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J U N E 2017

‘The Chamber…building a stronger local economy’

Volume 36, Number 6

City and Chamber Collaboration Bring Positive Change for Developers, Engineers, and Businesses

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Streamline Riverside Phase 2 approved by City Council

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Each month, the Chamber helps build a stronger local economy through surveying its membership. GRB Inside Highlights Chair’s Column.......................... 2 Governmental Affairs............... 3 New Members............................ 9 Calendar..................................... 11


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City Council recently approved the second phase of Streamline Riverside, a continual effort from City departments to streamline the development process and create a more business-friendly and customer-focused atmosphere. The Chamber met with an ad-hoc committee, comprised of the business and developer community, and City staff to discuss challenges experienced by developers. Through these efforts, Streamline Riverside has slowly been formed into an ongoing initiative with the goal of creating a competitive-edge for the City of Riverside. Streamline Riverside Phase 2 joins the Fire, Planning, Business Tax, Public Utilities, Building, and Public Works Departments on one floor at City Hall to create a more customer-focused team. The new program implementations such as new websites, expedited plan checks, additional staff, expanded customer counter hours, online permits, new program implementation for business tax license, all focus on customer satisfaction and expedited service. Due to Streamline Riverside, the city has undergone over $340 million investment in construction projects in the past twelve months. Projects such as In-N-Out and the

City Hall has installed a customer service rating program to determine the level of service provided by staff, a move in conjunction to Streamline Riverside’s goals and objectives. As a result, the city has proudly boasted a 94% positive rating from customers over the past couple of months.

Bella Trattoria Ristorante in The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, in addition to over 350 projects, have taken advantage of the expedited plan check process, thereby saving funds and valuable time. Even more, with the proposed zoning code amendments, the city expects to add much-needed multi-family housing and mixed-use housing units to offset the housing shortage in the region. The One Stop Shop opened May 30 on the Third Floor of City Hall, with all the necessary departments located conveniently on one floor for customer convenience.

In addition, the city plans to have the newlyintegrated software Computronix fully installed for Phase I for customer use in the fall of 2017. Computronix will allow constant customer service support and real-time review of processing applications, with enhanced mobile See Streamline on page 7

The Voice of Local Businesses Go to Sacramento Judgeships, healthcare, and affordable housing are key to local economy The Chamber acted as a catalyst between business leaders and elected and appointed state leaders at the annual Capitol Connection advocacy trip to Sacramento. The purpose of the trip is to draw attention to the business priorities facing the Inland Southern California region. Members had the opportunity to engage Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, California Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly, Riverside’s local delegation, among others, to discuss key legislative priorities that support efforts in building a stronger local economy.

Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 3985 University Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 Change Service Requested

Access to Healthcare and Affordable Housing Over the past decade, California has faced a housing production shortage of more than 100,000 new homes, thus leading to surging prices at all income levels. The Chamber’s delegation had the opportunity to meet with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, Assemblymember Marc Steinorth, and Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes to request their support for regulatory reform and development fee reductions in order to improve access to affordable housing. See Capitol on page 2




We are committed to building a stronger local economy by actively promoting and supporting our community, by fostering the growth and strength of our member organizations, and by engaging federal, state and local officials on behalf of business interests.

Executive Committee for 2017–2018 Chairman of the Board Andrew Walcker – PSOMAS Vice Chairman, Chairman-Elect Joseph Ortiz – Best Best & Krieger Vice Chair – Governmental Affairs Bob Hicks – Gresham Savage Vice Chair – Economic Development Michael Lewin – Mirau Edwards Cannon Lewin & Tooke Vice Chair – Membership George Hoanzl – Jaguar Computer Systems Vice Chair – Community Development Bob Mendez – RLM Wealth Group Vice Chair – Divisions Joseph Zichichi – Spectrum Business Vice Chair – Divisions Kathy Michalak – Habitat for Humanity Riverside Vice Chair – Divisions JD Franklin – OSI Industries Vice Chair – Finance/Treasurer Brian Hawley – Luminex Software Legal Counsel Gary Montgomery – Thompson & Colegate Past Chairman of the Board/Chair–GRCCPAC Howard Saner – Riverside Physician Network

Board of Directors 2017–2018 Al Arguello – Bank of America Girish Balachandran – Riverside Public Utilities Robert Beatty – Notre Dame High School Patrick Brilliant – Riverside Community Hospital Dr. Michael Burke – Riverside Community College District Judy Carpenter – Riverside Medical Clinic Dr. Suvesh Chandiok – Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce Jamil Dada – Provident Bank Carl Dameron – African American Chamber of Commerce-Inland Empire Dr. Ronald L. Ellis – California Baptist University Rich Erickson – Lee & Associates Julio Figueroa – AT&T David Fisher – Arrowhead Credit Union Tracy Fitzsimmons – Olive Crest Matt Friedlander – Habitat for Humanity Riverside Jim Fuson – Galleria at Tyler Justin Gilbert – Pacific Premier Bank Debbi Guthrie – Guthrie Companies Dr. David Hansen – Riverside Unified School District Peter Hubbard – American Medical Response Pepi Jackson – Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce Jim Maurer – The Press-Enterprise Rose Mayes – Fair Housing Council of Riverside County Vincent McCoy – Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Scott Megna – Riverside Convention Center Scott Meinert – VALIC Financial Advisors Kevin Milligan – Riverside Public Utilities Ana Miramontes – Bank of America Patty Moorman – Bourns, Inc. Brigadier General Russell Muncy – 452d Air Mobility Wing Tom Nightingale – Wells Fargo Bank Regional Commercial Banking Office James Persinger – Pick Group of Young Professionals Lea Petersen – Southern California Gas Company Steve Popkin – Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center Emilio Ramirez – Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mark Rubin – Regional Properties Bob Ryan – HDR Engineering, Inc. Zareh Sarrafian – Riverside University Health System Rob Starr – The Toro Company Yundra Thomas – Atchley & Associates Insurance Services Ron Thompson – UTC Aerospace Systems Matt Webb – Albert A. Webb Associates Vita Willett – Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Riverside Dr. Randal Wisbey – La Sierra University

Chamber Staff Cindy Roth, President/CEO Bethany Wiekamp, Communications Manager Nicholas Adcock, Vice President La Wanda Roy, Accounting/Human Resources Manager Katrina Lumague, Accounting Clerk Carole Slagle, Membership & Advertising Senior Sales Patricia Fierro, Membership & Advertising Sales Leslie Nafus, Membership & Advertising Sales Kara Coronado, Business Project Coordinator Richard Prince, Community Development Coordinator Andrew Sall, Governmental Affairs Manager Serena Chapman, Special Events Coordinator Lindsey German, Receptionist/Scheduler Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful Connie Librenjak, Executive Director John Sanger, Senior Project Coordinator Alex Rendon, Project Coordinator

Publisher. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greater Riverside

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chambers of Commerce Policy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cindy Roth Managing Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . Bethany Wiekamp Production. . . . . . . . . . . . Printing Connection, Inc. Printer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Advantage, Inc. Greater Riverside Business is the official monthly publication of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. Circulation: 3,500. Distributed free to all Chamber members. Subscriptions for non-members available for $30 per year. To advertise, subscribe or submit articles, contact: Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 3985 University Avenue Riverside, California 92501 Phone (951) 683-7100 Fax (951) 683-2670

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Chamber Celebrates the Region’s Successes and Continues to Fight for Local Businesses It is incredible how much we have already accomplished halfway into 2017. This is an exciting time for the region and we have a lot to celebrate in regards to political action and how the Chamber is representing our local businesses in government. Ensuring that this area remains businessfriendly, the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC) has endorsed business-friendly candidates for re-election this month. The election will be conducted via mail-in ballots, Riverside voters should have received their ballots in mid-May. Vote-by-mail ballots must be received by county elections offices no later than 8 PM on Election Day. The GRCCPAC has endorsed Councilmembers Andy Melendrez, Paul Davis, and Jim Perry to represent Riverside City Council Wards 2, 4, and 6, respectively. These candidates have your business in mind and will continue to advocate for business-friendly policies. Thanks to advocacy from our members and business leaders, City Council recently approved the second phase of Streamline Riverside, a continual effort from City departments to streamline the development process and create a more business-friendly and customer-focused atmosphere. The

grand opening of the One Stop Shop last month is just the beginning of some of the development and building the City of Riverside will see in the future. Between

“You are a vital part of this community and the Chamber will continue to keep you informed of any legislation that could impact your business” In-N-Out, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, and other projects in the city, Riverside will be booming with new projects happening quickly. All thanks to the City of Riverside, the Chamber, and business advocacy and transparency. The Chamber and local business leaders recently headed to Sacramento for the Chamber’s Capitol Connection, an annual

advocacy trip engaging state policy leaders on the critical business issues for Inland Southern California. In a day full of meetings with state legislators, members had the opportunity to engage Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, California Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly, Riverside’s local delegation, and more, to discuss key legislative priorities that support efforts in building a stronger local economy. Judgeships, healthcare, and affordable housing were key topics discussed with these state leaders in order to sustain the economic increase in the area and address any challenges. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without our members. You are all a vital part of this community and the Chamber will continue to keep you informed of any legislation that could impact your business. We look forward to working together in creating a stronger local economy.

Andrew Walcker Chair of the Board

Governor Brown’s 2017-2018 Budget Revision Includes Increase in Revenue Governor Brown recently released his May revision for the proposed 2017-2018 state budget. The funding package provides funding for the Chamber-advocated California Air Resources Board emissions testing facility in Riverside, increases funds for K-12 education, and highlights the specific expenditure plans for the recently-signed transportation package. The May Revision includes an $18 million increase for the Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District, thus aiming to improve the quality of life for citizens across Riverside County. Moreover, the bill contains $2.8 billion in new appropriations to be used on infrastructure and road repair, as a result of the Legislature’s passage and Governor’s signing of the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1). Overall, these funds will help fix, preserve, and maintain Riverside’s roads, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure. In a sign of positive economic news, California has experienced solid economic growth in 2017, thus leading to a $2.5 billion projected revenue increase over what was estimated in January. This added revenue will significantly lower the state’s budget shortfall from $5.8 billion to $3.3 billion. In efforts to support the future generations of business, science, and community leaders, the May Revision calls for increased funding for the Local Control Funding Formula for K-12 schools, thus providing a total increase of $1.4 billion in 2017-2018. Governor Brown’s May Revision proposes a $6 billion supplemental payment to CalPERS, one of the largest long-term costs and liabilities to the state, via a loan from the Surplus Money Investment Fund. It is estimated that this plan will save the state $11 billion dollars after paying back the

Governor Brown’s May Revision highlights transportation expenditure plans, reducing the budget shortfall, paying down debt, and boosting state reserves.

costs of the loan, thus reducing California’s long-term debt burden. With a goal of growing the state’s Rainy Day Fund to combat any future economic

hardships, the May Revision will increase the fund’s balance to $8.5 billion by the end of 2017-2018. To view the entire 2017-2018 May Revision of the Governor’s budget proposal, visit

Capitol… Continued from page 1

The Chamber also met with Senator Ed Hernandez, Chair of the Senate Health Committee, and requested his support in pursuing opportunities to capture reimbursements for health care and emergency room services. Currently, Riverside ranks 57th out of California’s 58 counties in health care reimbursements, shortchanging local hospitals and physicians millions of dollars, therefore decreasing the quality of service patients receive.

Reallocation of Judgeships The Chamber met with Senator Richard Roth, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, Judicial Council Administrative Director Martin Hoshino, and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and requested their support for

reallocating vacant judgeship positions to the region. Increasing the number of judges in Riverside County would result in reducing filing backlogs and hearing delays. Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly met with the Chamber to highlight the potential allocation of transportation dollars, specifically mentioning the I-15 corridor as a key priority. Furthermore, the Chamber commended Assemblymember Medina for his continued efforts to increase funding for higher education in order to better prepare Riverside’s future leaders in business, science, and technology. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at 951-683-7100 Ext. 220 or


G O V E R N M E N T A F F A I R S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2017

Business Leaders Oppose Bills that Raise Costs and Penalize Employers

Riverside’s Assemblymembers recently brought forth legislation that promotes and advances cybersecurity education and provides tax breaks to local businesses.

Local Legislators Author Bills to Support Businesses and Higher Education Assemblymembers Sabrina Cervantes and Jose Medina have recently worked to push through legislation that will reduce tax burdens for local businesses as well as report on the best practices of cybersecurity education, so as to better prepare Riverside’s future cybersecurity professionals.

a report on the effectiveness of cybersecurity education and training programs at these institutions. As a result, cybersecurity education programs will be enhanced, thus providing these students with the resources and technical skills necessary for successful careers in the cybersecurity industry.

AB 276 (Medina): Improves Cybersecurity Education and Training Programs

AB 361 (Cervantes) Tax Credit for Businesses

In efforts to ensure Riverside’s students in the cybersecurity field are receiving the level of education that meets the workforce need of the industry, Assemblymember Medina introduced AB 276, which requests the Regents of the University of California, the Chancellor’s Office of the California State University, and the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges to complete

This bill, aims to support local business owners by providing them the opportunity to apply for a $1,000 tax credit for each registered apprentice trained by the employer. Each taxable year, employers can capture up to $10,000 in credits. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at or 951683-7100 Ext. 220.

With the California Legislative cycle in full-swing, the Chamber has identified two pieces of legislation that are detrimental to the growth and sustainability of the local business environment. Specifically, these bills reduce an employer’s ability to establish new jobs and jeopardize workplace management by significantly increasing the costs of health care and imposing controls on business’ pricing models.

SB 562 (Lara): The Healthy California Act SB 562 would implement a government-run single payer health care system costing an estimated $250 billion annually. In order for this system to be implemented, it is likely that a new payroll tax would need to be enacted to cover the cost. However, the bill neglects to include a funding mechanism for the program, creating uncertainty as to how the funds would be generated and who would be required to bear the costs. The increased costs would also negatively affect the business climate in California by deterring companies from taking up shop in California, and may also require responsible businesses to lay off employees in order to cope with the added costs.

Keep Up on Governmental Affairs  Visit the Chamber at

Chamber-opposed bills would expose business owners to costly fines and expand the costs of health care.

AB 1576 (Levine): Gender Discrimination in Pricing of Goods AB 1576 increases the chance of frivolous litigation on the basis of charging different prices for two items believed to be somewhat similar in nature. Under this bill, if two similar items marketed for different genders are priced differently for whatever reason, business owners would be subject to settle for no less than $4,000 or face costly litigation. Furthermore, it remains unclear which products are covered under this bill, thus requiring businesses to expend time and resources to scrutinize their products to determine whether gender-neutral factors affected the pricing. The Chamber will continue to work towards building a robust and friendly business environment by opposing health care and regulatory measures that would add unduly and punitive costs as well as potential litigation against local businesses. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at 951-683-7100 Ext. 220 or

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J U N E 2017

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Riverside Announces Rose Parade Float to Celebrate Festival of Lights 25th Anniversary For the first time in more than 50 years, Riverside has been selected to have a float in the Rose Parade to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa’s Festival of Lights. The potential exposure for The Festival of Lights and the City of Riverside by participating in the Rose Parade totals 79.4 million. This number combines all viewers on all television networks, Rose Parade website page views, attendance, and social media followers.

A group of community leaders will raise the estimated $275,000 in private donations that will be needed to build the float and pay for other costs. The float was announced at the Chamber’s signature Good Morning Riverside event where Mayor Rusty Bailey surprised business and community leaders. The purpose of the float is to thank the creators of the Festival of Lights, Mission Inn Hotel & Spa owners Duane and Kelly Roberts, for making a difference in the community of Riverside. The Festival of Lights draws an estimated 500,000 people to Downtown Riverside every holiday season, and generates approximately $49 million into the local economy. The $49 million is generated through lodging and accommodations, local shopping, and restaurants from visitors to the Festival of Lights. About 75,000 people each year attend the ceremony to switch on the 4.5 million lights, animatronic figures, and other attractions. USA Today readers named the Festival of Lights the Best Public Lights Display in 2014 and the Best Holiday Festival in 2015. The switch-on ceremony is covered by all the major television networks in Southern


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Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship Business community and leaders at Good Morning Riverside were excited to hear of the news that Riverside has been selected to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

California, and the roughly six-week event generates an estimated 255 million favorable impressions across all media. More than 700,000 people attend the Rose Parade each year, and an estimated 73 million people worldwide watch the parade on television. The website, www.Tournament, received more than 32 million page views last year. Checks can be made payable to the Greater Riverside Chamber Foundation and sent to the Greater Riverside Chamber Foundation, 3985 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501. Donations are tax deductible. For more donation information, contact LaWanda Roy at 951-683-7100 Ext. 230 or lroy@

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N E W S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2017

Riverside Business Week Provides Resources and Tips to Helping Businesses Grow and Expand Riverside Business Week kicks off this month and the business community and general public is invited to attend the week of events to learn more about optimizing business practices and learning more about relevant topics.

S. Sue Johnson (left) of Johnson Machinery accepts the 2017 ATHENA of Riverside Award for her accomplishments and deep involvement in the community and local schools.

Chamber Honors Riverside’s Women of Leadership at ATHENA Luncheon Sue Johnson was honored as the recipient of the 2017 ATHENA Award for her many accomplishments in community service, professional excellence, and as a mentor to women. The Chamber applauds the selection of Johnson as she has been a humble contributor to the betterment of the Riverside community. One of the purposes of the ATHENA Award Luncheon is to honor women in Riverside and award scholarships each year as a way to continue its mission to open doors of leadership opportunities for women through inspiration, education, cultivation, and mentoring.

The Inspire Her Mind award of $1,000 was accepted by Patricia Lock-Dawson, Board Member with Riverside Unified School District. The Inspire Her Mind program was founded with a mission to support local high school girls to become creative, self-directed lifelong learners capable of creating and implementing fresh, innovative ideas.

ATHENA of Riverside Chair and Past Recipient Debbi Huffman Guthrie presented $6,000 to six young women attending local schools. Each year the program raises funds for scholarships given to college-level women from the greater Riverside region.

As part of ATHENA of Riverside, the Chamber is proud to participate in an inspiring organization to honor women in Riverside, in addition to paving the way for young women to have opportunities to succeed professionally in Riverside.

The Chamber raised an additional $3,500, matched by the generous contributions of Brian and Vickie Hawley, to create an endowed scholarship for the UCR Foundation in the name of Dr. Pamela Clute.

Where bodies and lifstyles transform


INSIDE Riverside, June 27 from 7:15 - 8:30 AM: The public will have the opportunity to hear about specific issues occurring Over 50 exhibitors will be available as resources for local in the work field at INSIDE business and the general public at the Riverside Business Riverside. The event will include Expo & Mixer being held at the Riverside Convention Center on June 29. speakers discussing membership discount benefits with Office Depot, homelessness and business safety, Business Seminar Series, learning ways to connect your businesses with June 30 from 7:30 - 9:00 AM: interns, and more. INSIDE Riverside will be To wrap up the week of events, the Chamber held at the Marriott Riverside at the Convenwill be holding its monthly Business Seminar tion Center, located at 3400 Market Street. Series to allow the public to learn more about social media marketing from experts in the Business In Action, June 28 from 7:15 industry. RSVP on the Chamber’s website 8:30 AM: Make connections and grow your to attend this event. business at Business in Action (BIA) in the Chamber at 3985 University Ave. This year, Special thanks to our we will have a panel of speakers ready to Riverside Business Expo sponsors, answer your questions about business partners, and executive exhibitors: licenses, permits, and more! A-Check Global, Bank of America, City of Riverside, County of Riverside Economic Riverside Business Expo & Mixer, June 29 Development Agency, Greater Riverside from 4:30 - 7:30 PM: Take advantage of over Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Home 50 exhibitors offering resources and making Street Bank, IE Commuter, Inland Empire hundreds of new connections at the Riverside Small Business Development Center, Lift Business Expo & Mixer hosted by the Riverside Coffee Roasters, The Mission Inn Hotel Convention Center at 3637 Fifth Street. The & Spa, The Press-Enterprise, River Springs Charter School, Riverside Convention Chamber will be holding workshops discussing Center, Riverside County Black Chamber various topics including online marketing, of Commerce, Riverside Public Utilities, the impact of the legalization of marijuana and SCORE. in the workplace, and cyber security.

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J U N E 2017


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s



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N E W S Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2017

Chamber Business Briefs Stalder Plaza Construction Begins The Chambersupported development of a high quality mixeduse project in Downtown Riverside, Stalder Plaza, is beginning construction. The project site, situated between Mission Inn Ave., Sixth St., Market St. and a public alley to the east currently includes the vacant Stalder Building and parking Lot 42. Development of the Stalder Plaza mixeduse project includes 165 residential units, 22,000 square feet of multi-tenant ground floor commercial space, a 339 stall parking garage, and the preservation of the Stalder Building façade. Construction, which is anticipated to last up to 24 months, will include closure and fencing of Lot 42; preservation of the Stalder Building façade; demolition of the remainder of the Stalder Building; trash enclosures and related site improvements; excavation of the site for the underground parking garage; and construction of the Stalder Plaza mixed-use building. The Chamber applauds the Stalder Plaza development as it will be a welcome addition to a renowned downtown recognized for the quality of its cultural life, concentration of arts and its vibrant mix of retail, residential, and entertainment activities.

Local Business Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary Since opening their doors in 1967, Backstreet Restaurant has been known for their delicious sandwiches and, of course, their world famous banana cream pie. Celebrations across Riverside will commence on July 13 as they celebrate their 50th anniversary of being in business and serving the local community. Their high regards earned them accolades such as Best Lunch Place, Best Outdoor Dining, Best Kept Secret, Best Power Lunch and Best Garden Lunch Place. The Inland Empire Magazine has voted them the Best Sandwich and Best Outdoor Dining in Inland Southern California for the last two years. The Chamber also awarded them the Small Business of the Year Award. But it is not just their food that makes them stand out. After owners Mac and Barbara McCluskey retired in 2000, they sold the business to their daughter, who vowed to carry on the family legacy. The fact that they have been family-owned since the day they opened and have continued to provide a superior level of service over the past 50 years is what sets them apart. Something is to be said of owners Kitty and Keith Holloway, the team of staff, and the quality of the product in order to be considered such a successful small business for so many years.

The Chamber applauds and congratulates the Holloways and looks forward to celebrating their achievements on July 13 and in the future. Micah Tokuda Named Ambassador of the Month The Chamber is delighted to announce Micah Tokuda, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones, as Ambassador of the Month. Tokuda became an Ambassador to articulate to the community the benefits of being a Chamber member. Tokuda states, “Being an Ambassador gives me a chance to be part of a team full of enthusiastic and motivated community members who are making a difference.” Tokuda has seen businesses and friendships grow through his participation in events, grand openings, and ambassador meetings. He explains his favorite part of being an Ambassador is the ability to bring others into the inclusive and helpful culture of the Chamber. The Ambassador Committee is a vital group of dedicated volunteers with focused efforts on membership retention and put in countless hours to help make this Chamber successful. For more information on the Ambassador Committee, contact Serena Chapman at 951-683-7100 Ext. 211 or schapman

Streamline… Continued from page 1

inspections applications and expanded e-permits in the following phases. Streamline Riverside has been acknowledged across the nation and now serves as a regional model for streamlining the development process. The initiative was also recognized with accolades by other organizations such as the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, the Chamber, and the Inland Empire American Planning Association. With the goals and objectives of facilitating investment, enhancing customer service, and serving as a model for the region, the Streamline Riverside initiative is mastering these goals through its simplicity, transparency, collaboration, and certainty. The Chamber will remain active throughout the process as the initiative enriches our community, while building a stronger local economy. For more information, contact Kara Coronado at 951-683-7100 Ext. 210 or

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J U N E 2017


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Chamber to Honor Hawley at Leadership Riverside Graduation

In recognition of his contributions to the (CBU) College of Engineering Advisory Board, region, Brian Hawley was named the 2017 Fox Theater Foundation Board of Directors, Art Pick Distinguished and Vice President for the Alumnus of the Year by Monday Morning Group. Leadership Riverside, a development program Hawley has served on the for seasoned business leaders Riverside’s High Tech Task conducted by the Chamber. Force, Past Chairman and a Hawley will deliver the founding member of the commencement address Technology CEO Forum, a to the graduating Leadership recipient of the UCR Bourns Riverside Class of 2017 College of Engineering Honon June 16 at the Riverside ored Alumni Award. He also Convention Center. The served on the CBU Board of Chamber is pleased to honor Visitors, received the CaliforBrian Hawley of Luminex Hawley for his tremendous nia Chamber of Commerce Software, Inc., the 2017 Art contributions to the Small Business Advocate of Pick Distinguished Alumnus community. the Year Award, is Past Chair of the Year, will deliver the of the Board for the Chamcommencement address to Hawley graduated from ber, and is a UCR Foundathe graduating Leadership Leadership Riverside in 2007. Riverside Class of 2017. tion Trustee Recipient. Hawley is the Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Luminex Software, Leadership Riverside is looking for leaders Inc. Hawley has championed a number of and decision-makers in business, service, govinitiatives and served on multiple boards and ernment, and education to apply for the advisory councils to advocate for small local incoming Class of 2018. Leadership Riverbusinesses, workforce development, and side looks for individuals who have attained education in Riverside. skills and positions of leadership and equips them with the knowledge and awareness of a Hawley currently serves on the Executive variety of industries and top issues that shape Committee for the Science Technology the community’s future. Applications for the Education Partnership, Governmental Affairs incoming class must be received by Monday, Chair for the University of California, Riverside June 26 by 5:00 PM. For an application or (UCR) Foundation Board of Trustees, UCR information about the program, contact School of Business Administration Deans Richard Prince at 951-683-7100 Ext. 218 or Advisory Council, California Baptist University

Reserve the Chamber Boardroom for Your Next Meeting or Event: 951-683-7100

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Online Information Session Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

REGISTER AT: • 951-827-6200 • 900 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92521

K&G Collision Center 12697 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92503 951.893.1232  Lifetime Warranty  Repair ALL Makes & Models  We work with all insurance companies as well as Out-ofPocket Repairs



New Location!

(951) 371-2020

1691 N. Delilah St.  Corona, CA 92881 *SPECIALIZING IN FREE E-WASTE RECYCLING (C.I.W.M.B. CEW ID#112336)

TVs, monitors, computers, DVD players, VCRs, stereo equipment, cell phones, test equip., mainframe equip., typewriters, scanners, copiers, keyboards, mice, speakers & misc. computer parts Receiving hours Mon. thru Fri. from 8am - 11am or 1pm - 2pm.


M E M B E R S H I P Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2017

Member Anniversaries

Naval Surface Warfare Center   Corona Division Neighborhood Housing   of the Inland Empire, Inc. Pacific Premier Bank ProCompNet

“Path of Life deeply values and appreciates the connection, collaboration, and advocacy that the Chamber provides for us and fellow local businesses toward enhancing the vitality of our local economy, quality of life, and opportunity for us all. We are proud to be members of a Chamber that is a force for good in our community!”

6 to 10 Years

Damien O’Farrell CEO Path of Life Ministries

94 Years

Acheson & Graham   Garden of Prayer Mortuary

77 to 79 Years

Babcock Laboratories, Inc. Moss Bros CJD - Riverside

Riverside Community   Health Foundation Riverside County Treasurer/   Tax Collector Don Kent Sands Motel Soroptimist International   of Riverside Sheryl Washington

Spectrum Business State Farm Insurance –   11731 Sterling Ave. #D WKM Realty

21 to 25 Years The Community Foundation Porter’s Garage, Inc. Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center Riverside Dickens Festival Senator Richard D. Roth Teaman Ramirez & Smith, Inc. Windermere Tower Properties   7197 Brockton Ave. #6

52 to 59 Years

Best Best & Krieger JJ Roofing

44 Years

Consolidated Electrical   Distributors, Inc.

34 to 39 Years

Fair Price Carpets Macher & Clark RMSA Retail Solutions, LLC

11 to 15 Years

Auto Club Speedway BNSF Railway Co. Central Communications Riverside Councilmember   Paul Davis - Ward 4 Geoffrey H. Hopper & Associates, Inc. La Bodega Wine & Spirits Riverside Councilmember   Andy Melendrez - Ward 2

16 to 20 Years Home Instead Senior Care Pyro Spectaculars, Inc.

AM590 KTIE Appian Escrow Back Street Restaurant California Family Life Center Certified Management Accounting Compass Pest Management Loma Linda University Healthcare  Ophthalmology Mission Property Advisors, Inc. National Cremation Service The Part-Time CFO, Inc. Path of Life Ministries Plastic Surgery Of Riverside-LLUH Salute to Veterans Parade Committee Scott Fowler - State Farm Agency University of California, Riverside   AGSM WestPointe Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc.

1 to 5 Years

Amazon Paint - An Envirosystems Co. American Heart Association Arkside Marketing

The Bail Depot Bail Bonds Big Brothers Big Sisters   of the Inland Empire Michael Blakely Galaxy Theater Mission Grove Hammons Strategies Nancy Hart Health to Hope Clinics Indira Media Group Inland Empire Waterkeeper Kinetic Personnel Group, Inc. General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay  Foundation Roger Luebs McKinley Children’s Center Printing Industries Credit Union Pro Business Valuations Red Lobster Steven Walker Communities Susan G. Komen Inland Empire Talking Threads Custom Embroidery Taste of the Town Truly Nolen Pest Control Van Buren Land And Investments Veteran Housing Center   Shepherd Realty Group Victoria Springs Senior Apartments Wells Fargo Bank Windermere Tower Properties   3521 Main St.

Member Highlights

Les Schwab celebrated their Grand Opening with the Chamber by inviting local businesses, city officials, and Chamber members.

At many events and meetings throughout the month, members are able to interact with businesses from different industries to increase clientele.

Welcome to the Chamber “As a fresh entrepreneur and resident of Riverside, I believe my chances of success in life and in business will be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, credibility, increased community visibility, timely advice, together with the spiritual and moral guidance the Chamber can provide, will help me succeed. I am energized to introduce Riverside to Freshii.” Darrin Little, Owner Freshii

5 Star Pho

Environmental Diversion Solutions

Khoa Le 4950 La Sierra Ave. #2 Riverside, CA 92505 (951) 772-0700 Restaurants

Anna Haller Lake Matthews, CA 92570 (951) 264-8692 Waste & Recycle Services

Americas Penny Saver Magazine


Debra Vanderzell Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 399-0695 Publishers/Directories & Guides

Blue Line Breakroom Chris Murphy 7900 Limonite Ave. #G255 Riverside, CA 92509 (949) 295-3974 Beverages/Coffee & Tea

Cruise Planners - Tom Chitwood Tom Chitwood Riverside, CA 92504 (951) 347-2466 Travel Agencies

Darrin Little 3434 Arlington Ave. #20 Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 233-9709 Restaurants

Gibbs Bros Electric Company, Inc. Albert Romo 1703 N. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 (951) 743-3857 Contractors/Electricians

Heartland Payment Systems Eric Oliver Eastvale, CA 92880 (909) 240-1871 Credit/Debit Card Processing

Business leaders gathered in Sacramento for the Chamber’s Capitol Connection to engage state leaders and advocate for the region’s priorities.

Karla Adams Foundation

SoCal Conveyance

Karla Adams 7000 Indiana Ave. #101 Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 683-4844 • Community Organizations

Liz Tovlian 1660 Chicago Ave. #M2 Riverside, CA 92507 (800) 951-2411 • Energy Management

Metro Gateway by MBK Homes, LLC

South Bay Health & Insurance Services

Noah Vanaman Riverside, CA 92503 (949) 789-8335 • Apartments

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Larissa Silvas San Bernardino, CA 92407 (714) 838-6199 • Community Organizations

NPC West Coast Classic Chris Minnes 501 Via de la Paz Palm Desert, CA 92211 (775) 267-7564 • Weddings/Special Events

Parkfront Properties Joe Guzzetta Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 660-4655 Real Estate/Investments

Peggy Perkins 5509 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 688-8801 • Insurance/Health

TLC Staffing Sharon Russell 7177 Brockton Ave. #338 Riverside, CA 92506 (909) 481-4443 • Employment Agencies

Team AMVETS Thrift Store Kevin Cormier 10187 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 343-1800 • Community Organizations

Toni & Guy Hairdressing Salon

Riverside, CA 92513 (951) 335-1336 Individual Member

William Musgrow 3560 Riverside Plaza Dr. #408 Riverside, CA 92506 (909) 888-2340 • Hair Salon/Men & Women

Savvy Sustainability Experts

Victor Concrete, Inc.

Sonia Rosales

James Bass II Moreno Valley, CA 92555 (951) 378-9621 Energy Management

Kathleen Granillo 6135 Barcelona Ave. Riverside, CA 92509 (951) 686-42155 • Concrete/Ready Mix


J U N E 2017


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

High-Quality Directory to Reach Visitors, Residents, and New Clients for Business The Chamber’s new This is Riverside: Annual Magazine and Business Directory and Riverside Visitor Guide are currently in production and will serve as a valuable resource to members looking to promote, grow, and gain exposure for their business. Members are encouraged to join advertising members Riverside Physician Network, the City of Riverside, Riverside Unified School District, Altura Credit Union, HUB International Insurance Services, and more in this magazine-like publication to reach thousands of potential customers through distribution in high-traffic locations throughout the City of Riverside. Ad sales are currently underway and space is limited. For information regarding advertising opportunities, visit riverside.html. Choose from a traditional display ad, or tell a story with an advertorial. The advertorial format will help Chamber businesses tell their story by engaging readers with a featurestyle article. A calendar of events will also be included by indicating community events happening in Riverside throughout the year. In the business directory portion, viewers will find local member businesses conveniently

listed alphabetically and by category for residents and tourists alike.

Another added bonus is the expanded distribution and ultra-targeted content design, making these publications the “go-to” guide to Riverside. 10,000 copies will be available to local businesses, area residents, and people interested in relocating to the area. 15,000 copies will be distributed throughout Riverside to hotel guests, convention center attendees, and visitors. The directory serves in the community as a useful tool to residents, visitors, local businesses, and university students. With a print run of over 25,000 copies, the directory is poised to cast a large net to Chamber members, hotel guests, convention center attendees, and visitors. There is a wide array of advertising possibilities available exclusively to members. Additionally, online versions will be available for increased visibility 24/7 through the Chamber and The Riverside Convention & Visitors Bureau websites. For information or to feature your business, contact Bethany Wiekamp at 951-683-7100 Ext. 227 or

Chamber Offers Free Business Counseling Through SCORE: 951-683-7100

A train of 86 volunteers from UECC Americorps collected over 182 used tires at one of the 36 cleanup sites at this year’s Great American Cleanup.

Country’s Largest Community Improvement Program Launches in Riverside Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) launched the 19th Annual Great American Cleanup (GAC) in Riverside with over 700 community volunteers. Participants spanned over 36 cleanup sites around the city for litter, weed, and graffiti removal, along with waterway cleanups. 18 trees were planted along Railroad Avenue and Villegas Park. Crews from Athens Services, Burrtec Waste Industries, and CR&R Environmental Services collected 19,000 pounds of litter, debris, weeds, and bulky items. KRCB thanks all the community partners, local business sponsors, photographers, and volunteers for making the GAC a success. The KRCB Advisory Board is proud to announce Monroe Elementary School as this year’s Clean Campus Competition Champion. The first place winners from all categories are Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Matthew

Gage Middle School, Alvord High School, and Sherman Indian High School. This year’s Most Outstanding Clean Team is Ramona High School, Outstanding Green Team is McAuliffe Elementary, Outstanding Water Conservation Team is Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Special Recognition for Beautification is Mark Twain Elementary, Most Inspirational Teacher is Paula Upper from Jackson Elementary, Most Inspirational Students is Arizona Middle, and the Judges Award went to Jackson Elementary. KRCB received its own award recently by the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources. The 2017 Sustainability Award at the Board of Supervisors meeting was awarded to KRCB for their outstanding leadership, commitment, and achievement in sustainable practices throughout the City of Riverside.


5x7.5 4c

Helping build businesses across Riverside No matter what stage your business is in, Wells Fargo may be able to help you with the financing you need. We have lending options, including: • Commercial real estate loans • Construction loans • Equipment financing

• Vehicle financing • Lines of credit • And more

Plus you’ll also have a dedicated business banker to help you along the way. By getting to know you and your business, our experienced business bankers can tailor options to help meet your specific financial needs. Come see a Wells Fargo business banker about financing the growth of your business today.

All credit decisions subject to credit approval. © 2017 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. (3740901_19788)


C A L E N D A R Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

J U N E 2017


Stay connected with the Chamber and create your next business opportunity at one of our signature events. Visit or call 951-683-7100 for more information on any of the Chamber’s events. EVERY WED


Business In Action

Economic Development Council (EDC)

7:15 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM BIA is a great place to network with local businesses. Here are some of the great topics coming up: June 7 – The Spirit of Volunteerism, Alex Rendon; June 21 – UC Riverside Athletics Update, Tamica Smith-Jones; June 28 – Special Info Panel as part of Riverside Business Week.

11:30 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM EDC provides a basis for the Chamber to act on local, state and federal economic development issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate for the region. Catch up on what is developing in Riverside!

THU | JUNE 8 Good Morning Riverside 7:00 AM • THE MISSION INN HOTEL & SPA 3649 MISSION INN AVE Sponsored by California Baptist University in June, the Chamber will host business and community leaders at this signature event as they update members on the latest news, projects, and events that impact the region.

TUE | JUNE 13 Business Education Partnership Council 7:30 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM Riverside County Office of Education Deputy Superintendent Paul Jessup, UC Riverside Director of Local Government & Community Relations Jeff Kraus, and CSU San Bernardino Director of Executive Affairs Pamela Langford will share insight on how the Governor’s 2017-2018 Budget Revision will impact local education.

TUE | JUNE 27 INSIDE Riverside 7:15 AM • MARRIOTT RIVERSIDE AT THE CONVENTION CENTER • 3400 MARKET ST As part of Riverside Business Week, INSIDE will discuss membership discounts with Office Depot, homelessness and business safety, learning ways to connect your businesses with interns, and more.

THU | JUNE 29 Riverside Business Expo & Mixer 4:30 PM • THE RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER 3637 5TH ST The local business community is invited to Riverside’s largest resource and networking expo, Riverside Business Week. The expo and mixer will be the cornerstone of a week focused on connecting local businesses with resources, education, and connections. Do not miss out on the complimentary workshops.



Leadership Riverside Commencement Ceremony & Luncheon

Business Seminar Series

7:30 AM • RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER 3637 5TH ST Help the Chamber celebrate the graduation of the Leadership Riverside Class of 2017 and honor this year’s Art Pick Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, Brian Hawley.

Certified Public Accountants

7:30 AM • CHAMBER’S BOURNS BOARDROOM Discover the latest trends in digital marketing strategy and advertisement as part of Riverside Business Week. Learn how businesses can secure more conversions through social media marketing. The Southern California News Group will share best practices and tips to boost sales in the ever-changing digital world.

Our state-of-the-art Magnolia Student Center opens in Fall 2017.

Featured Services:

• • • • • •

Tax Preparation Tax Planning Bookkeeping Consulting Payroll Political Campaign Reporting • Audits • Fraud Detection • Fraud Prevention We provide expert solutions in a professional and cost effective manner for:

Businesses • Individuals • Non-Profit Organizations Corporations • Governments • Partnerships Political Candidates Teaman, Ramirez & Smith, Inc. 4201 Brockton Avenue Riverside, CA 92501 (corner of Brockton Ave. & 12th St.)

(951) 274-9500

! t u o s is m ’t n o D ! y a d o T Apply K-12 Personalized Learning Program One-to-one Technology Small School Environment Collaborative Learning Groups CTE Courses & Internship Parent Involvement Activities including Spelling Bee, History Day, Science Fair, Prom and Grad Night


High School CIF Sports Program: Cross Country, Water Polo, Basketball and Swimming • 951-252-8888


J U N E 2017

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s


DO YOU KNOW? It takes heavy-duty equipment, lots of it, to make sure Riverside has the energy it needs to meet demand. With nearly 70 transformers housed at 14 neighborhood substations throughout the city, Riverside Public Utilities is always ready and prepared to deliver power as the weather begins to heat up this summer. For more on how Riverside Public Utilities keeps the lights on, go to

Greater Riverside Business - June 2017  
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