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J U N E 2018

‘The Chamber…building a stronger local economy’

Volume 37, Number 6

Chamber Members Count!

In the most recent survey, members ranked in order of importance what was driving their vote when heading to the ballot box. 1. Economy 2. Taxes 3. Healthcare 4. Other

(Most popular comment was related to Quality of Life)

5. Education 6. Transportation 7. Water 8. Environment

Each month, the Chamber helps build a stronger local economy through surveying its membership. GRB Inside Highlights Chair’s Column.......................... 2 Governmental Affairs............... 3 New Members............................ 9 Calendar..................................... 11


Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 3985 University Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 Change Service Requested

San Bernardino, CA Permit No. 2244

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage

Chamber Champions Business Issues During Advocacy Trip to Sacramento Education, community development, and military among top priorities

Business leaders engaged elected and appointed state officials to discuss many of the Chamber’s top priorities on behalf of members. During the meetings, members addressed many of the top priorities impacting the local business community including affordable housing, healthcare, March Air Reserve Base, the California WaterFix, education, and the disparity of funding for resources in efforts to expand Riverside’s economy. Members also brought forth the top legislation supported and opposed by the Chamber to ensure businesses have a strong voice in Sacramento. Throughout the day, which consisted of more than 15 meetings, Chamber members engaged statewide leaders such as California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, California Department of Housing and Community Development Director Ben Metcalf, and Riverside’s legislative delegation. In the meeting with Secretary Laird, members discussed opportunities to continue support for the California WaterFix, a project that creates thousands of jobs and would ensure water reliability for residents across the state.

Chamber members met with Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins and other state leaders to discuss opportunities to enhance Riverside’s business climate and economy.

Specifically, Secretary Laird mentioned the California Water Commission supported proposed water storage sites, an important hurdle placing the project in a favorable position as it moves forward. Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins met with the delegation to address the disparity of funding for resources such as healthcare,

Voter Guide

Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce

Proposition 68

Proposition 69

Funds Park, Water, and Natural Resource Projects

Protects Allocation of Transportation Dollars

Proposition 70

Proposition 72

Promotes Bipartisan Support of Cap and Trade Spending

Excludes Rain Capture Systems from Property Tax Assessment

Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce Political Action Committee endorses the following candidates:

Mike Gardner Riverside County Supervisor District 2

Mike Hestrin Riverside County District Attorney

Wendel Tucker

Riverside County Board of Education Trustee Area 2

General Election: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

mental health, and judicial positions. As one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, the Inland Southern California region would significantly benefit from opportunities to access new revenue sources for critical services. See Sacramento on page 7

Chamber Applauds Selection of New City Manager Al Zelinka’s experience will be an asset to the local community The Riverside City Council has named Al Zelinka as the next City Manager, citing his devotion to public service and more than 25 years working collaboratively to build community. The Chamber looks forward to continue working with Zelinka and his team to champion a strong economy for the business community. “Al Zelinka is an excellent choice to lead our City,” Chamber Chair Joseph Ortiz said. “The Chamber is committed to working with the City on enhancing business services offered and overcoming challenges businesses face in our region. Zelinka has an established relationship with the Chamber that will prove beneficial toward those goals. We look forward to collaborating with Zelinka and continuing the fantastic progress made in Riverside to date.” Zelinka has worked for the City for six years, the past three as Assistant City Manager. He most recently oversaw the Community and See Manager on page 2




We are committed to building a stronger local economy by actively promoting and supporting our community, by fostering the growth and strength of our member organizations, and by engaging federal, state and local officials on behalf of business interests.

Executive Committee for 2018–2019 Chairman of the Board Joseph Ortiz – Best Best & Krieger Vice Chairman, Chairman-Elect Bob Hicks – Stream Kim Hicks Wrage Alfaro Vice Chair – Governmental Affairs Howard Saner – Riverside Physician Network Vice Chair – Economic Development Michael Lewin – Mirau Edwards Cannon Lewin & Tooke Vice Chair – Membership Kathy Michalak – Habitat for Humanity Riverside Vice Chair – Community Development Joseph Zichichi – Spectrum Business Vice Chair – Divisions Scott Megna - Riverside Convention Center Vice Chair – Divisions Robert Beatty - Notre Dame High School Vice Chair – Divisions JD Franklin – OSI Industries Vice Chair – Finance/Treasurer Brian Hawley – Luminex Software Legal Counsel Gary Montgomery – Thompson & Colegate Past Chairman of the Board/Chair–GRCCPAC Andrew Walcker – Overland Development Co.

Board of Directors 2018–2019

Al Arguello – Bank of America Mike Blakely - Individual Member Paul Bordwell - AltaPacific Bank Patrick Brilliant – Riverside Community Hospital Colonel Matthew Burger – 452d Air Mobility Wing Larry Burns - Inlandia Institute Judy Carpenter – Riverside Medical Clinic Tina Covington - Altura Credit Union Jamil Dada – Provident Bank Carl Dameron - African American Chamber of Commerce Dr. Ronald L. Ellis – California Baptist University Rich Erickson – Lee & Associates Julio Figueroa – AT&T Matt Friedlander – Habitat for Humanity Riverside Jim Fuson – Galleria at Tyler Justin Gilbert – Bank of America Vinay Gupta – Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce Debbi Guthrie – Guthrie Companies Dr. David Hansen – Riverside Unified School District George Hoanzl - Jaguar Computer Systems Peter Hubbard – American Medical Response Dr. Wolde-ab Isaac – Riverside Community College District Pepi Jackson – Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce Debbie Johnson - On Target Promotions Cynthia Larive – University of California, Riverside Jim Maurer – The Press-Enterprise Rose Mayes – Fair Housing Council of Riverside County Vincent McCoy – Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Scott Meinert – VALIC Financial Advisors Bob Mendez - RLM Wealth Group Kevin Milligan - Individual Member Ana Miramontes – Bank of America Patty Moorman – Bourns, Inc. Tom Nightingale – Wells Fargo Bank Lea Petersen – Southern California Gas Company Steve Popkin – Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center Emilio Ramirez – Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mark Rubin – Regional Properties Stephanie Ruiz - Banner Bank Zareh Sarrafian – Riverside University Health System Rob Starr – The Toro Company Ron Thompson – UTC Aerospace Systems Matt Webb – Albert A. Webb Associates Vita Willett – Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Riverside Dr. Randal Wisbey – La Sierra University

Chamber Staff Cindy Roth, President/CEO Bethany Wiekamp, Communications Manager Nicholas Adcock, Vice President La Wanda Roy, Accounting/Human Resources Manager Katrina Lumague, Accounting Clerk Patricia Fierro, Membership & Advertising Sales Adrienne Wonzo, Membership & Advertising Sales Brooke Biddle, Business Project Coordinator Aly Herrera, Community Development Coordinator Andrew Sall, Governmental Affairs Manager Serena Chapman, Special Events Coordinator Lindsey German, Receptionist/Scheduler Jonathan Soto, Business Project Coordinator Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful Connie Librenjak, Executive Director Alex Rendon, Senior Project Coordinator Paolo Bilbao, Project Coordinator

Publisher. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greater Riverside

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chambers of Commerce Policy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cindy Roth Managing Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . Bethany Wiekamp Production. . . . . . . . . . . . Printing Connection, Inc. Printer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Advantage, Inc. Greater Riverside Business is the official monthly publication of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. Circulation: 3,100. Distributed free to all Chamber members. Subscriptions for non-members available for $30 per year. To advertise, subscribe or submit articles, contact: Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 3985 University Avenue Riverside, California 92501 Phone (951) 683-7100 Fax (951) 683-2670

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Chamber Celebrates the Region’s Successes and Continues to Fight for Local Businesses It is incredible how much we have already accomplished halfway into 2018. This is an exciting time for the region and we have a lot to celebrate in regards to political action and how the Chamber is representing our local businesses in government. Ensuring that this area remains businessfriendly, the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC) has endorsed business-friendly candidates for re-election this month. The election will be conducted via mail-in ballots, Riverside voters should have received their ballots in mid-May. Vote-by-mail ballots must be received by county election offices no later than 8 PM on Election Day. The GRCCPAC has endorsed Mike Gardner for Riverside County Supervisor District 2, Mike Hestrin for Riverside County District Attorney, and Dr. Wendel Tucker for Riverside County Board of Education Trustee Area 2. All three of these candidates have your business in mind and will continue to advocate for business-friendly policies. The Riverside City Council recently approved Riverside Public Utilities’ Rate Proposal.

Thanks to advocacy from our members and business leaders, your Chamber was successful in advocating to lower the original proposed rates. This resulted in a 30% decrease in the rate proposal. An addendum to the original proposal was also to include an annual rate review to determine the necessity of future rate increases.

“You are a vital part of this community and the Chamber will continue to keep you informed of any legislation that could impact your business.” The Chamber and local business leaders recently headed to Sacramento for the Chamber’s Capitol Connection, an annual advocacy trip engaging state policy leaders on the critical business issues for Inland Southern California.

In a day full of meetings with state legislators, members had the opportunity to engage Secretary John Laird, Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, all of Riverside’s local delegation, and more, to discuss key legislative priorities to build a stronger local economy. Judgeships, healthcare, education, and homelessness were key topics discussed with these state leaders in order to sustain the economic increase in the area and address any challenges. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without our members. You are all a vital part of this community and the Chamber will continue to keep you informed of any legislation that could impact your business. We look forward to working together in creating a stronger local economy.

Joseph T. Ortiz Chair of the Board

City Council Approves Utility Rate Proposal Following Task Force Recommendations The Riverside City Council voted to support the revised water and electric utility rate proposal, representing the first increase in over seven years. The action came after nearly a year of discussions between the Chamber and Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) about maintaining affordability and energy reliability for consumers. Investing in Riverside’s vital infrastructure is critical to ensuring its continued growth as a premier place to live and conduct business. After thorough discussions between RPU and a Chamber Task Force of business leaders, the Chamber took a position to support the revised rate proposals of 5.7% for water and 3.0% for electric (on average annually over five years). The rate increase for water will take effect July 1, while rate increases for electric will commence starting January 1, 2019. By agreeing to review the rates on an annual basis, City Council could determine that future increases may not be necessary. While much of Riverside’s water and electric resources continue to age beyond their lifespan, revenues from the rate increases will be used to restore and replace infrastructure critical for schools, businesses, hospitals, and safety services. Prior to supporting the current revised rate structure, the Chamber opposed the original rate proposal of 4.8% for electric and 8.6% for water annually over the same time period, citing concerns that businesses would not be able to absorb such cost increases. To promote the voice of Riverside’s businesses, the Task Force put forth a set of priorities, many of which were included in the final approval by City Council. These priorities included: reduce rate increases to the lowest level for 2018, as many businesses had already established their annual budgets; revise all cost projections to ensure they reflect current and accurate information; reprioritize projects based on

Riverside’s City Council approved the revised water and electric utility rates, keeping business priorities and quality of life at the forefront.

critical importance; and review the rate increases on an annual basis to determine if a rate increase will continue to be necessary. The Chamber commends the efforts by the

Task Force, RPU, and City Council to prioritize quality of life and cost control for local businesses. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.


Continued from page 1 Economic Development Department; the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department; the Public Works Department; and the Office of Communications, which includes the City’s public information and marketing functions. During his tenure as Assistant City Manager, the Chamber worked closely with Zelinka and his team to establish and refine the Streamline Riverside program and now continues those same objectives into Build Riverside. Streamline Riverside and Build Riverside aim to improve the development experience and encourages construction and investment in Riverside. “I look forward to working in partnership with the City’s elected leadership, and in

cooperation with its strong business community and its active and diverse neighborhood groups, toward consensus and constructive solutions on the major issues facing Riverside,” Zelinka said. With a statewide reputation for his commitment to urban planning, Zelinka has spent more than 25 years with the same career objective: to “make a difference” in the communities in which he serves. In both the private and public sectors, Zelinka has worked in more than 28 states, directing more than 150 projects and playing an active role in another 100. Zelinka’s extensive and unique background will set the pace in City Hall for positive changes to make the community an even


G O V E R N M E N T A F F A I R S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2018

Chamber Continues Advocacy for ONT, Passenger Volumes Surge from New Services The Chamber is advocating on behalf of businesses by opposing measures that increase taxes on services and unfairly place personal liability on individuals for unintentional wage violations.

Legislation Unfairly Imposes Tax Increase and Penalizes Employees The Chamber has opposed two bills that could impede on the growth of Riverside’s businesses. While one bill levies a hefty 3% tax increase on many businesses, the other imposes significant penalties for individuals for an unintentional violation of wage payment.

AB 2613 (Reyes) Failure to pay wages: penalties AB 2613 would impose a new penalty on an employer, or an individual acting on behalf of the employer, for the failure to pay wages on the designated date of payment. As a result, this bill would make the employer or individual personally liable for this violation, and would subject them to a $200 penalty, payable to each affected employee, per pay period. As a result of AB 2613, an individual who may not hold a managerial position but has been tasked with distributing payment of wages to employees, would be held liable for penalties, even though they may have had no control over the timing of the check, the amount of the check, or the external factors that may obstruct their ability to disperse wages.

SB 993 (Hertzberg) Sales and use taxes: service tax: qualified business SB 993 would increase taxes by 3% on many essential services purchased by businesses, such as accounting, legal representation, janitorial, and consulting services. This substantial tax increase would present new cost challenges for businesses that utilize these services, likely leading to higher service costs for consumers or a reduction in a business’ workforce. Furthermore, this bill would have a larger impact on smaller businesses, which often do not have either the resources needed to set-up a new tax system or the ability to bring services in-house. While some small businesses are exempt from this tax increase, SB 993 adds further complication to the state’s tax laws and discourages businesses from locating and expanding in California. The Chamber will continue to oppose legislation that places Riverside’s employers at a significant disadvantage and threatens their ability to grow and prosper. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.

Welcoming back Jet Blue, introducing China Airlines, expanding valet parking, and offering more dining and concession options make Ontario International Airport (ONT) an even more attractive hub of travel for the Inland Southern California region. ONT is a top priority for the Chamber due to its significant economic impact to the Ontario International Airport’s new airline, China Airlines, boosts region and invited CEO passenger volume by 24% with its daily service to Taiwan. of ONT, Mark Thorpe, to engage the attendees of Good Morning Thorpe also mentioned that ONT will Riverside. The number of international continue with its safe, secure, and headachepassengers grew by more than 24% following free airport experience. The easy terminal the start of daily service to Asia through access and quick, thorough screenings is China Airlines. just one of the reasons ONT continues to be the Chamber’s airport of choice. Thorpe highlighted the redevelopment of ONT’s food and beverage concessions, The Riverside Convention Center benefits which includes an investment of $6 million from the Chamber’s continued advocacy over 18 months to rebrand and refurbish the of ONT as they will be able to book more airport’s dining facilities. New dining options conventions that would use ONT to travel like Einstein Bros. Bagels, Wolfgang Puck’s to their facility. This gives Downtown WPizza, and Rock & Brews will not only Riverside an additional boost as more provide amenities to travelers, but boost travelers use local hotels and amenities the local economy with new jobs. during conventions and conferences. In addition to passenger flights, ONT’s commercial flights with FedEx, UPS, and Amazon continue to grow at a robust pace. The additional commercial flights are significant to the economy as these companies use local infrastructure and distribution centers in order to be closer to the airport.

The Chamber applauds ONT for its strides towards additional amenities and enhanced customer service towards the region. In addition, the Chamber will continue to collaborate with leaders from ONT and the City of Riverside to create jobs for the region.

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J U N E 2018


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Governor Brown’s Budget Revision Sees Increased Revenues, Bolsters Reserves The May Revision of Governor Jerry Brown’s budget proposal for 2018-2019 includes more than $199 billion in total spending, up nearly $8 billion from last year as the economy continues to expand. The increased budget serves to benefit K-12 and higher education, reauthorizes a key tax credit program, and fully funds the state’s Rainy Day Fund, ultimately placing California in a strong economic position. The Chamber continues to advocate for additional funding for these priorities and resources, and will continue to voice the business community’s support in efforts to build a stronger local economy.

It takes a local business owner to protect one. As a small business owner in our community, I understand what it takes to protect your small business. Let me help you get insurance for your business at a great value. Stop in or give me a call.

Governor Jerry Brown’s final May Revision to the budget boosts reserves and increases funding for infrastructure, education, and homelessness prevention.

Fund’s target of holding more than $13.5 billion in reserves.

In a positive move for local businesses, Governor Brown’s budget reauthorizes the California Competes Tax Credit Program for an additional five years with $180 million in credits awarded annually, therefore encouraging businesses to locate and grow in the state. Furthermore, the budget awards $20 million annually to directly support small businesses as well as $50 million in credits for businesses that hire individuals with barriers to employment. As a result of $8 billion in higher revenues compared to the January budget proposal, Governor Brown has proposed $2 billion in one-time spending for deferred maintenance on existing infrastructure, such as universities, courts, and state facilities. Additionally, the proposal includes $359 million to assist local governments in addressing homelessness and $312 million to expand mental health services and pay down existing liabilities. To prepare for any future economic slowdown, Governor Brown’s proposal fully funds the Rainy Day

The budget also calls for a nearly $3 billion increase for K-14 schools, further enhancing educational opportunities for students. This additional funding has also resulted in 100% implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, combating inequities in how school districts are funded as well as permanently increasing the formula’s base to assist school districts in alleviating rising costs. The May Revision will improve access and foster an improved learning environment for students by providing $100 million each for the California State University, University of California, and California Community College systems as well as establishing the California Online College. To find out more about the 2018-2019 May Revision of the Governor’s Budget, visit For more information, contact Andrew Sall at or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.

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N E W S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2018

ATHENA of Riverside Celebrates Women Leaders

Riverside Business Week Champions Resources and Connections for Businesses The Chamber serves as a hub of information by offering four different opportunities from June 26-29 for businesses to learn more about optimizing business practices. Riverside Business Week unites businesses and the general public with resources, education, and connection opportunities to benefit the local economy in Riverside. Riverside Business Week has a resource for every business:

The Chamber honored Cathy Kienle as the recipient of the 2018 ATHENA Award for her lifetime legacy of community service, professional excellence, and mentorship of young women throughout her 34-year career. She has been the Director of the Walter’s Children’s Charity Classic Foundation for 22 years, hosting an annual golf tournament raising over $4 million for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. She serves as co-chair of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women luncheon committee and has been a member of the boards of the Riverside Art Museum, The Sharon Roberts Cancer Foundation, the Riverside Community Hospital Foundation, and the Parkview Community Hospital Foundation. One of the purposes of the ATHENA Award Luncheon is to honor women in Riverside and award scholarships each year as a way to continue its mission to open doors of leadership opportunities for women through inspiration, education, cultivation, and mentorship. ATHENA of Riverside Chair and Past Recipient Debbi Guthrie also presented six $2,000 scholarships to young women attending California Baptist University, La Sierra University, University of California, Riverside (UCR), Riverside City College, Norco College, and Moreno Valley College.

Cathy Kienle accepted the 2018 ATHENA of Riverside Award for her lifetime legacy in community service, professional excellence, and being a mentor to women.

Each year the program raises funds for scholarships given to college-level women from the greater Riverside region. Lynn Carmen Day accepted the $2,000 Inspire Her Mind award. Inspire Her Mind is a program in which STEM education is promoted to young girls throughout Riverside Unified School District. As part of ATHENA of Riverside, the Chamber is proud to participate in an inspiring organization which honors women and paves the way for young women to have opportunities to succeed professionally in Riverside.

INSIDE Riverside, June 26 from 7:30 - 8:30 AM: City officials will highlight the latest updates on innovative projects coming to the City of Riverside and how they impact local businesses. INSIDE Riverside will be held at SolarMax Technology, Inc. at 3080 12th Street. Business In Action, June 27 from 7:15 - 8:30 AM: Business In Action is the fun weekly meeting to make fast, lasting connections for business growth. A panel of experienced business leaders will be ready to share their secrets to attracting and retaining top quality candidates for employment. Riverside Business Expo & Mixer, June 28 from 4:30 - 7:30 PM: An exclusive CEO Panel consisting of Brian Hawley of Luminex Software, Beverly Bailey of Stronghold Engineering, and Candace Wiest of West Valley National Bank will share their startup to success journeys in entrepreneurship

in Riverside. Attendees can then take advantage of over 50 exhibitors from industries such as healthcare, payroll and personnel, loans and insurance, meeting space, workforce development, business advice, government agencies, and more. The Riverside Business Expo & Mixer will be located at the Riverside Convention Center at 3637 Fifth Street. Business Seminar Series, June 29 from 7:30 - 9:00 AM: To assist businesses with their branding and online reach through social media, the Chamber’s Business Seminar Series features special guest Jeremy Cooper with Southern California News Group. To register, contact Jonathan Soto at or 951-683-7100 Ext. 216. Special thanks to our sponsors, partners, and Executive Exhibitors for the 2018 Riverside Business Week Expo & Mixer: A-Check Global, Biztek Business Solutions, California Baptist University Jabs School of Business, City of Riverside, County of Riverside Economic Development Agency, IE Commuter, Crown Connect, Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, La Sierra University Tom & Vi Zapara School of Business, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, The Press-Enterprise, Riverside City College, Riverside Public Utilities, SCORE, and the University of California, Riverside School of Business.

Reserve the Chamber Boardroom: 951-683-7100


J U N E 2018


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

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N E W S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2018


Chamber Business Briefs Chamber Ambassador Recognized for Excellence The Chamber is excited to announce Ahryn Scott, Owner of Web Video Ad Space, as the Ambassador of the Month. Scott became an Ambassador after several months of attending Chamber events and was looking to grow his connections with the local community. He is motivated to share the value of Chamber membership with other businesses to increase the impact they have on the community and gain valuable resources. Scott can often be seen at his favorite event, the AfterHours Business Mixer, where he enjoys connecting with his peers in a relaxed and fun environment. Scott has formed valuable connections with business and community leaders during his time as an Ambassador. He states, “The number and quality of referrals was more than I expected, and the growing awareness of my service has been invaluable”. The Ambassador Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers with focused efforts on membership retention that help make this Chamber successful. For more information about the Ambassador Committee, contact Serena Chapman at or at 951-683-7100 Ext. 211.

Chamber Recognized for Excellence in Business Advocacy The Chamber was presented with the 2018 President’s Circle Award by the California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) for the tenth consecutive year. The Chamber is just one of seven other chambers in California to receive this award since its inception in 2009. This recognition is for excellence in business advocacy through helping members comply with labor laws, by providing access to compliance posters, and informing members of updates. President’s Circle Award recipients publish vote records of their state legislators on key business issues, generate letters to state elected officials on issues of interest to members, and participate in the CalChamber compliance product resale program at an exemplary level. CalChamber selected only 29 chambers of commerce to receive the President’s Circle award. CalChamber and the Chamber have collaborated for years to ensure any bills put forth in California are business-friendly. The Chamber participates in a conference call each week to hear about the most important legislation impacting the business community. The Chamber is able to collaborate with CalChamber to support or oppose any bill amendments, upcoming legislation, or bills that will impact the community. This collaboration allows the Chamber and other organizations in California to unite in regards to opposing or supporting legislation.

Continued from page 1

SolarMax Technology Named Solar Partner SolarMax has been named the official Corporate Solar Sponsor for the University of California, Riverside Alumni Association (UCRAA). The longstanding relationship between SolarMax Technology and the University of California, Riverside has produced a number of breakthroughs, especially in the area of solar research and development. A new agreement between the company and the alumni association ensures that alumni will benefit even more from those advances. “UCR’s alumni footprint matches up very well with the communities we serve across Southern California,” said SolarMax CEO David Hsu. “We saw the partnership as an extension of the unique relationship we have built and cultivated with the university over the past decade.” As an official corporate sponsor, SolarMax joins a select group of companies whose products and services are available to UCR alumni - often with value-added features and benefits. Company executives view the partnership as a good strategic fit in terms of market reach and demographics.

The Chamber’s delegation also had the opportunity to meet with Brigadier General Dana Hessheimer, who served as the Wing Commander for the 163rd Attack Wing at March Air Reserve Base (MARB) prior to his current position at the California Air National Guard headquarters. During the meeting, Brigadier General Hessheimer highlighted upcoming growth opportunities at MARB, such as receiving additional active duty personnel and MQ-9 remotely-piloted aircraft, which play a key role in supporting emergency services during natural disasters. Another top priority discussed in several meetings was expanding funding and educational resources for K-12 and higher education resources. At the K-12 level, there are ongoing efforts to release critical bond funds that would renovate school facilities, enhancing the learning environment for students. In supporting the region’s higher education institutions, the Chamber advocated for new enrollment growth funding for the University of California and California State University systems as well as the establishment of a nursing pilot program. The Chamber will continue to meet with California’s stakeholders in order to have the business community’s voice heard in Sacramento. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.

The Chamber congratulates SolarMax and UCR on this new venture and looks forward to working with both member organizations to benefit the local economy.

Keep Up on Governmental Affairs  Visit the Chamber at

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J U N E 2018


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Leadership Riverside Alumna Commemorated for Community Impact The Chamber is honored to recognize Patricia LockDawson, from the Leadership Riverside Class of 2013, with the 2018 Art Pick Distinguished Alumni Award. This award recognizes someone who has placed service before self in order to make a lasting impact on the Riverside community. The Chamber invites all past alumni to celebrate with LockDawson and the Class of 2018 by registering for the Commencement Ceremony & Luncheon at the Riverside Convention Center on June 15.

continues to champion advocacy for the betterment of the region.

The Chamber will honor Patricia Lock-Dawson for her excellence in advocating for the community at the Leadership Riverside Commencement Ceremony on June 15.

Lock-Dawson was elected to the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education in 2011 and was recently elected as the Board President. Patricia owns her own environmental consulting firm, PLD Consulting, and created the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Partnership, bringing together decision makers from Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties to focus on completing a 100-mile recreational trail stretching from the mountains to the Pacific. Patricia has served as Chair of the City of Riverside Planning Commission and is a gubernatorial appointee to the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She is an active leader in the Riverside community and

Since 1986, Leadership Riverside has strengthened the community by developing and empowering local leaders and decision-makers. The program includes 10 monthly, full-day sessions devoted to key community issues at locations throughout Riverside. Participants get an in-depth knowledge of the region and build strong and lasting relationships between the participants and organizations they encounter.

Through facilitated sessions with policymakers and industry experts, students enhance their understanding of issues impacting Riverside while advancing their personal, professional and civic development. Participants will join the ranks of more than 500 alumni who have gone on to serve on boards and commissions, representing the voice of the greater Riverside region. Applications for the Class of 2019 are due on Monday, June 25 by 5:00 PM. For an application or more information regarding the program, contact Aly Herrera at aherrera or 951-683-7100 Ext. 218.

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MEDICINE SERVICES Employers who currently use our Occupational Medicine Services tell us: • Availability - “Greatly appreciate the accessibility and equally important, the communication we receive from you." • Service – “The responsiveness of your coordinators and their synchronization with me, adjustors and case managers is remarkable, and appreciated.” • Specialty Care – “You make things so simple for us since you have all of the sub specialties under one roof.” • Back to Work – “Your focus on getting employees healthy and back to work is appreciated by us, and by our employees.” • Reputation – “Riverside Medical Clinic is a leader in the community and does so much for it. It’s easy to rely on you.” We enjoy helping employers take care of their employees and invite you to talk with us about caring for your employees. Please contact: Irma Vasquez 951-782-3018

Get well. Be well. Stay well.


M E M B E R S H I P Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2018

Member Anniversaries

6 to 10 Years

“We have established invaluable partnerships which have played key roles in the growth of our organization, including our recent campus expansion project. The Chamber has been a great resource and advocate for our hospital by facilitating relationships and ensuring we had the support of our local, regional, and state decision makers on numerous projects and policies. We value our partnership with the Chamber and look forward to further investing in our community.” Patrick Brilliant CEO, Riverside Community Hospital 94 to 95 Years

Acheson & Graham   Garden of Prayer Mortuary Southern California Gas Company

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. Flexsteel Industries, Inc. Galleria at Tyler WKM Realty

HMC Architects Home Instead Senior Care Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Olive Crest Provident Bank - 5225 Canyon Crest Dr., #86 Pyro Spectaculars, Inc. Sheryl Washington

80 Years

31 to 39 Years

11 to 15 Years

Daniel Hantman - Attorney at Law Fair Price Carpets

Moss Bros CDJRF - Riverside

72 to 78 Years

21 to 28 Years

Babcock Laboratories, Inc. Thompson & Colegate

61 to 66 Years

Provident Bank - 3756 Central Ave. Riverside Community Hospital

50 to 53 Years JJ Roofing McSpi, Inc.

40 to 48 Years

Altura Credit Union - 2847 Campus Pkwy. Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation Capree Escrow, Inc. Center on Deafness Inland Empire The Community Foundation Porter’s Garage, Inc. Riverside Community Health Foundation Riverside Dickens Festival Senator Richard D. Roth Sands Motel Teaman Ramirez & Smith, Inc.

16 to 18 Years CR&R, Inc.

Altura Credit Union #1 - 6403 Riverside Ave. Alvord Educational Foundation AM590 KTIE Riverside Mayor William (Rusty) Bailey Big 5 Distribution Center Inland Empire SCORE 503 Itzen Wealth Management William M. Kuntz, PLC Living Word Ministries Naval Surface Warfare Center - Corona Division Neighborhood Housing   of the Inland Empire, Inc. Provident Bank - 19348 Van Buren Blvd., #119 Raincross Senior Village/Senior Partners, LLC Riverside Woman’s Club Southern California Edison Company

Airport Mini Storage Backstreet Restaurant Barry’s Security Services, Inc. California Family Life Center Certified Management Accounting Coverall Health Based Cleaning System El Pollo Loco - 2200 University Ave. HRBC Insurance Inland Empire Waterkeeper Jenson USA JJC Project Management Group, Inc. Jon’s Flags & Poles, Inc. Mayor’s Model Deaf Community Committee Mission Property Advisors, Inc. Netgain Networks, Inc. Plastic Surgery of Riverside - LLUH Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation Riverside Life Services Scott Fowler State Farm Agency Susan G. Komen Inland Empire TKE Engineering, Inc. UEI College West Dermatology WestPointe Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc.

1 to 5 Years

American Heart Association Bella Vista Estates by Griffin Residential Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Empire Michael J. Blakely Calavo Growers/Renaissance Food Group Charlie’s Cause Foundation DCH Roasters, Inc. Dress for Success Riverside

Edward Jones - Micah Tokuda Encore Education Corporation Financial Partners Credit Union Foster Army Animal Rescue General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation Getaways Made Easy - Dream Vacations Nancy Hart Health to Hope Clinics Heroes Restaurant and Brewery Inland Mercedes Service, Inc. Kinetic Personnel Group, Inc. La Sierra Academy Lift Coffee Roasters McKinley Children’s Center Morning Star Palliative Hospice, Inc. Nothing Bundt Cakes Printing Industries Credit Union RC Hobbs Companies Realty Masters & Associates Riverside Catholic Schools Riverside Central Business Center - ESDI Riverside County   Workforce Development Centers Senior Care Authority Sierra & Associates   Life & Supplemental Ins. Services Signal 88 Security of Riverside Singletary Properties Sysco Riverside Food Services, Inc. Talking Threads Custom Embroidery Victoria Springs Senior Apartments West Valley National Bank Windermere Tower Properties - Brent Lee

Member Highlights

The Leadership Class of 2018 met with economic development leaders to discuss current initiatives and programs that contribute to a sustainable regional economy.

The Chamber’s Capitol Connection trip to Sacramento convened members and legislators to advocate on behalf of businesses in Riverside.

Welcome to the Chamber “My business is all about creating a personal connection with business owners and solving their security problems. The Chamber has been the number one way I connect with business leaders in the community. I am also proud to know that my membership helps influence the business climate for the better within Riverside.” Joshua Wright Account Executive, Bastion Security

Mission Bell Solutions—Cristina Castro

Riverside Cookie Shoppe—Nikki Wyrick

Riverside, CA 92513 (951) 840-4441 • Marketing

6737 Brockton Ave. • Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 686-6374 • Bakers

MyStartupCFO—Ganesh Iyer

SS Commercial Properties LLC—Sohail Simjee 18876 Van Buren Blvd. • Riverside, CA 92508 Real Estate/Developers

4272 Carnegie Ct. • Riverside, CA 92503 (310) 483-6836 • Accounting/Tax Service 34205 Pourroy Rd. • Winchester, CA 92590 (855) 444-6329 • Solar Energy Systems & Products

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church & School

Silagi Development & Management, Inc.

Hernandez, Kroone & Associates—Lisa Pizzi

City Works People & Places, Inc.—Michele McKinney

IE - Realtors—Adam Schwarz

6686 Streeter Ave. • Riverside, CA 92504 (951) 689-2125 • Schools

Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House—Karen Hooper

Riverside, CA 92504 (909) 227-4180 Real Estate/Developers

Colton, CA 92324 (951) 897-0897 Consultants

Diona Britschgi Farmers Insurance—Diona Britschgi 3590 Central Ave. #212 • Riverside, CA 92506 (949) 698-2284 • Insurance

Empire Independent Insurance Agency—Adam Raymond 6792 Magnolia Ave. • Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 368-0900 • Insurance

Fellowship Sales LLC—James Chung

3685 Main St. #220 • Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 389-5551 • Real Estate/Residential

11365 Anderson St. • Loma Linda, CA 92354 (909) 747-1260 • Community Organizations

Manuel Meraz Health Insurance Services—Manuel Meraz 1485 Spruce St. • Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 816-8106 • Insurance/Health

Maria L. Jimenez - Realtor—Maria Jimenez

Riverside, CA 92506 (714) 875-9104 • Business Services

3689 Sunnyside Dr. • Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 500-4618 Real Estate/Residential

Galante Beauty Salon—Claudia Khandelwal

Midici Neapolitan Pizza—Bharatkumar Patel

Servpro of Woodcrest/El Cerrito/Lake Mathews George Lingurar 12121 Madera Wy. • Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 398-3240 • Restoration & Remediation

New Day Solar—Mary Carlson

Bastion Security—Joshua Wright 255 N. Lincoln Ave. • Corona, CA 92882 (951) 400-6930 • Security/Surveillance Systems & Services

234 Drake Dr. • San Bernardino, CA 92408 (909) 884-3222 • Engineers/Consultants

To keep members connected, the Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Council convened with Congressman Mark Takano to review top legislative issues impacting local businesses.

Overland Development Co.—Andrew Walcker

Plan-It Life, Inc.—Nyron McLean 6235 River Crest Dr. #O • Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 653-7561 • Community Organizations

Ray’s Ranch Cafe 10459 Arlington Ave. • Riverside, CA 92505 (951) 772-0360 Restaurants/Fast Food

Real Property Management Integrity

3860 Tyler St. #25 • Riverside, CA 92503 (714) 360-3334 • Hair Salon/Men & Women

3775 Tyler St. #3B • Riverside, CA 92503 Restaurants

Elizabeth Kristensen 4181 Flat Rock Rd. #307 • Riverside, CA 92505 (951) 530-1600 • Real Estate/Brokers

General Door Service—Gene Ganas 1045 N. Main St. #106 • Riverside, CA 92501 (626) 488-7849 • Contractors/Doors & Gates

Millennium Paints—Christian Davila 7209 Arlington Ave. #B • Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 333-0298 • Paint/Manufacturing & Dealers

Retirement Benefits Group—Lloyd Engleman 6960 Magnolia Ave. #200 • Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 780-4016 • Business Services

Moshe Silagi 101 Hodencamp Rd. #200 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 494-7704 • Real Estate/Developers

Sweetosaur—Rachel Kanter 2232 Galleria at Tyler #G209 • Riverside, CA 92503 Ice Cream & Yogurt Shop

Tesselle—Karin Jeske 6140 Tiburon Dr. #200 • Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 781-3000 • Tile & Stone Van Buren Florist—Alisa Roa 18631 Van Buren Blvd. • Riverside, CA 92508 (951) 789-6375 • Florists

Waste Management—Lily Quiroa 800 S. Temescal St. • Corona, CA 92879 (951) 277-5112 • Waste & Recycling Services West Coast Standards—Brian Turner 2989 10th St. • Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 520-1085 • Automobile/Parts & Supplies



J U N E 2018

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Over 900 Volunteers Championed Community Beautification Project Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) launched the 20th annual Great American Cleanup in Riverside with over 900 community volunteers. Participants spanned across 40 cleanup sites around the city for litter, weed and graffiti removal, along with waterway cleanups. Crews from Athens Services, Burrtec Waste Industries, and CR&R Environmental Services collected approximately 15,000 pounds of litter, debris, weeds, and bulky items. KRCB thanks all the community partners, local business sponsors, photographers, and volunteers for making the Great American Cleanup successful. The KRCB Advisory Board is proud to announce Alvord High School as this year’s Clean Campus Competition Champion. The first place winners from all categories are Orrenmaa Elementary, University Heights Middle School, Arlington High School, and La Sierra Academy. This year’s Most Outstanding Clean Team is Fremont Elementary School, Outstanding Green Team is Lake Hill Elementary School, Outstanding Water Conservation Team is Sherman Indian High School, Special Recognition for Beautification is Mark Twain Elementary School, Most Inspirational Teacher is Kim Eaton from Monroe Elementary School, Most Inspirational Student Leadership went to Notre Dame High School, and the Judges Award went to Matthew Gage Middle School. Congratulations to Andrea McCormick for winning the Waterwise Landscape Makeover!

Volunteers from UCR’s Americorps team used 15 gallons of paint to remove over 220 tags from the Sierra Vista boulders at Doty Trust Park.

The landscape design will be done by Ian Davidson Landscape Architecture, project management conducted by Ken Crowl. OctoGreen and Earthworks Soil Amendments will provide the installation and labor. The Toro Company will supply the irrigation hardware and Louie’s Nursery will supply plant material. Special thanks to Custom Service Systems, Riverside Public Utilities, Southern California Gas Company, Western Municipal Water District, Burrtec Waste Industries, and Patty and Mike Blakely for their sponsorships to make this fundraising project possible.



For more information about volunteering with KRCB, contact Alex Rendon at arendon or 951-683-7100 Ext. 212.

News Release Linda L. Itzen becomes an Ameriprise Financial Hall of Fame Member! Riverside, CA - Linda L. Itzen, CFP® a Financial Advisor with Itzen Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., has earned a membership in the company’s exclusive Hall of Fame.

Introduced in 1986, the Hall of Fame is designed to recognize exceptional professionals who have achieved years of consistently high performance. The Ameriprise Financial Hall of Fame is considered a lifetime achievement award.

Less than two percent of Ameriprise financial advisors have earned the prestigious Hall of Fame distinction. Itzen provides financial advice that is anchored in a solid understanding of client needs and expectations, and is delivered in one on one Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards relationships with her clients. Itzen Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM , and in the U.S. Wealth Management has served the The Compass is a trademark of Ameriprise city of Riverside since 1989. Financial, Inc. Itzen Wealth Management is located at 3390 University Ave., Ste 260, Riverside, CA 92501. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2018 Ameriprise Financial, Inc., All rights reserved.



2018 JAGUAR F-PACE AND XE The new generation of Jaguar vehicles delivers a driving experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Our first performance SUV, the Jaguar F-PACE, combines power with practicality, and the Jaguar XE expertly balances sporty driving dynamics with ride comfort. Visit your local Jaguar Retailer to join the family today.






Vehicles Shown: 2018 Jaguar F-PACE S and XE S with optional equipment. †$4,495 due at signing includes $1,000 Bonus Credit Cash down. $0 security deposit, $895 acquisition fee and first month's payment; excludes retailer fees, taxes, title and registration fees. Rates shown only for well-qualified lessees as determined by approved lender. Actual rates and payments of closed-end lease may vary. All amounts shown are estimates; retailer sets actual amount. Residency restrictions apply. Lessee responsible for insurance, maintenance, excess wear and excess mileage over 30,000 miles at $0.15/mile. Based on MSRP of $47,850 (includes destination and delivery) with a residual value of $24,882 as of 04/24/2018.Lessee has the option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price negotiated with retailer and approved lender at signing. For special lease terms, take new vehicle delivery from retailer stock by 04/30/2018. Termination fee may apply. Jaguar or approved lender may rescind or amend this offer without notice. *Class is cars sold by luxury automobile brands and claim is based on total package of New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™. For complete details regarding offer shown or Jaguar EliteCare coverage, please visit JAGUARUSA.COM, call 1.800.4.JAGUAR or visit your local Jaguar Retailer. © 2018 Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC


C A L E N D A R Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2018


Stay connected with the Chamber and create your next business opportunity at one of our signature events. Visit or call 951-683-7100 for more information on any of the Chamber’s events. EVERY WED


Business In Action

Economic Development Council (EDC)

7:15 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM BIA is a great place to connect with local businesses while having the opportunity to hear various speakers on important business topics. Here are some of the great speakers coming up: June 20 – Stan Morrison, Building and Sustaining a Team; June 27th – Riverside Business Week.

7:30-8:30 AM CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM Rafael Guzman and his team from the City of Riverside will highlight Build Riverside and what updates are being made that will enhance the construction experience for developers.



INSIDE Riverside

Business Education Partnership Council

7:15 AM • SOLARMAX • 3080 12TH ST As the kickoff event for Riverside Business Week, hear the latest update on SolarMax Technology. Discover the exciting plans for the City of Riverside’s Innovation District as well as the $1.2 billion investment UCR is contributing through new student housing projects and more.

7:30 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM UC Riverside Director of Local Government & Community Relations Jeff Kraus and CSU San Bernardino Director of Executive Affairs Pamela Langford will share insight on how the May Revision to Governor Brown’s 2018-2019 Budget Proposal will impact local K-12 and higher education.



Riverside Business Expo & Mixer

Good Morning Riverside 7:00 AM • THE MISSION INN HOTEL & SPA 3649 MISSION INN AVE This fast-paced meeting joins members from different industries to hear the latest news impacting businesses in the region. Thank you to this month’s sponsor, California Baptist University.

4:30 PM • THE RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER 3637 5TH ST An exclusive CEO Panel of local executives will share their startup to success journeys in entrepreneurship in Riverside. Attendees can take advantage of over 50 exhibitors from industries such as healthcare, payroll and personnel, loans and insurance, meeting space, workforce development, business advice, government agencies, and more.



Leadership Riverside Commencement Ceremony & Luncheon

Business Seminar Series 7:30 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM Discover the latest trends in digital marketing strategy and advertisement as part of Riverside Business Week. Learn how businesses can secure more conversions through social media marketing. Jeremy Cooper of Southern California News Group will share best practices and tips to boost sales in the ever-changing digital world.

11:30 AM • RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER 3637 5TH ST The Chamber will launch the Leadership Riverside Class of 2018 into the community and will honor the Art Pick Distinguished Alumna of the Year, Patricia Lock-Dawson.





For 20 years John’s has been giving families an










FUNCARD! With regular admission purchase. DIB LE G




incredible experience. Admission includes our All You Can Eat Buffet featuring freshly made pizza, pasta, soup, salad, and dessert. Venture to Fun World with over 100 of the latest games, attractions like miniature bowling, and indoor rides! Host your next birthday, sports party, event, or just have fun family time at John’s!

Paid admission is required for entry—buffet included. Offer valid through 8/17/18. Coupon may only be redeemed with cashier when paying for admission. Fee of 50-cents applies to new FunCard activation. Not valid for parties, events, or with any other offer or discount. Offer valid for up to 6 people. Coupon is required. Coupon may be used once. No cash value. Offer code: RIVChamber FC 18. ©2018 JIPC Management.

JOHN’S INCREDIBLE PIZZA COMPANY ! S E IBLE RID 6187 Valley Springs Parkway Riverside, CA 92507 951-656-5555


J U N E 2018


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s






Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is committed to providing the highest quality of water to everyone in our community. Riverside obtains its water supply from

groundwater stored in the

San Bernardino Riverside & Bunker Hill Basin Basin


RPU tests for more than regulated and unregulated contaminants in our water system.

RPU is pleased to report that our water

MET OR SURPASSED all state and federal drinking water quality standards in 2017.

To view Riverside Public Utilities’ most recent annual water quality report, please visit

Greater Riverside Business - June 2018  
Greater Riverside Business - June 2018