehr and Pure Integrative Pharmacy will continue to compliment patients’ health for years to come.

030-035.IHR_CoverStory.indd 35

At a Glance Name: Pure Integrative Pharmacy Owner: Bob Mehr Locations: Locations across Greater Vancouver and Victoria Website: Store sizes: 1,400 – 4,000 square feet Staff: 120 Top Selling Products Vitamins and Supplements: NutraSea Omega-3 Fish Oils, AOR Curcumin Active, Platinum Nutri-Joint Relev-X, InnoviteHealth Co Q10, Renew Life Digestion Health, Natural Calm Magnesium Personal Care products: Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, Weleda Baby Calendula, Sea Buckthorn Shampoo, Kiss My Face Shaving Cream, Phillip Adam Shampoo Miscellaneous: Heel Traumeel, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Ener-C, Heel Detox Kit, Boiron Camilia, Wholly Noggin Nutrition Bars

2014-05-21 12:28 PM



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The new


BATTLE While Canadians look to lower their sugar intake, we give you the lowdown on the newest sweetener options available. BY STEVE HANSON


ne of the dominant North American trends is the desire for consumers to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets. High sugar intake has been associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. According to the Canadian Sugar Institute, Canadians consume approximately 110 grams of sugar daily from both natural and added sources. In contrast, American consumers eat 133 grams per day. When analyzing sugar consumption data for Canada over the past three decades, consumption has remained flat to declining. According to a recent report issued by Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research, the market for sugar substitutes or intense sweeteners that include artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose along with natural options such as stevia will continue to grow. This report estimated the 2013 global market for intense sweeteners utilized as food and beverage additives at US$1.27 billion, a 2.8 per cent increase compared to 2012 figures. By 2017, global market value is expected to increase to approximately US$1.4 billion, a rise of 9.7 per cent over 2013 figures. Over the past few years, media attention for sugar and its potential impact on health along with the debate over artificial sweeteners has prompted consumers to evaluate options and reduce intake.


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2014-05-22 12:08 PM


SWEETENERS WITH HEALTH BENEFITS? Sweeteners are facing an uphill battle. Over the course of time, products high in sugar have not been marketed for their health benefits. Soft drinks and candy have always sold well regardless of whether or not any health benefits were present. However, given a greater emphasis on healthy eating, organizations and consumers are questioning ingredients utilized in the food supply. Consumers want good taste along with good health.This philosophy is changing how people view sweeteners. It means that new, natural sweetener manufacturers are conducting scientific research to support potential health benefits. An example to consider is cocoa from chocolate. Dark chocolate has witnessed a boost in both sales and its perception based on its health benefits. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, which are powerful antioxidants known to offer health benefits for heart health and diabetes. In order for new sweeteners to succeed, they are going to have to address their impact on health and demonstrate potential benefits. NATURAL SWEETENER UP-AND-COMERS Natural, plant-derived alternatives to regular sugar include honey, molasses, agave and maple syrup. However, these options have limitations and are also high in calories. Four natural sweeteners that have received the most attention include stevia, monk fruit, date sugar and xylitol. Stevia is a low-calorie natural sweetener made from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevia contains a number of compounds called glycosides that contribute to its sweet taste.The glycoside most commonly utilized from stevia is rebaudoside A (Reb A), though others have been identified and are being studied. Each of the glycosides has

a specific profile that may contribute a differing degree of sweetness or taste profile. While only a few years ago it was mostly found in health food stores, stevia has witnessed its inclusion in a number of major consumer brands as the primary sweetener. Studies have demonstrated that stevia may help regulate blood sugar by increasing glucose tolerance and inhibiting glucose absorption. Date sugar is made from dried dates, which are naturally very sweet. Though dates are high in calories, they are also virtually fatfree while containing fibre and protein, so date sugar can be used as a healthier alternative to brown sugar. However, using date sugar has its limitations. It will not dissolve in liquid, so it should not be used to add sweetness to drinks, and does not melt in the way granulated sugar does, so care should be taken when consumers choose to substitute date sugar for granulated. Xylitol is a non-fermentable sugar alcohol that is found in low concentrations in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables.This sweetener is often used in chewing gum and lozenges to add sweetness while keeping the product in the low-calorie range. Studies have shown that xylitol has a beneficial effect on dental health while containing 33 per cent fewer calories than sucrose, yet offering a comparable sweetness. It also does not affect insulin levels of people that suffer from diabetes. It is found to have little to no side effects in human consumption, compared to other sweetener alternatives. Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, is also receiving significant attention. Cultivated in regions of China and Thailand, monk fruit looks like a melon, though it is in the gourd family. It contains a

Dried dates



036-39.IHR_Sweetners.indd 38

2014-05-21 12:32 PM

compound called magroside that can be 200 to 500 times sweeter than sugar. Monk fruit sweeteners offer great taste and are natural, zero-calorie, high-intensity sweeteners. Awareness of monk fruit is growing and products containing it are now starting to hit store shelves.There are a number of traditional health benefits associated with the consumption of monk fruit in China that include overall well being and longevity. THE REGULATORY FRONT FOR SWEETENERS With heightened consumer interest and need for greater transparency in packaged foods, ingredients with a negative impact on health are under greater scrutiny. In animal studies, it was demonstrated that artificial sweeteners may increase insulin response and contribute to obesity. However, these same results have not been confirmed in humans. Regardless, negative consumer perceptions surround artificial sweeteners and consumer demand is shifting towards natural alternatives. Furthermore, the link between high sugar consumption and its negative health impact may soon prove overwhelming. As a result, more stringent regulations for food and beverages that are high in sugar are likely. Health Canada has published a List of Permitted Sweeteners on its web site. The List includes both artificial and natural sweeteners allowed for use based on specified guidelines. In general, Health Canada has been progressive for the inclusion of new sweeteners based on an established safety assessment. In December 2013, monk fruit was allowed use as a tabletop sweetener and is now included on the List. FUNCTIONAL SWEETENERS TO DRIVE GROWTH Consumers are no longer interested in sweeteners that only offer

sweetness. New alternatives will need to be safe, along with offering new advantages such as calorie reduction or providing specific health benefits.The category will remain dynamic as the media will closely follow it and new, plant-derived sweetener options will continue to be introduced. These sweeteners will be evaluated both on their level of sweetness and for their health benefits with supporting science.

Three trends for sweeteners Consumers are looking for ways to reduce sugar intake – Canadians are looking for ways decrease sugar consumption. This includes cutting out soft drinks/beverages and foods high in sugar. Artificial sweeteners are out; natural, plant-derived sweeteners are in – Consumers have become more apprehensive in consuming artificial sweeteners prompting a shift towards alternative natural sweeteners. A number of natural sweetener ingredients have been introduced in the past several years that offer plant-derived alternatives to synthetic sweeteners. Reduction of calories – It’s about reducing calorie intake. New, natural sweeteners such as stevia have significantly fewer calories. Consumers want natural options without the calories.

Monk fruit

Xylitol grains


036-39.IHR_Sweetners.indd 39


2014-05-21 12:33 PM

Power Mushrooms Get Nature on your side...

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We revisit four companies that have adapted to constantly changing business environments and still manage to stay at the top of their category. BY KAVITA SABHARWAL


ew developments in the natural health products industry are affecting business environments across the board. However, some companies find a way to make it work throughout the difficulties that plague other brands by making changes to their business plans such as employing new marketing strategies and advancing product development. Here are four companies that we have covered before that have managed to stay a step ahead.


040-045.IHR_Company.indd 43


2014-05-21 1:12 PM


BOIRON CANADA Boiron is a French-based global company that specializes in homeopathic medicines. Founded by twin pharmacist brothers Jean and Henri Boiron in 1932, the company has grown to include over 4,000 employees across 23 foreign subsidiaries, operate five production facilities and distribute products in over 100 countries. The Canadian division, Boiron Canada, was established in 1988 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, and has kept to the vision the company has followed since its inception. “Since 1932, Boiron has remained an independent, family-based pharmaceutical laboratory. Collectively, our people are dedicated to a public health mission through the development of homeopathic medicines around the world,” says Julie McMillan, senior marketing coordinator. “For 80 years, we have mastered the manufacturing of very high dilutions to provide high quality products to healthcare professionals and consumers alike.” According to McMillan, Janick Boudazin, who became the CEO of Boiron Canada in November 2013, will maintain the Canadian team, including its sales force, marketing team and production facilities, so they can continue to offer the same products and services as before. The Canadian team can also benefit from synergy with the U.S. team under Boudazin’s leadership as they share expertise and knowledge. Even with the addition of the new CEO, Canada will not lose autonomy in terms of how it fits in the marketplace. “We have the same sales and marketing team as before, we know our clients and our market and will continue to propose high-quality and effective solutions for self-medication that meet the Canadian consumers’ needs,” says McMillan. The new economy has not thrown the company for a loop – rather, it has adjusted its strategy to suit the new economy. “Boiron has adapted our management to succeed in this new economy, which gives us better control over our operating fees. For example, we adjust our price list and modify our shipping policies. We also rationalize our medicines’ portfolios and harmonize format and packaging within the Boiron Group to benefit from greater production capacity,” says McMillan. In addition, the state of the economy does not alter how the company treats its employees. “The key to the performance and growth of the company depends on the creativity and motivation of its employees,” says McMillan. “We are keen on developing specific benefits for our employees to enrich their well-being. It is essential for us to link the economic global performance with the individual benefits.” Boiron believes increasing competition in the natural health products industry is a positive development, because it means consumers are becoming more interested in a healthy lifestyle. “The increased competition in the industry is a reflection of the change in consumers’ behavior over the last several years. People are becoming more proactive about their health, and they are demanding safer and more reliable solutions. Homeopathic medicines match these needs,” McMillan says. While regulations can be limiting, companies who adhere to them manage to gain and keep consumers’ trust through their actions. “We understand the importance and value of regulations,” says McMillan. “Our medicines are manufactured in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and follow strict quality control standards. Our medicines have all been issued a DIN-HM. Boiron also complies with regulations

in its communication and marketing strategies.“ Boiron has been continually investing in homeopathic research since 2005, while also ensuring its production methods are environmentally friendly throughout development. “We have more than 80 active research programs which utilize the talents of university research teams, homeopathy practitioners, physicians and veterinarians from Janick Boudazin, around the world. The develop- Boiron president and CEO ment of new products is driven by this research,” says McMillan. “Boiron is also committed to the environment. The preparation of our medicines have a limited impact on the environment. The main effects derive from extracting raw materials (continuity of species gathered), water pollution (mainly organic and biodegradable) and waste. As a counterbalance, Boiron promotes re-supplying wild or organically farmed plants when possible. This sequentially improves the quality of raw materials used.” While Boiron is decades old, its marketing strategy has changed to accommodate the way companies currently appeal to customers.“For several years, a grassroots strategy has been the heart of our marketing program. We reach out directly to health care professionals and to consumers, inviting them to discover homeopathic medicines and to try our medicines,” says McMillan. “With the increasing popularity of social media, Boiron is now focusing more on digital marketing and building a strong web presence. We are confident that once a person tries our medicines, they will have a good experience and tell others.”

Company Snapshot Name: Boiron Canada Inc. Location: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC Phone: 1-800-461-2066 Website: Employees: 50


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JAMIESON LABORATORIES Jamieson Laboratories is Canada’s oldest and largest manufacturer and distributor of natural vitamins, minerals, concentrated food supplements, herbs and botanical medicines, providing innovative products of assured quality, purity and safety. Jamieson first opened its doors in 1922. In its nearly 100 years of business, the company has always kept its focus on developing the finest and most innovative products to advance the health and vitality of all Canadians, and that belief has lived on even after multiple changes in ownership. “On January 31, 2014, CCMP Capital formally purchased Jamieson Laboratories, the company’s third owner since its inception 92 years ago. Jamieson’s vision has always been about improving the health of Canadians with premium quality natural health solutions. Over the years, that vision has expanded to include markets outside Canada,” says Jamieson’s Director of Brand Marketing, Jillian Mariani. “With our new ownership in place, we will now have the tools to more aggressively pursue that vision via aggressive growth, innovation strategies and best practices. It’s an incredibly exciting time at Jamieson, and while our vision is expanding, the core remains.” CCMP is a firm that specializes in middle market buyouts and growth equity investments that fall between $100 million to $500 million in the United States and Europe. The firm’s approximately $300 million investment in Jamieson marks its second major investment in Canada. Though it has offices in New York, Houston and London, Jamieson will remain headquartered in Toronto with its manufacturing and quality-control laboratories in Windsor, Ontario. Mariani believes that while the economy will have its ups and downs, this category has proven to be very resilient. “In challenging economic times, maintaining optimum health and taking a proactive and preventative approach becomes ever more important,” she says. “I think consumers really see the benefit of natural health products and their inherent value in their daily lives. So while we do pay close attention to the economy and monitor its effects on our category; in truth we see far more effect from news media stories – both positive and negative – about natural health products.”

Jamieson has a good relationship with Health Canada, and has in fact worked with the government agency on the current regulations surrounding natural health products. “We fully support pre market approval and access to safe, efficacious products. Jamieson is 100 per cent compliant with and often goes beyond Health Canada’s requirements,” says Mariani.“Jamieson has also benefited internationally from the Canadian Regulatory framework around NHPs; an NPN from Health Canada carries weight internationally, as does our GMP and TGA approvals on our manufacturing facilities – it’s much harder for countries with less regulatory and quality requirements to access international markets.” Jamieson prides itself on its ethical and sustainable business practices, and its focus on enhancing the long-term social and economic well being of the communities it operates in.The company uses sustainable natural sources in manufacturing its products. Jamieson currently donates about four per cent of its annual revenue to reforestation and hands-on protection and rehabilitation of ecosystems and animal species. The company has a healthy love of competition and has adjusted its product development process to work with more competition in the natural health product industry.“Increasing competition is a sign of category health (pardon the pun!),” says Mariani.“Competition is good for the consumer. And it forces everyone to get better, and to decide what opportunities are truly worth winning, and which are not,” says Mariani. “Over the past five years, product development has become somewhat more fact based and analytical; and more aligned with market trends,” she says. “It’s the next five years that will be really interesting – watch for a ton more innovation and out of the box thinking!” In terms of its marketing strategy, the company is taking a more aggressive approach. “The past two years have seen a strong Jamieson return to consumer marketing. We’re putting more focus on “pull” while still being extremely supportive of our retailer partnerships,” says Mariani.“We have an enhanced ability and desire to truly connect with our consumer and offer them solutions to their needs. Our recent OmegaRED television campaign during the Olympics is one example, and we will be launching a fantastic new campaign around joint health solutions in June. And that will only get better in the next five years!”

Company Snapshot Name: Jamieson Laboratories Location: Toronto, ON Phone: 416-960-0052 Website: Employees: 500


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QUANTUM HEALTH INC. Quantum Health manufactures over 60 natural over-the-counter and dietary supplement products in the oral care, cough and cold, personal care and outdoor protection categories that are distributed across the United States and Canada. The brand’s mission has always been to provide high quality, science-based natural products designed to improve the quality of life of its customers since its inception in 1981. The company has kept to that vision over the years, only now, according to Chief Executive Officer Jason Pellegrini, it has a better plan on how to get there.“We’ve had a lot of success in the past using brute force to accomplish goals, or by launching 20 things and seeing what sticks. Our new plan starts with building a strong foundation of execution in order to grow. Then we will build strategic focus areas where we will drive best in class results.This includes building the right structure, both internal and external, to support this,” he says.“A vision without a roadmap of how to get there is difficult to invest against. Now that we are defining the roadmap, we are investing in our people, our customers, our products, our systems, and our entire network to achieve strong growth.” Pellegrini joined the company one year ago and prior to that, spent many years in various positions at MillerCoors. “What I learned at MillerCoors was how to leverage things on a large scale to drive the business. I was very lucky to have 11 different jobs in 11 years there, and was able to really build the cross-functional skills that would help me manage all aspects of a company,” he says. “What I also learned was the power of strong brands, and how unlocking strong brands can generate sustainable growth. What brought me to Quantum Health specifically was the ability to apply what I learned in previous jobs to a nimble company with strong brands. We can move at a very rapid pace to test, learn, and implement plans. It’s really exciting to begin the process of unlocking such strong brands.” Pellegrini says he has been a ‘natural’ fan for his entire life, caused predominantly by his efforts to be a healthy person, and getting involved with Quantum reflects that as well as the growing popularity of natural products. “As a marketer by training, it’s very exciting to be a part of industry that has so much growth, and is really on the cusp of something so much bigger in the world.” With advancements in science and research, the brand’s product development process has improved over the years, as a result taking more time, money and human capital in the past five years than ever before. “I think that the ability for smaller companies (and even individuals) to innovate and develop products has led to companies our size to have many more people to have conversations with,” says Pellegrini. “In addition, we are finding that we have more relationships

with universities and individual experts. Some of the most cutting edge research may only be a couple of folks at a lab, and developing that network is important.” Quantum is currently researching ways to improve its marketing strategy to suit the modern-day consumer. “The way customers consume media, search for products, and share information has been growing exponentially. We have been stuck in the old way of doing business with the new consumer, and we are working closely with some key partners to help us leapfrog ahead and join the conversation. Increased focus on social media, mobile platforms, and non-traditional channels are areas we are exploring and investing in.” The company also invests in national advertising on television and in health and lifestyle magazines, researched product literature, educational radio shows and lecture series, and an on-going education-based public relations program. Though Quantum is based solely in Eugene, Oregon, it has one employee who travels to Canada on a monthly basis. It distributes solely through Purity Life in Canada and self-distributes in the U.S. from its warehouse in Eugene. When asked how the company deals with increasing competition in the natural products industry, Pellegrini says, “We love it! Competition makes us better in every aspect of our business. Even things as simple as how we process orders can become a competitive disadvantage and costly when we stagnate. In the end, competition usually leads to better products for consumers, a more educated consumer and retailer, and a stronger industry overall, which helps all of us.” Jason Pellegrini, Quantum Health CEO

Company Snapshot Name: Quantum Health Inc. Location: Eugene, OR Phone: 1-800-448-1448 Website: Employees: 17


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KISS MY FACE Kiss My Face was founded 30 years ago on a 200-acre farm in the Hudson River Valley in New York. Founders Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz started out by selling surprisingly popular olive oil soaps from Greece, giving them their start in the natural beauty product industry. Kiss My Face Chief Marketing Officer Jean Fufidio has been with the company for over a year, and according to her, the company has kept the same vision and values held by Bob and Steve as the day it opened its doors. “At Kiss My Face, we pride ourselves in offering naturally effective, cruelty-free products at an affordable price. We believe that nature creates the best ingredients. It is our mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients into body care products that are innovative, uniquely effective and good for you while not harming our fragile planet or animals,” she says. “All of us at Kiss My Face are fortunate to be part of a group of people trying to be a successful business while living up to a creditable mission and a high set of values.” It seems unique, then, that this company can maintain that vision while doing what other companies do not often tend to do: listen to its customers by offering relevant products that fit their lifestyles. “We take pride in our company values – honest, open, responsive and fair dealings with each other, our customers, our retail, distributor, broker and supplier partners. We offer quality plant-based ingredients that are safe for all our friends and the planet. We continually strive to reduce our footprint using ingredients from renewable resources and sustainable manufacturing practices that honour the earth and our community. We work with supplier partners who share consistent values. We strongly believe in the importance of making socially responsible choices at both the local and global level. After all, good planets are hard to come by.” The company adapts to the new economy by watching trends in the natural and organic industry, and observing what economically aware customers do. Although, according to Fufidio, personal care items are a stable source of growth in an uneven economy. “The United States currently has the largest market for natural and organic personal care products worldwide with consumer demand continuing to rise over the concerns and possible dangers of products containing chemicals. For over 30 years, we have been able to create clean, healthy products for families and the environment. To think it all began with our olive bar soap!” says Fufidio. Kiss My Face has not changed its product development because the company believes it offers a natural choice for products that are relevant to its consumers’ needs, which will always be in demand, while keeping on top of industry trends. This could also be due to the fact that Bob and Steve are still very involved in the business: in addition to being the founders and acting as the spokespeople of the company, they are involved in all its key strategic initiatives. The brand is adapting to changes in marketing approaches by taking to social media to advertise its products. “It is critical to keep up with our very educated, busy consumers. We spend a great deal of time using social and digital media to educate our consumers on our products, packaging and healthy ingredients. According to the September article from Forbes, “How ‘Millennials’ are Changing Food

Kiss My Face founders Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz

as We Know It” by Beth Hoffman, this group uses the internet to educate themselves on products, their ingredients and packaging that fits into their lifestyles,” says Fufidio. Most importantly to the Kiss My Face team are the corporate values always adhered to by everyone involved in the company. Says Fufidio, “We try to stay true to our corporate values, which include, among others: building trust and respect by keeping our promises and listening to each other, our customers and our industry partners, having fun and celebrating successes, both big and small.” These values allow the company to have been around for years yet continue to grow through customer trust.

Company Snapshot Name: Kiss My Face Location: Gardiner, NY Phone: 845-255-0884 Website: Employees: 42


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THERA WISE Highlighting innovative new companies and their groundbreaking products.

VpR Vaporizing Rub

Ac+ Acne


Thera Wise’s founder and developer Warren Brander has a practitioner background in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a specialized focus in dermatology and internal medicine. Through his education and clinical practice in TCM plant medicine studies and cosmetic science training, Warren developed the basis for a line of healthy, innovative and healing personal care products. Warren created the Thera Wise line of ointments which are unique in their composition and their approach to treating health disorders because they address the condition comprehensively and holistically. Warren states, “It is not good enough to only reduce inflammation, you need to nourish, balance and support the skin structure and its ecosystem to effect true healing.” In North America, OTC ointments generally have not changed in their composition in the last 50 years; most are petrochemical-based with a synthetic active. Considering the modern advances in natural active product research and technical knowledge of the skin and how it functions, Warren saw a real need to improve this category in Canadian retail.


HmR Hemorrhoidal

DpR Diaper

Thera Wise ointments are made in Canada, including their boxes and air positive BPA-free laminate tubes. Thera Wise ointments are manufactured in a state-of-the-art Health Canada Site License (NHP) and Establishment License (Pharmaceutical) approved facility, ensuring strict quality control from raw material selection through to the finished products.


SHO Skin Healing

Thera Wise is passionately committed to being vegan-friendly, with no insect or animal sourced ingredients and absolutely no animal testing (on raw materials and finished products).


Thera Wise defines “natural” as: A minimum of 99% of the total ingredients are of bio-active natural plant origin (excluding water). A minimum of 35- 40% of the total ingredients are from organic agriculture including certified, non-certified and transitional organics.



Thera Wise contains no parabens, no ethoxylated ingredients, glycols, DEA, TEA, BHT, BHA, synthetic dyes, silicones, hydrocarbons, phthalates, fumarates, amines, polyacrylamide, metacrylate, elastomer, styrene, nitrosamine releasers, aluminum and alumina.



Vancouver-based Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd. is a family owned Canadian health sciences company producing the award-winning Thera Wise line of bio-active, all-natural plant-based OTC (over the counter) medicinal/therapeutic ointments for conditions such as hemorrhoids, skin healing, diaper care, acne and cold and flu.

One key differentiator for Thera Wise ointments from other natural and organic remedies is their official recognition by Health Canada. Specifically, Thera Wise has earned Natural Health Product (NHP) Licenses from Health Canada providing customers assurances of safety and efficacy. Each lot of Thera Wise ointment is tested not only for standard cosmetic microbial testing, but also chemical testing such as heavy metals, pesticide residue and solvent residue contaminants for both raw materials and finished products as required by NHPD.

H E A LT H C A N A D A N H P D A P P R O V E D :

HmR Bio-Active Hemorrhoidal Ointment – NPN 80006139 SHO Bio-Active Skin Healing Ointment – NPN 80006125 VpR Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub – NPN 80027773 Ac+ Bio-Active Acne Ointment – NPN 80028834 DpR Bio-Active Diaper Ointment - CNF (Cosmetic Notification#) 179920

D I S T R I B U T I O N PA R T N E R S :

Purity Life SKU numbers - HmR 315100, SHO 315110, VpR 315120, Ac+ 315130, Diaper 315140, Toothbrush 315145 Mckesson SKU numbers - HmR 029181, SHO 038424, VpR 030015, Ac+ 038425, Diaper 006027, Toothbrush 039096


• SHO Natural Bio Active Skin Healing Ointment aids in wound healing, reduces skin irritation and inflammation and contains natural antibacterial properties. SHO can be used on cuts, wounds, rashes, bruises, skin irritation, burns, after sun redness and mild to moderate eczema/atopic dermatitis. A truly remarkable all-purpose ointment. A Wise alternative to other OTC (over the counter) corticosteroid, anti-itch and antibacterial ointments, SHO gives fast healing results for compromised skin tissue. • HmR Natural Bio-Active Hemorrhoidal Ointment aides in reducing pain and itching associated with hermorrhoids. HmR protects the inflamed anorectal tissues and provides relief from burning sensations and uncomfortable irritation. HmR is safe and effective during pregnancy. • VpR Natural Bio-Active Vaporizing Rub is a plant-based supportive therapy for coughs, colds, nasal and chest congestion. VpR comes to the rescue not only for cold and flu congestion but also to help seasonal allergies. VpR contains pure essential oils and bio-active plant based ingredients. • Ac+ Natural Bio-Active Acne Ointment reduces swelling and local inflammation while providing gentle, effective antibacterial and skin nourishing properties. Conventional acne ointments use harsh drying (burning) chemicals that break down the hydro-lipid layer of your skin and/or destroy the beneficial eco-flora responsible for removing the pathogenic bacteria. By reducing inflammation and balancing the skins eco-flora (reducing pathogenic bacteria and promoting healthy skin bacteria) Ac+ offers lasting results for acne prone skin. • DpR Natural Baby Diaper Ointment contains plant-based ingredients that do not trap wetness or clog pores. DpR Diaper Ointment allows the skin to breathe properly, while providing soothing and regenerative properties to reduce skin irritation in the diaper area. Highlights include a quick drying, non-greasy, alcoholfree and zinc oxide free formulation ideal for both disposable and cloth diapers. • Crystal Animals Childrens Natural Antibacterial Toothbrushes The innovative and unique naturally antibacterial childrens brush eliminates the ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth and keeps the brush fresh and clean for next time. The natural mineral combination in the bristles and their soft and rounded shape improve plaque removal and food buildup. Thera Wise childrens toothbushes require no toothpaste to effectively clean childrens teeth, only a water rinse is required.


Message from Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd, Thera Wise Founder - Warren Brander As a proud father of two and business owner, I feel passionate about plant medicine and plant-based personal care products for a healthy balanced way of life. Without a doubt, plants are our most important relationship in the world providing food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Plant medicines are for everyone, and plant-based ingredients have a bio affinity with our skin. This means they feel and act like a part of us; something you can really feel when you use Thera Wise products. Our family and yours should have the safest, healthiest and most effective products possible. My vision is for the Thera Wise products to be the go-to remedy that families reach for in their medicine cabinets. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! Warren Brander Owner/President, Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd.

DERMA WISE SKIN CARE LTD. Vancouver, B.C V5Z 4R3 Office: 604.879.2623 Fax: 604.783.8896

THE GRACE PERIOD DILEMMA What you need to know when it comes to NHPs, TMAs and GMO labeling. BY PETER WOJEWNIK

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2014-05-21 12:43 PM



t seems that the average Canadian is not often aware of the process involved with regulating natural health products. What percentage of the population is aware that these products are held to regulations? How many know what a Natural Product Number is? For consumers with an active interest in natural health products, the percentage may be higher, yet for the average Canadian, it is unlikely that they recognize this terminology. Natural health retailers know what a Natural Product Number (or NPN) is and they also know that come September, this number will be a vital part of their business. September is when Health Canada’s compliance and enforcement policy for health products will begin. It will be expected that by this time all retail shelves in Canada contain only natural health products with an NPN printed clearly on the label. The most important question now becomes: What will happen if a retailer stocks a product without an NPN after September? For those retailers that worry about Health Canada commencing a crackdown on violators of this rule in September, rest assured. At a recent regulatory session held by Health Canada, a member of the organization said that ‘big stick’ enforcement is not the approach that will be adopted unless absolutely necessary. Instead, a risk-based approach will be taken and a real effort will be made to educate the consumer about compliance and how natural health products are regulated.This will ultimately stimulate public choice and preference for compliant products, thereby encouraging manufacturers to abide. Manufacturers are likely to allow returns on products that do not have an NPN number on the label, although ultimately that decision is left up to the manufacturer and will vary by vendor. Retailers had a grace period to either sell or return these non-compliant products, beginning in December 2013. At that point, retailers were restricted from selling products without an NPN and were given until September 2014, an additional nine months, to comply and turn their products over to ensure that by that date, they only offered products with an NPN on the label. Penalties for non-compliance can range from as little as a warning from Health Canada to product seizure. Repeated offenses and selling a product without an NPN that may carry a high health risk to the public could result in criminal penalties. It is unlikely there is an appeal process for a first offense. Details as to how Health Canada will implement its compliance and enforcement strategy remain to be revealed. Your role as a retailer and your influence is indispensable. You will want your customer to shop with the knowledge of how health

products are regulated and with the confidence and comfort of knowing that your store only contains compliant products. How Health Canada will educate the consumer remains to be determined, though we can expect that the consumer will become better educated as times goes on. Place importance on ensuring your team members are aware of the meaning of an NPN and the significance of September. Aside from NPNs, the regulatory session touched upon Temporary Market Authorizations (TMA) for foods. TMAs are a license-like process that allows Health Canada to closely monitor food products with unique ingredients or claims. It has been almost two years since the first TMAs were issued for food-like health products that were transitioned from the NPN stream to the Food Directorate. Many of these temporary authorizations were granted with a two-year expiration date.The Food Directorate made it clear at the session that these expiration dates will be extended and that any interruption in commerce will be avoided. Health Canada also discussed audits for manufacturers, packagers, labelers and importers of natural health products. Currently, the government has no system in place to regularly audit these companies. Only if there were reason to suspect severe non-compliance would the Inspectorate arrive to audit a facility. Health Canada may implement a voluntary auditing process with audits performed by certified third parties. Companies wishing to export product to foreign countries would need to have an audit performed by one of these third parties in order to receive a certification that they comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. The certification is a requisite to sell health products in many foreign jurisdictions. Finally, GMO labeling was discussed at the regulatory session. During a question and answer period, a member of the audience questioned what Health Canada was planning on doing with GMO labeling. Members of Health Canada had a simple response: there was nothing planned and nothing being discussed.This was a surprise given that it has become such a hot topic on a global scale. In fact, Vermont may become the first U.S. state to require labeling of GMO products as early as 2016. With our health-conscious population, one would only expect that this would be a hot topic in Canada and on Health Canada’s agenda for review and consideration.The good news is that Canadians seem as though they will be persistent and will continue to work together to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO foods and products and one day soon convince our government to implement mandatory GMO labeling.

Place importance on ensuring your team members are aware of the meaning of an NPN and the significance of September.


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SURO’s Elderberry Syrups are made exclusively from Canadian ingredients. With no water or sugar added, this unique blend of elderberries, raw honey, propolis, echinacea and apple cider vinegar is the best solution for fighting colds and flu all year long. This syrup tastes good and works fast, it is blended with our own elderberries with no heat involved in the process which keeps all of the ingredients raw. It is bottled in our state-of-the-art bottling facility built next to the orchard and is Health Canada compliant.

CHFA West contest winners 1- $400 of SURO products Health Works, North and West Vancouver BC 2- $200 of SURO products King Drug and Home Healthcare Hinton Alberta 3- $100 of SURO products Seaweeds Healthfood Gibsons BC

Whether you are experiencing difficulty breathing due to asthma, congestion of sinus such as seasonal allergies or congestion of lungs from various illnesses such as the common cold and flu, or from modern times pollution, SURO BREATHE™ will help maximize breathing by relaxing, decreasing congestion and opening up airways. It makes you breath better and is also formulated to help soothe and heal irritated tissues from inflammation and irritation. SURO BREATHE™ is a proprietary blend of 17 different ingredients including: Nettle, elderflower, and eucalyptus. It tastes great and works fast.

Distribution of SURO : Ecoideas 1-888-735-7258 Purety Life 1-800-265-2615

A word from SURO’s CEO Sugar shack season is already finished in Quebec. Another winter is gone. This year is SURO 10th year birthday. We are proud of what we have accomplished on our land with the elderberry orchard project and bringing elderberries made in Canada to your customer. I want to THANK you, the store owners or the store managers or buyers for your trust in our SURO line of products. For the staff of all the stores that carry SURO, we wouldn’t have made it without you. For 2014-15 we look forward to meet new lovers of SURO’s amazing line made in Canada

Sylvain Mercier

“From my land to your medicine chest”

When we bought our land, we didn't know at first that it would become SURO land. After watching me harvest my first wild elderberries and seeing how my formulas were helping our families, friends and my patients, my husband was determined to start a new trend in agriculture and plant elderberries and one day make my remedies available to all Canadians. This year is SURO's 10th year anniversary and I have a lot to be thankful for. I thank the stores that have brought in SURO formulas. It is an honor to have a part in helping so many people across the country. Thank you for your trust. I thank the customers that send me messages every week to let me know how much it helped them. It touches me especially every time I get a message from a Mom or Dad in Calgary, Moose Jaw or Halifax or anywhere else in Canada and they tell me that they slept better because their young ones were on track to healing and sleeping better too! Gluten-free / Sans gluten

All-natural formula / Formule naturelle Preservative- free / Sans préservatif

Dr Jacinthe Desmarais D.C., DACBN(c), N.D., D.O

Proudly Canadian






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Solo Energy Bars



Way Better Snacks



Strauss Naturals



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Millcreek Botanicals



Webber Omega-3



Aubrey Organics



Karma Nutrtionals





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FAX NOW TO: 1-888-849-0155 or 416-703-6392 | OR MAIL CARD TODAY TO: 60 Bloor St. West, Suite 1106, Toronto, ON, M4W 3B8


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Krill Oil Plus • Easily absorbed form of Omega-3 • Contains the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin • 100% pure and sustainably harvested • No fishy odour or aftertaste

Krill oil is unique. It contains naturally occurring antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin E, plus Astaxanthin—a red-orange pigment found in aquatic animals—that can quench free radicals and protect the cell membrane. Compared to fish oil, the phospholipid-bound omega-3s in krill oil are more concentrated and easier to absorb. RoyalRed ® Omega-3 Krill Oil from webber naturals ® is a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acids needed to support heart, brain, and joint health. It is guaranteed to contain consistently fresh, stable, high quality oil that is harvested in a sustainable manner under the guidelines of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). The softgels are small — ideal for those who find regular fish oil capsules difficult to swallow—and leave no fishy aftertaste.

AVAILABLE NOW! EXTRA STRENGTH Krill Oil Plus For more information, go to

IHR June 2014