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The Deputy Editors Drabble Hi guys, I am Kristina Savic the new Deputy Editor for the Hungappa. The Hungappa has always been something to help get conversations flowing wether it was about the centre photos, the back page puzzles or the Bums Submissions. My aim for the Hungappa is to give you guys what you want, if that’s more photos to reminisce over or puzzles to fill the spare time between classes just let me know and we can work to put it into production. Any and all suggestions are warmly welcome. Now let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a Bachelor of Arts student Majoring in Art History. I only ever get two reactions to that; an uninterested ‘wow, that’s nice’ or a severely confused ‘we do that here?’. I can assure you that yes we do and no I don’t know why but I am grateful that we do. I love my music, My happy song is Eagle Rock, I am a Mac person, I love the rain and If I had one superpower I would have the ability to fill things I.e. Empty coke bottle? Not any more. Empty bank account? Not any more. My nick names include Kris, Krissy, kiki, the midget and more recently ‘the Wog’. Things that I’m all about lately:

Life: I am currently in the process of making a literary journal with my amazing group members for our group assessment, which I am having an absolute ball with. I also went to the Bring me the Horizon Concert this past Sunday in Sydney which since I am actually writing this on Saturday night I am sure will be amazing. So there you go, a speed date with me. I hope you enjoyed it. Before I finish I want to send out a huge thanks to a few people: To Stuart Woodcock, Scott Couch, Jack Barwick, Joshua Schultz, Alexander Barfoot and of course Hannah Milnes for listening to everything I had to say and helping me develop ideas, putting up with my rambling, guiding me when I needed answers and most of all supporting me. The biggest thank you to Rebecca Waller for being my partner in crime and to Will Whiting for being a mentor and helping us learn the ropes, you sir are a legend. If you have any suggestions or enquiries feel free to contact me at:

Music: Lorde’s new album and the same with The Arctic Monkeys. AM rocks my world. And for some reason 21 Pilots.

Re-reading The fault in our stars by John Green in preparation for the movie. Movies and Tv: Breaking Bad Final. Nuff said. Also ‘The black list’ and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’. Get on it.

Hungappa • Term 5 - Week 4 - 2013


Stay Classy Kids, Kristina Savic


Hungappa Term 4 Week 5 | 2013  

CSU Wagga's Online Publication 'Hungappa' for Term 4 Week 5 2013

Hungappa Term 4 Week 5 | 2013  

CSU Wagga's Online Publication 'Hungappa' for Term 4 Week 5 2013