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Hungappa TERM 3 - WEEK 3 - 2012

Feature Artist Allie Baird

Steps to a Healthier You - Part 2! Be an O-Week Leader! Made by students, for students.

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Sustainability Training: 7 – 9 and 21 - 23 September 2012 Internship: 15 days in 2012 Green Steps at CSU is a partnership between CSU Green and the Monash Sustainability Institute.

» Learn how to measure environmental impacts with energy, carbon, waste and water audits » Engage others with improved communication and behaviour change skills » Gain new confidence to create positive environmental change » Get a foot in the door with work experience implementing a sustainability project » Become part of a national sustainability alumni network

Applications for this free program close 12 August.


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t’s hard to believe that we are already half way through the first term. I guess I’ll never get used to a 6 week term, it just feels like cheating. The worst part is you think all is going so well and smooth, and then as soon as you get back from the holidays everything just goes to hell. You find yourself up at 3am every night working on assignments and getting angry at your housemates because you have had no sleep.

In other news I think the two new pool tables in the crow bar are the greatest things ever and are a long time plea by many finally answered by the gods.

In retaliation they setup 50 mouse traps in your room, then trip you over as you open your door and the next minute you are finding yourself explaining to your doctor you have blue balls but not because of the lack of sex you have been getting.

Don’t forget to send in articles/pictures/what not into the gap, remember you do get paid. YA RLY. I’m still surprised at how many people are surprised when I tell them they get paid for submissions. A luxury not all Universities have, so I suggest you all abuse it while it lasts and earn some extra pocket money.

Good times. This week is a (I don’t want to say “special”) but special edition of the Hungappa as we are doing a feature page/s on an artist which I think is a pretty cool idea if I do say so myself. If you think you got what it takes and would like to be featured in the mag, drop us a line at Hungappa@ with a link to your artist page.

Also the new table tennis.... table, along with some gaming machines (Which should be free!) is an awesome idea. Happy hour just got happier. Everyone should go head over to the nosh/eat@20/ crow bar and check them out and have some fun.

Have a great week, see you at happy hour and don’t sink the white. -Will Whiting -Editor in Chief

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‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’, meaning that if you really want to do something, you will manage to find a way of doing it. I’m no expert, but as for taking the steps to being healthier, it must involve getting out of the slump and being motivated to make a change for the better. Think of the change as being a long-term lifestyle adjustment, and not just a quick fix! If you want to make the change, but feel like you’re in a slump, here are some things I’ve learned that have helped: • Your Attitude: If you’re only looking to lose weight fast with little effort, it will be hard to lose weight permanently. Why? Because you give up if you don’t see results quickly enough. Weight loss is a great goal, but unless you have something else to motivate you, what’s to keep you going in the meantime? Start by finding more reasons to become healthier such as: having more energy, to feel better about yourself, reducing health problems, or wanting to live longer to be around for your loved ones. These are all great reasons! • Be Consistent: Whether you are looking to increase overall fitness or lose weight, if you don’t work-out consistently enough, changes will not be made. Remember you don’t need to spend hours in the gym! All you need is to set up a reasonable workout schedule that you can follow each week. To make this work, find something you like doing, and be willing to be active on a regular basis! Not just here and there. Remember you are making a long-term change that will make you feel so much better physically and mentally! • Change how you eat: For overall health and permanent weight loss, you need to pay attention to what you eat and make good choices more often than not! Remember that healthy eating is not a fad diet; it should be a way of life that never stops. Reading this you may feel you’re sacrificing your favourite foods (pizza, chocolate, etc.) and your life won’t be fun. Guess what? You can still have them. Just not whenever you want! Are you ready to make these changes? Because that’s what it takes to get healthier in the longterm. Here are some other tips that may be useful:

06 HEALTHIER YOU! •Keeping a food journal •Reading food labels to see ingredients •Spending more time preparing healthy meals •Saying no to extra portions •Making sensible choices about what food you put in your mouth • Your Lifestyle: If you want a healthy life, you have to be keen to change how you live. It doesn’t mean changing everything overnight, but simply being open to new ways of doing things! • Change your routines. You may need to get up earlier to prepare your lunch or squeeze in a workout such as a walk or bike ride. Are you willing to do this? • Set limits. You might need to set new rules for yourself limiting such as how much TV or computer you have. It is important that you pay attention where you spend your time and make a balance so you can add more physical activity. • Know your pantry and fridge. If you want to be healthier, you may need to get rid of those foods that you just can’t resist. If chocolate and chips are too tempting, don’t buy them! • Your schedule. If you’re not willing change the way you live each day to include exercise, time to prepare healthy meals and sleep, then losing weight and feeling better will be impossible. People use busy schedules as an excuse not to be healthy. Are you one of them? If you’re not ready to take responsibility for the schedule you’ve created, it will be hard to lose weight. Stop the excuses! Remember whatever you do, do not give up! Make the choice to make the change, and stick with it. If it helps, set goals on your calendar to remind yourself of what you are working towards. Think of your goal as a journey, and any slump as just a small fork in the road. The sooner you start, the better you will feel, and the easier things will become! Lastly, make sure you have support. You can do it!

Resource to check out:

By Dolly

Tis the season ... It’s that time of year again. ‘What time?’ you might ask. Three weeks into semester, holidays are a distant memory, and we are weeks from any respite. Assignments have been given out, but (checks diary again and sighs in relief) none are due quite yet. Most TV shows are hovering around episode 15. It is not my birthday. In fact it’s the middle of the year. It’s July for Christ sakes. That’s it! It could only be one thing! Christmas! Christmas? No, that can’t be right, Christmas is December 25! Like death and taxes, it’s a sure fact! After all it took the Catholic Church 400 years to decide. (Although some Aramaic off shots celebrate in early January). And so I must clarify myself. It’s Christmas, Christmas in July. While I recognize that Christmas in July is largely a marketing opportunity to justify sales, and promote spending and events, I would like to also point out that Santa Claus’ red attire was created by an American cartoonist and largely popularized by Coca-Cola, and yet most would agree that he’s a jolly old fella. Anyway who knows? July could in fact be a much better choice after all. The Pope himself admits that December 25th was chosen due to the cosmic symbolism. Not to pacify early pagans, although that undoubtedly was a handy side effect, but because it coincided with the summer solstice, an appropriate day for the birth of the ‘light of the world’. Worshipping the Sun to worshipping the Son. Neat.

Personally I think Christmas in July is a wonderful thing. It gives those who dwell in this great southern land a chance to partake in a Christmas with a ‘winter’ feeling. While for those here in Wagga we are still a far call from a white Christmas, lately if you squint just right and look out at the frost-covered grass, you can almost see the snow. Though some may cry out in dismay and proclaim I’m completely missing the true meaning of Christmas I offer this: While I understand the slogan “ Jesus is the reason for the season” I think that its important to recognize that Christmas is also an excuse to get together with loved ones, eat and drink a little bit too much, to prepare for a new start and be jolly. To get gifts and give them too and to just spread peace, joy and love. As such Merry Christmas (in July) -Bernadette


Allie Baird’s Dinosaur Kingdom of Art.


We sat down with the Kingdom Queen herself to chat about her work, life and the plans for her horse.

So I kicked him in the shins.

Sup Allie, what up g? ‘Allo guvna! So you’re an artist, you must be studying something art related here at CSU, what is it? I’m studying a Bachelor of Notebook Doodling, but on the side I dabble in Photography and Graphic Design! Wow sounds like fun, when did you first realise you wanted to be an artist, and then when did you realise you could bum money off the government doing it by studying at Uni? Well I’ve been drawing pictures for as long as I remember, which is back to pre-school. I drew an awesome house and flower garden, and some kid ripped it up before I could show anyone. So I kicked him in the shins. It was then that I truly realised that this is how I want to approach my life. I applied for a super popular Uni course in the literal last minutes, and I somehow made it in! No doubt by looking at your work you are really talented, what do you hope to achieve after Uni? Oh, stop it you! I am quite unsure of where I’d like to take it. I think I’ll try and get some industry experience in an agency and see where that leads me and what I can learn from it! Hopefully one day I become a well-known artist and I can afford a gigantic milkshake fountain for my house. Sounds like a well thought out plan. You named your FB artist page “Allie Baird’s Dinosaur Kingdom of Art.” Why a Dinosaur Kingdom?

Well, I was trying to think of a cool name for it, so it would stand out. I wasn’t feeling creative at the time, so I asked a friend who was around at the time. That friend happened to be one of the most random people I know: Fabion Bourke. This is the first name that he shot at me and I was impatient so I went with it! Here we are today, older and wiser because of it.

T S I T R A Haha, no doubt a story to tell the Grandkids one day. Allie, I must say this has been quite amazing and borderline orgasmic, tell us what exciting things we have to look forward to in the world of Allie Baird “The Artist” I hear that all the time. As for my art, I’m going to be experimenting with many new styles to see what I like and want to explore more. Probably a few dick drawings here, couple of unflattering portraits of others there. You know how it is! If you dig her work, make sure you head over to her facebook page [ AlisonsArt] or search for “Allie Baird’s Dinosaur Kingdom of Art.” and hit that LIKE button! I was personally assured everyone who likes her fb page will recieve a free hand delivered fruit basket by Allie, dressed as a banana.* So what are you waiting for, go like it now!

Allie Baird’s Dinosaur Kingdom of Art.

(*No fruit baskets will be received, nor will Allie dress as a banana)

Rainbow Zebras Presents


Queer Collaborations When: Friday 27th July 10am - 11am & 4pm - 5pm Where: Building 21, Room 201, CSU Main Campus, Wagga Wagga. Queer Collaborations is a conference revolving around the current issues of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Queer/ Questioning) community. It was attended by various delegates from various universities nationwide, although this is the first year delegates from Rainbow Zebras CSU Wagga Wagga have participated. I would like to present you with this opportunity to come and hear about the knowledge our two representatives have gained. The presentation will also focus on the awareness, visibility, and education surrounding the LGBTIQ community in the Wagga Wagga region.

To express your interest in attending this presentation, if would like to know more, or have any general enquiries, please send an email to:


Wombat EUG Report

Mens Team 1. We were a bit nervous and tired for the first game against Sydney Uni. (2hours sleep before 3:30 driving in the morning) we led for the majority of the game and went on to lose by 2pts in the final seconds. They were a well drilled team who went on to finish 3rd . We beat UWS Team 2 pretty easily with Creepton Makeer making the play of the tournament with a massive dunk over some fool off a missed free throw. Later in the day we were beaten by Sydney Uni Cumberland campus after being destroyed by 1 player hitting about 8 3pters. Alex Barfoot broke his nose during this game and now looks like an avatar. In the repechage game we were up by 14 pts against Newcastle just before HT but went down by 4. (i still can’t believe it.) We then set some sort of record scoring a 180-178 win over the Wagga team 2. And we finished of winning the 9th vs 10th playoff against Syd Uni Cumberland campus with 6 players as Scott Hare was resting up before his Wagga Heat Game on the weekend. 9th place isn’t the worst finish but with a full strength team and a few things going our way, we could have easily made the semis. Both the Sydney Uni game and the Newcastle game we could have easily won. I think in future years a few practice games against CSU Bathurst would be beneficial as they finished 4th. UTS finished 1st.


Mens Team 2

Wombat Round 8 (mens)

They certainly partied hard as they had planned. Jesse Ravenscroft managed to break a UTS players leg in the first game which is a good effort. They did manage to beat the Australian Catholic Uni and ended up finishing 14th(i think). Highlights was the Tsang 3pter, shirts off and then switch courts with another team to fool the opposition. These guys enjoyed playing and drinkin heaps through the week.

Clippers 69 Def Bulls 24 S.Hare 37pts (wombat record), 11 reb.J.Ravenscroft 13pts. T.Shoard 10pts, 8 ast. T.O’Keeffe 6pts. A.Sawdy 6pts

Girls Team Although they finished 11th without winning a game. They did improve throughout the week and they all got on the score sheet at some stage. The other teams were not the most friendliest girls getting around but to the Wagga girls credit they did not retaliate with catty name calling and foul play. All of the girls teams were very good, but im certain a full strength Wagga team with every possible CSU enrolled player eligible could have won the tournament. There are plans for next year to be alot more organised and better prepared. A top 4 finish for both Mens 1 and Womens 1 team is easily achievable. MVP Week 8 1 Scott Hare (CLP) 43.05 2 Alex Barfoot (SUN) 34.32 3 Josemado Makeer (THU) 33.89 4 Luke Harvey (LAK) 31.78 5 Scott Sai-Louie (WOL) 31.5 6 Hamish Denshire (BUL) 30.17 7 Tim Shoard (CLP) 29.83 8 Ray Ndukwe (SUN) 27.39 9 Steve Lister (CEL) 27.11 10 Mitch Babbs (BUL) 26.83

Suns 61 Def celtics 58 A. Barfoot 25pts (career high), 10reb. R.Ndukwe 22pts, 11reb. J.Celi 9reb. Round 9 Thunder 62 def Clippers 61 J.Makeer 16pts, 26 reb, 3blk. J.Hu 16pts. B.Drew 14pts. M.Neill 12pts, 10reb. S.Hare 35pts, 9reb. J.Seaton 15pts, 11reb, 4stl. T.Shoard 9ast (equal wombat record), 9reb. J.Ravenscroft 9reb. Clippers 66 def Celtics 55 S.Hare 29pts, 15reb. J.Ravenscroft 23pts, 11reb, 4ast. T.Shoard 14pts, 7ast, 5stl. C.Talbot 19pts, 4ast. S.Lister 13pts, 11reb. N.Clinton 10pts, 8reb. J.Stuart 10pts. Suns 66 def Thunder 53 A.De Clifford 25pts, 4ast, 4stl. A.Barfoot 19pts, 16reb, 5ast. B.Cunningham 14pts, 7ast J.Hu 25pts, 6ast. P.Tsang 11pts. J.Makeer 17reb, 6blk, 4ast. Wolves 59 def Lakers 40 S.Sai-Louie 23pts. Z.Khan 12pts, 15reb. Z.Noori 10pts, 9reb, 4stl. L.Richardson 10pts (career high) L.Harvey 20pts, 10reb. H.Khan 4stl. Milestones P.Tsang 100 career points!! T.Shoard now 3rd all time highest points scorer Table Pts For against Clippers 24 116 Suns 16 -17 Celtics 13 21 Bulls 13 -32 Wolves 12 12 Thunder 10 -35 Lakers 3 -65


TV CLUB Report Catch Up:

After a whirlwind first session, including the best-so-far Proddie Party, Tuesday studio practice nights and a few too many badly done music videos, TV Land and its associated (and aptly named ‘TV Club’) is ready to begin another session, filled with hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and a gorgeous yet surprisingly practical new arrival, in the form of a Steadicam Zephyr.

TV Land Resident Lecturer Bruce Gater modelling the Steadicam

Coming Up:

Of course, TV Club wouldn’t be TV Club without OSKARs, TV Land’s annual awards ceremony, and making its return in 2013, O-Week TV, after a much needed hiatus. And finally, come join the Pharmers, the Raddies and ourselves for 3 Clubs Trivia! It’s on this Wednesday night at the Crow Bar from 7:30PM. Pre-register your team at: Jonathan Hewlett TV Club Secretary

Submit your own secret recipe to & Get Paid!


Concerned about a mate...

Everyone goes through a tough time occasionally and your mates are no exception. You might notice something is not quite right if they are acting differently to normal. They might be: - Irritable - Withdrawn - Teary or sad - Really anxious - Forgetful - Missing lectures and ignoring assessments

What do you do? Firstly, ask your mate if “they are ok?”. Often your friend might just need to talk about what they are going through. You don’t even need to say anything – just being there and nodding occasionally to show that your listening is enough. Don’t judge them and avoid telling them what to do. Don’t tell them to ‘just cheer up’ or ‘they will get over it’ – this is not helpful.

- Thinking oddly – such as believing others are out to get them

If you think your friend requires more support suggest they speak to someone other than their family and friends for support, (It is important that you do not end up being the person’s only support person, remember you can only do so much!).

- Spending lots of money

Suggest they talk to:

- Drinking alcohol or using drugs all the time

- Student Counselling Service (Contact Student Central)

Sometimes these behaviours are perfectly normal. For example your mate might have failed an exam or just broken up with their partner. Other times though it might mean they are really struggling to cope.

- Local doctor

- Sleeping all the time or not at all

- Local services: http://student. - 24 hr hotline’s: Lifeline 13 11 14.

If your mate is not ready to talk and needs some time, simply let them know you are around for when they are ready to. Also give them some tips on where to get help when they are ready. Encourage your mate to continue to exercise, eat healthy and avoid binge drinking – simply getting out of the house/room can help. If you are concerned your mate is unable to keep themselves safe (for example they have mentioned they have had thoughts of suicide) don’t panic. Refrain from promising not to tell anyone. State that you are concerned about their safety. Call your local Community Health Service, Emergency department, Residential Advisor (if you live on campus) or the Student Counselling Service. Remember there is a balance between privacy and making sure your mate is ok. Finally always make sure that when you are supporting a mate to look after yourself! Acknowledgements to www.sane. org and

18 I don’t know about you but at university we are constantly being asked to rethink our assumptions and the way we live our lives. Just last week when I sat in a class about preventing food-borne diseases I realised I had to rethink how I defrost my chicken and that perhaps leaving it on the kitchen bench under a heater isn’t the wisest thing to do. Maybe you have had to rethink your wardrobe as you stepped out of the house one morning in the last couple of weeks, realising that unless you get changed you might turn into an icicle. Perhaps you’ve had to rethink your plans of a really productive evening of study when someone says they are going for a Macca’s run. My trusty sources at www. tell me that to rethink something is to consider again, especially with the possibility of change; to reconsider, re-evaluate, re-examine and review. It also gave the word re-think in heaps of other languages but I don’t think that will really help the situation. Sometimes to rethink something is easy when clearly we have misjudged a situation but in other situations it is really hard. To rethink admits the possibility that we are wrong.

I am one of those people who really like’s to be right and so I find this really challenging It seems is so much easier for me to dig my heels in and not budge from my position, but just like leaving my chicken on the bench this really isn’t the wisest approach. It takes humility and wisdom to admit we might be wrong. On the flip side rethinking something can show that we were right all along and give us greater confidence in our convictions. Next weekend Christian Fellowship is having a number of talks around the idea of rethinking. They want to encourage you to come with an open mind and rethink your opinions. You might come away with the same opinion as you started with but by rethinking at least you have opened yourself up to the possibility.

The talks will be held over the 27-30th July and give you a chance to Rethink Freedom: (Is God a kill-joy?), Rethink God: (Is God relevant anymore?), Rethink Heaven: (Are there many paths?), Rethink Life: (Does God care about pain?). In the mean time perhaps defrost your chicken in the fridge….


SUPER-DOOPER -The most fun you can have, without an internet connection

Unscramble This Word:


















THE 4TH YEAR TIP Every week we ask the most experienced person at this university to give us not so experienced a pro tip we only wish we had in our previous years. We call it, “The 4th Year Tip”

THIS WEEKS TIP: “If you are finding the walk over the hill a bit too much effort, just jump on the nearest persons back, they will be more then happy to offer a friendly piggy back ride”


Bums Up

Bums DOWN Bums UP to black outs, EARLY FINISH FRIDAY!!

Bums DOWN to my.csu going office, RIP my.csu

Bums UP to Prani

Bums DOWN to to the man, your electricity sucks and costs too much

Bums DOWN to tipping and quitting Bums DOWN to Isaac for knowing too much about girls fashion Bums UP to Marties representing at happy hour Bums UP to Proddie screenings Bums DOWN to Appsy, wash the damn vomit bucket already

Bums DOWN to Hannah for not washing her lettuce Bums UP to to a weekend at the snow Bums UP to to winniebago man Bums UP to Elle for being so pretty Bums UP to Red Cross breakfast club

Bums UP to finishing class before 5

Bums UP to Rum and Batman, great combo

Bums UP to Joel turning 20 and losing his bum fluff!

Bums UP to Plays with excessive use of the word C

Bums UP to CSU for having the highest % of female students

Bums UP to slow dancing in the Rivcoll office

Bums DOWN to drunk jerks Bums UP to DJ Sproule at Proddie Screenings Bums DOWN to Farley for breaking the internet Bums UP to red block! Best block ever!

Bums DOWN to no free food Bums UP to South Bums UP to Gomez Special Bums UP to cottage 371, you have been amazing housemates, ARGH YEAH!!

Bums UP to my RA who forgot she was on duty

69% Up 19%


PIZZA OVEN BUILDING WORKSHOP (NEW) @ Eco Garden behind New Residences


Join a Cobb Pizza Oven Building Workshop with Jim Rees from the Demonstration Gardens. Cobb is a simple to use natural clay material used for millennia to build houses, stoves and walls. This workshop is run over two consecutive Saturdays. The course covers design, hands-on building of an oven and using the completed oven.

Sat 28 July & 4 August • Sessions: 2 • 9:30am - 3:30pm 23WH22 • Workshop Coordinator: Jim Rees •

This course is held in conjunction with Riverina Community College Course costs for non-students is $105 for the 2 workshops. To book call: 1800 000 212 * CSU Students can participate for FREE * For more information contact or call Gem on 0439099706

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