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Term 3 week 4

editorial Hello everyone I’m

In the next few weeks we I think everyone one of

sitting here writing this

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beautiful colour printing!

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windy night. First and

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for Hungappa, or for me,

foremost I would like to myself I am AdDan or Dal or yourself, or for the give you a big and warm Wal and I am bringing you cold hard cash you’ll get welcome to this edition

this issue of the Hunggi.

paid!! Can’t wait to see

of the Hungappa.

Now I’ve got an idea...

what you got. AD.Dan

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Term 3 week 4

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Term 3 week 4



Term 3 week 4

student News Student payments flow DAN HARRISON July 21, 2010

Labor's share of the youth vote could get a fillip from today as $650 payments begin landing in the bank accounts of university students.

Coalition pledges to restore full-fee places DAN HARRISON July 23, 2010

A COALITION government would overturn Labor's ban on full fees for Australian undergraduates, clearing the way for universities to offer places for a price to students who missed out on publicly subsidised places on academic merit.

Labor vows to revive student union fees DAN HARRISON July 22, 2010

FEDERAL Education Minister Simon Crean has promised a re-elected Labor government would try again to change the law to allow universities to charge students compulsory fees to pay for sporting facilities, health clinics and other non-academic amenities.



Term 3 week 4


Campaigning Mk II Aasalaamu Aleikum, and welcome to the wonderful worldly writings of Ooh Ahh. The man more confident than Dr Cox, more manipulative than Dr House, and no where near as whingey as Dr Grey. In this past week I’ve once again been working my ass off pretending to do something productive. I’ve managed to procrastinate and put off anything that has to do with assignments that are due next week and successful work at getting paid for some of that time. I’ve also managed to turn up randomly at people’s doors and demand their attention before reorganising their room according to the ancient art of Feng Shui. Well the slightly more version of the art known as “Ooh Ahh is hiding all your stuff in your room”. It’s a fun process that can exasperate the rooms’ owner but can bring about a sense of tranquillity and mirth to everyone else. It’s also, as I’ve come to realise, the start of August. As it gets closer to my birthday I’m once again reminded of some of the things that I’ve not yet experienced in my life. Some horrible things that I’ve been neglected from going through, things that just make my life less fulfilling. I’m talking about the lack of “Birthday Joy” I’ve ever received. I know it seems incredible and astounding that I’ve lacked “Birthday Joy” over the course of all my birthdays. I know you wonder how this could’ve happened with all the women throwing themselves at me due to my charming ways. It’s a question I ask myself as well. I’ve not been without a birthday kiss for many a year but it’s never progressed to anything more. Even when I’ve had girlfriends over my birthday I’ve still missed out on anything more than a nice kiss. So once more I’m campaigning for myself to get Birthday Joy. Come on and help a mate out, You know you want to, you can’t resist my sexiness. Also it’s definitely supporting Mens health. It’ll help me not worry about having to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in the future if someone is willing to help me out. You’re doing a friend a favour for both his mind and his health. Preventative medicine is the way to go, it’s better to prevent a disease than to try and cure it. People should all search on Facebook for the group “Campaign for Ooh Ahh to get BDay Joy”. You should all join and support me in my quest for this elusive goal. Some of the people out there have had this gift, this joy, this pleasure. But what of me and my wants? Why have I missed out after all these years? I’m putting this out there early so that people can start to think about it and my needs. So people can work out the courage to come up to me and explain how much they love me because I’m so pretty. So you should all ask yourself, what does Ooh Ahh truly deserve on his birthday this year and you should come to the conclusion that he deserves birthday joy because he’s just such an Awesome Guy that you know and love and want to make dirty dirty birthday love to. Ooh Ahh is protecting the faithful



Term 3 week 4




Term 3 week 4

photos proddie screenings



Term 3 week 4

photos anything but clothes



Term 3 week 4

photos Anything but clothes



Centrelink Centrelink, the evil institution that give out Youth Allowance. The waster of time and supporter of many. Many of us students receive centrelink payments, and most of us that do get them proceed to complain about them. We whinge and moan that we’ve got to go down and hand in a form. We bitch and complain that we’ve already handed it in this year, and we carry on about the fact that we spend an hour in line just to hand it in and get it all cleared. We get riled up because we have handed in the form 3 times in the last fortnight yet it has been lost each time. We grind and gnash our teeth over the frustration from waiting 2 hours for the meeting they set us up with and are then late. We put up with all these indignities and torments because they have us “by the balls”. Being the only income many of us receive whilst studying and their constant threats to cut us off and make us starve. This financial dependence means that we are constantly having to appease their harsh bureaucratic needs. When you think about it though, we’re getting a pretty sweet deal. We’re getting $400 a fortnight for having to go in and hand in forms about once ever 2 months. So out of 4 payments we have to do 2 hours work. This 2 hours of putting in the same form a few times translates into around $800 per hour. When looked at that way it’s a pretty damn good pay rate we get. The initial outlay of about 15 hours of gathering together all the forms and filling out all the applications and the 5 hours of handing them in, refilling them out, handing them in again, being told you’re missing something that you’ve already handed in, handing the supposedly missing things in again. Even this all combined equals about 20 hours which makes the first payment the equivalent of $20/hour which isn’t a bad rate of pay. After the first few payments that quickly shifts the pay rate. What we tend to forget is that we’re lucky for getting the payment, we act as if it’s our right, something we deserve, something that should be given without us having to do any work. Youth allowance is there to support us so we don’t need to work while we study, so that people who are independent or come from a lower income background may have an equal chance at receiving an education. Sure it’s not a huge amount, and that if you’re on it you’re definitely living below the povpov erty line, but it helps out. It’s definitely better than nothing and it does help you not having to worry about your monies as much. Add a part time job and you have a liveable amount of cash on you. Though for all its benefits and the fact that we’re in a country that is willing to support us as we struggle through our tertiary education you still have to get frustrated at it. Especially since I just looked in my account and the Centrelink payment isn’t in there yet, those fucking BASTARDS






Pharmer wants a wife Report Sorry for my absence my phaithful, phollowers of pharmers. Due to our busy schedule and exams and a whole list of things that will be explained we have struggled to keep in touch with you week in week out also we have been forbidden to put reports out until we find out who cheated in the last one, third years? Ill start with the big news, NAPSA congress 2012 will be held in Wagga, on our own lovely campus. We successfully bid for the congress ousting a late charge from QPSA in Brisbane for the right to hold the congress. Through hard work and dedication we dazzled the National council through the quick sharp wit of Lozzy (Lozrat) Ryan and the determined arguing of Tim (not James) Mizzi followed by a nervous spew from Sean Dodd the bid was in done and left in the hands of the council. A big shout out goes to the committee Amy, Jaya, Bash, Sarah, Pina, Tim, Lozzy and Grasso(Buffen). Pharmers soccer has been going now for a couple of weeks and competition is as fierce as ever. We have yet to see any girls been slapped in the face by ball, the Spice Girls team was dishing it out hard and fast, while No-doz was caught napping against Flapjacks, but were consoled by Jo-han who was handing out Swedish massages to her male opponents after the game. BOB and the raptors drew and I love lamp stuck it to overdose who fell victims to irony late in the second half. Soccer is from 5pm on thrusdays get down and support your peers grab a free drink and if you lucky guys Han might give you that rub down and girls might be lucky enough to see bash get all hot and sweaty. Pharmers soccer is bought to you by flap jacks dating service “we put the date, in your date….” For more information call Freya or Ness. Pharmers ball is this Saturday night get your shiny shoes, long dresses and bling and turn up, be stunned and amazed at the efforts your committee will front. The red carpet will be laid, like its never been laid before. Alcohol will flow, food will be a plenty and good times are up for grabs. We will have a short guest speaking and video, followed by our life members and presidents speech. Then DJ Parns will rock you socks and play that sweet melody so all you love birds can get nice and close. Again if you don’t have a date Pharmers is brought to you by Flapjacks dating service “filling that void….literally” So Until • Pharmers Ball • A girl cops it in the face….. a soccer ball that is sickos • Wagga Congress • Flapjacks gets a customer • Spice girls warm up in song • Bash comes out • Sean comes out with Bash • Loz and Supremo • Buffen sheds the light on the lloyd fiasco • 2nd years do something god you are all lame Pharmers out…….. “we can fix it if we can’t….. meh, maybe life isn’t for everyone”


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