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Observations from a Wildfire Benefits of a Gated Community Making HOAs Transparent

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From the Editor

When I was living in Switzerland, I loved the sound of the church bells. They went off several times an hour, and although you got use to them, when they didn’t go off, you missed them. I am equally fascinated by the sounds of the Elk bugling. I lay awake at night and listen for their cries and miss them when the season is over. Since I’m not native to Colorado, I thought I’d find out some little facts about the Elk and share them with you in this Riva Reader edition. Roz Birkelo

Another common thing in Switzerland that is not common here is greeting people. You cannot walk anywhere in Switzerland without someone saying, “Grüezi” (which is a formal hello), or a “Grüezi mitenand!” when speaking to a group. This was very common even on trains. It’s considered impolite not to greet people. Even emails had to be addressed properly and greeted. You’d never start an email without a “Dear” and “How are you?” or some other friendly greeting. Of course I’m somewhat sensitive to that when I’m corresponding to those I don’t know, so when I receive emails from individuals that sound as if they’re attacking me, I am taken back by the rudeness and the tone. That being said, I admit that I have to remind myself that there are many ways to read an email, but more importantly, and because emails are easily misinterpreted, I think it’s important to point out that there are many ways to write one. Hence, my article on email etiquette. Maybe this information will be useful to some or at the very least, a gentle reminder of how to “tone it down.”

Roz is currently the Secretary for the HOA. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Sr. Engineering Technician for the Bill Barrett Corporation in downtown Denver.


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Finally, and you may have noticed this in the past two issues, I thought I’d explain why I republish articles. Honestly, it’s because I’m doing this magazine by myself and I can only impose on my friends to help me out so much before they start turning me down. When I find an article I think might be interesting and pertains to our neighborhood, I republish it and that’s that much less research and writing I have to do. In that spirit, if you have an article you’d like to have published, I encourage you to send it my way. I’d love to discuss this with you on the phone or in a kind email. :)

Warm regards,



Sept / Oct 2013

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To help people affected by disasters like the floods in Colorado, people can donate by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be made by visiting

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

President’s Message by Joy Lawrance

If the cacophony of elk bugling last night is any harbinger of cold weather to come, then we may be “in for it.” Wow. Keeps us up, but it’s such a wonderful privilege to live here and experience first-hand the sounds of nature in our community. It seems the elk start bugling about the time the hummingbirds leave. Hope you got to enjoy those acrobatic flights this summer.

Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA

The current rain (it’s the monsoon, they say) is so welcome, but certainly not the hail that decimated trees and all remaining flowers. Oh well…a small price to pay for living here. Of course, the hardy plants that do so well…and never seem to mind hail, and never seem to get shredded, and never seem to go away…those would be the ever-present weeds. Thistle, toadflax, bindweed (don’cha love that one??) – these at least will be easier to pull with the moisture we have gotten, so go after them! We’re having our Chili-Cook-Off/Volunteer Fire Fighter benefit a bit earlier this year in hopes of more pleasant weather. And, of course we hope that lots of homeowners will come to support our volunteers – some of whom are homeowners and neighbors in Riva Chase. It’s a great and fun time for all. Kids (even “old” kids like dads and grandfathers) love to take a ride in the fire truck. Before we know it, holidays will be upon us. I don’t know how it happens so fast every year. Be on the lookout for announcements for Guard House decorating. Gary Sohrweid did some super designs last season, so it will be a bit easier this year to get everything decorated. There’s always some hot cider and sweets to nibble as we trim the trees, gates and the house. Hope to see you there. Welcome to our new neighbors – we are glad you’re here, and we look forward to meeting you at community events.

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Riva Chase RealtoEstate Statistics Pricing Your Home Get Top Dollar prepared by Jerry Ballard

Your Listing Price Determines the Buyer Traffic 2013 Year to Date Sales Statistics - Foothills Communities Homes/Townhomes Sold - 2013 YTD Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All)

$300K-$399K 1* Asking Price 3 1 0 52

10 to 15% above market

Average Days on Market Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All)

196 68 36 N/A 80

Market Value

Average Net Price (ALL SALES) Riva Chase Genesee Paradise Hills/Lookout Mtn Spring Ranch North Evergreen (All)

10% Below

$714K $623K $632K $1.11 Mil $670K

$400K-$499K 0 13 1 0 45

$500K-$599K 0 14 1 0 38

N/A 113 63 N/A 107

N/A 70 9 N/A 137

The Buyer Pool

$600K-$699K $700K-$799K $800K-$899K 1 1 1 Percentage of 17 11 0 3 0Buyers 0 Prospective 0 2 At 1 Willing to Look 18 23 11


Your Home

152 61 64 N/A 69

109 101 N/A 173 144


570 N/A N/A N/A 186

Percentage of

$900K-$999K $1 Mil + Price Retained 0 0 from 30 to 120 2 2 0 Days 1 0 3 10 14

N/A 344 N/A N/A 193

N/A 96 10 167 409

* Includes Townhome Sale


All data taken from METROLIST, INC.® Denver, Colorado

Without a doubt, the Denver-area housing market hit bottom in 2011 and has been on an upward climb for the past two

years. Everyamonth since January 2012, there has been an increase market in the number of homes placedin under contract on has been on an upward climb for the Without doubt, the Denver-area housing hit bottom 2011 and a year-over-year basis. In other words, the market has enjoyed 19 months of consecutive improvements on a year-overThere are several factors that determine the success of selling a home at the in highest possibleofmarket price. year basis. past two years. Every month since January 2012, there has been an increase the number homes placed One of the primary factors is pricing the home correctly. This graphic is a representation of what a seller can under contract on a ayear-over-year basis.does Inthat other words, market has enjoyed 19 months of consecutive With all of this data supporting bull market in Denver housing, mean the market isthe becoming overheated as a result of what price theyButlist theirnot. home at. The most successful sellers price their home to attract and facesexpect another bubble? No one knows for sure, of course. probably improvements on a year-over-year basis.

the largest pool of buyers in the market value range. Sellers that are highly motivated by timing alone may a fast sale. On the other end of the With all of this data supporting a bull market in Denver housing, does that mean the market is becoming scale, it is always tempting to price the home above market value in hopes that a “special” buyer will come overHistory shows that real estate cycles tend to last about seven years. If that historical trend continues, Denver is in the second year of a seven-year bull market. In other words, it is not too late to catch a ride on the Denver housing train. heated and faces another bubble? No one knows for sure, of course. But probably not. along and fall in love with the home. That strategy is rarely successful. In fact, the home may eventually be stigmatized from being on the market for a significant number of days without an offer. Buyers, as well as agents may begin to perceive there is something wrong with theand home. Over time, thehad seller usually comes As strong as Denver numbers are,that other markets such as Las Vegas Phoenix, which shown much Prepared by Jerry 9/12/2013 and they adjust the price closer to market the realization that their expectations may have been unrealistic greatertoswings, both up and down, have recently been experiencing much bigger price increases than Denver.Page 1 value. At this point, the excitement by potential buyers and agents is usually passed and that traffic has already left to purchase other properties. If the seller has a mortgage, many times the difference between overpricing History shows that real estate cycles tend to last about seven years. If that historical trend continues, Denver and actual market value is the interest the seller paid while the home remained on the market. Keep in mind, if is in the second year of adoes seven-year bull Instill other words, it isit not too late to catch process a ride onforthe that “special” buyer show up, themarket. home will have to make through the appraisal theDenver housing Don’t make that mistake. Have your Realtor determine the real market value by carefully buyer’s compiling a comparables market analysis and set up a tour to show you competing homes on the market. These actions will help you can determine how to achieve the highest market price in the shortest period of time. - jb As strong as Denver numbers are, other markets such as Las Vegas and Phoenix, which had shown much greater swings, both up and have recently been experiencing much bigger pricebelow increases than Denver. chose todown, price their home at the lower end or market value to achieve

Ballard Professionals

Real Estate Group, Inc.

303 - 526-1933


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Jerry & Debbie Ballard Service ~ Ethics ~ Knowledge 5280 Magazine Five-Star Real Estate Professionals Award 2011, 2012 & 2013 #1 in Riva Chase Home Sales - Providing our Friends and Neighbors with Professional Real Estate Services

Ballard Professionals Real Estate Group, Inc.

All data taken from METROLIST, INC.® Denver, Colorado

EDITORIAL Managing Editor / Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jerry Ballard Roz Birkelo Deena Green Dale & Cheri Kinzler Joy Lawrance Ted Laves Christina Shea

Slide courtesy of Land Title Guarantee Company

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September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Riva Chase’s annual

i h Ccook-olffi

Benefiting the Foothills Fire Department

Saturday, Saturday, September September 21, 21, 2013 2013 beginning at 1:00

Park & Gazebo Cook up your favorite recipe and compete against others for the best chili made. This year’s cash prizes will be valued at $75 for first, $50 for second, and $25 for third place prizes. All other food and drinks will be provided. The Foothills Volunteer Fire Department will be on site so bring your kids! Volunteers are still needed: Contact John Carpenter if you can help out @ 303-912-5909. We’ll need volunteers to set up and clean up, so please consider volunteering for our fun, annual event.

And don’t forget to make your chili and enter the contest. This year we hope to get 10 tempting batches of CHILI. 8

Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Observations from a Wildfire

by Bill Easterling Fire Marshal Genesee Fire Rescue

Republished from Hot News / Genesee Fire Rescue Genesee Fire sent five firefighters and an engine to the Black Forest Fire, near Colorado Springs, to assist with structure protection. A few things stood out to us. We saw an island of green trees with a surviving home surrounded by blackened trees and piles of ashes that used to be homes. Why did this house and those trees survive? The structure was well mitigated with a lot of spacing between the trees. A stucco structure with a fire resistant roof was gutted from fire, with only the exterior walls left standing along with a large, overhanging pine tree. The fire gained access to the interior of the structure from burning pine needles in the gutters that traveled into the structure via the board on top of the exterior walls. Clean gutters would have saved this structure. Homes survived the main fire but were about to catch fire and burn due to the adjacent retaining walls made of wooden timbers. The fire throws embers into small cracks and seams in the retaining wall and burns to the structure. How many homes burned due to falling embers that may have otherwise survived? Trails of ash through wood chips used in landscaping were igniting trees and shrubs and then structures. We saw needle cast, leaves and duff next to structures,

fences and decks. Pine needles and leaves were on and under decks or next to wood siding. There was evidence of firewood stored against burned homes. All of these things make it easier for fires to ignite homes. But there were positives, too: Hot tubs and swimming pools were filled and could be accessed by engines to use as water sources. Also, although not a guarantee, the homes that survived in the burned areas were well mitigated. Green, unburned trees surrounded many structures that burned. This only adds credence to what research has shown. Approximately 90 percent of structures lost in a wildfire are lost from burning embers and not from the main thrust of the fire. There are things each of us can do to give our homes a better chance of surviving a fire. September / October 2013 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | September / October 2013

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Fast Facts

Written by Jennifer McConnell Portions of article from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation • Elk calves weigh an average of 35 pounds at birth. • A set of antlers can weigh up to 40 pounds. • Elk have antlers, not horns. Antlers are shed and regrown every year. Horns grow throughout the life of the animal. • Elk replace all of their hair twice a year— once in the spring and once in the fall. • Elk are gregarious (herd-forming) animals. Herds offer more security because there are so many eyes, ears and noses checking for danger. • There were an estimated 10 million elk throughout North America before Europeans arrived. By 1907, there were less than 100,000. Today, about 1 million wild elk roam in 26 states and five Canadian provinces. • The scientific name for elk is Cervus elaphus. • Elk in North America are called wapiti, a Shawnee Indian word meaning “white rump. • Elk calves are born in late May or early June. • Rocky Mountain elk have the largest antlers of the four subspecies, but the Roosevelt’s elk have the largest body size. The Tule elk is the smallest subspecies. • Elk have four-chambered stomachs and chew their cud. • Predators of elk are: mountain lions, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes and humans.


Body Language

Cows, calves and bulls without antlers threaten each other this way when they compete for food. Elk also threaten by laying their ears back, curling back the upper lip, grinding their teeth and hissing softly. This means the elk wants to bite, and probably comes from a time when elk actually fought with tusk-like upper teeth. Today those teeth — called ivories — have shrunk and aren’t needed for fighting.

If you’ve ever ridden a horse or a mule, you know to watch out when they lay their ears back — it’s the animal’s way of telling you, “I’m not in a good mood!” Elk use body language to communicate, too. The pictures and silhouettes on these pages show how you can guess an elk’s mood by its movements and body position. 12

Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Photo by Steve Nourse

When an elk looks like this, stay out of its way — or else! With its ears laid back, nostrils flared and head high, a threatening elk stands ready to raise up on its back legs. If it gets mad enough, the elk will flail its front legs, using its hooves as weapons.


Photo by Gary R. Zahm

What takes less energy — bickering with your sisters and brothers or backing down and settling things peacefully? Why, keeping the peace of course. Elk know that, too. For them, fighting takes away valuable time spent fattening up. So rather than fight, some elk just back off. An elk avoids a fight by lowering its head and neck, stretching out its nose, dropping its ears and crouching down. Sometimes, while moving away, a submissive elk makes a rapid chewing motion with its jaws. You’ll also see cows acting submissive during the rut, or mating season, as the bulls chase them around trying to win them over.

In order to survive, elk must stay alert to any unusual sounds, smells or sights. If something out of the ordinary happens, an alarmed elk raises its head, stands up straight and tall, and cocks its ears forward. To figure out exactly where strange sounds may be coming from, an elk might rotate its ears around to listen in different directions. With its eyes open wide, an alarmed elk moves stiffly, always ready to take off in a flash. Sometimes elk will “bark” sharply when they get nervous, to warn other elk that haven’t sensed the danger yet. In the late springtime, cow elk also use alarm postures and barks to tell their newborn calves to dive for cover.

Rut Photo by Dusan Smetana

Alarmed Photo by Lawrence Clark

It’s September — the rut or mating season has begun. A harem or group of cows feeds quietly. One cow strays, looking for the tastiest grass. As she gets farther from the group, she notices a shadow chasing after her. The harem-guarding bull doesn’t want any cows leaving his group and getting stolen by a rival bull. He stretches his neck out low, tips up his nose, and tilts his antlers back, circling toward the cow. Even though he doesn’t look straight at her, he opens his eyes wide. He yelps a few times. If he’s feeling really ornery, the bull may even bugle. The cow recognizes the herding” message and quickly returns to the group. She knows the bull means business, and, if she doesn’t head back, he may rush at her, bob his antlers at her, and even try to prod her with his tines. For more information, see the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation website:

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


A lesson in back-to-school commuting Republished: Page 8, August 8, 2013 The Denver metro area is on the brink of beginning another school year — and the annual change in traffic flow that comes with it. School buses will be out in droves, making frequent stops. Lights will be blinking in school zones, indicating a lower speed limit is required. Children will be walking on sidewalks and crossing streets on foot, sometimes when and where they’re supposed to, sometimes not. Other students will be doing the same on bicycles. And many high school students will be driving to their destination, meaning an influx of inexperienced motorists in a concentrated time frame. Those back-to-school factors will mix with Colorado’s still-going summer roadwork season. Toss in the wild cards of bad weather and distracted driving — motorists texting, talking, eating, grooming and so on — and it’s enough to make you want to stay home. We wouldn’t advise that, but we would recommend having some patience and being alert. More than 60 years ago, AAA launched a campaign called “School’s Open, Drive Carefully.” The organization has some commonsense and potentially life-saving advice for those behind the wheel as children make their way to and from school. Among their tips:


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

• Take it slow. Observing the lower speed limits in school zones incrementally reduces the chance a motorist will kill a pedestrian, AAA says. • Pay attention. Research shows that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your chances of crashing, AAA says. And we would like to issue a reminder that texting and driving is not only foolish and dangerous, but in Colorado, it’s against the law. • Give them a brake. Thousands of motorists pass stopped school buses on a typical day, AAA says. Again, dangerous as well as illegal. • Just stop it. Don’t roll through stop signs, but make a complete stop, checking for children on sidewalks and crosswalks. • Watch for bicycles. Kids on bikes can be unpredictable, so slow down and allow a safe passing distance. • Plan ahead. Leave for your destination a few minutes earlier than normal. We really like this tip as it builds in the time motorists need to comfortably take all of the above precautions. This time of year is full of excitement and promise. We’re hoping everyone gets back to — and home from — school safely.

You’ve got mail...

by Roz Birkelo

Briefly introduce yourself. Obviously this applies to those you’re writing whom you don’t know well. Do not assume the person receiving your e-mail knows who you are, or remembers meeting you. Use the subject field to indicate content and purpose. Don’t just say, “Hi!” or “From Roz.” It’s also good practice to include the word “Long” in the subject field, if necessary, so that the recipient knows that the message will take time to read.

Use sentence case.

I love getting mail, especially snail mail, which seldom happens. Consequently, I devour emails from my friends and family catching me up on things and I can’t wait to write back. Email is by far my favorite form of communication, probably because of the instant gratification it offers in the age of the Internet. I do admit that I sometimes find myself clicking “reply,” or typing a quick response and hitting “send” without taking the time to read what I wrote, or more importantly, how I sound. I believe that email is a reflection of you. Every email sent adds or detracts from your reputation and it’s very easy to make mistakes, like offending someone (when you don’t mean to) and to have misunderstandings (like being offended when you’re not meant to). In my experience, tone is the number one culprit to bad email practice. I find that most people are unaware of the tone they set in their emails, so I write this article as much for you—those individuals who have never thought about their tone, who don’t care what they sound like, or who simply can’t be bothered. I’m sure you’ll agree that the results of the time spent writing an email will be more productive if you take just a couple of extra minutes to review what you wrote and not be quite so hasty to hit “send.”

USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LOOKS AS IF YOU’RE SHOUTING. Using all lowercase letters looks lazy. For emphasis, use asterisks or bold formatting to emphasize important words. Do not, however, use a lot of colors or graphics embedded in your message, because not everyone uses an e-mail program that can display them. Use exclamation points sparingly. The maximum number of exclamation points? One. Otherwise, you risk looking childish, unprofessional, and sometimes mean. Speaking of mean...

Number #1 Rule

Be mindful of your tone. Unlike face-to-face meetings or even phone calls, those who read your email messages don’t have the benefit of your pitch, tone, inflection, or other nonverbal cues. As a result, you need to be careful about your tone. Sarcasm is especially dangerous. If something gets “lost in translation,” you risk offending the other party. The more matter-of-fact you can be, the better.

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Don’t “e-mail angry.” It almost never serves your purpose or longterm interests. Emailing with bad news, expressing anger, reprimanding someone, disparaging other people in e-mails (particularly if you’re saying something less than kind) are all major no-no’s. Always remember that e-mail correspondence lasts forever. Don’t use e-mail to criticize others. E-mail is a terrific way to commend someone or praise them. It is not an appropriate medium for criticism. Chances are, you will simply offend the other person, and they will miss your point. These kinds of conversations are usually better handled face-to-face or, if necessary, over the phone. Especially, don’t use e-mail to criticize a third party. E-mail messages live forever. They are easily forwarded. Refrain from sending one-liners. “Thanks,” and “Oh, OK” do not advance the conversation in any way and take up unnecessary time. Feel free to put “No Reply Necessary” at the top of the e-mail when you don’t anticipate a response Careful with group e-mail. Send group e-mail only when it’s useful to every recipient. Do not hit “reply all” unless every member on the e-mail chain needs to know. So annoying. Always include a signature. You never want someone to have to look up how to get in touch with you.

And last but not least— Pick up the phone. When a topic has lots of parameters that need to be explained or negotiated and will generate too many questions and confusion, don’t handle it via e-mail. Email should not be used for last minute cancellations of meetings, interviews, and never for devastating news.


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Making HOAs T

New laws governing housin

Colorado homeowners associations will face stricter standards on debt collections and manager licensing under legislation passed this year. That legislation was prompted, in part, by multiple “horror stories” from the past few years regarding homeowners associations, or HOAs. “We had a $750,000 embezzlement a few years ago ... what a black eye for the industry,” said Cici Kesler, president of Association & Community Management, which manages homeowners associations in the metro area. The debt collection law requires all HOAs to set up a policy detailing basic information for homeowners. HOAs must also offer delinquent homeowners a six-month payment plan at least once before taking severe action. Under the licensing law, all community association managers, management company CEOs and executives will be required to attain a state license by July 1, 2015. In addition to those laws, there are two others, which: • prohibit any HOA from requiring the installation of turf grass, such as Kentucky bluegrass, or other extremely waterdependent landscaping. • direct the HOA Information Office and Resource Center to conduct a study on how much authority the office should have. This

Section: BUSINESS, Page: 18A July 4, 2013


ng organizations in effect

by Matthew Patane

law also requires all HOAs to register with the state. Gary Kujawski, the Division of Real Estate’s HOA information officer, said there are 8,582 registered HOAs in Colorado, comprising 869,408 units. He said the total number could be much higher since not all HOAs are currently registered. The Community Associations Institute, which represents HOAs and community managers, estimates there are between 12,000 and 15,000 associations in the state. Kujawski said the office has received 754 complaints so far this year from 159 individuals. Last year, the office received a total of 576 complaints from 309 individuals. Kujawski became the information officer late last year. He said the increase in complaints is largely due to the fact that homeowners now have someone to discuss their problems with. Instead of having homeowners file a general complaint, Kujawski said he works with homeowners so they can file a more specific complaint. “There’s someone here to discuss the situation,” he said. “People are being a little more aware of the issues.” Molly Foley-Healy, the chairwoman for CAI’s Legislative Action Committee, said problems most often arise either from a lack of transparency from HOA boards and from when homeowners do not understand their association’s governing documents.

Kujawski said 14 percent of complaints concerned HOA managers and boards not following governing documents while another 13 percent concerned poor communication with homeowners. Those two categories had the highest percentages among seven categories of complaints. Foley-Healy said homeowners should pay the most attention to the debt collection and water conservation laws. Even though those laws give homeowners more leeway with delinquent payments and landscaping, Foley-Healy said they would still have to abide by their HOA’s governing documents. Meanwhile, she said community managers and boards need to be aware of the debt collection law, since their policies may not match the new law’s requirements. Managers also need to pay attention to the licensing law, since those without certification need to set aside time to become certified and take a test on Colorado law. More information about the laws, HOAs and how homeowners should handle HOA disputes can be found on the HOA Information Office website.

Matthew Patane: 303-954-5224, or

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Forest Hills Metropolitan District Report by Ted Laves and Christina Shea

New Water and Sewer Operator: Riva Chase now has a new water and sewer operator. KTL Solutions started on September 7th operating the District’s water and sewer system. KTL has been operating Conifer’s water and sewer system and we will enjoy continuity because KTL is bringing on board both Bryan McCarty and Scott Meyer who have been managing our system for the previous operator. If you have any issues please contact the District’s Manager, Christina Shea, at 303-526-4266, during normal business hours or after hours call the District’s answering service at 303-426-3187.

Pipeline to Genesee: As many of you have heard, Forest Hills Metro is working with our neighbor Genesee Water and Sanitation to install a pipeline for fire fighting that will provide Riva Chase with access to Genesee’s 33 million gallons of stored water. The planned 400 foot pipeline will be installed in existing easements near Mount Rose Way and will run from Eastwood west to the border with Genesee. When completed, the pipe will provide us with about 150 times more water through our 27 fire hydrants to fight serious fires. Forest Hills has recently received construction approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and has signed an intergovernmental agreement with Genesee Water and Sanitation. The pipeline is also being built in consultation with Genesee Fire and Rescue and Foothills Fire and Rescue. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2014 so we will be ready for next year’s fire danger season and construction is expected to cost around $40,000. Final approval by Forest Hill Metro’s board will not occur until construction bids are received and approval will, of course, depend upon construction costs being as expected.

Snow Plowing: Forest Hills recently signed a contract with Jim


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Noble, Inc. who for many years has provided plowing services for the District. Jim knows our needs well and going forward will park his large plow down near the wastewater treatment plant.

Water and Sewer Maintenance: Forest Hills Metro has recently completed jetting and video taping about 1/3rd of the District’s five miles of sewer lines. Lots of grease and debris was removed, which had accumulated over 25 years of service. While most lines are in good shape, a few locations have separations and will need to be excavated and repaired. One residence will need to remove a tree root incursion and a few residential sewer connections partially obstruct the mains and will need to be cut away with a manhole accessible tool. The remaining sewer lines will be cleaned and videoed in the next few years. After that Forest Hills expects to adhere to recommended procedures and jet and video the system on a three or four year rotating basis. While the new wastewater treatment plant is generally working well, the front end has serious problems that will need to fixed. Forest Hills is working with the engineering firm that designed the plant to fix the problem. In the next few weeks, Forest Hills Metro will replace the existing gas chlorination system with a new liquid chlorination system. This is the least costly option to meet mandated safety requirements.

Road Repairs: Years of applying gravel for winter traction along Forest Hills Drive has made the road shoulder higher than the pavement so that water now runs towards the asphalt instead of draining down the embankment. This not only makes a mess of the road but is also leaving deep gullies along the road’s southern edge.

This fall we expect to re-grade the shoulders and repair those gullies. Erosion along Springflower will also be addressed and pot holes will be filled on Eastwood Drive and in front of the gate house. Eastwood between the gate and Genesee Ridge Road should be replaced or rehabilitated in the spring of 2014 or as soon as feasible.

Upcoming Board Meetings:

2014 Budget:

Wednesday, October 9th at 6 PM Wednesday, November 13th at 6 PM

Forest Hills Metro will soon start working on the 2014 budget which will determine our priorities for next year. Please let us know your priorities.

Rainstorm Damage Recent heavy rains have been ver y hard on our drainage system, roads and ponds, like elsewhere within the County. Your patience is appreciated while we work on getting the necessar y contractors scheduled for clean-up.

Wednesday, September 18th at 4 PM • Includes Public Hearing to update the District’s Water and Sewer fees and charge since most of the schedule has not been updated since at least 1995.

• This meeting will include a Public Hearing on the Proposed 2014 Budget. All meetings will be held at Oxley House which is located at 24426 West Currant Drive, Golden in nearby Genesee. Please check the District’s website (www. for locations and updates. Meeting notices and agendas will also be posted a few days before each meeting in the gatehouse bulletin boards and sign boards will be placed by the gates.

District Contacts District Board Roy Roux


Tom Napp


Ted Laves


John Klinowski


Judy Bertrand



District Management Christina Shea

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Color Decorating Tips by Deena Green Color is the most expressive and personal decision a client must make. And today there are more colors used in interiors than any time in history. Whereas 10 years ago customers may have opted for a neutral, safe color scheme, the current color trends are filled with bold colors. Optimism is a great word for rooms with colors. It speaks of Cheerfulness and Enthusiasm, not gloomy times. Colors are also slightly indulgingsome dramatically so, others only dipping into the pool of bold-color luxury. Every room in your home needs to make a statement. It should be fresh, clean & not cluttered with small accessories. We are entering the Fall season and as the cooler weather begins... we are going to be spending more time in front of the fireplaces with our families and friends and we want our spaces to be Fun & colorful. While fall or autumn colors are set on a neutral background, colors of winter are often more stark but, can be used with a eye popping color to suggest the strong contrast of bright against an otherwise cold landscape. The result is not only dramatic, but a thrilling effect in the room. Colors that remind us of spring and summer are “cleaner “

or less complex. They seem bright & Bold - cheerful. Let’s gather around our fireplaces & enjoy these last days of outside weather but, remember to add a spice of color to our indoor spaces to get us through the cold winter months until we can get outside again! If you need my help with your rooms - call me.

Interiors by Linda Deena Green, RID Registered Interior Designer



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Phone: 720.746.0311 Fax: 303.275.8036

Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.


For kitchen or any other cabinetry, I had tremendous success with Pete Dumanovsky (303) 669-3940. His attention to detail was unparalleled, he did the work himself (not just managing a team), he works very hard, and his rate is reasonable. John Carpenter


I highly recommend Joel Ebersole with EES electrical (303) 819-5488. I have used him several times now, and he is very affordable, trustworthy and easy to do business with. Latifa Rothrock

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Rick Rooney

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg

Landscape & Snow Removal

We have employed Robert McCullough for the past five years. He and his crew are reliable, communicative and reasonable. RCM Lawn & Landscaping | (303) 232-5755 Kay Talley


This one is a must! In home massage. Jamie gives one of the best massages I have had and she brings her salon quality table with. Amazingly reasonable for this kind of service too. Jamie Schadel (303) 732-4223 / (303) 618-8691 Kay Talley


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


I can’t recommend John highly enough – he has done two of our homes, a rental property and many friend’s homes. He is not the least expensive but they do what they say and are top notch. John Williams | Ph: 303-864-9247 | Cell: 720-849-3921 Roy Roux We just had interior painting done at our house at 858 Eastwood Drive. We had three contractors bid the job and we actually chose the highest, because of the impressions we had from the interview/bidding process. The contract was given to Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting (303.574.1740) and their sub was a Mexican family that did an excellent job. The owner, Wayne Wright, is the one we negotiated the entire transaction with and he went out of his way to please us. Ron Kordof

I have used Tall Pines for ALL my painting needs. Inside, outside, on my deck—everything. They are professional, reliable, detail oriented, and extremely honest and fair. Make sure to include them on your list of possibilities. Bryan Kelly | 720-210-7643 Roz Birkelo

Window Cleaning

We have used several different window cleaners over the years and from our experience these folks are clearly (no pun intended) the best quality and fair price. Guys with Squeegees | 303-284-7373 Jerry Ballard

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

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2 Golden Businesses Receive Best of the Best 2013 Winners See all the winners by going to


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo 24

Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Adopt a place in Riva Chase by Dale & Cheri Kinzler

We still have orphan streets and areas that need “parents” so please let us know if you can help tidy up our beautiful community.


1. Sign up for at least one place; you may sign up for more than one. 2. Several families can sign up for the same place.


1. Trash pickup 2. Keep fire hydrants free of ice and snow in the winter months. 3. Report other concerns (such as maintenance issues, water leaks, dangerous conditions, etc.) to Christina Shea Blacklock Integrated Services, Inc. 1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 314 Evergreen, CO 80439 303.526.4266 or Email:

Streets marked in white still need “parents.” In addition, the park & playground needs a volunteer.

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Homes for Sale in Riva Chase, Golden, CO

For Sale

852 Willobe Way Golden, CO 80401

Listed By: The Digiorgio Group

711 Summerwood Dr Golden, CO 80401

901 Mount Rose Way Golden, CO 80401


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

6 7

5224 $165

DOM Built

List Sold

90 1982


List Sold $674,500

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 6

3428 $197

DOM Built

List Sold

19 2000


Luxurious Yet Intimate Custom Home Located In Prestigious Riva Chase Subdivision (Genesee). Mountain Living Less Than 20 Minutes From Downtown. This 5,035 Square Foot Stone/Stucco Home Sits On Half An Acre and Boasts Wonderful Views, 3 Patios/Balconies, An Oversized 4 Car Garage, Upgrades Everywhere, and Lots Of Storage Space. Built In 2000 This Is One Of The Newer Homes In Riva Chase, Stone/Stucco (All Sides Masonry), Formal Entry W/Maple Hardwood Floors, Stunning Curved Staircase With Formal Chandelier, Formal Dining Room With Chandelier ...

For Sale

Listed By: Fuller Sotheby’s Int’l Realty


Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt

Beautiful Family Home, Located In The Exclusive Gated Community Of Riva Chase. Mountain Living At Its Best, Only 25 Minutes To Denver and Less Then 1 Hour From World Class Sking. Wooded Site With Circular Drive and Exclusive Covered Entry. Vaulted Open Floor Plan Letting In Lots Of Light. Soaring 25 Ft High Foyer With New Travertine , Opening To Both Dining and Living Room. Truly Gourmet Kitchen With Center Island Hood, Double Wolf Oven, Gas Burners and Huge Griddle. Coffee Bar, Separate Sub Zero Fridge and Freezer, Bbq On Adjoining Deck. Huge Master ...

For Sale

Listed By: Domaine Real Estate

List Sold

List Sold $775,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 4 4

4227 $183

DOM Built

List Sold

59 1995


Immaculate Main Floor Living In This Beautiful Custom Home Situated On More Than 2 Acres With Breathtaking Views Of City Lights and The Surrounding Foothills. This Energy Efficient Home Has Low Utility Bills and Two Heating Zones For Added Comfort. Sit On Your Large Patio and Take In The Views While The Wonderful Wildlife Amuse You. Mountain Living Only 20 Minutes From Downtown Denver, The Colorado Lifestyle You Have Been Dreaming About. Sold Price= Sold Term= Square Feet=4227 Sr High Multiple=9945 Sr High#=9945 Sr High:=Golden

Recently Sold 22061 Chippewa Ln Golden, CO 80401

Listed By: Fuller Sotheby`s Int`l Realty

List Sold $619,000 $605,875

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 6 4

3291 $184

DOM Built

List Sold

73 1993

05/21/13 09/06/13

Open Sunny Floor Plan and Big Windows Characterize This Family Home With Space For Entertaining, Working and Playing. Hardwood Foyer Opens To The Living Room With Deck Access. Large Main Floor Study Can Double As A Bedroom With Bath Across The Hall. Slab Granite Kitchen Has Tumbled Marble Backsplash Plus Stainless Steel Appliances, Wine Refrigerator and 2 Breakfast Bars. It Opens To The Family Room With Stone Gas Fireplace, Floor-To-Ceiling Glass and Deck Access. Upstairs Is The Roomy Vaulted Master With 5-Piece Bath Including Jetted Tub ...

Pending Sale

22525 Treetop Ln Golden, CO 80401

List Sold


Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 8

5160 $223

DOM Built

1112 1998

List Sold


Stunning Mtn Contemp Estate. Gated Comm, Gourmet Kit, Butler Pantry, Wine Cooler, Natural Stone Flrs. Counters, Fireplace Surrounds Thru Out Home, Maple Cabinetry, Hand Hewn Spruce Beams, Faux Painting, Outdoor Water Feature, Sweeping Mtn/City Views. Sold Price= Sold Term= Square Feet=5160 Sr High Multiple=9945 Sr High#=9945 Sr High:=Golden Listed By: Coldwell Banker Residential 28

Recently Sold

23055 Whispering Woods Golden, CO 80401

Listed By: RE/MAX Alliance

$760,000 $725,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 5

3975 $201

DOM Built 109 1995

List Sold 04/08/13 09/09/13

This Privately Located Lot Is In The Back Of Riva Chase and Yet 5 Minutes To I-70 With No Road Noise. Several Decks To Enjoy The Serenity Of Over 2 Acres. Open and Bright Floor Plan With Soaring Windows. Spectacular Entry Way With Custom Transom Windows. The Kitchen Is A Cooks Paradise Open To The Great Room With Granite Countertops, An Island Complete With Cooktop and Sitting Area, Pantry and Doors That Open To The Deck. The Master Bedroom Is A Wonderful Get-A-Way With A 5 Pc. Bath, Fireplace, and Sitting Area Or Office. The Lower Level ...

Pending Sale 22004 Anasazi Way Golden, CO 80401

Listed By: Coldwell Banker Residential 28

List Sold

List Sold $649,500

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 4

2212 $218

DOM Built

List Sold

29 1994


Located In Riva Chase, An Exclusive Gated Community In The Foothills, This Fabulous Four Bedroom Executive Home Sits On Top Of Anasazi Way With South Facing Outdoor Entertainment Areas Panoramic Mountainside Views and City Lights To The East. Featuring A Fully Remodeled and Upgraded Kitchen With Hi-End Stainless Appliances, Slab Granite Countertops and A Wet Bar With Wine Cooler. The Kitchen, Great Room, Formal Dining Room, Living Room and Study Are All On The Main Level. Spacious Master Bedroom Suite With Five Piece Bath, Two Sided ...

September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


For Sale 1052 Sleepy Hollow Dr Golden, CO 80401

Listed By: Ballard Professionals

22374 Anasazi Way Golden, CO 80401

22473 Anasazi Way Golden, CO 80401

721 Summerwood Dr Golden, CO 80401


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

3968 $215

List Sold

161 1994


List Sold $575,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 4 3

3060 $188

DOM Built

List Sold

20 1993


List Sold $595,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 5 4

2212 $269

DOM Built

List Sold

184 2004


Nestled In The Foothills, Enjoy This Beautiful Modern Contemporary Home With Great Sun Exposure In The Gated Riva Chase Community. Mountain Living Just Minutes From Downtown Denver With Mountain and City Views. This Custom Home Features A Large Main Floor Master Including A 5 Piece Master Bath, A Beautiful Granite Surround Gas Fireplace In Main Living Area and A Main Floor Office. Relax In This Stunning High End Gourmet Kitchen With Breakfast Bar, Granite Countertops, Under Cabinet Lighting, Granite Tile Flooring and Custom Glass Tile Back ...

Pending Sale

Listed By: Coldwell Banker Residential 28

5 6

DOM Built

Built For Wheelchair Accessibility. Gated Community. Open Kitchen With Stainless Appliances, Tile, Wine Bar. Great Room With Fireplace and Cathedral Ceilngs. Main Floor Master With New Paint. 3 Car, Oversized Garage - Room For 1 Van and 2 Cars. Main Floor Second Bedroom (With Closet) Or Office/Den/Craftroom (See Picture Of Built In Craft Area). Upper Level Has Loft Plus Jack/Jill Bath and 2 Bedrooms. New Composite Roof In 2010. Wrap Around Trex Deck With Gas Line For Gas Grill. Hot Tub. Basement Concrete Floor Sealed and Plumbed ...

For Sale

Listed By: Kitz and Associates, Inc.


Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt

Located In Riva Chase Estates, An Exclusive, Gated Community In The Foothills Just 20 Minutes From Denver, This Fabulous Five Bedroom, Five and One Half Bath Executive Home Features The Popular Floor Plan Of An Open Kitchen and Great Room, Formal Dining and Living Room As Well As The Study All On The Main Floor. Rare, Main Floor Master Bedroom Suite With Five Piece Bath, Two Sided Fireplace and Sitting Area. Three Spacious Bedrooms With Their Own Private, Full Baths On The Second Floor. Fully Finished Basement With Walkout Has An Expansive ...

For Sale

Listed By: Insight Real Estate Llc

List Sold

List Sold $475,000

Beds SqFt Baths $/SqFt 4 4

1930 $246

DOM Built

List Sold

277 2002


You Can`t Beat This Location! Close To Ski Resorts, Easy Access To I-70, C-470 and 6th Ave. Commute To Dia and Denver Etc. Is A Breeze. Built In 2002 With 3,057 Total Finished Sq. Ft. This Beautiful Home Shows Pride Of Ownership, Well Maintained and Clean. Bright, Open Floor Plan. Main Floor Master Has Spa-Like Updated Master Bathroom and Large Walk-In Closet. Two Additional Bedrooms On The Main Floor Share A Full Bathroom. Enjoy The Vaulted Ceilings and Designer Paint Throughout. The Spacious Open Kitchen Features Gas Cook Top, and Birch

Ballard Professionals Real Estate Group, Inc.


1052 Sleepy Hollow Drive - Riva Chase Estates -



This fantastic Riva Chase Estates home has it all. Main floor master bedroom suite with sitting area, dual sided fireplace and upgraded five piece bath as well as individually controlled air conditioning. The spacious guest bedrooms have their own private baths. Peace and privacy are all yours on this ponderosa filled 1.79 acre lot. Five bedroom, five and one half bath executive home features popular floor plan with open kitchen with stainless steel appliances and premium slab granite countertops. Great room, formal dining and living room as well as the study all on the main floor. Fully finished walkout basement and large three car garage. Call us now for a private tour of this fabulous home! September / October 2013 | Riva Reader



ome of you may be aware that there was a recent break-in attempt in Riva Chase off of Chippewa lane. Fortunately, alert neighbors noticed the culprits and called the police and the break-in was averted. Although we live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Jeffco county, it is imperative to be conscious of your surroundings, act immediately when something is out of ordinary, and communicate with your neighbors. If you plan on going out of town, remember, vacation checks are a service that the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office provides, free of charge. You can call 303 -271-0211 (the non emergency number for the Sheriff’s Office) to set this service up.

Benefits of a Gated Community

by Robin All

Republished from Custom Security Blog

April 22, 2013 Traffic and speeding cars are reduced behind the gates, making it quieter and safer for children to play and ride bicycles within these neighborhoods. The gates are likely to cut down on pass-through traffic, making the streets a bit quieter. Many gated communities limit the time contractors can come work at your home, and may block them altogether on holidays and after hours. Solicitors will have a more difficult (if not impossible) time bothering residents. In fact, the only solicitors you’ll probably get will be neighborhood kids trying to sell you magazines and girl scout cookies. Gated communities are also able to invest more into neighborhood amenities like pools, clubhouses and walking trails. A non-gated community is often limited to providing amenities that can be cheaply maintained and secured, since it is harder to limit access to non-residents. You will often find state-ofthe-art community centers with gorgeous pool-scapes in gated communities. With access to such amenities these communities commonly organize events and socials that foster togetherness not found in other non-gated communities.


Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Most real estate appraisers and agents agree that an automated gate system increases property values as much as 20% or more. In addition to the prestige and sense of security behind a gated community, homeowners in these neighborhoods also generally have a higher pride of ownership, and keep their homes in good condition. Along with that, gated communities create a scarcity effect, with few homes within these neighborhoods typically available for sale at the same time, adding more bite to the value. Crime is most often crime of convenience. Communities which have a gate are not as convenient to the common thief. Gates also with a camera system are a threat to intruders because a suspect can be placed in the community at the time of the crime. Gates also limit access to the intruder’s ability to case out a community for easy targets. Many criminals will bypass a gated community for one that is not gated simply because of the restricted access. However, there is risk of the community having a false sense of security from a gated community which may put your home a risk. Click here to find out more about crime in Gated Communities.

720-210-7643 Experienced Professional Painting

Professional House Painters for Discerning Homeowners We’re Tall Pines Painting, a professional house painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, and other services for discerning homeowners from Evergreen, to Denver, to Arvada. Since 2005, Tall Pines Painting has been a good fit for homeowners who are looking for meticulous house painters who treat a house with care. Our homeowners have high standards. They value our attention to detail, our use of premium materials, and the respect that our professional painters show for their homes and yards.

Tall Pines Painting Promise We Will: • • • • •

Treat your home like it’s our own Communicate with you every step of the way Stick to a schedule Help you find the perfect color Deliver the best painting results for your home

Our team focuses on providing a worry-free experience and consistently high quality.

We’re proud to have earned: A+ rating with Denver BBB 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award Denver BBB Gold Star Award Many great reviews from our customers.

607 10th Street, Suite 205 Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 720-210-7643 | Fax: 303-421-4299 Email: September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Riva Chase Family Looking for Part-Time Nanny for Playful, Easy-going 2.5 Year Old Son. Our nanny of over two years (since our son was an infant) will be moving to be closer to her own grandchildren - while we are sad to see her go, we are excited for her next adventure! We are open to a part-time nanny at our home, nanny-share, small in-house daycare within Genesee, or neighborhood stay at home mom with children of similar age and interested in taking on another child a few days each week. We need consistent, reliable coverage two to three days a week (preferably Mon, Wed and Friday, but flexible on the days) from 8 am to 4.30 pm starting mid-October. Please call or email Mike and Karen Russell (305) 984-5230 or (757) 535-5194 or Recommendations and referrals welcome.


Help Wanted

Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Bi-monthly Minutes Riva Chase  HOA  Annual  Meeting   September  11,  2013,  4:00  p.m.  

22876 Solitude  Lane,  Golden,  CO  80401  

Officers Present:   Joy  Lawrance,  President   Gary  Sohrweid,  3rd  Vice  President   Ron  Kordof,  2nd  Vice  President   Ann  Nutt,  1st  Vice  President     Called  to  order  4:00  p.m.     1. Prior  Minutes  reviewed  via  email  and  approved.   2. Treasurer  Report:     2013  HOA  Dues  are  up  to  date   3. ACC  /  A  lot  of  requests  for  landscaping.  Everything  good.     4. Welcome  Committee:  Kathy  Harms   Visited  one  new  homeowner  on  Anasazi.  Will  visit  another  on  Summerwood.   5. Forest  Hills  Metro  District:  Ted  Laves   1. A  lot  of  damage  from  the  current  rains.   2. Contact  during  business  is  Christina  Shea.  There  is  also  an  after  hours   number  to  call  with  issues.   3. Discussed  the  Genesee  pipeline.   4. Snow  plow  removal  will  be  Jim  Noble.   5. Waste  water  work  being  done.   6. Pipes  are  being  worked  on.   7. Front  end  of  new  sewer  plant  was  mis-­‐designed  and  that  is  being  worked  on.   8. Bids  for  road  damage  -­‐  also  next  year  will  work  on  the  Forest  Hills  gate  road   to  Genesee  Ridge  Road.   9. Working  on  the  2014  budget  and  if  you  have  a  request  or  suggestion  you  can   send  them  in.   10. Will  be  cleaning  the  streets  again    from  the  rain  damage.   11. Kent  Oehm  asked  if  there  was  a  plan  to  reseal    the  roads  in  the  development.   12. Next  board  meeting  9/18/13  at  4:00 6. Gate  Clickers  –  Gary  Sohrweid   Discussed  a  back  up  plan  for  clickers  and  HOA  information.     New  Business     1. Chili  Fest  -­‐  9/21/2013  1:00  -­‐  Foothills  Fire  Department  will  be  here  to  judge.   Please  support  this  event.   2. Fire  Mitigation  -­‐  next  year  we  will  separate  clean  up  day  and  fire  mitigation.   Suggested  that  we  hire  someone  next  year  for  fire  mitigation.  Also  suggested   that  we  clean  up  our  areas  and  someone  come  hired  to  do  part  of  it.  Will  be   discussed  further  at  a  later  date.     Meeting  Adjourned:  5:00  p.m.   September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Balance Sheet As of June 19, 2013

provided by John Carpenter HOA Treasurer

Almost all of the homeowners paid their dues on time for 2013...Thanks! We need these funds to ensure the vitality of the Riva Chase HOA. As a reminder, there is a five dollar per month late fee for those dues that are not paid on time.

Riva Chase  HOA     Balance  Sheet  Summary   June  19,  2013     ASSETS   Current  Assets   Bank  Accounts   Accounts  Receivable   Other  current  assets   Total  Current  Assets   TOTAL  ASSETS   LIABILITIES  AND  EQUITY   Liabilities   Current  Liabilities   Accounts  Receivable   Other  current  assets   Total  Current  Liabilities   Total  Liabilities   Equity     TOTAL  LIABILITIES  AND  EQUITY     34

Riva Reader | September / October 2013

Total     48,545.80   -­‐105.00   2,722.00   $51,162.80   $51,162.80         6,500.00   -­‐6,500.00   $0.00   $0.00   51,162.80     $51,162.80  

Classified CHILD CARE / NANNY Riva Chase Baby sitter Available Mature, reliable, responsible high school freshman available to baby sit. Great with kids, Red Cross certified, lots of experience. Riva Chase resident. References available. Call Sarah - 303-526-2391 HOUSE SIT / PET SIT / CHILD CARE Mature 18 year old, college student available to house sit, pet sit, and baby sit. Have local references from Genesee and Riva Chase. Drew Pyykkonen - 303-324-9145

Classified Ads are free for our residents. Please Email your ad to Ads can include services or items for sale. If you have an article you’d like to write for our Riva Reader, please submit your article by Emailing To purchase ad space, the rates below apply to the digital output of the Riva Reader which will remain online indefinitely. Prices are per publication. Business Card $25 1/4 page $50 — 1/2 page $75 Full page $100 For information on advertising, please Email

HOME SERVICES Lawn work | Snow Shoveling Two ‘Local’ Boys Ages 10 and 8 • Lawn work - picking up pine cones, raking needles/leaves • Light snow shoveling - walkways • Pet sitting - walking dogs, feeding pets • House sitting - water plants indoor/outdoor, checking on house

If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures. Contact Karen Buelter if you have any questions or comments regarding the website. |

Bryan and Adam Shuler 303-526-0817 September / October 2013 | Riva Reader


Photo Courtesy of Roz Birkelo

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader September 2013  

In this edition, you'll find out how to read Elk body language (especially during the rut), and the Golden, Colorado 2013 Best of the Best w...

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