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F E B RUA RY 2021

‘The Chamber…building a stronger local economy’

Volume 40, Number 2

Mayor Lock Dawson Outlines Riverside’s Strength in Innovation, Partnerships

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Budget, homelessness, equity are focal points for Riverside’s success Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson gave her first State of the City Address recently, outlining a call to action for Riverside to work “Together Towards Tomorrow”. This vision for Riverside is based on several objectives including financial stability, robust social capital, enhanced quality of life, and shared prosperity.

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Each month, the Chamber helps build a stronger local economy through surveying its membership. GRB Inside Highlights Chair’s Column.......................... 2 Governmental Affairs............... 3 New Members............................ 9


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The financial strain of COVID-19 continues to be felt in local economies across the nation, including in Riverside. However, a new spending plan has collectively saved the City more than $21 million in 2020. To further position the City for financial success, Mayor Lock Dawson proposes refinancing existing debt, exploring a budget stabilization effort similar to what was successfully accomplished during her tenure on the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education, and generating new revenue through business attraction and growth. Mayor Lock Dawson also stressed the importance of building on our strength as a caring and diverse community to ensure equity for all, “Our shared identity as Riversiders has profound implications for our success as a city. When we unify and identify as Riversiders, we can work towards shared goals, trusting each other, supporting each other, and compelling us to press on with collective action. For we are incredibly powerful when we come together to address problems.”

Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson delivered her first State of the City Address, focusing on priorities such as budget stability, business growth, and quality of life.

The increase in the number of homeless individuals is a challenge not exclusive to Riverside, but to the state as a whole. Mayor Lock Dawson aims to expand mental health services, emergency shelter programs, and job training through a regional coalition that will be better equipped to address homelessness on a larger scale. As the largest city in the region, Riverside is the hub for innovation and has much to look forward to in the years ahead. The grand opening of the California Air Resources Board’s Southern California Headquarters in a few months will drive a new, high-quality job sector to Riverside and place the city on the global map for clean energy research.

Chamber Joins Coalition Advocating to Suspend Harmful Laws As part of a coalition with over 100 business organizations, the Chamber sent a letter urging state leaders to suspend specific burdensome new laws and regulations. While many businesses have already been devastated by mandatory closures and other factors relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding new laws and regulations increases the chances of litigation, tax threats, and permanent closure. Suspending these laws will help businesses shift their focus from compliance to applying for assistance or working in their businesses to provide for their families and employees. The coalition is urging Governor Gavin Newsom to suspend the expansive new employee paid leave. Most small businesses do not have the resources to administer a new and unfamiliar leave mandate while struggling to keep their businesses open. Employees of small businesses currently have protected, paid leave if they have been exposed to, have symptoms of, have been diagnosed with, or have tested positive for COVID-19 through California paid sick leave and the new (SB 1159-Hill) workers’ compensation presumption.

The Chamber joined a coalition to fight on behalf of businesses urging Governor Newsom to suspend the implementation of laws that are harmful to businesses.

In addition, the coalition is requesting Governor Newsom take executive action to suspend mandatory testing in the workplace. In November 2020, the California Occupational Health and Safety Board (CalOSHA) adopted regulations to address emergencies See Coalition on page 7

Mayor Lock Dawson identified several opportunities to further spur job creation, such as helping small businesses and start-ups access capital, showcasing Riverside as a unique and desirable city to do business, and See Mayor on page 7

Governor Newsom’s Budget Invests in COVID-19 Recovery

K-12 education, reserves, grants for key business priorities

Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled his proposed 2021-2022 State Budget, totaling $227 billion and making investments to help provide relief to California’s small businesses. The budget reflects a complete reversal from last year’s estimated $56 billion deficit and instead anticipates more than $34 billion in surplus and reserves. The budget calls for $4.5 billion in spending to support business’ recovery from COVID-19. Of this funding, $575 million in early action funding would be directed to expanding the existing small business grant program, which provides businesses with direct financial support up to $25,000. Additionally, the budget allocated $430 million to bolster the California Competes Tax Credit program, which is designed to encourage businesses to locate and grow in the state. $70 million will be set aside for fee waivers for businesses and another $353 billion will be directed to create and expand workforce development strategies. Outdated infrastructure and the lack of housing remain key concerns, particularly as the region’s population will continue to grow in the coming decades. To this effect, See Budget on page 2





We are committed to building a stronger local economy by actively promoting and supporting our community, by fostering the growth and strength of our member organizations, and by engaging federal, state and local officials on behalf of business interests.

Executive Committee for 2020–2021 Chair of the Board Gary Montgomery – Thompson & Colegate, LLP Vice Chair – Chair Elect Tom Nightingale – Fifth Third Bank Vice Chair – Governmental Affairs Julio Figueroa – AT&T Vice Chair – Economic Development Rich Erickson – Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Vice Chair – Membership/Marketing Kathy Michalak – Habitat for Humanity Riverside Vice Chair – Community Development Bob Mendez – RLM Wealth Group Vice Chair – Business Councils Michael Lewin – Mirau Edwards Cannon Lewin & Tooke Vice Chair – Business Councils Scott Ditfurth – Best Best & Krieger Vice Chair – Business Councils Ana Miramontes – Bank of America Vice Chair – Finance/Treasurer Jennifer Heiting – Altura Credit Union Legal Counsel/Past Chair of the Board/Chair–GRCCPAC Robert Hicks – Stream Kim Hicks Wrage & Alfaro

Board of Directors 2020–2021 Joseph Araiza – UCPATH Center David Austin – The Austin Realty Group David Batista – Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center – AHMC Healthcare David Bristow – The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Judy Carpenter – Riverside Medical Clinic Brigadier General Melissa Coburn – 452nd Air Mobility Wing David Crain – Dutton Cadillac–GMC/Buick

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Chamber is Setting Goals to Continue Riverside’s Job Growth The year is off to a strong start and the business community is very optimistic about the future in Riverside. With growth throughout the city and increased jobs anticipated for the region this year, the Chamber is committed to strengthening and growing our local economy. During our Annual Board Conference recently, the Chamber virtually convened over 100 board and policy members to prioritize the goals for the coming year. The program resulted in discussions and group breakouts which provided a clear direction for the Chamber to enhance its impact and continued value to Riverside. Through the Board Conference, board members collectively strategized and set objectives for focusing on small businesses, job creation, community development, quality of life for residents, and strong advocacy at local, state, and federal levels. Another top priority for the Chamber this year is to work with business leaders to get

through the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still work to be done and the Chamber will continue the momentum to help local businesses this year and in the years to come.

“We have the opportunity to collectively strategize and set objectives for job creation, community development, quality of life for residents, and strong advocacy at local, state, and federal levels.” These goals were set with the mindset of how to take action for member businesses and the community at large.

Strong leadership is key to a thriving community. Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson reminded us of why Riverside continues to be a great place to live, study, work, and play at her first Mayor’s State of the City Address. It was exciting and inspiring to hear how collaboration and tenacity with local partners truly move the City of Riverside forward to work “Together Towards Tomorrow”. The best is yet to come and despite the pandemic, Riverside’s future is very bright. The Chamber looks forward to highlighting the community, improving the quality of life, and strengthening our local economy in the year ahead.

Gary Montgomery Chair of the Board

Jamil Dada – Provident Bank Carl Dameron – Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce Prabha Dhalla – Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce Ronald Ellis – California Baptist University Rakel Engles – La Sierra University Joy Fehr – La Sierra University Jim Fuson – Galleria at Tyler David Hansen – Riverside Unified School District Ron Hasse - The Press-Enterprise Co. Brian Hawley – Luminex Software, Inc. George Hoanzl – Jaguar Computer Systems Peter Hubbard – American Medical Response Wolde-Ab Isaac – Riverside Community College District Derek Itzen – Itzen Wealth Management Pepi Jackson – Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce Jeff Kraus – University of California, Riverside Carmen Lainez – Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Rose Mayes – Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. Scott Megna – Riverside Convention Center Patty Moorman – Bourns, Inc. Cathy Paredes – Bank of America Norm Pelzer – Riverside Living Magazine Lea Petersen – Southern California Gas Company Howard Saner – Riverside Physician Network Zareh Sarrafian – Riverside University Health System Tom Smith – University of California, Riverside Rob Starr – The Toro Company Mike Stong – Commercial Surety Bond Agency Ron Thompson – Collins Aerospace Jackie Van Blaricum – Riverside Community Hospital Andrew Walcker – Overland Development Company Matt Webb – Albert A. Webb Associates Vita Willett – Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Riverside Andrew Woodard - Woodard Group Joseph Zichichi – Spectrum Business

Chamber Staff Cindy Roth, President/CEO Nicholas Adcock, Vice President Bethany Wiekamp, Communications Manager La Wanda Roy, Accounting/Human Resources Manager Patricia Fierro, Membership & Advertising Sales Christina McDonald, Special Events Coordinator Andrew Sall, Governmental Affairs Manager Janet Doan, Business Project Coordinator Jesse Jimenez, Community Development Coordinator

Chamber Convenes State Superintendent with School Leaders About Re-Opening California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond engaged attendees at a recent Good Morning Riverside about the department’s goals to help students safely return to in-person learning, amongst other priorities. As information constantly changes surrounding COVID-19 numbers, Superintendent Thurmond and Governor Gavin Newsom made a recent announcement about a drafted plan to safely return students to the classroom. Rollout and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, in addition to contact tracing, is critical to re-opening schools. Efficiently administering the vaccine is just as important as it ensures the safety of teachers, caregivers, students, parents, and more. With over 1,000 school districts in the state of California, each district has their own board of trustees and regulations within each county they reside. Superintendent Thurmond’s office collaboratively works with each district to ensure the differing regulations placed by each county are all consistent and work within the State’s guidelines. Superintendent Thurmond’s department has accomplished significant milestones to assist students learning from home. A new partnership with T-Mobile and Apple made it easier for school districts to acquire the necessary equipment and services for their students at an affordable cost.

Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful Connie Librenjak, Executive Director Alex Rendon, Senior Project Coordinator Stephanie Silva, Project Coordinator

Publisher. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greater Riverside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chambers of Commerce

Policy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cindy Roth Managing Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . Bethany Wiekamp Production. . . . . . . . . . . . Printing Connection, Inc. Printer. . . . . . . . . Southern California News Group Greater Riverside Business is the official monthly publication of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce. Circulation: 3,100. Distributed free to all Chamber members. Subscriptions for non-members available for $30 per year. To advertise, subscribe or submit articles, contact: Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 3985 University Avenue Riverside, California 92501 Phone (951) 683-7100 Fax (951) 683-2670 Website:www.riverside-chamber.com

Aside from the pandemic, public instruction is a top priority. Superintendent Thurmond committed to ending racism in schools with a program called Education to End Hate. Grants are awarded to districts to offer classes for students about the many ethnicities that make up the world’s culture. Superintendent Thurmond stated that Riverside has one of the greatest opportunities for growth in Inland Southern California with its widely-diverse ethnicities, businesses, higher-education learning, and geography. Local business and school districts have made commitments to work together to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and

Engaging with Tony Thurmond, the California Superintendent of Public Instruction, helps the Chamber and education leaders align their goals together to prioritize an enhanced learning experience for local students.

Math (STEAM) and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to efficiently educate students and prepare them for employment. This collaboration sets the region apart because it creates an ecosystem that secures a strong future workforce. The Chamber’s Business Education Partnership Council works to bring together education

and business leaders to work on these opportunities for students. Educating the region’s youth to build a strong economy is a top priority for the Chamber. Strong, collaborative leaders such as Superintendent Thurmond help districts commit to a learning experience that serves as the foundation for a student’s many years of schooling.

Budget… Continued from page 1

the budget proposes $300 million in onetime spending for deferred infrastructure maintenance and $500 million to build thousands of new housing units. Governor Newsom also proposed $2 billion in early action spending to assist the safe re-opening of elementary schools in the coming weeks and months. In total, the proposal allocates a record $85.8 billion towards K-14 education, which includes $4.6 billion for summer school and extra learning time, $700 million for student mental health services, and $500 million for teacher career development. Importantly,

the budget pays down two-thirds of deferrals from last year. At the higher education level, the California State University and University of California systems will receive a combined $786 million increase in funding with the anticipation that tuitions will not increase this year. Budget resiliency is a focal point of the budget, as a structural deficit of $7.6 billion is expected for 2022-2023 and will continue to grow in the following years. To prepare for this potential shortfall, the budget bolsters state reserves to a combined $22 billion. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at asall@riversidechamber.com or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.


G O V E R N M E N T A F F A I R S   www.riverside-chamber.com Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

F E B R UA RY 2021

Legislative Policy Platform Sets Business Advocacy in Motion

The Van Buren Sewer Project will play a critical role in creating a favorable business environment and serving as an infrastructure upgrade for surrounding homes and schools.

City Council Approves Sewer Upgrade in EastHills The Chamber applauds the Riverside City Council for unanimously approving the Van Buren Sewer Project at a recent City Council meeting. The Chamber’s EastHills Business Council and members were instrumental for over 10 years in showing support of Western Municipal Water District and the City of Riverside collaborating to install new sewer infrastructure along Van Buren Avenue from Wood Road to King Avenue. The new project will help create a favorable business environment and play a critical role in upgrading the infrastructure in the area to support schools, housing, and the potential for new amenities in the area. The project will ultimately reduce environmental impacts and sanitation concerns to better serve local residents within the community. Updated infrastructure is an important building block to offer the opportunity for growth and expansion such as additional shopping, dining, and services. The Chamber is committed to supporting growth and updated infrastructure which

will help bolster a healthier community while respecting the unique charm and character of the Woodcrest area. The project will involve the City of Riverside purchasing vacant property near Van Buren Avenue and Washington Street to construct the Krameria Sewer Pump Station. The new pump station will be a minimally intrusive facility that will ensure local residents and businesses receive reliable access to water and sewer service. The Chamber and the EastHills Business Council remain committed to attracting new businesses, increasing job opportunities, and improving quality of life in pursuit of building a stronger local economy. The Chamber will keep members informed about the project’s progress and how this will prove beneficial for the surrounding area. For more information, contact Janet Doan at jdoan@riverside-chamber.com or 951683-7100 Ext. 210.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors recently reviewed and adopted the 2021 Legislative Policy Platform identifying key issues and areas of focus for advocacy across City Hall, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C. Business regulations, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation are among core priorities the Chamber seeks to advance The Chamber’s approved its 2021 Legislative Policy Platform to in efforts to improve take action on legislation around COVID-19, education, healthcare, local quality of life. transportation, and business regulations, among others.

The Chamber develops its policies and practices based on the underlying principle that promoting a collaborative pro-business environment across all levels of government will directly enhance economic growth. Ultimately, the platform includes many policy principles which are purposefully broad in scope to help the Chamber take swift action on legislation and regulations. Likewise, many topics are not included within the platform, as they are either not a business-related issue or require further discussion and consideration by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. While a vast majority of the issues within the platform remain unchanged year-to-year, principles were added as it relates to business recovery, liability protections, and access to education and technology for students during COVID-19. Additionally, language was added to underscore support for expanding access to resources during

natural disasters as well as assisting local healthcare providers in expanding their capacity to provide care. The Chamber recognizes the region possesses many inherent strengths in technology, infrastructure, workforce, and environment that makes it attractive for investment and opportunity. Excessive regulation, taxes, and fees represent a considerable added cost for businesses of all sizes and may deter investments. In order to sustain a climate in which a successful enterprise may be run, the Chamber believes reform to the tax, regulatory, and tort system must be made to enable growth and remain competitive. Visit riverside-chamber.com/pdf/Platform. pdf to view the Chamber’s 2021 Legislative Policy Platform. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at asall@riversidechamber.com or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.

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F E B R UA RY 2021


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Adaptive Re-use of Farm House Motel to Bring Entertainment, Amenities The Chamber’s EastHills Business Council convened with Alyssa Digangi of Stronghold Engineering, Inc. and restated its support for the development and adaptive re-use of the former Farm House Motel Property at 1393 University Avenue.


Bailey California Properties, in conjunction with Stronghold Engineering, Inc., will be developing the The adaptive re-use of the Farm House Motel by Bailey California space into a unique Properties will rehabilitate the Farm House structure, while protecting indoor/outdoor mixed the historic integrity of the site. retail and cultural destiThe project has been approved by the nation. The entities will rehabilitate the Farm Planning Commission and the Cultural House structure, while protecting the historic Heritage Board. Due to a debris fire adjacent integrity of the site. The space will include to the property late last year, Bailey California retail shopping, eateries, a full-scale restauProperties is working on an insurance claim rant, bar, and a garden with outdoor games. for the five destroyed buildings. Once the claim is resolved, the project will be able This development will be a “must-see” space to continue with the creation and submission and act as a catalyst for new development in of building documents then construction. the future on University Avenue. From the proposed water features, art installations, The Chamber and board members event pavilion, live entertainment, shopping, of the EastHills Business Council will craft beer garden, and organic food selections, continue to advocate for projects and this will be an excellent addition to the development advancing the economic Riverside community. Additional amenities vitality of local businesses. close to the University of California, Riverside and the upcoming California Air Resources For more information, contact Janet Doan Board Southern California Headquarters at jdoan@riverside-chamber.com or 951will add much-needed options in the area 683-7100 Ext. 210. to serve a growing community. / lasierra.edu


lasierra.edu/graduate-programs Contact Sarah Spencer at 951-785-2335 or sspencer@lasierra.edu for information about the program of your choice, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and veteran education benefits.



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N E W S  www.riverside-chamber.com Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

F E B R UA RY 2021

Chamber to Honor Jamil Dada as Citizen of the Year On March 25, business and community leaders will convene virtually for the 121st Inaugural Celebration to honor Jamil Dada, Vice President of Provident Bank, as Citizen of the Year.

with Congressional and Senate leaders in Sacramento and Washington, DC.

Dada immigrated to the United States from Pakistan as a young adult. He studied Business at Hammersmith College in London and graduated from the University of Southern California in 1980. He later moved to Riverside and quickly developed a reputable presence within the region. He currently serves as the Vice President of Investment Services for Provident Bank, the largest community bank in Riverside County. Since 2004, Dada has been a member of the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and served as Chairman for two years. He also has served as a board member and previous Chairman of the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB). Dada is a member of the Riverside County Workforce Investment Board and has co-Chaired the City of Riverside’s Workforce Advisory Panel. His involvement in these boards frequently places him at the table

Dada also shares a passion for military advocacy, specifically regarding base joint use efforts and bringing jobs to former base surplus lands. He currently serves on the Air Mobility Command Advisory Board, is the President of March Field Air Museum Board, and Chairs the Chamber’s Military Affairs Council, the Honorary Commanders program, March Field Foundation, and the March Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Redevelopment Oversight Committee. With recognition from numerous legislators, businesses, and community organizations, Dada’s priorities in workforce development and the military have impacted the Riverside community and nation as a whole. The Chamber is honored to celebrate Jamil Dada and share his countless contributions and significant impact on March 25. For more information on the Chamber’s 121st Inaugural Celebration, contact Christina McDonald at cmcdonald@riversidechamber.com or 951-683-7100 Ext. 211.

Get the Chamber 24/7 on the Chamber Website www.riverside-chamber.com

The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art and Culture will open later this year boasting a new cultural amenity in Riverside that drives new visitors to hotels, restaurants, and shops.

The Cheech Steps Closer to Opening, Injecting Millions into Local Economy The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art and Culture (The Cheech) took a step closer to opening when the Riverside City Council recently approved a 25-year management agreement with the Riverside Art Museum (RAM). The Chamber has been a long-time supporter of this development as residents and business community members will benefit from the addition of a major cultural amenity that drives new visitors to hotels, restaurants, and shops. Due to the influx of new visitors, The Cheech is estimated to have a $23 million economic impact each year in Riverside.

donations and state funds while serving as an important tourism anchor next to The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

The Cheech is expected to open later this year featuring the 700-piece collection from Cheech Marin. It is designed as a center for Chicano art including paintings, sculpture, photography, and video arts. This unique asset will serve as the first major collection of Chicano art in the world, underscoring Riverside as a well-known destination for arts and culture. The museum will leverage private

The Chamber thanks City staff and the Riverside Art Museum for working together to address and incorporate feedback from the community, the Budget Engagement Commission, and the City’s Finance Committee to improve the viability, sustainability, and impact of this project for the future. For more information, contact Janet Doan at jdoan@riverside-chamber.com.

Among the other terms of the management agreement, the City and RAM agree to actively work towards making The Cheech financially independent and self-sustaining beyond the initial term of the agreement. The City and RAM will meet annually to discuss various obligations and responsibilities, including but not limited to admissions, revenues, expenditures, concessions and facility fees.



F E B R UA RY 2021


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s


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Albert A. Webb Associates Altura Credit Union Amazon Athens Services Best Best & Krieger Black Roses Bourns, Inc. Bud’s Tire & Wheel Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. California Baptist University Canyon Springs Fifth Third Bank Gresham Savage Nolan & Tilden The Grove Community Church Health Net Hillwood Investment PropertiesA Perot Company Inland Empire Health Plan Inland SoCal United Way International Relations Council of Riverside Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Riverside La Sierra University Lamar Advertising Majestic Realty

Manheim Riverside The Mark OPR Communications OSI Industries Pacific Premier Bank The Press-Enterprise Provident Bank Raincross Gazette Realm Group Riverside Community College District Riverside Community Hospital Riverside County Business & Community Services Riverside Medical Clinic Riverside Unified School District Southern California Edison Thompson & Colegate Tilden-Coil Constructors T-Mobile USA University of California, Riverside Verizon Wireless Western Municipal Water District Western Riverside Council of Governments


N E W S  www.riverside-chamber.com Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

F E B R UA RY 2021

Chamber Business Briefs

Music Director Celebrates 10 Years with Philharmonic Congratulations to Music Director Tomasz Golka for a decade of contributions to the Riverside Philharmonic. The Riverside Philharmonic is streaming a special virtual concert on YouTube as a tribute to Golka’s 10 years in the position. The streamed concert is a sterling example of the quality and variety of programming that Golka has brought to the Philharmonic since he accepted the role of music director in August 2010. “We are grateful Tomasz said yes to making Riverside his artistic home. Our talented musicians value his caliber of direction,” said Board President Virginia Blumenthal. The special concert will feature Bach and Stravinsky as well as two original pieces composed by Golka. His music includes “True Green,” originally commissioned by the Boulder International Chamber Music Competition in 2018 and “Wilbur, the Waltzing Pig” to end the concert in exuberant Romantic Era style. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_ c1E-5fXnE to view the concert recording on YouTube.

Brassard Named as Tilden-Coil’s Fifth President Tilden-Coil Constructors, Inc. announced that Dayne Brassard has been appointed as President and CEO of the 83-year-old company. The Chamber congratulates Brassard and looks forward to a continued partnership with Tilden-Coil in the years to come. Brassard follows in the footsteps of Brian Jaramillo, who held the position of President for 15 years and who will now take the title of Chief Operating Officer. “This transition has been underway for the last five years and I have the utmost confidence that Dayne will continue our company legacy of serving clients to the highest standards.” said Jaramillo. Brassard has played a key leadership role driving the organization’s success through his focus on strong client and subcontractor relationships; and developing its people. As President and CEO, Brassard will continue to play a key role in these areas and will be supported by a veteran team of builders with diverse construction backgrounds. “I am honored for the opportunity to lead this great organization as the President and CEO and to follow in the footsteps of such a great leader like Brian Jaramillo. We have a fantastic team of passionate employees who are committed to excellence and I look forward to serving them. I take this responsibility seriously, as my predecessors Brian Jaramillo,

Dean Irving, Henry Coil, and Marshal Tilden have built a generational legacy and we have grown to be a preferred contractor serving Southern California,” said Brassard. Carlos Huayanca Named Ambassador of the Month The Chamber is delighted to announce Carlos Huayanca as the Ambassador of the Month. Huayanca works as a Business Advisor for Thryv, a business management platform that creates marketing strategies and simple software to help business owners manage their time, communicate with clients, and get paid. Huayanca has been a Chamber Ambassador for over a year. He joined the Committee because he believes local businesses are the heartbeat of America’s economy, and that the most fulfilling aspect of being an Ambassador is connecting businesses to the Chamber. He enjoys attending Business In Action and other virtual meetings to build relationships and get to know other members. Building relationships and making connections has resulted in growing his business and network. To get involved in the Ambassador Committee, contact Christina McDonald at cmcdonald@riverside-chamber.com or 951-683-7100 Ext. 211.

Mayor… Continued from page 1

partnering with higher education institutions to bolster training programs to effectively recruit and retain the next generation of workers. Visit RiversideCA.gov/SOTC2021 to watch the 2021 State of the City Address online. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at asall@riverside-chamber.com or 951-683-7100 Ext. 220.

Coalition… Continued from page 1

related to COVID-19. This requires employers of all sizes to implement training, reporting, new processes and policies, protective barriers and equipment in the workplace, paid protected leave, and testing. Lastly, the coalition calls for delaying property tax collection, expediting financial resources for small businesses, paying down the state’s unemployment insurance fund, and rejecting new tax measures. Visit bit.ly/ CoalitionGRCC to view the letter and more details about new laws in its entirety. The Chamber is committed to being the voice for businesses during this challenging time. By working with other business organizations, the collective voice representing hundreds of thousands of jobs in California carries weight. The Chamber urges members to stay informed through the various communications from the Chamber about what is most important to the community. For more information, contact Andrew Sall at asall@riverside-chamber.com or 951-6837100 Ext. 220.



F E B R UA RY 2021


Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

Lorenzo Perez - Member Since 2000


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F E B R UA RY 2021

Welcome to the Chamber “We are excited to be a member of the Chamber. We believe the Chamber is a catalyst for economic development and community pride. We are excited to begin developing a collaborative relationship with business and elected leaders in our community. My team and I are committed to serving others and we hope that with this new partnership we can help this area remain a great place to live and conduct business.” Vincent Garrett Founder/CEO CHANT Enterprises, Inc.

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Justin Pardee 3870 Main St. #202 Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 961-0370 https://www.raincrossgazette.com Newspapers/Publishers & Periodicals

CHANT Enterprises, Inc.

Joel Chun 6682 Doolittle Ave. Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 376-1320 • www.cjoelenterprises.com Manufacturers

Vincent Garrett 9431 Haven Ave., #100 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (951) 616-0206 • chanttraining.com Consultants

Member Highlights

A virtual Leadership Riverside Arts & Culture Day gave the opportunity for the Class of 2021 to learn about the City of Arts and Innovation and get creative with painting their own masterpieces.

The Governmental Affairs Council engaged with Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes to review local priorities for advocacy and learn ways to work together to advance common goals.

The Annual Board Conference convened over 100 board members to identify the top priorities and objectives for the Chamber this coming year.

Member Anniversaries “Renewing our membership with the Chamber is a no-brainer as the relationships we have built within the Riverside business community are priceless. Even during these uncertain times, the Chamber continues to provide ways for us to connect with other leaders. I know we will stay stronger together and through our membership business will continue to grow!” Karen Dicey Owner Angelica’s Florist & Gifts

85 Years Preston & Simons Mortuary

78 Years SingerLewak, LLP

41 to 52 Years Stater Bros Market - 9225 Magnolia Ave. Stater Bros Market - 6160 Arlington Ave. Stater Bros Market - 4680 La Sierra Ave. Stater Bros Market - 2841 Mary St. Stater Bros Market - 10370 Arlington Ave. Stater Bros Market - 17050 Van Buren Blvd.

31 to 40 Years Burke Williams & Sorensen, LLP Gless Ranch Horn & Associates IPA Commercial Real Estate Riverside Public Utilities Stater Bros Market - 2995 Iowa Ave. Stater Bros Market - 3420 S. La Sierra Ave.

21 to 25 Years

Altura Credit Union   10725 Magnolia Ave. Athens Services G/M Business Interiors Jaffa Precision Engineering, Inc. L R Miller Company, Inc. Law Offices of Brian C. Pearcy, APC Micromold, Inc.

16 to 20 Years

ACU Web, Inc. Anderson & Associates, CPA Angelica’s Florist & Gifts Auto Club Speedway Consortium for Early Learning Services Scott Hooks International House of Pancakes   361 Alessandro Blvd. Love Dog’s World Notre Dame High School Pro Audio Video PSOMAS

11 to 15 Years Fox Performing Arts Center Live Nation The Old Spaghetti Factory Provident Bank   3312 La Sierra Ave. #105 Riverside County   Transportation Commission Riverside East Rotary SolarMax Renewable   Energy Provider, Inc. Vanir Construction Management, Inc. WCI Real Estate

6 to 10 years American Red Cross Carollo Engineers Lexus of Riverside My Learning Studio River Springs Charter School   Magnolia Student Center Vistem Solutions, Inc.

1 to 5 Years 7 Eleven - 8703 Indiana Ave. Buffalo Wild Wings BVG i Wear California Air Resources Board Creative Solutions   Marketing & Printing Ejay Filtration, Inc. Godfather Films Grand Canyon University His Daughters House Inland Empire Autism Assessment   Center of Excellence M&O Perry Industries Nutrishop Riverside OnTarget Digital Services, LLC Parties Outta Sight  Professional Photos & Booths Riverside County Supervisor   Karen Spiegel - District #2 Riverside Living Magazine Serene Senses Smith & Noble Home, Inc. Stater Bros Market #201   315 E. Alessandro Blvd. Tailored Space Target Stores Ursie’s Apothecary Western Riverside   Council of Governments Women In Tandem



F E B R UA RY 2021

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

The Riverside Main Library was recognized with the Award of Distinction at the 2021 Mayor’s State of the City Address.

New Downtown Main Library Recognized at Beautification Awards Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) presented the Beautification Awards at the 2021 State of the City Address to 15 properties throughout the City of Riverside. This year’s Award of Distinction was presented to the Riverside Main Library for providing a new and innovative space in Downtown Riverside where the community can learn, explore, and discover the city’s rich history and beyond. These awards recognize local businesses and property owners for their hard work and dedication to community beautification and sustainable business practices. KRCB thanks Michael Elderman Photography and Milestone Media for the video production and community leaders for nominating over 40 properties this year. KRCB recently completed its annual Community Appearance Index (CAI)


judging tour. The purpose of the judging tour is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the overall appearance of the community using indicators such as litter, graffiti, illegal signage, abandoned/junk vehicles, and outside storage. The monitored areas are half-mile to full-mile stretches that consist of residential areas, malls/shopping centers, schools, parks, and business district locations. Results from the CAI are used as research for prevention programs within local schools and serves as a critical tool in determining the overall cleanliness of the city. KRCB then takes these results and uses them to assist with project placement throughout the year. The results of KRCB’s Community Appearance Index will be posted in March by Council Ward and to the KRCB website at www.krcb.com.


C A L E N D A R  www.riverside-chamber.com Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s

F E B R UA RY 2021


Stay connected with the Chamber and create your next business opportunity at one of our signature events. Visit www.riverside-chamber.com or call 951-683-7100 for more information on any of the Chamber’s events.

WED | FEB 3 & 17

THU | FEB 11

Business In Action

Good Morning Riverside

7:15 AM • ZOOM

7:15 AM • ZOOM

The Chamber’s bi-weekly Business In Action virtual meeting provides an opportunity for Chamber members and local businesses to make connections. Here is the lineup of speakers coming up: February 3, Alissa Ko from Health Net about “Building the Healthcare Workforce”. February 17, Lynn Hounsley from Integrity HR about “Top 5 HR Issues in 2021”.

Good Morning Riverside convenes local business and community leaders each month. February’s keynote speaker will be Dee Dee Myers, Director of Go-Biz. Thank you to our sponsor, Riverside University Health System.

TUE | FEB 16 INSIDE Hunter Park


7:30 AM • ZOOM

INSIDE EastHills 7:30 AM • ZOOM

Stay up to date with the top priorities facing the EastHills area and connect with City officials and fellow business leaders during the next virtual INSIDE meeting.

Connect with Councilmembers, City officials, and fellow business leaders while staying informed on the top projects and issues relevant to the Hunter Park area during the next virtual INSIDE meeting.

TUE | FEB 23


Economic Development Council

Business Education Partnership Council

7:30 AM • ZOOM

7:30 AM • ZOOM

Riverside County’s Office of Education (RCOE) Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Edwin Gomez will present RCOE’s educational priorities and share his vision for the County. The Chamber’s BEP Council identifies education and workforce development priorities in our community and takes positions for Chamber action.

Be a catalyst for business growth by engaging economic development issues throughout the Inland Southern California region on a local, state, and federal level. Stay informed and be a voice on behalf of the business community regarding development opportunities and challenges.

Your health care, your way.


To help curtail the spread of the COVID19 Coronavirus, and to ensure our patients can continue to receive the health care they need, we now offer Telemedicine for our Patients. How Does It Work? • Patients who currently have an appointment may be contacted. If you agree to Telemedicine, a link to Telemedicine will be sent to you. Just follow the instructions. • For future appointments, when the appointment is made, depending on purpose of visit, you may be offered Telemedicine. If you accept, our staff will guide you on the process. • These are options. If you prefer, you may still visit our clinics and see your provider.

What You Need


• Email access • Good internet access • Computer with camera, speaker and a microphone OR • Smart phone with camera/video and a microphone What If You Are Not A Riverside Medical Clinic Patient? Great News! We are accepting new patients. Just reach out by contacting our patient relations team at 951-782-3602.




F E B R UA RY 2021

Gr e a t e r R i v e r s i d e B u s i n e s s









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Profile for Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce

Greater Riverside Business - February 2021  

Greater Riverside Business - February 2021