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Hungappa TERM 1 - WEEK 3 - 2012

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lease excuse the overwhelming amount of green in this week’s issue. If you didn’t know already this Saturday the 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, and green is the order of the week. Here on campus we will be celebrating the day on Wednesday with the Mighty Yak and Dj’s, (remind me to look up who the Mighty Yak is) but I’m sure they will be amazing. I hope to see you all down there wearing your best Sunday greens. I was so happy to see the submissions for reading the Gap in the most unusual place, and the winner for this week went above and beyond the call of duty. We all know the lake behind the crow bar, but if any of you have been up to it close up and had a look at the water, you would see why this was such an amazing feat. Congratulations, and go have a shower. I have to say after the floods and all the rain, we have had some exceptional weather lately. I even decided to walk to class one morning before I looked at the time and realised it was 08:50 so I jumped in my car. The point of the story is I thought about walking over the hill, and that’s a great start. I really don’t know how you guys who walk over the hill do it, you get up so early and walk past my window and I envy you, you bunch of go getters you.

I fear I will never be that type of person. I like staying up late and sleeping in as much as possible. All my alarms for class are set only 10 minutes before they start for maximum sleep. Go to bed earlier I hear you say? Well I am writing this at 2am in the morning so that says it all. No chance. I like night people, they are just more fun (crazy), unorganized and just a plain old mess. Day people are the opposite , organized meticulous, productive, everything I am not, and makes me wonder if we can ever really get along, but come lunch time we are all one in the same :) Don’t forget to keep writing in and entering all the comps we got going on, I’m looking into some awesome prizes for winners and always looking for new ideas, so if you have one send it in. We also have a new segment this week “CSU Student Recipe of the week”, so if you have grandma’s secret recipe for the best pumpkin soup ever, I want to hear about it.

-Will Whiting

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President’s Report

A New Era

Hi Everyone! So in amongst discovering ‘draw something’ on the ipad, Wagga becoming a natural disaster zone and catching up on all things Uni. I have wound up as President of Rivcoll. This was a conscious decision and didn’t just randomly happen I swear! I am super excited to get my President on and represent all of you and CSU. I should probably introduce myself as well for those who haven’t met me yet, My name is Jack I’m 19 currently in my 3rd year studying social work, I have been on Rivcoll for around 6 months, I was an O-week coordinator this year and leader last year I am also the new social sports coordinator. For the time being, I will be following up on some business carried over from last year, but will soon be hitting up other big issues that arise.

We are also looking for new keen and motivated members for Rivcoll, so if you would like to get more involved with uni and meet a great bunch of people, drop in and pick up a nomination form or download one from the Rivcoll SRC interact site (casual director application). Well I am going to wrap my little spiel up. I look forward to meeting you all at some stage, feel free to swing by the office and say hi or chill out. Remember this is your space too, SO USE IT!

-Jack Barwick. President, Rivcoll SRC.

CSU Bushpigs and Bushsows


A warm welcome to all new and old Bushpigs and Bushsows to the 2012 season. The season is well underway with good numbers attending preseason training sessions and many new players having joined the club over the break. The return of university has seen a further increase in numbers and more new players, with everyone looking forward to the start of the football and netball seasons. Two trial matches have been arranged for Farrer League teams. We will be travelling to Narrandera on the 16th of March, and playing here in Wagga against Turvey Park on the 23rd of March. Following these matches will be our Season Launch at the Victoria Hotel on Sunday the 1st April. Make sure you get around this fantastic event which will include lunch and team announcements. The Vic staff mixer will also occur on this day so get there and get to know all the staff at our favourite pub. Everyone is welcome and this is a great way to get to know all your club members. The Farrer league season starts on the 21st of April against Marrar at home. The first round will also include Ladies Day, so all those Farrer and Wagga netballers who can attend, please get around the Farrer teams for their first round games. The Wagga league netballers’ season starts soon after on the 28th of April.

Football: The boys are well underway with great numbers attending training already. Training is now being held at Pig Park on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm. For those new players, Pig Park is located near the main gate of the university. If entering from Estella, turn left at the first round about or for those living on campus the oval is on the other side of the hill from all accommodation, below the Crow Bar. Any boys interested in playing, who are yet to sign up, are more than welcome to attend trainings and get involved, CTFP!

Netball: Trials have begun for Bushsows players and will run for one more week, with both Wagga League and Farrer League girls starting at 6pm. Trials will be held each Tuesday and Thursday at the University netball courts, with the last trial being the 15th March. Make sure you get along and have a run around, whether you are looking to play Wagga League or Farrer League. Information regarding membership, teams, uniform and matches will be given at these tryout nights, CTFS!

Contacts: Make sure you are a member of the clubs Facebook group as any training changes, updates and social events will be posted on the site.

Jeff Angel-Club President: Mob: 0428 219 899 Email: Meg Groat-Farrer Netball: Mob: 0449 530 146 Email: Ashleigh Boatman-Wagga Netball: Mob: 0407 454 239 Email: Brett Garrett-Football: Mob: 0417 471 671 Email:


CSU STUDENT Recipe of the week! Dish: Carbonara Pasta Cooking Time: 15 minutes | Serves: 4 Ingredients: 375g dried spaghetti pasta 1 tablespoon olive oil 200g shortcut bacon rashers, cut into 2cm long pieces 2 eggs 1/2 cup pure cream 2/3 cup finely grated parmesan cheese Fresh flat-leaf parsely leaves, to serve

Directions: 1. Cook pasta in a large saucepan of boiling salted water, following packet directions until tender. Drain. Return to pan. 2. Meanwhile, heat oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Add bacon. Cook for 4 minutes or until crisp. 3. Whisk eggs, cream and parmesan in a jug. Season with pepper. 4. Add bacon and egg mixture to pasta. Cook, tossing, over low heat for 1 minute or until combined. Top with parsley. Serve. Submit your own secret recipe to & Get Paid!

My Australian Adventure

The Secret Diary of a Canadian girl


I was pretty much terrified to be travelling alone, across the world… But I made it and am so proud that I did it! Even before I got on the plane, I had a funny thing happen. I was sitting down watching some television on my laptop, and this Australian boy comes and sits beside me… no he wasn’t good looking. He kept chatting me up, but I was trying to ignore him cause all I wanted to do was watch my show. He took the hint. Than I put my laptop down, and I gave out a big yawn (since I was tired). The boy said “Oh my goodness, you poor girl, you are already crying”. I said “No no, I just yawned, I’m tired”. But he gets up from his seat and gives me a hug. Very awkward. Once I got on the plane, this lady asked me if I could switch seats with her, so that her and her husband could sit together. I didn’t mind, since it was two young girls that I would be sitting with. One of the girls is actually going to school in Sydney and is from the states, and she was travelling with her sister and dad who would be leaving in a week. It was so nice to sit beside some girls that I could chat with! After the 15 hours… the flight was finally done! I was shocked about how hot it was from getting from the plane to the airport! It was so hot! I got threw customs and everything with a breeze. On my way trying to find a shuttle, I met some two other girls travelling around. We ended up hanging out for a bit, finding our way around. We were headed onto the same shuttle, until I was told I had to go on another one! Bye-Bye random travellers. But, I met some other travellers on my other shuttle. These two were a couple from Sweden. They were just travelling around also. After chatting with these two for a bit, I was dropped off at my first HOSTEL ever! The lobby was really nice, just small. There were a ton of people waiting to get into their room. I had to wait around for a couple hours for check in, so I played on my laptop, walked around for a bit, than finally got into my room! That day, I walked around Sydney trying to find a apple store for my computer, and went into some random shops. From travelling all day, I was exhausted. I fell asleep in my room around 7pm Australian time! So jet lagged. ... To Be Continued! Some pretty funny Australian lingo that I’ve learned so far: Cotton Candy – Fairy Floss Red Head – Ranger - hahahhah angie! Dinner – Tea Candy – Lollies A lot – Heaps Swim suit – Swimmers

Sunglasses - Sunnies Washroom or Bathroom – Toilet Man – Bloke Friend or Buddy – Mate Sweater - Jumper




• Use time in the car to your advantage. Driving to and from

university and work every day, as well as the time spent in the car running errands eventually adds up! A person can easily spend 1 – 2 hours daily in the car and not even realise it. So why not use your time spent in the car to your advantage toward making better decisions? Try playing a book that interests you on CD, or a foreign language CD. If nothing else, classical music has been proven to help lower stress and boost a person’s IQ levels.

• Make your bedroom layout work for you. Have you ever no-

ticed all the stuff you have laying around your bedroom? It’s impossible to be fully relaxed in a room that is piled high with clutter. Teach yourself to make better decisions by picking up after yourself every day. Also, try allocating a few minutes of your weekend to taking any extra stuff you don’t need out of your room. You will feel so much better!

• It is ok to say ‘yes’ occasionally. Making better decisions

means realising that you have to be a little brave and try new things. So try joining a group that interests you, or even meeting up with a new classmate for coffee. Not only might you find you make a new friend, you could also discover a new hobby or interest!

• Avoid overbooking yourself. Declining stuff that you really don’t want to do will not only lower your stress levels, but it will carve out more time for you to enjoy the things you do really want to do. So remember to not feel bad about saying no from time to time to people. You won’t regret it!

• Reward yourself. There comes a time that making better decisions will seem like a task, especially when you just want to get things over with quickly. That is why it’s important to have a reward system. Allow yourself to do an enjoyable thing just for you each week that is something that YOU want to do! • Create guidelines for yourself. Establishing rules with you, no matter how trivial they may seem, is a great way to start making better decisions. For example, you could make a rule you pack a lunch to work and/or university daily to save money. Giving yourself some structure and guidelines will help you to kick out some of the old habits you may have for the better.

“ It’s ok

to say, YES!

” By Dolly

CAPTION OF THE WEEK This Weeks Picture



Last Weeks Winner: -jb with;

“2 Girls 1 Apple” Simply come up with a caption for the above picture and send it in to or write it down at friday unwind when you do a bum. The best one will win a prize.



UNUSUAL PLACE OF THE WEEK Simply take a picture of someone reading the ‘Hungappa’ (Must be a 2012 Edition & Show the front cover) in the most unusual/extreme place you could ever think of, and send it in.

This Weeks Winner:

0 1 $ Honorable Mentions:

Send your photo/s in to The best one will recieve $10

The Year Ahead,



Hot Tips To Get You Through Uni

Welcome to all students enrolled in 2012. I know you will be busy getting your new subject outlines, doing a happy dance on finding out that you got that lecturer (you know, the one who always gives out HD’s) and figuring out which is the best pub in town. If you were studying at uni last year though you might remember that it didn’t turn out to be all parties and games (sorry for the spoiler alert newbies). Uni can also involve a lot of hard work and stress so here are some tips to help you cope

3. Care for yourself. I know, I know, yourself. Spend a day 1. Orientate walking around your campus. this article is starting to sound like Make sure you attend all your first classes to meet your lecturers and find out what is expected of you. Visit the library, the computer labs and find the best place to eat. Go online and check out your Interact site and forums – if you find these hard to use, make sure you get help. These are invaluable.

Organised. Good planning, 2. Get time management and schedul-

ing are the key to succeeding at uni. Having a wall planner (that you actually write stuff on – no, not just your mate’s 21st party but also when assessment tasks are due) is key. Grab one from the Co-Op Bookshop on campus. Develop to-do lists and update these at least weekly – write down homework for classes, assessment tasks, study time. And then prioritise the tasks. If you develop a study schedule make sure you schedule in time for doing your washing, hanging out with mates and leave some time blank – who knows what might come up.

a parent but it turns out that they are right when they say exercising and eating healthy food is good for you. Joining a CSU sporting group can also be a great way of meeting people if you are having trouble making friends. Try to get regular sleep. Take time out from study and work to catch up with friends and family. Learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to calm down when feeling stressed out. Overall remember to live a balanced lifestyle – you will succeed academically if you are satisfied and happy in other areas of your life.

4. Find out where to get support.

If you somehow got through high school in a daze, fluked those marks without studying and suddenly realising that you might not be able to do this at uni, make sure you check out CSU Learning Skills. They are great for study assistance and advice. Facing personal issues and struggling to cope? Make an appointment to speak to the CSU Counselling Service or have a look at their webpage for resources. Remember if you live on campus you will find on the back of your accommodation door 24 hour services for you to call for further assistance. Make sure you keep up with hungappa for more tips throughout the year.

CSU actually gets that you might experience a variety of issues this year. If you are having trouble financially speak to a Student Support Officer or a Scholarship and Equity Officer. Loans and other assistance can be arranged.

‘Counsellors Corner’ Do you have any questions you would like our resident counsellor to answer? Be it questions about mental health, sex, conflict resolution or just general well-being? Well, write in to to have your questions answered by our expert. Don’t be shy! For more information go to:


The Human Misunderstanding

Presenting the One and Only...Real Man!

Welcome to week three! The week, where at least as far as science students are concerned, you’ll be writing your first prac reports! Fun fun fun! I don’t know what you other guys are up to, but I’m sure it’s just as illuminating and entertaining. I was going to write a piece on secularism, but it’ll have to wait because inspiration came calling in the form of a friend from Monash who also keeps a blog. Anyway, he styles himself as ‘The Young Conservative’ and he left me a rather delightful piece for my Saturday morning read, titled ‘Real Men Don’t: First Edition’. Could’ve been exciting, but it turned out to be a four paragraph-long swipe at guys who get tattoos and piercings. A whinge; how boring. Let’s make it more interesting by asking this: what is a ‘Real Man’, and do they exist? If you asked me a couple of years ago to conjure up an image of the Real Man, I’d probably have described him as strong and silent; stoic; able to bear up under pressure without complaining or crying; emotionally in control; serious. Alternatively, maybe he’s good for a laugh; goes out with the boys; a team player; enjoys a beer; a fair hand with a cricket bat or a football. In his relationships with women (be they mothers, sisters, girlfriends), he is the breadwinner and the guardian, provider of material wealth and protection; he is ready to defend the ‘honour’ of a female family member, with fists flying if need be. To that end, he probably exercises a lot, with emphasis on weight training; got to bulk up after all. Also, it probably goes without saying he’s a hot-blooded heterosexual, and able-bodied. In short, he’s an ideal; something for a man to aspire to, and as something to aspire to, he doesn’t exist; not really anyway. In reality, all a guy can be is an approximation of the Real Man. Is he a healthy ideal? I don’t think so; is it healthy, being expected to ‘drink a cup of concrete’, or isolate one’s self when you have problems and there are others who can help you? Is it healthy to expect one’s self, to set one’s identity or purpose, to be the breadwinner in a society moving towards a righteous equality of opportunity across the sexes? Is it healthy to set someone’s natural sexuality against their gender identity, causing many gay men to feel alien amongst other men? You know, as far as I can tell, all this ‘Real Man’ stuff; it’s facade. It’s all looks and no substance. It’s about the way you look and act in front of other men; women too. That doesn’t sound real to me. How about we take the emphasis off ‘male as stereotype’, and instead simply inspire men to be good, huh? How about wanting to be a Good Man, rather than a Real one? Place the emphasis on the doing of things, and not on the acting or appearing? Hell, we could take it one step further; omit the ‘male’ part and simply try to be a good person. Is that so radical? A quote I found online states that “rhetorical questions often hide the weakest part of an argument”, and I’ve posed my fair share of them here. I do it to save space sometimes; I pose the question and hopefully you’ll get to the same conclusion I do, without me having to explain it. There’s certainly more depth to this than I can present in a (now topping six hundred word) Hungappa column, so please, if you disagree with me; if you agree with me; if you simply want to hear more, track me down at and let me know. Until next week, C#



Now that University has come back into full swing and I have settled down into a good study regime (although keeping to it is the hard part!) I decided it was about time that I changed from my.csu to student.csu. Everyone will need to make this change eventually, so if you weren’t informed – now you know! Nearly all feedback I have received regarding student.csu has been positive, and I found myself agreeing with this feedback. However there was one little stupid thing on the page that irked me. It’s worth dedicating an article to. Have you ever heard of the ‘Sheltered College Freshman’ meme? It features a photo of a girl holding a blue folder with other students milling in the background, over which a witty caption is inserted. On September 5th 2011 it blossomed into an internet meme on the social news site Reddit, as a female version of the ‘College Freshman’. Since the meme became popular, the girl’s identity (Kerin Portillo) has been revealed and people have taken notice every time her face has appeared in an advertisement. Normally the photograph with the blue folder is used, although there are other photos – like the gym and doctor photo shoots. It is used with shocking frequency in University and College promotional material. Then, I log on to student.csu, and lo and behold what do I see? Sheltered College Freshman, advertising the compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee. Instant facepalm. We have become another one of ‘those’ education facilities... Now assuming that Kerin Portillo does not actually attend Charles Sturt University, and I would be astonished if she did*, I pose the question: why can’t CSU use its OWN students to promote the Uni? Surely we are pretty enough for it? And surely we can find volunteers that would love to do such a photo shoot. It isn’t like the T.V. show Community with Jeff Winger on promotional fliers, we are proud of our Uni and we would actively promote graduating from CSU. Besides, if the Uni is so keen on us being ‘future leaders’ and ‘responsible’ in the real world, why can’t we be promoted as such on CSU’s friggin’ websites? Is the Uni trying to send us the message that we are ugly and worthless to them? However, there is another side to this whole debacle. There is no doubt in my mind that this picture was used as ‘filler’ by the designers of student.csu. If this is the case, it was out of laziness and not student derision that the stock photo was chosen. A clearer, more student friendly message now becomes apparent. Students of CSU! Do everything the lazy way! Do those assignments at the last minute, and cram for your exams the night before! Guaranteed success, and we promise no one will notice! Despite the apparent mixed messages from the Uni here, please know that Mycroft and Jervis do care about you as students. Mycroft promises to put photos of you guys in here every week, as he thinks you are all super hot. And I promise to try to set a good example for you guys. Soon I’ll post an article about my biggest ‘Tip for Success’ at University. Well, apart from setting up a good study regime, and practising my counselling with Chris (over at THM) of course. Not hard to tell he’s a better counsellor than I am. Jervis Tetch *A few questions for Kerin if she is studying here: What subjects are you studying? How are you coping with the hundred other college degrees you are undertaking as well? How hard was Med School? Can I have your phone number?? -Jervis Tetch

17 CR EATIVE Only a few submissions this week to the corner. The Creative Corner is something I hope to have in every week, as I love art and creations made by you guys, it’s time it got appreciated and time you got paid for your efforts! So submit in any creations you may have laying around the place. Also every week we are going to be running a theme on top of your every day creations in which the winner will recieve BONUS MONEY for their submission and have it as a half or even full page.

The Creative Corner is all about great creations made by you guy s! Be it, comic, drawing, poem, picutre, anything that you use to express yourself we love. Email, fax, scan, copy, hand in, whateve r it takes to get to me, don’t hesitat e, just do it.

This Weeks Theme: “Wednesday Nights” Next Weeks Theme: “Early Morning Lectures”

This Weeks Winner:

! R E N R CO



Bums Up

Bums DOWN Bums UP to Wagga now being an inland port city Bums UP to rissa for being a classy chick, despite being from tassie... Bums DOWN to the CSU o-week signs still being up -We have to study now :( Bums UP to triple chocolate icecream Bums UP to making the best of floods and chilling at the kooringal pub

Bums DOWN to house-mates who think they have house-maids Bums DOWN to text book prices Bums UP to 20 minute lectures Bums DOWN to NO CAR PARKS on res Bums DOWN to assignments being due Bums DOWN to Monday 8am Class :(

Bums UP to playing Skyrim while the town floods

Bums UP to crazy random happenstances

Bums UP to being able to move back into central Wagga!

Bums UP to sunny days!

Bums SIDEWAYS to last year of uni! So excitedly sad!

Bums UP to No class on Friday. Booyeah. Bums DOWN to Walking over the hill

Bums DOWN to being put on the spot

Bums DOWN to group assignments

Bums UP to free Sunday dinners

Bums UP to movies in class!

Bums UP to txt messages - yay people like me!

Bums UP to getting a job

Bums DOWN to csu internet

Bums UP to Homebrand

Bums DOWN to being trapped in Leeton

Bums DOWN to people hogging the kitchen

56% Down 1% from last week

44% Up 1% from last week



-The most fun you can have, without an internet connection

s rosse

nd C ghts a


THE 4TH YEAR TIP Every week we ask the most experienced person at this university to give us not so experienced a pro tip we only wish we had in our previous years. We call it, “The 4th Year Tip”

THIS WEEKS TIP: “Unlike some 8am lectures, waking up early to be at Centrelink when it opens is worthwhile”


Please Sponsor Me

I couldn’t think of a ‘cutting-edge’ title. This article is on a subject of the upmost importance, this happens to be my hair. There are usually only two things in this world that would make me butcher my hair: ∞

A bad dye job

A breakup or emotional turmoil of some description or another.

At the risk of boring the lovely readers of the Hungappa, I shan’t go into details. This might raise the question, why not just get a rocking anime girl hair cut, dye it bright pink, grab a punk attitude and metaphorically scream “SCREW YOU WORLD!”? This of course would make me feel a whole lot better but it wouldn’t do anyone else any good. So one day, whilst wallowing in self pity, I turned to the television for some guidance: there were talking chin heads with perfect teeth, eating bugs and driving along a country road. It was then I had an epiphany, “Why not have a fresh start and do some good in the process?”. I am aware that the small amount of money I would be able to raise may not directly cure Leukemia. But it will go towards that goal; it will also go towards programs and services to help those directly and indirectly suffering from blood disorders. The money you give will help fund important research into leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders. Today, 31 Australians will get the news they have blood cancer. Your donation will support them from the moment they are diagnosed. All the Leukaemia Foundation’s services are free. Let’s keep them that way. You can either, donate online by following the directions on my profile: Or, you can try to hunt me down on campus. You can usually find me lurking somewhere around level 4 of the William Merrylees Library, or Eat @ 20 and hand over some spare change - Every cent counts! I’m being brave and doing the World’s Greatest Shave! Please sponsor me now! Oh and here is a fun fact, the day before I get my hair shaved I am going for my red P’s. If I fail this attempt I will most definitely end up getting a license later on, with me looking like Danny Devito. Have some heart, please donate. -Antonia van Asperen

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