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Hungappa TERM 3 - WEEK 6 - 2012

End of Term Wrap Up Events++ Final Fling Made by students, for students.

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ooooo! Last week of Term! Finally. Time for a break. We have a ton of cool stuff this week, lots of content with every page jam-packed full of information for you to enjoy. The 3 words I found on the fungappa page were, insomnia, deadline, and classisthebaneofmyexistence, what did you guys find? I’m looking forward to Final Fling this wednesday nice and cheap $5 entry so it should be a big one. Don’t even think about going and just go. In other news Rivcoll SRC held it’s elections for positions on the board last week and the results are in, congradulations to everyone who was voted in by your fellow students, serve us well! If you want to check out on everyone who made it check your e-box or head over to for a full list. I want to get some Rivcoll profiles up around the place, much like you would have seen the week leading up to the election but more fun. Expect to see something like that in Term 4.


Speaking of Term 4, I am going to go out of my way each week to bring you the most amazing Hungappa you have ever read in your life. I know right, how is that even possible when each and every Hungappa you read is the best in your life. You will just have to wait and find out. Until then, enjoy the break, be safe, and see you outside the Hungappa stand in Term 4. -Will Whiting -Editor in Chief

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- 10 Ways to get Motivated!

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- Twilight Bowls

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- Student Recipe of the Week

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- More Events!

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Benefits of Regular Exercise & Not long ago did I re-watch the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ online. Following in the tradition of Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock shows what eating McDonald’s for thirty days (three meals a day, super-sized when asked) does to a healthy body. Over the course of his experiment, he gained eleven kilos, became depressed, had chest palpitations, and had severe liver dysfunction. Spurlock’s documentary also showed interviews with his vegan girlfriend, his concerned nutritionists and doctors, fast food consumers, and corporate activists. Yes, this was extreme! But this experiment did demonstrate how living a life with regular exercise and nutritious eating can increase your overall health. Steven Blair, professor of exercise epidemiology at the University of South Carolina says that exercise and healthy eating can help prevent adult onset diabetes, improve bone health, and even lower the risk of some cancers. Still not convinced you should make healthier changes? Consider some health benefits you can get from even a moderate regular workout and healthy nutrition:

1. Lower triglycerides. Triglycerides are a form of fat found in the blood. Rising triglyceride levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease. 2. Lower cholesterol. Excess cholesterol which accumulates on the inner lining of blood vessels can lead to arthrosclerosis and heart attacks. 3. Lower risk of high blood pressure. As blood pressure climbs, the risk of heart disease and stroke speeds up. 4. Lower risk of diabetes. Too much body fat is one of the biggest health worries. Staying active and eating well can help you to keep the weight off. Research shows that exercise does reduce the risk of diabetes. 5. Reduced risk for colon cancer. Approximately 80% of cases of this ugly disease could be prevented, experts say. A healthier diet (with more fibre and whole grains) is part of the prescription. But exercise turns out to be just as important as diet, with studies showing that physical activity may reduce colon cancer risk by as much as 40%. 6. Reduced arthritis risk. Extra weight puts more pressure on your joints and can lead to painful arthritis.

06 Healthy Living 7. Strong bones. As we age our bones will begin thinning, which can lead to a greater risk of fractures. In a study that followed 3,262 men and women from their 40s to their 60s, strenuous physical activity dramatically lowered the risk of hip fractures. 8. Weight loss. Consider this: A lifetime of regular physical activity (even activities as simple as walking 30 minutes most days) can help keep your waist size from expanding to an unhealthy range.

The ‘Supersize Me’ documentary demonstrated how a person living a life of unhealthy eating and exercise habits could be badly affected in not only the shortterm, but in the long-term if it was to continue. Life is short, so I believe it is important to try to look after our bodies as best we can. This means less sugar, salt, fat, and additives! - And more natural eating, as well as regular physical activity! If you’re still not convinced, I suggest you watch the ‘Supersize Me’ documentary. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny!

In a 2006 study at Ball State University, a group of 58 volunteers started a program of walking 10,000 steps a day. After 36 weeks, the volunteers had trimmed almost an inch from their waists and a similar amount from their hips. “Your ultimate weight-loss goal should be your health”, says Kristin Kirkpatrick, wellness manager for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Ohio. When you make strides toward a healthy weight, you’ll feel better physically and emotionally, have a better chance of avoiding disease, and even live longer.

By Dolly

07 10 Ways to...

GET Motivated

1. Condition your mind. Train yourself to think positive thoughts.

6. Take responsibility for your own results. Don’t credit luck, good or bad.

2. Condition your body. It takes physical energy to take action.

7. Stretch past your limits on a daily basis. That’s how you grow and evolve.

3. Avoid negative people. Don’t take anything that they say seriously.

8. Don’t wait for perfection; do it now! Perfection’s the enemy of good enough.

4. Always remain flexible. No plan should be cast in concrete.

9. Be careful of what you eat. It takes physical energy to succeed.

5. Act with a higher purpose. If it doesn’t serve your goal, it’s wasted effort.

10 Hang around motivated people. The positive energy will rub off on you. Motivation is the ultimate root of success!

By Saba Nabi

Change Attitude! The problem of old age has emerged as a crucial moral issue of our times. The elderly, who have spent a good part of their resources, time and energy rearing their children, find those very children (now adults) lacking in care for them. They feel isolated at home, with no one to share their problems with. Moreover, they silently suffer abuse at the hands of their children which are often not reported on emotional grounds. The problem and solution both lies in the same family. The elders don’t report because they feel that they will complain about their own blood & hence their children will

suffer. Disrespect, neglect and verbal abuse adds more to their agony. Added to that is their children’s greed for whatever property they own, for which each son & daughter considers themselves rightful heirs. Worst of all, the elderly are now even being packed off to old age homes to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness. By neglecting the elderly, we are not just being ungrateful; we also incur the risk of being treated like them by our own children. Only a thorough change in attitude can ensure happier and more fulfilled lives for our parents. We need a policy which is more tuned with the plights of the oldies. They are not burden but it’s our duty to care for them at this stage. Elders not only require financial and physical support but a strong emotional bond with their family at this stage of life.

By Saba Nabi

We are living in an Age where each & everything is done by machines. To cope up with such a world, we too are becoming mechanized, forgetting our human duties. This is reflected in our attitude towards the elderly, which is nothing short of callousness.

Bar Night

p m o C l Poo

CSU Education Club Wagga Wagga Presents

After Party at The Vic! free bus from the RSL‌

Friday September 7th 2012 Tickets: $5 members $7 non-members Bring your money to the bus

Busses leave from the Crow Bar @ 5:15 HAPPY HOUR BBQ 3:30-5

Contact Nancy to book a team of 4



Education Club Update! The Education club has been very active behind the scenes lately with our committee gathering together regularly to discuss possible event ideas. The decision was made that we would put a poll on our facebook page in order to ask our members what kinds of events they would like to see happen. The options are: Barefoot bowls, Paint fight event, Movie night in a lecture hall and Education Club Happy Hour. Your say counts towards seeing the events happen that you actually want to do! So get voting! The poll can be taken at csuedclub.

That’s about it for now!I’ll leave you with our joke of the week(Warning joke may contain lots of lameness). Question: What happened to the cross eyed teacher? Answer: He got fired because he couldn’t control his pupils. Bye for now! -David Van Styn -Education Club Marketing Manager

Like our page for updates and information about upcoming events and find out the winner of the poll. The merchandise has FINALLY arrived and hopefully everyone has received theirs by now. Please except our apologies for those of you who were waiting for your shirts for placement. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to pick up the merchandise at the estimated time.

Are you interested in fluffing up your resume, do you love to get involved with your local community, or do you just have too much time on your hands?

On Saturday the 25th August the Riverina Regional Tournament of the Minds competition is being held at Turvey Park Primary School, and it’s currently looking for volunteers to be judges.

This is opened to anyone who is interested and to get involved please email Dominique Jansen the Judges Coordinator at dominique.elia@det.


Weird Superstitions from around the World

Superstition can be defined as an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.

Spain: When wine is spilled in Spain, it is good luck to wet your fingers in the spilt wine and then apply it to both sides of your neck. It is said to bring you much joy!

For almost all facets of our everyday lives there are superstitions. Sometimes they are logical, while most of the time they can be seen as ridiculous.

Germany: Lighting a cigarette with a candle is apparently bad luck for German sailors. o You know where this superstition comes from? Back in the old days, sailors (when they were not at sea) would make matches and sell them in the local bars in order to make ends meet. So, if you lit your cigarette with a candle, then the sailor could not sell their matches and would end up starving. Cyprus: Bring olive oil into the house after dark is bad luck. Olive oil has to sit outside until morning to it is safe to go inside. Haiti: It is good luck if a bird catches your golf ball in its mouth. Paraguay: Eating a watermelon and then drinking milk is considered very bad luck. China: It is bad luck to jiggle your legs, as it could lead to poverty because your money is being jiggled out of your pockets.

By Dolly

14 CSU STUDENT Recipe of the week! Dish: Eggplant & Potato curry Cooking Time: 45 Minutes | Serves: 4 • Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • •


1 medium purple eggplant, cut into small cubes 2 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes 4 medium tomatoes cut into small cubes/tomato paste 1 medium onion, thinly sliced 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1 tablespoon oil 1 teaspoon cumin seed & cumin powder 1 chopped green chili adjust to taste (optional) 1 teaspoon ginger paste 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder 1 teaspoon salt, adjust to taste 2 tablespoons water

1. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium high heat. 2. Add the cumin seeds to it & wait till it turns a bit brown. 3. Now add potatoes in it with a pinch of salt .When it becomes a bit tender add brinjals to it (put them at low flame). 4. In a small bowl, mix the ginger,paste, cumin powder, turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt (taste accordingly) and two tablespoons of water to make a paste. 5. Put this paste in brinjal-potato mixture & cook for 1-2 mins . 6. Add chopped tomatoes & yogurt to it,let it simmer for three to four minute on medium low heat. 7. If needed add three to four spoons of water if the veggies stick to the pan. 8. Turn off the heat and let it cool at room temperature. 9. Season it with fresh coriander leaves ,onion slices (finely cut) and pepper powder. 10. Enjoy with Steamed rice,bread or as a filling in the sandwich.

Submit your own secret recipe to & Get Paid!


SUPER-DOOPER -The most fun you can have, without an internet connection

Unscramble This Word:











17 The University Theatre Ensemble presents

Elephant People

By Daniel Keene Directed by John Saunders.

The Drama Studio Performing Arts 14th – 18th August

One Week Only - Students Only $7 Book! Book! Book! “You look upon me and I am made by you. I look upon you and I make you.” Elephant People is set in a circus, a sideshow of freaks, where perception, anarchy and fantasy combine. The phenomenon of The Elephant Man, The Dog Boy, Josephine Joseph the Hermaphrodite and The Bearded Lady is explored, all the while the freaks meet each other head-on, as the audience questions their existence, political correctness and the cruelty of the world. What makes a freak? Who are the real freaks? Do we just perceive these “oddities” as freaks? Do we turn them into freaks? As the playwright says, “To perceive is to bring in to being.” Daniel Keene is a renowned playwright both nationally and internationally who writes about the marginalized in a bold, intense and confronting manner. His writing is poetic and inspired, and he has an uncanny ability to cut straight to the often forgotten ethical issues, by exposing the depravity of his subject’s lives. Keene is an acclaimed Australian writer whose award winning plays have been performed around the United St ates, Australia and Poland. Although his works are not often produced for Australian main -stage, the independent theatre sector has much love for his work. Keene has had more than seventy five productions of his work performed in Europe, since 2000, featuring predominately in France. Elephant People was originally written for a multimillion-dollar production at The National Theatre of Bordeaux in France. Now Charles Sturt University’s University Theatre Ensemble has the privilege of performing this maste rpiece under the direction of John Saunders. The third year acting students are utilizing raw, unembellished physicality, twisting and writhing in a performance of both the mind and body. “Everything is here for your fastidious perusal, your gratification and delight, fresh from the jungle and the slum…. It will only cost you the price of a ticket to welcome them.” ELEPHANT PEOPLE opens Tuesday 14th August at 8 pm then plays Wednesday 15th August to Friday 17th August at 8pm and Saturday 18th August at 2pm & 8pm at The Drama Studio, Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. Bookings can be made by ringing 69332589 between 9am & 4pm, Monday to Friday or tickets may be purchased at the door subject to availability. Prices represent excellent value for money with a full price of only $12, and a low concession price of only $7. The capacity of the venues is strictly limited so book early. For further information please call 69332313 or e-mail

Hungappa Term 3 - Week 6 | 2012  

CSU Wagga's Weekly Publication "Hungappa" for Term 3 - Week 6 | 2012

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