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emotional resonance for the collector who buys them

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By Marielle de Spa

wor l d r ecor d for t h e most expensive gem e v e r s o l d at auc t ion. O n

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d a y , an extraordinary and mysterious gem, a stunning

24.78-carat pink diamond, became the most valuable jewel in the world, reaching the staggering sum of 45.5 million Swiss Francs ($45.2 million CDN) - an exhilarating and unprecedented sale soon to become the envy of any reputable jewellery house.

Beyond its splendid pink hue and its exceptional cut and purity, this magnificent

diamond owes its rarity and value to its chemical properties: a rare Type IIA which make up less than two per cent of existing cut diamonds, the purest form of all crystal gems presenting a most exceptional optical clarity.

This superb gem left its 60 years of secrecy to become a historical landmark. Its new

owner, Sir Laurence Graff proudly admitted: “It is the most fabulous diamond I’ve seen in my career and I’m delighted to have bought it.” In just a few seconds, this unforeseen gem made history, and was soon renamed the Graff Pink.

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How does one resist the temptation of any of these legendary jewels, objets de culte

and religious talismans, heritage pieces, or simply fascinating treasures with a story to tell? >

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