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Issue 28

February 2012 Features

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The F...ark in History Also Hints and Tips for surviving DE Emergency ED Recipes Green Steps Bonjour Geneve Siberian Geneva Asberger’s

Quiz DE Craft Colouring CSU News Bookworm Through the Lens Environmental Corner Shaggy’s Recycled Crafts

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The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  1

From the Editor

From The Editor

Twas the night before Semester 1, And all through my brain Not a cell was stirring ... Welcome to Semester 1 2012 and our first edition for the year. Thank you to all the contributors who have made this edition a good read. We have four pages of survival tips and recipes to cope with studying DE. There is also a lot of CSU news including the new Student Orientation website. The F...ark in History is this month’s feature for those of us not at CSU to embark COVER PHOTO: on the original sailing.There has been a lot of discussion on Susan Laverick - Lake Geneva forums about the new student amenities fee and would love to CONTRIBUTORS read some of your comments in the March edition of The DEN. Amanda Baynham, Sharon I have spent my break painting, knitting and generally indulg- Crossett, Sally Godfrey, Susan Laverick, Beck Noble, Maf Forum ing in a lot of craft, creating The DEN this month has helped Members, Rachel Smith, Sandra me to start to switch my brain to academic mode, I hope ... Stewart, Liz, Williams, Jacqueline Sandra Stewat, Editor Wilcox, AJ Zauner De-Ville

Issue 28, February 2012 DE FEATURES

CSU NEWS 10. The F...ark in History 3. Student Services and Amenities Fee 14. Hints and Tips for 4. Student Orientation at Surviving DE as Posted on CSU, Free Postal Onshore Maf. DE Students, Primo Search 17. Emergency DE 5. Student News @ CSU Recipes 6 CSU Equity and Diversity 23. Bonjour Geneve by 12. PebblePad Conference Susan Laverick Call for Student Submissions 24. Siberian Geneva - a photo story by Susan 20. Green Steps Program @ Laverick CSU

26. International Asperger’s Day

26 ‘Understanding’ - A DE Student’s Asperger’s story

REGULAR FEATURES 7. Quiz - February 8. Environmental Corner World Wetlands Day

18. Through the Lens Holiday

22. Meet a DE Student Sandra Stewart

27. Bookworm - Book

Review - The Lucky One, Nicolas Sparks. Review by Rachel Smith

28. Shaggy’s Recycled Crafts - Plastic Storage Container

30. DE Crafts - Creative Knitting and Crochet Sandra Stewart. Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Liz Williams 32. Colouring - A Turtle for World Wetlands Day. Quiz Answers. Next Month

email letters to the Editor & submissions to Disclaimer: The DEN is a Rivcoll SRC publication and the opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of the editor, staff or student members. Association by persons or companies with ‘The Den’ does not necessarily reflect the religious, political, sexual or racial beliefs of those parties. The Editor and Rivcoll SRC do not accept any responsibility for any omissions, errors, inaccuracies, or the views and opinions contained in any article accepted for publication. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject any articles submitted for publication. 2  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

Student Services and Amenities Fee

Student Services and Amenities Fee


verybody will have received an inbox message about this new fee to be applied from SDemester 1 2012. To find out what it was all about I consulted the federal government website. Support for Student Services “A provider that charges a student services and amenities fee will only be able to spend the fee on the provision of the following services: providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider; supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students

; supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students; caring for children of students; providing legal services to students; promoting the health or welfare of students; helping students secure accommodation; helping students obtain employment or advice on careers; helping students with their financial affairs; helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents; supporting debating by students; providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students; supporting an artistic activity by students; supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students;

helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled; advising on matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described); advocating students’ interests in matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described); giving students information to help them in their orientation; and helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment.”

I suggest that DEN readers go and have a look at it. There does not seem to be much provision for DE students but I can see areas where support could be given for DE student services. As editor of The DEN I am hoping that my regular and even not so regular contributors can be paid the same for their submissions th The DEN as the internal students are for Hungappa. Australian Government Department of Education and Workplace Relations. Student Services and Amenities Fee 2011 Commonwealth of Australia Programs/StudentSupport/ StudentServicesandAmenities/Pages/Home. aspx#revenue Sandra Stewart Editor

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  3

CSU News

CSU News

Student Services Amenities Fee and Student Orientation @ CSU This information was given on the Mature Age Forum:

“I've noticed that a number of people want to have their say about the SSAF (student services and amenities fee). The people you need to talk to are your student representatives, namely the CSU Student Senate. The CSU Student Senate are the people negotiating for your rights in regards to the SSAF. The email for the Student Senate: senate@csu. And if you wish to contact your campus representatives: support/student-reps Write up your concerns and send them on to your representatives... it is the only way that they will know what you want... If you need more contacts... There is also an online orientatuion which may helop new students to find out a biit more about starting at CSU.

Important Dates 2nd March

Deadline for DE and Internal students to add subjects to their Session 1 enrolment

9th March

HECS-HELP payment date Session 1

4  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012


Free Library Postal Service For Onshore DE Students

The Division of Library Services is pleased to announce that the Library will continue to provide free return postal service to Distance Education students. This means that for DE students living in Australia, there is no need to pay postage when returning items to the library. A postage paid return address label will be included in each DE postage parcel. This label can simply be affixed to each parcel when posting back to the Library. The return postage service does not include items borrowed through the InterLibrary Loans scheme and does not extend to DE students living outside of Australia. For further information please contact the Library on 1800 808 369 or view our online Help Services CSU What’s New 16.02.12

Primo Search

The Library catalogue as been replaced with Primo Search. Primo Search allows you to search simultaneously for print and electronic resources. Books, journals, journal articles, CSU theses, and other resources can be found using this simple intuitive search tool. Access to the old Library catalogue service will cease on Monday 5 March 2012. Returning students who have saved searches, alerts, or records to the eShelf in the old Library catalogue will need to record these details and re-create them in Primo Search. Please contact the Library if you require assistance.

Student News @ CSU

Student News @ CSU

Student Communications At CSU Student News is part of the University-wide current student communications strategy. and is seen to be integral to the future of Student Communications at CSU. home/student-news

What is it?

A new communication tool, displaying important dates, top 10 Knowledge Base articles, campus links, and information from each division/faculty. The student news also includes breaking news, feature articles, and student focus/profiles as well as other interesting bits and pieces. Released fortnightly, students can access the site via the current student web portal homepage.


The Student News has been developed to provide consistent and comprehensive information to students from across the University in a central location. A Student message Liaison Group has been formed to gather and present information from across the university on this webpage. Information from across the University will be formatted and presented in the Student News. Feb 23rd 2012 CSU What’s New.

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  5

CSU Equity and Diversity...

CSU Equity and Diversity


WELCOME TO CSU for 2012!

tudent Equity & Diversity aims to encourage an inclusive experience for all students by supporting the full diversity of the student community regardless of race, age, religion, location, background, sexuality or sex. We provide advice, advocacy and support for students who have been educationally disadvantaged, and aim to develop and enhance these groups ability to access, participate and succeed at CSU through the provision of appropriate support services and programs. One of these programs is scholarships and grants.


SU has hundreds of scholarships & grants available for just about everyone. We encourage students to do their research early and apply for everything they are eligible for. Yes - you may even put your hand up for more than one. All the information on dates, application forms and guidelines is available from one central place: .


ere you will find a summary table, click on name on the left to find out more information and to go to online application forms.

Open now for first year students...


elocation Equity Grants (up to $1500), echnology Equity Grants (up to $1000) E Textbook Equity Grants ($300). . Closing March/April.

6  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012


oundation Scholarships funded by individuals or organisations who hold a strong belief in supporting the University and its students. Apply using your “home” campus, over 200 scholarships ranging in value from $2500 to $6000 each. Some of these may require you maintain a certain academic standard but be sure to give them a go: foundation/ Closing 5 March.

Government scholarships are called

‘Relocation’ ($4000 1st yr, $2000 2nd& 3rd, $1000 4th) and “Start Up” ($1,025 for every 6 months eligible study in 2012). Contact Centrelink for details 132490.

External Scholarships: Numerous

Organisations offer support and even work experience to help students at University. www. Student Loans at no interest oncampus/help-with-costs or contact a student support officer via Student Central on 1800 334 733.

Disability Liaison Officers – support for

reasonable adjustments to study for students with a disability or medical condition division/studserv/disability/

...February Quiz

CSU Equity and Diversity

February Quiz

Advocacy (specialised support officers,

counsellors or services) support For information on sexual and cultural diversity, financial assistance, budgeting and other tools head to the new Equity Resources webpage at: equity-resources

You can download the “CSU Making Uni Affordable” booklet from here too. LIKE “Equity & Diversity at CSU” on Facebook for up-to-date news on social inclusion and scholarships, grants and financial assistance options.

Need more information? Go to or You can contact

Carissa Perkins - Student Equity & Diversity Officer at or make a phone appointment through

Student Central 1800 334 733.

Best of luck for 2012!

1. In what calendars is February the second month of the year? 2. What month ends on the same day of the year as February does? 3. In what year is it the only month that ends on the same day of the week it began on? 4. What does the Latin term februum after which February was named mean? 5. Give two other historical names for February. 6. In which language does its name mean “month of the pearl”? 7. In what two languages does the name mean ‘month of ice’ or ‘hard frost’? 8. What happens in February that happens in no other month (not 29 days)? 9. What day occurs on February 2nd when an animal determines the start of spring? 10. What is the birth flower and birth stone for February?

Answers on Page 32

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  7

Environmental Corner...

Environmental Corner

8  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

...World Wetland Day 2012

World Wetlands Day February 2nd “This year's focus on responsible wetland tourism Wetlands and their wildlife are a key part of the global tourism experience: from visiting the underground karst wetlands in Slovenia’s Skocjan caves, to experiencing the breath-taking sunsets at the Port Launay Ramsar Site in the Seychelles, the world’s Ramsar Sites and other wetlands have much to offer the adventurous tourist. With half of international tourists traveling to wetlands of all types, but particularly in coastal areas, the tourism expenditure linked to wetlands can be quite significant. Globally, the economic activity generated by travel and tourism represents around 5% of GDP and an estimated 6-7% of the world’s jobs. But of course poorly managed tourism can have negative impacts on wetland resources and local livelihoods. As Ramsar’s Secretary General, Anada Tiéga, stresses that this year’s theme is the “opportunity to focus on key stakeholders who can help to ensure that tourism in wetlands is sustainable and that any tourism development in and around wetlands in the future is carried out following Ramsar’s principles of wise use.” “ To make a flip book that your children (or you) can make go to: It is one of those ones when you flip the pages the frog jumps. Ed

World Wetlands Day Poster, Cartoon and Information used with permission of The Ramsar Secretariat.

Australian Wetlands

64 Australian Wetlands, covering 8.1 million hectares, are listed as wetlands of national importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. 900 wetlands are listed as important in Australia. The 2012 theme ‘Wetlands as Tourism’ is important to Australia as our wetlands provide tourism and recreational opportunities. Tourism can have both positive and negative effects as indicated by the above cartoon. The Wetlands Australia Magazine can be found at http://www.environment. wetlands-australia/wa20/index.html

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  9

The F...ark in History ...

The F…Ark in History By: Beck Noble (with contributions from previous F…Ark passengers!) Chapter 1


rab a cuppa, (or a rum or chocolate or other chosen treat–editor’s edition) sit back and let me tell you the tale of the F..Ark. Now I know that some of you may have been around at the birth of the F..Ark and recall things somewhat differently; this however is how I recall the F..Ark, its maiden voyage and the journey so far.


guess the first thing you may be wondering is “what the hell is a F…Ark?” Well it is quite simple really, it is the (Mature Age) Forum Ark. The F… Ark.


ow as for the F… Ark history………… It was that time of semester when all (ok nearly all) of us uni students procrastinate when we should be working on assessments and preparing for exams. As is often the case, much of that procrastination was spent on the MAF (Mature Age Forum). In between our procrastination many of us were stressing about upcoming exams and assessments and bemoaned our lack of motivation to prepare.

10  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012


he F..Ark originated in the deep, dark corner of the MAF. A few of us were enjoying some jokes on the MAF; shout out to Annie was the sharer of many a joke when suddenly the sound of dissent was heard. Yep, as happens, someone wasn’t happy with the content of one of the jokes and before we knew it a thread was deleted by the mighty FG (Forum God). ith tongues firmly in cheek, we, at the behest of our Supreme Creator (She who cannot be named!) set up a knitting club in the hopes that this would be an activity that wouldn’t offend other students. But all was not peaceful in the knitting club. With the Supreme Creator trying desperately to control us all and prevent a riotous rebellion we fought back.



ne student in particular would not contain herself and instead rolled around the MAF pissing herself laughing and squelching in her wellingtons. espite the mess she made and that she also had to clean up herself, she managed to get some blue crayons and the blueprints for the F…Ark where drawn up in a plan to escape the knitting club

...The F...ark in History and the Supreme Creator.


he F…Ark’s maiden voyage however came about when one student called for a search for her missing motivation. As is often the case on the MAF, we all then banded together, built the F…Ark and set off to find the missing motivation of this student and others who also found their motivation to be AWOL. Some students were fearful of boarding the F…Ark due to suffering seasickness or fearing they may not return safely.


t was with a sad farewell that we left these students on the shore of the MAF and set out.


helicopter was dispatched to pick up students further inland; ferrying them to the F…Ark. The F…Ark also made stop at various ports around Australia and the World ensuring that none who wished to join the journey would miss out. ur destination was the only place where something, even motivation could disappear without a trace…. The Bermuda Triangle.



tudents swept

servant girls, male slaves, rum and chocolate to ensure all would survive the journey.


any a cold night was spent on the deck of the F…Ark, drinking rum and eating chocolate hoping that we would survive the despair of the Bermuda Triangle and return triumphant with our missing motivation.


ur mission was not to be incident free however. It wasn’t long before the Supreme Creator had realised that we had absconded from the Knitting Club and were off having fun somewhere. The F…Ark faced a barrage of attacks from many sides. Missiles were launched and heading toward us as the crew scrambled to defend the F…Ark. The Captain employed evasive manoeuvres, whilst decoy F…Arks swere released to confuse our attacker. The Supreme Creator was persistent in her attacks, however the F…Ark managed to escape relatively unscathed thanks to The Captain and the decoy F…Arks. t was while checking the F…Ark for damage and a few minor repairs were being made that our spotter up in the Birds Nest first sighted the Triangle and the call was echoed through the F…Ark that we had reached our destination.


through the F…Ark; securing animals, The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  11

The F...ark in History ...


lthough we were all a little hungover from rum drinking and worn out from defending the


…Ark against attack, a mission was launched from the F…Ark to retrieve our motivation from within the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. We were successful in our venture and returned first to the F…Ark and then to the greater MAF with our motivation in hand and ready to settle in to prepare assessments and study for exams.


ince that first journey, the F… Ark has ventured out many a time and has travelled to nearly the ends of the earth. Whilst we have had new Captain’s in that time; including one who clung to safety in the Birds Nest with his trusty parrot as a result of the F…Ark being overrun with Johnny Depp lookalikes and topless deck hands (male!), it has always remained a place of freedom, hilarity, rum (and other alcohol) and chocolate. Those who missed the maiden voyage have boarded, albeit at times with trepidation only to kick back with a rum to enjoy what is the F…Ark.


ore recently the F…Ark was remodelled during the move from the old MAF to the new MAF making way for roomier cabins that enable individual decorating and a larger hold for greater quantities of rum. The F…Ark is moored in the Dam out the back of the MAF ready for new adventures or as a safe place of retreat when the greater MAF overwhelms.


o if you haven’t on a journey F…Ark, then hop secure your cabin, rum cocktail and let Ark take you away!

12  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

been on the aboard, enjoy a the F…

PebblePad Conference Student Submissions


...creating ripples for learning

Student Submissions Required 2nd International PebblePad Conference: PebbleBash 2012

is the Charles Sturt University ePortfolio and Personal Learning System. PebblePad will be hosting the 2nd International PebblePad Conference: PebbleBash 2012 on the 20th & 21st June 2012 at Park House Hotel, Shifnal, UK. There is a call for student submissions and there has been some fantastic work being done with PebblePad by students at CSU. Read the information below and then tell and submit your PebblePad story “Student Submissions Required We know how valuable it is to include the student voice in any conference so we intend to ‘sponsor’ up to six student places at the PebblePad Conference. Student submissions should initially take the form of a 500 word ‘story’ describing how and why they use PebblePad. Of course we’re particularly interested in hearing from students who use PebblePad in a variety of ways and want to know what they think the benefits to their learning and personal/professional development are. Proposals must be received by 16th of March and should be sent to

The six students submitting the best proposals will be invited to attend the conference on the 20th and 21st June 2012 with all conference fees and residential costs met by Pebble Learning. We will also contribute up to £100 towards the costs of travel.” It would be wonderful for the International PebblePad Community to read YOUR story about

Conference Venue

Conference Website: The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  13

Hints and Tips ...

Hints and Tips for surviving DE as posted on Maf Contact

your lecturer early if you are having problems or know that on-time submission will be a challenge. I found that having a set space to 'work' was useful - an area I could work at whether I had 10mins or 10 hours - this was a better use of time rather than setting up and packing up.

t ie bu

ld o n A


do ssay


odi o g a


hun ble c


an to m


d!!! y go


y oka on s rd g ot ky 0 wo ependin ords a n 0 e 6 r s 1 B d d only cus on of 400 w wor 0 w 0 o 0 o s n f 2 - so ot t to ragraph n n a o i s w lly n a a u t p l e h c r 4 ig 's on ps that ... nd C at you m perha t a c o a o wh Intr c. S h- wow le. In f concise b t 10% ork out stion et eac ieva is to be bjec e h u w u s c q a n e k nk The t/essay mor he tric y Li d h u c c t e T u m lsubj my S s so after al m m o e r f se t h earn now hat muc l t I a n t Th time lesso e s i y ver ry w a ve or me e s a f w This worked Start early it Do a little bit and e our

FLYLADY what i found helped for me was Flylady (google flylady)....i taught the kids how to do a house 'blessing' once a week (any child over the age of 1 had to help), crockpotted most meals, one load of washing a day and one load of washing up..... and then i put a timer on and said "just do 15 minutes of reading hte study guide"... AB 14  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

oh m

every day. Ev en if you're only re viewing notes /key concepts whil e waiting for the kettle to boil :)AC

Husband/Partner Enlist you husband's help (depending on work commitments) share the workload around the house and make prioritise your workloads. SN

...for Surviving DE

Hints and Tips for surviving DE as posted on Maf reading now counts as work For a long time reading has always been a bit of a luxury, and browsing papers for 'research' a bit of fun and a timewaster. So I needed to make a mental shift to see these as a valid use of my time as a student. HS

ols. es you so o t e h v use t but sa your

to ile se Learn t takes a wh riting becau od w ype. I

t o s ouch acilitates g d. t there' , o t t i n r f r n o i d m tf Lea me, an with your ry suppor ith it - the i t h c w ra p mu eep u 's great lib talls along u'll be k s d r e s o wo . Ther rial that in e sooner y agically e t o N End d tuto to use it, th phy autom very essay. o o g a very you learn r bibilogra e end of e th u r soone g having yo rmatted at n fo enjoyi tized and e b alpha J


Try not to be a perfectionist or super woman, no one expects you to be, just do your best and don't be hard on yourself. Of course family is dependent on you being able to cope with work and study, but remember to nurture yourself when you can as well so you can manage it all. SN


i still find the HARDEST thing is getting i set my timer and say "just 15 minutes"...some times thats ALL i can do, other times i can press 'start' again and get another 4 hours done 15 minutes at a time... none of my kids nap so DVDs were a great distraction where i would say "cant come and bother mum until the end of the movie/documentary"

BE ORGANISED If you organise yourself and your time properly you'll be amazed what you can get done. During my first two years I NEVER studied weekends, that was strictly family time. I always made sure I did what I needed to do before Friday and forgot uni for two days. I think it saved all our sanities! If when you start it gets overwhelming and you feel like you're not coping talk to your course coordinator. They won't leave you to suffer alone and hang you out to dry! They're amazingly supportive and will help you restructure your study to something more suitable. DA The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  15

Hints and Tips for Surviving DE

Hints and Tips for surviving DE as posted on Maf

Get tested for 'total insanity'....

if you arent at least part way there you will be by the time you get tested again in 6 months Buahahahahahah

ok, maybe thats not a 'serious' tip...but its probably partially accurate :-)

and in the words of Sheldon “I am not crazy; my mother had me tested.” Amanda Baynham

Housework can wait OK then............housework can wait. A bit of mess never hurt anyone. Basically kids who eat dirt are healthier than kids that grow up in a sterile environment. As long as you keep on top of the mould in the bathroom and get the washing up and laundry done sometime don't sweat it. If people start whinging about something like the lack of clothes or dishes around assignment/exam tell them to do it themselves. 1 fault mender is worth a half dozen fault finders. Husbands won't starve no matter how much they try to get you to believe it. They can also use the washer and are OK at cooking. They are also very good at looking after the children while you're studying. They just don't want us to know. My hubby can look after himself very well but seems to forget how as soon as I get home. My Father in Law is exactly the same. As soon as I go to visit he's suddenly helpless. I used to send Hubby and the kids away for weekends while I studied for exams or had massive assignments to finish. They used to love going fishing together. Children are adaptable. Your son will get used to going to some other place while you're at uni and may even realise how important an education is because Mummy is doing it. My kids did. JW

Check out this website

16  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

Emergency DE Recipes

EMERGENCY DE RECIPES And one of the best things is a bbq chook from the local

supermarket. Our IGA does the most juicy, yummy chickens you've ever tasted. I haven't cooked my own chook in years. Find the best in the area and get them instead of cooking one. They're $8.99 down there today. You couldn't buy them and pay for the electricity, time and effort to cook it yourself for that and if you find the right one nobody will know the difference between the one you cook and the one you buy. And Tacos. Fry up some mince, chuck in the seasoning and cut up some tomatoes and lettuce and get the grated cheese out of the fridge. Throw it all together. You don't have time to grate it yourself now. And the Home Brand/ Black and Gold stuff is cheap and not bad. Taco Thursday. The kids have Mexican Monday now lol. Jac Wilcox bulk cook, and freeze... and there is nothing wrong with frozen pizza, or lasagna etc. Canned soup, baked beans, canned flavoured tuna, canned chicken meat etc are good quick back-ups. Tortillas are versatile also, quesadillas are quick and easy, you can put anything in those. Sharon Crossett

soup mix patties

1/2 soup mix (not sure gluten content of barley or lentils! -so gluten intolerants - check) steamed pumpkin,potato,broccili (or any other veg variety) sunflower seed alfalfa sprouts (any any other seed sprouts) curry powder coconut milk bread crumbs 1 egg rinse soup mix and bring to boil in saucepan then simmer for 30 mins(to soften) when cooled puree steam veg and mash add pureed soup mix and mashed veg add sunflower seed and sprouts add curry powder and coconut milk mix it all together add raw egg and mix everything up well make patties and roll in bread crumbs bake in oven for 30-40 mins my batch made 4 meals of 2 patties each

Another idea is brown mince, add taco mix, 1 can tomatoes, 2 cups beef stock, 1 cup macaroni, cook until macaroni is done, and liquid is gone. Make or buy a bechamel sauce, add cheese, add to mince mix...Cheeseburger macaroni, (serves 4) very nice and a one pot wonder if you buy the bechamel sauce. Left overs on toast next night, two meals in one :) Shaz meal. why its a good recipe: massively yum huge nutrition boost

possibly freezable(still experimenting) 'more bang for your buck' lunch fits in small container to take to work or out hiking don't need a million bucks to eat healthy and it can be a grab and go meal

I added some fruit chutney to the top of mine when eating Recipe 2

Choc Mint Shortbread

shortbread recipe icing made of icing sugar and cocoa -add peppermint essence and vanilla mix ingredients and ice top of freshly cooked shortbread makes heaps (tried replacing peppermint with hazelnut but peppermint is better) Sal G

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  17

Through the Lens...

Through the Lens Holidays

Pamela Frape: Penguins in an Antarctic Seaworld.

March Photography Topic A Lazy Day

18  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012


Through the Lens-Holidays

Sandra Stewart: Cradle Mountain Tasmania. 1st December 2012

Sandra Stewart: Russell Falls. Tasmania. 31st November 2012

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  19

Green Steps ...

Green Steps

Make a difference and get ahead with Green Steps CSU is offering the highly regarded Green Steps program for the second year. Green Steps is a free six day program of intense (but fun) training ran through the Monash Sustainability Institute. at CSU. The program will be run over two long weekends in May (11-13 and 18-20) and will cover five key areas: • Environmental issues and responses: Issues such as waste, energy and water, and an understanding of organisational responses to environmental issues • Environmental auditing: An introduction to waste, energy, water auditing, and conducting staff interviews and surveys • Project planning and management: Action plan design, problem map creation and creative solution development • Communication for change: Effective communication to foster change within organisations, including professional presentation and report-writing, compiling promotional materials, constructing coherent arguments and negotiation skills • Behavioral change management: Understanding the role of the change agent, personal and organisational drivers, behavioral change theory and practice The training is highly interactive, engaging, hands on and emphasizes teamwork. There will be specialist speakers and former CSU Green Steps participants to also share their experiences.

Key Dates:

Applications open Now Applications close 15 April 2012 Training Weekend one 11-13th May Training Weekend two 18-20th May Internships Completed by end October 2012 To learn more about the Green Steps program, including how to apply, visit the CSU Green Webpage, at green-steps-student-internship-program. Keep an eye out for, “Green Stepper Stories”, featuring experiences from students who participated in the 2011 Green Steps program.

20  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

...Student Internship Program

Ready to make a difference? Apply now for Green Steps

Internship: 15 days in 2012


Learn how to measure environmental impacts with waste, energy, carbon and water audits


Engage others with improved communication and behaviour change skills


Work with people from different disciplines and become part of a national alumni network


Gain new confidence to create positive environmental change


Get a foot in the door with paid work experience in sustainability.

Applications close midnight 15 April 2012. greensteps Green Steps at CSU is a partnership between CSU Green and the Monash Sustainability Institute.

CRICOS Provider: Monash University 0008C


Sustainability training: 11–13 and 18–20 May, 2012

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  21

Meet a DE Student - Sandra Stewart

M e e t a D E S t u d e n t . . . DEN

Sandra Stewart. Editor:The DEN Whereabouts do you live? Rocky Creek Wildlife Refuge Gungal NSW

What are you studying? Master of Education (Research), (my 4th year at CSU) Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment (not at CSU). All by DE. What are your likes? Animals, sleeping, wildlife, education What are your dislikes? Destruction of the environment, intolerance. Lying Coal Seam Gas Ads currently being shown on TV. If you had 3 wishes

what would they be? 1. To be healthy 2. To be able to preserve more land for wildlife and conservation 3. To not have any more coal mines in the Hunter or around Mudgee and Bylong

If you were an animal what would you be?: Eastern Grey Kangaroo – react and stress first then find out that it wasn’t really scary. If you didn’t live where you do where would you like to live? Stanley across the road from the beach north-west Tasmania When you were young, what job did you want to have when you grew up? Teacher What are you doing now? DEN Editor,2 4/7 volunteer wildlife

22  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012


rehabilitator What activities do you indulge in when not studying: reading, craft, photography, caring for my wildlife, writing, catching up on sleep, editing The DEN Pets: 3 dogs, 2 cats, 8 bunnies, 2 horses, 2 donkeys Your thoughts on the environment: Sadly I feel that we have gone too far and it will never recover. Favourites: • party food: Grain Waves at the moment • TV show: Tragic Home and Away addict. Also CSI, NCIS • music: Jon English, country, whatever I like at that time, 60s protest and 70s Anything that sears the soul and helps me to feel raw emotions. • Song:At the moment With Cat Like Tread along with the Jon English video. • Movie: Kangaroos:Faces in the Mob (more of a documentary) Coyote Ugly - I think that I have a secret dream to line dance on a bar in very high heels. • Game: Procrastination • Book:As Much Right To Live by Nuri Mass. Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French • Things to do on a Sunday: Curl up in the afternoon with my hubbie for a nanna nap Most • embarrassing moment? Too many and too often • memorable holiday? The cruise that I met my husband on, most recent holiday to Tasmania.

Bonjour, Geneve - Susan Laverick

Bonjour, Genève....Susan Laverick Soaring over the Swiss Alps with BA, exhilarated by the final moments of a journey which began on a wet Sydney afternoon, almost thirty hours ago. We commence our descent, ploughing through dense, soupy clouds which oppress the spirits but are dazzled as grey serge is swept away to reveal the luxurious white velvet tapestry beneath, richly embroidered with verdant fir trees and meringue-tipped alps. Mary Shelley’s ‘palace of nature’, the regal Mont Blanc is draped in pearlescent regalia of perennial snow and ice. Trillions of snow crystals in her peaks and lofty summit create a stately diadem which shimmers like arctic sapphire, reflecting light from the gentian sky. We glimpse the sloping jade glacier (sadly retreating, each year) and beyond its base of scree, Chamonix, whose quaint wooden chalets and winding streets offer a pretty alpine postcard. Finally, Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman to the stubborn French, who claim half of it), a narrow strip of lapis, frozen in parts this Siberian winter of 2012; white summer yachts of the millionaires are safely wrapped in canvas and docked in marinas, swans struggle to glide between the reeds. The pale winter sunshine is now rose-tinted, wrapping the Jura in an ethereal pastel glow. A vision of slender red turrets and dove-grey walls as we sweep through Montreux and Château de Chillon. Once home to the prodigiously talented Romantics during that famous literary summer of 1816 when iconic masterpieces of English literature were penned, in tribute perhaps to the finely wrought and eternally beautiful contours of Chillon itself. Mary’s darkly brooding Frankenstein and Byron’s archetypal Romantic hero The Prisoner of Chillon. Begin to understand the Impressionists’ obsession with rendering the same scene in different hours of daylight, because frankly la lumière in this part of Switzerland oscillates from peach-toned clarity to softly-muted luminosity. Sublime only begins to do it justice. (Chillon, image courtesy Geneva Tourist Board)

We pass meticulously planted fields and vineyards, their harvest

of scarlet and emerald grapes long since bottled by enterprising local co-operatives. The modest Swiss could compete with the Australians at any international wine fair with their polished chardonnays, sauvignons, superior sparkling blancs de blancs and pinot noirs, but the national market is too small for export. Donc...when in Switzerland, drink Swiss, I say. Spot the stiletto medieval spires of Cathédrale de St. Pierre....and wonder if the Jet d’eau has frozen. Home to one daughter, now more Swiss than Australian, and returning with another who must learn again to be Swiss. Back to central heating, snow tyres and chains, thinking and speaking French, skyping sisters in Sydney, Melbourne and Macksville. Living between two countries can make one mildly schizophrenic, but I would not have it any other way. The best of both suis bien dans ma peau, naturelle-


(Susan Laverick)

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  23

Siberian Geneva

“ S i b e r i a n ” G e n e v a ....Susan Laverick Fair Play

Fair Play in Context

Lac de joux frozen solid.. all 14 kilometres... in a Breughal scene...

24  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

- Susan Laverick

“ S i b e r i a n ” G e n e v a ....Susan Laverick

Ladies in White - Quite Disconcerting

Lake Geneva: Not sure what they are or were. The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  25

International Asperger’s Day - Understanding

International Asperger’s Day

February 18th is the anniversary of the birth of Dr Hans Asperger the physician who defined the syndrome and has had his work recognised internationally. 2012 is the 2nd year that International Asperger’s Day was celebrated.

Asperger’s is a condition on the Autisim Spectrum.International Asperger’s Day highlights the significance of Asperger’s Syndrome for individuals and for society. It is a day to both celebrate difference and educate yourself about an often misunderstood syndrome. This year’s theme “Living side by side, connecting with people on the Autism Spectrum”.

We have a special story below written by one of our Distance Education Student


a DE Student’s Asperger’s Story

The two aspects of Asperger’s that affect me the most are

1 people really freak me out

. Whether it is meeting new people, or just simply being with a group of people i already know, I freak out. I have to coach myself on "going through the motions" of what you are supposed to do around other people. I hate being in groups and often put my foot in my mouth and generally make a fool of myself. It feels like everyone is judging me and I just want to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

trying to recognise what people are saying and holding a 2conversation because often i cant recognise tone of voice. .

This is the biggest one and it often gets me in trouble. I struggle to hold a conversation because sometimes, even when a person (and others around us) say they are using a normal tone of voice, it comes across as mean, nasty, accusing or looking for a fight. So I can feel like I am being attacked even when I am not. And vice versa, I think I am talking fine, but others say my tone is mean and they get defensive. This causes a lot of fights, most often between my family - as that it when I let my guard down the most. It has also gotten me into trouble at work, as sometimes if I am flustered etc, I might just be trying to tell a customer I wont be long or that I cannot do what they are requesting, or even when I try to be nice, but they feel like I am being mean and then they complain. I feel like I need a large sign that says "sorry I have Asperger’s and have trouble recognising tones of voice, so I'm really not being mean, I promise". It is hard when supervisors dont understand and you often feel that your job is at risk because of it. Mostly I have learnt to live with this, and hardly anyone knows I have Asperger’s, but I just wish people were more accepting of those who cant control these factors. Understanding

26  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

Bookworm -The Lucky Onr by Nicholas Sparks


Where the Academic Worm takes a break from study.

Book Review The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks Review by Rachel Smith

US Marine, Logan Thiabault, believes a photograph of a young woman he found while on tour in Iraq is a lucky charm. After safely returning to America, he sets out on a quest across the country to find this mystery woman and repay her for keeping him safe. Nicolas Sparks offers a story of passion and romance balanced with realism and suspense in ‘The Lucky One’. The fluent narrative is captivating, leaving you unable to put the novel down, and the heartfelt story appeals to your emotions, making you laugh one minute and cry the next. Sparks’ writing further impresses you, with vivid descriptions of the fictitious town Hampton, North Carolina, allowing you to be totally captured by the story. ‘The Lucky One’ is a passionate story about following your instincts, falling in love and finding your place in this world; ‘The Lucky One’ will leave you believing in destiny. The film rights for ‘The Lucky One’ were sold to Warner Brothers, with the Australian release date for the movie, starring Zac Efron, scheduled for April 19, 2012.

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  27

Shaggy’s Recycled Cratf...

Shaggy’s Recycled Craft

Plastic storage container

Materials • Plastic screw top container – any size, I used fruit jars • Glue- pva, blue-stick or similar, gem glue • Paper, toilet paper, tissue paper, old textbook, doily, magazine. • Embellishments • Cardboard – thin such as a notebook or similar • Stamps- I used Making Memories • Paint or ink plus gesso • Bling/gems/beads • Wire or notebook wire • Dymo label writer – optional • Spray bottle • Double sided tape • Masking tape Method • Paint container with gesso. This will help the paper mache stick to its surface. • Cover jar with paper, using a mixture of pva and water as an adhesive. I stuck washers to the container, before layering more paper over the top. Glue at least 3 layers allowing for it to dry between coats. • Repeat for the lid. • Stamp flowers on to paper, any sort you like. I used a mixture of layered paper, tissue paper, doily, and book paper. I used an old sponge and meat tray as my ink pad, and used black paint. • Cut out the flowers, and glue to card. Once dry, cut out flowers. • Cut lengths of wire, about 20 cm, twist around a pencil to form a spiral. You could use a spiral off a note book. Adhere the flowers to the top of the wire using double sided tape. Cover this with a circle of paper. • Attach the wire to lid using masking tape, by folding over the wire to form a right angle. Once all flowers are attached, glue paper down to cover. • For my jar I sprayed it with rusted vinegar. I then sprayed it with pink paint. I then added gems and left over flowers. I also reverse transferred a clock image by gluing the right side of the clock to the container. Waited until completely dry, and using water, rubbed the backing paper off to reveal a washed out clock image. • Lastly I dymo punched words of encouragement, (inspiration ‘Cloth Paper Scissors’ Magazine) for those moments during semester when I am tempted to pull my hair out. I attached these to the jar and flowers. If you don’t have a dymo punch you can use paper and pen. 28  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

... Plastic Storage Container

Alternative ideas • Another idea, inspired by ‘Cloth Paper Scissors’ Magazine, you could also use bits and pieces of junk to build up a face, and paper mache over. I used pill boxes to build up his head, bubble wrap for his eyes and mouth. A paint tube for his nose. I then bubblewrapped the lid, used an upturned cup for his noggin and added a crown. His head screws off easily because of the extra bulk added by the bubble wrap.

• You can attach toilet rolls, I used 10, to the outside of the jar using masking tape, and then paper mached over the sides and bottom. The butterflies are made from magazine pictures I fussy cut to give the butterfly a patterned wing.

) : y hagg


The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  29

DE Craft - Creative Knitting and Crochet

DE Craft Creative Knitting and Crochet

The CWA has a creative knitting and crochet section using natural materials where no pattern is to be used. Last year I made the bag above and found a nontechnique’ called scrumbling where you just keep changing directions and textures. My entry this year is the blanket on the right- a year’s work on and off but lots of fun. Sandra Stewart

30  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

DE Craft - Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

DE Craft

Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt My Famer’s Wife Sampler Quilt—just may be a huge mistake one will see as it is being done by hand only 111 blocks—Fabric “French General—Panier de Fleurs” Liz Williams

The DEN Issue 28, February 2012  31

February Colouring, Quiz Answers

February Colouring

A Turtle for World Wetlands Day

This vulnerable turtle is facing a decline in population due to predators attacking its nest. The turtle was discovered in 1980 and is believed to only live in the streams and rivers of the Fitzroy Basin.

February Quiz Answers:

1. Julian and Gregorian 2. October 3. Leap Year 4. Purification ( a purification ritual was held in the old lunar Roman Calendar. 5. Solmonath (mud month – Old English), Kale-monath (cabbage) 6. Finnish helmikuu when snow melts on tree branches, it forms droplets, and as these freeze again, they are like pearls of ice. 7. Polish and Ukranian 8. It is also the only month of the calendar that once every six years and twice every 11 years, will have only four full 7-day weeks 9. Groundhog Day. 10. Violet, common primrose and amethyst 32  The DEN Issue 28, February 2012

Email letters to the Editor & submissions:

Acknowledgements: Photos sourced from stock.xchng Printmaster Platinum 18. All other photographs and graphics as indicated. Student submissions are required for March and subsequent issues . Send in your colouring and watch the forums for ideas for March Submissions. Photography: A Lazy Day Sandra Stewart Editor, The DEN

The DEN - February 2012  

The DEN - February 2012