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First Issue Mark Rosenhek of Markie Pharmacy, ON

9/8/11 5:27:46 PM

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9/8/11 10:20:13 AM

Read All About It! Amazing Amazonian Antioxidant

Dark purple, loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, good fatty acids, and fibre, the Acai berry is making headlines throughout North America and Europe. Acai berries are one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants. As well as exhibiting significantly high antioxidant activity against the peroxyl radical, acai also has exceptional activity against the superoxide radical. Elevated levels of superoxide are linked to nearly every major chronic disease of inflammation, particularly atherosclerosis and stroke. Scavenging this radical is the first line of defense against oxidative stress.1 Acai reduces risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. In a recent study, acai reduced fasting blood sugar levels, insulin levels, after-meal blood glucose spiking, and total cholesterol in a group of overweight subjects. It may also help prevent Type II diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions like metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.2 We are answering consumer demand for this superfood. Acai is a strong category in the health food market, and is growing at 130% in NHP, Grocery, Drug, and Mass. Consumers everywhere are boosting overall health and longevity with this power berry from the Amazon. Answer consumer demand with new Acai Berry from webber naturals®.

ANTIOXIDANT Acai Berry from webber naturals ® • Sustainably harvested • Wild, organic, processed within 24 hours • No added sugar or preservatives • Standardized potency (NLT 1.5% anthocyanins)

1. Del Pozo-Insfran D., Percival S.S., Talcott S.T., “Açai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) polyphenolics in their glycoside and aglycone forms induce apoptosis of HL-60 leukemia cells,” J Agric Food Che, 2006; 54(4): 1222-9. 2. Udani J.K., Singh B.B., Singh V.J., Barrett M.L., “Effects of Acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) berry preparation on metabolic parameters in a healthy overweight population: A pilot study”, Nutr J, 2011 May 12;10(1): 45. [Epub ahead of print]

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9/8/11 10:20:13 AM

Aches, Pains and Strains?

Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel is: Fast Penetrating • Non-Greasy • No Added Fragrance Place your order today!


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9/8/11 3:00:07 PM

For Targeted Pain Relief, use Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel from Holista ®

How do typical pain relievers know where it hurts? They don’t! Manage your pain with Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel from Holista®. Arnica is a daisy-like mountain flower traditionally used to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. Applied topically, it immediately targets problem areas.


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9/8/11 3:01:14 PM

Best selling diet product from the UK coming to Canada!

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9/8/11 3:53:24 PM

Zolite, as it will be known in Canada, is a market leading diet product in the UK and the only natural product to have published scientific studies showing results of effective weight loss.

dietary supplement when compared to other products on the market, many of which do not provide sound evidence of actual weight loss.

Natures Remedies Ltd, the company behind Zolite, was founded in the UK in 1999 by directors Dr Trevor Jarman (CEO and specialist biochemist in the commercialization of novel technologies) and Dr Lasse Hessel (Medical Director, and creator of Femidom and Biotap).

Following analysis into the cost per pounds lost thesis, Zolite was found to be cheaper per pound than two leading supplements, whilst also providing consumers with faster, more sustainable weight loss results.

Committed to offering consumers the means to achieve healthy, attractive weight loss using only natural ingredients, they first launched Zolite onto the market in 2000, after years of extensive research.

The Only Natural Diet Pill with Published Clinical Evidence To date, Zolite has successfully been used by 10 million consumers worldwide and undergone 8 successful clinical trials to test the credibility of its ingredients. During these trials, Zolite was discovered to produce on average a: 3 Weight loss of 11.3 lbs in 45 days * 3 Gastric emptying time of 58 minutes – 20 minutes more than placebo subjects * 3 Waist reduction of 4.3cm in as little as 4 weeks **

Zolite: During a 45 day study, participants lost on average 11lbs more than those on the placebo, producing costs of £4.50 per pound of weight loss whilst experiencing no negative side effects. Leading fibre product: Taken over an 84 day period, participants lost 4lbs more than those on the placebo, whilst producing costs 
of £37 per pound of weight lost. Leading appetite product: Taken over an 84 day period, participants lost 8 pounds more than those on the placebo, producing costs of £54 per lb of weight loss. In Professor Regan’s own assessment of Zolite, she stated that Zolite’s research showed a “clear link to weight loss” with the “difference in weight loss between the group taking Zolite and the group taking the placebo was significantly different.”

* Published: Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 2001 ** Published: Nutrition and Food Science, 2005

Zolite is the only non-medical proven weight loss product on the market to be confirmed as a “weight loss aid with sound scientific proof.“

Zolite – the most effective weight loss product on the market? Zolite has been compared to the competition and shown to be a superior product. BBC’s TV doctor and diet expert Professor Regan calls Zolite cost effective, 100% natural and a superior

Zolite works without introducing any changes to their dietary habits or lifestyle. Participants were effectively able to reduce their meal sizes, feel fuller faster and experience increases of satiety and energy levels. Zolite is reaching the Canadian shelves in November 2011 and will be promoted in print media from December. IHR will feature Zolite in the upcoming issues also with update on when and where Zolite will be available. Initially Zolite will be available only for a select few retailers.

For more information about Zolite, please visit or call us at 514 839 4804.

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9/8/11 3:53:41 PM


EQUAZEN EYE Q - The European Leader in Natural ADHD Supplementation Equazen Eye Q represents a line of nutritional supplements with specific combinations of essential fatty acids. Eye Q products are backed by robust scientific research aimed at furthering the understanding of essential fatty acids and their health benefits, not least in the treatment of ADHD and ADHD symptoms.

ADHD in children: the importance of EFAs ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is one of the most common mental disorders in children (up to 7%). The three main ADHD subtypes are the hyperactive, the inattentive and - the most widespread - the combined type. Studies are showing that sufferers of ADHD have lower than normal blood values of essential fatty acids and that they have an imbalance of Omega 3/ Omega 6 fatty acids. When these levels and imbalance are corrected, conditions improve.

Equazen Eye Q: Significant results in the treatment of ADHD symptoms Equazen Eye Q is the only line of natural products for ADHD that have been extensively tested in major independent, double blind placebo controlled international studies. The impressive results, publish in

Improvement of handwriting after 3 months of treatment with equazen eye q™ Before equazen eye q™

prestigious journals like Attention and Journal of Pediatrics, have shown the following: ✓ Significant improvements of ADHD symptoms ✓ Enhanced learning ability

Joe, aged 9

After equazen eye q™

✓ Significant improvement in spelling, reading and writing ✓ Improvements in concentration levels

Equazen Eye Q: Now coming to Canada

”My head feels clearer”

New Nordic and Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer Vifor Pharma now bring Equazen Eye Q to Canada. All Eye Q products are approved by Health Canada (NPN) and carry the strongest claims in the industry. Eye Q will be distributed by Nutripur Inc. in Quebec. For more information or to order, please call 1-877-My-Nordic or email us at

Enjoy vitality and a long and active life

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9/8/11 3:07:43 11-09-07 1:10PM PM

What Mulberry Product are You Offering Your Customer? (and which one are they looking for?) New Nordics Mulberry Zuccarin™ has become the most sold mulberry supplement in the world. We think this is for a reason: We simply offer our customers the best available mulberry product, without compromising quality standards.

What does Mulberry Zuccarin have over the competition? 3 An NPN!

Many may try to copy us, but only New Nordic markets Mulberry products around the world, supports the product with advertising and guarantees the highest quality product.

3 The critical active ingredient! (1% DNJ)

Call our distributor Nutripur Inc. today ( and mention this IHR ad, to receive a one-time 20% off your next Mulberry Zuccarin purchase. For more information visit www.newnordic. ca or call us at 1-877-My-Nordic.

3 Brand recognition!

3 Marketing support! 3 International success! 3 No compromise on quality!

Enjoy vitality and a long and active life

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9/8/11 3:09:56 11-09-07 4:26PM PM


RY !











ISSN 1197 - 1495 |

Volume 11 Issue 6

Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Olivier Felicio


Carlos Weigle

Editorial Assistant Jessica Uniac

Editorial Intern Irina Lytchak

Art Director

Scott Jordan

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Integrated Health Retailer, we have created a special three-part series highlighting how far both the natural health industry and we as a magazine, have come. Can you imagine, everything started with just a few people who listened to an idea and liked it. And just like the butterfly effect, it evolved into what it is today! Please join us as we celebrate Part 1. Then be sure to look for Part 2 and Part 3 in future issues.

o i c i l e F r e i v i l O Olivier Felicio

Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


Sarah Vincett


Kelechi Achonu, Natalie Cajic, Linda Miles, Natalie Moore, Mark Ryski, Ken Vannucci


Olivier Felicio

Controller & Operations Manager Melanie Seth

Finance Administrator

Birthday Wishes! The goal of any passionate group of people is to be given a voice, to have that soapbox to stand upon and rally around. It is rare for this voice to not only be about the given industry, yet to also be by the industry for which it speaks for. IHR has fulfilled this role and given us health retailers a place for current, accurate information about our industry and those who help shape it. As a resource for industry trends, relevant discussions and retail best practices, IHR has grown along with the industry it represents. Congratulations to IHR on the first 10 years and to many more to come. Aaron Skelton BSc (NNS) Sr. Category Manager, Natural Value, Loblaws This is a post that I would not, and will not do for many people. I would rarely call out someone in the industry so blatantly, however for this person and this magazine, I will make an exception! Integrated Health Retailer magazine is turning 10 years old and I would like to extend a “happy birthday” to the magazine and its publisher, my friend and industry colleague, Olivier Felicio. I have been using IHR magazine religiously for the last 10 years in my work at London Drugs. I have used the magazine, not only to help educate myself and keep me current in the retail health industry - many of London Drugs listings in vitamins, OTC and food categories have come from browsing the pages of Olivier’s magazine. This publication has been a great resource and I always await the latest editions with much anticipation. One of my motivations for starting my blog was reading this magazine and thinking that I too would love to talk about this great industry and its cool products. Happy birthday buddy and good luck on your next 10 years! Keep up the great work! Your friend always, Kenny Vannucci Merchandise Manager, London Drugs

6 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

006.IHR_Editor.indd 6

Leslie Witol

Web Programmer Matthew Pompey

Sales Assistant Erin Poredos

Subscription Rates Canada $50 (gst included) for nine issues (one year) USA $60 Change of Address email: telephone: 416-203-7900 fax: 416-703-6392 or send your cover label and new address to ihr c/o Rive Gauche Media, 60 Bloor St., W., Suite 1106, Toronto, ON Canada M4W 3B8

Advertising Information Olivier Felicio telephone: (416) 203-7900 x 6107 email: Paul Airut telephone: (416) 203-7900 x 6103 email: Jeff Yamaguchi telephone: (416) 203-7900 x 6122 email: Erin Poredos telephone: (416) 203-7900 x 6128 email: Customer Service: Marsha Miller telephone: (416) 203-7900 x 6126 email: Published by Rive Gauche Media Inc.

Canada Post Canadian Publications Mail 4067800 The publisher does not assume any responsibility for the contents of any advertisement and any and all representations or warranties made in such advertising are those of the advertiser and not of the publisher. The publisher is not liable to any advertiser for any misprints in advertising not the fault of the publisher and in such an event the limit of the publisher’s liability shall not exceed the amount of the publisher’s charge for such advertising. No portion of this publication may be reproduced, in all or part, without the express written permission of the publisher. ihr magazine is pleased to review unsolicited submissions for editorial consideration under the following conditions: all material submitted for editorial consideration (photographs, illustrations, written text in electronic or hard copy format) may be used by ihr Media Inc. and their affiliates for editorial purposes in any media (whether printed, electronic, internet, disc, etc.) without the consent of, or the payment of compensation to, the party providing such material. Please direct submissions to the Editor, ihr magazine.

9/8/11 2:53:04 PM

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GNC Gille s Houd Cana da Chie f Opere – Presi dent ating Offic & er

Beyond the



Congratulations! GNC

Marilyn Mitchel l and Frank Pirri the Apple Market of in Mississauga, Ontario

Special Feature

Vision i n Motio trition: n

Weight-Loss Category


Sport ns u

Hair Care Colo n Cleansers Mar

ket upda te Green Expand foods: the 5 to 10 a Page

day mes sa

5 0 : Int egr ate

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exp o sho w gui de



02 | $ 5

Congratulations to Rive Gauche Media on their significant contribution to the Natural Products Industry over the last ten years.

New Age Marketing Sales & Marketing Team And All of our U.S. and Canadian Vendors

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9/8/11 3:12:51 PM


part 1


contents Volume 11 . Issue 6

UP FRONT PUBLISHER’S LETTER ................................................................... 6 CONTRIBUTORS .......................................................................... 10 GET THE GOODS ......................................................................... 12 SKU REVIEW ................................................................................ 13 TOP SELLER ................................................................................. 16 NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS.......................................................................... 23 FEATURES

10 YEAR ANNIVERSAY SPECIAL FEATURES Pure Source ................................................................................... 20 New Nordic ................................................................................... 28 m, l Marsha o n e, P a u im s e D io c Rob livier Feli iggins, O Patrick H

Jamieson ....................................................................................... 32 SBT Seabuckthorn ........................................................................ 42 Proprietary Nutritionals .................................................................54 No-Jet-Lag ....................................................................................66 Aubrey Organics............................................................................ 70 Purica............................................................................................. 74 True North Nutrition ...................................................................... 78 COVER STORY: A Class Act .........................................................36 Virtual Connections .......................................................................50 Vital Signs...................................................................................... 57 Setting the Bar Too High? .............................................................60 Naturally Clean ..............................................................................64

Olivier Felicio


, Matt LeBeau

RESEARCH NEWS ....................................................................... 81


o o ne Jamie C

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9/8/11 3:01:44 PM

Execalm Homeopathic Eczema Cream

Reduces ailments of irritated skin. For rashes, hives, psoriasis and itching, peeling, cracked skin.

PARABEN FREE Made in Canada • 1 800 446-4242 ads (all).indd 7

9/8/11 3:15:15 PM


RY !











Dr. Linda Miles L. Ac., D.O. M., is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Practitioner and a spokesperson for the natural health & beauty industry. She has developed innovative natural personal care products for over 30 years. Flip to page 64 for her expert take on ridding blemishes from your skin naturally. See which traditional herbs make it to her top list.

Mark Ryski is a 17-year veteran of the retail industry. The founder and CEO of Edmonton-based HeadCount Corporation, a global market leader in retail analytics, Ryski and his team are pioneering the science of traffic and conversion analytics. They have developed new and innovative techniques for extracting powerful insights from basic store traffic and customer conversion data – and delivering gamechanging insights for retailers across North America. Ryski’s article, on page 57, will help you diagnose your store’s health.

4 SEP 02













issue firs


1-4 SEP 02:1-


t anniver


sar y


GNC Gilles Houd Canad a e – Presid Chief Opera ent ting Office & r









R 0 4

Vision in Motion Sport nu trition: $6

the 5 to













10 a daay ay



5 0 : Inte SUPP LEME DIET ARY gra ted hea lth exp



o sho w gui de










Toro nto, Ont ario




02 | $ 5

'Mu lti' to Mult Special iply Feature Mark Sale et R s evie w of Personal Prod Care ucts



e 1

1 PM




Wor ker Co -op Own ed, Th e Bi g Ca rrot in


t update Green Expand foods:


Idea in A lism ction


Our industry has evolved and changed dramatically here in Canada over the last 10 years. The Canadian regulatory rules have shifted and tightened, and organic and natural products have captured a wider consumer base. This has resulted in increased distribution, not only in the existing natural and health channels, but also in grocery and drugstore chains, as well as big-box retailers. IHR is the major industry publication that has helped facilitate many of these changes this past decade. It was the first natural industry publication that went to all trade classes in the wider marketplace. It helped to explain the pent-up demand for natural and organic products to a whole new set of buyers, who may have been less than familiar with our category. The magazine had advertisers who understood that IHR gives their businesses a wider platform for success in Canada. It contained useful data on a cross section of different types of retailers’ best sellers, as well as informative editorials that educated the trade on companies, products and services that directly impacted our Canadian industry. IHR magazine has really become a “natural products industry barometer,” a guidebook and a leader we can all depend on and follow. I salute, acknowledge and offer IHR gratitude, both from our company and the industry, for providing such a useful, well-published tool for us all.

Natalie Cajic is a freelance writer specializing in health, nutrition and environmental sustainability. She has been in the communications field professionally since 1996, including five years with the Canadian Health Food Association as a communications specialist. She has undergraduate degrees in psychology and journalism and is currently finishing a diploma program in Advanced Nutrition from Alive Academy of Natural Health. Check out Cajic’s article examining the impact of the Natural Products Regulations over the years, on page 60.
















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David Moore & Aron Bjornson of Capers Commun ity Market


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sumers local con wowed

Capers Com on a majo munity Market has embarke d

dy r i w expansion evvie Rev Re r AnnualTOP SELLER: 2006 annual review T p Selle r l To gura r XIDANTS: Defend g ry go The Inau teANTIO Ca ers of health s ns en e ee re r E:: URE TUR AT AT FEA MILK THISTLE: f r the Gr fo Improving liver function fy Sales L affy Le Br uc

oo e M


s g ines ngin to-bus sCha Are busines l times Tides aging crucia Man ns in tio the rela ive tegory dr ts n ca Smar nctio care Skin and fu e skin Formess of th les sniff succ rt Ale asonal se rgy Alle k up as oom Stoc full bl in are

Thank you, Michael Theodor President, Michael Theodor Brokerage Inc.



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9/8/11 3:07:09 PM

Also available in these other formats:

12 Unit-doses Pellets

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3 Unit-doses Pellets

Children’s 25 ml Oral solution

9/8/11 3:17:53 PM




The first 100 retailers to FAX us at 1-888-849-0155 will get these goods for FREE

GENUINE HEALTH LIVE PROBIO+ O3MEGA Here comes the world’s first “super probiotic,” the result of combining the most researched strain of probiotic with certified, superior omega-3 fish oil. Adding Omega-3s to a probiotic can increase bifidobacteria levels by up to three times, while it decreases levels of bad gut bacteria that have been linked to cancer.

HOLISTA® TEA TREE OIL & SHAMPOO KIT Contrary to the beliefs of many, head lice infestations do not reflect poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness, but rather social and play habits. Unfortunately, it spreads rapidly from head to head and requires persistence to eradicate. The Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo included in this Holista kit provide an effective, natural alternative to chemical treatments that prevent and kill head lice infestations.

SISU STRESS RESCUE L-THEANINE SISU Stress Rescue features L-Theanine, which has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mental focus. It is non-sedating, non-habit forming and provides quick relief in stressful situations, with the effects lasting for hours. Stress Rescue is available in high-potency, vegetarian capsules, or great-tasting, natural cherry, low-calorie chewable tablets, in convenient take-and-go packaging with a flip-top lid.

Get me these goods! Fill out the form below clearly and completely. Name:









Postal Code:


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9/8/11 3:08:58 PM




AARRY! YVEERS 10ANNI MULTISURE® EASY SWALLOW CAPSULES MultiSure ® for Women from Webber Naturals® provides antioxidant protection for the maintenance of good health. Also included: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 (in respected ratios). Iron and folic acid are at optimal levels since young and middle aged women may be prone to low levels at this time of life, possibly leading to deficiency.

WEBBER NATURALS® PEPPERMINT OIL Peppermint Oil can be used to calm an upset stomach, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. It can be taken with meals as a digestive aid and is a great choice for those looking for a natural source alternative to other antinausea and anti-vomiting products in the market.

SISU KIDS U.F.O ULTRA-FORTIFIED OMEGA 3 SISU Kids U.F.O is a high-potency, wild fish oil chewable, in a fun UFO shape, a natural orange flavour and smooth, jelly-like texture - ideal for those who don’t like liquidfilled softgels or low-dose, sugary gummies. It’s made in Norway by a unique emulsification process for better taste, more rapid absorption and less reflux.

HOLISTA® TEA TREE HAND & BODY LOTION Protect, soothe and moisturize skin with this fresh scented Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion from Holista without experiencing the negative side effects such as dryness, redness or peeling. Use this lotion as a daily moisturizer or to help relieve acne and fungal skin infections.


SKU Review2.indd 13


9/8/11 3:09:46 PM

sku review GENUINE HEALTH LIVE PROBIO+ O3MEGA Here comes the world’s first “super probiotic,” the result of combining the most researched strain of probiotic with certified, superior omega-3 fish oil. Adding omega-3s to a probiotic can increase bifidobacteria levels by up to three times, while it decreases levels of bad gut bacteria that have been linked to cancer.

OMEGA ALPHA LUNG TONE™ AND E-Z MOBILITY ™ Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. has two new products joining their line of herbal-based liquid nutraceutical formulations for cats, dogs and small animals. Lung ToneTM is an herbal formula of herb extracts that supports the respiratory system, which is a common issue for some animal breeds. Pain and inflammation are covered with E-Z MobilityTM, a formulation of herbs and essential minerals for animals of all ages with mobility issues.

ANDALOU NATURALS CITRUS VERBENA BODY LOTION SISU STRESS RESCUE L-THEANINE SISU Stress Rescue features L-Theanine, which has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mental focus. It is nonsedating, non-habit forming and provides quick relief in stressful situations, with the effects lasting for hours. Stress Rescue is available in high-potency, vegetarian capsules, or great-tasting, natural cherry, low-calorie chewable tablets, in convenient take-and-go packaging with a flip-top lid.


The unique Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science renews skin at the cellular level, blending nature and knowledge for visible results. Invigorating citrus verbena, organic aloe vera, apricot and sunflower oils effectively hydrate and replenish to nourish skin.


SKU Review2.indd 14

9/8/11 3:10:11 PM



Daily Color Defense Shampoos & Conditioners


These color-specific formulas contain an exclusive antioxidant-powered UV fade-resistant system that works together to keep color stronger, longer. SULFATE-FREE


INTRODUCES D:tox System® Facial Care luxury anti-aging products featuring skin purifying volcanic ash, activated charcoal and replenishing super-antioxidants acai and goji berry

step 1


D:tox System purifying facial cleanser

step 2

D:tox System purifying facial scrub


step 3


D:tox System replenishing facial moisturizer

use as needed

D:tox System purifying facial mask



MADE IN U.S.A. For more information on Giovanni, visit us online @ © Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Beauty from the Elements is Chic on the Street® NO phthalates / sulfates / parabens

9/8/11 3:19:01 PM

top seller review STORE INFO

Bins & Bins North Bay, ON

Happy House Natural Foods St. Paul, AB

Pure Nature LaSalle, ON

THEN (2002)


THEN (2002)


THEN (2002)


Store Size: under 3,000-5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store


Holy Crap Cereal/ Hapi Foods/225g


Seed Powder/ Organic Traditions/454g


Cranberry Juice/ Just Juice/1L


Beef Patties/ Ontario Natural Food Co-op.


Shake & Go Smoothies/Sequel Naturals/300g


Almond Butter/ Nuts To You/500g


Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza/ Sue’s Gluten Free Products


Cereal/Only Oats/1kg


Udo’s Oil/500ml

Glucosamine Sulfate/Swiss Herbal

Glucosamine Sulfate/ Swiss Herbal/135 caps.

Glucosamine Sulfate/ My Top/ Organika SierraSil/180 caps.

Glucosamine Chondroitin/Naka Sales

Kerkoman/Now/60 caps.

Shark Cartilage/ Bell Lifestyle

Ginkgo Biloba/ Now/120 caps.

Echinacea/Nature’s Own


Blessed Thistle/ Nature’s Way/100 caps.

Ginkgo Biloba/ Swiss Herbal

Milk Thistle/Herbal Natural/60 caps.

Ginkgo Biloba/Prairie Passion Flower/ Naturals New Roots/50ml

Milk Thistle (Hubaton)/Naka Sales/330ml

CranRich/Natural Factors/90 caps.

Tea Tree Oil/The Soap Works

Toothpaste/Green Beaver/1 tube

Complete Breast Pomegranate Body Enhancer/True North Wash/7.2oz Nutrition

Cone Candles/ Body Health Ind.

Emu Oil/The Soap Works/bar

Slimming Patch/ Bell Lifestyle

Olive Oil Soap/The Soap Works

Moisturizer/Rachel Perry

Face & Shampoo Products/Viva/ variety

Olive Oil Soap/ Soap Works

Almond Oil/ Now/473ml


Lavender Liquid Soap/Dr. Bronner’s

Body Wash/Rachel Perry

Tamanu/ Alpha/30ml

Lip Balm/Alba Terra Tint/Unpetroleum

Pycnogenol M.C./ Derma E/variety

Blast Protein Bar/ ProMax

Whey Protein Powder/Now/bulk

ThermaBurn/ Nutriforce

Protein Vega Complete/Vega Sport/chocolate

Promax Bars/ Sportpharma

Whey Gourmet Natural Line/ PVL/2lbs

Whey Powder/ Interactive Nutrition

Amino Acids/Swiss Herbal/90 caps.

Xenadrine/Cytodyne Protein Powder/ Technologies Dymatize/940g

Myoplex Single Serving/EAS

High Ultimate Protein/Brad King’s/840g/vanilla

Soy Powder Concentrate/ Dupont

Creatine/Now/100 tabs.

Slimming Patch/Bell Lifestyle

Soy One Bars/ Interactive Nutrition

Glutamine/ PVL/400g

Vitamin E/Swiss Herbal

Vitamin D 1000/ Now/90 caps.

Calcium Magnesium/ Liquid Ionic Nature’s Way Magnesium/ Advanced Theory/480ml

Udo’s Oil/Flora

Mens 50+/ Progressive/120 caps.

Triple Strength Garlic/Swiss Herbal

Vitamin C 1000/ Now/100 tabs.

Vitamin For Women/ Vitamin D/Sisu/200 Nature’s Way caps.

Tonalin CLA/ Natural Factors

Framework/ NuLife/60 chewables

Super Flax Seed Gelcaps/Swiss Herbal

Glutamine/Swiss Herbal/30 caps.

Vitamin For Men/ NuLife

Aerobic Oxygen/ Good for You

Natural Calm/ Peter Gillham/8oz/ raspberry, lemon

Flax Oil/Omega Nutrition

Holy Crap Cereal/ Hapi Foods/225g

Moducare/Purity Life Gluten Free Products/GoGo Quinoa/variety

BioSculpt Dietary Supplement/ Maxion Nutrition

Diet Start Kit/ Renew Life/1 kit

Golean Crunch! Breakfast Cereal/ Kashi

Crunchies Chocolate/GoGo Quinoa/100g

Oncolyn/Inukshuk Naturals

Glutino/Wilderness Family Naturals/ variety

Slimming Patch/ Bell Lifestyle

Simply Trim/Renew Life/60 caps.

Rice Pasta/ Tinkyada

Gluten Free Graham Style Crumbs/ Kinnikinnick/300g

Joint Care System/ Lakota


Hollywood Diet/ HBS

Goji Berries/ Organic Traditions/227g





Prostate Perform/ New Roots/90 caps.











B Complex/ AOR/90 caps. • 10 year anniversary Part 1

Top Seller.indd 16

9/8/11 5:19:52 PM




World Of Water-Kemi Krystal Water Inc. Winnipeg, MB

Naturally Healthy Niagara Falls, ON

THEN (2002)


THEN (2002)


THEN ( 2002)


THEN (2002)


Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store


Oats/Large Flake

Noni Juice/Organic Bruess Vegetable

Holy Crap/Hapi Foods Group/225g






Crunchy Peanut Butter/bulk

Juice/Biotta Juice

Hemp Seed/ Manitoba Harvest/227g


SaviSeeds/Sequel Naturals/ 5oz/cocoa kiss






Flax Meal/ Chapman Farms/ variety


Simply Bars/40g/ chocolate peanut butter



Saw Palmetto/ Natural Factors

Astragalus/St. Francis Herb Farm

Kyolic Garlic Formula 104/Quest

Oil Of Oregano/ Hedd Wyn Essentials/50ml


Milk Thistle/ Hubner/330ml

Hair Growth Technology/Biofen

Oregano Oil/ iHealth/30ml



Ginkgo/Swiss Herbal

Acai/Organika/180 caps.

Sambu Guard/Flora

Holy Basil/New Chapter/60 caps.


Allergy Relief/Bell Lifestyle/30 caps.

Ginkgo Biloba/ Swiss Herbal

Anti-Viral/Natural Factors


Lutein/Natural Factors/60 caps.


Oil Of Oregano/ North American Herb & Spice

Greens+/ehn Inc.

Geranium/SD aceuticals/60 caps.

Tea Tree Deodorant/Jason Natural Cosmetics

Deodorant Crystal/ Naturally Fresh/3oz

Hand & Body Lotion/Jason Natural Cosmetics

Neem Cream/ TheraNeem/60ml

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion/Avalon Organics

Nature’s Aid/ Nature’s Aid/125ml

Tea Tree Oil/Desert Essence


Antiseptic Cream/ Jason Natural Cosmetics

Olive Oil Soap/The Soap Works/bar

Pycnogenol Cream/ Derma E Skin Care

CoQ10 Moisturizer/ Avalon Organics

Toothpaste/Green Beaver/75ml/anise

Biotin Shampoo/ Mill Creek


Shampoo/Jason Natural Cosmetics

Tea Tree Shampoo/ Jason Natural Cosmetics/540ml

Body Wash/Jason Natural Cosmetics

Hand & Body Lotion/ Jason Natural Cosmetics/250g

Healing Crème/ Nature’s Aid

Deodorant Spray/ Dr. Mist/50ml/baby powder

Vegetal Silica Shampoo/Flora


Whey Protein/ Prolab

ISOWhey Protein/ Interactive Nutrition


Whey Protein/ Twinlab/5lbs/ chocolate

Soy One/ Interactive Nutrition

Protein Powder/ Brad King/840g

Whey Gourmet/ PVL

Iso-100/ Dymatize/2lbs/ vanilla

Whey Protein/Sisu



Hemorush/ Nutrabolics/2.2lbs/ orange

Transform Plus/ ehn Inc.

Extra Energy/ Greens+/445g/ cappucinno

Whey Protein/ Advanced Nutrition

XtraVol/PVL/480g/ blue raspberry

Nitro-Tech Bars/ MuscleTech

Micronized Creatine/Precision


Boiling Point/ StarChem Labs/120 caps.

Zone Bars/Barry Sears

Food Optimizer/ Vega/1029g/berry

Liquid Creatine/ Muscle Marketing

Leucine/ AllMax/400g/ unflavoured

Simple Once A Day/Quest

NutraSea/ Ascenta/500ml

Stacker 2

SierraSil/SierraSil Health/90 caps.


LeafSource/ LeafSource/60 caps.

Pure Whey/Prolab

Multi Vitamins/ Progressive/120 caps.

Vitamin E/Swiss Herbal

Arnica/ Homeocan/4g

Super Once A Day/ Quest

Wholy Tea/Dr. Miller’s/28 caps.

Colustrum/ Symbiotics

Every Woman One Daily/New Chapter/24 caps


Vitamin B Complex/Natural Factors

Omega Alpha/90 caps.

Mega Ligament Glucosamine/ Organika

Once-A-Day/ Quest/180 caps.

Ester C/Sisu

CoQ10/Inno-Vite/60 Mammoth 2500/ Interactive caps. Nutrition

Ultimate Glucosamine/ Wellesley Therapeutics/60g

Slimming Patch/ Bell Lifestyle

Holy Crap/Dragon’s Blend/8oz


Sytrinol/Prairie Naturals/60 caps.

Dream Crème/ Aroma Crystal

Biofen/Hair Growth Iron Smart/ Lorna Vanderhaeghe/ Technology 500ml

Heart Drops/ Strauss

Whey Protein/ Precision/850g/ natural


Vege Greens/ Progressive/530g/ blueberry medley

Bio K/Bio K Plus

Myo Med/Myo Med/3oz

Whey Gourmet/ PVL

Hica-Max/ Labrada/90 caps.

Pepper Cream/Bell Lifestyle

Plantain Chips/bulk


GlucoSmart/Lorna Vanderhaeghe/30 caps.

Wonder Wash/ GBR Products

Skin Smart/ Lorna Vanderhaeghe/ 50ml

T2/Sci Fit


Deodorant Crystal/Teed International/3oz

Spartan Nutrition Windsor, ON


Kardish Specialty Foods Ottawa, ON

Vitamin D 1000 IU/ Now/360 caps. Acai Rich/Natural Factors/90 caps.

The top selling products in the review are from randomly selected retailers. The review is meant to give readers some idea of what consumers are buying most of in these selected stores. Participating stores are free of any third-party influence and provide all the information. The information cannot be seen as a statistical survey or taken to reflect top-selling products on a national, regional or local level.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

Top Seller.indd 17


9/8/11 5:20:03 PM

top seller review STORE INFO

Vital Health Creston, BC

Green Door Vitamins Kingston, ON

College Ave. Drugs Regina, SK

THEN (2001)


THEN (2002)


THEN (2002)


Store Size: 2,400 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 3,000-5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 1,000-3,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Pharmacy

Type: Pharmacy

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Juice/R.W. Knudsen

Coconut Oil/ Arona/475ml


Coffee/ Folgers/975g/ mount roast



Blue Sky


Orange Juice/Ocean White Bread/ Spray McGavin’s



Spritzer/R.W. Knudsen

Soy Seasoning/ Braggs/946ml

Apple Juice/Ocean Spray

2% Milk/ Dairyland/2L



Psyllium Husk Powder

Cayenne/Nature’s Way/100 caps.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin/ Webber/250mg

Cranberry/ Webber/60 caps.

Echinaforce/A. Vogel/30 caps.

Gandha/AOR/120 caps.


Olive Leaf/Nature’s Way/100 caps.

Glucosamine/Price Watchers/500mg

Saw Palmetto/ Webber/60 caps.

Hawthorne/ Nature’s Herbs

Astragalus/New Roots/90 caps.


Passion Flower/St. Francis/50ml

Ginkgo Biloba/Price Watchers

Echinacea/ Webber/90 caps.

Ginseng/ RenshensengWangjiang

Fenugreek/ Nature’s Way/100 caps.

Wild Yam Cream/ Born Again

DNA Repair Lotion/ NewCo/150ml


Mouthwash/ Listerine/1L/ original

Balance Shampoo/ Druide/250ml

Frequency Shampoo/ Druide/250ml

Milk & Honey Body Lotion/Burt’s Bees/236ml

Seabuckthorn/ SBT/175ml


Adult Diaper Briefs/Tena/adult size

CoQ10 Ultimate Firming Body Lotion/ Avalon/235ml

Body Lotion/Alba Botanica/350ml


Amaze Gel/ Viva/60ml


Lip Balm/ Lypsyl/4g/cherry


Cell Food Gel/ Lumina Health Products/59ml


Whole Food Health Optimizer/Vega/ 1064g/vanilla chai




Performance Protein/Vega Sport/827g/vanilla


Whey Protein Isolate/ inbalance/907g




ISOWhey Protein/ Interactive Nutrition/910g/ vanilla


Harmonized N/A Protein/Progressive /804g/vanilla



Micronized Creatine/ Precision/600g


Cleanse Smart/ Renew/120 caps.

Calcium/Price Watchers/500mg

Vitamin C/ Option+/60 caps.

Liga-Joint/ Organika/850mg

Gaba/AOR/60 caps.

MSM/Naka Sales

Probiotic/ Renew (Ultimate Flora)/360 caps.

Vitamin E 400 IU/ Price Watchers

Vitalux/Novartis/50 caps.

Supreme Digestive Enzymes/Trophic

Methyl B12/ Trophic/90 tabs.


B-Complex/ AOR/180 caps.

Calcium/Magnesium Calcium/ with Vitamin D/Price Option+/100 caps. Watchers/125mg

ConcenTrace Mineral Drops/ Trace Mineral Research/237ml

Vitamin K2/AOR/60 caps.

Amasake/Green Cuisine

Body Lotion/ Pure Fiji/354ml/ pineapple

Zinc Lozenges/ Sunkist

Emulgel/ Voltaren/100g

Grapefruit Seed Extract/New Roots/112ml

Astaxanthin Ultra/ AOR/60 caps.

Gardener’s Dream Cream/Aroma Crystal

Gluco Smart/Lorna Vanderhaeghe/30 caps.

EchinaMax & Zinc/ Webber

CanesOral/ Bayer/150mg

Udo’s Choice/Flora

PGX Ultra Matrix Plus/Natural Factors/120 soft gels

Emergen C/ Vitascorb

Camu C/Advantage Health/90 caps.


Lax-A-Day/ Pendopharm Pharmascience

MSM/Flora/180 caps.

Joint Relief/Bell Lifestyle/100 caps.













18 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

Top Seller.indd 18

9/8/11 5:20:12 PM

Rainbow Natural Foods Ottawa, ON

Health 4 U Spruce Grove, AB


Two Farm Kids Natural Foods Brandon, MB




Valley Pharmacy Doyles, NF THEN (2001)


THEN (2002)


THEN (2001)


THEN (2002)


Store Size: 2,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 3,000-5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: over 5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: over 5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: 4,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: over 5,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Store Size: under 1,000 sq.ft.

Type: Pharmacy

Type: Pharmacy

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store

Type: Health Food Store



Pure Cranberry/ R.W. Knudsen

Flax Ground/Two Farm Kids/bulk/ brown flax

100% Cranberry Juice/Black River

Almond Milk/ Almond Breeze/ unsweetened





Apple Juice/Santa Cruz Organic

Greek Yogurt/ Greek Gods/650g/ honey & plain

Rice Milk/Rice Dream/enriched

Juice/R.W. Knudsen




Meal Replacement/ Boost

Black Cherry/R.W. Knudsen

Udi’s Bread/ Udi’s/340g/brown (gluten free)

Organic Spritzers/ Santa Cruz Organic

Gluten Free Bread/ assorted brands




Echinacea/ Jamieson

Ginkgo Biloba/ Natural Factors

Reflexir/Reflexir/90 caps.

Psyllium Husks/ bulk

Nettle Leaf

Milk Thistle/A. Vogel

Cayenne/Health First/180 caps.

Echinacea/ Jamieson


Milk Thistle/Natural Factors

Echinacea/Natural Factors/50ml, 100ml

Pau D’arco/bulk


Gingko Biloba/ Prairie Naturals

Cinnamon/Nature’s Way/60 caps.

Saw Palmetto/ Jamieson

Flaxseed/West Coast

Echinacea/Natural Factors

Fenugreek/ Nature’s Way/100 caps., 180 caps.


Psyllium Husk

Vigor Force/Prairie Naturals

Rhodiola/Now/60 caps.



Aromatherapy/Aura Cacia

Tea Tree Oil/ Treemenda/10ml, 30ml, 50ml

Lavendar Essential Oil/Aromaforce

Whole Line of Products/Green Beaver/variety

Shampoo/Prairie Naturals

Hyaluronic Serum/ Adeeva/30ml



Harvest Moon Shampoo/Prairie Naturals

Lip Balm/Burt’s Bees/4g/original

Hair Colouring Line/Herbatint

Lotion/Alba/ unscented

Hair Colour/ Herbatint

Sea Buckthorn & Ester C/Sibu/1g



Emu Oil/Songlines

Ear Candles/locally made/natural beeswax/ind.

Moisturizing Day Cream/Dr. Hauschka

Facial Care/Simply Natural/variety

Tea Tree Oil/ Treemenda

DMAE Cream/ Derma E/5kg




Whey Protein/ Natural Factors/ 1kg/vanilla


Whole Food Health Optimizer/Vega

Women’s Whey/ Sisu

Male Energy & Her Energy/Brad King




Active-X/ Platinum/60 soft gels


Protein Products/ Progressive/variety

ProM3/ISS Research

Lean & Extra/ GHI/60 caps., 120 caps.




Ionic Trace Minerals/ ConcenTrace/ 240ml/


Sun Warrior

Transform/ehn Inc.

Vega Health Optimizer/Sequel/ 1029gm/berry

Apple Cider Vinegar/West Coast

Glucosamine/West Coast

Glucosamine Sulfate/Natural Factors

RxOmega-3 Triple Strength/Natural Factors/150 gelcaps


Berry Supreme/ Health First

Solaray/ Neutraforce

Joint Formula/ SierraSil/90 caps.

Glucosamine Sulfate/West Coast

Omega-3/Terra Nova

Udo’s Choice/Flora

Omega LDL with Red Yeast Rice/ Nordic Naturals/60 soft gels

EFA Capsules/ Udo’s Choice

CalMag/Lifetime/ blueberry

Super One-A-Day/ Quest

Berry C Supreme/ Health First/90 caps., 180 caps.

Centrum Select/ Whithall Robins

Calcium with Vitamin D/ Jamieson

Evening Primrose Oil/Quest

Cleanse Smart Detox Kit/Renew Life/30 day

Glucosamine Sulphate/Sisu


Multiforce/Prairie Naturals

Ultimate Flora 50 Billion/Renew Life/30 caps.


Anti-Inflammatory Gel/Voltaren Emulgel

Moducare/Purity Life

Ironwear Weights/ Ironwear Fitness/ adjustable

Multi Start Vitamin Line/Natural Factors


Muscl-Ez/Prairie Naturals

Calmag Supreme/ Health First/60 caps., 120 caps.



Gluten Free Line/ Celimix

Coconut Waters/ Blue Monkey & Taste Nirvana/ 520ml, 240ml/coconut

Smoothies/Natural Factors


Carrot Nutrition Body Lotion/Burt’s Bees

Curamin/Nature’s Way/60 caps.



Royal Jelly/Raven Creek

SaviSeed/Sequel Naturals/28g

Disposable Diapers/Tushies


ReCleanse/Prairie Naturals

HCP 70/ Progressive/120 caps., 60/60 kit

The top selling products in the review are from randomly selected retailers. The review is meant to give readers some idea of what consumers are buying most of in these selected stores. Participating stores are free of any third-party influence and provide all the information. The information cannot be seen as a statistical survey or taken to reflect top-selling products on a national, regional or local level.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

Top Seller.indd 19


9/8/11 5:20:23 PM

special feature

pantone blue 661 pantone blue 348

In the 22 years Puresource has been distributing natural and organic products into the independent marketplace, we have seen many changes. With the rise and fall of the trendiest products to the overwhelming growth our market has enjoyed, the opportunity continues to grow with more health conscience consumers fueled by the latest trendsetter, Dr. Oz. Puresource’s main focus remains the natural and independent retailer and we are working hard to make it even easier to do business with us. New Head Office In June of this year, Puresource completed a move to a new head office and Eastern Canadian Distribution facility in Guelph, Ont. The new facility boasts a 40 per cent greater storage capacity, technological improvements and a more efficient and sustainable pick, pack and ship system. Puresource is in an even better position to offer you the distribution services that you expect from a key supply partner. If you are in the area, we invite you to pay us a visit at our new facility. We would be happy to show you around.

Cleanerrt eener ve The Gr nettoyant Le


New Logo In keeping with this modernization of our business and head office facility, we are also unveiling a new logo that reflects our transformation and mirrors the values and strengths of Puresource going forward. The blue and green coloured leaf symbolizes our commitment to all things natural and sustainable when it comes to our business and the products that we sell. The stylized wheels in motion are intended not only to represent the fast and efficient delivery that we aim to offer, but our vision to be continually moving forward. • 10 year anniversary Part 1

XXX-XXX.IHR_PureSource1.indd 20

9/8/11 3:37:43 PM

Charitable Work Puresource continues to be involved with our community. Our long-standing relationships with the local food banks of Guelph, Calgary and Montreal have long been near and dear to our hearts. We have recently launched a new initiative in which each quarter we donate a percentage of our earnings to charities our employees have chosen and which align with our values and beliefs. Giving back is an important function in business and we are excited to begin this new chapter. Sustainability Audit We have recently undertaken a sustainability review of our operation to identify any further ways we can make a positive impact. We evaluated our operational procedures by exploring cost savings and efficiency improvements, social responsibilities, including volunteerism or initiatives that support good citizenry and community building and environmental sustainability to establish activities that reduce our use of primary resources and carbon footprint. In the design of our new warehouse for example, huge skylights offer constant natural daylight. Puresource continues to keep these elements top of mind when making decisions on new vendors, promotional programs and the overall day-to-day operation of our company. Trends Moving Forward Consumers are asking for gluten free, raw and fibre rich foods. On the supplement end, legislation dictates more and more what products we can bring to market, yet we continue to create new formulas that satisfy even the most discerning of customers. Honesty and transparency are important to Puresource and we will continue to offer effective products that are reasonably priced. We would like to congratulate IHR on 10 successful years and on the value this publication brings to our industry members.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

XXX-XXX.IHR_PureSource1.indd 21


9/8/11 3:38:01 PM

Saskatoon Berries – Bring the natural goodness of the Canadian Prairies into your home. The Saskatoon Berry (Amelanchier alnifolia) is native to the Great Northern Plains where it manages to thrive under the harsh prairie environment. The berry is a rich storehouse of energy and phytochemicals that offers protection and provides nourishment to future generations of plants and animals that consume it. Key among these phytochemicals are phenolics, flavanols and anthocyanins that impart the deep, red to purple colour and also provide potent antioxidant protection. The ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value, a common measure of the total antioxidant activity in fruit, places Saskatoon Berries above a number of wild and cultivated berries, including blueberries, chokecherries, sea buckthorn, strawberries and raspberries. Just Juice Saskatoon Berry juice is from select cultivars grown exclusively in Saskatchewan and Alberta. As with all of our juices, it is 100% pure and never from concentrate. Enjoy the distinctly sweet and slightly astringent flavour that is sure to make everyone a fan of this Western Canadian favourite.

Saskatoon Berry Distinctly sweet with a slightly astringent flavour.

Exclusively from Puresource. 1-800-265-7245

ads (all).indd 32

9/8/11 3:23:40 PM





In the know:

Great new products and the latest on research and regulation Time to sleep Pharmaceutical developer Ajinomoto has announced the unveiling of Glysom, a breakthrough in amino acid and sleep research. Known for being a leader in the development of pharmaceutical-quality amino acids and effective nutraceutical solutions, Ajinomoto promises Glysom will promote deeper and more satisfying sleep without morning drowsiness. The project was developed by a team of scientists lead by Dr. Makoto Bannai who has authored over 20 studies examining various mechanisms for improving sleep. Glysom was introduced into the U.S. market in May 2010 and is only available through a medical professional.

Filling almonds A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism has found that the addition of almonds to a breakfast meal at the start of the day has the effect of stabilizing blood glucose levels, which prolongs the feeling of satiation. Dr. Richard Mattes, professor of foods and nutrition at Purdue University, who co-authored the study, stated that adding almonds to a carbohydrate-rich breakfast may result in a lower blood glucose concentration in comparison to a carbohydraterich breakfast alone. The study evaluated the effects of almonds in different forms using insulin markers. The results are proven to be most beneficial for those in need of

dietary changes to decrease their blood glucose levels.

per cent of the salt consumed comes from processed foods.

Salmonella burgers?

Immigrants beware

Two major food retailers have recalled food products amidst fears of salmonella contamination. Sol Cuisine Inc. is recalling its own Spicy Bean Burger product, which is sold in frozen packaging across Canada. Palmex Inc. recalled the brand’s Dried Smoked Duck Breast product, which is only distributed in Quebec and Ontario. So far, there have not been any illnesses reported in connection to the two foods, however eating contaminated products can have serious and sometimes deadly results. Some symptoms of salmonella poisoning include high fever, severe headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. For additional information, contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at 1-800-442-2342.

A recent study conducted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences has revealed that new immigrants to Ontario are posed with a higher risk of heart disease the longer their stay is in Canada. Principal investigator of the study, Maria Chiu, has reported that immigrants of Chinese origin have the highest chances of developing cardiovascular disease the longer they stay in a western country such as Canada. The research was done using population and health data to examine heart disease and stroke factors among immigrants who have resided in Canada for 15 years or longer in comparison to those who lived in the country for a shorter period of time. The results showed that more immigrants living in the province longer had exhibited risks of cardiovascular disease like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Chiu stated that Chinese immigrants showed the poorest heart health over time, with white and black groups following in second and third place.

Savoury aromas mean less salt A research study by Unilever scientists reports that savoury smells have the ability to reduce salt intake by 30 per cent. A combination of potassium chloride-based salt replacers and savoury aromas has proven to replace significant amounts of sodium chloride while maintaining the original flavour of a food product. The World Health Organization urges food industry officials to reduce sodium levels down to five grams per day since 75

Cancer-killing citrus The BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal has published a new study revealing that Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) has the ability to significantly boost

the functions of the body’s immune system. The study was conducted using MCP activated B-cells in human blood cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells against live leukemia cancer cells. Researchers at Dharma Biomedical LLC in Miami, Fla. found that using MCP in the study resulted in a 53.6 per cent increase of the NK-cells’ functional ability to identify and kill cancer cells. MCP has been previously used in various holistic health programs and the new findings are just a step further in the treatment of cancer.

Vaccines for all The Ontario provincial government is expanding its immunization program with free access to four new vaccines. The new development is aimed at protecting children from infectious diseases. The vaccines include protection against rotavirus for babies, a second vaccine against chickenpox for small children, a third vaccine which offers combined protection against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella, and the fourth is against whooping cough for adults. Rotavirus is the most common source of stomach infections. Children will also be protected from chickenpox with a dose of varicella and against whooping cough with pertussis. Estimates predict that the new financed program will save Ontario families more than $1,400 per child.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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9/8/11 5:11:00 PM

industry news


WHAT  AND WHO  IS HAPPENING IN THE BUSINESS WORLD Safe bet for Safeway Supermarket retailer Safeway Canada has launched a loyalty program for its top clientele modeled after the kinds of tiered rewards programs that are used by various airlines. Any Safeway customer that spends over $125 every week for a consecutive six months is qualified to join the SafewayClub Elite Customer program. The benefits of membership include a discount on gasoline, flowers, various food items, cash back, and approval on refunds without having a receipt. The most interesting perk of the program is that clients are given access to their store manager’s mobile number in order to ensure the

highest quality of service. The new loyalty program is a further development in a system, which proves that rewarding loyal customers results in higher sales at the company’s stores.

For he’s a jolly good Ferlow Ferlow Botanicals president and founder Klaus Ferlow has announced that he has been appointed to the advisory boards of the Life Transformation Institute in Ontario and the Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia. Ferlow is best known for his book Seven Holistic Steps to Dental Health as well as his articles for various health and women’s magazines around the world.

Watch baseball legend Joe Carter’s interview clip

Michael Tait (WN Pharmaceuticals), Steve Bernad (Loblaws), Olivier Felicio (IHR Magazine), Shaun Halstead (Loblaws)

Steve Bernad (Loblaws), Joe Carter

Creagri is outsanding Creagri Inc., a leading developer of olive polyphenols, has been honoured with the Outstanding Application in Health Management award at the Nutraceutical Business Technology Awards held this past May. The company was credited with reducing the environmental impact of olive oil production, for developing a new patent-protected process called the Integrale and for the creation of HIDROX, a polyphenol used to benefit heart and joint health. Creagri is known for making advancements in the natural products industry and distributes products in Asia, Europe, and North America.


Adwin Simpson (Loblaws), Don Bird (WN Pharmaceuticals)

Walgreens to sell health insurance Walgreens has announced a new venture of selling a range of health insurance products to their customers this fall.

The likely project guarantees that insurance will be available through a private health insurance exchange in various coverage levels, however the drugstore chain has not yet confirmed or denied the final plan. The recent U.S. health reform has allowed more freedom for retailers and financial services to provide federal and state-funded public health insurance exchanges by 2014 aiming at the uninsured and underinsured population spectrum. The health insurance exchange industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars and many companies that are not usually associated with health insurance are expected to enter the market by 2014.

Futuristic drugstore lands on Wall Street Duane Reade, a division of Walgreens, is opening its door at 40 Wall Street, The Trump Tower, to a brand new and completely unique drugstore. The New York Times reports that according to the president of Duane Reade, Joe Magnacca, this will be “the most exciting drugstore in the world.” The 22,000 sq. ft. flagship store is open around the clock and features a “Virtual Assistant,” which is a holographic image of a real person who helps consumers while shopping, as well as a “Doctor on Premises” service, staffed by medical professionals. The drugstore is meant to accommodate wealthy, discerning, and on-thego clientele.


022-025.IHR_IndustryNews.indd 24

9/8/11 5:11:11 PM

Making contact in Quebec Natren Probiotics of Canada Inc., a leading probiotic manufacturer, has appointed Quebec Contact as its broker representative for Quebec, which came into effect on August 1. Quebec Contact has a team of seven representatives specializing in working with various natural products and they will be responsible for promoting and expanding Natren’s product line and sales programs to retailers across Quebec. The probiotic industry has been on a steady rise among the media and consumers over the last decade and Natren has been a leader by providing the best functional effectiveness through the use of a specifi c super strain in its probiotic product line.

Acasti invests Acasti Pharma Inc., a firm specializing in developing effective pharmaceutical applications, has announced the appointment of The Howard Group as its investor relation company as well as its financial report for the threemonth period that ended May 31, 2011. The report shows that Acasti generated $83,000 in revenues compared to no revenues for the same period of the previous year. Research and development expenses were up to $461,000


The Houston Press has published a memo on the subject of a new halal food product line that they obtained from Whole Foods, which has sparked outrage from various consumers and online public groups in the U.S. The memo states that the introduction of Saffron Road, a line of frozen products that are halal certified, was accompanied by a Whole Foods online blog meant to generate awareness about the new products. But since the blog post coincided with the beginning of Ramadan, several people have expressed outrage by misinterpreting the blog to promote the Muslim holiday. As a result of this negative feedback, the Whole Foods Southwest division released a new memo stating that the company will not highlight Ramadan in store signage. The subsequent memo continued to cause even more uproar from a larger public community, questioning why Ramadan was not to be “promoted” while the advertising of holidays like Easter and Passover was never questioned in the past.


Halal products cause uproar


The Nova Scotia government has introduced a 45 per cent price limit on generic prescription drugs in relation to their brand-name equivalent starting July 1. The limit comes into place under the province’s Pharmacare program and will introduce another 40 per cent limit on January 1, which will drop down to 30 per cent on July 1, 2012. The limit on cost comes as a result of an agreement reached between Nova Scotia’s government and pharmacists in order to mend a disagreement that could negatively affect Pharmacare’s sale of prescription drugs. The main dispute stemmed from a disagreement on how many pharmacists would be compensated for distributing Pharmacare prescriptions.


Nova Scotia puts a cap on generic drugs

Well-prepared shoppers A recent survey conducted by Acosta Sales & Marketing at the IIR Shopper Insights in Action 2011 conference in Chicago, Ill. has revealed that over 80 per cent of shoppers prepare a list prior to going out to make their purchases. Acosta vice president Parker Hurlburt has also disclosed that 78 per cent of the younger generation of consumers prepare a shopping list and that 84 per cent of shoppers are infl uenced by the various aisle headings and displays at any specifi c store. The research study also found that consumers tend to organize their shopping lists by product, category, and/or brand. Hurlburt has suggested that stores include every product they can on their aisle headings in order to attract the customer with a particular shopping list. Another research study conducted by Tom McCann, director of retail usability research for Staples Inc., revealed that shoppers spend an average of two seconds looking at the signage outside of a store and less than a second at a specifi c sign once they are inside. compared to $247,000 for the corresponding period in 2010. Acasti’s chief financial officer, Xavier Harland, stated that the firm has entered into an Investor Relation agreement for a 12-month period with The Howard Group in order to increase Acasti’s participation in the Canadian capital market.

U.S. retail sales surpass predictions Thomson Reuters reports that U.S. retail sales for the month of June increased by 6.5 per cent, well above the 4.9 per cent mark estimated by research analysts. Hot weather,

widespread promotions, and high discounts have all been attributed as major factors behind the growth of sales numbers. Statistics Canada, on the other hand, has reported that Canadian retail sales fared way below their expected results only gaining 0.1 per cent for a total of $35.9 billion due to lingering recession woes. Although Canadian consumer spending has not been as strong for the May to July 2011 period, both the TD Bank Financial Group and Bank of Canada predict it will continue to rise for the remainder of this year.


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RY !











Open doors Whole Foods Market introduces its brand of “Whole Living” to Mississauga, Ont. Whole Foods Market continues its expansion into Ontario with the opening of a brand new Mississauga, Ont. store on August 10 — making this the natural and organic food retailer’s seventh Canadian location. The company currently has one store in Toronto, another in Oakville, plus four more locations in British Columbia. Whole Foods Market Square One is especially unique though, because it’s ideally situated at Rathburn Road and Square One Drive, on the corner of the popular Square One shopping centre. It’s literally in the middle of everything. In fact, the organic emporium’s arrival is truly a boon both for Whole Foods Market and the community. Mayor Hazel McCallion, who was on hand for opening festivities, explains there’s been a need for a grocery store in the heart of the city for several years. McCallion recognizes what a significant neighbourhood asset this particular retailer is. “We’ve hit the jackpot,” she enthuses. “We’re just delighted that Whole Foods has chosen the city core to locate their first store in Mississauga. I think it fits beautifully into the city core because the city core is also unique.” McCallion adds that the area’s large number of condominiums and those in the works in the city center means the new store will be very well patronized by local citizens. It’s sure to draw lots of attention — and tourist dollars — from visitors outside of the city too. “Remember we’re close to Highways 407, 401, Queen Elizabeth Way and they will attract shoppers from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond,” remarks McCallion. Whole Foods Market Square One is a whopping 40,000 sq. ft., employing nearly 125 people. It’s brimming with fresh, local, natural and organic foods. “We are one of the best merchandised stores in the country, maybe in the whole company,” says Janice Chan of Whole Foods Market’s Ontario marketing managing team.


The space is designed to feel like a collection of “boutiques within a store.” Everyday departments and specialty sections include meat, seafood, prepared fare, grocery, cheese, bakery and desserts, floral and garden, coffee bar, Whole Body as well as produce areas. Renowned for providing high quality products, each section has a large range of local, organic and natural goods with options for special diets such as kosher, gluten-free, lactose free, low fat and vegetarian picks to suit today’s discerning customer. In the produce department, “what we focus on most are the local farmers,” explains Chan. Locally-grown goods are clearly labelled, thus easy to identify. One such local vendor, Pfennings Organics in St. Agatha, Ont., supplies organic staples such as carrots, onions and potatoes. “We’re reducing the distance between the farmer and the plate, so it’s fresher produce. It’s just that much better and you get the nutrients a little better,” she adds. At the Whole Body section, “we’re looking after you inside and out,” says Chan. The expertise and personal care available distinguishes Whole Foods Market even further from the competition. “Everyone who works in the Whole Body section is a certified specialist, so maybe a dietician or a holistic nutritionist. If you have any questions, they know their stuff. It can be overwhelming, and our goal is to make sure the customer gets all the answers they need. So please don’t be afraid to come here and ask us those questions,” Chan emphasizes. More than a grocery store, Whole Foods Market Square One is a destination — a gathering space where customers can hang out, indulge and be educated. There’s café seating for a relaxed dining experience, free Wi-Fi, a Whole Lifestyle Centre with cooking demos and classes taught by local chefs, plus lounge area for club and group meetings. Whole Foods Market Canada is growing steadily: Toronto’s store expanded last summer, then a Markham store will launch in the spring/summer of 2012. There are more than 300 outlets in North America and United Kingdom, with nearly 60,000 employees and 2010 sales exceeding $9 billion.


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My eyesight is better thanks to blueberries!

Here is the blueberry tablet for your eyes How is your eyesight developing? Blue Berry™ is the original Swedish blueberry tablet you need to help maintain healthy eyes and a good vision. TO SEE BETTER IS TO LIVE BETTER! Your eyes are precious and essential to your quality of life. But with age and with the strain we put our eyes through, they suffer and our sight deteriorates. Most people start wearing glasses between the ages of 40 and 50 because of the eye’s lacking ability to focus. This happens as a result of a hardening of the lens, a weakening of the eye muscles and a lack of nutrients. Macular degeneration Most people notice problems when trying to read in poor light. This happens because the eyes core is not capturing the light well enough. The “yellow spot” of the eye, called the macula, contains a very high concentration of lutein - a natural pigment, which plays a central role in detection of visible light. Your body cannot produce lutein, so we need it from food, in order to avoid macula degeneration.

The best source is colorful berries and plants. The powerful blueberry Blueberries are known to benefit the vision and the macula. During the Second World War, British fighter pilots had learned from the Swedes to take blueberries before going on night missions, in order to improve the night vision. Today, modern science has confirmed the blueberries crucial role in eye performance. The original Swedish eye care tablet Research indicates that with proper nutrition we can maintain and preserving eye health for both men and women of all ages. However, most people are not getting the high levels of important eye nutrients through diet alone. This is why New Nordic developed Blue Berry - The original Swedish eye formula to contain high concentrations of blueberry and lutein.

Available at pharmacies and health food stores. For more information or to purchase online, please visit or call 1-877-My-Nordic.

Enjoy vitality and a long and active life ads (all).indd 33

Christine lives in a wonderful sunny apartment. She loves reading and has a passion for walks in nature. On her kitchen table you will find a pack of the Blue Berry Strong tablets.


started to feel that my eyes were not as good as they use to be in the past. Every year my sight seemed to get worse. This concerned me a lot as I am very fond of reading books and newspapers. It started to influence my enthusiasm and my good mood.

I tried Blue Berry Strong™ In the newspaper I read an article about blueberries and lutein and how they together could help the eyesight stay healthy well into old age. As I have always been interested in prevention and natural products, I thought I should give the tablets a try.

Fantastic improvements Now, I have taken Blue Berry Strong™ for 3 months. In order not to forget the daily dosage, I make sure to take it every morning with my coffee. The results have been spectacular. Not only am I back to reading my books, but I almost forgot that I have ever had a problem with my eyes. It has made a world of difference to me, and I highly recommend. Christine, Toronto, ON

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special feature

The history of New Nordic dates back to the beginning of the 1990’s in Copenhagen, Denmark. Two friends, who shared a passion for healthy living, quit their job, with a vision of creating our company using a new technique to extract a natural-source anti-acid found in the fruit fibres of citrus fruits. This later became New Nordic’s first product: Frutin. Since then, we have continued actively along this path, seeing the development of numerous vitamins, minerals, herbal and other food supplements that help to promote vitality, well-being and fight age-related degeneration. Many of our products are now no. 1 in their category in Scandinavia. Today, New Nordic has grown to an international company, listed on the Swedish stock exchange and operating in over 20 countries. In Canada, New Nordic started its operations in 2006 and has gained many loyal customers, from the largest retail chains like Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu and Loblaws, to the independent health food store. Recently, New Nordic launched its line in the U.S. market and has gained distribution in major retailers such as GNC, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Our Vision New ideas mean less competition. Thanks to innovative products, New Nordic creates new markets. As part of our innovative process, we are constantly exploring new ingredients and finding new ways of using existing ones. We are committed to uncompromising quality in every product we deliver and we are concerned about the quality from field and forest to the package in the shop. Under our “From Seed to Heart” program, we plant our own herbs and control every step from cultivation in the field to delivery of the finished product at the pharmacy. We are working only on the basis of proven scientific evidence. Our focus on research and development has brought remarkable results, positioning New Nordic as a leading innovator in the natural food supplement industry. One could say that bringing vitality to people all over the world has in turn brought vitality to our market and our company! Strategies are global but selling is local. We want to be close to our customers and serve them the New Nordic way. Therefore, we have built our own operation in more than 20 countries, from Canada in the west to China in the east. We are a truly international company.

Scandinavia’s Top Selling Natural Health Products – by New Nordic

28 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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Marketing our products well is the key for New Nordic in spreading the message about nature’s way of preventing disease. We strongly believe in marketing our product to everyone interested in improving his or her health, and to include real people’s experiences with our products. We believe in long-term commitments. We are dedicated to establishing New Nordic as a significant supplier to the health and beauty market. A company that respects the well-being of employees, customers, and business partners and a company that takes the social and environmental implications of its activities seriously. Joy means maintaining vitality year after year. We hope that we can inspire people all over the world to live healthy and enjoy life. Let New Nordic show you the way.

Our Products Biofirm was the first major product launch for New Nordic. The product’s purpose is to help the liver perform better and to rid the body of impurities and toxins. The desired outcome is to help people regain health, lose weight and feel more energetic. Within two years of its launch, Biofirm became the No. 1 detox product in Scandinavia and later would become the No. 1 detox product in all of Europe. Even today, Biofirm is one of New Nordic’s top products. Mulberry Zuccarin is another breakthrough product from New Nordic. In the leaf of mulberry bushes we find an active ingredient called 1-DNJ. This relatively unknown ingredient has been shown in studies to reduce the body’s ability to digest complex carbohydrates, thus helping to stabilize blood sugar levels, lower insulin secretion and to avoid weight gain from overconsumption of carbohydrates. Today, Blue Berry Eyebright is New Nordic’s best selling product. The product uses high concentrations of especially blueberries and lutein to provide people a natural way to keep the eyes healthy well into old age. Blue Berry is the top selling natural eye supplement in Scandinavia. Melissa is the name of New Nordic’s sleep and stress product. The name is based on the botanical name of lemon balm, but the product contains a complex range of vitamins and plant extracts, all shown in clinical studies to help relax the body. The intent of Melissa is to calm down the body, yet not cause drowsiness. With this function, it can be taken during the day to relieve stress or at night in larger dosages, to promote a night of sound sleep.

Dida is New Nordic’s main digestive product. Because many people suffer from gas and flatulence, without knowing the cause, New Nordic has addressed this issue and given the consumer a solution. Dida is an antifungal product and effectively reduces the side effects of fungus in the digestive tract. Chili Burn is New Nordic’s answer to the lazy man’s method of losing weight. If the consumer has no desire to exercise or change dietary habits, the way to lose weight is to burn more calories every day. But instead of using potentially harmful ingredients, New Nordic uses natural chili and green tea, to boost metabolism. The clinical studies show that it works!

Our Future New Nordic is committed to growing its presence in Canada by continuing to deliver the highest quality natural and innovative products from Scandinavia.

EYE Q – the ADHD supplement leader In the next year, New Nordic has some new innovative launches for Canada and will reveal these in coming issues of IHR. Eye Q is one such product. Eye Q is the market leading natural product in Europe for reliving ADHD symptoms. It has undergone some major independent studies and the impressive results are published in scientific journals, such as Pediatrics and Journal of Attention Disorders. Eye Q has Health Canada NPN approvals, with the strongest claims on the market, and New Nordic is ready to launch the line in Canada early October. For more information about New Nordic, please visit our website at or call us at 1-877-My-Nordic.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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Model image

It´s nice to have clear eyes when you grow older Read Anna’s story:

Anna lives in a beautiful sunny flat. She lost her husband long ago, but Anna lives an active life.


love reading good books. I also read my daily newspaper to keep me up to date, but I felt that I had some difficulties. My sister suggested I take a food supplement with blueberries and something called lutein.

Blueberry extract with lutein

I found Blue Berry Eyebright™ in the nearby shopping centre. I had of course heard the stories about our fighter pilots during the Second World War eating blueberries to better their night sight. The kind lady in the health food store told me about Blue Berry Eyebright and it sounded fantastic. It is frankly due to her that I decided to take the plunge and try it. “I have now been taking Blue Berry Eyebright for 3 months every day and in order not to forget, I take them every morning with my coffee.”

My good spirits returned

It means a lot to me to be able to read the daily paper and have the opportunity to enjoy a good book now and then. My friends commend me for

ads (all).indd 18

being the good active Anna again. Now after 3 months I feel well and energetic again.

The original Swedish blueberry Eyebright tablet

Macula is the name of the spot in the eye, where light is gathered. This spot contains mainly lutein which is why lutein is so important for the eyesigth.

New Nordic invented this unique Blue Berry Eyebright formulation containing good levels of Lutein and antioxidant polyphenols and anthoctanidins. The product contains Blueberry, Eyebright, Marigold and Grape Seed extract and is manufactured in the EC under pharmaceutical controls for purity of ingredients.

Following years of research in cooperation with leading eye specialists, New Nordic was the first to introduce a lutein and blueberry containing tablet in Europe. The benefits of blueberries were enjoyed by British fighter pilots during World War II before they went on night missions.

Make sure to look for the “Silvertree” logo on the pack, which is your guarantee for the original product.

The original Swedish Blue Berry Eyebright tablet are available from: Holland & Barrett Stores. Questions: New Nordic are on-call to answer your questions on freephone: 0800 389 1255.

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special feature

Winning Formula “Play to your strengths” is a familiar business adage, and it’s the formula for success at Jamieson Laboratories. The strength of Canada’s leading dietary supplement manufacturer — founded in 1922 by Dr. C.E. Jamieson on the principles of quality, innovation and corporate accountability — is its solid footing as a local enterprise. “Since the beginning, Jamieson Laboratories has been a family company,” says Vic Neufeld, president and CEO. “It’s part of our culture. Every staff member, in whatever role they play, is a leader. That philosophy distinguishes a company of our size and it is also vital to our success.” Jamieson’s corporate offices are located in Toronto, but Windsor is its manufacturing home, employing more than 350 people who are focused on scientific and regulatory affairs and quality assurance. The staff is responsible for sourcing raw materials and creating world-class formulations that are then processed, packaged and distributed as finished products. “It is rare today among the world’s nutritional-supplement companies to conduct one’s own research and manufacturing,” explains Neufeld. “At Jamieson, this level of control ensures the quality, safety and innovation of our products.” It’s a telling statistic that one in five of the plant employees is dedicated to supervising product integrity, purity and potency.


Each formulation begins with Jamieson’s scrupulous global search for the finest raw ingredients. This comprehensive selection process guarantees that only the purest and most potent materials are used. “When it comes to health, there are no shortcuts,” says the CEO. “We have built our reputation on using the best natural sources available.” The results, to name a few, are impressive: Exxtra-C is the only Canadian Vitamin C made from plants grown in Northern Europe; Omega-3 products contain purified oil from plankton-eating fish found in Antarctic waters and olive extract from Italy; sourced near Verona, Italy, FluShield is made using the first Echinacea angustifolia that has been clinically proven to prevent flu and colds; and Vitamin D from New Zealand contains pure, premium Vitamin D3, the same natural form that our bodies produce when skin is exposed to sunlight. The raw materials are processed to pharmaceutical-grade standards at Jamieson’s sprawling, 160,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Air-flow regulation prevents cross-contamination. All equipment — scales, mixers, tableting machines, coating equipment and analytical devices — is rigorously maintained, including routine calibration and diagnostic tests that ensure precision measurements. The water used for processing is purified. • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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“Our manufacturing standards are a simple, self-imposed antidote to the alarming headlines about tainted goods that people are reading each day,” says Neufeld. “Jamieson is living proof that it is possible to make safe, high-quality supplements.”

staggering list of industry “firsts,” including the smallest and most potent calcium mini-tablet, the first fast-dissolving Vitamin B12 strip, a chocolate chewable Vitamin D tablet, and a shelf-stable, gastro-protected probiotics formula.

Neufeld says quality assurance demonstrates Jamieson’s commitment to put the well-being of its customers first, whether they’re home in Canada or in one of the more than 50 countries where Jamieson products are sold. And it’s a strategy that continues to pay dividends. For the year ending July 2, 2011, Nielsen ranked Jamieson the number-one brand in Canada for the “Total Nutritive Market.” In mid-2011, participants in a survey conducted by Reader’s Digest — Canada’s #1 magazine with a readership of more than 6.9 million — chose Jamieson as the most trusted vitamin brand in Canada.

With the launch of 360 Pure in 2009, Jamieson brought its message of raw-material quality, traceability and innovation right to consumers, a decision that only increases confidence in the Jamieson brand. The 360 Pure protocol exceeds Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices approval process. It’s a promise to consumers that each product undergoes a minimum of 360 qualitycontrol steps — a tangible measure of why Jamieson is Canada’s best-selling supplement manufacturer.

In the past two years, Jamieson has enjoyed remarkable growth in several key categories: 22 per cent in probiotics, 15 per cent in Vitamin D and 16 per cent in Coenzyme Q10. “This increasing success demonstrates our innovation and how hard we work to make products that are relevant for today,” explains Neufeld. “We created the first mega-potency vitamin, the first drug-approved botanical medicine, and the first clinically proven OTC antioxidant for reducing cholesterol. In response to concerns about H1N1, we launched FluShield, our exclusive flu-and-cold-prevention formula.” Among its remarkable portfolio of more than 225 formulations, Jamieson boasts some 50 proprietary products. The company is also a pioneer in innovative “delivery” systems, and it holds a

Jamieson’s new, state-of-the-art, 72,000-square-foot softgel facility in Windsor has deepened its quality control in manufacturing. The new facility occupies an important link in the supplement supply chain: some 20 per cent of Jamieson products require softgel encapsulation. Such vertical integration not only streamlines schedules and fulfillment, but it safeguards the integrity of ingredients and handling, from farm to finished product. “Consumers have a lot more product choice today than when Jamieson first opened its doors in 1922 with halibut oil and concentrated orange crystals,” observes Neufeld. “It is a very competitive, sophisticated international industry. Our company is a beacon of quality work and professionalism, not just for the supplement industry, but also for all industries. As we head into our 90th year, we promise to continue our dedication to the pursuit of excellence for our customers and for Jamieson Laboratories.”

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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Get Your Share of the $55 Million Cold-and-Flu Season With Jamieson 1

Jamieson Is the Echinacea Category Leader • #1 in the Echinacea category at 32.5% 7 • Top 3 Echinacea SKUs in the market are Jamieson bran brand 8 • Jamieson delivers a higher retail price than the average 9 category averag Jamieson has launched Flu Shield, which contains a patented extract of Echinacea angustifolia called LPx3. It is the only flu-defence product formulated with this proprietary, NPN-approved formula.


Jamieson Is the Vitamin C Category Leader • #1 in the Vitamin C category at 48% share 1 • 9 of the Top 10 Vitamin C products 2 • Jamieson delivers a higher retail price than the category average 3 Jamieson Chewable Orange tablets and Timed Release capsules are Canada’s #1 choice.


Jamieson Is the Vitamin D Category Leader • #1 in the Vitamin D category at 46.5% share and growing at 19% 4 • 4 of the Top 5 Vitamin D products 5 • Jamieson delivers a higher retail price than the category average 6 Full range of delivery systems: tablets, chocolate chewables, chocolate soft chews, softgels, liquid drops and chewable orange.

Source: 1 to 11 Nielsen MarketTrack, National FDM, 52 weeks ending June 4, 2011 12 Health Canada. 13 The College of Family Physicians of Canada. 14,15,16,17 Leger Marketing, Vitamin Market Assessment Study, October 2009.


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cover story

36 • SEPTEMBER 2011

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Ten years after gracing our first cover, Toronto’s Markie Pharmacy continues to thrive based on good, honest and professional service By Carlos Weigle Wardrobe Styling by Kelechi Achonu


en years measured in business time can be close to an eternity. Long gone is the era when stores would remain open for decades without having to constantly reinvent themselves. Life cycles have become increasingly short and consumer loyalty is very fleeting. That’s why it’s refreshing to know that the pharmacist who was featured on our first cover, 10 years ago, is not only still open for business, he’s doing very well, thank you.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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9/8/11 3:12:31 PM

cover story

Mark Rosenhek is a fortunate man: he does what he has always wanted to do (since he was a little kid) and still enjoys it immensely. His career as a pharmacist started at a Shoppers Drug Mart in downtown Toronto, where he spent almost 15 years. Eventually he decided to open his own independent pharmacy nearby, and many of his customers opted to follow him. When Shoppers closed their location, a large clientele was left unattended. Those downtown customers were probably very happy to find out Rosenhek was setting up shop in the neighbourhood. That certainly helped Markie Pharmacy get established. However, it was just a good start; you need more than that to keep yourself in business.

Building relationships Another very smart move was creating relationships with the naturopathic and homeopathic doctors practising nearby. Before Rosenhek opened his doors in the posh Yorkville area, many of them had to carry products since certain brands were hard to find elsewhere. Most of the practitioners were happy to let a pharmacy take care of that part of the business. “They’re grateful that they don’t have to be sellers, because they’re too busy, their business is treating clients and not being salespeople,” says Rosenhek.

Rosenhek had a brilliant idea: focus on natural health and alternative medicines at a time when very few pharmacies were interested in that. “Right from the beginning, I knew I didn’t want it to be just like another pharmacy and we started offering alternative products, just when the trend towards natural health was taking off. The timing was wonderful. You know they say ‘timing is everything’ and that is true,” says Rosenhek.

The relationships have only expanded and grown stronger over the years. However, changes were inevitable. One of the most noticeable ones is that big pharmacy chains have also been embracing the natural health trend. As Rosenhek puts it: “You go into a Shoppers Drug Mart or a Rexall Pharma Plus now and you can tell they’re less afraid of carrying some of these products that used to be the domain only of smaller pharmacies and health food stores. Mass marketers are getting into – yet still in a limited way – buying from the same suppliers we are.”

The decision to go solo was certainly the right one. As he explains it: “I make a better living here doing half the volume I did [at Shoppers Drug Mart], because of all the expenses I had there; I had a staff of 25 people, for instance.”

Those big companies are, evidently, in a better position to negotiate pricing, solely based on their sales volume. Rosenhek paints the picture: “If someone comes in and says, ‘gee, I bought this $2 cheaper somewhere else,’ we’ll match the price. However

38 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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9/8/11 3:12:55 PM





that’s not the only issue.” He adds that, “if people want a product they can’t find elsewhere, they will buy it no matter what the price is, and if they want information about it, they’ll come and ask a pharmacist.” That’s where professionals such as Rosenhek can have the upper hand. “Pharmacists at the big chains have many other things to worry about and they really don’t understand too much about homeopathy or herbals,” he points out. “I still think we have an advantage there, however I also think that was the biggest change I’ve seen happening in the last 10 years.” Needless to say, it wasn’t the only factor that impacted the industry. The new regulations on natural health products, passed in 2004, has had a lasting effect as well. Rosenhek feels times are only going to get tougher, since the authorities seem determined to enforce those regulations. As he points out, “we bring in a lot of products from the U.S. and most of those manufacturers will not comply with Health Canada’s regulations on natural health products. And [the products] will just be banned, illegal. It’s the same with companies from Europe; very few European companies will comply.” However, Health Canada seems to be only part of that troubling puzzle; other organizations might become involved too. Rosenhek explains: “Health Canada is going to enforce the regulations in the health food industry, yet the Ontario College of Pharmacists, for example, will enforce them from the pharmacy’s point of view, which means there will be at least two different inspection bodies.” Not a grocery store Another interesting change observed in the industry was diversification, the inclusion of other items such as groceries. Rosenhek never thought about going down that road: “Other pharmacies can sell food as much as they want. We’re not a grocery store. I pride myself in having a mix of products that are not food.” Rosenhek mentions staffing issues and low margins as some of the reasons that discourage him from selling that type of

product. Of course he has other reasons too. “I don’t think that’s the business I want to get into. I didn’t go to school to sell bread, milk and eggs,” he says. Markie Pharmacy’s success story proves it is possible to do well by sticking to your guns and being the best at what you do. “People come in and they get polite, quick, accurate service in filling their prescription and that’s a draw for them. As opposed to go into a chain where they may tell you to come back in an hour, you’ll get your prescription here in five minutes,” he explains. The fact that the pharmacy is located in an upscale area also determines the types of customers it gets and what their priorities are. “People around here are not concerned about the price of the prescription,” describes Rosenhek, “they want it accurate and they want it fast. That’s what’s more important to them.” Rosenhek firmly believes that branching out would not have benefited his business. “The profit driver in any pharmacy is the dispensary,” he says. “It’s not the front store only, it’s the prescriptions. That’s changed quite a bit with the new government regulations because of the reduced professional allowances that pharmacists are now collecting. So it has impacted the bottom line, yet, the guts of any pharmacy is still the dispensary.” In that respect, he adds “we’re fortunate that we have a profitable dispensary volume and we also have a thriving front store with not only supplements – also a large selection of skin and bath products. If you have to choose one or the other, you’d much rather have a busy dispensary and less of a front store.” Some practices are, according to Rosenhek, becoming increasingly alarming: “I know there are pharmacies and health food stores that people go into and have a list of things to buy and the person behind the counter will say, ‘You don’t need this, you don’t need this, you should buy this and this,’ and they contradict what the practitioners told the patient to get due to the fact that they don’t

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

XXX-XXX.IHR_CoverStory2.indd 39


9/8/11 3:13:12 PM

cover story At a Glance Markie Pharmacy Location: 1235 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3K4 Phone: 416-969-9332 Website: Staff: 7 Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Closed. Key Personnel: Richard Mitchell, Pharmacist Top Selling Products: Food: Ground Salba, Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea, Yogi Ginger Tea Vitamins/Supplements: Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion 1000 Drops, Inno-Vite Fish Oil Trio Capsules, Bach Rescue Remedy Drops, Fem Med Breast Health Capsules, Hedd Wyn Oil of Oregano Drops

carry the products being prescribed. We don’t do that. If someone wants A, they get A. If they want B, they get B. If they want information as to which product I think is best, then of course I will give them my opinion.” Trends, trends and more trends One thing that can’t be avoided is trends. Customers will be affected by them and will look for the latest, hottest item to hit the shelves. Trends these days tend to invade the market furiously yet fizzle almost as fast. Rosenhek recalls how echinacea, for instance, used to be so popular 10 years ago and now it’s not anymore. He also knows what the current stars are: “Glucosamine was not very well-known for a while and now it’s a top seller in our pharmacy. Vitamin D tablets also do very well. The same goes for fish oils – so much so that we carry about six different brands of it because people want them. If you come into this pharmacy and you want this particular brand, we’ll get it for you because I don’t have a problem ordering it for you. I don’t have a head office; I’ll get you whatever you want. And that’s what people like.” Another transforming factor in the industry – also seen in other industries, for that matter – is the tendency towards customizing. “We’ve been doing more and more specialized ordering in the last 10 years,” says Rosenhek. That, of course becomes an advantage to him: “Customers will say ‘I go to my local drugstore and they won’t order it. I can’t get this there, can you get it for me?’” Compounding is another area that has certainly been a cornerstone at Markie Pharmacy. Not only that, it has become a growth factor. “Especially in terms of topical hormones,” describes Rosenhek.


“That’s an area that has mushroomed in the last 10 years. We used to prepare 10 topical hormone creams a month, while now we might do 20, 30 and up to 50 a day!” Success might make some entrepreneurs greedy. Not Rosenhek, though. Many times he’s been asked about opening new locations, yet he’s never been tempted enough to give it a try. He loves his store, his staff (most of whom have been with him since he opened his doors in 1993) and his customers, and just couldn’t stand not giving them his undivided attention. “It’s a fun place to work,” he says. “You never know who’s going to walk in the front door; from movie stars, to models, to singers, to professors, to politicians, you just never know. I love working here. I go away for a few days’ vacation and after a few days I miss it. So here I am, 35 years working as a pharmacist and still enjoying it,” beams Rosenhek. He knows he could maybe update the store a little bit, especially since that swanky new Four Seasons Private Residences is being built a few steps away. However, being at such a prime location does have its disadvantages (aside from skyrocketing rent, of course). Companies will offer to make his pharmacy over…for hundreds of thousands of dollars! “I’m sure they do lovely work,” Rosenhek says, “but how much am I going to need to sell to make that four or five hundred thousand dollars? I don’t think customers are going to buy more just because the floor is sparkling. They’re buying more because of what’s on the shelf and how they’re treated.” A very straightforward answer from a pharmacist who still believes in old-fashioned – and much needed – honesty, hard work and treating people the way they want to be treated. With a smile and good, professional service. • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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The Original Seabuckthorn Company A Peachland Company - Proudly Canadian For 20 Years (1991-2011) 1 877 767 6101

This is quite simply The Best skincare line on the market!

All Natural Nutritional Skincare

SBT Seabuckthorn

special feature

SBT Seabuckthorn:

The Original Seabuckthorn Company A Peachland Company • • call: 1 877 767 6101 Seabuck? What?

Humble Beginnings:

Imagine stumbling across a relatively unknown plant way back in 1991 and then discovering this shrub had leaves and berries that had a nutritional makeup way beyond anyone’s expectation. What would you do? If you were Susan McLoughlin you would seize the opportunity and patiently build a now thriving nutritional skin care company, SBT Seabuckthorn: The Original Seabuckthorn Company. A Canadian company, SBT Seabuckthorn, was the very first company in North America to use Sea Buckthorn in the manufacture of skin care products starting with the SBT therapeutic cleansing bars and a still very popular facial cream, SBT Berry Cream. SBT Seabuckthorn has become an overnight success - 20 years later.

Susan McLouglin, president and CEO of SBT Seabuckthorn, once owned and operated a nursery with her late husband Colin McLoughlin. The major focus of the nursery was to grow and sell plants for erosion control. Colin was an engineer specializing in erosion control yet his passion was growing things. He was particularly fascinated by land reclamation. He loved to explore the various terrains all over British Columbia and come up with the correct way to reclaim land based on cultivating, growing and planting various species of plants. After securing a major government contract with the Minister of Highways in B.C., the McLoughlin team was contacted by an Asian agricultural specialist

42 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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who sent Colin a Sea Buckthorn plant for the erosion control project. With a three metre root system Colin fell in love with Sea Buckthorn.

Meanwhile, Susan began researching the Chinese and Russian literature on Sea Buckthorn. She became captivated with its long storied history both as a food product as well as with the long Susan became curious and then very known Chinese medicinal purposes interested in the makeup of the plant. of Sea Buckthorn. China has at least She discovered quite by accident that four patented pharmaceuticals listed Sea Buckthorn had well over 190 and sold using the extracts of the Sea micronutrients. A synergistic giant, Buckthorn plant. Susan discovered that Sea Buckthorn is the only known plant Sea Buckthorn was extensively used to source that has omega-3 and -6 in the alleviate and cure diseases associated critical one to one ratio, omega-9 and with the mucous membrane and Colin McLoughlin: Canadian Seabuckthorn Pioneer. the rare skin re-generating omega-7 gastrointestinal tract. What intrigued as well as the full complex vitamin E. Susan the most was how the Chinese Add into this a healthy mix of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B12, used Sea Buckthorn to alleviate and even cure persistent and beta carotene, 41 carotenoids, 17 phytosterols, 8 phosolipids. The irritating skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis, eczema leaves are 24 per cent protein. This is one amazing plant! and dermatitis, as well as a whole host of other skin problems. The Greek name for Sea Buckthorn is Hyppophae Ramnoides which Colin loved to grow things and Susan loved to make things. The literally means “bright shining horse.” The infamous conqueror, amazing Sea Buckthorn plant became their focus for the next ten Ghengis Khan fed his men and horses the berries and leaves of the years. Heading directly to Sea Buckthorn’s indigenous habitat, Colin wild and hardy Seabuckthorn plant as he wandered about conquering travelled all over Mongolia and China learning all he could about the then known world. A storied history for an amazing plant. cultivating and growing all the various strains of the Sea Buckthorn plant. His idea was to get the Canadian government to support the Good for the care of a horse’s coat? asked Susan McLoughlin: Canadian farmer in growing a potential cash crop. At one point in “why not good for the care of skin?” McLoughlin said back in the mid ‘90s SBT Seabuckthorn had well over 200 contract farmers 1996: “the one thing that stood out for me was the long known across the Canadian west planting small crops of Sea Buckthorn. outstanding skin care benefits. Sea buckthorn is very effective The Canadian government, through Agriculture Canada and the at healing burns and softening scars, as well as restoring the Food Development Centre, became very interested in promoting youthfulness and clarity to the skin. Because Sea Buckthorn can the myriad of uses of the Sea Buckthorn plant, including erosion be ingested or applied topically, it is a natural for an inside outside control in the western Canadian provinces. During this period, approach to skin care.” Susan goes on to say: “this awareness Colin worked very closely with Bill Schroeder at PFRA (Prairie inspired me to develop the beginnings of a whole new inside Farm Rehabilitation Administration) in Saskatchewan and Dr. Tom outside nutritional skin care line.” Susan continues with a hint Li at Agriculture Canada in Summerland B.C., to determine the of disbelief in her voice: “this inside outside approach had never best cultivars and optimal growing conditions for Sea Buckthorn been done before. Nutritional skin care is still a relatively new idea in Canada. With Colin’s untimely death in the late ‘90s the slowly gaining ground in the skin care market.” An amazing plant government interest slowly dissipated, however even today you with a bright future. can still find farmers who are fascinated with Sea Buckthorn and Part two: Your Customers Love our SBT Seabuckthorn Products. how they might cultivate and grow this amazing plant for profit. Coming in the November 2011 issue.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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SBT Seabuckthorn Synonymous with beautiful skin Certified Organic • Made in Canada


Seabuckthorn berries contain bioactive levels of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which are known to effectively treat persistant skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis. Each Seabuckthorn berry contains: • • • •

Omega 3 Omega 6 Omega 7 Omega 9

• • • •

Full Complex Vitamin E 8 Phospholipids 17 Phytosterols 18 Carotenoids

The Original Seabuckthorn Company • A Peachland Company

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Page 81

FEATURE We are considering applications for the following Management position at various locations in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic stores

Natural Value/ Nature’s Treasure Department Manager Interested candidates must be available to work varied shifts, including weekdays, weeknights and weekends on a regular basis. The successful candidate will be responsible to oversee the operations of the Natural Value department including: • Ordering • Merchandising • Labour scheduling

• Ensuring budgets are met • Inventory control and selection • Motivation and development of the department team The ideal candidate will have: • Retail experience and/or education in Alternative Medicine, Herbology, Vitamins & Minerals, as well as an interest and knowledge of Food and Nutrition; • The ability to work in a fast paced environment and the ability to multitask and prioritize; • Excellent communication skills and exemplary customer service skills. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a detailed resume and cover letter to:

HEAD OFFICE 1135-13560 Maycrest Way Richmond BC V6V 2W9 PHONE: 604.288.0017 - TOLL FREE: 1.800.668.3008 FAX: 604.273.3417

EASTERN REGIONAL OFFICE 10 Four Seasons Place 10th Floor Etobicoke ON M9B 6H7 PHONE: 416.649.5735 - TOLL FREE: 1.800.668.3008 FAX: 416.649.5701

Senior Category Merchandising Manager


(905) 861-2627

ihr MARKET PLACE If You’re Reading It, You Know It Works! To Advertise in Marketplace Call:

Thank you for your interest, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

CANADIAN REGULATORY SERVICES • Preparation of compliant Canadian label text for food products, supplements, skin care and drugs • Preparation of Drug Identification Number (DIN) and Natural Health Product (NHP) Number submissions • Preparation and management of GMP, SOP and Quality Control programs within the guidelines of the Natural Health Products Directorate • Formulating and contract packaging available for Canada and the U.S.A • Warehousing services and order fulfillment

SERVING THE NATURAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY SINCE 1981 MMP ENTERPRISES LTD., 130 Industry St., Units 31-34 Toronto, Ontaro, Canada M6M 5G3 Phone (416) 604-7604 Fax (416) 604-7605

Regional Sales Managers John Tivadar - West 403.620.6950 or Gary Davis - East 647.962.2884 or Account Managers Darlene Costello - BC Mainland 604.220.2962 or Anne Hume-Smith - BC Interior 250.499.9589 or Mandi Zolkowski - AB & Prairies/Van Island 403.702.4324 or Owen Simms - BC Mainland 604.263.7140 or

(416) 203-7900 ext. 6126

Brian Asttaria - BC Mainland 778.938.5361or Melissa Russo—Greater Toronto Area 647.382.1252 or

HIRING DEMO STAFF Puresource Naturals is currently hiring part time demo staff for Ontario, specifically, SW, GTA, and Niagara Region. A fun and fantastic opportunity to subsidize your income! Must have education in nutrition, naturopathic, or similar alternative background. Please forward resumes to: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Vik Saini - South Western Ontario 519.267.2191or Helene Huot - Ottawa/W Que/Maritimes 613.224.4983 or Marjolaine Martel - Quebec 514.929.3952 or Andrea Leduc- Quebec 514.743.6213 or


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Toll free: 1-800-668-3008

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Columnist Ken Vannucci

Merchandise manager for London Drugs and a social media advocate.





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AARRY! YVEERS 10ANNI Skype in the workplace? Can I make it work for me? By Ken Vannucci


an, when you’re disconnected from the world for a week it sure gives you a lot of time to think. To me, “disconnected” means: I only texted 10 times that week and nine of those were replies; no Internet (no blogging, tweeting, facebooking, emailing…); no phone calls and no skyping. Actually, during my week in Mexico I only used the iPad to play inane games just before going to bed. That was the extent of it and it’s the most “disconnected” that I’ve been in years, seriously. Even as I tidy up this post during another week off in Whistler, B.C., I am back to checking mail (work and personal), tweeting and facebooking. Now, while away, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t think about things that I was going to do or write about when I got back to my little connected world.

Did I really need to go to the office to “work”? Wow! As far as the working from home part goes, with the ability to securely connect to the offices via VPN, etc., certainly there’s a lot of the day-to-day that we could accomplish. There are a few programs that I can’t access remotely, but I can get to the bulk of my workload without leaving. The majority of my time is spent on email, the phone or thinking about ideas on how to make our business stronger. Really, none of that needs to be done in-office. I know that for sure because on occasions that I have had to call in sick, I spent most of the day working — it just happened to be from the comfort of the bed or the couch. So, yeah, it can be done.

One of my thoughts was spurred by a conversation at dinner with my wife and kids (once again, no connectivity — and it’s amazing how much I missed and enjoyed talking as a family, with none of us attached to a BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, etc.).

But then I started to get into the vendor part of my job: discussing strategies on how to grow mutual businesses. How can I do that online? Negotiating a buy without seeing the vendor or the vendor seeing me. We all know how emotion is lost in, or read into emails! I can’t negotiate a deal without looking at the person in front of me, I told the kids.

We were talking about changes in the foreseeable future, with respect to the workplace. The kids — I have two very bright and thoughtful young adults who are wise well beyond their tender years of 13 and 15 — were asking about how much of my job I could do at home, how much my wife could do at home (as a freelance CGA, she already gets a lot done from there) and would there be a time when I did very little true face-to-face with vendors at work?

Their immediate response, “You’re telling us that you never bought or sold anything online, dad?” My smart-aleck children know very well that I have been using eBay since 1996 and have purchased and sold tons online via that site and many other online platforms. They also know a few stories of me finding new vendors via Twitter, plus they know I currently have several vendors that I only see once a year and we do, in fact, close plenty

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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9/8/11 3:14:54 PM

ken’s kool

of sales without meeting each other face-to-face. However, as I explained to them, these examples that they throw back at their old man are few and far between. Most of my transactions are done across the desk, eye-to-eye. Body language interpretation is critical in deal making, as far as I am concerned. I need to see the other party; that’s just the way I roll. I thought that would have ended it, until the lovely things that they really are asked in such a thoughtful way, “Ever hear of Skype or video conferencing?” God bless them, really. “You told us that they installed cameras on your computer at work, right?” they prodded. “Why not just Skype? You could maybe see people more that way, especially the ones who have to travel to see you.” How about skyping? Could that work? It works when we want to talk to my brother on Vancouver Island, B.C. He is my financial advisor (he works at RBC) and we seem to be able to get things done well that way. It works when we want to call my folks when they are in Trail, B.C., Christina Lake, B.C., Italy or wherever else


they are gallivanting around this world. Makes it feel way more personal than just a phone call. What about Skype (or something Skype-like – we have the latest Microsoft Windows at the office and it has a built-in video app)? I started really thinking about it and I am considering giving this a serious try at work. I just have to send out an email requesting vendors join Skype. How hard can it be? Who doesn’t have a Skype account? I mean, seriously! That is my neatest task at work over the coming months. Send one email to many and let’s see where it goes. The travel time this could save and the fact that I could probably “see” more vendors regularly will be interesting to measure. I know this doesn’t sound revolutionary, but I don’t think video conferencing is being utilized in retail very much at all. In fact, I have never been asked to participate in a video call with a vendor. Only the dreaded phone conference – ugh! I’ll keep you posted!


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9/8/11 3:15:08 PM

JOIN THE MOVEMENT To Celadrin — the safe, all-natural alternative for joint health…. It relieves discomfort quickly… It’s been clinically proven to promote healthy or normal joint function*… It relieves muscle stiffness caused by injury, without side effects… It’s received the fastest market acceptance of any other joint health ingredient… It’s the ingredient consumers will be asking for in your store, soon.

MAKE THE MOVE to Celadrin. Talk to your favorite manufacturer




Check-out our web site to learn of our national consumer marketing campaign —

* Based on a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at the University of Connecticut and published in the Journal of Rheumatology.

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special feature





edge • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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A strategic partnership and a strong reputation have kept Proprietary Nutritionals one step ahead. by Natalie Moore

The pharmaceuticals industry is filled with brands all vying for consumer attention. With tough economic forces at play it can be challenging even for the giants to remain profitable, never mind thrive, in the long term. As IHR celebrates our 10th anniversary this year, we asked major global nutraceutical ingredient marketer and distributor Proprietary Nutritionals to share company achievements thus far and what goals they’ve set for themselves over the next 10 years. Founded in 2000, Proprietary Nutritionals has already surpassed the 10-year milestone. They attribute their success to procuring innovative goods and developing worldwide marketing partnerships, such as merging with Pharmachem Laboratories. “We’re now part of Pharmachem Laboratories, which happened about six years ago,” says Dean Mosca, president of Proprietary Nutritionals. “They have over 15 manufacturing facilities across the United States, so it gave us the opportunity to make a lot of our own products. With the size of resources that they have, it just made a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint.” Some of Proprietary Nutritionals’ patented offerings include remedies for health and pain relief. Sytrinol, an exclusive formula derived from natural citrus bioflavonoids and palm tocotrienol, naturally supports healthy cholesterol levels. Celadrin, designed

to aid joint flexibility, is composed of all-natural esterified fatty acid carbons and other active synergists. For pain management, Perluxan uses a unique botanical anti-inflammatory agent derived from hops. While Benexia, the only organic GMP- and HACCPcertified chia seed, is one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, for overall health and well-being. Mosca believes the company’s biggest achievement so far has been, “developing a really good reputation in the industry as leaders in the proprietary ingredient business.” He also reveals that since the partnership, annual sales have increased quite significantly. “The objective going forward would be to continue that basic growth,” he says. Another aspect of their success comes from the fact “that one of our core goals is that we are an ingredient supplier that supports our product with research and developing consumer awareness,” says Mosca. Looking forward to the next decade, Mosca explains that Proprietary Nutritionals’ aims are, “to continue to increase the success of our existing portfolio of products and to add new and exciting ones to the portfolio.” Most importantly, he adds, “continuing to stay on the edge of innovation.”


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9/8/11 3:37:10 PM

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Vital A healthy store depends on two vital components

By Mark Ryski


emperature, heart rate and blood pressure are critical measures that help you understand your clients’ health and enable you to recommend products and treatments. These measures are important – vital, in fact. In retailing, traffic count and conversion rate are vital signs, helping you understand your store’s health. The retailing world has jumped on the “analytics” bandwagon with retailers of every size, across every imaginable category, starting to measure traffic and conversion rates in their stores. Why? Put simply, they’re all looking for ways to manage their business better: sell more, spend less and deliver even better customer service. Every retailer misses sales opportunities. Measuring traffic and conversion rates can help you capture more of these chances and provide insights that can help you make better business decisions.

While the health products category is unique, the fundamentals of traffic count and conversion rate analysis still very much apply. Before I discuss how these analytics can help you, let’s start with some quick definitions. Traffic count = sales opportunity Transaction counts are not the same as traffic counts. Some retailers simply count the number of sales transactions they do in a day and call it their “customer count.” On the surface this makes sense, however, here’s the problem: customer or transaction counts only represent the people who visited and made a purchase – what about the traffic, those who came in, looked around and left without buying? These “non-buyers” are an important group because they represent some of the lost sales you may have been able to capture.


XXX-XXX.IHR_Conversion.indd 57


9/8/11 3:20:51 PM


If you don’t track the overall traffic in your store, you have no way of knowing these people even came in. Almost without fail, when I show retailers the actual traffic volume in their stores (even small stores), they are shocked by how much higher the traffic counts are compared to what they “felt” their traffic was. It’s not hard to understand why this happens. When it gets busy, you and your staff are so preoccupied serving customers that you lose sight of who’s entering the store. Electronic traffic counters capture the counts that you miss. Your store’s sales opportunity is probably bigger than you think it is, and counting traffic will help you quantify it. There’s another important reason to track store traffic – you need it to calculate your store’s conversion rate. Conversion rate = store’s batting average Basically, the conversion rate is the percentage of buyers to store visitors and it is easily calculated by dividing sales transactions by the store traffic counts. So, if 200 people visited your store in a day and you completed 100 sales transactions, your conversion rate would be 50 per cent (i.e. 100/200). Just like the batting average in baseball measures the batters success rate, conversion rate helps you understand how well your store is performing compared to its traffic opportunity. Just because same-store sales are up, it doesn’t mean that your store is performing up to its true potential. That’s what makes conversion rate such a powerful metric – no other retail metric can do this.

High levels of customer engagement are part of health product retailing and that’s why understanding the traffic volume and timing in your store is so critical. By knowing when and how many people are visiting your store, you can better align staff resources and capture more of the sales that might have simply walked out without making a purchase. Not only will traffic data help you align your staff resources, it will help you understand if additional staff resources are needed and when. The reality is that you’re not going to be able to get to every prospect, every time, however, with traffic data you will capture more – and every customer counts. Advertising – did it work? It’s a competitive market and customers have plenty of choices. Creating awareness for and driving new prospects into your store is critical for long-term growth and advertising is often how this is achieved. While virtually every retailer understands the importance of advertising, the question many struggle with is – did it work? To a great extent, advertising is about creating sales opportunities in the store. If your advertising is effective, you should be able to see a measurable increase in prospect traffic in the store. Yet, why bother with traffic counts when the real goal is to drive sales? Shouldn’t an increase in sales be the ultimate measure of advertising impact? It’s not and here’s an example to show why.

Beyond helping you understand your store’s opportunity and how well you are performing relative to it, traffic count and conversion rate analysis can help with all sorts of operational decisions, including staff scheduling and advertising. Higher stakes Shopping for a sweater or a new pair of shoes is an entirely different proposition than shopping for pain medication to relieve an achy back or for natural supplements to restore waning energy levels. The customer engagement level is incomparably higher when health and well-being are at stake. The consequence is that customers buying health products are more likely to have questions – sometimes lots of questions – and will need to engage staff to get answers. With your staff busy answering questions and delivering great service, other prospects are likely to get missed. If you don’t measure traffic in your stores, you won’t even know these people visited.

sales transaction 58


traffic count


conversion rate • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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In an effort to boost sales, you decide to run a weeklong ad campaign in your local newspaper. At the end of the week, you compare sales results of the campaign week to the prior week’s and realize that overall sales are only up 5 per cent – not very impressive. If all you have to rely upon is sales data, you might rightly conclude that the campaign delivered modest results. However, if you had traffic and conversion data, you might reach an entirely different conclusion. With traffic data, we might discover that store traffic was actually up 20 per cent during the campaign week – a significant increase over prior weeks. However, conversion rates dropped dramatically because people didn’t get served and left without purchasing. So, in fact, the advertising was very effective at driving prospects into the store, however, the store couldn’t handle the volume and

overall sales were only up modestly. Now how do you feel about the campaign? “Meat and potato” retail analytics If you are like most retailers today, you are relying on sales data and transaction counts to measure results and guide your decisions. Unfortunately, this transactional information falls far short of providing the context and insight you need to truly understand how your store is performing – traffic and conversion information can fi ll these gaps. Just like vital signs provide insight into our health, traffic and conversion provide insight into the health of your store. If you’ve never looked at them, you owe it to yourself to perform a checkup.

Quick Reference Guide: Four keys to a “healthy” store





Transaction counts are not the same as traffic counts. What about shoppers who came in, looked around and left without buying? If you don’t track the overall traffic in your store, you have no way of knowing these people even came in. Conversion rate is a very powerful metric. It’s the percentage of buyers to store visitors, found by dividing sales transactions by the store traffic counts. Conversion rate helps you understand how well your store is performing compared to its traffic opportunity. Customer engagement is higher when health and well-being are at stake: customers are more likely to have questions. By knowing when and how many people are visiting your store, you can better align staff resources to answer questions and capture more sales. Advertising: if all you rely on is sales data, you might conclude that an ad campaign delivered modest results. However, if you have traffic and conversion data, you would see that advertising was very effective at driving prospects into the store, however, the store couldn’t handle the volume so overall sales were only up modestly.


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Setting the bar too high? The Natural Health Products Regulations have radically changed the market and raised questions about their implementation. By Natalie Cajic


even years after the Natural Health Products Regulations have come into force, customers have better access to safe, effective and high quality natural health products (NHPs). Or do they?

A walk down memory lane, prior to the introduction of the Natural Health Products Regulations in 2004, would show the market landscape was a very different place indeed. Customers seeking natural solutions to promote or maintain their health could find a variety of NHPs, however they held mixed views around the quality and safety of these products. Only one third of the respondents in a 2005 study commissioned by Health Canada thought NHPs on the market were safe. Further, close to half believed the claims made by manufacturers were unproven. Fast forward to 2011, seven years after the introduction of the Natural Health Products Regulations, and guess what? Customers continue to question the quality and safety of NHPs, according to a 2010 follow up study prepared for Health Canada, released in January 2011. The study determined that four in 10 respondents were concerned with the safety of NHPs, about a third thought they may be harmful to use, four in 10 questioned the quality of the products, and, just under a third did not believe the information on the product labels. If that were not enough, the report also states “positive perceptions of the NHPs have declined significantly compared to 2005.” News of this study must come as a blow to industry members who have put the time and effort into trying to reach the high bar of the Natural Health Products Regulations.

60 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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AARRY! YVEERS 10ANNI 10 year anniversary Part 1 •

XXX-XXX.IHR_Regulatory.indd 61


9/8/11 3:18:49 PM


Total Number of Site Licence Applications (SLAs) Received and Completed 150 120

A growing consumer appetite for NHPs prompted this, yet more than anything, industry stakeholders actively lobbied for a major reassessment of the 1952 Food and Drugs Act in which the definitions of food and drug did not adequately accommodate NHPs. Bulk herbs and herbal products were particularly in a regulatory gray zone as some were sold as foods, while others were marketed as drugs.

90 60 30 0

Q1 & Q2 2008

Q1 2009

Q1 2010

Q1 2011

Total Number of Product Licence Applications (PLAs) Received and Completed 5000

3000 2000 1000 0

The Standing Committee on Health witnessed the intense debate first-hand as they criss-crossed the country to hear industry stakeholders give testimony. Their report, “Natural Health Products: A New Vision,” made 53 recommendations, which the federal government later accepted in 1999. The Office of Natural Health Products, now known as the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD), used the recommendations as a basis upon which to create the new regulatory framework. However, the implementation of regulations has been a bumpy road as Health Canada was looking at pre-market approval of an estimated 40,000+ products. While some products like vitamins and minerals had already been issued a Drug Identification Number, the vast majority of products required a full review. The challenges have been no less daunting for industry participants, including retailers and suppliers.


Q1 & Q2 2008

Q1 2009

Q1 2010

Q1 2011

Product Licence Applications (PLAs) Issued

60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0

The Vanishing Act Retailers have faced, and continue to face, a lack of predictability in sourcing products as availability has fluctuated over the course of the implementation of the regulations. Organizations such as the consumer group Suspend and Review Movement, estimate as many as 40,000 NHPs have been eliminated from the market as a result. According to Health Canada’s own quarterly report on the status of Product Licence Applications (PLAs), the NHPD received 62,201 product applications from January 1, 2004 to June 30, 2011. Of these, it issued 29,011 product licences, representing 46.6 per cent of the total. The remaining 33,190 applications were either refused a licence or withdrawn by the applicants. In most cases, the NHPD refused a licence because the applicants did not meet the basic application requirements, not because quality, safety and/or efficacy issues were identified.


PLAs Recieved

PLAs Issued

Source: Health Canada


Growing Pains It’s been a rocky road from the outset, when in 1997, the federal government decided to move forward in creating a new legislative and regulatory framework for NHPs that would balance Canadians’ freedom of choice while ensuring consumer safety.

In any case, suppliers have been forced to carry fewer inventories of products not yet approved. Patrick Toledano’s homeopathic company in Montreal is one such example. “It’s handcuffed us,” says Toledano of the application process. “We can no longer come out • 10 year anniversary Part 1

XXX-XXX.IHR_Regulatory.indd 62

9/8/11 3:19:00 PM





with a formula and six months later have it on the market,” he says. “Now we have to put it in the pipeline and hope it goes well and six months to a year later, [we] may get an exemption number (EN).”

Finally, the Natural Health Products Regulations have not helped level the playing field for industry participants as was initially hoped.

Health Canada introduced the EN in 2010 that allowed certain NHPs to be legally sold while they awaited a full assessment. It represented a stopgap measure that allowed the agency to deal with the PLA backlog. “We have had products in the pipeline for two and three years now,” Toledano says. “We don’t want to carry too much inventory of products that haven’t been approved yet, even though we’ve been selling them for 20 years.”

CHP Canada is calling on Health Canada to start enforcing the Natural Health Products Regulations and in a media release issued in April, stated that enforcing the rules would build consumer confidence in the long term. Director of public affairs Gerry Harrington says that until that happens, the regulations are a “theoretical nicety but they’re not the reality. [The regulations] don’t have the bottom line impact over consumer choices and confidence that you get when the government makes it clear, that not only do the regulations exist – they expect everyone to comply,” he says.

Burden of Evidence Joel Thuna has been dealing with herbs and herbal products since 1968 without a problem, yet the amount of evidence now required to support the licensing of his products has him spending hundreds of hours researching. In the past seven years, he’s seen an increased escalation in the Standards of Evidence (SOE) required by NHPD. Whereas in the early days, a history of use of one generation was enough, now human clinical studies are necessary or a demonstration of proven traditional use. “Here’s the kicker with traditional use,” Thuna says. “You have to be able to prove traditional use in the dosage form you want, at the dose you want, in the population you want, in at least two distinct sources.” He laughs at the odds of finding two unique sources with the exact requirements. The high bar imposed by the Natural Health Products Regulations is inappropriate for such low-risk products. Trade groups such as the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) and Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) have been working diligently to find workable solutions. “The sooner we can get the Standards of Evidence (SOE) understood by the member companies including suppliers and retailers and what it means for their businesses, the better it will be for the Canadian consumer,” says Carl Carter, director of regulatory affairs and policy development at CHFA. Changing or relaxing the SOE only buys the industry more time, according to Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA). The association has been at the forefront of openly questioning the regulatory process. NHPPA president and constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley has been actively campaigning for a suspension of the current regulatory system and has been on a public-speaking tour called the Freedom in Crisis. He’s advocating for a Charter of Health Freedom, legislation that would give NHPs and traditional medicine their own act, and has received individual support of over 75,000 signatures.

A case in point is the growing concern with the importation of unlicensed products into Canada. Individuals are permitted to import a single course of treatment or a 90-day supply of prescription drugs. This provision has been extended to NHPs, as they are regulated as a subset of drugs under the current Food and Drugs Act. The issue has escalated quite high on the priority list of the CHFA, says Carter. “It’s one of the reasons it’s escalated our desire to get ourselves out from being treated as drugs because of these very negative consequences,” he says. To assist consumers with understanding the issues facing the industry, CHFA launched a campaign,, in the spring to help educate the public about the issues and engage their parliamentary representatives. Public education about how NHPs are currently regulated as a subset of drugs and the challenges and consequences this brings to the industry is growing. Numerous consumer advocacy groups have sprung up in the past few years, attesting to their passion for ready access and choice. Increasing Confidence The 2005 study prepared for Health Canada confirmed that Canadians expect the federal government to oversee and regulate NHPs. Yet survey respondents in 2010 indicated that they were unsure about the regulatory process and the quality and safety of NHPs. Clearly, increasing consumer confidence in the regulatory framework for NHPs is a next step. However, Health Canada also needs to increase confidence amongst members of the NHPs industry and show them that the time, effort and cost in complying with the regulations provides Canadians with better access to safe, effective and high quality products and also restores the positive perceptions Canadians held prior to their implementation.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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RY !













Blemishes can be very annoying and hard to get rid of. Help customers get clear skin the natural way. By Dr. Linda Miles L. Ac., D.O.M.

re blemishes bringing your customers down? Teach them why the natural approach to clearing blemishes is the best approach. Did you know an estimated 85 per cent of individuals 1224 years of age suffer from acne? Not only does this number appear to be rising, but acne is affecting an older demographic as well, with an estimated 50 per cent of adult women and 25 per cent of adult men suffering from it at some point in their lives. What is acne? What a customer sees as a pimple has actually taken days or weeks to create. Deep in the pore, for a variety of reasons, an accumulation of dead skin cells mix with sebum to form a plug and that creates a whitehead. If the plug is in contact with the air, it darkens and a blackhead results. The plug continues to grow until the duct bursts. In combination with bacteria that can cause infection, your customer has a red infl amed papule or zit.

XXX-XXX.IHR_Blemishes2.indd 64

Four major factors contribute to the formation of blemishes: • Hormonal activity • Overproduction of sebum which is controlled by hormones • Irregular or excessive shedding of dead skin cells • Excessive bacterial activity Hormones are necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies and it is the imbalance of hormones that takes place at puberty or in adulthood that leads to the overproduction of sebum which contributes to acne. And especially for adults, stress is responsible for many of those hormonal fluctuations. What is the solution? In the fight to clear blemishes, customers turn to an array of prescription and/or over-the-counter treatment products, yet are often left confused and dissatisfied with the results that can lead to dry, irritated skin that is still prone to future breakouts. Teach them that there are other options. Teach them that the natural approach may be the best approach to achieving clear, healthy and balanced skin.

9/8/11 3:15:49 PM


Clear skin Some good reminders for retailers: • Create a section in your store specifically for blemish-fighting products. • Stock reliable brands. • Ensure products utilize natural, scientifically proven, effective blemish-fighting ingredients. • Distribute samples/testers so customers may try the products first. • Train staff on the benefits of natural blemish-fighting ingredients, products and skin issues. The more educated the store owners, managers and employees become about the products offered and the skin issues customers are experiencing, the more successful the retailer and customer will be. • Consider using a sales approach that offers products that will benefit skin internally and externally.

How herbs can help To help clear blemishes without common side effects, reduce redness, and calm and balance skin, it is essential to offer skin care products that are rich in gentle yet effective herbs that have been scientifically proven effective on blemish-prone skin. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes, herbs such as tea tree, willow bark, rosewood, lavender and chamomile are powerful natural actives that are proven to help promote clear, healthy skin. Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) • Contains powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help clear skin and prevent breakouts. • A clinical trial conducted in Australia evaluated tea tree oil as a treatment for acne. After three months, the tea tree was as effective as the benzoyl peroxide in relieving patients’ acne, with significantly fewer side effects. Willow bark (Salix alba) • The natural source of salicylic acid that is a common ingredient in over-the-counter blemish-fighting products and has been used for at least 2,000 years in herbal medicines. • In topical applications, it can help remove dead skin tissue, unclog pores and make the removal of debris and toxins possible. It also has a mild drying effect that can benefit those who suffer from very oily skin. Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) • Helps reduce sebum production, stimulate new skin cell growth and balance both dry and oily skin. • Acts as both an antiseptic and an astringent. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) • Contains astringent and antibacterial properties to fight problem skin conditions such as blemishes, cuts and scrapes. • Helps reduce redness and irritation, and calms skin. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) • Strong anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for helping reduce dryness, itching, redness, sensitivity and irritation. • Provides a soothing, calming and relaxing effect that helps diminish skin discomfort.

Skin care routine Because blemishes and breakouts can also be the result of excessive bacterial activity, it is important to offer a full natural skin care system that incorporates the herbs discussed to help reduce oil/sebum production, facilitate the natural exfoliation process and keep your normal bacteria in check. Using a gentle antibacterial cleanser two to three times a day, preferably with lukewarm water, will help keep bacteria under control. A moisturizer formulated to balance skin oils and replenish nutrients is also essential. Breakouts do not occur because of excess moisture supplied to the skin through a facial moisturizer, they are a result of skin that is not balanced. A spot blemish treatment rich in antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is beneficial after the moisturizer to help effectively resolve any blemishes that do occur. Additionally, an exfoliant should be used once or twice a week to prevent buildup of old skin cells and stimulate new cell growth. Cellular turnover is essential for healthy, balanced and clear skin. Healthy lifestyle Since hormonal activity, nutrition and internal health can also contribute to the formation of blemishes, making healthy lifestyle choices will also make a difference. To help prevent hormonal fluctuations and ease stress, exercise, meditation, yoga and getting a good night’s sleep are ideal. Because food can trigger the occurrence of pimples, eating a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water will nourish the body and the skin. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help skin stay hydrated and capable of disposing of toxins.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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special feature

Flying High! Thirteen years ago, after a trip back to her homeland of New Zealand, Gael Fraser-Tytler began importing these homeopathic remedies to Canada and as she is based in Quebec, she was able to understand the bilingual needs of the retailers. NO-JET-LAG homeopathic remedy was the first product developed by Andrew Criglington of Miers Laboratories in New Zealand, 24 years ago. It was born out of necessity since New Zealanders are avid travellers and the country is a long haul flight and many time zones away from all countries except Australia. Considerable research has been conducted into methods of reducing the effects of jet lag on long haul air travellers, including the use of melatonin, special diets and bright light therapy, yet most have adverse side effects and/or are complicated to use. NO-JET-LAG was developed to counter jet lag, and informal testing and anecdotal reports indicated a significant reduction in the symptoms. The dosage is easy - chew one tablet upon take-off, one every two hours and one upon landing. Intervals of up to four hours are acceptable and there is no need to take the tablet before


the flight or during stopovers - just resume the dosage as soon as the flight takes off. NO-JET-LAG has been proven by clinical trial and used internationally by business and pleasure travellers, sports teams and airline crews – one packet is sufficient for 45 to 50 hours of flying time. Subsequent remedies have been developed and manufactured by Miers Laboratories in New Zealand.

NO-SHIFT-LAG (for night shift workers) There are many more night shift workers than there are people who fly, so the next obvious remedy was developed and launched 10 years later in 1997 was NO-SHIFT-LAG, which was clinically tested on the Wellington police by the University in Wellington. The ingredients increase the ability to be more awake, alert, active, energetic and responsive and less annoyed, irritated, bad-tempered, discouraged, forgetful, muddled, uncertain and weary. For an eight hour shift: One tablet is chewed at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. For a 12-hourshift or longer: One at the start and one every four hours. • 10 year anniversary Part 1

XXX-XXX.IHR_NoJetLag.indd 66

9/8/11 3:35:42 PM

DRINK EASE (for Hangovers) New Zealands answer for a hangover was launched in 1999 for that dreadful “Morning after the night before” feeling caused by drinking too much alcohol. This is a unique, safe and natural homeopathic remedy that effectively relieves hangovers, reducing the side effects of alcohol by helping to correct chemical imbalances caused by over-imbibing! Chew one tablet before going to bed and drink a large glass of water. Repeat every four hours if necessary.

TRIP EASE (for motion sickness) For those whose travel experience is ruined by the nauseous headachy sensation known as travel sickness or motion sickness this safe and easy effective remedy was launched in 2000 and is one of the very few homeopathic remedies available. Travel and motion are unnatural to the human body and our brain has difficulty coping with the conflicting sensations it receives, resulting in a feeling of giddiness and extreme discomfort. Chew one tablet upon the onset of nausea and one every hour as long as the problem persists. Children under 12 should chew one tablet every two hours. NO-JET-LAG and TRIP EASE are available in airports, hotels, travel agencies, pharmacies, luggage and travel accessory stores, and natural health food stores. NO-SHIFT-LAG and DRINK EASE can be found in pharmacies and natural health food stores. NO-JET-LAG and DRINK EASE have both been selected by the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards to be given to all the celebrity presenters and nominees in their gift baskets. Miers presentation in foil backed, push out blister packaging, was one of the first in the industry. When tablets are separated and not exposed to the air, they maintain their efficiency. There are 32 tablets in each packet and the shelf life of all Miers products is three years. The pleasant tasting, chewable tablets have no side effects and are compatible with other medications. Miers remedies do not contain any of the following substances: Yeast / sucrose / starch / lactose / salt / wheat / gluten / artificial colorings preservatives / dairy products / animal products / any ingredient known to cause allergies / melatonin or any other hormone.

Technical specifications can be found on each site below: – a comprehensive list of retailers can also be found on this site.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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IHR_No Jet Lag.indd 1

9/8/11 4:04:39 PM

Protect the Earth… Promote the well-being of people… Nourish the Spirit From the products we manufacture to the people we touch, we believe that how a company conducts its business is as important as what it sells. Ethics, values, environment, responsibility and leadership are all at the heart of Aubrey Organics. We have taken a leadership role in giving back to the earth, its people, and its culture, as we are all connected.

Silken Earth and Natural Lips – translucent bases, shimmers, blushes, and lip tints. Natural beauty has never been this easy, or this truly natural.

In better natural product retailers throughout Canada. For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127.

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special feature


here’s been a lot of change in the natural products industry in 10 years. Aubrey Organics is no exception.

A decade ago, we had a variety of products spread throughout lots of categories. We spent much of the last 10 years organizing these products into easy-to-understand, easy-to-choose systems – for hair care, skin care, and overall body care. Our skin care was reordered into simple, uniform, easy-to-recognize systems for six different skin types. We added a group of Skin Essentials that could be used with the various systems – this included specific antiaging care like our Lumessence luxury skincare line, and liposome-enhanced night moisturizers. Our hair care lines changed in several respects. We developed more conditioners, designed to be used with specific shampoos, creating system pairs. Aubrey’s classic GPB was enhanced with its own shampoo – followed by two new sets of naturally scented GPB hair care.

We added more innovative product lines: A dedicated, organic Natural Spa line, with bath salts, massage oils, and body polishes, in two natural scents. A greatly expanded, attractively packaged Men’s Stock line, including the full range of shaving care in three natural scents, hair care specific to men’s concerns, and skin care (including a men’s eye cream, and facial moisturizer to curb razor bumps). We formulated five USDA-organic lip balms. And we’re


quite proud of our entire USDA-organic line of hair styling aids, NuStyle, based on organic quinoa protein, for men and women (including Men’s Stock Organic Hair Control). We gathered and reorganized our soap bars and body moisturizers into recognizable pairs – adding a little CoQ10 to one moisturizer along the way, plus other innovative ingredients. We branched out into women’s shave care, creating five naturally scented shave creams. Our small makeup selection blossomed into Silken Earth’s completely new line, with five base powders, a shimmer, six blush colours, and eight shades of Natural Lips. A far cry from the tiny pots of colour we sold 10 years before, these have been successful beyond our dreams. Another line we’re very proud of is Natural Sun, recreated as an entirely physical-block line of sun protection, and beautifully repackaged. Our products have changed in other ways besides organization. We were proud to add the CCIC’s Leaping Bunny to our packages, plus the Quality Assurance International logo, as we became the first United States company to earn QAI manufacturing certification. In line with the industry, we began using INCI nomenclature, while retaining plain-language explanations of what our ingredients are and what they do. On a larger scale – we branched out far beyond the North American market. Aubrey’s products now enjoy a presence in nearly 30 countries outside North America. Expanding into Europe in particular • 10 year anniversary Part 1

XXX-XXX.IHR_Aubrey.indd 70

9/8/11 3:29:34 PM

brought new certifications. In 2004, we became the only United States cosmetics manufacturer to receive the BDIH seal. But some things have never changed, and never will. We’ve never used petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances. We still create our products by hand, in small batches for freshness. We still try to keep packaging minimal, using as much recyclable and recycled material as possible. We are constantly sourcing new organic ingredients. Lastly, we still pride ourselves on listening to our customers – who are, after all, what ultimately keep us growing and thriving.


XXX-XXX.IHR_Aubrey.indd 71


9/8/11 3:30:51 PM

In ten years, we’ve changed a lot. But in some ways, we haven’t changed at all. Our look may have changed... but not our fundamentals. We still pride ourselves on creating the cleanest, purest, most effective personal care you’ll find anywhere. After all these years, we still do it without petrochemicals, artificial preservatives, colors, or fragrances. Plus, we’ve added all the skill and devotion of nearly 45 years of caring about our customers.

Happy 10 th Anniversary, ihr! In better natural product retailers throughout Canada. For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127.

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IHR Magazine 02 PDFx1a.pdf 1 8/16/2011 2:32:07 PM

Thrive Pain-Free If pain is the problem, RECOVERY is a potent solution that targets the root causes of the pain. By inhibiting damage to cells, curbing inammation, relaxing tension and increasing a cell's ability to receive hormones, RECOVERY often brings results far beyond expectations. Proof is in the results.










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Simply Beyond

1.866.334.2463 1.866.334 4.2463

9/8/11 4:08:05 PM

special feature

Purica and the Recovery Discovery Aging, Sickness and Disease

European Ballet Results

“Proof is in the pudding” definitely describes Purica and the flagship product Recovery. It all started with a lengthy dissertation on age-related cellular changes, which raised interest and opened doors into the prestigious European ballet scene. From professional ballet dancers to performance horses, people with chronic pain to canine surgery, children with eczema to elephants with arthritis - you name it, the product Recovery has been there. The journey has definitely been interesting.

Freedom from suffering became the focus, and developing a way to help turn this degenerative process around the intended goal. Dancers from the Royal Dutch Ballet and Netherlands Dance Theatre provided the test subjects for what was to become the product Recovery. Results with autoimmune disease and anterior cruciate ligament repair were nothing short of shocking, rousing the interest of medical doctors. The wheels were in motion leading a path back to Canada. It was truly exciting.

Pointedly focused on uncovering how the stress reaction degrades overall cell function, including loss of stability and ability to heal and repair, one of the founders of Purica set out on an adventure to see what could be done about it. What he discovered was that many different ways of speaking, both ancient and modern, are simply describing the same degenerative process – stress results in burnout of cell function, accelerated aging, sickness and disease – ‘distress.’

Inflammation Relief in Brother and His Horse


One of the founders, a brother of the other, suffered for many years from a severe form of eczema on his hands, arms and face a condition both physically and emotionally debilitating. Following three weeks of Recovery administration, his previously lame horse was now physically sound and exhibited a surprising improvement in the sheen of the coat and hooves. The equine success story convinced the brother to take it himself and five weeks later a • 10 year anniversary Part 1

XXX-XXX.IHR_Biomedica.indd 74

9/8/11 3:31:56 PM


severe form of eczema disappeared, much to the amazement of everyone who knew him. All this relief from a nutraceutical intended to help dancers recover from surgery and injury and compete against all the young up and coming dancers.

Placebo Effect Ruled Out Sighting that horses deemed unable to compete, were competing and winning, led veterinarians on Vancouver Island, where the family lives, to contact the brothers about the mechanism of action of Recovery. Educational trainings were set in motion. Veterinarians then began administering Recovery and the results far exceeded expectations. In addition to significant musculoskeletal benefits, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, skin inflammation and gastrointestinal diseases were exhibiting the same positive results. At the world veterinary congress, vets actually lectured about the success of Recovery in treating systemic lupus in ferrets. Significant positive results treating animals, effectively ruling out the placebo effect, has given Purica a powerful edge in the marketplace.

Purica. The flagship product Recovery was now set to become available to people and their animals across British Columbia.

Tip of the Iceberg Initial results with Recovery have proven to exceed expectations and more indications continue to surface as human and animal administration shows promise in the relief of various conditions. Searching for innovative products that meet up to the high standards set by Recovery, led Purica to extend its line to include superior nutraceuticals simply beyond expectations. Additional Purica products include the micronized organic mushroom products Immune 7 for serious immune disorders, Red Reishi for stress relief, Cordyceps for libido and endurance and the traditional super foods Aztec Nopal for blood sugar and weight control, Fiberlicious for constipation relief and Aztec Chia for nutritional support. The newest release is Lion’s Mane, a micronized organic mushroom preparation proven to improve cognitive function to offset age related loss of mental clarity and memory.

Back to Europe with New Label Modest and Exciting Beginnings The ability to help both people and animals therapeutically and preventatively was to be what brought the two brothers to unite and form a company. Once the results were in with arthritis and eczema relief, other test subjects happily volunteered to try this new discovery called Recovery. The positive results kept flooding in and the excitement inspired the brother’s parents to put a mortgage on their home and provide the seed money to start

Success in both human and animal sectors has brought international acclaim and driven Purica to extend its availability overseas. After a lengthy regulatory clearance procedure, Purica is now set to begin sales in Europe this year. In order to focus marketing efforts, all product lines will now be formally brought under the Purica banner, which has been given a polished new look that puts the Purica brand front and centre. We are excited about the opportunity to provide Purica products to people and animals around the globe.

10 year anniversary Part 1 •

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IHR Magazine 01 PDFx1a.pdf 1 8/16/2011 2:33:11 PM









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special feature



rue North Nutrition was founded in 1993 under the name The Iron Warehouse, a direct mail nutrition company. Due to the success of the mail order business, many retailers approached The Iron Warehouse for wholesale pricing as product awareness was spreading dramatically. In 1997, True North Nutrition was created to serve the Canadian Health Food store market.

Since 1993, the company has grown into and out of five separate warehouse facilities. True North’s newest facility is projected to serve expansion plans. In 2004, True North Nutrition was recognized for outstanding growth by placing in the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada in Profit 100 magazine. This growth was fueled by placements of new products into new channels which continue to experience rapid sell through involving complete sales and marketing strategies. Today True North Nutrition services every channel of trade in the Canadian health product industry including independent health stores, convenience accounts, pharmacy, and grocery chains. “The goal has been to provide retailers with the best of products in both health and wellness and sport-fitness,” says Mike Spriggs,


executive vice president and one of the original members of the True North team. “We chose to focus on the quality of products and not the quantity of products and that allows our business consultants to focus on specific brands and achieve success.” “Another one of our objectives is to source out brands with unique strategies that we can bring into the Canadian marketplace: The industry is constantly evolving and we must do our part to help retailers with their growth plans by growing present brands and bringing new exciting products into Canada.” “We also take great pride in our employees. We are a team working together to have supplier and retailer strategies succeed in a fun and fast paced environment.” There are many reasons as to why True North Nutrition has grown in the past ten years since IHR magazine started. Many employees have worked together with a shared goal and passion to drive True North Nutrition to where it is today. The True North Nutrition team as a whole is an eclectic crew: We have marathon runners, horsemen (and women), power lifters, MMA enthusiasts and our share of musicians too with guitar players,


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drummers and even a bagpiper! Not to mention sport enthusiasts, world travellers, a clothing designer and even a black belt or two. It takes a number of unique minds with one goal in mind to move a company onward and upward and clearly, True North Nutrition is no exception, as all ideas and suggestions are welcome. One of the strongest threads at True North that was a decision from the start to always employ a coast to coast dedicated sales force. At True North, our team of “business consultants” are ALL full-time paid reps, not agents. Each of these reps are on the road with cross country coverage! We take pride in offering retail business consultants that are in place to educate and create sales. Each month, the sales staff participate in a detailed one on one presentations to the national sales manager, as well as monthly national sales conferences which focus on extensive training and sales techniques. Any education we can pass on to our sales team can be passed on to the retailer and in turn passed on to the end consumers. As product and education is passed on from our team members to our customers and than on to their customers, we as a distributor meet our goals completely. We place products from our many brands on to the store shelves and set up successful sell through strategies as well. This is the goal of every member of our team. To aid in this goal over the years, True North has combined a considerable amount of consulting, time and effort in creating “The Perfect Sales Call.” The Perfect Sales Call is a step-by-step checklist that our sales reps use to ensure our customers are serviced well and that their business is being treated professionally and respectfully. Another tool that has proven itself in the True North Nutrition climb is the use of clear measurement of sales performance. True North Nutrition is proud of what it considers to be the absolute best reporting system in the industry with a TNN Sales Portal System. Through this web-based access to our database, sales reps have access to an endless array of reports to allow them to manage all information about their customers and territories. The sales portal serves as a forecast and planning template for reps to present their plans for the brand. They can compare historical sales to current, as well as assess which products are represented on a store shelf and with the touch of a button, summarize opportunities for expansion of the possibility of growth. True North encourages

their reps to work closely with their customers to have a clear understanding of what is working in their stores and where new avenues can be explored. New members of the team are often astonished at the depth of information accessible with this tool and even long term team members are surprised at how much they learn each time they work on the sales portal. In keeping with the growth of technology and our mindsets, we are adding different reports and tools to the portal on an ongoing basis, learning and growing in tandem. True North Nutrition employs a full time programmer that constantly updates our sales portal and over the years has put a full team in place to get things done. As True North Nutrition has grown and flourished, we have learned and developed new strategies on both the sales and operations sides that have taken us to a level that seemed so far away at the time we were a two man team operating out the garage of the parents of our CEO Rob DeSimone. Rob had the dream in mind and the clear goals in sight to evolve from a two man team to over 50 valued staff members! The core players remain the same and their vision has transformed into a true success! I am very excited about the future and I am very proud of our success over the last 10 years” adds president and CEO Rob De Simone. “I am often asked if I could have ever conceived that we would be where we are today. When I first started I was so naive, yet confident too. I had a strong sense that our approach and our philosophies were going to be successful and allow us to grow. I just wasn’t sure exactly where the path would take us and when we would ‘arrive.’ I sometimes go into our main warehouse and shake my head when I see our racks filled with product. It’s a long way from my first solitary shelf that I bought and assembled from Canadian Tire. My wife likes to refer to a favourite picture of hers which she took of me standing in my bedroom in front of my barely stocked shelf. I was proud then and I am even prouder today of what we as a company have achieved. I have met so many interesting and incredible people and the energy and vitality in our industry is undeniably unique. The only thing that gets me more excited about what we have achieved as a company thus far is what I see in our future. We have so many great things we look forward to sharing and growing with our customers for many years to come.“


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research news

HEART DISEASE Cranberry juice may enhance vascular function in patients with coronary artery disease An acute uncontrolled study and chronic placebo-controlled crossover study were conducted to examine the effects of cranberry juice on vascular function in subjects with coronary artery disease. In the acute study, brachial artery flow-mediated dilation and digital pulse amplitude tonometry ratio improved four hours after consumption of a single 480 ml portion of cranberry juice. In the chronic crossover study, subjects with coronary heart disease consumed cranberry juice or a placebo beverage for four weeks each, with a two-week washout period. Mean carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity, which is a measure of central aortic stiffness, decreased after participants drank cranberry juice compared to an increase after the placebo. However, brachial artery flow-mediated dilation, digital pulse amplitude tonometry, blood pressure and carotid-radial pulse wave velocity did not change. Therefore, an acute benefit of cranberry juice consumption was noted, while chronic cranberry juice consumption was found to reduce carotid femoral pulse wave velocity with no further effects noted on endothelial vasodilator function. (Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 May;93(5):934-40.) PMID: 21411615

OMEGA-3 Prenatal omega-3 fatty acid intake boosts memory in school-age child The beneficial effects of prenatal and early postnatal intakes of omega-3 (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) on cognitive development during infancy are well recognized, yet few studies have examined the extent to which these benefits continue throughout childhood. In a study in Arctic Quebec, 154 Inuit children, roughly 11.3-years-old, were assessed using a continuous visual recognition task measuring two event-related potential components relating to recognition memory processing: the FN400 and the late positive component (LPC). Neurobehavioral assessments of memory were also made. Children with higher cord plasma concentrations of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) were found to have a shorter FN400 latency and larger LPC amplitude. Interestingly, these effects were observed regardless of seafood-contaminant amounts. Multiple regression analyses also showed positive associations between cord DHA concentrations and performance on neurobehavioral assessments of memory. The authors concluded that this study provides neurophysiologic and neurobehavioral evidence of long-term beneficial effects of n-3 PUFA intake in utero on memory function in school-age children. (Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 May;93(5):1025-37.) PMID: 21389181

CHILDHOOD OBESITY DIABETES Playing active video games betters body composition and BMI in overweight kids A study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of active video games over a six-month period on weight, body composition, physical activity and physical fitness. In the trial, 322 overweight and obese children aged 10-14 years, who were current users of sedentary video games, were randomly assigned to receive either an active video game upgrade or to have no change. At 24 weeks, body mass index (BMI) improved in the group playing active games, with baseline BMI increasing in the control group, while it remained the same in the intervention group. There was also a reduction in body fat in the group who played active games. At 24 weeks, the daily time spent playing active video games was increased while the daily time spent playing non-active video games decreased within the intervention group. The authors concluded that playing an active video game had a small, yet definite, effect on BMI and body composition in overweight and obese children. (Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jul;94(1):156-63.) PMID: 21562081

Intensive-dose statin therapy increases risks of new-onset diabetes A literature search of trials from Jan. 1, 1996, through March 31, 2011, was performed to investigate whether intensive-dose statin therapy is associated with increased risk of new-onset diabetes compared with moderate-dose statin therapy. Randomized trials were included and more than 1,000 participants were followed-up for more than one year. In a pooled analysis of data from five statin trials with 32,752 participants without diabetes at baseline, a total of 2,749 developed diabetes and 6,684 experienced cardiovascular events over a mean of 4.9 years. Odds ratios were 1.12 for new-onset diabetes and 0.84 for cardiovascular events for participants receiving intensive therapy compared with moderate-dose therapy. The authors concluded that intensive-dose statin therapy was associated with an increased risk of new-onset diabetes compared with moderatedose statin therapy. (JAMA. 2011 Jun 22;305(24):2556-64.) PMID: 21693744 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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research news


AUTISM Green tea extract an element in memory and attention improvements for cognitively impaired

A combination of green tea extract and l-theanine (LGNC-07) has been reported to have beneficial effects on cognition in animal studies. In this study, the effect of LGNC-07 on memory and attention was investigated in 91 subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The treatment group of middle-aged men and women took 1,680 mg of LGNC-07, and the placebo group received an equivalent amount of maltodextrin and lactose for 16 weeks. Interestingly, LGNC-07 led to improvements in memory by marginally increasing delayed recognition in the Rey-Kim memory test. It also improved memory and selective attention by significantly increasing the Rey-Kim memory quotient and word reading in the subjects. After a single dose of LGNC-07, brain theta waves, an indicator of cognitive alertness, were increased significantly in the temporal, frontal, parietal and occipital areas, after three hours in the eye-open and reading states in 24 randomly selected subjects. The authors concluded that LGNC-07 might have potential as an intervention for cognitive improvement. (J Med Food. 2011 Apr;14(4):334-43.) PMID: 21303262

This study was undertaken to compare the nutritional and metabolic status of children with autism, with that of neurotypical children. Subjects were children ages 5-16 years in Arizona with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, compared with non-sibling, neurotypical controls of similar age, gender and geographical distribution. Biomarkers of children with autism found the following statistically significant differences: Low levels of biotin, plasma glutathione, RBC SAM, plasma uridine, plasma ATP, RBC NADH, RBC NADPH, plasma sulfate (free and total) and plasma tryptophan; also high levels of oxidative stress markers and plasma glutamate were found. An analysis demonstrated significant associations between several groups of biomarkers with three autism severity scales, including vitamins, minerals and plasma amino acids. The authors concluded that the autism group had many significant differences in their nutritional and metabolic status, including biomarkers indicative of vitamin insufficiency, increased oxidative stress, and reduced capacity for energy transport, sulfation and detoxification. Several of the biomarker groups were significantly associated with variations in the severity of autism. (Nutr Metab (Lond). 2011 Jun 8;8(1):34.) PMID: 21651783


PMS Eating foods high in thiamine and riboflavin reduces PMS symptoms Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12 are required to synthesize neurotransmitters that are potentially involved in the pathophysiology of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). A case-control study was conducted to evaluate whether B vitamin intake is associated with the initial development of PMS. Participants were free of PMS at baseline then after 10 years of follow-up 1,057 women were confirmed as cases and 1,968 were confirmed as controls. Dietary information was collected using food-frequency questionnaires and intakes of thiamine and riboflavin from food sources were each inversely associated with incident PMS. Women with the highest quintile of riboflavin intake two to four years before the diagnosis year, had a 35 per cent lower risk of developing PMS than those in the lowest quintile. No significant associations between incident PMS and dietary intakes of niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12 or vitamin B supplements were observed. The authors concluded that a significantly lower risk of PMS was noted in women with high intakes of thiamine and riboflavin from food sources only. (Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 May;93(5):1080-6.) PMID: 21346091


Nutritional and metabolic status of children with autism

Mood and psychological distress can be alleviated with probiotics Emerging evidence of the role of gut microbiota on central nervous system functions suggests that oral intake of probiotics may have beneficial consequences on mood and psychological distress. The possible effects of a probiotic formulation consisting of Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175 (PF) on anxiety, depression, stress and coping strategies in healthy humans was evaluated in a study. Subjects were administered PF for 30 days and assessed with the Hopkins Symptom Checklist (HSCL-90), the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), the Perceived Stress Scale, the Coping Checklist (CCL) and 24 h urinary free cortisol (UFC). It was found that daily administration of PF alleviated psychological distress in subjects, as measured particularly by the HSCL-90 scale (somatisation, depression, and anger–hostility), the HADS (anxiety), and by the CCL (problem solving) and the UFC level. The authors concluded that L. helveticus R0052 and B. longum R0175 taken in combination display beneficial psychological effects in healthy human volunteers. (Br J Nutr. 2011 Mar;105(5):755-64.) PMID: 20974015 • 10 year anniversary Part 1

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BEAUTIFUL HAIR CARE Made thoughtfully and beautifully, blending natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients with Fruit Stem Cell Science for improved follicle health, longevity and vitality. FOR HEALTHY HAIR FROM ROOT TO TIP

Andalou Naturals are made thoughtfully and beautifully, blending natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients with advanced fruit stem cell science. We value knowing where our ingredients come from and connecting the chain of hands that make every step possible from farm to bottle, soil to skin, and botany to beauty. As a force of nature, we champion sustainability and meaningful pursuits to foster good things in the world and enrich the lives we touch with one responsible product at a time.

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corrects the real reason why we gain weight.

I recommend to my patients that they use the safest and most natural treatments first. That’s why I’m so excited about PGX. It supports healthy blood sugar, controls weight, and lowers cholesterol naturally. Hyla Cass, M.D.

Why PGX® Works

PGX® addresses one of the core reasons behind weight gain and unhealthy appetite — blood sugar imbalance. Many overweight people suffer from blood sugar levels that rise and fall rapidly throughout the day. Falling blood sugar levels signal the brain that we need to eat. Unlike many diet products that try to suppress appetite, PGX corrects appetite by normalizing blood sugar levels. Tested before PGX



One month later using PGX


Glucose – mmol/L

Glucose – mmol/L


11.1 10.0

5.6 3.9


Time of Day

11.1 10.0

5.6 3.9

0.0 03:00







Figure 1: Uncontrolled and erratic blood sugar levels of an overweight woman over 24 hours with a poor diet and no physical activity.

Time of Day








Figure 2: Controlled and balanced blood sugar levels of the same woman after consuming PGX for 6 weeks with an improved diet and experiencing a healthy weight loss of 2 pounds per week.

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, PGX Daily™, PolyGlycopleX , and the unique two-toned PGX Daily UltraMatrix Softgel™ capsule are trademarks of InovoBiologic Inc. patent pending.

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IHR Magazine - 10th Anniversary - Part 1 Issue  

The 10th Anniversary Issue

IHR Magazine - 10th Anniversary - Part 1 Issue  

The 10th Anniversary Issue