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From the Editor

OH WHAT FUN! It’s that time of year again when the HOA sponsors a social event to continue efforts to build community spirit. This year we have even more neighbors responding to the event, so make sure you get online and fill in your evite response if you want to come. The event is limited to 140 guests.

Roz Birkelo

With community expenditures such as the Mt. Vernon party, questions regarding how our HOA dues are being spent have been posed, so there are a couple of articles in here that explain how the money is used and why. I hope this will make things clearer for many of you, especially those new to the neighborhood. Speaking of our community, I also thought it would be great to showcase our neighborhood schools in this edition. Ralston Elementary recently received a Blue Ribbon award, an honor only bestowed upon 4 other schools in Colorado, so be sure to check out the article on this great achievement as well as articles on Bell Middle School and Golden High School. You’ll notice on page 50 that I am stretching my editorial wings a bit in this issue and addressing a hot topic in the news today: Frac’ing. I do this for two reasons in particular. 1) Since I’m in the oil industry by profession, I get asked often about frac’ing and 2) I find there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the topic and I thought a basic Q&A might be interesting for many of you to read. I fully expect to get a little lash back because of this article, but please understand, I am simply trying to provide “real” answers to the questions many of us have in as simple of terms as possible. As usual you are free to write me and express your opinions or concerns and if you would like to submit an article, please contact me.

Roz is currently the Secretary for the HOA. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Sr. Engineering Technician for the Bill Barrett Corporation in downtown Denver.


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Warm regards,



Nov / Dec 2013

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Chili Cook-off / pictures

To help people affected by disasters like the tragedy in the Philipines, people can donate by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS.

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

President’s Message by Joy Lawrance

First, I’d like to welcome all of our new neighbors! I know you’ll find living in Riva Chase to be very special, and hope that we’ll have an opportunity to meet you soon! The Riva Chase HOA is not your “typical” HOA. Since we are under the governance of a special district (Forest Hills Metro District - FHMD), they handle most of the physical needs of the community – street maintenance, snow removal, water, sewer, landscape of our common areas. The money they use comes from our tax dollars. Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA

The HOA, in conjunction with the very important ACC (Architectural Control Committee) is comprised of volunteer homeowners to act as liaison to the district, and to generate community activities promoting good will and added value to the community. The ACC is in charge of making sure our covenants are enforced, as well as approving (or denying) a homeowner’s request for any exterior changes to their property. The HOA sponsors community-wide events throughout the year: • Clean-Up Day – second weekend in June – when we focus on getting our grounds cleaned up after winter. This is always combined with a HUGE BBQ picnic in the afternoon. • Chili-Cook-Off – third weekend in September – when residents cook up their best chili recipe to be judged by our volunteer fire-fighters. We end by giving them a donation, as a small “thank you” for their efforts on our behalf. • Guard House Decorating – the weekend after Thanksgiving – when we spruce up the main entrance (and the Eastwood Gate!) for the holidays to create a bit of sparkle. Cider and sweets are on hand to encourage the workers. • “Oh What Fun!” Dinner early in the year – started last year, and such a huge success that we’re continuing this next year…a dinner at Mt. Vernon Country Club, and a chance to meet old friends and new in a genial atmosphere. These events, paid for from your very reasonable HOA dues, always need volunteer help, and we hope that you will consider getting involved and joining your neighbors – making Riva Chase that VERY special place to live!

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Arch ite


ee mit m

ACC Reminder

Control C ral u o ct

Riva Chase


ur Covenants mandate that any additions or changes to the exterior of our properties be approved by the ACC. A lot and all improvements thereon shall be maintained at all times by the owner in good condition and repair. Appearance, color, type of paiting or stain or other exterior shall not be changed without prior approval of the ACC. It is understandable that not all homeowners will like the restrictions that our Covenants mandate. When we


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

bought into this beautiful community, we also bought the Convenants that are intended to protect our property values. Our Covenants also provide us to live next to our neighbors in a peaceful manner.

for the ACC by Ann Nutt - (303) 526-5846

HOA vs FHMD Most Riva Chase homeowners may not be aware of the differences between the Riva Chase Home Owners Association (HOA) and Forest Hills Metro District (FHMD). The confusion is understandable and the following summary, while not claiming to be totally technically comprehensive and legally accurate, will nevertheless attempt to clarify some of the differences between the two entities and their respective responsibilities. The HOA Board official duties begin and end where the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is involved, though the HOA sponsors some events attempting to impact the “quality of life and safety” within the community. As you know know, the HOA Board is an all volunteer army, and so are many of the things your Board sponsors, like the Annual Clean-up Day, the Chili Cook-off (raised $500 for our volunteer fire fighters), and decorating the gate/guard house so it’s an attractive entry to Riva Chase (even though it’s not “our responsibility”). The Clean-up Day has grown to include a serious focus on fire mitigation, especially after the devastating fires experienced along the Front Range during the last couple of years. Our

EDITORIAL Managing Editor / Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jerry Ballard Colleen Brisben John Carpenter Jim Feldon Deena Green Bridget Jones Dale & Cheri Kinzler Ron Kordof Joy Lawrance Ted Laves Leslie Mack Ann Nutt

by Ron Kordof

Clean-up Day expenses have increased over the past few years, and since this is one of the HOA’s largest expenditures, dues were raised $7 to help defray future costs of equipment/man-hour charges for the outside contractors. The recent sponsorship of an Annual Homeowners Party at Mount Vernon Country Club was started earlier this year in an attempt to promote a closer community spirit. The first party was so successful that it was decided to do it again with the next one scheduled for January 31st in the New Year. By contrast, even though the FHMD Board is also manned by homeowner volunteers, it is technically a governmental body. All the maintenance and repair types of expenses around our community (roads, water, sewer, etc.) are the responsibility of FHMD and are funded through the real estate tax dollars that we pay. Somewhere around 41% of our tax dollars go to FHMD to provide that funding. In fact, the HOA is prohibited from doing things on FHMD controlled property. That little known fact has confused homeowners from time to time and encouraged them to contact the HOA with matters related to expenses and/or actions that are not within the HOA responsibility.

We’d love to hear from you! Send us comments, questions, or letters to the editor or submissions for consideration. EMail to: Roz Birkelo (303) 506-713

For classified, please contact To add your name to our mailing list, please contact the Riva Reader at

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Neighborhood Schools Riva Chase Schools - Top Honors, YourHub – Thursday, October 10, 2013 by Karen Groves (YourHub Reporter)

Elmer’s Glue is still a kindergarten staple, but at Ralston Elementary School in Golden, it’s also part of a “radioactive slime” experiment that explores the properties of polymers. It’s one of several Halloween-themed experiments students will engage in that blend learning and fun. “Instead of just a party with treats, we do science experiments,” said principal Dawn Odean. It is such inventive approaches that helped earn the Jefferson County school a Blue Ribbon from the U.S. Department of Education.

The lab has been a labor of love for teachers, parents and students, with the PTA planning to help purchase equipment. “What is significant about the Blue Ribbon honor is the engagement of parents and teachers and the community to make the achievement possible,” Odean said. Read more: Ralston Elementary wins Blue Ribbon for achievement - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost. com/news/ci_24303540/ralston-elementar y-winsblue-ribbon-achievement#ixzz2kxvOmFsv

Bell Middle School

Ralston is one of five Colorado schools and 286 schools nationwide to receive the Blue Ribbon School designation, which recognizes consistent high achievement on state assessment tests. Other Blue Ribbon schools in Colorado include Lois Lenski Elementary in Centennial and Ponderosa Elementary in Aurora.

By Bridget Jones, Principal Bell Middle School 1001 Ulysses St. Golden, CO 80401 303-982-4280

The announcement came as Ralston opened its Science Technology Engineering and Math lab.

Bell Middle School mission statement:

The STEM lab’s aim is to encourage Ralston’s efforts to focus on student-driven inquiry and problem-solving, Odean said. 8

Riva Reader | November / December 2013

What if we...created our own innovative culture?

Bell Middle School is a community of learners. We provide a safe, rigorous and engaging academic environment.

We have innovative pathways which empower students to take ownership for academic success. While following the national standards, Bell MS progressively incorporates technology to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

Bell Middle School offers a variety of classes and programs to engage our students. We teach grades 6-8 language arts, math, science, social studies and offer a variety of electives. Bell is student centered and provides pathways for diverse learners. The pathways are general education, honors 7-8 , iSTEM 7-8, intervention courses 6-8 and different math levels offered 6-8. No matter what pathway a student chooses, there is a high expectation for learning and responsibility in all classes. Students are permitted to bring their own devices as an educational tool and we provide a variety of technology. We implement Thinking Maps and literacy strategies to help students transfer their learning from one content to another. There is literacy time in every content area to focus on reading and writing in all contents. Bell addresses the whole child. Every Monday, Bell has class meetings to address bullying. Bell uses Olweus, a research based program which addresses the bully, victim and bystanders. All staff is trained to address bullying in a systemic approach. Bell staff recognizes students for positive choices through the Positive Behavior Support System. There is also an after school enrichment program for all students. Students can participate in yearbook, Bell News Network, STEM related courses and after school sports through our NVision after school program. Students are offered trips to Sea Camp, Space Camp and international travel.

Golden High School Welcome to Golden High School 701 24th Street - Golden, Colorado 80401 Golden High School is located in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado. GHS, founded in 1873, is the oldest school in Colorado with over 125 years of history. The new state-of-the-art Golden High School opened in August of 2008.

High school art students draw lines to other cultures, written by: Dave Delozier GOLDEN - Lines, details and shading come together to create a portrait. The experience of meeting the subject and learning about their heritage creates a learning experience that goes beyond the art class. For the last several years, Tim Miller, an art teacher at Golden High School, has created projects to get his students outside the walls of the classroom. In previous years he has taken students to the streets of Denver to interview and create portraits of the homeless. His students have also visited with young patients at Children’sHospital Colorado to get a better understanding of their world. This year, his students visited with Native American elders at the Denver Indian Center to hear their stories and gain an understanding of a culture other than their own. Read more: High school art students draw lines to other cultures - news/education/article/364329/129/High-school-artstudents-draw-lines-to-other-cultures

Bell Middle School is supported by the City of golden, Golden Rotarians, Golden Civic Foundation, Golden Schools Foundation, Educational Non-profit Corporation, Warren Tech and School of Mines.

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Colleen Brisben

RC Bible Study The Riva Chase Women’s Bible study group is growing! We are currently studying the book of James, using Beth Moore’s DVD series: Mercy Triumphs.


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

by Colleen Brisben

Please direct any questions to: (

Colleen Brisben

What Second Annual

What better way to ring in the New Year than to celebrate with the neighbors you know and meet those you don't?

Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up on Evite, space is limited and time is running out.

January 31, 2014 - 6:30 p.m Mt. Vernon Country Club Dinner Buffet / Cash Bar For information, email: November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Forest Hills Metropolitan District Report by Ted Laves

Forest Hills Metropolitan District, a governmental body, owns, maintains and operates all public infrastructure in Riva Chase, including roads, parks, ponds, gates, buildings and the water & sewer system. Forest Hills is governed by a five person elected Board, which meets monthly, and the District is funded by property taxes and by water & sewer service fees. The District has a 2013 operating budget of $433 thousand and also spends $285 thousand on bond repayment. The District is managed by Christina Shea of Blacklock Integrated Services (303-526-2025). Maintenance and operations is overseen by Ted Kuettel of KTL Solutions (303) 949-6767). Recent District documents and other information can be found on the District’s website – Board meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

District News 2014 District Budget Last week the Board held a public hearing on the 2014 budget. Next year’s budget will be tight due to unexpected expenditures to repair storm damage. In addition, Riva Chase’s infrastructure is now about 30 years old and will require upgrades and repairs to maintain functionality and community ambiance. The Board this year compiled a list of capital investments that it plans to work on over the next five years. The draft budget is available on FHMD’s website (2014 Draft Budget).

Storm Damage Repairs Jim Noble, Inc. has been hard at work repairing damage caused by the recent storm. Road and drainage repairs should be completed within a few weeks but dredging of the Willobe Way pond will need to wait until the ground freezes and trail repairs will likely need to wait until spring. The District was hopeful for FEMA assistance in funding repairs but that help now looks questionable.


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Water & Sewer Repairs and Upgrades Repairs and refurbishment of the District’s two sewer line lift stations are nearly complete. Stoppage of lift stations can cause serious sewage spills so completing these repairs was very important.

The engineering firm that designed the District’s new sewage plant has been working with the District’s engineer and operator on correcting some design problems with the plant’s front end. We are optimistic that defects will soon be corrected at minimal cost to the District. The water chlorination system has been converted from a gas to a liquid system. A chlorine gas leak could endanger repair crews, fire fighters and even nearby residents.

General Repairs • Dead trees on Hill & Dale and along Forest Hills Drive has been removed. • A dead deer buck was removed from District property along Forest Hills Drive. • Damaged and leaning safety posts along Star Ridge, Eastwood and Willobe have been repaired or replaced. • Comcast repaired the pavement on Anasazi which they damaged some years ago. • The gate house and public lawn sprinklers and

pond filling system have all been winterized. Pond bubblers have been removed for the winter.

Snow Plowing Snow plowing this year will be performed by Jim Noble, Inc. who has done this for many years in Riva Chase and knows well our community’s needs.

Miscellaneous Items RULES AND REGULATIONS The District is updating its rules and regulations which were last reworked in 1996. Once completed, a copy will be posted on the District’s website and emailed to all residents.

ACCOUNTANT The Board approved hiring NM Holder Financial Services to provide accounting and bookkeeping services. This firm has long experience with governmental accounting rules and procedures.

Next Meeting The District’s next Board meeting will begin at 6 PM on Wednesday, December 11th at Oxley Homestead in nearby Genesee. We hope that all of you will be able to attend.

District Contacts District Board Judy Bertrand



John Klinowski



Ted Laves



Tom Napp



Roy Roux



Christina Shea


District Manager

Ted Kuettel


Operations Manager

District Management

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Mike & Barbara Oakley 22004 Anasazi Way

Deb Johnson 22525 Treetop Lane

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Decorating Tips by Deena Green With the kickoff to another festive holiday season right around the corner, I often have clients ask me for last-minute decorating assistance. Although style has evolved over the years, one thing will always remain the same: this time of the year brings a sudden sense of urgency and necessity to spruce up or completely update the interior of your home. Personally and professionally speaking, the start of another holiday season always seems to bring to mind one word: entertaining. From Thanksgiving to New Years, and all the magic in between, chances are that you will be inviting guests into your home, entertaining them, and hopefully able to have a merry time right along with your guests because you are confident that you have created an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space inside your home. To get your home ready for all the holiday action it will see, here are some tips on how to get started. I advise my clients to first, decide what rooms will be used the most during gatherings. Every year chimes the same answers, Entry Way, Kitchen, Dining Room, and- formal or not- Living Room. Next, conduct a quick assessment and walk-though of each of these spaces. What is inviting about the space? What needs to be changed? A simple solution for each room, and one I always start with, de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Remember, each room is a canvas that portrays the soul of your home, it is a reflection of you and your family, and small collections of clutter on every counter top, corner, and crevice of each room can be very overwhelming to one’s eye.


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Next, I advise my clients to decide if any of these rooms are desperately crying for attention louder than other rooms. If this is the case, then you might decide to indulge in a splurge purchase or upgrade for one of these main entertaining rooms, and simply opt for more inexpensive updates and personal touches in the other rooms. Starting with the Entry Way, the first space to greet your guests, if your front door is old and outdated, you may opt to completely replace it. However, simply deciding to paint your door a new, smashing color or put a fresh coat of the pre-existing color can do wonders. Next, how’s the lighting when you step inside your home? Is it inviting or possibly too sparse? One splurge purchase that I recommend for a drastic, yet simple change is to replace your current lighting fixture. It amazes me how fast the entire atmosphere can go from dull to divine in a matter of upgrading your lighting fixture. Continuing to move through the home, let’s stop at the Dining Room and Kitchen. These are the most popular and most visited entertaining spaces during the holiday season, and should be very warm and inviting. For the Dining Room, it is all about presentation. I advise my clients to create a space that will draw guests in, making them feel excited for the meal and great conversation that will take place, but make it your own. An inexpensive source of inspiration to get started, go to a local fabric store, and pick out your custom tablecloth. From there, centerpieces, name cards, color scheme, and total presentation will soon follow organically. In addition to this, fresh flowers are a must when entertaining guests. My current recommendations are peonies, ranunculus, and snapdragons this time of

year. They are in season, come in a variety of color palettes, and fill the room with the most inviting aroma. Not to mention, they are stunningly gorgeous and add a fresh depth to your most visited rooms around the house. If you are in need of some major attention to your Dining Room or Kitchen, adding window treatments to your bare windows or updating your current window treatments, I recommend this as your splurge purchase. If you are a stranger to window treatments, these are the rooms to start with, and will give you the most bang for your buck as far as creating warmth and drastically updating your space. Lastly, we have made our way to the Living Room- or the favorite gathering space after the feast. If you are in need of a small change or tune-up in this room, add a pop of color with some new throw pillows for the couches and chairs. Pull the look together with an expansive area rug, rich with color, or a bold, graphic print. These small changes have the ability to completely update your living space and make it more inviting. At the same time, if you currently lack the capability to comfortably and chicly seat your guests, your splurge purchase might be geared toward new furniture for your Living Room. However, simply making a quick assessment of the current space and rearranging your furniture- with your guests’ comfort in mind- is a fresh update that is simple and efficient. Don’t hesitate to call me if you would like professional assistance in freshening up your home, and preparing it for this busy holiday season!

Interiors by Linda Deena Green, RID Registered Interior Designer


Phone: 720.746.0311 Fax: 303.275.8036

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Lifelong Benefits of Joining a Book Club Republished: Author: Hsin-Yi Cohen BSc, MA, MSt - Updated: 18 September 2012

You might think that reading groups are simply an arena for book worms to indulge in their favourite passion or for you to have enjoyable argument about your favourite story or characters with like-minded individuals…but book clubs actually offer more lifelong benefits than you realise: • Everyone knows that reading expands your horizons and book clubs help to do this at an even greater level, with the in-depth discussions and assimilations of different viewpoints all contributing to increasing your knowledge and appreciation of the world around you. • Joining a reading group can also help to extend your reading, as you’ll be tempted to try different types of books that you might not otherwise have chosen by yourself. Many people can become accustomed to the comfort of reading in a favourite genre and may not realise how much they might actually enjoy an altogether different type of book, until they are persuaded to try by other members of the reading group. • Despite not having a formalised classroom structure, reading groups are actually a fantastic place to promote learning. Discussing books helps to reinforce things in your mind and enable you to retain information better. In addition, the informal learning environment means that there is less fear of “failing” or humiliation before classmates, whilst the urge to participate means that people will be more motivated to read the book and gain the information. • Each new book allows you the opportunity to “start afresh” and “do better” - whether it is with more participation, improved leadership of discussions, more commitment to reading or simply better retention of the information learnt. • Book clubs enable you to appreciate otherwise “dry” topics within the context of an involving story


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

- for example, reading books set in certain periods allow you to learn more about history, without the dread of boring facts and dates. Book clubs can also be great ways to travel and appreciate other cultures - not only through the books themselves but also through any members with different backgrounds. And discussing these differences helps everyone to understand them by placing them within a larger context. Participating in reading group discussions does wonders for your communication skills, teaching you to listen to different points of view and different ways of expression, as well as “discuss and disagree” without resorting to emotional arguments. It teaches you to be both honest and yet tactful, which is a difficult but extremely valuable skill. It provides great experience for use in other arenas, such as work and business - and even family events - so that you learn to express yourself appropriately and accept disagreements without taking it personally. For those shy of public speaking, book clubs are a great way to start practising expressing your opinions to an audience or summarising information and presenting it in a coherent and engaging way. Reading groups with a rotating roster of leaders means that everyone has a chance to practise their leadership skills and the management of a group of people, with different backgrounds and opinions. Book clubs can help you appreciate books that you had rejected in your childhood or within the confines of your school curriculum, as the imminent discussion motivates you to read with more purpose and attention. In particular, having to present a book to the group helps you to crystallise your crystallise and categorise the information so that it can be conveyed easily and efficiently. For those with writing aspirations, book clubs can be a wonderful breeding ground for ideas as well

as provide the motivation for you to pen your own literary masterpiece. Listening to other people’s assessment of a book and their discussion of likes and dislikes about plot, character and style, can help enormously in your quest to become a better, more successful writer.

RC Book Club Do you enjoy reading & discussing with others about the book you just finished? Riva Chase has a very active book that meets about every 6 weeks at 6:30. Someone offers to host the meeting, another person volunteers to be the facilitator and do research on the author & the book. The rest of us bring wine & appetizers.

• Last but not least, book clubs are great social forums and provide many opportunities to meet and befriend new people from all walks of life, as well as providing an enjoyable and meaningful addition to your social calendar.

by Leslie Mack

Last month we read and discussed the “Orphan Masters Son” by Adam Johnson. This book just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The author delivers a portrait of life in North Korea. The story asks us how the language of politics influences us and who holds the the power to say “This is who I am”. Great book! Please join us on January 15 when we meet next to discuss ONE AUTHOR, Paul Theroux. This is a different direction for us since you can chose to read any one of the authors books. Just another reason for a great night of discussion. If interested in joining contact Joy Lawrance at We will make sure you’re added to our email list. HAPPY READING

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Residents urged to use CodeRED warning tool Republished: Page 5, October 3, 2013

by Clarke Reader

Area police are encouraging residents to register for CodeRED, the system that alerts residents to emergencies in their area. CodeRED is an emergency alert system used all over Jefferson County that sends messages to phones to warn residents during critical situations, and give them updates on what is happening.

has been used by the county quite a bit more.”

With CodeRED police and fire agencies are able to select the exact area where notification is required, and record their own messages to the residents. The recent flooding Colorado faced is a prime example of the importance of signing up for the alert service. Even though the flooding prompted no evacuations in Lakewood, the City issued a precautionary preevacuation notice to about 300 homes near Lena Gulch through CodeRED. “We started using CodeRED on Jan. 1 and it’s been very beneficial to have,” said Scott Rose, Lakewood police communications supervisor. “So far we’ve only had to use it around 10 times, but it 18

Riva Reader | November / December 2013

For people who have landlines, their number is already in the system’s database, but people have to register their mobile phones with the cell phone if they want to receive information on those devices. Numbers can only be registered to one address. “There can be a problem with just having the land line registered, because people will receive a message on it telling them to leave their homes, but if their mobile phone isn’t registered, they won’t hear the call telling them they can return,” Rose said. When people don’t answer — which Rose said happens often because the number that shows up on caller IDs is an 866 number — a voicemail will be left with the important information. The system allows for text messages and e-mails to be sent as well. For more information from Lakewood, visit www. County residents can sign up at or at

What the Frac? Basic Questions Answered, just the facts. by Jim Felton, Communications Manager Bill Barrett Corporation What is frac’ing? It’s not a “drilling technique,” for starters. It’s a technology that’s used to enhance the flow of oil and gas from a well once the drilling is done and the rig and derrick are removed from the scene. A process developed in the 1940’s, and used for over 60 years now, hydraulic fracturing is a technique that allows natural gas and oil to move more freely from the rock pores, where they are trapped, to the producing well. A fluid (usually water with some specialty high viscosity fluid additives) is pumped at high pressure into a formation through a openings deep in a well. The pressure of this fluid cracks the rock and opens more fractures in the rock. A sand-like substance is then injected to prop the cracks open and prevent the rock from closing up. With the propping agent (the sand) holding the rock apart, sometimes by less than a millimeter, the natural gas or oil is able to flow through the fractures, to the well and back up to the surface.

Why is hydraulic frac’ing used? It’s been long known that shales can hold hydrocarbons, provided they have been under enough pressure and heat to transform organic matter, if any, into oil or gas. Hydraulic fracturing allows improved recovery of valuable energy resources and production of greater volumes of hydrocarbons from each well. The size of the area drained by a hydraulically fractured well is larger than wells that are not stimulated by the process. Therefore, fewer oil and gas wells need to be drilled if hydraulic fracturing is utilized, which in turn minimizes waste volumes and surface disturbance associated with oil and gas drilling. Most significantly, hydraulic fracturing is a linchpin to production from natural gas shale formations – the fastest growing component of American natural gas production.

Do any other industries apply hydraulic fracturing?

Over the past 60 years (and over 2 million times), hydraulic fracturing has been used for a wide variety of purposes, from stimulating the flow of water from water wells, to bringing geothermal wells into commercial viability. It’s even been called on by EPA to serve as a remediation tool for cleaning up Superfund sites.

What chemicals are used and how much of it is water? The additives used in fracturing fluids are used in many common household products and foods we eat. Water and sand constitutes over 99 percent of the fluid, and the remaining ingredients each serve a specific purpose, with amounts adjusted depending on the type of rock and specifics of the well site. Many of the chemicals used are likely found under your kitchen sink, or even in your bathroom, medicine cabinet or pantry. Remember that all of the chemicals, when combined, account for half a percent of the mixture sent several thousand feet under the ground to help crack the shale and hold it open, allowing for hydrocarbons to migrate to the wellbore. Some of the chemicals are: • Acids to help dissolve minerals and initiate “fissure in rock (pre-fracture) – Commonly used in Swimming pool cleaner • Glutaraldehyde which eliminates bacteria in the water and is used as a Disinfectant. • Sodium Chloride which allows a delayed break down of the gel polymer chains (table salt). • Borate salts that help maintain fluid viscosity as temperature increases. This is used in laundry detergents, hand soap and cosmetics. • Petroleum distillates which “slicks” the water to minimize friction and can be found in make-up remover, laxatives, and candy • Guar gum thickens the water to suspend the sand. Guar is a thickener used in cosmetics, baked goods, ice cream, toothpaste, sauces, and salad dressing. • Citric Acid prevents precipitation of metal oxides. This is used as a food additive for various food and beverages such as lemon juice November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


of the wells, that is most often linked to earthquakes. Anyone interested in reviewing what chemicals are used a particular frac job can look to Material Safety Data Sheets are prepared and available onsite that contain information regarding the chemical makeup of the product used in the fracturing process. These chemicals make up less than half-a-percent of the mixture, appearing at levels well below what could constitute a threat to drinking water. Further, they are removed during the extraction process, prevented from migrating through the rock bed to the water table and are separated from drinking water formations by steel casings and cement. What precautions are put into effect to prevent water contamination? Several layers of steel and cement, sometimes as many as three layers each, are in place hundreds of feet below the lowest fresh water aquifer. The stability and quality of the cement job is tested before further activity. Frac’ing generally takes place several thousand feet under fresh waters. Remember, the oil and gas are still in the shale after hundreds of millions of years because the rock is impermeable. Communication, then, between a fresh water store and a frac job is considered virtually impossible.

Can any of the frac water be recycled? Industry is increasingly treating and re-using the frac water that comes back up with the production of oil and gas. Experts in hydrology and water treatment see opportunity here, given oil and gas is a business willing to invest in new technologies, and regulation is increasingly supportive.

The practice of injecting wastewater into the ground for nearly two decades was enough to induce the Prague earthquake, according to a study “Potentially induced earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA: Links between wastewater injection and the 2011 Mw 5.7 earthquake sequence,” coauthored by University of Oklahoma, Columbia University and the U.S. Geological Survey. In the case of the Prague earthquake, wastewater was being injected into old wells going back to the 1990s. The crevices that originally contained oil were filled with water, and the pressure needed to keep the water underground increased by 1,000 percent, according to the study. Eventually, the buildup of pressure caused the nearby Wilzetta fault to slip, resulting in the earthquake. “When you overpressure the fault, you reduce the stress that’s pinning the fault into place, and that’s when earthquakes happen,” geologist Heather Savage said, according to a review of the study by Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. While any seismic activity large enough to be noticed can be unnerving, research seems to indicate that frac’ing in areas not in proximity to faults are not likely to cause substantial changes in earthquake frequency.

If frac’ing has been around for so long and used so much, why is it getting so much negative press?

Can frac’ing cause an earthquake?

The technology is complex; it’s human nature to fear the unknown. Oil and gas is an industry the general public holds in low regard, despite the fact that oil and gas provide for the highest standard of living civilization has ever known

About half a million earthquakes are thought to occur around the world annually. However, the majority of earthquakes are too small to be perceptible; only about one in five earthquakes can be felt, and the rest can be detected only by sensitive instruments. In the United States, there are recognized areas along fault lines where earthquakes occur with some frequency. There are also areas, such as much of the US, where earthquakes large enough to be perceptible are relatively rare. The injection of any fluid into the ground has the potential to cause a small earthquake; however, it is the process of injecting water into the underground disposal wells, and not the actual frac’ing

Those who feel any fossil fuel either: hastens climate change and/or forestalls adoption of renewable energy. “Negative press” is certainly in the eyes of the beholder. There have been a lot of reports regarding what frac’ing has meant to this country in terms of: • Cleaner air – the increasing use of cheaper natural gas over coal has meant the U.S. has done more to lower carbon emissions more than any other First World country in the world. Despite a growing population and economy, America’s air is cleaner than it’s been in nearly 20 years because of natural gas’ ability to compete with coal for power


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

generation. • Employment – this sector has been perhaps the biggest job provider since the recession of 2008; industry jobs often pay 50% higher than local averages, often with benefits and year-round opportunity. • Savings – American’s pay about a third as much for our electricity as in Japan, Germany, England and elsewhere. That translates to a savings for an average family of about $1000 a year • Security – America is the world’s largest natural gas producer; we are but a year or two from being the world’s largest oil producer. The geopolitical

benefits and national security implications should be obvious. • Community – Taxes paid by the industry are at a rate higher than virtually any other. In Colorado, taxes from oil and gas generate half a billion dollars a year for education. At nearly $50,000 per teacher, that’s 10,000 teachers’ salaries – that’s paying for 20% of Colorado’s public school teachers. 90% of the wells drilled in Colorado are frac’ed. Oil and gas is a $30 billion industry, as per research by CU Leeds School of Business.

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Chili Cook-off

department. Fire Chief Brian Zoril and his team were there to judge the entries and the following were the top three winners: Colleen Brisben, Madison Taylor, and Dawn Carpenter.

Pricing Your Home to Get Top Dollar by John Carpenter (See more pictures on page 28) Your Listing Price Determines the Buyer Traffic

The Annual Riva Chase Chili Cookoff was held on September 21st and was organized by John Carpenter and Gary Sohrweid. The weather was perfect and it was a resounding success! About 50-70 people attended and we raised $500 toPrice support our local fire Asking

10 to 15% above market


Market Value

10% Below

The Buyer Pool

Percentage of Prospective Buyers Willing to Look At Your Home

Percentage of Price Retained from 30 to 120 Days



There are several factors that determine the success of selling a home at the highest possible market price. One of the primary factors is pricing the home correctly. This graphic is a representation of what a seller can expect as a result of what price they list their home at. The most successful sellers price their home to attract the largest pool of buyers in the market value range. Sellers that are highly motivated by timing alone may chose to price their home at the lower end or below market value to achieve a fast sale. On the other end of the scale, it is always tempting to price the home above market value in hopes that a “special” buyer will come along and fall in love with the home. That strategy is rarely successful. In fact, the home may eventually be stigmatized from being on the market for a significant number of days without an offer. Buyers, as well as agents may begin to perceive that there is something wrong with the home. Over time, the seller usually comes to the realization that their expectations may have been unrealistic and they adjust the price closer to market value. At this point, the excitement by potential buyers and agents is usually passed and that traffic has already left to purchase other properties. If the seller has a mortgage, many times the difference between overpricing and actual market value is the interest the seller paid while the home remained on the market. Keep in mind, if that “special” buyer does show up, the home will still have to make it through the appraisal process for the buyer’s mortgage. Don’t make that mistake. Have your Realtor determine the real market value by carefully compiling a comparables market analysis and set up a tour to show you competing homes on the market. These actions will help you can determine how to achieve the highest market price in the shortest period of time. - jb

Ballard Professionals

Real Estate Group, Inc.

303 - 526-1933


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Jerry & Debbie Ballard Service ~ Ethics ~ Knowledge 5280 Magazine Five-Star Real Estate Professionals Award 2011, 2012 & 2013 #1 in Riva Chase Home Sales - Providing our Friends and Neighbors with Professional Real Estate Services

Riva Chase

Ballard Professionals Real Estate Group, Inc.

Slide courtesy of Land Title Guarantee Company

All data taken from METROLIST, INC.速 Denver, Colorado

2013 Year to Date - October Sales Statistics - Foothills Communities Homes/Townhomes Sold - 2013 YTD Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All)

$300K-$399K 1* 5 2 0 54

Average Days on Market Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All) Average Net Price (ALL SALES) Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All)

$400K-$499K 0 13 4 0 57

$500K-$599K 0 14 2 0 42

$600K-$699K 3 19 5 0 24

$700K-$799K 2 12 1 2 22

$800K-$899K 1 1 0 1 13

$900K-$999K 0 3 0 0 8

$1 Mil + 1 2 1 4 14

284 87 105 185 101

$706 $622 $566 $1.14 Mil $607

* Includes Townhome Sale

All data taken from METROLIST, INC.速 Denver, Colorado

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Homes for Sale in Riva Chase, Golden, CO For Sale 22473 Anasazi Way Golden 80401 308 B

List Sold $595,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 4

2212 $269

DOM Built

List Sold

246 2004


Open House - Sat Oct 12th 1:00 To 4:00. Nestled In The Foothills, Enjoy This Beautiful Modern Contemporary Home With Great Sun Exposure In The Gated Riva Chase Community. Mountain Living Just Minutes From Downtown Denver With Mountain and City Views. This Custom Home Features A Large Main Floor Master Including A 5 Piece Master Bath, A Beautiful Granite Surround Gas Fireplace In Main Living Area and A Main Floor Office. Relax In This Stunning High End Gourmet Kitchen With Breakfast Bar, Granite Countertops, Under Cabinet Lighting, Granite Tile ...

For Sale 22374 Anasazi Way Golden 80401 308 B

List Sold $550,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 4 3

3060 $180

DOM Built

List Sold

82 1993


Built For Wheelchair Accessibility. Gated Community. Open Kitchen With Stainless Appliances, Tile, Wine Bar. Great Room With Fireplace and Cathedral Ceilngs. Main Floor Master With New Paint. 3 Car, Oversized Garage - Room For 1 Van and 2 Cars. Main Floor Second Bedroom (With Closet) Or Office/Den/Craftroom (See Picture Of Built In Craft Area). Upper Level Has Loft Plus Jack/Jill Bath and 2 Bedrooms. New Composite Roof In 2010. Wrap Around Trex Deck With Gas Line For Gas Grill. Hot Tub. Basement Concrete Floor Sealed and Plumbed ...


Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Brian and Christie Kellner 22061 Chippewa Ln

Jeff and Lisa Scheinost 721 Summerwood

Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Recently Sold 901 Mt. Rose Way Golden 80401

Listed By: Fuller Sotheby`s Int`l Realty

22525 Treetop Ln Golden 80401 308 B

22184 Forest Hills Dr Golden 80401 308 B

4 4

4227 $177

List Sold

26 1995

08/28/13 10/30/13

List Sold

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt

$1,149,000 $1,045,000

5 8

5160 $203

DOM Built

List Sold

1112 1998

08/24/10 10/24/13

List Sold $899,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 4

3517 $256

DOM Built

List Sold

14 1996


Beautifully Updated Riva Chase Estates Home Features Bright Living Spaces With Expansive Vaulted Ceilings Situated On One Acre With Lots Of Ponderosa Pines and Privacy From The Decks. Ss Appliances, Cherry Cabinets and Premium Slab Granite and Stone Throughout The Home. Walls Of Windows In Family Room To View The Plentiful Wildlife. Large Formal Dining Right Off Kitchen As Well As Breakfast Nook Next To Family Room. Huge Master Bedroom and Five Piece Bath. Open and Bright Flex-Use Family Room In Lower Level With Fireplace and 1080p Theater ...

Recently Sold 22004 Anasazi Way Golden 80401 308 B

Listed By: Ballard Professionals

$750,000 $750,000

DOM Built

Stunning Mtn Contemp Estate. Gated Comm, Gourmet Kit, Butler Pantry, Wine Cooler, Natural Stone Flrs. Counters, Fireplace Surrounds Thru Out Home, Maple Cabinetry, Hand Hewn Spruce Beams, Faux Painting, Outdoor Water Feature, Sweeping Mtn/City Views. Sold Price=$1,045,000 Sold Term=Conventional Square Feet=5160 Sr High Multiple=9945 Sr High#=9945 Sr High:=Golden

Pending Sale

Listed By: Ballard Professionals

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt

Immaculate Main Floor Living In This Beautiful Custom Home Situated On More Than 2 Acres With Breathtaking Views Of City Lights and The Surrounding Foothills. This Energy Efficient Home Has Low Utility Bills and Two Heating Zones For Added Comfort. Sit On Your Large Patio and Take In The Views While The Wonderful Wildlife Amuse You. Mountain Living Only 20 Minutes From Downtown Denver, The Colorado Lifestyle You Have Been Dreaming About. Please Go To Www.901mtrose.Com For A Video and More Information. Www.Andreamancusowebber.Com ...

Recently Sold

Listed By: Coldwell Banker Residential 28

List Sold

List Sold

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt

$649,500 $632,500

4 4

2986 $212

DOM Built

List Sold

29 1994

08/12/13 10/28/13

Located In Riva Chase, An Exclusive Gated Community In The Foothills, This Fabulous Four Bedroom Executive Home Sits On Top Of Anasazi Way With South Facing Outdoor Entertainment Areas Panoramic Mountainside Views and City Lights To The East. Featuring A Fully Remodeled and Upgraded Kitchen With HiEnd Stainless Appliances, Slab Granite Countertops and A Wet Bar With Wine Cooler. The Kitchen, Great Room, Formal Dining Room, Living Room and Study Are All On The Main Level. Spacious Master Bedroom Suite With Five Piece Bath, Two Sided ...

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Pending Sale 22304 Anasazi Way Golden 80401 308 B

Listed By: Fuller Sotheby`s Int`l Realty

List Sold $515,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 3 3

1723 $299

DOM Built

List Sold

47 1990


Wonderful Home With A Quiet, Private Location In A Gated Community Just Minutes To I-70. Open Floor Plan With Vaulted Ceilings and Loads Of Windows To Welcome Natural Light and Treed Surroundings. This Home Is A Rare Find In The Foothills Area Offering Manageable Square Footage and True Main Level Living. The Garage Entrance, Front Door, Kitchen, Dining, Great Room, Master Suite, Laundry and Second Bedroom Suite Are All On The Main Level. The Walk-Out Houses A Family Room, Study With Double Door Entry and A Private Third Bedroom Suite. The Lot ...

For Sale 849 Eastwood Dr Golden 80401 308 A

List Sold $1,375,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 5

4716 $292

DOM Built

List Sold

46 1983


Entertain In Style Against The Backdrop Of The City Lights.Hosts Dream,True Gourmet Kit W/Viking Gas Range,Prep Sink,2 Dswshr,Sub-Zero,Conservatory Nook+,4 Frpl,Central Air,In-Ground Pool,Elevator,Elegance,Class and Luxury.Enter This Gracious Home,Formal Living Rm and Formal Dining Rm Thru Exceptionally Crafted Beveled Leaded Glass Drs.The Great Rm Features Soaring Views,Extensive Russian Ash Millwork Double-Sided Marble Frpl,Travertine and Marble Flrs and A Adjacent Study.The True Gourmet Kit.Features Extensive Granite Counter-Tops,Custom ...

For Sale 21910 Anasazi Way Golden 80401 308 C

List Sold $894,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 4 6

6385 $140

DOM Built

List Sold

516 2004


Custom Home Built For Approximately $1.2 Million. Stunning Value For Pristine Home With Exceptional Open Floor Plan and Sparkling City Light Plus Spectacular Sunrise Views! Main Level Living Features A Wood Study With Built-In Book Shelves, Two-Story Living Room With A Wall Of Glass and Central Gas Fireplace, Master With Private View Balcony and Luxury 5-Piece Bath With Views, Seamless Shower Door and Claw Foot Tub. The Beautiful Chefs Kitchen Has Sub-Zero Refrigerator, Dacor Stainless Steel Double Ovens, Wolf 5-Burner Cook Top and Adjoins A ...

For Sale 852 Willobe Way Golden 80401 308 C

List Sold $860,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 6 7

5224 $165

DOM Built

List Sold

152 1982


Beautiful Family Home, Located In The Exclusive Gated Community Of Riva Chase. Mountain Living At Its Best, Only 20 Minutes To Denver and Less Then 1 Hour From Sking. Wooded Site With Circular Drive and Exclusive Covered Entry. Vaulted Open Floor Plan Letting In Lots Of Light. Soaring 25 Ft High Foyer With New Travertine , Opening To Both Dining and Living Room. Truly Gourmet Kitchen With Center Island Hood, Double Wolf Oven, Gas Burners and Huge Griddle. Coffee Bar, Separate Sub Zero Fridge and Freezer, Bbq On Adjoining Deck. Huge Master ...


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.


For kitchen or any other cabinetry, I had tremendous success with Pete Dumanovsky (303) 669-3940. His attention to detail was unparalleled, he did the work himself (not just managing a team), he works very hard, and his rate is reasonable. John Carpenter


I highly recommend Joel Ebersole with EES electrical (303) 819-5488. I have used him several times now, and he is very affordable, trustworthy and easy to do business with. Latifa Rothrock

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Rick Rooney

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg

Landscape & Snow Removal

We have employed Robert McCullough for the past five years. He and his crew are reliable, communicative and reasonable. RCM Lawn & Landscaping | (303) 232-5755 Kay Talley


This one is a must! In home massage. Jamie gives one of the best massages I have had and she brings her salon quality table with. Amazingly reasonable for this kind of service too. Jamie Schadel (303) 732-4223 / (303) 618-8691 Kay Talley


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


I can’t recommend John highly enough – he has done two of our homes, a rental property and many friend’s homes. He is not the least expensive but they do what they say and are top notch. John Williams | Ph: 303-864-9247 | Cell: 720-849-3921 Roy Roux We just had interior painting done at our house at 858 Eastwood Drive. We had three contractors bid the job and we actually chose the highest, because of the impressions we had from the interview/bidding process. The contract was given to Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting (303.574.1740) and their sub was a Mexican family that did an excellent job. The owner, Wayne Wright, is the one we negotiated the entire transaction with and he went out of his way to please us. Ron Kordof


I’d like to add the name of our roofer of 17 years to the list of contractors used by a HOA. His name is Kent Eckhardt, company name: CRAFTECH Roofing, Inc. Cell: 720-313-0046. Ann Nutt

Window Cleaning

We have used several different window cleaners over the years and from our experience these folks are clearly (no pun intended) the best quality and fair price. Guys with Squeegees | 303-284-7373 Jerry Ballard

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo 28

Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Adopt a place in Riva Chase by Dale & Cheri Kinzler

We still have orphan streets and areas that need “parents” so please let us know if you can help tidy up our beautiful community.


1. Sign up for at least one place; you may sign up for more than one. 2. Several families can sign up for the same place.


1. Trash pickup 2. Keep fire hydrants free of ice and snow in the winter months. 3. Report other concerns (such as maintenance issues, water leaks, dangerous conditions, etc.) to Christina Shea Blacklock Integrated Services, Inc. 1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 314 Evergreen, CO 80439 303.526.4266 or Email:

Streets marked in white still need “parents.” In addition, the park & playground needs a volunteer.

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Balance Sheet As of November 12, 2013

provided by John Carpenter HOA Treasurer

Riva Chase  HOA     Balance  Sheet  Summary   November  12,  2013     ASSETS   Current  Assets   Bank  Accounts   Accounts  Receivable   Other  current  assets   Total  Current  Assets   TOTAL  ASSETS   LIABILITIES  AND  EQUITY   Liabilities   Current  Liabilities   Accounts  Receivable   Other  current  assets   Total  Current  Liabilities   Total  Liabilities   Equity     TOTAL  LIABILITIES  AND  EQUITY    


Riva Reader | November / December 2013

Total     51,744.94   -­‐88.00   2,732.00   $54,388.94   $54,388.94         6,500.00   -­‐6,500.00   $0.00   $0.00   54,388.94     $54,388.94  

Bi-monthly Minutes Riva Chase  HOA  Annual  Meeting   November  13,  2013,  4:00  p.m.  

22876 Solitude  Lane,  Golden,  CO  80401  

Officers Present:             Called  to  order  4:10  p.m.   Joy  Lawrance,  President   Gary  Sohrweid,  3rd  Vice  President   Ron  Kordof,  2nd  Vice  President   Ann  Nutt,  1st  Vice  President     1. Prior  Minutes  will  be  reviewed  next  meeting.   2. Treasurer  Report:     2013  HOA  Dues  are  up  to  date  –  balance  $54,389.   3. ACC  /  Nothing  to  report.  Short  discussion  on  future  new  construction.     4. Welcome  Committee:  Home  on  Anasazi  sold.  Several  new  addresses  to  add   to  mailing/emailing  lists.   5. Forest  Hills  Metro  District:  Ted  Laves  was  not  present,  the  FHMD  had   their  meeting  at  the  same  time,  but  a  report  will  be  provided  for  the  Riva   Reader.     Old  Business     1. Gate  Clickers  –  Gary  Sohrweid   Arrangements  with  Christina  Shea  of  Blacklock  working  out  well.     2. Guard  House  Decorations  –  Need  volunteers  to  help  decorate  the  gates  and   guardhouse  for  the  holidays.  Requested  an  Evite  be  mailed  out  in  an  attempt   to  get  a  few  extra  hands  to  help.  Wreaths  bought  for  the  decoration.   3. Chili  Fest  –  Huge  success  this  year.  Raised  $500  for  firemen.  No  report  on   cost.  Request  article  for  Riva  Reader.   4. Planned  event  dates  –  Clean  up  (1st  week  of  June);  Chili  Cookoff   (September);  Guardhouse  Décor  (after  Thanksgiving);  Mt.  Vernon  (end  of  Jan.   or  1st  of  Feb.)     New  Business     1. Oh  What  Fun  –  Evite  response  =  80+  participants  so  far;  need  poster  for   front  gates;  request  for  help  in  decorating  Mt.  Vernon  on  the  day  of  the  event.       2. Riva  Chase  Promo  Piece  –  Brochure  to  give  to  Real  Estate  brokers.  Waiting   on  Year  End  statistics  for  the  brochure  but  will  be  made  available  digitally  for   brokers.   3. Next  Meeting  –  January  8,  2014,  4:00  22876  Solitude  Lane.     Meeting  Adjourned:  5:00  p.m.  

November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Classified Looking for a babysitter, house sitter, pet sitter or yard work? Better yet, what about snow shoveling? Check out the classified section (page 32 & 33) to find children and teens right here in Riva Chase willing and able to work for you.

Child Care The Big Pet Watch My name is Brock Schram, I am 8 years old, and I would love to watch your pets (with some help from my parents) when you’re not able to watch them. I will do a very good job to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Contact Brock Schram at: 303-918-7425

My name is Kersti Taha and I live in Riva Chase at the corner of Anasazi and Nakota, the house with the steep driveway and the two border collies! You have probably seen me around the neighborhood. I am currently a senior at Golden High School. I love children and use to babysit for a lady named Colleen that had two children. She moved out of the neighborhood about 3 years ago. So I am trying to see if anyone else in the neighborhood needs a babysitter. I have 7 nieces and nephews so I am very well experienced with kids! I do have my own car and I am a safe and reliable driver. I am a friendly and outgoing person and I love arts and crafts. If you are in need of a babysitter, either occasionally or regularly, please feel free to contact me at 303-748-7549 or send me an email at 32

Riva Reader | November / December 2013

CHILD CARE / NANNY Riva Chase Baby sitter Available Mature, reliable, responsible high school freshman available to baby sit. Great with kids, Red Cross certified, lots of experience. Riva Chase resident. References available. Call Sarah - 303-526-2391

HOUSE SIT / PET SIT / CHILD CARE Mature 18 year old, college student available to house sit, pet sit, and baby sit. Have local references from Genesee and Riva Chase. Drew Pyykkonen - 303-324-9145

Classified Ads are free for our residents. Please Email your ad to Ads can include services or items for sale. If you have an article you’d like to write for our Riva Reader, please submit your article by Emailing To purchase ad space, the rates below apply to the digital output of the Riva Reader which will remain online indefinitely. Prices are per publication. Business Card $25 1/4 page $50 — 1/2 page $75 Full page $100 For information on advertising, please Email

HOME SERVICES Lawn work | Snow Shoveling Two ‘Local’ Boys Ages 10 and 8 • Lawn work - picking up pine cones, raking needles/leaves • Light snow shoveling - walkways • Pet sitting - walking dogs, feeding pets • House sitting - water plants indoor/outdoor, checking on house

If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures. Contact Karen Buelter if you have any questions or comments regarding the website. |

Bryan and Adam Shuler 303-526-0817 November / December 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader November 2013  

This edition has an interesting article explaining the difference between the Forest Hills Metropolitan District and Riva Chase HOA. You'll...

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